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  1. Home Reserve

    I ordered a Monroe sofa with the lavender pet care fabric and two lavender Tori throw pillows, and I love it! It\'s beautiful, comfy, and so easy to clean. An ink spill from a leaky pen came right off with just a little water. It was also very simple and fun to put together. I\'ve been recommending Home Reserve to everyone, and now a friend is planning to order her sofa from here too.

  2. Home Reserve

    I would like very much to thank you from the bottom of my heart for how quickly you were able to expedite my couch order. I was soooo very impressed by how fast it arrived!!!
    I took a couple of days to finally get it together,,.. but I LOVE it!!!!
    It was better than my expectations, and the quality of the workmanship was beyond what I would have expected. My couch is beautiful, I love the sturdiness, the fabric and color, and even my dogs love!
    Thank you again, and I would definitely recommended your products to everyone I know!
    God Bless you and the wonderful people that put this whole order together!
    Gratefully and Happily,
    Laurene 8-0

  3. Home Reserve

    I love my Home Reserve furniture! I\'ve had my Laney couch and armless chairs for almost two months! They are holding up great and fit perfectly in my small apartment. The cube storage is amazing and multi-functional! Is it a bench, coffee table, or storage? :)
    Recently, I experienced trouble with my back and couldn\'t sleep in my comfy bed. :( Lucky for me, my lovely firm couch was just the solution and provided great support for my back as I camped out here for a few days!
    Oh, and my mom was a little skeptical of my hondo apple and grape choices to compliment the kirby bitter pattern. As soon as we unpacked the couch, she fell in love with the bright cheerful colors! My mom is not one to experiment with color! way to go home reserve!

    **another praise, I had one piece of my small designer cube get chipped during shipment. All I had to do was send an email to customer service and within 24 hours my replacement piece was on its way! And it arrived within four days!! Amazing service!

  4. Home Reserve

    I purchased the Tux couch back in April and I love it. It\'s very sturdy, but comfortable, and it was also the style I was looking for; I call it, my sensible chic piece. I\'ve been looking for something that was comtemporary with squared arms, but what I wanted cost over a thousand dollars. There was one couch in particular that I had wanted from another company, it had a similar style to the Tux, but it was around $1,500 dollars, so I kept staring at it and dreaming for a long time, hoping the price will drop, it never did. I was once again searching the Internet and came across HomeReserve by accident and thought it was a miracle; I could not believe the prices. So I started researching the site/products, and ordered some swatches. I was hooked, so here I am today with my sensible chic Tux; I will need to get the matching chair though which will be soon. Sorry, I don\'t have any pictures to show-off; my Tux is in the Hondo cream fabric along with two hondo chocolate throw pillows; together it look like desert (chocolate & cream). I also love the fabric selections and most being washable. Keep up the good work HR. ;-)

  5. Home Reserve

    I just got my Monroe love seat in the mail today and could not be happier!! It took me about 2hrs to put together by my self and it\'s very sturdy and comfortable. I highly recommend this product!:-)

  6. Home Reserve

    I heard about Home Reserve years ago on an online forum and considered ordering a sofa and loveseat at that time for my first apartment, but skeptics and my own doubt convinced me not to, so I got a cheap set from a box-box furniture store. Since that time I got married. My husband\'s and my taste are a bit, shall we say, divergent. I hated his boring tan sectional and he didn\'t like my purple furniture very much... and our house definitely doesn\'t have room for both! (Also, that couch I bought has now seen better days.) I convinced him to sell off both his and my bachelor(ette) furniture on craigslist so we could buy a set we both like. He was skeptical, so we ordered the loveseat to start with, figuring we could return it if it didn\'t work out. I was looking forward to the assembly but he put it together before I got home to surprise me (it took him two hours using only a regular screwdriver-- he says power would have saved him a half-hour). We both LOVE our Monroe LaPaz Coffee loveseat and just placed our order for a matching couch. We plan to get a chair and ottoman in the near-future. I truly regret not buying from Home Reserve in the first place!

  7. Home Reserve

    I just had to tell you how much we love our new Tux Sofa!

    We ordered it on a Wednesday and we received it the following Tuesday.

    I brought the boxes in a proceeded to assemble the frame. I had the frame finished in 1 1/2 hours. It was so easy because the instructions were so detailed.

    When my husband got home, he helped with the slip covers and we had it all set up and everything cleaned up before dinner.

    Also, we have 2 Jack Russell Terrorist that shed short white hairs 365 days a year and stick to everything. We ordered the Altima pet care fabric and to my surprise, the hair cleans right off with a quick vacuum.

    We will definitely be ordering more pieces very soon! Love this product and it's American made! 8-0

  8. Home Reserve

    I live in a small two story row house and am having my old dirty basement renovated, at a high cost, to liveable space. Due to the installation of a full bath with shower the space will be a lot tighter than I imagined. At this stage in the renovation I can see just about how much space I am going
    to have for seating..not much. I have been online for the past 4 hours or more Goggling to find furniture for small spaces and that would provide attractive storage. I thought I would have to do IKEA, but thank goodness I finally input the correct wording for a search and came across a link for you. OMG! I cannot believe it! I have my fabric picked out and soon as the walls are up and the tile is down you WILL have my order. Thank you for existing. I was just about to give up the search and settle for something on another site. By the way what I goggled was \" storage furniture for small spaces\". Thank goodness for Goggle Search. Thank you again, you will be hearing from me soon.

  9. Home Reserve

    This furniture is great. I\'m a big guy and I have big dogs that I share the furniture with (Buddy 110lb Pit Bull & Bella 230lb Mastiff). We bought two couches, two chair and a halfs, and two ottmans. The furniture is solid and roomy. The pet fabric is easy to clean up and vacuum. It continues to be in great shape 6 months running. I would purchase this furniture again.

  10. Home Reserve

    I ordered fabric swatches on a Monday afternoon and I received them on Wednesday. What prompt service!

  11. Home Reserve

    My husband and I received our classic loveseat and assembled it last night. It took a little over 2 hours total, and it was actually fun to do. Unlike many other ready-to-assemble pieces we\'ve bought in the past, all the pieces fit properly, holes were drilled straight and the screws were decent quality and the right size. Thanks for making a quality product at a reasonable price.

  12. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say that I have NEVER EVER had such good customer care and service as I got from Sandy at Home Reserve!:) Without going into too much detail, I ordered a sample piece of a sofa to try it out and see if it worked for my very tall husband - it didn\'t (although it was super comfy, just not deep enough for him), anyhow, I emailed Home Reserve and Sandy was just brilliant and gave me all the directions I needed to return the piece, plus I got the credit back on my credit card super fast! All in all a very pleasant experience, even if I did not end up buying anything, which makes HR even more impressive!! I highly recommend them! Thanks again!:-)

  13. Home Reserve

    I still love my chair and a half after the first year. I just recommended your site to a friend again which brought me back here to visit. I would really love to see some more choices in fabrics. The right fabric and I would order 2 chairs :)

  14. Home Reserve

    John and Barb's Living Room looks beautiful in the picture. I especially like the black, grey and white combination.

    I'm Barb's. I'm very proud of their choices.:-)

  15. Home Reserve

    it was so simple to assemble + my 10 year old daughter could pitch in! We were redoing the inside of the house and were looking for an inexpensive sectional sofa. We found Home Reserve and were amazed!!! We got into the boxes and assembled it, the pet care fabric is soooo soft! ;1 thanks so much home reserve!!

  16. Home Reserve

    In mid June we bought a Brook couch with Laney arms in Jacinta Hickory, as well as two Brook chairs with Laney arms (one in Jacinta Hickory and one in Hondo Ebony). We also bought two 18\" ottomans with Hondo Ebony sides and Jacinta Hickory tops. We are so happy with what we purchased! We had the pleasure of being able to see the facilities in Fort Wayne and sitting on HR furniture before we purchased. It was hard to believe that RTA furniture could be as good as everyone online had said it was, so we had to see for ourselves. What everyone is saying is true. Home Reserve furniture is great!

    We took our time with the assembly, so all five pieces took us approximately a week to put together. The frame assembly was super easy; the printed directions are so helpful! The most challenging part of the whole process was putting the covers on the arms of all the pieces. Since they fit so tightly, patience and muscle are definitely a plus. We decided to give the whole living room a make-over while we were at it, and the room has never looked better. Home Reserve furniture is the first furniture that has really fit into the small living room in our Cape Cod Chicago home.

    Also, everything is so comfortable! My 6\'2\" 240 lb husband, John, says the couch is particularly nice to take a nap on. I am thrilled to find furniture in which I feel supported while sitting; I\'m not sinking into something I may not be able to get out of. We love the ottomans with the chairs, and we will soon be ordering a standard size ottoman for in front of the couch.

    As far as Home Reserve service, it is amazing. Sandy gave us so much attention during our visit to Fort Wayne, and both she and Brandon were on top of everything to quickly (like the next day) replace two parts that contained imperfections.

    Home Reserve, you have a customer for life! Thanks so much!!!

  17. Home Reserve

    love this idea!!
    cant wait to get ours in the mail!

  18. Home Reserve

    I just fell in love with my home reserve couch again. I bought a 6 piece sectional a year ago to match my last apartment. I just moved, and the layout didn\'t work in this new place.... so, we rearranged all of the pieces, and my couch is like new again, and it fits just right.

  19. Home Reserve

    Purchased the Brook Chair in Hondo Olive a couple of months ago. The first comment from the wife was, \"What\'s this? It comes in a box? and you gotta put it together? You gotta be kiddin.\" :-B Two hours later its, \"Gee that looks nice. And comfortable too. How much did you say it cost. When are we going to order the loveseat?\":-)
    Guess that sums that up...8-)

  20. Home Reserve

    I love my new loveseat. I bought it for my houseboat because getting furniture in and out is NOT fun. 2 boxes. Simple assembly and it is SO comfortable. Can\'t ask for more than huge selection, 2 boxes, easy assembly and pure comfort! Yeah!

  21. Home Reserve

    I bought a small couch for my daughter\'s dorm room. Despite the fact that the arm was used as a step to get in and out of the sleeping bunk and numerous spills and Lord know what else.... it held up remarkably, and the fabric barely looks used.

  22. Home Reserve

    We LOVE this sectional and ottoman. It was SO easy to put together and it looks great! I would HIGHLY recommend this furniture. Delivery was fast, packing was fantastic. I am bragging about this furniture and site to everyone I talk to.

  23. Home Reserve

    This company should get props for their very friendly, professional service! Love the two different size ottomans we ordered. I even did a fabric exchange, for one of them. They got everything right, even when I messed up and ordered/paid for the wrong sized ottoman. Shipping was fast and my husband, who volunteered (lol) to put them together, said it was much easier, than it first appeared! Thanks for the great experience!

  24. Home Reserve

    I have written before, saying how happy I was with my Altima Latte sectional. But, let me tell you, today this fabric has truly passed the test. I walked into my livingroom to find my two-year-old with a black crayon AND a black ink pen. She drew her lovely swirls and lines all over my couch. I thought for sure I would have to call and have my covers replaced. But, I spot cleaned the 2 pillows, 2 seat cushions, and ottoman cover as best I could with a small brush and soapy water, put them in the washer, and hoped for the best. The stains came out of them all!!! I put them back over the cushions wet, and you would never be able to tell! I have been amazed many times already with the durability of this fabric and how easily everyday messes clean up, but today I truly appreciate the Home Reserve product. Having the peace of mind that I could replace the pieces if need be was a stress relief in itself, but having the fabric become stain-free after some spot cleaning and a wash- AMAZING. Thanks again, Home Reserve!! ;1

  25. Home Reserve

    My bachelor brother re-furnished both his den and living room with Home Reserve pieces about a year ago, and despite my initial skepticism, I must admit his furniture is beautiful and shows no wear at all. I have just ordered a sectional for myself, and I can\'t wait to see it! javascript:icon(\'8-0\')