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  1. Home Reserve

    I received my sofa on Thur and started assembling on Sunday (scary as no customer help is available). It took 2hrs and 45min to assemble completely. Every piece fit. It looks fabulous. This sofa is for the basement & grandkids but I wish I was putting it in my living room.
    Thanks Homereserve for a wonderful product.

  2. Home Reserve

    well, like everyone else, I was skeptical of ordering a loveseat that I could not sit on and test out before buying. However, I had some very specific needs and the Home Reserve loveseat looked like it would meet all of them. 1. I had a 58" space I needed to put a couch in 2. I wanted it delivered by UPS and not some trucking company I had to wait for all afternoon and 3. it had to fit my meager budget.
    As my only couch, it also had to be something I would be willing to sit on.
    I found Home Reserve while doing google searches for small loveseats and finally settled on the Laney with the Liberty Indigo fabric.
    Sure enough, they arrived in about 10 days and I was able to get them into the house easily.
    Set up was also quite easy but I'm glad I read and watched everything on line before hand so I understood the process. I had friends helping me put it together and they agreed it was easy to do.
    I also have filled the storage area with CD's!
    Oh and one more thing, I love the firmness of the cushions on the seat but wish there was a little more to the back ones. I have put some bolsters behind them, up on the top of the couch, between them and the wall and that helps alot. They are just too soft and squishy for me personally.

  3. Home Reserve

    We got a sofa and matching chair here because we wanted furniture that wouldn\'t bust our budget, and this being our first apartment together we definitely had a limit. Not only was the furniture affordable, it\'s comfortable, looks amazing, and was easy to put together. Our visitors can\'t even tell that we put it together. We also love the fact that we can get different fabrics and change up the colors in case we want to change our living room a bit. I\'ve already recommended home reserve to friends! Thank you very much!!!

  4. Home Reserve

    I ran across the Home Reserve site while shopping for an affordable sectional that possibly had layout and fabric choices. Wow you guys had configuration options and then some. My skeptic side was suspicious but also completely intrigued by the build it yourself approach. I have an aversion to MDF (Ikea anyone?) but I have complete faith in the sturdy industrial ply board that is used in the Home Reserve product.
    I took a small test leap by ordering an armless chair with an ottoman along with a stack of fabric swatches. I fell in love while building it...really quite a lot of fun and very easy. When It came time to order the complete sectional in the Altima Aqua the fabric was out of stock. I toned my choice down to the quieter Altima Thyme. I happily got to use the fabric exchange program and sent back my armless chair fabric.

    When my sectional came in the 10 or more UPS boxes I took it upon myself to sand and put a clear seal coat on all the wood parts. This is not a necessary step but I usually go beyond sensible when I\'m doing things. It at least makes the storage areas smoother. I also took the step of utilizing some of the cardboard packaging. I noticed one of the cardboard panels is the same size as the interior chair back and slipped them in under the fabric. Again not necessary but just in case the back cushion is removed, I don\'t have that little oval dip on the backside.
    I had filled up my first ottoman with dvds...this thing holds a bunch and became too heavy to scoot around all the time. I took the liberty with my ottomans that I will be using as my coffee tables and added some small strong wheels. It would be a nice feature to offer at an added cost.
    The furniture is very sturdy. I have some very large friends that have a history of furniture crushing..and I feel perfectly fine with them on my Home Reserve sectional.
    Great styles, fabric, quality, and phenomenal price. Don\'t hesitate!!

  5. Home Reserve

    I just wanna let everyone know how excited and anxious i was about ordering my sectional online i almost cancelled the order but decided to take the plunge and waited for it to arrive. Finally the day came poor ups guy lol but i put it together right away it was sooo easy took bout four hours for the sectional and chair and i couldnt be happier i absolutely love them!! The fabric is wonderful and even though the color was not exactly what i thought i still love it and will be ordering a matching ottomen soon! Thank you so much im so happy i stumbled on this site it sure saved this single mom alot of money!! Oh and Sandy is the greatest for taking care of my fears and its so nice to be able to speak to a real person! Thanks again;1

  6. Home Reserve

    Several months ago as I prepared to receive my tax return, I found your site. I fell in love with the website and its very detailed and ingenious features. It is an extremely difficult thing to sell furniture and describe comfort levels on a website, and I felt you guys accomplished that very well. Well, I finally made the leap of faith a few weeks ago and ordered my sectional. It was delivered exactly as described. In addition, the instructions enclosed in the box and the numbers actually carved into the pieces made the assembly process dummy proof. I was so excited about the storage compartments, I immediately started filling them post-assembly. Problem was, I had too many storage bins and not enough to throw in them!!!!

    This is GREAT! The fabric (faux-suede) is absolutely luxurious. As we sit on the couch, we just can\'t but fall back and never want to get up. Thank you so much for making my leap of faith a good one!!!! I have full intentions on spreading the word about your products.

  7. Home Reserve

    I love my furniture and it's super easy to put together. It looks great and feels wonderful! The only complaints I have are: 1) it takes up to 10 business days for the order to ship, and it feels like forever because I wanted it right away. 2) the font in the confirmation email is sooootiny and very hard to read. I guess as long as I can read the important part, that's all that matters.

  8. Home Reserve

    I just got my couch a few days ago. I was so psyched that I decided to put it together right away. It took less than 2 hours and it was SOOOO easy!! It looks great, it feels great, and it was easy to put together; I\'m even thinking about buying a companion chair. Thanks!!!

  9. Home Reserve

    I recieved my cricket blue monroe couch yesterday (04/08/09). :-D . I put it all together by myself in about 2 hours. It was like putting a big puzzle together, SO EASY!!!!! The only stipulation was that 2 of the T-Connectors were missing from the pack of screws, but I just got off the phone with Byron in Customer Service and he will send them overnight through UPS so I'll have them tomorrow. No biggie though, I love my couch, it's beautiful. Happy Birthday to me!!!!!8-0;18-):-);-)

  10. Home Reserve

    I ordered the standard ottoman and love it. The size is perfect. When I purchased the ottoman I didn\'t know about the fabric exchange policy. What a pleasant surprise! The fabric I picked was beautiful but I decided a different one would match my furniture better. I will be ordering another ottoman as well. This a great company and an innovative product.

  11. Home Reserve

    Hi. I've had my sectional, ottoman, and extra-wide chair (which I use as a loveseat) for about a month and I absolutely love them. I contacted Casey to ask for some deocrating tips and she responded immediately with great ideas, which I used, and LOVE. Product quality is outstanding, my husband had no problem setting up the items, and I'm a happy camper. Kudos.

  12. Home Reserve

    WOW! I am so pleased with our new CRICKET BERRY sofa and ottoman!...We picked the furniture up at the business and had it all put together within 90 minutes..... The set looks great in our home... PLUS Sandy was the best customer service gal!! The guys at the facotry in fort Wayne were great as well.... going to check out the other fabric choices..... I might need a change in a few years!! You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

  13. Home Reserve

    Got our new couch and have it together. I did asembly and I want to praise you on directions they were great also with something like this you usually have something that doesn\'t fit or work right but not with your products. Everything worked out great and we are happy.
    Shirley did upolstry and everything fit great also.
    THANK U & keep up good work

  14. Home Reserve

    I have had my home reserve sofa, loveseat, and ottoman for just over 6 months now. I absolutely love them. i got the ultima metallica pet care fabric and it is great since i have 3 dogs. I can wipe messes off with a DRY napkin. One of my dogs has ripped the cushions already. The replacement fabric was cheap and arrived quickly. It is great to know that i don\'t have to buy new furniture everytime my dogs rip it. I would recommend thias furniture to anyone and will be buying more in the future when i finish the basement. Thanks home reserve!!!!

  15. Home Reserve

    I have had my laney sectinal for about 3 months now. I cannot say enough about this product. Many of my friends have asked why I would get this \"build it yourself\" furniture. Actually, I did not intend on buying from Home Reserve. I stumbled upon it when searching \"sofas\" on the internet and I am so glad that \"Home Reserve\" was one of the results. I chose the Altima Aqua fabric as I do have a young grandchild and dogs and cats in my home. I am so thrilled with the way it holds up under all the traffic. I get so many compliments on this sectional! Everyone loves the color but they are impressed when they sit down that it actually holds a lot of weight and doesn\'t feel or look cheap.
    Thank you \"Home Reserve\"!!;18-08-0

  16. Home Reserve

    The sectional arrived on Monday and we began work right away. The packing and idenification of each piece of the product made it easy to et underway. The instructions and numbering system were easy to follow. The sofa is the the perfect color and it is awesomely comfortable. I will definately recommend this product!

  17. Home Reserve

    I got my armless chair yesterday and I\'m so happy!
    My husband is in the army and we never know how big or small our next place will be. Plus, I LOVE to change things around. We move around quite a bit so we needed something light, durable, versatile, and looks great. I just about gave up when I came across this company. I\'m very skeptical to buy things online without seeing it first, so I checked every little thing about this company. I was very impressed and made my first purchase. We\'re getting the sectional but, to not break the bank, we\'re buying one piece at a time. We got an armless chair first and it was put together in under 30 min. I have the next piece on order and can\'t wait to have everything done. I got the Altima Latte since we have two dogs and two toddlers. I can just throw the covers in the wash if need be. I posted pics on my Facebook page of my progress of putting this together (all by myself-it\'s SUPER EASY!) and already have a friend that\'s interested in buying, too. Thank you very much Home Reserve and Sandy, for your excellent customer service and awesome quality furniture!

  18. Home Reserve

    Just wanted to thank you for your awesome help in decorating my daughter's bedroom. We received the chair and ottoman yesterday afternoon and my 12 year old daughter put it all together herself! The colors worked beautiful with her newly painted room and bedspread.

    Thanks so much for a fun awesome project and great customer service.

  19. Home Reserve

    I ordered my couch on 3/23 and I am still awaiting the arrival. Sandy says it'll ship out tommoro (04/03) so I'm trying to stay patient. I am so anxious and nervous to meet my first new couch! I hope it really lives up to my expectation and I\'m as happy as everyone else. ;5 it feels like it has been years instead of weeks of me waiting for it. I'll send another message to let you all know the outcome. I'm just posting this to try to waste a little time waiting! So i'm still waiting;5

  20. Home Reserve

    I received my loveseat on Monday, built it Monday night and love how sturdy it is! Assembly was easy. I\'m barely 5 ft. tall, but assembled it all by myself with a manual screwdriver in only one evening. The directions are super easy to follow and the pieces very clearly numbered. The sander blocks came in handy for fitting some of the tighter pieces together. Just a little scrubbing on the edges and they were a perfect fit! This is a much better quality piece than one would expect for the money. And having it delivered right to my front door was wonderful. I\'ll probably be ordering extra covers, next. Thanks so much!

  21. Home Reserve

    got my sectional about a month ago. i was pretty skeptical on the durability and quality that it would be but it is just as durable as a couch from a brand name store. it was very easy to put together and homereserve was very customer freindly. they changed the color no questions asked. The sectional is very comfortable and is just what i was looking for at a price that i could afford. thanx home reserve!!

  22. Home Reserve

    I love my sofa. I got it about a year ago. It was very easy to put together and it is sooooo comfortable. Friends and family have commented on how comfortable it is! I got the \"Cricket Sky\" fabric and some throw pillows in \"Emma Butter\" They compliment each other beautifully! The storage compartments underneath are so helpful too. It\'s great if you have kids, because you can store their toys or DVD\'s in it and machine wash the fabric.

  23. Home Reserve

    I am extremely happy with my home reserve order! I ordered over the phone and the customer service woman I spoke with was so helpful and nice!! Thank you so much!!

  24. Home Reserve

    Me and my husband just purchased a sectional and we are sooo very happy with it! We were kinda nervous at first but that totally went away after putting it all together (which was super easy to do!! and it is SUPER comfortable!!!

    So thanks for the couch and it really was a great investment!!!