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The scale of the furniture is the same as what you would find in a quality retail store. It’s all full-size, and shaped as you’d expect. A link to dimensions is listed in the product description on each shopping page. Here is a sample of the way the measurements look:

A woman lying on a bright red sofa 86 inches wide.

How long does it take?

10 days. And that’s not because we’re bad at shipping quickly, but because your order is custom made. You select style and fabric and we make it here in our factory. You can even come watch!

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Sales Tax

We only collect sales tax for shipments within the state of Indiana.

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Can we pick up our order?

Yes, and it would be great to meet you! Some people even schedule time to look at fabric samples, place an order, and the wait for us to make their furniture! That’s a fun event.

A montage of images from the factory including 2 men at a wood routing table, a woman at a sewing station and boxes awaiting shipment.

Can I get Home Reserve in a store?

No. The only renewable furniture in America is only available here on our web site.

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Shipping costs

All the items are shipped by UPS in easy to manage package sizes. The boxes can be moved through narrow hallways and stairs.

*These rates are for the continental USA. Please call for inforamtion about Hawaii and Alaska.

A woman standing next to 2 cardboard shipping boxes about 30 inches tall containing a ready to assemble sofa
Sofas & Couch $64
– 2 boxes –
Loveseat $54
– 2 boxes –
Sectional armless unit $23
– 1 box –
Chair $42
– 1 box –

Can I get more info on assembly?

Yes, we have a special page on that.

Click here

A woman placing ivory fabric on a wood sofa frame

What is it made of?

The frames are made from aspen wood which has been engineered into a panel called oriented strand board (OSB). This is the same material builders use on houses. It is much, much stronger than particleboard. We’ve had our products tested in a laboratory and everything carries a 10 Year Warranty. Very sturdy and solid, our sofa will support over 2,000 pounds.

10 men standing walking towards a sofa frame to stand on top.

Watch the video of “10 guys standing on the sofa.”

Can I wash the fabrics?

Yes, if you select one of our washable patterns. If a fabric is washable, it is indicated in the fabric description. (You can also sort the fabric selections by washability.)

When washing, use a gentle setting and spin dry. Put the covers back on the furniture while they’re still damp. Don’t use the dryer.

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Are you green?

We love answering this question. We’ve got a special page dedicated to the answer.

Click here

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Can I switch from one style to another?

Yes. After you’ve purchased Home Reserve, the style of your furniture can be converted to other styles.

We send out the new arm kit and you make the conversion. Everything will be just as sturdy and solid as the original.

All arm styles are interchangeable
except for Monroe and Classic.

An illustration showing that the arm styles can be changed on furniture styles

Can I change a sectional after I have it?

Yes. Sectional layouts can be expanded by adding additional units, and even made into freestanding sofas, loveseats, and chairs!

2 images showing that a sectional can be transformed into a freestanding loveseat and chair.

Can I take it apart if I move?

Definitely. Our ready-to-assemble furniture works both ways. Take it apart, put it back together again, and it will be just as strong and solid as ever. This is the furniture to have during a move!

3 images showing a Sofa, a woman standing next to 2 shipping boxes, and a woman disassembling the sofa.

How do you make the furniture?

A woman at a sewing machine.


Risk-Free sectional armless trials and returns are covered here. It’s a great way to try out the furniture. Click here

All other returns are also conducted with no questions asked. Return items to us in new, unused condition within 30 days of the purchase and your credit card account will be promptly credited. Shipping charges are not refunded.

Save the original packaging for a while, in case you decide on a return. A vacuum may be needed to get the foam back into the box. (We shrink-pack the foam in order to fit into a UPS-size box). Contact customer service for a return merchandise number and we’ll also e-mail a repacking guide if you need it.

A sectional seating unit and a receipt.

Do you ever have sales?

We don’t. The prices are always low and wholesale. Factory direct. No retail store mark-up. It’s like a constant 50% sale.

A long gray sectional with a tag marked 'factory-Direct, wholesale'

How do you get a sofa in two UPS-size boxes?

We use a vacuum-shrink process to reduce the volume of the foam for shipping. It is a fascinating procedure and you can watch the video below. The process is our US Patent #6,267,446).

Do you Scotchguard?

We don’t, because it’s much less expensive for you to do it yourself. Stores like Wal-Mart sell Scotchguard by the can. Just spray it on. It’s the same exact material and process used by furniture stores.

A can of Scotch Gard

Do you ever stop carrying certain fabric patterns and colors?

Yes, that does happen. We are working with American fabric mills, but their practice is to cycle patterns as color trends change.

We try to limit the occasions when we have to retire a fabric because it can be frustrating to our customers who are adding units to their existing Home Reserve furniture collections.

Fortunately, one of the Home Reserve features is that cover sets can be changed. So that helps in such cases.

A sofa in an island themed fabric

Does the furniture have feet?

Yes, here’s a photo of one of the feet underneath a sofa. There are plastic caps on the feet, and they suspend the frames 1 inch off the floor.

The molded plastic foot that attaches to the bottom of the furniture.