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  1. Home Reserve

    Love my couches. Purchased a large number of couches in the past.

  2. Home Reserve

    Our living room is approximately 10'x10' with a large archway on one wall. Finding furniture that didn't completely dominate the room was impossible. We decided that a sectional would maximize the area as long as we could find one that fit.

    Enter Home Reserve!! I wanted the modular ottoman on both sides, but my husband wanted arms on both sides. One compromise later, we settled on a Laney sectional in layout 22. He got an arm, and I got an ottoman.

    We love it!! After obsessively checking the status of my order several times a day, I was assured it was being shipped out on Friday and would arrive by end-of-day on Monday. It arrived around 2:00 pm and I couldn't wait any longer. I broke into the boxes and had the entire thing put together by 6:30 pm when my husband got home. I was very impressed by the clear, concise directions and by how easy it was to put the fabric on.

    I will definitely be purchasing more furniture from Home Reserve and have told everyone I know about it. Amazing product!!

  3. Home Reserve

    Bought my first three sectional pieces a few weeks ago and I love it.I was a little afraid to buy furniture I never saw or sat on but I have ALWAYS wanted furniture with removable, washable fabric that was not slipcovers and until now could never find that. I am so happy I took a chance and ordered from home reserve I could not be happier and will be ordering more pieces tomorrow. The ability to get fabric samples and paper layouts is great and very helpful. I was able to get my furniture in two different fabrics...leather body and altima pet friendly seat and back cushions wich made it customised just the way I wanted. This is a great company!

  4. Home Reserve

    Thank you for offering well-constructed, quality and innovative products that are cost effective and delivering truly helpful customer service! I purchased sectional sofa pieces plus ottoman in 2006 when I needed a low cost option to furnish a new place. I was leery but am so pleased 6 years later! This product is very durable & a useful addition, especially in tight spaces where extra storage is needed. The detailed instructions made it easy to put together. It has survived as the MAIN couch in a household with an active children, a pet, clutzy people who like to spill stuff, two moves and exposure to flood conditions. The wood framework of the product withstood being used as a toy chest, jumping children (sigh) and recently, water saturation from a flood; the cushions which were exposed to extreme moisture also did not mildew. The covers wash beautifully and refit cushions like new. Replacement of parts (only due to our flood) were simple to get and customer service was wonderful. We now use the couch in a side room. I highly recommend this company

  5. Home Reserve

    I absolutely cannot be any happier with Home Reserve. Got my Classic Loveseat my boyfriend ordered in 2 weeks from the order confirmation! It was a blast building it, and a very fun experience over all. I was able to bring both boxes up in my 3rd floor apartment myself and didn't have to worry about it not fitting through the door! Yay! It's firm, comfortable and just the perfect size. Lounging on it now as I type! NO MORE WHEELIE CHAIRS OR BEANBAGS FOR US!!! :-D

  6. Home Reserve

    Received our Ali sectional and we absolutely love it! The Delmar Ecru fabric is sensational. We were concerned about "do it yourself" furniture, but now that we have the sectional (all 7 pieces) assembled it actually looks "custom." Home Reserve hits a home run with this. My husband and I are not handy at all and we had no problem putting it together. HR sent our delivery notice on day 10 and we received it 4 days later by UPS. The customer service at HR is terrific.
    We plan to order 2 additional armless units- We are definitely sold on the quality and beauty of Home Reserve. ;1;1;18-0

  7. Home Reserve

    Just got new covers for our 2 yo sectional, chair and ottomans. Nothing wrong with the old ones, talk about tough stuff, just wanted a change. Wonderful feature! Will try to include picture. On public Facebook f you care to see.These are all Mission fabrics, love it! Keep up the good work you guys. Can't go wrong here! ;1

  8. Home Reserve

    Ordered an ottoman from this company about 2 months ago and absolutely love it!! Was very nervous from ordering this company because it was online, but loved the process of ordering the furniture. Now going to be replacing all my other furniture with theirs. Thank you and awesome products!

  9. Home Reserve

    We received our furniture today. I had been skeptical about ordering furniture on the internet but I really wanted something with covers I could remove easily and wash, so we decided to go ahead and do it. Reading what previous customers had to say really helped.

    So, this is what we have to say: We really like the furniture. It went together so easily that my eight year old daughter and I put together two chairs while we were waiting for my husband to come home. It looks great, and it feels so sturdy. You really have a quality product!

    We will be ordering again in the future and we will be recommending your products to our friends and family. Thank you so much!

  10. Home Reserve

    In January we made our decision and placed our order for our first HR sofa!! A mountain of boxes arrived, as promised. While the living room was painted and new carpet laid with care we hiked past "Box Mountain", every day in the entry hall. For two months we have waited and wondered what treasures we would unearth within the mountain of cardboard. AT LAST....
    This week we opened our first glorious box!!! The journey began. From the well packaged contents, concise, thoughtful instructions to the sturdy frame, ease of assembly, beautiful fabric, (we love our choice), EUREKA! We scaled the new sofa, last night, and as we each found our new favorite spot we thought ourselves extraordinarily smart to have found your company on the internet. We perused the comments of thousands who are happy owners of a Home Reserve sofa before we made our purchase and we are delighted to call ourselves one of them. When we have the room together we will send a photo and add our voices to the others. We are Happy Campers.
    Meanwhile, out of all of the seven boxes we ordered, we were totally amazed that there were only two parts missing...two of the plastic T's that hold the screws. We put the ottoman together anyway but for safety's sake, could you please send us the missing T's? Thank you.

  11. Home Reserve

    If you live in a studio apartment, this is the BEST furniture to buy. I bought the laney sofa with mission black covers back in June, and I don't think I would have found anything else that better suits my needs.
    -It was much easier to carry the boxes up a few flights of stairs than a fully assembled couch would have been
    -The built-in storage is a life-saver. I love that my extra blankets and pillows don't take up valuable closet space.
    -The size is perfect; it's definitely a real sofa size, but it's doesn't overwhelm the space in my cozy <400 sq ft apartment.
    -It's really comfortable. Like live-on-it-and-not-move-when-you're-sick comfortable. Being a ready to assemble product, I am especially impressed by this.
    -The price is unbeatable when you take the product quality, style and options into consideration. It looks like it cost much more than it did.
    -The assembly was fairly easy. I am by no means a handy person and I put it together by myself in a few hours. I did use a power drill, and I would definitely recommend that as opposed to using a screwdriver.
    Also, I was wary of ordering furniture online without seeing it in person, but it has lived up to all of the information I found on the website.
    I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

  12. Home Reserve

    We just bought and set up our new sectional with a corner ottoman this last week and we LOVE it! We got the Mission Chocolate fabric and it is so soft. The instructions were so easy and clear. It was definitely a job because we had 8 pieces to put together, but HR made it as easy as it could be. Even though you don't have to, I recommend using a drill because it makes it so much easier and faster. I am so glad we went with Home Reserve and I look forward to purchasing a chair and a half in the future!

  13. Home Reserve

    I'm very please with my modular ottoman! The fabric is great, and it was VERY easy to put together. I was glad to have ready the reviews - there isn't any cushioning between the wood and fabric, so I knew exactly what to expect.

    I'd make this purchase again!

  14. Home Reserve

    We just got our sectional and oh how we love it. We have been looking for 10 years for the right size and style and this is the perfect set up! My husband enjoyed putting everything together so much that he wants to order more...LOL thank you for a wonderful product that fits our needs perfectly;)

  15. Home Reserve

    I got my sofa and the third time I sat on it, the back cracked. Customer service called me immediately and is sending a new piece. I just hope it doesn't happen again!

    Also--one thing no one mentions about the fabric: static! I'm going out and buying static guard asap. I shock myself everytime I slid across the couch!

  16. Home Reserve

    I was just as skeptical as others when I found this site back in March. Well, we have had our couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman since mid-April and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Everything went together quickly and easily. They are super comfy and have stood up to alot of abuse from our 4 1/2 yr old and 20 month old boys.#-)
    To all the skeptics reading this: Just do it!! You will not be disappointed.
    Thanks for a great product that exceeds expectations!8-08-08-0

  17. Home Reserve

    We have had our sectional pieces for about a month. Everything fits great thanks to Sandy! She deserves a raise, her customer service is top notch. We love our sectional and couldn't be happier with our purchase.

  18. Home Reserve

    Received my ottoman today and I just love it. It was better than I expected. I just wanted to let you know because you were such a big help. Just need to save a little more to buy the whole sectional. Can't wait. I have told every I know about home reserve and you can probably expect more customers from New York soon. Thanks again.

  19. Home Reserve

    Just washed my sofa covers for the first time. I have a 2 year old that spills everything and 3 dogs that sneek up on the couch at night so it was pretty dirty. I have spot cleaned it but never put it in the wash until today. Came out looking brand new. So excited. Thank you for the easy care fabric.

  20. Home Reserve

    Thank you very much home reserve great idea letting customers choose what the want to fit there house. We have a small area and didn't want a huge couch that we couldn't move eaisily. We came upon your website and totally got excited. Great price and color selection we will buy from again. :-D :-D:-D

  21. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much. I will recommend Home Reserve to anyone in the market for good quality seating. Your free trial/no hassle return was the most amazing no hassle I've ever seen. Thanks!

  22. Home Reserve

    Received my couch 5 or 6 days ago and I love it! I ordered the Classic Sofa 1, in fuax beige. Although the delivery took nearly two weeks (b/c billing and shipping address was different bc we put it on my mom's credit card), I couldn't be more happy. I will say, you REALLY should get some sort of electric drill to assemble. It doesnt require it, but I imagine it would help reduce assembly time. Also, when you open the boxes your couch comes in, make sure you have a good amount of open space to work with, otherwise you'll just have a big mess for 3 hours. It did take my boyfriend and I about 3 hours to put together, due to no power drill and such a tiny apartment it's hard to spread things out. But, I LOVE MY SOFA! I LOVE IT! Trust me, I already want an ottoman and a chair... which I will buy sometime to complete my living room. You've gained a customer for life. Thank you Home Reserve!

  23. Home Reserve

    I want to start out by saying that I recently ordered the Ray Chair and a Half and the Ray Sofa and I love them both!! Thank you so much for such an innovative product and such wonderful customer service! I was amazed at how easy it was to put them together. It was like putting together big, 3-D puzzles!

  24. Home Reserve

    Six years later and i finally need to order a new cover for my couch. As others have said, the couches are fantastic. Not to hard to put together, storage, study and beautiful.

    But what I want to address is the Altima (pet friendly) fabric. And kid friendly.

    It is unbelievable. I have three dogs. And a cat. And nothing phases this fabric.

    Spill something? Beads right up. Dog (or child) throws up? Wipe it up, use a bit of fabric freshner and you are good to go. Throw it in the washer on a monthly basis and it looks and smells like new. Not only is it a cleaning dream, but it lasts forever(I'm only now replacing it after six years) Even with dogs digging on it to get comfy?

    Outstanding. Would never buy sofas, etc. anywhere else.

  25. Home Reserve

    I am pretty picky about style and it is just so hard to find anything cute on a tiny budget. I am so happy I found this site. The Laney sofa fits my style and comfort criteria AND managed to be under my budget. Perfect :]

    I really do think this requires power tools if you don't want to spend forever putting it together. The directions were super clear - I did not get confused once. But I do have a few blisters today from screwing everything together manually! Lesson learned for when I put together my next order - an ottoman!

  26. Home Reserve

    Got my first armless chair completed, and there will be NO need for fabric swap on the Kayla smoke...It's SMOKIN HOT!!...and beyond expectations. You've made the construction project a piece of cake with the great directions and all the videos at the site. Basking in Home Reserve comfort, and the back's appreciating it. Thanks for all you do, Sandy. It's much appreciated.

  27. Home Reserve

    I LOVE MY COUCH AND OTTOMAN! I cannot praise Home Reserve enough for the quality, the design, the functionality, and most of all, the COMFORT!

    My home is on the small size, and now that my husband and I just had our first child, we NEEDED to find something smaller, with storage, and it had to be baby-friendly and most of all I started my google search and up came Home Reserve!

    Right away I felt like I hit the JACK-POT! I couldn't believe the storage aspect, the style and fabric choices, and best of all, it looked like I could absolutely afford it...but would it be comfortable?

    After reading all the reviews, visiting the site 100 times, watching the videos and talking about it with everyone I know, my husband and I went for it!

    When it came in, putting it together was actually easy! My husband and I usually butt heads with things like this, but the instructions are absolutely dummy proof! But then the big test...will this be comfortable?

    Let me tell you that my gorgeous Tux Sofa and Ottoman in Yoga Twine is SO comfortable, that both my picky husband and I take naps on it!

    It's not only comfortable, but STURDY too! I can set a glass on the arm rest and it literally sits still no matter how many people get up or down! Same with the ottoman! I'm amazed that I can place things on top of it, and they do not wobble off, yet it's still unbelievably comfortable!

    Then of course, it's also soft enough for my son to wobble around and I'm not worried about whether or not when he falls if he will hurt himself on the furniture! It's PERFECT!

    Last but not least: the storage! The storage has been a MARRIAGE-SAVER! All the things that we need on a regular basis but have no place for, now have a HIDDEN home! My house is clutter free, safe, stylish and 100% comfortable!

    Thank you thank you thank you Home Reserve!!!! I LOVE your products!8-0

  28. Home Reserve

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my new chair and a 1/2.
    My grandson and I put it together in less than 2 hours. The directions are so precise and made it easy. It came out beautiful! I bought this so my toy poodle and I could snuggle together....she loves it too. Oh and the fabric is wonderful!!!!!! Thank you all for making such great furniture! I'll be back!!!!!!:-)

  29. Home Reserve

    I am a former customer who had great experience with you folks. Must be at least five years ago now, bought a large sectional, came to the factory (twice), met with Blaine and others. Furniture is terrific, still looks like new. Need to add an ottoman in another room, so I'm shopping again, this request is for swatches. Pls tell the guys/gals hello for me. Regards, Blair

  30. Home Reserve

    I love my new loveseat - so much so that I blogged about it!

  31. Home Reserve

    I have nothing but absolute KUDOS for Home Reserve. It took some convincing for my husband to let me order such big-ticket items online and sight-unseen, but your furniture is truly innovative. With kids and pets, I love the fabric options. Being creative-minded, I love the "move-ability" of the pieces. The under-seat storage is a terrific utilization of otherwise wasted space. Durability is, so far, my best's been a year and cushions and backings...even the foam arms...are holding up impeccably! I really can't say enough! I hope anyone with reservations reads the customer comments, and even ventures for a "test piece" - you will not be disappointed! Shipping: amazing...Assembly: who thought of this? ;) Not a problem with a single piece of wood, stuffing the fabric is tricky but entirely worth the effort for the final effect. I mean, it NEEDS to be TIGHT! And to get a whole couch into such a small box is unbelievable! lol I could go on and on, but in conclusion, my "nervous" husband has decided to finally let me finish the room. So I'll be placing an order soon, and probably often with just the lure of so many options! Thank You Home Reserve, and best wishes to you for prosperity in the business!

  32. Home Reserve

    We live in a small house (approximately 1100 square feet.) Over the last 25 years we have had a myriad of second hand furniture. We have never been able to find a couch that fits well and is able to seat everyone comfortably. I ordered the couches from home reserve and I could not be happier.
    Here are the benefits of this company.
    1. The furniture is well made. I took apart my old couch and the only frame support is thin pieces of wood. The home reserve pieces are made of complete large pieces of engineered wood. I researched this type of material and it is stronger and more sustainable then using hardwood.
    2. Easy to put together with great instructions. I put them together myself (I’m a 41 year old woman) using a power drill as a screwdriver and a hammer. The instructions were easy to follow. Home reserve thought of everything you would need to complete the pieces and includes them in the packages. I ordered the brook design without arms. I allowed me to have more sitting area without using the space that arms work take up.
    3. The pieces fit in my home perfectly. I figured out the exact design that would fit in my small space and ordered those pieces. An added benefit is that each piece also includes storage. This is a great thing to have in a small space.
    4. They are very comfortable and look great. If I get tired of the material I can have a whole new couch by just ordering the material. I really like the idea of not putting more furniture into the land fill every few years. I also like the idea that these are made in America.
    If you are considering purchasing new furniture I would highly recommend this company.

  33. Home Reserve

    So far we have purchased 2 armless pieces for our living room and we could not be happier. We cannot wait to order the rest of the pieces to complete our sectional. Being able to design out own layout is a dream! Our space isn't huge, and because we are able to buy it in pieces it is so easy on the budget. Amazing product Home Reserve, thank you SO much!!! ;1

  34. Home Reserve

    My two boys love to sit with me in the evenings before bed. But now that they are getting bigger we end up sitting on the couch strait up as if we are at someone elses house. No one could put their feet up and relax.

    I suggested a sectional to my husband and he was less than enthusiastic. Everthing was too big for our quaint living room and would cover up part of our front window. And we could not agree on a style in any way. When I found home reserve he was even more skeptical. A sectional you assemble yourself...hmmm.

    He loves me so he caved and we ordered swatches and unbelievabley agreed on a fabric.

    When it arrived I was at work and my husband was home. He was supposed to wait for me so we could assemble it together but before I knew it I got a text saying "I don't know about this, I don't think it will be sturdy" then shortly after that a picture of the first section completed.

    Needless to say it fits our house perfectly; is very sturdy; and we all spent our first evening stretched out with plenty of room. Thank you Home Reserve for a quality item we could all agree on! 8-)

    **We chose the mission celery faux leather.

  35. Home Reserve

    My couch looks amazing! It's perfect for the train room and everyone is jealous! I love that I can move the pieces around. I attached the corner piece to the armless chair against the wall. I left the armless chair by the window unattached so I can move it if I want to for company and put the ottoman in front of it with the coffee table in between. Also I love that I can put the ottoman in between all 3 pieces to make a cozy square. The furniture is incredibly well made and very comfortable. I am so pleased, thank you!

    • This sectional is in a Train Car on a Circus Train!

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  36. Home Reserve

    I sent in a request for a quote on cushions and a pic of a hole in my couch arm caused by something protruding through the fabric. I am being sent a replacement cover for that arm without any hassle. What a relief and a pleasure doing business with you!!! My furniture is almost a year old and I just love it. We are preparing to move next month and if my living room is big enough, I will be ordering more!
    Thank you & Hugs,

  37. Home Reserve

    The service was fantastic and I absolutely love my couch. It was a bonding experience for my daughter and myself as we spent the day putting it together but it is such a comfortable couch and fits my small space beautifully. I have always wanted a sectional but thought I could never have one. Thank you Home Reserve for thinking of people with small spaces!

  38. Home Reserve

    Here I am again, (customer 741) just telling you that the new Tux in Matador sofa looks incredible in the living room and the 'old' chair (with the updated fabric--thanks Sandi!) is now the focal point of the master bedroom.

    I've sent lots of people your way, one more this weekend. If you're wondering if this is really all they say it is, STOP wondering and get some swatches and order away! This company and their product are the greatest! 8-0

  39. Home Reserve

    While I was online today, I read some of the customer comments (every company should have satisfied customers like that, you know?) It made me think of when I moved into my new home: I was so excited about getting in here and getting it cleaned up and painted before the movers came - and I was dying to see how my furniture would fit in here. SO.... I took apart my Classic chair, put it in the back seat of my car and drove it to my new house. Within minutes, I had it put back together and was sitting in it in my new living room. Also, with the chair in the room, I was able to see just how big my new living room was. Once again, I was thrilled to have Home Reserve furniture! How cool is that??

  40. Home Reserve

    My loveseat arrived and I was anxious to get started- so Friday night, I opened the boxes up. The foam for the cushions (which had been compressed) started to expand- like some weird creature. It made me laugh. The loveseat came in two sections... and each section/half had 14 pieces. It looked like a gigantic 3 dimentional jigsaw puzzle. I spread the pieces out on the floor. It was a bit overwhelming, but I have to say that the pieces were clearly labled. I thought, there is NO way I can do this. But I knew that I couldn't get the foam and pieces back in the box. So I was determined to figure it out. I took a deep breath, and made myself a cup of tea and sat down with the instruction book. I have to say that the instructions were numbered and pictures were clear - so that even I could understand them! And so I tackled the left side: one step at a time and I checked off each step as I did it. Two hours later, the left side was finished.

    My friend Stephanie, came by on Saturday afternoon and helped me put the right side together and then we bolted the two halves together. We put the fabric on the foam cushions and stuffed the pillows. We laughed so hard. What fun. The job sure went faster with her help. Yep, it definitely helped to have another set of hands. We were a team- and we got the job done. HOORAY The loveseat looks great and is really comfortable. I am so excited that we were able to put this together AND really all we needed was a screwdriver- everything else was included- even two sets of work gloves. It was a real adventure, but as Stephanie said, there is really a feeling of satisfaction and pride in tackling a project like this. We both agreed, we would never look at a sofa/chair/loveseat in quite the same way. We know the work that goes into assembling a piece of furniture.

    I love my new loveseat. Thanks Home Reserve.

    TA DA!!!

  41. Home Reserve

    I just want to express how pleased I'am with your product and services.
    We buoght our sectional four years ago. I tell all my friends how much I love it,the storage the washble ,interchangable fabric covers,durable and pet safe. The fabric is still soft and easy to clean with a cloth. I just recently needed to replace an arm pannel, I was amazed with the staff. it was so easy to get a replacement part. Really No Hassle at all. :-D

  42. Home Reserve

    We have owned our sofa from Home Reserve for 6 years now and still love it. We had one of the pieces break right at the five year mark, ok the edge that held up the lid to a storage bin broke and every time you sat on it the lid and cushion would slip into the bin, and just a couple days after emailing the company about it we had our new piece. We are now looking at getting a new cover as these six years of children (when we got it we just had one and now have three,) two dogs, three cats, and a sloppy husband have lead to the seams pulling noticably and a few tiny bare spots (smaller than a pencil's eraser.) We love that we can chose a different color as our tastes change, although more choice in the Altima line would be awesome (my husband really wanted to see what charcoal would look like in Altima.) We have gone through several chairs for our living room in the time that we have had this sofa and are thinking about just going for it and getting a love seat from Home reserve as our seating needs have grown with our family. The prices are perfect for the length of time and amount of torture our sofa has taken. I will attest that after two moves on a very tight college student budget, having furniture you can take apart and get in and out of a basement apartment with just one person is a godsend.

  43. Home Reserve

    I just have to say that I rec'd my first selection of swatches...and....WOW!! VERY impressed how FAST they came and how BEAUTIFUL they are and how CLASSY they were mailed!!!
    I can't wait to order mine!!!!
    Wendy Legge

  44. Home Reserve

    This is the not the first time I have signed the guestbook, and I am sure it won\'t be the last. I bought my couch and loveseat from Home Reserve 3 years ago for my apartment during law school.

    It was affordable, extremely comfortable and super easy to assemble (which I did by myself, one piece a night). It also looked just as great as most higher end models I\'ve seen in traditional showrooms! The storage space beneath the cushions is just the icing on the cake and is a great organizational addition to the furniture.

    I then moved cross country (packing my Home Reserve furniture in the truck was a snap through easy disassembling!), and I then lived abroad for 2 years and the furniture sat in storage. I recently returned, and my mother was saying how she needed new couches.

    I was so happy to give her the Home Reserve furniture I had had in storage! It was a snap to put back together, and we changed up the look by adding an Ottoman and switching the fabric.

    Just as with my original purchase, Sandy was fantastic at answering my questions, and my mother is really impressed with the quality of the new additions to her household.

    When I move into my new place you can be sure I\'ll be ordering Home Reserve again for myself! Thank you Home Reserve for coming up with a great product for a great price!! ;1

  45. Home Reserve

    I usually don\'t bother to leave responses but Home Reserve deserves recognition for being one the the FEW companies that PROVES how much they care about their customers by doing everything possible to meet and EXCEED expectations. I just have never had the experience where EVERYTHING was perfect...

    The Fabric - Nice!
    The Instructions - Accurate.
    The Parts - All there, nothing missing or broken.
    The Quality - AMAZING for the price. I have frequently paid 20-50% more for POS at the local places.

    Try these people...You will be amazed.