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  1. Home Reserve
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    Received my armless sofa last week. Today was a miserable day in New Jersey, raining and cold so I thought it would be a good day for me & my two dogs to spend assembling the sofa.
    Emptied the boxes and was overwhelmed by the amount of wood pieces. Read through the entire instructions before beginning and then proceeded to take on the task.
    Each piece had a carved out number in the wood making it impossible to mistake what was what. As I struggled to start I realized that this wasn't going to be so tough.
    Four hours later, it would have been shorter but my dogs kept stealing parts and the screwdriver, it was done. I really had fun doing this and felt great knowing that I had built this thing myself.
    Make sure you have a drill with a philips screw bit or it will take twice as long and hard on the hands.
    Bottom Line ... I love this sofa and for the price and a little labor it was a steal.
    Highly recommend !!

  2. Home Reserve

    I bought the home reserve Brook loveseat and two chairs. My son had an extremely hard time putting it together and it has never looked quite "right". Now, after only 10 months we have to do it again. The pet resistant fabric has holes in it where our dog peed on it! We don't have the dog anymore, but I really think it should have withstood his "problem". I cleaned up after him every time he had an accident that I saw...we only had him for four months, but the sides of both chairs have spots and holes in the fabric. I am ordering new fabric today, but I sure hope it will hold up better than this did. The love seat seems to be okay, but it was in an inaccessible position for the dog.

    Since it's nice furniture and green, I would still recommend it, but if you have pets be ready to shell out a couple hundred dollars a year and a few hours of your time to maintain it in addition to the normal daily care.

    • We spoke with Betty to understand the problems she was having. Her son was having trouble with was getting the fabric on just right. Just a note for you all, we offer beauty tip videos online. Check them out here.
      We replaced her fabric for her. This was a manufacture defect, not the high standard we want in our fabric.

      Posted on October 28th, 2014 by Home Reserve.
  3. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Canby, Ca
    My home reserve sectional is now 4 years old and I love it just as much as when it was new. I bought the pet care fabric (aqua) and it is wonderful. It's soft and cozy but stains clean off with a wet cloth. (even blood) Cat hair won't get caught in it, it just sits on top and you can also just wipe it off. This year I took all of the covers off of the pillows and washed them in the washer and they came out looking like new. When I put them back on the pillows, it fluffed the pillow back nicely too. It doesn't have any worn spots yet. Even though the Aqua is a light color it doesn't look dirty easily like some light colors. The only negative I can think of was that my living room smelled like particle board for a while when I first got it, but it wore off. I highly, highly recommend Home Reserve and the great pet care fabric.

  4. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Greenwood, IN

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    We needed a new couch that would fit through a 24" door in our motorhome. Most folks look at you like you're crazy, but Sandy just smiled and showed us the way! We couldn't be happier with our new Brook sofa with only one Ali arm (it had to fit up against the wall in the slide out). Sandy and her crew showed us how they make the corners fit so nice, since we had to make a few custom pieces to finish off our makeover. Great product, great pricing, and most of all great customer service. Thanks again.

  5. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Milwaukee, WI
    Just received four pieces to make a sectional at my sons new house. We choose Home Reserve because of the tight staircase and no chance of getting a regular couch or even love seat up the steps. That is the good news, we were very surprised to see that the unit comes in pieces. When I say pieces I mean each individual pieces of board, hardware, upholstery. We had to put everything together. My son and I are both fairly technical and can even do some carpenter but it took us almost 4 hours to put together the 4 pieces. I don't see how your average customer would be able to make this work based on the very poor instructions and pictures in the instructions. Final product is average but the build process was very difficult. The good news is that the boxes it ships in will fit in very tight places.

    • We emailed Bill to get his suggestions on how we can improve our instructions to make them easier. We appreciate feedback from our customers.

      Posted on October 24th, 2014 by Home Reserve.
  6. Home Reserve
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    Just finished our basement, and I spent the whole six months of the project worrying how we would ever get decent furniture down our narrow stairway with turn....Well, Home Reserve, had the answer. We love the look, loved the assembly process (do break out the electric drill if you have one), and the people at Home Reserve were outstanding. We started with swatches and a sample armless Monroe. Husband was skeptical at first, but he was converted by the sample. I did reconsider the style--with two large dogs (65 and 100 lbs), I thought the Brook backs that are secured to the frame might be the better call. Yet both my husband and my dog are sofa pillow arm devotees. No problem, Sandy at Home Reserve helped me order a hybrid version of Monroe and Brook and it's gorgeous. Do yourself a favor, buy this'll love it.

  7. Home Reserve
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    My granddaughter accidentally got blood on my love seat today. After cleaning her up, I had my first chance to test the stain resistant capability of the cover. Wow! Every bit came right out quite easily. Thank you for such great quality. Kathie Park

  8. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Denver, CO

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    After years of destroying walls trying to get furniture into a small, but VERY charming attic apartment, Home Reserve came into my life. I have a fantabulous person renting this apartment who laughed when I told her, after the shipping boxes arrived, " Make sure you assemble this sofa in the apartment!"

    I could not find an upholsterer or furniture maker here in Denver who understood the concept of disassembling a favorite sofa and re-assembling it in an apartment accessed only by a too narrow stairway. Home Reserve must sell well to people in Manhattan, North End of Boston, etc. Great product, great concept.

  9. Home Reserve
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    I confess, when I saw those six boxes I had my doubts. But your instructions were so clear and concise and easy to follow, and your parts were so easy to identify (thank you SO MUCH for not having nine zillion tiny, and barely distinguishable parts) that the assembly process was quick and smooth. We are thrilled that it all fits so well into our small space, and most of all, that it's very comfortable as well.

  10. Home Reserve
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    I must be a slow worker. It took me about 6 hours to get this sofa assembled, but I was working alone. Would have been faster with a helper. Still, at no point did I become frustrated. The directions were clear, all holes drilled in the right places, all items included. (A power screwdriver was essential.) I am somewhat concerned that so many pieces (front, back, arm sides) are just fabric stretched over wood, with no layer of padding. However, the fabric seems sturdy and the stitching held tight despite all the tugging necessary to get things into place. The foam seats and cushions feel comfortable. The pet friendly fabric is great. I was very impressed by all the thought that went into designing both the sofa and the instructions. Well done.

  11. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):SC

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    Was excited to find a sectional that few believed would fit into our living room. The sofa is great and VERY cleverly designed. I could immediately tell that I could easily switch even the side of the arm. The flexibility is awesome. The "Brook" style is firm, but very supportive.

    That said, I did have minor problems. Pieces 1 & 2 had to be ground around a couple radii to fit together for three of the sectionals. I also had to redrill 2 holes for the end panel, as it didn't quite cover the bare wood. (I know HR would replace, but I was impatient.) The Brook style may be the most difficult to stuff the cushions into. (I'm not sure how they carve the foam that way!) But it came out GREAT. We got the Matador faux leather and it's super soft and easy to care for. It has fooled several into thinking it's real leather. (I've caught visitors feeling the surface.)

    The instruction manual is the clearest thing I've ever read and includes nice touches of gloves and sanding pad. The sewing is top notch. We love it.

  12. Home Reserve
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    I live in an apartment that is an old converted basement. The entry is a stairwell that is just 25 and a half inches wide at the narrowest point! Needless to say, any fully assembled sofa was out of the question. After looking at other companies that provide flat pack couches, I picked you because you seem to have the best attitude.

    I chose a Monroe model in Bulldozer Graphite. It arrived yesterday, and I put it together in just an afternoon. Nothing was particularly difficult; the instructions were well written. It was very easy to do by myself. And it looks quite nice.

    Although I was not missing any pieces, along with the 36 t-connectors I received what appeared to be a chunk of one with melted edges. I put some pictures of this artifact in the attached image. This wasn't a concern for me, but I figured this info might be useful to you.

    • Jon,
      Wow thanks for the great picture. No worries about the “extra” black plastic pieces. They are scrap and should not have been in the bag.

      Posted on September 24th, 2014 by Home Reserve.
  13. Home Reserve
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    The finished project!

  14. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Bronx, NY

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    Well it all began when I was searching for a sectional and I needed to have sometime that I can fit through a 30" door. However, my living room could fit a nice size sectional. That's when I found HomeReserve. This is Build you Own Sofa's! I LOVE it!!!!! I did it by myself. It's nothing more then a puzzle. Everything was precise!!! I could not imagine that it would be so easy, so perfect!!!! Your style, your size, your materials and your color!!!!! Thank you Sandy for helping always! I LOVE Home Reserve! Oh by the way, recycled materials and American Made. What more could you ask for!!!

  15. Home Reserve
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    Done, done and done!!! Thank you Sandy!

  16. Home Reserve

    We just put together our couch. It was really easy - the instructions were very explicit, the only tool necessary was the bottom of a shoe and a Phillips head screwdriver. The couch is super comfortable. The only warning I would give is that before you put it together, the individual pieces of plywood are fragile. One small piece broke off in my hand during assembly. it looked like it had been half-cut through during manufacturing. At first I panicked, but when we put the couch together it was not something that affected the shape. Its sturdy once assembled - just be careful until then. Overall we are very happy with our purchase.

    • Catherine,
      We will send a replacement part for the broken one. We want your couch to be just right! thanks for sharing.

      Posted on September 9th, 2014 by Home Reserve.
  17. Home Reserve

    I'm a college student who moved into an unfurnished on campus apartment my sophomore year. I struggled to find an affordable, comfortable, nice couch that would last through my college career. I ended up ordering one from home reserve, thinking I would have to sacrifice comfort. But I LOVE my couch! I can sleep on it, we can comfortably fit 3 college boys on it, it hasn't gotten stained once, I put it together all by myself, as an 18 year old girl, and my boyfriend and I have moved it in and out of my apartment 4 separate times without any trouble. The sleek design makes my apartment look nice and I feel like an adult to have it in my living room but I don't have to act like one because two people can easily pick it up, take it apart, and/or move it for easy storage. I will definitely buy another couch from home reserve!

  18. Home Reserve
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    Hi Folks!

    We received our sectional yesterday afternoon and put it together last night. Terrific product! I give it a 10 out of 10! (and that's coming from a production cabinetry back ground.)
    I've attached a photo of it in our apartment. (you can see why we needed something small enough to fit!)
    Thanks again for a great concept and product!

    We love it.

    Paul & Susan Wilson

  19. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Maryland

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    I post this on your FB page but wanted to share here also.
    Absolutely love it! I've been searching forever to find a sectional to place in the small bedroom I made into my own TV room/woman cave. I put my Brook sectional together in six hours over a couple days (I opted for the Ali arms and the modular ottoman is not shown here). The furniture is beautiful, cushions are sturdy, storage under seating was a great idea, easy to put together and overall a fun project. I went with the color kayla leaf then received the swatch sample of the altima thyme (which is not the same color on my computer) and just had to have it - wished I had saw this first but I just placed an order for covers for seat and back cushions to give a great look to this in the future because the two tone will look great as well and, I have already decided on the holiday red for December. I love that I will be able to expand this look, color and fabric to use in a different room when I move to my next home and for years to come! Thank you so much!

  20. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Madison, Ohio

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    I am packing things up to move my son back to college. Last year was his first year and I ordered a sectional from Homereserve.
    I had looked for several months, hoping to find something small enough for the dorm room, yet comfortable enough to make him feel at home! Somehow, I stumbled across your site. We ordered the sectional and it was amazing! We were able to fit a very comfortable arrangement under his lofted bed!!! The extra storage was incredible. He was able to store extra toiletries, household cleaners and bedding inside the units. His room became the room everyone wanted to hang in. We are thrilled with our purchase and the ease of assembly. I also must mention how wonderful the staff was when I requested all the specs on the wood and upholstery for dorm requirements. They provided all the information and supporting testing that had been done!
    I did write and thank them at the time, but as I remove covers and wash them to return to school with a fresh start, I am again amazed at how easy they were to remove and how nicely they cleaned! Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful product. I look forward to expanding his furnishings with this company when he gets an apartment next year!

  21. Home Reserve

    So we set up our sectional after its arrival and placed it in the livingroom.
    I was admittedly terrified that the bottom where the storage is would break... but it didn't. In fact, we deliberately began abusing the section (as we host a lot of parties and the last 4 couches we've had have broken within the first 3 months) to see how it withstands our rowdy(and a bit hefty) guests and selves.
    Not only does it withstand, but it's COMFORTABLE. Incredibly comfortable.
    The fact that I was going to spend 6k on a lazy-boy that wouldn't cover as much of the room by comparison to the more than reasonable pricing from you... well... that's not going to be a thing anymore.
    The storage is fantastic. The couch is comfortable. It's my husband's favorite color. The design is fashionable...
    I recommended you guys to a friend of mine who is getting married as he was going to make the same mistake as I almost did. He came over and put the segment to the test.
    HOW are you not known better?
    That is all. I'll write a great testimonial once my partial shipment arrives and we set up more.

    Thank you for this!

  22. Home Reserve

    Just received my chair and a half. Needed help to put it together, but it was done in no time, and it is beautiful!! Only problem encountered was the fact that one of the right side pieces was missing 2 screw holes. But my d-in-law MADE holes. The depth of the seat could be longer, like about 3", but the ottoman will take care of that. Overall I would recommend your furniture to everyone. I couldn't be more pleased!!!

    • Sharron,We will send a replacement wood part for the one Missing the screw holes. We are so sorry about that but thanks for letting us know.

      Posted on August 12th, 2014 by Home Reserve.
  23. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Tarpon Springs, FL

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    I meant to attach these pics to the posting below!

  24. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Tarpon Springs, FL

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    Dale & I just downsized from a 3bdrm/2b home with lots of storage to a 750 sq ft apt with very little storage. I discovered "HomeReserve" with an internet search for "sofa with storage"…. that started it all. I read & re-read everything and looked at every photo before I decided to place my order. I decided upon a sectional with a lounger. I ordered 2 cozy ottomans & a modular ottoman as well. Dale & I are very pleased… very comfortable and you gotta love all the storage! Very efficient use of space… more seating with a smaller "foot print" than my old sofa & chair.

    Dale & I put the armless chair, corner unit & lounger together as soon as they arrived. I worked on into the night (after Dale went to bed) & assembled all 3 ottomans & the remaining 2 sections of the sectional… just me and my electric screw driver! All the pieces went together beautifully.

    I've attached a pic of how the lounger attaches to the corner unit. Because of the design of the seat cushion on the corner unit, there is about a 2.5 in drop in height as the lounger joins the corner cushion. I did not pick up on this when I looked at the photos on the website. The drop bothered me until I got all the pieces of the sectional together… and it's a great place to put a pillow!

  25. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Howell, MI

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    Upload a picture (optional)

    I wanted a sectional! I just had to have one but after perusing all of the furniture stores in my town and seeing the prices, I decided to turn to the internet to see what it had to offer. Up popped Home Reserve. I looked at the prices and picked out a fabric and style of sectional that I wanted and determined that this was the best deal for me. Another thing I liked was the fact that the site stated that the sectional would come in boxes that would fit through a doorway. What a deal. Fast forward, the boxes arrive and I am so excited. I open them and cannot believe my eyes, this all has to be assembled, everything, even the cloth! Seems I didn't notice that detail on the site. Oh no, I said, we have to send this back! My boyfriend says No, we can put it together, no problem. He had more confidence than I did and I figured if he said it was okay, it must be because he would be the one putting it together. We started with the ottoman and it took us awhile to get the hang of it but once we did, it was like a furniture factory in our living room! I stuffed cushions and he put the wooden parts together. He is a retired machinist and he said that each piece was machined perfectly. We had no problem getting any of the parts to fit together like you sometimes do when you have to assemble things. You know, sometimes things are a little off. Not this product. It was perfect. I would recommend this product to anyone. It is economical, easy to put together (and kind of fun). When I tell people that the furniture came in a box and that we had to put it together, they can't believe it. I just ordered the chair that goes with the couch and I am looking forward to getting it. Order one today, you won't be sorry!!

  26. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Meadville PA
    We have had our furniture for several years now and I am still just as pleased with it as I was when we bought it. Just a few days ago my 10 year old and I took all the covers off and washed them. I love being able to do that, since I now have four kids at home and two dogs so things do get messy sometimes. The covers look like new and fit perfectly even after being washed.

  27. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Eugene Oregon

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    Upload a picture (optional)

    I got a new Cairn Terrier (15 lbs) a year ago. He was already 11 months old and boy did he have issues. Aside from being flea ridden, wormy, never been on a leash, and scared of EVERYTHING; he ate my furniture. He particularly likes upholstered pieces. After a year his upholstery fettish turned out to be his attempt to expend his rage when he saw anything or one encroaching into our territory. If a deer tiptoed onto the property he would bark and spin in a circle with rage and attack the first piece of furniture or pillow he came across, bit it and shake his head furiously. Well you can probably imagine the damage.
    I was shopping online for a new couch and chair and a half when I stumbled on your site. Once I got the new pieces and posted the beautiful pictures on line; the next morning, while perched on the back of the couch, Bear threw up his breakfast and it oozed down the back cushion onto the seat. I cleaned it up with Natures Miracle and paper towels. It came out perfect and you can't even tell. So I posted that picture too. The pet care fabric is amazing. He has not to date eaten any of the new furniture. It's been less than a week though. Love that this furniture is made in America and recycles too.

  28. Home Reserve
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    My story is very simple. I have wanted a sectional sofa for some time now, but they were just too expensive. Then I found Home Reserve. You had the size, fabric and the price was great. I ordered layout 4. In a pet friendly fabric. it came in 6 boxes. I was able to put it together by myself with only my screwdriver. Your directions are clear and the pieces fit together great! I love it. Thank you so much. And by the way I am 67 years old.

  29. Home Reserve

    hi--we love love LOVE the couch and love seat we have enjoyed for about a week now--our grandkids assembled it--they are so proud!

  30. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    Greetings from Maryland,

    Love.. Love…Love our new sectional sofa! We were in desperate need of more seating space and needed a sectional that could stand-up to three cats, two dogs, and groves of college kids hanging out on summer break. We wanted something really comfortable and yet totally durable. In our research, we came across Home Reserve and really liked the look of the furniture. The fact that we could get Pet friendly fabric that was washable and replaceable really intrigued us. The fact we had to do the assembly ourselves was an exciting prospect as we really enjoy working on projects together. Rob couldn’t say enough about how easy the assembly was and how precise the pieces were manufactured. He’s an engineer and craftsman who is not easily impressed. This furniture has him raving praises for its quality of materials and precision craftsmanship. And the look is gorgeous! Interestingly also is we picked the Altima Pet Care fabric and our cats have had no interest in using the sofa as a scratching post. It seems the velvety smoothness of the fabric isn’t a cat magnet for scratching.. Phew! The fabric is also great for removing pet hair. It just comes right off… no clinging.. or sticking into the fabric. Makes maintenance a dream come true for keeping the sofa looking great. Can’t thank you enough! Oh.. and I’d also like to mention that I now have more control of the TV remote these days because Rob can’t help but fall asleep on the sofa…. It’s just so comfortable! We’re recommending your company to all our family and friends. Thanks for such a great product.

  31. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    Picture of our installation in the boat. We used 2 Corner Ottomans and a Modular Ottoman to "fit" our space. Then called HR and ordered some back cushions to complete it.

  32. Home Reserve

    Well, I’m a believer. I ordered after navigating this STELLAR website. My Monroe couch arrived in about a week. Assembly took me a bit longer than I’d anticipated, as I had to sand down a few beginning pieces that just wouldn’t go together easily; but gloves and a sanding pad were included in with the parts. Anyway, assembly was fun, and I am really impressed with the finished product. I LOVE the way this couch looks! It’s pretty comfy, but I must say that I have to get used to the seat cushions and how this couch “seats” me. I’m thinking that the dacron-filling of the back cushions would be more comfortable and supporting than the foam is. However, I think that this particular DIY furniture assembly concept is great. I’ve already spread the word to friends and colleagues. Next, I might add a matching ottoman.

  33. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):palmer, MA
    I've been saving up for months for this couch and when we finally got it we were so excited! Home reserve makes it so incredibly easy to put this furniture together. The number system makes it!
    We got the Altima pet care in Sand. (yes cream, even though we have 3 young kids 2 cats a dog and a duck!) My little 5 year old actually came out today crying because she cut herself and bled all over the couch. Well, I stayed calm got out a little soap and water and literally just wiped it away. It was amazing! I'm saving up for a matching chair and will be telling all my clients, family and friends about this amazing furniture!

  34. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Murfreesboro, TN

    Upload a picture (optional)
    Upload a picture (optional)

    *Tux Sectional in Mission Buff washable fabric*

    After searching for over a year in every store around for the perfect size, shape, and color sectional in an attempt to replace our bulky furniture that just did not fit the shape of our living room that is somewhat small and only allows for limited options due to windows, doors, registers, vents, etc…. we finally stumbled upon the Home Reserve website. Immediately we fell in love with the customizable options and in minutes were able to design the perfect sectional we had long been searching for.

    The sections were designed by geniuses, with smartly numbered parts and provided detailed directions, making for easy assembly. Each piece took about 45 minutes to assemble, and it was kind of fun putting it all together. (Tip- using a small hammer or rawhide mallet really helps in getting the parts to fit easier.) The furniture is sturdy, comfortable, looks fantastic, and we love all the storage, not to mention the washable fabric (we have 1 kid and 2 cats!) And most importantly, it fits perfectly in our room giving us the spaciousness we desired.

    Great product, informative website, fantastic customer service, and quick shipping. Your product not only gave us the perfect sectional, but it exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Thanks Home Reserve- we only wish we would have found out about you sooner!

  35. Home Reserve

    I am looking to buy another piece of furniture because I am so happy with the loveseat and ottoman that I purchased several years ago. I first found the company searching for a bright apple green loveseat. Home Reserve had the perfect color in a soft but durable fabric. Three and a half years later the fabric and the cushions still look as great. My only regret is buying the loveseat instead of the couch. I also love the storage in the ottoman.

  36. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Maine
    I found the Home Reserve website last year and have followed the comments since then. A couple of weeks ago we purchase pieces to our Tux sectional. My husband and son were still skeptical even after all the praise I've read about and shared with them, and the warranty, But, we were going to spend the same amount whether it was a local shop or through Home Reserve - so ... Our order was delivered and my son had the "privilege" of being the only one home and bringing all the boxes into our unit to start assembling. About an hour later I received a call that he was having trouble with one of the pieces and he was concerned about damaging it if he forced it together. I told him to call the 800# to speak with a rep to see what they suggested. He called - and they said they'd send out a replacement piece right away! Needless to say, my son was surprised and impressed. By the time I got home from work, he had all but 2 out of the 6 pieces constructed and joined together - enough for us to sit on and enjoy. Now his "complaint" is that it's so comfortable, he has to fight taking a nap when he winds down on it! Had I not read the reviews and noted not only the overwhelming positive feedback and responses from customer service to negative feedback, I probably would not have purchased. I wish I had more room for more pieces, but as I don't, I have been recommending this great company to anyone who will listen!

  37. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    This is a picture of the furniture I ordered and installed it in our boat. The scale and versatility made it perfect for the area, very satisfied with the result. There is a very small cupboard behind the ottoman that contains the central vac which prevented the use of a corner unit but the large ottoman fit perfect. Thanks again, Gladys and Rick Habeeb

  38. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    I have the loveseat in our office, we love it, but especially my little pup he sleeps on the arm all the time.

  39. Home Reserve
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    I should have told you about this, sooner, because I put my Laney sectional pieces together in a few hours after they were delivered in perfect condition as ordered.
    The new furniture is just simply beautiful: a ten on a 1-10 scale! In addition to being a fun project to build, it has made a remarkable difference in my home. The new "Libra Granite" fabric blends perfectly in the room. The seating is much more comfortable and ergonomic than the old one.
    The storage feature is a great bonus, too. All of my extension cords and surge suppressors for computers, phones, iPads, and chargers are now hidden from view under seat cushions and in the chase space behind the chair backs. Life is good!
    One change I made to the basic construction of the ottomans was adding wheels so they can easily be repositioned on the rug. I used only an electric drill, a hand saw, a screwdriver, and a few shims. Without disassembling the frame, I removed the floor glides and cut away an inch of osb from parts 2 and 3. Then I installed 4 Shepherd 1-5/8" 40mm twin wheel casters on each piece. They roll nicely now.
    Please accept my belated thanks for the plant tour Cheryl and I received during our visit on April 10.

  40. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    Here are some pictures of our setup! Couches look and feel great!

  41. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Albuquerque, NM
    I just purchased a couch (or sofa, I can't remember the difference) based on what I read in the comments section about pets. Yes, my dogs lick the furniture. I really like the fact that if one section gets ruined, I can replace the section, not the entire piece. I liked that it ships in manageable sections because I am chronologically gifted. I also place stock in American Craftsmanship and like to buy from companies with obvious pride in workmanship. I have no doubt it will live up to my expectations.

  42. Home Reserve
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    I just finished assembling our Laney sectional in Mission Federal Faux Leather, and we love it! I was cautious - I got two fabric squares and chose this one (good for pets, matches the room), then bought one armless sectional piece to see if we liked it (yes) and how comfortable it was (very), then bought the rest and assembled one piece per night. By time I was on the fifth piece, my assembly time was down to one hour/unit, including the covers and attaching to the other pieces (while listening to a ball game with one ear).
    What I like about the sectional:
    1) very comfortable - my whole family agrees!
    2) great instructions - I have struggled with more than my share of hard-to-decipher assembly manuals, and this was a breeze. Plus, the online video for the arm covers was helpful.
    3) everything fit - I didn't have to re-drill any holes, and no pieces were missing.
    4) well-packed - the boxes were delivered prior to a huge rainstorm, but the plastic wrapping inside kept everything protected.
    5) not too expensive - we have three cats, one dog, and one teenager; we want furniture that is durable, not an investment!
    6) looks great!

  43. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Grand Rapids, MI

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    I have had my sectional for about 2 months now and we use it a lot. I had looked and looked for a small sectional for about a year before I came across the Home Reserve sight. At first I wasn’t so sure that buying furniture online was a good idea. AND I would have to put it together myself!?! But after such a long search, I thought I’d give it a try. I decided on the Brook Style (for a higher and firmer back) with Ray arms (because my daughter is always snacking and the arms serve as an end table). I used the brown leather for the base and arms, and taupe fabric for the back and seat. I love the 2-tone look. It fits PERFECT where I needed it to go. I then added an accent rug and some pillows to finish off the look. As far as assembly goes, I am a 43 year old woman with rheumatoid arthritis, and amazingly I was able to put the whole sectional together myself. It probably took me a little longer than most other people (about 10 hours while caring for a 4 year old). It was very simple. The worst part was if you don’t wear the gloves they provide, you will get a sliver if you’re not extremely careful. Unfortunately, when I first opened the package there were 2 broken pieces and they had sent me the wrong size fabric for the arms, but I called them and 2 days later I got the replacements. I do have a few issues that are a bit of an annoyance… the leather fabric for the arms doesn’t fit smooth no matter how hard I pull on it, and I have to keep realigning the back cushions to be in line with the seat cushions, but after a while those things didn’t bother me so much. My biggest struggle is the corner seat cushion… This is the most comfortable and most used spot on the sectional. I can get the fabric on there so it fits and looks perfect. Then we sit on it for a couple days and the fabric starts moving around and not fitting the cushion so nicely. Basically I just leave it until we are going to get company and then I take the corner seat fabric off and put it back on so it looks nice again. But overall I love my sectional!

  44. Home Reserve

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    We found Home Reserve when we typed in sectional sofa on Bing. Immediately we were impressed by the selection and that it was all made to order in the USA. Our sectional arrived sooner then expected. We chose the toast pet fabric since we have two dogs that love to cuddle with us. The fabric looks amazing and is durable. I would highly recommend this company. They are putting out a quality product that looks great and is super comfortable. Also, all of the storage for blankets and movies is awesome. We are planning on adding another armless sectional since we have the space. Thank you Home Reserve for such an amazing product!

  45. Home Reserve
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    I have wanted a new sofa for years but with three children and three dogs, I was resigned to the fact that I couldn't have anything nice until I had an empty nest, many many years from now. A friend recommended home reserve because of the washable fabrics and the ability to replace any piece that might get ruined. I am in LOVE with home reserve and my new sectional. Additionally, we are military and as we never know what are next home may be like, this furniture gives us all sorts of versatility with configuration. As for the wall art, I promise it has since been centered!