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  1. Home Reserve

    This was the best decision I made, to purshase a loveseat from home reserve....when I got the boxes I thought what did I get myself into ;3 then after I started putting it together it was so easy ;5 and the end results, its like wow I can\'t believe I just put this love seat together it looks amazing ;1 I 8-0 Home reserve.

  2. Home Reserve

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new love seat and chair!!!!!!!!!! Ihave a cat who lives in my office and unfortunately, I neglected to put his litter box in the room where he stays over the weekend, so when I came into work on Tuesday after not having been there since Saturday, you can imagine what had happened! I looked everywhere for an afforable love seat and matching chair -- yikes! I couldn\'t find a love seat for under $500! I found this site, told them my plight and in less than 48 hours, my Laney love seat and chair were at my office. EVERYONE loves the furniture and I have given out your website to several clients of mine. Brendan couldn\'t have been more helpful -- he called about 20 minutes after I placed my online order telling me that the furniture could be deivered within 2 days. I amd VERY happy with Home Reserve and will be purchasing a love seat for my childrens\' playroom. I wish I had know about you 2 years ago when I was looking for a sectional for my family room.

  3. Home Reserve

    I posted before, but here is the finished product. I don\'t need to say much. Looks and feels amazing. And all of my DVD\'s are stored in these. Take a look, and if you are looking for a new sofa... chair whatever... this is it. And putting it together... wow! Very easy, not like those desks you buy like... \"ok what is this\"... nope; easy as they say.

  4. Home Reserve

    I just received my 10 box sectional and chair today. I was on my lunch break and was able to put 1 chair end chair together in 45 minutes, from beginning to end. I need to even some of the fabric corners out but it looks amazing. And I am not sure about this firmness some have said, it was perfect. Cushion was just right and the back cushion, wow, like you fell into it! I will update with pictures when it is all complete. I was skeptical about this, but after just one piece... I am amazed, no joke.

  5. Home Reserve

    I purchased a Home Reserve sectional about 5 years ago. I have a fairly small family room and wanted a sectional. I looked high and low for a few of years for a sectional that would fit the family room corner and then ran across this site and so glad I did.javascript:icon(\':-)\') I have recently recovered the sectional, was blue and now red, due to me redesigning the room. I have had a few small pieces break due to my teenager sons (big boys) wrestling on it. I called the company and they sent me the new pieces free of charge. I bought two Ottomans to create a double bed for guests to sleep over and that also created extra seating for parties and kickback time for movie watching. Picking out new material is so easy and they are so helpful. I get so many compliments on my couch. My only complaint is that if your long legged like I am the ottomans are a must. My legs extend a bit beyond the seat cushion, but for most people its a perfect fit. I love this set. Have been thinking of getting another cover for the set just for a change throughout the year. Good Job Home Reserve and thank you so very much for all your help, patience. javascript:icon(\';1\')

  6. Home Reserve

    I just received the Laney sofa today. I put it together 100% by myself in 3 hours. I absolutely love the finished product. I put in the game room and it looks great! I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking to save money but still have style and comfort. It is a really solid frame and with a 12 year old jumping on it what more coud you ask for? Shipping was unbeleiveable. It only took 10 days and to my surprise I could manage the boxes myself. Thanks for a wonder product.;18-0

  7. Home Reserve

    We purchased two Laney chair and a half items to \"test\". Even though we live less than an hour away from the company we could not take off of work to go and visit. After looking through many fabric swatches we settled on the Altima Latte pet care fabric. The chairs arrived in less then 15 days and in great condition. The assembly was fun and the kids remarked on how they liked helping.

    Until yesterday our 150lb American bull dog had essentially ignored the new furniture. However, I came home to find one seat covered with dog hair, slobber, grass and mud from outside.(Part of going with the pet care fabric was so that I would not get upset like I do when he gets on our recently refinished antique sofa.) Lo and behold I got out a warm wash rag and everything wiped off in just a few minutes! The chair looked brand new; no rips, no tears and no stains.

    The product has more than met my expectations and we are now looking into purchasing a sofa and two ottomans. Home Reserve made a believer out of me and I hope to visit them soon.

  8. Home Reserve

    :-) 8-0 I love my sectional w/ ottoman. The instructions were easy to follow, the parts were clearly labeled, and I alone assembled the whole thing in about five hours working off and on. My husband and kids love it, and we all find it extremely comfortable. I will definitely come back for more furniture purchases.

  9. Home Reserve

    My sofa is awesome. Easy to put together, just make sure to have an electric screwdriver. Love the size, the look, the feel of it, and of course the price.
    I\'ve already recommeded Home Reserve to my friends and family.
    Excellent customer servicd as well;1


  10. Home Reserve

    Love my to get the matching chair, ottoman and accessorize....great assembly and excellent instructions....8-0

  11. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to let everyone at your company how happy my family is with our purchase!
    We recently bought a cozy corner sectional in Altima latte. We looked FOREVER for a sectional that would fit into our small TV room, and always something just wasn't right- either it wouldn't fit through the hall, or the color was wrong, or I couldn't see the point in spending sooo much money on a brand new couch with a 2 year old spilling milk and grinding cookies on it every 5 minutes. When I found your website, I was hesitant--the thought of buying furniture online made me nervous, and my husband was a little skeptical as well. But we bought one piece to try it out first, and were so impressed that I couldn't wait to order more! We finally got rid of the huge dark green, double-reclining sofa that was dominating our tiny TV room. I had the corner piece and an armless section together( with the fabric covers on) in about an hour. After putting 1 piece together the rest go super fast. ( My husband was impressed) He was also Really impressed with how sturdy the pieces are one they are bolted together, and he thinks it is very comfortable. The Altima pet fabric is GREAT for homes with toddlers, everything wipes right off.
    I can't tell you how happy I am with the finished product, and I feel like I have the freedom, to a certain extent, design my own furniture and be able to have so many options on how it will fit, even in my tiny room. I will definitely be buying more furniture from Home Reserve in the near future as well as some pillows and I have told all my friends to check out your website as well. Looking forward to new products and fabrics and keep up the good work!! ;1

  12. Home Reserve

    I wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with our sectional purchase. My teenage son is 6\'5\" and 300 lbs and finds the sofa irresistably comfortable. I don\'t think we\'re going to get him off it this summer! The cushions bounce right back after he gets up which has been an issue on other furniture we\'ve purchased. Most things aren\'t meant for big people but I think your product is going to stand up to the ultimate test!Not only that, your customer service is amazing! there were two items that needed to be replaced and we had them within 48 hours.Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service and a product that looks like it\'s going to hold up under the abuse that only three boys can commit!

  13. Home Reserve

    I got the Classic sofa, only took a couple of weeks for the shipping. I am happy to say that I love it! my friend Patty and I put it together in less than an hour and a half! Not bad for 2 chicks and a drill. It looks fantastic a little firm but we will break it in quickly!!! alot better than a futon for sure! going to order the love seat, I can\'t wait! ;1

  14. Home Reserve

    First off, we are not starving college students in a 10th floor Apt. Though I think HR is perfect for that situation, it is much more. We love every aspect of this purchase. Customer service and sales could not be more pleasant or professional, ship time was way under projection, fabric is awesome, furniture is sturdy and comfortable and way affordable, not to mention gorgeous! The Altima pet care fabric is amazing, three dogs and all hair simply wipes off. Smart consumers rejoice! We just ordered an additional chair to go with the sectional, so guess you could say we are well pleased. Tina

  15. Home Reserve

    I did a lot of research regarding RTA furniture and the quality. It took me about 1 year before I ordered 2 Monroe love seats from HR. I was not worried about the delivery time. The packaging was great and was easy to carry up 3 flights of stairs. I was going thru inventory at work, working long hours and many days. I did not get a chance to assemble the furniture until about 2 months after receipt. PROS-Great packaging, easy to carry, great fabric, easy to assemble ( less than 2 hours), easy read-follow instructions, no missing parts (actually had extra)& looks great, actually sturdier than it looks while you are putting it together.
    CONS - loveseat is actually smaller in length than Furniture Store bought & not as deep, seat cushions are very firm but comfortable, may take some time getting used to.
    Overall grade - "A"
    The Best is that you can replace any cushions, parts or change fabric at anytime.
    I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend to friends
    I love the way the loveseat looks and the fabric is very soft.
    Thank you;18-)8-0

  16. Home Reserve

    Cat hair just wipes off of our sofa! It\'s a miracle. Anyone with pets knows how difficult it is when hair gets stuck inside of the fabric!

    This couch was so simple to put together, and arrived in easy to lift boxes. I can\'t wait to buy matching chairs!

  17. Home Reserve

    I got the Laney sofa in Mission Black Faux Leather. The couch shipped quickly. It\'s great to have a real couch and not a futon!

    The #1 pieces on the arms were either cut backwards or the instructions were wrong, because the rough part faces out. By the time I got the couch together, I was too tired to unscrew & change them to smooth-side out; however I can do this at a later date.

    I agree w/ another reviewer that padding on the front base would be nice. I solved this by cutting Emery foam board and placing it under the fabric cover - works great.

    The fabric seems to become staticky; but I have a blanket I put over the couch that diffuses the electricity and solves the problem. Probably could use static cling spray, too. That said, I really like the fabric I chose.

    It took me a LONG time to put the couch together; but I was able to do it in a space literally only a few inches larger on each side than the actual couch. Also love the extra storage space.

  18. Home Reserve

    I absolutly love this company! How great it is to have a sofa that I can replace the fabric etc as it wears out! How green is that!?!?!?!? I ordered the monroe and had it put together by myself in about an hour. I loved it so much I ordered a matching loveseat as soon as I finished putting together the sofa! I\'m military and often furniture just does not fit through small doorways of the housing units. Now I will be able to break the furniture down if I need to!

  19. Home Reserve

    I have to tell you of the awesome service I got from Sandy and Casey. I had trouble deciding what color couch to order. They were so great about helping me. When I finally did order the couch was shipped the same day. Those girls have their customers needs in first place. Thank you so much Sandy and Casey.

  20. Home Reserve

    Made in the USA? You bet! Great sectional? Amazing! I am so happy with my purchase I tell everyone. I am the \"kid house\" in the neighborhood with an average of 8 children, mostly boys, in and out, 7 days a week. I also have two dogs, four cats and a family member living with me since I bought it. I want you to know the traffic this sectional gets on a regular basis. I bought in January 2010. Can I tell how much abuse it has gotten over that time? Absolutely not one sign. It looks fabulously new and it is truly comfortable. The kids love it, my son and I love it, everyone that comes over simply loves it. I get compliments on it all the time because it is not that \"oversized, overstuffed, take up too much room\" sectional that I have dreaded seeing in all the furniture stores and thought I was just going to have to give in and buy. Nor did I pay $2,000 for it, not even close, but everyone thinks I did! This sectional is perfect and so functional with its shape and storage I wish I had found your company years ago. I want to assure anyone that is hesistant about buying from you on-line not to worry! I am a single mom with an 8-year old son. My son and I put the sectional together in an evening. Yes, he was able to help! It\'s that easy! The money you save on top of the quality you get is worth every minute of the assembly. I forgot to mention the other selling point with me. The fabric choices, some even washable, all fabrics changeable, totally replaceable, right down to a cushion, whatever is needed, anytime in the future. Also, I rearranged my living room a week ago and was able to disassemble the sectional pieces to create a new shape to fit the new living room layout. You can\'t do that with other sectionals so easily! Oh, and I love the ottoman too. Again, I can\'t emphasize how wonderful it is to have something in my home made right here in the USA. In this day and age, I take huge pride in that. This company, their product, their customer service, all AAA+++. Great job Home Reserve!


  21. Home Reserve

    I have two Brooke sectionals in my home in Ultima Sand Pet Care fabric. I absolutely love them, and I\'m about to order a third for the basement. They\'ve survived a lot of abuse between my dog and three cats and my former roommate\'s three kids, and they\'re still just as beautiful as they were when I first bought them. I have quite a few of my friends shopping from Home Reserve now.
    I\'m in the process of adopting, and during the home study the licensing agent inquired somewhat skeptically about my attitude towards young children on my lovely white couches. I understood her concern, but when I told her the fabric was completely removable, replaceable and machine washable, she actually took down the website too!
    I highly recommend these for anyone who has messy paw prints, kitty barf, and magic markers in their lives!(all of which, I know from experience, DO wash out from this fabric!!) The extra storage under the seats is big plus too. It gives the illusion of being organized! (hehe!!) I also HIGHLY recommend spending the extra money on the high density foam. It makes a HUGE difference in extending the life of the furniture!

  22. Home Reserve

    Our upholstery arrived yesterday. We absolutely love it. As expected, my husband once again commented on the quality of the sofa. We had fun putting on the new fabric.

    Thanks to you all for making such a great product that we can modify affordably when the season or mood strikes.

  23. Home Reserve

    My husband and I needed furniture to fill our new home. I searched at all the local furniture stores-but it all looked the same and was very expensive. One night I found the Home Reserve website and was DELIGHTED! I loved that I had the ability to pick out my fabric from the huge assortment. I did lots of research and was hard pressed to find anyone who wasn\'t happy with the furniture they ordered. After a great debate about which fabric we wanted we finally settled on a sectional sofa in Pulse Brown, a chair and a half in Tory Spa, and chair in Trixie Raspberry. After we put the first chair together, the others were easy-as the steps are basically all the same. We are very impressed! The furniture is very comfortable-the fabric is great! I absolutely love the storage under all the seats! Everyone who comes over cannot believe that we built all of it by ourselves and it looks so great! We can\'t wait to order more! Thanks for a great product! ;1

  24. Home Reserve

    We bought a sectional several months ago for our newly finished basement. Due to the narrow doorway we were not able to get even a loveseat down the stairs. Now we have a gret sectional that can seat 8 people! I have never bought furniture over the internet before, and have been very pleased with the quality of the furniture. It\'s very comfortable. My family has fallen asleep many times on our new sectional. Thanks!