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  1. Home Reserve

    We just recieved our new classic sofa in the squiggle multi fabric today, and we are THRILLED! Assembly was more than just simple, it was a blast. Delivery was quick (the tracking e-mail was great), its incredibly sturdy, and not to mention super comfy. I already took a nap on it, and its very comforatble. I was also very pleasantly surprised by the plush feel of the fabric.

    We just went through a nigtmare of a situation with a futon we bought that broke in less than a month, and we were horrified at the level of sevice the company provided. So far, your company has gone way above and beyond our expectations, which is a pleasant change. Thanks so much! We're looking forward to ordering from you again.

  2. Home Reserve

    I've got to say it: I'm impressed! I just recieved my sofa, and my chair. Now, my husband is currently deployed, and I'm here with my 11 month old.
    I managed to get the sofa together in just under two hours, with a baby constantly stealing my screwdriver, crawling into the storage boxes, and playing with the fabric.
    I only have a couple of complaints. A piece of the chair wasn't cut correctly, so I have to wait a couple of days to recieve the replacement.
    On one of the cushions, the fabric wasn't sewn together terribly well, but a few safety pins are holding it together for now, and I'll be buying some thread soon.
    And, last but not least... You don't carry my fabric anymore! My gorgeous charcoal grey sofa and chair... I just wish I could get the ottoman and loveseat in the same color now.

    All in all, a great purchase!

  3. Home Reserve


  4. Home Reserve

    We just recieved our new loveseat, couch, 2 chairs and 2 ottomans yesterday. (Classic style). We cannot tell you how pleased we are with these products.

    - Like a lot of folks we were a bit worried about making such a large purchase, without seeing (& feeling) the furniture first. I can honestly say that everything exceeded our expectations.

    - The assembly was extremely simple and even fun ! It took a lot less time than quoted. My wife couldn't believe that I had all six pieces assembled by the time she got home from work. Absolutely brilliant engineering !

    - Home Reserve's Customer Service is 2nd to none ! Sandy in particular has got to be one the most helpful people I have ever dealt with.

    - So far every friend or family member that has seen and sat on the furniture, has raved about how comfortable and expensive looking it is. In fact, my sister-in-law has already picked out what she wants, and will be placing an order soon. Keep up the excellent work ! ;1:-)

  5. Home Reserve

    Your furniture is AWESOME! I have never seen anything go together so very well! .. Each piece (love seat, chair and Ottoman) went together in the exact length of time you said it would!

    Fantastic!! Thanks for being here!


  6. Home Reserve

    Hi Sandy--we are thrilled with our sectional sofa! We added a sunroom to our house and space was limited.
    My sister found Home Reserve online for us and you were the answer to furnishing our sunroom. I\'m sure we\'ll be buying more furniture from Home Reserve. We really needed delivery within a certain period of time and you made it happen!! Putting it together was so easy. We couldn\'t be happier! Thank you for making this experience flawless.

  7. Home Reserve

    Totally awesome!..

    I assemebled this myself ( my sofa) in two hours.. everything. and I'm not good with any of that kind of stuff.

    I would suggest an electric drill if to save you hands ( I have arthritis) plus I'm sure it would have easily cut off about 15 minutes..

    Its really comfy as well as sturdy ( I like really firm matresses etc)

    Going to buy some more furniture to match now!

    Thanks :)

  8. Home Reserve

    I just purchased the Monroe Sofa in Kid Glove Red a day or two ago...and I can not wait to get it. After looking at your site for many months, I know that my money has been well spent! 8-0

    I will upload some photos as soon as it arrives.

    Thanks for offering the most awesome product!

  9. Home Reserve

    We have had our couch and chair with ottoman for two months now.

    Both were easy to put together - we had them ready to sit on in less then 2 hours. The couch was missing a piece but, it was shipped within a week (and since it wasn't absolutely essential to the frame we were able to sit on the couch with out it).

    Customer service was great - and we look forward to buying replacement covers sometime in the future to change the look of the room. I mean, how cool is that, you can change the color of your furniture without having to go out and buy a whole new set.

    Only two complaints that I can think of:

    First, the cushions are a little hard. They do soften after use however, they are still not completely as comfortable as our old couch was from beginning. I'm sure they will wear well but, if designers could make them a little softer it would make the couch perfect!

    Second, the width of the seats is not wide enough. I have pulled them out two or three inches from where they are supposed to be and it still isn't wide enough for my fiance to lay comfortably (and hes not a big guy). I think these couches might be too small for a large man.

    Other then that I am very satisfied and love the storage space! What a great idea ;)

  10. Home Reserve

    Last year, when we moved into our new house, I bought an entire living room set-- sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman and four throw pillows. They were very easy to assemble, look great and are firm, but comfortable. (If you want squashy furniture to sink into, this is not the stuff for you.)
    We have two teenage boys, a very large dog and a couple of cats, so our furniture had to be durable.
    In the past year, the following have happened:

    1. A couple of months after we bought the furniture, our older son dropped his completely full backpack on the ottoman and broke the lid piece which Home Reserve promptly replaced, free of charge-- KUDOS!
    2. Our dog's claw slashed the front cover of one of our couch cushions. However, the slash didn't fray and was easily patched with an iron-on patch from the sewing store. It's completely unnoticeable (unless you're looking for the damage.)

    3.The back cushions on the sofa, loveseat and chair have been used so much that they are now misshapen. They can be punched and fluffed to temporarily look OK, but the fill in them just doesn't want to stay where it's supposed to.

    4. The foam filler pieces are kinda flimsy and fall through the space in the backs.

    5. The velcro closures on the throw pillows had to be re-sewn.

    However... I have machine washed and dried all the fabric on all the pieces several times and it still looks and feels brand new. This is the furniture we use most often in our home and it's come through much better than I thought it would. I will be buying another set to replace some hodge-podge, hand-me-down junk that currently exists in our family room. Soon, I hope...
    All in all, great value, easy assembly, great fabric (kid glove is what we have) and very durable. I recommend this company and their products. ;1

  11. Home Reserve

    I got my brand new Avenue Couch with kid navy faux suede fabric yesterday. I bought from Home reserve because I could not get the color I wanted for my couch in any of the big brand name stores.

    My couch came yesterday. It took a while to assemble it though, nearly 3 hours for 2 people. But it looks great, exactly like the pictures. It seems nice and sturdy and is remarkably comfortable. The back cushions are the perfect height. My husband who has back problems loved it too.

    Will write back in a month or so for further updates

  12. Home Reserve



    8445 LAS VEGAS BLVD. SOUTH # 1123



  13. Home Reserve

    I received my fabric swatches and the fabric appears to be very fine quality.

    Just a tip for those of you considering the furniture on this site - DO ORDER fabric samples. They are only $1 each with free shipping. Since colors actually displayed on PC monitors vary so much, the color you see may be different that the actual color. I ordered swatches and my choice was much darker in person, but I still love it. I was also able to compare some floral patterns with the solid fabric of our choice so now I know exactly what to get. Have fun!:-)

  14. Home Reserve

    I bought the Ebony Love Seat about 4 months ago and it's great and comfy. I love the fabric and that it's machine-washable; after I washed it the first time, it looked brand-new again! A lot of people got gloves with their order, which I didn't get, but still, my boyfriend only got 2 splinters. The assembly was easy (I was there the whole time) and he was able to finish it in about 30 minutes.

    The only problem with the loveseat is that that foam that inserts between the gap on the top of the seat back keeps falling down so I constantly have to take off the back cover (meaning I have to remove the sides) to put it back on. Another thing is that I can now see the carpet in the middle of the love seat (the cushions don't cover the middle all the way in the back)-- maybe we use it too much!

    All in all, I still think this was a really good deal and I'll be ordering a chair and ottoman soon! Hopefully, the foam for the gap won't fall down so much (maybe it needs to be a bit thicker/denser)!

  15. Home Reserve

    My husband had handbuilt some of our other furnitre and was looking for plans to build living room furniture with storage space when he found your site. After reading the customer comments and smiling:-) at the complaints and applauding the way your company handled them, we placed our order on 12/17/05. Then I had email problems and thought I missed an email from you guys.:-0 I called Customer service on 12/22/05 and talked to Sarah.(She was great);-). She told me that with the holidays my love seat would ship on 12/23/05 and that I should receive it on 12/29/05. Well on 12/28/05 I get an email that the love seat was going to ship on the next day. ( Boy was I hopping mad, I wanted my furnitiure):-/. I tracked the shipment and the delivery date was 1/3/06.(I still wasn't too happy) UPS brought it and my kids brought it in the house. I went to work night shift and when I came home the next morning my old sofa is on the front porch.
    Now for the praise, it's beautiful!!!! We bought Classic in Winston Hunter, it's comfortable!!!! I have shown your website to alot of people, I keep suggesting they give you a try, and I plan to place more orders with you, just not around the holidays. I am thrilled with your company, the products and your service. Thanks again.8-08-08-08-08-08-08-0


  16. Home Reserve

    :-) such a great Deal, i received a couch and love seat in fairwiew cocoa from my parents for xmas 8-0
    so easy for them to give as a gift because they were able to have it shipped right to my door! also i ordered a couple other fabric samples (to take advantage of the fabric exchange OR to order the new PILLOWS!!) i was very happy to see that pillows are now available to match! and at such low prices. please hurry and get more durango boot because i think that the fabric we are leaning toward.;5 ;-)

  17. Home Reserve

    We got our love seat today. My daughter who is 16 and I wanted to have it together before my husband got home. We loved taking the padding out of the box. My son who is 7 loved it.:-U
    I was shocked to see how detailed the instructions were. We followed it step by step and had it done in an hour and a half.
    We had it done 5 minutes before my husband walked in the door. He was so proud of us. I liked that fact that you added gloves. Save my hands from splinters.
    This isn't going to be the last piece we get from you. We are moving from our small apartment soon and plan on getting the sofa, chair and a couple of foot stools.
    You should think about making tables and chairs also. I'd for sure get them.
    Thanks Again
    This is a God sent.

  18. Home Reserve

    I purchased the chair and ottoman for my husband this Christmas in Microfiber Merlot. Assembly was very easy and he loves it. I'm wating to order a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman for myself. I want it in the Durango Boot and so does everyone else because it's out of stock. Thanks for making such a great product.

  19. Home Reserve

    I purchased a small sectional 3 years ago for a room in the basement.
    I moved it upstairs into the living room a year ago and it was too small. Also the pattern I selected was ella cafe, ideal for the basement room but it was too busy for the living room. So I ordered 2 more center pieces in solid brown and changed the fabric on the end section to solid brown as well and voila, the result is stunning.I had alternated patterns with solid.
    I do have to mention that 3 years ago the wood went together much better, no hammering needed what so ever. This time I pounded and pounded with a huge hammer to get the pieces to fit together. I don\'t have the sectional butted up against a wall and as a result the sections tend to move an inch or so, especially by the corner unit, exposing the pressed wood. I took care of that by painting the exposed wood dark brown. I know I can hook the sections together but I tend to rearrange on a weekly basis. As time goes on and with two dogs everything is holding up very well and I find everything very comfortable.The foam seats are supportive and it will take a long time to wear them down, while the cushions are cosy.I also purchased a sectional for my bedroom and I spend many lazy afternoons watching tv or napping on that furniture. I am working on designing seating for my library with HR furntiture as we speak.

  20. Home Reserve

    We have bought a love seat, couch, chair, and ottoman over the last few years, and are super pleased with everything. We are appreciative of the great customer service as well and the 5 year warranty is terrific.
    Thanks so much Sandy for your help, and everyone for our quick responses!!!!

  21. Home Reserve

    I'm not one to do reviews much either. But this couch is super nice at any price let alone $300.

    Not sure why, but it took my a little longer to put it together. But being space limited I unpacked as I needed the pieces. The most difficult was making sure I had the right fabrick piece for the proper assembly step.

    I got lucky on the color even without getting samples 1st as it was perfect. This is in a smallish dedicated home theater. The previous couch/sofa was purchased at AFW (only used for three weeks), it is inferior in every way to the Home Reserve couch. No way the AFW cruddy sofa was staying in my ultra comfy theater I envisioned. :)

  22. Home Reserve

    I find your furniture very practical. It is to bad that I do not need anything new right now. I would buy one of your sofas or chairs in an instant.

  23. Home Reserve

    I got my couch a while ago and i love it, but now i'm looking for a cushioned breakfast nook. Think about it! :-)
    ps i could just go buy one anywhere, i know, but you have great prices! thank you

  24. Home Reserve

    I absolutly love my couch! It is the perfect size and despite the firmness of the cushions at first they have soften up and it is surprising comfortable. I must tell you I was sketptical but now I will happily get in line with all the other people praising the product on this site.

    My only complaint is that the fabric is the black pet care fabric which is supposed to resist stains and pet hair. The fabric attracts lint like crazy! I want a black fabric so I don't want to return it but that is the one negative.

  25. Home Reserve

    Kudos to Home Reserve! I love my new sectional. I ordered the Monroe Group 9 w/ottoman in Chicago Linen and extra cushion covers and fabric in Chicago Black. I love the way it sits, it's so comfy and oh, the storage! This has to be the best purchase I have ever made!

    And Sandy's the best, she deserves an award.



  26. Home Reserve

    Hi. Lili here again... I have a new question and a comment about not getting an answer back from you yet...

    My next question is: My husband is 6'4 :-U! Will he be able to fit comfortably on the couch? Has a lot to do with if we are going to buy your product, so I really would like and answer please ;3..

    Next, I asked a question back on 1/19/05 #38, and would like an answer to those questions :-| ..

    And, I also ordered some samples, which came yesterday, but you said I would get an email saying they were shipped! I never recieved that message. But the samples were great and we have picked what we want. But really need an answer to my questions ;4.
    Thanks! and hope to hear from you soon :-*! Lili

    P.s. Do you buy your samples back?

  27. Home Reserve

    I love this web site! Your products
    are classy and comfortable looking. And affordable! :-) . I am trying to get my husband to check you out, but we all know how husbands are.... |:|. He WILL love you also! And I WILL be ordering some new couches from you.

    2 questions I have though...

    1. Will you be designing and making any new designs in the near future?

    2. When you are out of stock of a certain color or fabric, how fast does it take to get the fabrics in and the furniture made?

    Thanks! Lili

  28. Home Reserve

    This is the best couch we ever bought! It took an hour to put together and the fabric is soooo nice! 8-0

    I made a website of how we put together our couch and what it looks like!

    Thanks so much!

    Chris and michelle from Central,FL

  29. Home Reserve

    I stumbled upon Home Reserve looking for new, cheap furniture for my house. Everything looked great but with so many positive reviews, I was a bit skeptical that it was THAT great. Nonetheless, I found nothing wrong and ordered my first loveseat. When I placed my order it for some reason charged me with two shipping fees. I called Home Reserve to fix the situation and they immediately went to work at solving the problem. Byron personally called me to apologize and make sure to let me know he was fixing the problem. I received the furniture about 7 days later and went right to work at putting it together. With a power drill, I had the fabric on and all in a little less than 2 hours. It looks great and is definitely worth well over what I payed.
    My absolute only complaints, if they can even be called that, are that it would be nice if the customer had some way of tracking the shipment and the cushions are a little stiff, but I\\\'m sure when they break in it will be great and with them being this way the couch will more than likely last a lot longer. But overall, I am more than satisfied with being a customer of Home Reserve and will continue to be in the near future.

  30. Home Reserve

    hi there,

    i am actually taking time off to send in my comments; that's evident of how pleased we are about the couch we purchased from you; we are a newly married couple setting up our home and my husband and i thoroughly enjoyed assembling it and the end result is simply superb; it took us only 1 and a 1/2 hour to assemble it. The furniture looks classy and a lot nicer than it
    looked on the website; the storage space is nice too; very considerate of you to have sent a pair of gloves along with assembling
    parts; my husband, an engineer has certified this innovation as a wonderful engineering work; thanks.

    One suggestion; you may further improvise it by providing for a head rest too; you may make that as an
    accessory as those that may not need it need not buy it; think about it;
    thanks again;

    mr and mrs y.subramaniam.

  31. Home Reserve

    Congratulations on a job well done, HR!

    I'm anxious about receiving the Sofa and Chair in Avenue collection. I've chosen the Chicago Bamboo as it cordinates with my Expedition Khaki walls and the Chocolate suede curtains. As a tip to those choosing the selections I made, Target has their Metropolitan collection and it goes well with just about any colors. We have a small living space and I've made the best of it possible.

    Also, a big thank you to Sandy. You certainly deserve a big fat raise!!

    Holly and Matt Hager

    *will post picture of finished room in the future.

  32. Home Reserve

    I posted shortly after we got our Sofa in 1/2005 stating how pleased we were with it, and I just wanted to post again a year later and let everyone know that we STILL love our couch! Thank you so much! When I was researching before buying I really wanted to know other people's experience with the couch over time so I thought that I should post myself and let others know that it's STILL great a year later and we STILL love it! I would buy another one again in a heartbeat!

    I also wanted to comment on the warranty policy; last night my husband and I were joking around and I sat down hard on the couch, falling backwards into the back panel, when I fell on it the back panel snapped, well cracked really, so I called this morning, explained that it cracked and was apologized to and asked for my name, the part number, and confirmation of my address, the part is being shipped out today @ no cost and this took literally 10 minutes to do! AMAZING!

    Thank you so much! We are soooooo happy with our couch we are VERY hard on it and this is the first time in a year anything has happened, to anyone wondering if purchasing from home reserve is money well spent? Let me tell you.... DO IT!!!! You won't regret it!

  33. Home Reserve

    I had been looking to get rid of my Jennifer sofabed. From day one, my experience with Jennifer was nothing less than miserable!

    Recently, I began to consider several furniture stores here in NYC. What else to say except: expensive...expensive...expensive...
    huge prices for nothing out-of-the-ordinary furniture. Then I found @HomeReserve on the web. Reading through many of the customer comments on the homepage and viewing its video presentations, I decided to go ahead and order two loveseats to replace my old sofabed and change the look of my living room.

    Four boxes arrived on Monday. Tuesday afternoon, in less than three hours, I got the first loveseat (two boxes) put together and set to go. I am so happy with the new furtniture. I\'m sure the second loveseat will be constructed even faster!

    Oh, by the way, I have experienced excellent customer service with Brandon and Sandy! Go @HomeReserve.


    Williamsburg Brooklyn

  34. Home Reserve

    Wow! Got home form work to find 2 boxes on my porch! Within the hour I had a new chair. (OK - I took an hour and 5 minutes to get it put together.)

    Looks Great!

    Thank you. ;1

  35. Home Reserve


    Our boxes came on Friday, and by Sunday afternoon I had everything put together. (1 couch, 1 love seat)
    I put them together by myself and it was really easy to follow the directions.

    We are enjoying our new kid glove navy blue couch and love seat.

    I will certainly pass on this website to friends and family.

    Thanks for the new furniture . . we are really happy with it!!!

  36. Home Reserve

    Since I couldn't narrow it down to just one nice thing to say, I'll make a list:

    1. The design is very well thought out. The assembly process for the frame is sequential, logical and really simple. I've never seen do-it-yourself furniture that was this self-apparent in assembly.
    2. The use of CAD/CAM to create precision-fit pieces out of Structurewood(TM) is impressive. Everything fit as advertised.
    3. The instructions were exactly right. (I'm a technical writer by trade, so I know good directions when I read them.)
    4. The inclusion of gloves and a sanding block was a nice touch--someone in product design gave that some thought. My hands thank you.
    5. The fabric swatches don't do your actual upholstery justice. The cocoa faux suede is lighter, warmer in color, and has a much more suedelike texture than the samples. That was probably the best surprise.
    6. The whole process took 2-1/4 hours, from greeting the UPS driver at the door to fluffing the final cushion--and that's working solo. I really expected more of a challenge. :-)

    Yes, I'm really pleased and impressed, from the thoughtful and informative website design, to the customer service and turnaround time, to the final product--especially since I was looking for regular order and wait for 6 to 8 weeks apartment-sized furniture when I found Home Reserve. Now let's see that sectional!


  37. Home Reserve

    Dear HomeReserve,

    I bought my loveseat three months ago.I have to admitt I was a little scared ordering such a large item over the Internet.I told my family about my new find on the internet and they laughed at me. When I received the two boxes I quickly dove in to my project (putting it together). Well who is laughing now.HA HA HA! Thank you thank you thank you. My next project is decorating the den and you know where my next couch and chair is coming from. I almost forgot to tell you,the family members that thought I was crazy,bought your couches too.

    Excellent prices, excellent material,
    excellent service.
    Excellent Job
    Cheryl B
    Vallejo, CA

  38. Home Reserve

    I live in a small studio apartment that was begging for a sofa to be placed in it. I came across many expensive sofas on the internet and by accident came across your website. It is fantastic that you guys were able to come up with a product like this which appeals to many consumers. Im very excited about receiving my furniture and plan on telling everybody about you guys. The only problem I had was a credit card problem on the website and your customer service was very quick to respond with a solution and was willing to help by calling the credit card company to resolve the issue, but I never received a confirmation that the problem was fixed as promised. Also its been like 4 days and I have not received a shipping message from UPS as I was told would happen but I guess that my sofa has not been shipped yet.

    Thank you so much for selling a product that is low in cost and great in quality.

  39. Home Reserve

    So I got home last night after I enjoyed an hour to myself getting my nails done. Very relaxing. Then I came home and there on my 3 week old couch was lipstick. A nice big ol' stripe. (Also some on the brand new carpet too) So after I SCREAMED at my husband, we investigated to find out that it wasn't my 4 year old daughter but my 2 year old son who did it. A friend said to try Goo Gone. And it was a miracle! I love the ALTIMA THYME PET CARE FABRIC! It's awesome! There is absolutely no evidence of it being on the couch what-so-ever.

    Now the only thing that I am mad at is that he used my Mary Kay lipstick! :-/


  40. Home Reserve

    All I can say is WOW! Not only is this one of the greatest products I have ever purchased, but hands down they have the best customer service I have ever encountered!

    Do not hesitate to purchase anything from this company. They are top notch. The fabric covers and workmanship are quality (I picked the cordoroy). Building is not only very easy but fun! You would never know these sofas come from a box! And the cost is more then reasonable. I just can't say enough.

    I am a returning customer. I just finished building my second order, a 6 piece sectional that took a little over an hour to put together. I'm sure it won't be the last purchase from me or one of the many people I have told about this amazing product.

    Thank You Sandy and everyone else at Home Reserve! I'm so glad I found you!!

  41. Home Reserve

    I just want to say thank you for thinking of this. I live in a very old house where my apartment was once part of another floor of the house so my living room has a vary bad entrance because it use to be a bed room plus they put this kitchen sink perpendicular across from the entry, needless to say there is no way to fit a sofa or even a love seat though the door way. The only way I thought I was going to be able to have a couch was buying a very expensive one that came in pieces, but now I have hope. I live on a very small budget raising 2 children so I ve lived with out a sofa for almost 6 years now since I moved in. I just wanted to say thank you.

  42. Home Reserve

    I searched the internet for a sofa and loveseat to fit through my very tight basement door. My last sofa had to be disassembled and literally shoved down the staircase, the thought of doing that again was giving me nightmares.....then I found Home Reserve!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone in my house just loves it, it makes an old paneled basement look new and since this purchase, I have added a chair and ottoman to my bedroom. My dad loved putting them together so much that he said he wants to order one for's like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
    It is comfortable, the storage is great and the idea of being able to change the fabric is just icing on the cake. If you are thinking of buying one, just do it, you'll love it as much as my niece who you see sleeping on the sofa.

  43. Home Reserve

    I received my monroe style sectional sofa and ottoman about 3 weeks ago. When I got home and found all the boxes, I was so exited!! However, my heart fell when I discovered that one of the boxes had been torn apart and some of the contents strewn around my yard. Unfortunately, an animal had gotten to my furniture before me! However, I called home reserve and Sandy was SO nice and helpful. She told me not to open the box, UPS would pick it back up. In 2 days, I had a complete new armless chair delivered to my door, no charge, and no paperwork to fill out!

    The sectional was actually fun to put together I did it all myself, no help from anyone), and once you had the first piece put together, the rest went even faster. I got the Emma Tearose fabric for the sectional, and the altima pet care fabric in Thyme for the ottoman and 2 round pillows. I can't believe how beautiful and comfortable the sofa is! I love the storage the furniture provides, it's perfect for DVD's and games. Way to go home reserve!!!!

  44. Home Reserve

    We got our Sofa, Loveseat, and 2 ottomans last night and my husband and I had them all put together in under 3 hours. I am shocked at the quality and look of the pieces. They look just like a set I saw at a retail store selling for $7000. We are already talking about getting another 2 ottomans to make a window seat.

    The new ottoman style is fantastic. fits great and no shifting in the fabric like others stated about the old style.

    Thanks again for having such a high quality afordable product!!!

  45. Home Reserve

    I really have to say Home Reserve is just to good to be true. I just ordered the Monroe chair and it's my 4th piece of furniture that I had ordered in a year, I have 2 ottomons, a classic chair and now the Monroe. I have been very pleased at how easy it is to put together and this last order I was missing one t-connector and they sent it to me the next day, customer service person was as sweet as can be.
    Great Service, Great products.:-)