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  1. Home Reserve

    I am so please with my Classic Sofa, My sofa arrived in 10 days after I had placed my order. The UPS man was suprise to see that I had a sofa in the boxes. I was very happy to tell him about \"Home Reserve\"
    The instructions were so easy to follow and I had no problems puting the sofa together.
    My whole family loves the new look in our family room and our room feel so complete, thanks to \"Home Reserve!\"
    My husband now, want me to order two more items. The price is just right, in these days and times.
    You\'re number #1 furniture company in my book! ;2

  2. Home Reserve

    I love this couch. Been telling everyone about it. One thing I didn\'t see addressed is how the fabric holds up to cats and their claws. My cat isn\'t into using the couch as a shredding post, but she does stick her claws into everything and then pull them out. So far, no holes anywhere on the couch, even though I\'ve seen her get \"stuck\". That is some tough fabric! (pet-resistant stuff on mine) Hair vacuums right up or wipes right off and I am thrilled that I can wash every last bit of fabric on it. Took me an hour to put together and it was great fun to do so. I\'ve had it for 6 months, and it still looks brand new.

    Y\'all ought to advertise on college campuses; your stuff would be a big hit.

  3. Home Reserve

    I keep coming back to your site! I can\\\'t believe the prices. We will probably be doing business with you soon. :-D

  4. Home Reserve

    Just like the reviews said -- the couch was super easy to put together!

    I was able to put it together in less than 2 hours with a handheld drill. The fabric looks great and the couch is nice and soft. The seat cushions are a little stiff, but since sitting on it for about 2 weeks now, I can feel them getting softer.

    This sofa works perfectly in my first apartment and I\\\'m very happy! Thank you!

  5. Home Reserve

    I ordered a sectional because I could not fit a assembled sofa in my basement. They arrived in less time than I thought. I even had to explain to the UPS guy that the four boxes were part of a sectional sofa!
    The first section took me about 45 minutes to put together. The fabric seemed to take longer than the frame. I was an expert by the time I got to the fourth section however. I guess about 2 1/2 hours total.
    Instructions were excellent and this sofa is really cool.
    The color was not exactly what I thought I ordered but it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s okay.
    I wish however, that customers could create a profile online to track orders and history. ( The web site is also excellent!)

  6. Home Reserve

    I have to admit .. looking at the website.. I had my doubts that I would like this loveseat but the price was right for what I needed. You\'ll be happy to know I totally love it. It no way looks like something I put together myself. And I am loving the storage. Now I have to find a way to get rid of my other current furniture so I can change ALL of furniture to Home Reserve!

  7. Home Reserve

    I want to thank you so much for the pet care fabric. I have a cat, who when annoyed or doesn\'t feel the litter box is to her liking, pees where she likes. I\'ve curb the habit for the most part. Yesterday, I smelled the \"scent\" from behind the couch. I dreaded looking. There was the unmistakable yellow signs on the bottom of the couch. I got out the spray and hoped for the best. As I sprayed the pee completely disappeared. I didn\'t even have to scrub. It just rolled right off. There isn\'t even the slightest stain. Thank you so much!

  8. Home Reserve

    Well, I am pleased with the furniture, as I posted a few months ago. However, I came back to get an ottoman or 2 and the fabric we have for our sofa and chairs is no longer available. I\'m very dissappointed...So, if you\'re going to plan on getting more furniture, buy it all now or wait until you can get it all at once so they don\'t dicontinue your fabric.

    • Man! We so get this! We try to make sure that the patterns we get are going to be long term runs. But sometimes we’re just wrong and we’re very sorry when it happens. When this does happen we try to help figure out how to use coordinate fabrics to keep your decor consistent.
      Home Reserve

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  9. Home Reserve

    I had been looking to get rid of my Jennifer sofabed. From day one, my experience with Jennifer was nothing less than miserable!

    Recently, I began to consider several furniture stores here in NYC. What else to say except: expensive...expensive...expensive...
    huge prices for nothing out-of-the-ordinary furniture. Then I found @HomeReserve on the web. Reading through many of the customer comments on the homepage and viewing its video presentations, I decided to go ahead and order two loveseats to replace my old sofabed and change the look of my living room.

    Four boxes arrived on Monday. Tuesday afternoon, in less than three hours, I got the first loveseat (two boxes) put together and set to go. I am so happy with the new furtniture. I\'m sure the second loveseat will be constructed even faster!

    Oh, by the way, I have experienced excellent customer service with Brandon and Sandy! Go @HomeReserve.


    Williamsburg Brooklyn

  10. Home Reserve

    I am so happy with my Avenue loveseat! It was easy to put together and worth it completely! ;1

  11. Home Reserve

    I bought my Monroe loveseat and an ottoman a little over 3 years ago and assembled the pieces myself in less than an hour. The furniture is holding up extremely well and looks great. I considered these as temporary pieces until I could buy \\\"real\\\" furniture but with the good looks and durability, the two pieces have become some of the most used furniture in my house (withstanding use and abuse from my 3 kids, now ages 14, 12 and 7). We\\\'re now looking to buy a sectional! ;2

  12. Home Reserve

    I couldn't be happier with the Monroe sofa I just finished putting together. By myself, it only took me an hour and a half -- the directions were that good.

    The Metallica fabric looks great, and I can't wait to have people in to see the new living room! :-D

  13. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say that this company has the best customer service department I have ever encountered and Sandy Wood is extremely friendly and helpful. I just ordered my sofa and I can't wait to put it together.

  14. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Aspen Couch. My
    9-year-old daughter helped me put the couch together in less than 2 hours.The couch looks great in my familyroom and according to my daughter very comfortable. Thank you for a great product at a fair price.

  15. Home Reserve

    I received and put together my new couch last night. It looks great and is very comfortable. Everything that I read on the website about the furniture was true. :-)

  16. Home Reserve

    Spent the last 40 minutes checking out your products-I'm absolutely blown away!.Such beautiful items!I love what you have to offer.I will be ordering very soon for my new apartment,AND,I will tell everyone I know about all that you have to offer.Such fabulous items!!!You will be famous here in Stockton,Calif...

  17. Home Reserve

    So I bought a couch and two chairs (all tuxedo, in kid glove merlot) last December. They're all in my garage/game room, happily adding to the decor and comfort.

    Really, I wasn't too worried when I ordered from you, because you have pages and pages of great reviews. After 8 months, I will tell anyone reading this that those reviews are all justified.

    My boyfriend and I put everything together in probably 2 hours. I also got four pillows, and both the pillows and couches are extremely soft and COMFORTABLE.

    Highly recommended. Thanks home reserve. - I'm now considering getting a small love seat for when I move into my dorm room ;-)

  18. Home Reserve

    Have just completed assembly of my Brooklyn sofa in Minetta Spa and I absolutely love it. The material is beautiful and seems quite strong and in all it was fairly easy to put together with the help of a friend and the son of another friend. We all agreed it did not look as if it came from a box. Will definitely shop with you again.

  19. Home Reserve

    I received my new classic couch, chair, ottoman and pillows and my husband and I are really impressed. I just have one suggestion. You should make some kind of sleeve for the lids of the storage bins so they do not splinter the fabric when you lift them up. I sanded mine but while I was sanding I thought that if there was a piece of plastic just along the sides of the lids of the storage bins that would be great. If you decide to use this suggestion please send me the first ones for my furniture. Thanks,
    another fan of Home Reserve, Francine Lavoie, 32678 Kinsey Lane, Conifer, CO 80433

  20. Home Reserve

    We got are new sofa two days ago, it only took my husband and I one hour to put it together, if that. My husband was very impressed with the quality of the disign and the workmanship that Home Reserve did. I love the color and fabric (I got the olive microfiber, kid gloved). I watch kids in my home, and I think that this sofa will last us a long time.
    We will be buying all of are funiture from Home Reserve from now on!
    I just want to say THANK-YOU! 8-0

  21. Home Reserve

    I purchased the Monroe love seat for my tiny Boston, Ma fourth floor walk up. The boxes were small enough for my brother to carry up the stairs.(To be honest I don't think I could have gotten them up there)He then built my loveseat in 45 minutes!(he is a carpenter though) By the time I had put all the covers on the cushions he was finished with box one. He described it as a puzzle with directions. He also had to sand some of the interlocking puzzle pieces to fit together properly. We both looked at it and thought it looked low. When he was all done and we put the pillows on and it was fine. I love how it feels when you sit on it and my brother agreed. I am glad I made this purchase.

  22. Home Reserve

    This sofa is beautiful! It took me about 4 hours to get it done, but I was taking my time since I was not in any rush. After I was finished, I was amazed! I loved it. I was so happy, I took pics of the sofa to show my coworkers about how affordable and great it was. Home Reserve is great, I am ordering my next love seat very soon!

  23. Home Reserve

    I ordered my Monroe Sofa on a Thursday and it was at my door in less than a week! A friend put it together for me and we didn't notice how long it took to put it together, because both of us were just saying how weird it is to put together a sofa and how smooth things were coming together! The time just flew and before we knew it, viola!! Sofa!! I absolutely love it! I ordered several fabric swatches before making the final selection, and they also came in a timely fashion. All and all, I am so satisfied with my sofa. I love it, I love it!!

  24. Home Reserve

    We recently purchased the Monroe couch in Destiny Mink and are absolutely in love. Great price, great customer service, and a great product. We would love to order more, so please please bring back the Destiny Mink fabric!!!

  25. Home Reserve

    Great product. Put together a 6 piece sectional in under 4 hours. Once you've done can get it down to about 25 minutes a section. They even throw in a pair of work gloves.