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  1. Home Reserve

    I have been looking at your website for about one year. I read all the comments posted before taking the plunge. My ottoman, two tuxedo chairs and classic sofa arrived on time and the instruction was so clear my 14 year old son and I mounted the frame for the sofa in under an hour. The piece fix together perfectly.

    The fabrics are beautiful and look better in real than on the web. The swatches I requested prior to buying helped immensely. My guests cannot believe these are not store brought and that we assembled them ourselves. One of my friends will be ordering soon. I look forward to seeing sectional for this line of furniture and more fabric colors added in the near future. Just one thing the edges are raw so use a work glove and avoid a manual screw driver if you ordered the whole set like I did.;1

  2. Home Reserve

    We love our tux loveseat in mission black. We searched every furniture store in the area, did tons of research online, and by accident, I happened upon Home Reserve. I\'m so happy that I, 1.) didn\'t settle for a loveseat I didn\'t love from a large store, 2.) didn\'t spend a bundle on a loveseat I sorta liked online, and 3.) purchased something that is actually handcrafted here in the USA!

    I had very strict measurements I needed to stick to for our small home office, and this loveseat (and ottoman) not only fit, but look and feel great.

    Money well spent. I wouldn\'t hesitate to order again.

  3. Home Reserve

    I received my armless loose back sofa today....I just ordered it 6 days ago!! We couldn\'t wait to put it together, so my daughter and I assembled it in a couple of hours and she did most of the work. I LOVE IT! It\'s exactly what I expected, love the color (Cricket Leaf). I\'ll be ordering the matching chair very soon. Thanks so much HR!!:-)

  4. Home Reserve

    My husband wanted a very long sofa. I searched for months and was about to give up hope when suddenly Home Reserve popped up on my browser. I ended up making my own with sectional pieces. The price was outstanding. The pet fabric amazing. It was so easy to put together. 1 afternoon. Thank you so much for everything you did for me. ;1 I will be in touch when my old love seat falls apart.

  5. Home Reserve

    I was skeptical about buying but do not regret making my decision with Home Resrve. The Loveseat purchased did come in two separte boxes and easily fit right in my narrow doorway which was a problem if I had bought another sofa. Being practical, I didn\'t want to rush putting my new loveseat together so I put the frame together one night and the fabric the next morning. It was so simple, that it was childs\' play literally, anyone can do this. The directions are an easy read and I\'m loving watching the World Series in comfort. Thanks \"Sandy\" for sending me a sample of swatches to match my recliner, you were very helpful and so nice to talk to. Do not hesitate buying. These sofas are just as good as the store bought one\'s and I\'d like to add, very attractive. Go for it! Home Resrve rocks in my book! ;1

  6. Home Reserve

    I love the photos from your customers, that was what made my decision final. I will ordering very soon, I can\'t wait!:-D

  7. Home Reserve

    I received my couch and Fed Ex would only bring it to my garage and the boxes were too heavy to carry by myselft so I had to carry pieces of wood the the garage to inside my house. Assembly was not difficult but very time consuming to do by myself. The whole thing took more than 5 hours, but the finshed couch looks very good. Putting the fabric on the arms was the most difficult part.

  8. Home Reserve

    I had such a positive experience with Home Reserve that I wanted to add to the many positive customer comments. After months of stalking your website and deciding on the perfect layout and fabric, I finally placed my order. The customer service representative told me it would be ready to ship out in 10 days but it actually only took 8 days! I put it together the same day I received it. It took about 4 hours and I did it all by myself. Love it! Thanks Home Reserve.

  9. Home Reserve

    wow!!! this is the best thing i have ever bought!!! especially mail order! i got 7 pc sectional and i can arrange it anyway i choose, i just bought a house, after i got my sec, and it looks even better! spills clean up easy and if its a big one i wash it in my washer, so easy! money very well spent!! i wounder if i will ever get tired of the color? but i can order new and not a whole sec, just the material! sooo smart!i thank you home reserve!!! for making my home so beautyfull!!!!;1 i wish i could take a pic to show everyone so sorry, i love my sec!

  10. Home Reserve

    I just got my blu colored sofa and it sits confortably, my three year old daughter enjoys sitting on it too. I took my an hour and a half without power tools. Thanks.I plan on ordering more to make a sectional in the next few months.

  11. Home Reserve

    I have purchased three love seats, four chairs and two ottomans for my middle school library. The kids LOVE IT! Who doesn\'t like to be comfortable while they are reading?! Even with this experience to speak from, my husband and 16-year-old looked at me funny when the boxes of sectional arrived for our basement. The configuration of our basement would not allow delivery a traditional sectional (or even a couch). They have been converted! The sectional if very comfortable and endures the 16-year-old, his friends and our great dane! We also ordered several pillows and the ensemble has made our basement an inviting place!

  12. Home Reserve

    We got our pet fabric sofa and loveseat this past weekend. It was a no-swear assembly. My husband and I figure you must have honed the assembly steps and instructions until Aunt Ethel could do it. Bear and Bones love the sofa and loveseat and so do we. I\'ll send pictures soon. Excellent product and Aunt Ethel instructions.

  13. Home Reserve

    We bought a classic couch for our new home and are very happy with it.

    Instructions are easy to follow and we had the couch completely assembled under 2 hours.

    Due to the wide variety of different fabrics we were able to choose a cover that matches our existing furniture.

    We were surprised by how small the boxes it came in versus the finished couch size.

    Intelligently designed and economically priced, we plan to buy a chair & love seat from home reserve in the future.

    (Do you have have coupons?)


  14. Home Reserve

    WOW is all I can say!! We are loving our sectional!! Yes it is a little firm, but I know it will loosen up in time!! I just wanted to say that Sandy from Home Reserve is awesome! My mom and I drove 1.5 hours to Fort Wayne to the factory so see the showroom – I had to sit on it before I bought!! Sandy met us at the door and helped us pick out just what we wanted!! We sat and then took a tour of the factory and then picked out our fabric and then ordered. We ordered by 11:00 a.m. and then went shopping in Fort Wayne. At 1:30 p.m. ish Sandy was calling to tell us that our stuff was ready!!
    Mine was a sectional was in 7 boxes and my mom got a loveseat and had 2 boxes.
    We set up my moms the next afternoon – it took the afternoon. That night I put together 4 of my 7 pieces, but this time I used an electric screwdriver – I highly recommend!! It made it so much quicker!! On Tuesday morning about 8:30 a.m. I started the rest and was finished by 1:00 p.m. with the whole sectional. I did not put it together how it was supposed to - I wanted it longer on the one side – I love that I can do that if I wanted to!! It makes our small dark room look so much bigger with it’s clean lines. We chose the Laney style!
    Home Reserve is great – LOVE SANDY!! What a great lady!! My mom and I are so glad to have met her and spent the morning with her!!

  15. Home Reserve

    I had been looking for an affordable sectional tha is made in the USA. I came across this website, researched, and decided to order one chair and we absolutely love it. I will be ordering the rest of the sectional. It is easy to assemble, is sturdy, is comfortable, and looks great. I\'m telling everyone I know about this awesome product. Thanks Home Reserve!

  16. Home Reserve

    Purchased a Tux Armless Sectional and ottoman as an experiment.
    Was surprised to find the boxes outside my door one day and got to work putting it together.
    This was, by far, the easiest piece of furniture I have ever put together...everything fit snug and a third hand was not required.
    My only gripe is the mess that the wood splinters left behind, but it was worth the hassle of cleaning up.

    Enjoyed lounging on the seat yesterday and today. The experiment was a complete success, and I am looking forward to completing my order soon for the remainder of the sectional.

    I love the fact that I can take off the covers and throw them in the wash (I have \"special\" cats). And the adaptability of the sectional will be great for my awkward shaped room.

  17. Home Reserve

    We put the couch together tonight and everything went smoothly. We like it
    a lot...thanks!!


  18. Home Reserve

    I\'m a single gal with a daughter. I have moved from CA, to AZ, to MN for my job. I have had my Home Reserve couch and loveseat for maybe 3 or 4 years now. Changed the fabric 3 times, maybe 4? Don\'t remember. Always looks brand new. I put everything together by myself. My 4 year old daughter jumps and plays on these couches 24/7. Never a problem. I love that I can change the fabric and have new looks. Like getting new furniture every year! ;-)
    I also love how I can call up customer service and talk to a real person. I don\'t usually write reviews. But Home Reserve and their staff deserve a shout out.


  19. Home Reserve

    Very pleased with my purchase. Thanks for the help and thanks for making an affordable quality product.

    My son (16) and daughter (12) love it too. We have had aluminum lawn furniture in the TV room too many years! I see a couple of ottomans on the near horizon as budget allows.

    Thanks again.

  20. Home Reserve

    Simply (adv): without difficulty.. Simply on the hole experience.. Thank you,
    P.S. So everyone knows, I came back to get more.

  21. Home Reserve

    8-0 omg I loveee my new couch...people say its too firm but I think its perfect, but i do like alot of support. I think you need a powerdrill for the job, mine wasnt strong enough. It took me about 3 hours, it was shipped very fast, and the directions were pretty clear. My couch is in Hyatt Rose with the jacinta black pillows (which is a damask print). It is ridiculously comfy!! I didn\'t need to sand anything down even though there were little shards of wood all over my pants but hey it is like construction! I did ALOT of research before I bought and I was impressed to see that they responded to peoples blogs to stand behind their work and try to make it right. I called to make sure the hyatt rose was pink because some friends thought it was red and Sandy assured me it was like a pink colour. I think my only issue is FedEx guy was rude and wouldnt take it up to my apartment. But of course that\'s not this company\'s fault! I would def buy from again especially since I think I\'ve already done the hardest of the selections. Bravo Home Reserve! ;1

    P.S. I tried to attach a pic but it said it was too large so I will post the pics on home reserve website...def take a look bc you cant find a design pic on the website with the hyatt rose.

  22. Home Reserve

    We are so very pleased with our purchase, we wanted to send a quick thank you note and express our delight. This couch is everything promised and more. We were worried when we realized after our purchase that we would have to assemble
    it but decided to go ahead and face the challenge. We read hours worth of
    reviews and were not really sure what to think even though most of the opinions were positive. After enjoying this couch for 2 weeks, we are truly satisfied and loving it!!! I wish we could personally thank every employee that helped
    to make this \"experience\" happen for us. Plz pass it along that this is a job well done!!
    Contrary to some comments, we do NOT find this couch to be \"cheesey\" or \"dorm like\" at all. It is a family couch, sturdy and seemingly up to the challenge of our daily needs!

    The Williams

    PS Even the dog and cats love it, although it took them a few days to accept it

  23. Home Reserve

    We received our order on Saturday. Of course we wanted to get it put together right away. We are so pleased. The directions were clear, the photography informative and we love the finished product. We purchased a sectional with a right arm unit, a left arm unit and 3 middle sections as well as an ottoman.
    The furniture was easy to put together. My husband an engineer said the product is very well engineered. My youngest daughter age 14 put some of the pieces together and her comment was that who ever designed them was brilliant.
    I am amazed and pleased with this product. We bought this sectional because I didn\\\'t like the furniture that came with our 5th wheel and took it out and tossed it in the dumpster within two weeks of our buying the camper. We used lawn furniture until I found you on the Internet. I was able to purchase exactly the width of sections I wanted to fit where I wanted them to fit.
    We will be living in our 5th wheel full time starting in a couple of weeks and think you should advertise with Woodalls and other RV magazines.
    I for one highly recommend your product.
    I am sending along a couple of photographs of our sectional set up in our 5th wheel. Thank you for an excellent product. I am excited that I can change the upholstery and cushions if and when needed and that the material I chose is machine washable.
    I also wrote about our new furniture on my blog listed below.
    Thanks a bunch.;1

  24. Home Reserve

    I bought a Laney Chair & Half about 7 months ago. I got it in Saddle Bonded Leather. It was easy to put together, but I\'m pretty good at assembly.

    This is the best chair I\'ve ever owned. It is very comfortable. I should point out that I\'m a sloucher who likes to change positions a lot when I\'m sitting. My wife isn\'t and thinks the seat is just a tad to short. It doesn\'t matter because I don\'t let her sit in it. Well, she can sit in it with me but that\'s another story.

    The Bonded Leather has held up just like leather. It\'s flexible, comfortable, and it cleans up remarkably easily. It may clean easier than leather because liquids don\'t soak in quite as fast as full leather.

    I highly recommend HomeReserve furniture and the Bonded Leather option.


  25. Home Reserve

    I ordered two Ali Chairs in Altima Latte Pet Care fabric about two months ago. I got this particular fabric, because I have 3 kids aged 5 and under and they wreck EVERYTHING. Well, I must say that this furniture (and especially this fabric) exceeded my expectations. The fabric feels SO goodness. People are shocked when I tell them it is pet care (and kid proof) fabric. If you are wondering about the Altima fabrics, order the swatches. I ordered many different swatches and they came quickly and I was amazed at the high quality. Home Reserve is the real deal and I am extremely pleased. I\'m looking around the house to see what else I need to buy!;1