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  1. Home Reserve

    Made in the USA? You bet! Great sectional? Amazing! I am so happy with my purchase I tell everyone. I am the \"kid house\" in the neighborhood with an average of 8 children, mostly boys, in and out, 7 days a week. I also have two dogs, four cats and a family member living with me since I bought it. I want you to know the traffic this sectional gets on a regular basis. I bought in January 2010. Can I tell how much abuse it has gotten over that time? Absolutely not one sign. It looks fabulously new and it is truly comfortable. The kids love it, my son and I love it, everyone that comes over simply loves it. I get compliments on it all the time because it is not that \"oversized, overstuffed, take up too much room\" sectional that I have dreaded seeing in all the furniture stores and thought I was just going to have to give in and buy. Nor did I pay $2,000 for it, not even close, but everyone thinks I did! This sectional is perfect and so functional with its shape and storage I wish I had found your company years ago. I want to assure anyone that is hesistant about buying from you on-line not to worry! I am a single mom with an 8-year old son. My son and I put the sectional together in an evening. Yes, he was able to help! It\'s that easy! The money you save on top of the quality you get is worth every minute of the assembly. I forgot to mention the other selling point with me. The fabric choices, some even washable, all fabrics changeable, totally replaceable, right down to a cushion, whatever is needed, anytime in the future. Also, I rearranged my living room a week ago and was able to disassemble the sectional pieces to create a new shape to fit the new living room layout. You can\'t do that with other sectionals so easily! Oh, and I love the ottoman too. Again, I can\'t emphasize how wonderful it is to have something in my home made right here in the USA. In this day and age, I take huge pride in that. This company, their product, their customer service, all AAA+++. Great job Home Reserve!


  2. Home Reserve

    I have two Brooke sectionals in my home in Ultima Sand Pet Care fabric. I absolutely love them, and I\'m about to order a third for the basement. They\'ve survived a lot of abuse between my dog and three cats and my former roommate\'s three kids, and they\'re still just as beautiful as they were when I first bought them. I have quite a few of my friends shopping from Home Reserve now.
    I\'m in the process of adopting, and during the home study the licensing agent inquired somewhat skeptically about my attitude towards young children on my lovely white couches. I understood her concern, but when I told her the fabric was completely removable, replaceable and machine washable, she actually took down the website too!
    I highly recommend these for anyone who has messy paw prints, kitty barf, and magic markers in their lives!(all of which, I know from experience, DO wash out from this fabric!!) The extra storage under the seats is big plus too. It gives the illusion of being organized! (hehe!!) I also HIGHLY recommend spending the extra money on the high density foam. It makes a HUGE difference in extending the life of the furniture!

  3. Home Reserve

    Our upholstery arrived yesterday. We absolutely love it. As expected, my husband once again commented on the quality of the sofa. We had fun putting on the new fabric.

    Thanks to you all for making such a great product that we can modify affordably when the season or mood strikes.

  4. Home Reserve

    My husband and I needed furniture to fill our new home. I searched at all the local furniture stores-but it all looked the same and was very expensive. One night I found the Home Reserve website and was DELIGHTED! I loved that I had the ability to pick out my fabric from the huge assortment. I did lots of research and was hard pressed to find anyone who wasn\'t happy with the furniture they ordered. After a great debate about which fabric we wanted we finally settled on a sectional sofa in Pulse Brown, a chair and a half in Tory Spa, and chair in Trixie Raspberry. After we put the first chair together, the others were easy-as the steps are basically all the same. We are very impressed! The furniture is very comfortable-the fabric is great! I absolutely love the storage under all the seats! Everyone who comes over cannot believe that we built all of it by ourselves and it looks so great! We can\'t wait to order more! Thanks for a great product! ;1

  5. Home Reserve

    We bought a sectional several months ago for our newly finished basement. Due to the narrow doorway we were not able to get even a loveseat down the stairs. Now we have a gret sectional that can seat 8 people! I have never bought furniture over the internet before, and have been very pleased with the quality of the furniture. It\'s very comfortable. My family has fallen asleep many times on our new sectional. Thanks!

  6. Home Reserve

    I am sooooo happy with my sectional and 2 armless chairs. With help from a girl friend, I was able to put together in one day. Amazing how well labeled everything was. Really easy after one was done. Thank you so very much Home reserve.

  7. Home Reserve

    I have a very small apartment that does not permit the installation of a larger whole couch. As such, I wanted a sectional that would permit me to entertain guests and look great too! Late one night I found your website and was thrilled with what I saw. Still, I shopped around for months. Finding nothing comparable and after thoroughly reading several positive customer reviews, I ordered the sectional you see here in mission chocolate faux leather. My standards are very high, so I am always a bit leary of extremely positive online customer reviews. If you\'re like me, order what you want and hit \'send!\' My couch arrived a week earlier than promised and I couldn\'t be happier! Like many customers, I just couldn\'t believe my entire couch was in six boxes so small. The assembly took about five hours but was a breeze. It\'s hard to believe something assembled so easily in one\'s home with just a few screws is so sturdy and comfortable! I have purchased several other reputable couches for far more money that fall short of my satisfaction with my \'Home Reserve\' sectional. The really neat thing is that when I move and/or change decor, I can simply order new covers for the frame! Thanks,\'s really nice to find a company that delivers what it promises. You\'ve got another happy customer for life!

  8. Home Reserve

    found in my dire search for a sofa that will fit a narrow door through our newly-finished, was i ever glad!!! our sectional (laney in black leather) is comfortable and great looking!!! delivery turn around was less than 15 days!!!just be prepared to assemble...but hey, for people with the same space dilemmas, this is a great solution!!!more power to your company!

  9. Home Reserve

    We were so glad to be able to buy something direct from the maker, and USA made. What we see in the factory videos show clean, safe working conditions and ergonomic engineering controls. Yay.

    Well, this was the easiest \"assembly required\" project ever. The perfectly cut and sewn pieces, the foolproof instructions, the excellent quality foam and fabric all went together like a dream. Delivery was days quicker than expected, too. We are at the end of our rural UPS route, so our seven boxes arrived at 6:00 PM Friday, just under the wire.
    We set to work right away. By midnight we were happily sprawled on our 87\"X130\" sectional. 5.5 hours with the three of us. It is beautiful and terrifically comfortable. Our son has already decided to buy an ottoman soon, and I will be getting some designer cubes. And maybe a chair and a half. And definitely some pillows!

    Thanks again.

    Jeanne in Vermont

  10. Home Reserve

    I\'m a single gal with a daughter. I have moved from CA, to AZ, to MN for my job. I have had my Home Reserve couch and loveseat for maybe 3 or 4 years now. Changed the fabric 3 times, maybe 4? Don\'t remember. Always looks brand new. I put everything together by myself. My 4 year old daughter jumps and plays on these couches 24/7. Never a problem. I love that I can change the fabric and have new looks. Like getting new furniture every year! ;-)
    I also love how I can call up customer service and talk to a real person. I don\'t usually write reviews. But Home Reserve and their staff deserve a shout out.


  11. Home Reserve

    Very pleased with my purchase. Thanks for the help and thanks for making an affordable quality product.

    My son (16) and daughter (12) love it too. We have had aluminum lawn furniture in the TV room too many years! I see a couple of ottomans on the near horizon as budget allows.

    Thanks again.

  12. Home Reserve

    I purchased the Monroe Sofa in Honda Spa and matching automan. Both were really easy to assemble for my sister and I, neither of which are carpenters or mechanical geniuses. Within two hours, I have a beautiful set and couldn\'t be happier. We\'ll see how it wears, but so far so good. There was one misprint in the instructions in step one, it advises you to put the t-connectors in pieces 26 and 27, when they actually go in 23 and 24. We figured it out easily but you might want to address the problem. Thank you so much for the perfect solution to my winding staircase to the third floor.

    • Thanks for the info Lori. We’ll get that typo fixed right away.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  13. Home Reserve

    Just got my sofa today, I assembled it in about an hour and a half, exactly as described!!! Everything fit perfectly, it is so comfortable!! It was VERY easy to put together as the instructions were VERY easy to understand.

    The only complaint: I got a small splinter in my finger taking the wood out of the boxes (it came out easily without the need for tweezers).

    But other than that I didn't injure myself as I usually do when putting items together.

    I recommend wearing rubber gloves when taking the wood out of the box because it does have splinters of wood that come off.
    :-) :-D

    VERY satisfied customer, I can't wait to have company in my new apartment so people can ask me where I got my sofa!!!

  14. Home Reserve

    Some time ago I order the Classic Loveseat. It was delivered promptly but I delayed in putting it together. I finally started the second week of March. Everything was great and I was surprised at how each piece was numbered and the ease things were going together. I had a problem with one piece and talked to customer service and received a delivery the very next day. The same thing happened with the right side and again prompt service. The end result is this BEAUTIFUL loveseat; I bought the black-on-black swirl pattern. The picture of the fabric does not do it justice. And being a single women, it was so easy for me to put together by myself. I will at some point be adding to my collection by adding a chair, just not at this time.

    Thank you, thank you! You have a new fan of your company. What a brilliant concept! ;1

  15. Home Reserve

    I am, over all, very pleased with my Home Reserve purchase. We had a few glitches getting our sectional and ottoman, nothing major, but when you\'re so excited about something it really makes the waiting difficult. I assembled all five pieces almost entirely by myself (my hubby did put in a couple of the screws, but that\'s about it). Not hard at all. The Altima Thyme pet care fabric is so soft! The color is perfect for our livingroom. I\'ve had to spot clean it with a damp cloth, due to some children with runny noses (yuck, I know). But it cleans up in a snap. This was really the perfect solution to a seating situation for a large family (5 kids) and a small living room. We will deffinately come back for more in the future.

    PS- I tried to post pics, but it didn't work. I blogged about the couch (I'm that excited about it!) Check it out!

  16. Home Reserve

    We are a family of 6 with four little kids. I had been searching for a nice yet affordable living room set for weeks with no luck locally. Everything I found that I could afford was in some ugly shade of brown or tan and I really love color! I stumbled upon Home Reserve and read through about 50 customer comments and decided to give it a try. My \"cricket blue\" Hudson Couch adn Love Seat arrived by UPS to my muddy Northern New England House yesterday (a furniture delivery truck couldn\'t have made it because our roads are posted with weight limits for mud season). Anyhow, even with 4 kids \"helping\" (including a set of 3 year old twins), I put both the couch and love seat together myself in about 4 hours. The results, I LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM! The color is great, they look nice and are quite comfy. If you think it\'s strange to get furniture delivered in a box (and hey, who doesn\'t, my UPS man even couldn\'t believe it...although he wrote down the web site before he left), put aside your fears and order from this company. Quality furniture, great price and easy (and I would even say fun) to put together. BRAVO. My only little snafoo was that one washer has a hole too small to fit the screw. I\'ll fix that with 25 cents at the hardware store.
    Thanks Home Reserve!

  17. Home Reserve

    I received my sectional on Thursday and Friday I put it together myself. I needed help from NO ONE. I Love It!!!!! I Love It!!
    I have told everyone how affordable it was, the quality, and how easy it was for me to put together. I would suggest to anyone to invest in products from Home Reserve. It was worth every penny!!!

  18. Home Reserve

    We got our Brook sectional delivered on Tuesday. I was so excited and couldn\'t wait for my husband to put it together so I got started on it myself. It was so easy that I ended up putting together 6 of the 9 pieces! We love our new sectional, loved that we got to design our own layout and it just fits our living room so great and gives us so much more room and extra seating.
    My husband was a little concerned ordering furniture off the internet, but after getting it all together he is just as pleased as I am! I have told all my friends & family about Home Reserve - you guys are great!!

  19. Home Reserve

    What a cool sofa! People are amazed when I tell them my sectional came from a website and delivered UPS! I am a single Dad, so it took about 8 hours to do my 7 piece sectional (that was over the course of a weekend taking care of my 3 year old daughter and watching the NCAA tournament games!). Like some have said before go buy or borrow a cordless screwdriver or if you don’t have one, otherwise you will be there a whole day! I am super satisfied with the comfort and size. Putting it together was very easy, even for a non-tool guy like me (more of a computer guy than a handyman)! :-D
    I have recommended this company to everyone who would listen and will come back again if I need anything else!
    Thanks a whole bunch for the quality and the price….a smaller sectional in the furniture store cost twice what I paid for this! ;1

  20. Home Reserve

    I bought a Red Sofa from this website. Many compliments on it!!! I love my sofa, easy to clean, very strong frame, perfect color. 8 months later now, I\'m looking for a white chair to match it, but for my sorprise I can\'t find anything in a white color that looks nice. This website have the best couches I ever seen, excellent products...But, I\'m sorry to say but!!! I think you need more bold colors, and a few nicer designs!!! Other than that, Love the sofas and everything in this website. Quality and price are great.

  21. Home Reserve

    Took a couple hours to put our Laney couch together. I was very suprised at the boxes when they arrived and thought there is no way that will turn out to be a full size couch. Not only is it a perfect size but the instructions were very clear and pieces interlocked well. My only concern right now is that the frame is particle board. I will continue to update the guest book if any splitting or breaking occurs. The fabric I picked is wonderful and I had such a great time putting the whole thing together. Make sure to use the sanding paper sent with the supplies because the fabric goes on much easier afterwards. I HIGHLY recommend a drill or electric screwdriver. I don\'t want to think of how long it would have taken me without it. I am very impressed with my experience at Home Reserve. It took 12 days to ship but that was due to high volume of sales for February. Thanks!!!:-D

    • Not to worry Melissa. It’s not particle board it is “Oriented Strand Broad” (OSB) an engineered wood that is very strong. We also have a 5 year frame warranty. If any part breaks we replace it free of charge.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  22. Home Reserve

    My husband and I purchased a sofa, loveseat, and a chair and a half in tux about 6 months ago. We got them in Hondo Scarlet and WE LOVE THEM!!!!The fabric is awesome and soft and soooo easy to clean. We have 2 small children and when they make a mess, I have piece of mind knowing I can literally just take the case off and throw it in the wash. The units were super easy to put together and customer service is awesome (we were missing a part and they got it shipped to us asap) When and if we need furniture again, we will definitely come back :-)

  23. Home Reserve

    What a great product, easy to build. Your new slogan should be if you can read you can build it.

  24. Home Reserve

    Hello. Just interested in finding more about your products. I love the ideas in your company!:-)

  25. Home Reserve

    I received my armless sofa 3/4/2010.Put it together in a couple of hours.I love it--thank you very much.I live in a fifth wheel camper.Found your websight trying to find anything to fit in area where my old sofa was.Regular size sofas,loveseats and foutons would not fit.Could not afford to replace with sofas camper dealers were offering.Your sofa fit perfectilly and did not cost a fortune.It is very comfortable.Storage is awesome.Just wanted to let your company know how pleased I am and will be letting everyone know about your furniture.
    Very grateful,
    Kathy :-)