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  1. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to thank you for sending those two ottomans to my home in
    Vermont as a rush delivery. They arrived in time for my housewarming party!
    It's wonderful that there is a company out there that provides such personal
    customer service. In fact, you can use that as an endorsement quote!

  2. Home Reserve

    We ordered the Tux sofa in the pet care fabric and we absolutely love it. Extremely easy to put together, and it is incredibly comfortable (which was my big worry). Having the storage boxes under the cushions has made great storage for books we don't use/have space for and it gives the couch a little extra weight. Will be singing your praises to all our NYC friends with walkup apartments.

  3. Home Reserve

    I love my sofa! The directions were not difficult to follow. I didn't use a power drill and it still went well. Nothing too difficult to screw. My sofa looks great and I'm so glad I ordered it.;-)

  4. Home Reserve

    I am so very pleased with my purchase of the Ray sofa and chair that I chose. Unfortunately, when I received it I had just broken my foot so it did stay in the boxes for a few months (3)! Imagine my surprise as I put it together when the cushions came out just a fluffed and firm as I expected. It was a real accomplishment completing the task but so very beautiful. I will come back again for more. I will come back sooner if you get that bright orange back in stock! 8-0

  5. Home Reserve

    We received our sectional sofa CRAZY FAST. I believe it took 37 hours from the time we clicked order to the time that we saw it on our doorstep. We had a blast putting together, and our kitten had a ton of fun playing in and around the boxes.

    I'd recommend Home Reserve to anyone, especially those who are having a hard time finding furniture to fit through tight spaces, doorways, or halls.

    Keep up the great work, Home Reserve!

  6. Home Reserve

    I have had my couch for 4 years and am still as pleased with it as I was when i bought it. They still have all my info, so last year when my puppy chewed the back cushion, it was super easy and quick to replace I love their furniture and plan to buy chair soon!
    you guys are great your staff is awesome and I have and will continue to recommend yall!!8-0:-D

  7. Home Reserve

    Sandy -
    The modular units are great !!!
    I rent small furnished apartments... this furniture is perfect!

    Happy Customer -

  8. Home Reserve

    We have had our Ali sectional for about 3 weeks now and couldn't be happier! It took my roommate and I about 2 hours to build all 5 pieces, and we were skeptical at first, but once we got it together, we knew it was a great purchase! It fit perfectly in our small space, and the sectional makes the room! So glad I stumbled across the Home Reserve Website before buying something that was overpriced from a department store!

  9. Home Reserve

    I have had my Home Reserves Ali Couch set up for about a week. I love it!! The couch is comfortable and looks like a couch that would cost at least twice as much in any store. The assembly was a little pretty easy and only took my mother and I a few hours. Over all a great couch that will be able to be changed as I need. I would order another one of these couches in a a heartbeat.

  10. Home Reserve

    I absolutely LOVE home reserve. They sell great products for people who are living on a budget or in an apartment. I purchased the Laney sofa in the liberty sand fabric. Then I paired it with two lamps and a statement rug from Walmart; plus two end tables from Family Dollar. The result-Beautiful!!!;1

  11. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to take a minute to say how amazing my new furniture looks in my NYC size apartment. It was important that I have versatility and Home Reserve allows that with the combination that fit you best. As a 58 year old single female I was able to assemble all 6 pieces myself with the help of a power screw drive (a must) in just under 4 hours. The directions are easy to read, much easier than other home assembly companies. I can now tell you how amazing it looks how amazing it is to move the pieces where I need them based on my guests. It is simply the best furniture I have ever owned..and may I say I have owned a lot of furniture in my years. Thank you Home Reserve for a great product, easy assembly and style and VALUE. I am hooked, I tell every one I see about Home Reserve. Yes I am a real customer with a real opinion.
    Here is to a comfy area in my home.
    All the best,
    Patricia Pizarro

  12. Home Reserve

    I can't thank you enough for your quick attention to my issue. To be honest, I was expecting you to respond that Home Reserve wouldn't agree to a Saturday delivery due to cost, but you instead solved my problem with no hassle. I am so appreciative. I had the parts delivered and finished assembling my sofa two hours before my company arrived. I really love it and my friends and family agreed that it was a MAJOR improvement over the futon I used to have - especially as one side of the futon was prone to fall off!! It will be very easy for me to be a "salesman" for Home Reserve as my experience was so positive. Thanks again for your help and superior customer service.


  13. Home Reserve

    I am very happy to say that we have just assembled our Laney loveseat, two chairs and two ottoman. It was extremely easy! I was impressed with the quality of the parts and the clever engineering. You can check out our effort on my blog. There are two entries, the most recent is 5/23/2012.

  14. Home Reserve

    I am a mother of 4 boys ages 17 - 10. I have had my sectional with the pet care fabric for a year and a half now. I wanted a sofa I didn't have to be afraid to let the family sit on. I waited to comment until we had really lived with it. I am still VERY happy with it. It has held up to my 4 boys and the dog. Also, The customer service couldn't possibly be any nicer!8-0

  15. Home Reserve

    I am in the process of getting my order. I've never written a comment 'before' I got a product but in this case I have to make an exception! The customer service is phenomenal so far! My rep sent me some swatches to make sure I would 'love' the fabric. I wasn't crazy about the one I picked so now I am in the process of selecting a new one plus adding pieces to my original order. Due to the positive comments, great response by my reps and wonderful follow-thru on their part I am thrilled to be doing business with this ccmpany! Thank you all at Home Reserve. Will update w/pics when I get my sofa. Ana ;1

  16. Home Reserve

    Have had our Ella Citrus and LaPaz coffee sectional for 9 months and still love it. Needed a large couch for two Bernese Mountain dogs and three humans. Nice that there is so much room but still a small footprint in our little living room.

  17. Home Reserve

    Sandy was very expedient and helpful, and I would recommend your company to friends.

  18. Home Reserve

    I wanted to let Whom it may concern that I recieved my Laney Sand Dune
    loveseat and I love it. Thank you. Really, its genius. My sister and her are going to purchase a sectional from you :-)

  19. Home Reserve

    Just received my sofa and chair. My husband put both together in less than 3 hours. I love my pieces. It was more than I expected and looks wonderful in my new sunroom. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking to save on great furniture.

  20. Home Reserve

    We purchased a Classic Couch from your company two months ago because we moved to a second floor apartment in an older home and could not get our couch up the stairs. I was leery at first about purchasing a build-your-own-couch, but I am delighted to say that your product was great! It took us exactly 2 hours to put the whole thing together, assembly was very easy and the finished product is amazing! The couch fabric is very durable and has held up well to my pets so far. The cushions were a little too firm at first but have settled very well and are now super comfy. We absolutely love the couch we purchased from you and we will definitely purchase from your company again. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

  21. Home Reserve

    I have never loved a product so much that I had to leave a comment. Here is a product I love enough. We ordered a sofa, chair and a half, and three ottomans six months ago. I loved the idea of being able to take them apart and throw the covers in the washing machine and being able to pick my own fabrics and styles. I was nervous when I ordered- who'd ever heard of building your own couch? When they arrived, the assembly was easy and precise because of the accuracy of the manufacturing and the great instructions. I can put together and ottoman in 20 minutes! They look great and are so comfortable. They have been drawn on and urinated on (kids and pets) and still look and smell new. We got the ultima pet care fabric. Highly recommend this product for style, comfort, and durability. Thank you Home Reserve!

  22. Home Reserve

    received our boxes on time. me and my 12 year old son assembled the brook sectional (very easy and well printed instructions). had more trouble with cushions than frame assembly. VERY pleased!! would recommend this furniture.

  23. Home Reserve

    Thank you HomeReserve! We ordered a 7 piece sectional with three matching ottomans. I gave a quick call to see if they could get the order to us a few days earlier than the stated shipping time, since I had family coming in, and we received our order in plenty of time to assemble it before my family came to visit. I was slightly worried about the comfort of the couch, but these are the most comfortable couches I have ever sat on! We have four small children so the ability to replace individual pieces will be useful, our kids are rough! We ordered the Altima fabric, hoping it would stand up to its claims of being virtually stain proof. Within just a few days of setting up our couch, my two year old got ahold of a permanent marker. We put the fabric claims to the test, and sure enough, with a baby wipe and a bit of scrubbing PERMANENT marker came right out of our couch! The storage under every cushion, including the ottomans, has been such a blessing as well, all our toys, diapers, and books that are usually strewn out around the living room now have a place to call home and you *almost* can't even tell that our house has been over run by small children, lol. If you are debating making a purchase have a little faith and go ahead and order, you will be so happy you did! Assembly was easy, it took me about 8 hours by myself to put all ten pieces together using only a mallet and a screwdriver. If I would have had a cordless drill it would have only taken me half the time. That eight hours includes taking breaks to check on my kids, play with them, and make lunch as well, I think anyone could put these together!

  24. Home Reserve

    Home Reserve Support -

    I recently ordered a four piece sectional from you. I was delighted with everything from your customer service, to the ease of assembly, to the final product!!! The greatest compliment that I can pay you, is that your product and all of the information relative to it detailed on the website, is ACTUALLY 100% TRUE!!!! Which is so rare!!! Usually a website contains a bunch of advertising hype and I found your information to be 100% spot on true!!! So kudos to you and thank you for creating such unique wonderful quality pieces of furniture.

  25. Home Reserve

    The website is great, the idea of having ready-to-assemble furniture is marvelous, the prices are very reasonable. I have enjoyed looking through the website and have fallen in love with certain products. i just wanted to know where i can find the terms and conditions, other than that, Well done, your products are the best out there|;1
    Thank You.

  26. Home Reserve

    You have our heartfelt thanks for delivering an excellent product and superior service. The design, engineering and materials quality is outstanding.
    Looks great in our living room!

  27. Home Reserve

    Got my chair and a half yesterday, it only took under an hour to assemble. It's beautiful and just like the picture! Comfortable and Sturdy too! I LOVE that I can change the fabric over the years.
    Thank you for a great AMERICAN MADE product!

  28. Home Reserve

    I've had my Laney Style Chair and a half for almost a year. I have found it attractive and durable (even with their least expensive fabris). It primarily serves as a reading chair for a den and also as an extra chair when guests are staying over. The ability to easily remove the arms of the chair made it easy to move it up and down stairs and around the house to accomodate guests. The only trouble I had was with the ottoman top. I was kneeling on it and reaching over to pick something up from the floor and the board in the top cushion split about down the middle. I e-mailed customer service and they sent out a replacement top the next business day. I had the replacement within 5 days. I'm very impressed with the furniture for the cost and when we need other furniture for our house, they will be on the top of the list of places to consider.

  29. Home Reserve

    Sandy Wood, your customer service representative has been so aweseome. She rushed my order for my mother and has responded to all my inquiries very promptly and efficiently. I really appreciate your service. The love seat will be delivered today. I will definitel shop here again in the future. Thanks, Rhonda Tabbert

  30. Home Reserve

    I have a Laney chair and a Monroe sofa from Home Reserve. I have been pleased with both of the pieces. I have the Altima pet friendly fabric on the sofa and I cannot say enough about the quality and softness of this fabric. I have 4 dogs in the house and it is the easiest fabric to take care of! One night I accidentally split tomato ketchup on my couch (very light color), it wiped right off, no sign of a stain.
    One other thing, I have had 3 occasions to contact customer service for some minor issues that came up with the furniture. Customer service was perfection! The sent out the parts I needed with no questions asked. Polite, fast and always know exactly what I am asking for!!! LOVE this company!

  31. Home Reserve

    Absolutely wonderful!! We love our Home Reserve furniture!!! They were so nice to us and Product is real nice! Thank You :-D

  32. Home Reserve

    I've been buying the Tux sectional a peice at a time---it is even better than I had hoped, only one complaint.
    The holes drilled for the screws are aligned perfectly, but do not always go all the way through, other than that--I'm very happy.

  33. Home Reserve

    I'm very excited and counting down the months, I'll have enough money saved by the 1st week of July 2012 to buy furniture from your company. I've heard such great things, that I haven't even gotten the furniture yet and I've already told all my friends and family. I come from a family of pet owners. And your line of Pet-Friendly furniture is an answer to my prayers!!!!
    I can't wait to order and receive our new Altima Chair and a half, our Altima love seat and Altima ottoman!!!
    Can't thank you enough for what you have done for people like me!!! I know it may sound silly, but its sooo true..... you have restored my faith, that I can have nice things again!!! And in 2 1/2 months I will :)


  34. Home Reserve

    Love all your products, they are affordable, beautiful, and the 10 years guarantee says it all. Also great customer service.


  35. Home Reserve

    I just posted a great review of my secitonal I bought from your company on my facebook page. I have 7 children and I had the nerve to buy a cream colored sectional! I purchased the pet friendly fabric and it is amazing! I just got ink pen mark out with a little oxyclean! It is sturdy and holding up to all my kiddos so great! We love it and are considering a second purchase next year when we get our tax money (like we did this year).

  36. Home Reserve

    Just finished our basement and couldn't get a standard couch down the narrow stairs. Found Home Reserve and after research and multiple fabric samples, ordered our sectional. As others said, using an electric screwdriver or drill greatly speeds up the build process. Had one broken part which added a frustrating week even though customer service was great. I found some of the tolerences in the cuts/slots were annoyingly tight. Quality is very good but I would recommend a better finish screw for the "front" of the seats which would make for a smoother appearance. Allow 30-40 minutes for each armless section and add 15 minutes (mostly for the cover) for each arm. Hopefully this will wear well but our initial impressions are very positive.

  37. Home Reserve

    I have been in search of a sectional for my soon to be finished basement. Because I am very particular about the finished size of the sectional, and particular about what I want to spend, I have had great difficulties in search of my holy grail of furniture. I've been close to purchasing pieces from traditional furniture stores, but I was holding out hope that I would not have to sacrifice on either the size or money constraints. Luckily I found Home Reserve before deciding to pull the trigger on a less rewarding finishing piece to my basement. I will be able to have a finished sectional that will fit perfectly for my space and stay under budget. I ordered several swatches and footprints and they arrived yesterday. The footprints confirmed the dimensions are perfect. My wife and I got our fabric selection down to our favorite 3. We tried the spill test on all 3 and they repelled everything we put on them (very impressive). This is
    important to us since we have 3 kids (the youngest turning 2 next week).

  38. Home Reserve

    I debated for a long time about ordering my Brooke couch, but finally did. We received it last week, immediately threw away the old LazyBoy double recliner and assembled our new couch in about 4 hours (cordless drill ran out of power--make sure the batteries are charged!) My husband has suffered from sciata for a long time and had such pain after sitting on the old couch for just 5 minutes. I injured my back, also, a year ago, but after sitting on the new couch we are both enjoying pain-free TV time. We no longer hobble after getting up and my back pain doesn't wake me up anymore. It is so comfortable--we love the firm seat and back cushions. And it is beautiful! We are so glad that we went ahead and bought it!

  39. Home Reserve

    We bought our Laney sofas in the pet proof altima in May 2011. Love them. So comfortable. The only problem we've had is a blue heeler pup who's nails have pierced the fabric so we keep those well trimmed but totally worth it. Especially all the times he had gotten in the mud and raced in the house to the couches. Wipes right off. We also have a classic style couch and chair in the liberty fabric. We got it used and found the set dated from Sept 2008. It was put together wrong by the owners but we fixed it as we were pros by then. Love that set.
    Looking to get a sectional and a couple chairs for the daycare room I'm turning into the family room. Can't wait. Love it all. Best investment I've ever made.

  40. Home Reserve

    I apologize to Sandy for not thanking her sooner for a very good and quick customer service. I ordered my couches summer of 2011 and they were here less than three weeks considering the distance out here in the pacific(Saipan)
    My wife and I can't believe how strong and beautiful these couches are. My teen age boys put them together in less than two hours.We are preparing to order some more for our other house.

    Thank you Sandy and Home reserve for your beautiful products.

  41. Home Reserve

    We've had our sectional one month now and are very satisfied! Our growing family needed more seating room for a small living room. I visited 7 furniture stores and looked at special ordering but even then, it really wasn't what we wanted. My husband said absolutely no to ordering furniture online. I ordered the fabric swatches anyway and eventually ordered an armless unit in Mission Celery. He finally gave in. We received our sectional in 17 days and had it put together in a few hours! He still brings up how nice it looks. Kudos to your website also. VERY informative.

  42. Home Reserve

    I love my Home Reserve sofa. I hope to purchase a chair and ottoman soon

  43. Home Reserve

    Thanks Sandy - it arrived yesterday afternoon and we put it together last night. It's GREAT! We're so ordering more. We love it.

  44. Home Reserve

    This is the basement that's in the final stages of being finished....still a few more things to complete. The sectional really makes the space cozy and is amazingly comfortable sit/lounge in...and makes watching movies a blast. You sell a great product and hats off to the engineering of's easy to assemble and rock solid sturdy.

  45. Home Reserve

    Hi everyone. Its so great to have our new site up and running. We've been working hard for months and at last here it is.

    It seems the guest book still needs some adjustments. |:| The last two submissions didn't seem to get transfered to the guest book from the database. I apologize to our customers who placed submissions and ask if they could submit their comments again.;3

    All of us here at Home Reserve are so grateful to our customers who have made us a success. Thank you;2