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  1. Home Reserve

    Changable fabric and storage is very appealing. Just wanted to ask if you had any plaids, maybe a brick or green?


  2. Home Reserve

    I searched the internet for a sofa and loveseat to fit through my very tight basement door. My last sofa had to be disassembled and literally shoved down the staircase, the thought of doing that again was giving me nightmares.....then I found Home Reserve!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone in my house just loves it, it makes an old paneled basement look new and since this purchase, I have added a chair and ottoman to my bedroom. My dad loved putting them together so much that he said he wants to order one for's like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
    It is comfortable, the storage is great and the idea of being able to change the fabric is just icing on the cake. If you are thinking of buying one, just do it, you'll love it as much as my niece who you see sleeping on the sofa.

  3. Home Reserve

    I am so happy with my chair and ottoman!

    I started out with a studio apartment and thats all I had room for. Now I am moving to a new city and into a much bigger home. Thankfully I can easily take apart my home reserve furniture for my cross country move. I have been checking the home reserve site the last few months, preparing for my move, and thinking about a new couch. I see you have sectionals now! What a great idea. I am sure I will be buying one soon, especially with your great customer service.

    At one point a small piece of my ottoman broke and I was sent the new piece next day air. I have told everyone in my family about home reserve and how great the quality and service is, thanks for everything!!;2

  4. Home Reserve

    Got my sofa yesterday. My teenaged son and I put it together in an hour. It was so easy we couldn't beleive it! Just like a puzzle. It's incredibly sturdy....just like an expensive sofa you'd buy at a furniture store and it looks fantastic. I can't beleive we built a sofa!! And it looks like that!!! It's amazing...beautiful, comfy, sturdy, it came incredibly quickly and the price was amazing. I am so impressed I'll be telling everyone who will listen about your great company and I'll be back for a chair! Thanks!

    Christine in Spokane, WA.

  5. Home Reserve

    I received my Monroe sofa on Thursday and immediately started assembling. I was surprise at how easy it was and how well everything was labeled. Thanks for including a pair of gloves! I fear what I would've looked like without them. It took approximately 3 hours to assemble and it looks amazing!
    I live in an old farmhouse and with such narrow doorways I was limited on what furniture I could get. I am so happy I found you while doing a search on furniture for small spaces.
    The cushions are a little firm (I'm sure they will give in time) but still comfortable enough for me to take a 2 hour nap today!
    My cat seems to think I bought it for her though. :-D

  6. Home Reserve

    I LOVE MY COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been buying couches every 1.5 years. I did not have great expectations when I ordered a my Home Reserve sofa, but WOW! It is great. Putting it together was fun and we are so pleased.

    THANK YOU!!!

  7. Home Reserve

    We received our sectional yesterday (Tux style in Mission Black Faux Leather - Group 20 + ottoman) and put it together immediately! The whole process only took about six hours (including a wine & pizza break!) and the results are even more beautiful than we expected. Everything fits together so perfectly and the fabric is SO so soft. They weren't kidding in the description, the first thing everyone did was sit down and feel the fabric! It was really fun to put together and like I said, the end result is absolutely stunning, and at half the price you'd find in a department store. The DIY concept is brilliant! Oh, and thanks for the gloves! :-) You should send a few business cards in each box, too, everyone is asking where we got it!
    We're looking forward to placing our next order and finishing out the house! Thank you!

  8. Home Reserve

    Your ideas are innovative and serve to fill many needs. How about going one step further and selling platform beds with storage underneath? I'd buy one today!
    Best of luck!

  9. Home Reserve

    We bought a couch back in January. It took me and my six-year-old about 2 hours to put it together. It was very easy to do. At first it was stiff, but now it is very comfortable.

    I just washed all the fabric in my regular washing machine! It was very easy to take the fabric from the washer slightly damp and place it back on the couch. It looks new, and was very easy to clean compared to regular type couches.

    I am also looking forward to a military move with this couch. The movers always seem to brake things. I love that if they do, we can call customer service and have just the part that they broke replaced and not have to buy another new couch.

    Five months after we bought the couch, I am happy to say that I am very satisfied with my purchase!

  10. Home Reserve

    I received my new sofa and ottoman yesterday and I am really impressed. I was not sure what to expect, but they look great and are very, very comfortable. My dogs love it, too - they immediately jumped up and curled up on the cushions.

    I found the instructions to be very easy to follow - the pieces go together so easily I often didn't even need the instructions - it was easy to see how everything fit together. If anyone out there has doubts, I'd definitely advice them to take the chance and order a piece - you never know what you're getting on the internet sometimes, but this company truly does sell a fantastic product at a good price. I don't promote products often, but Home Reserve was a great find! I've already recommended it to several family members and friends.

  11. Home Reserve

    I received my monroe style sectional sofa and ottoman about 3 weeks ago. When I got home and found all the boxes, I was so exited!! However, my heart fell when I discovered that one of the boxes had been torn apart and some of the contents strewn around my yard. Unfortunately, an animal had gotten to my furniture before me! However, I called home reserve and Sandy was SO nice and helpful. She told me not to open the box, UPS would pick it back up. In 2 days, I had a complete new armless chair delivered to my door, no charge, and no paperwork to fill out!

    The sectional was actually fun to put together I did it all myself, no help from anyone), and once you had the first piece put together, the rest went even faster. I got the Emma Tearose fabric for the sectional, and the altima pet care fabric in Thyme for the ottoman and 2 round pillows. I can't believe how beautiful and comfortable the sofa is! I love the storage the furniture provides, it's perfect for DVD's and games. Way to go home reserve!!!!

  12. Home Reserve


    Received my furniture today. Put the ottoman together in about 15 minutes and the chair in about 30 min. Next up is the sofa. I love them!! I've already poured water on the cushions (I purchased the Altima Pet Care fabric in Latte) to see if it is really beads-up like the video-it sure does!!

    Can't wait to get the second chair and the tables I ordered-hurry, hurry, hurry!!

    I told my sister-in-law about the site-she has four month old twins. I'm sure the pet care fabric will be perfect for her!

    Thanks for such a wonderful product!

  13. Home Reserve

    We got our Sofa, Loveseat, and 2 ottomans last night and my husband and I had them all put together in under 3 hours. I am shocked at the quality and look of the pieces. They look just like a set I saw at a retail store selling for $7000. We are already talking about getting another 2 ottomans to make a window seat.

    The new ottoman style is fantastic. fits great and no shifting in the fabric like others stated about the old style.

    Thanks again for having such a high quality afordable product!!!

  14. Home Reserve

    Here I was, thinking I\'d already written!
    We bought a Laney couch an ottoman in Nutmeg for our new apartment, my first on the top floor of a three floor walk-up. In looking for a new couch, I found that delivery costs far outweighed any sale price in a store (and in some cases, was much more!).
    We excitedly put the ottoman and sofa together and had a very easy time with the frames in particular, which was the part we were worried would be hard to do. Getting the fabric on was another story. It was easy getting it on the cushions and pillows, but we struggled with the frame covers- they\'re very form-fitting, which looks great, but that took more work than the rest! :-0
    It looks great, feels very comfortable (I\'ve fallen asleep on it before), and I\'m very happy with it!

  15. Home Reserve

    I really have to say Home Reserve is just to good to be true. I just ordered the Monroe chair and it's my 4th piece of furniture that I had ordered in a year, I have 2 ottomons, a classic chair and now the Monroe. I have been very pleased at how easy it is to put together and this last order I was missing one t-connector and they sent it to me the next day, customer service person was as sweet as can be.
    Great Service, Great products.:-)

  16. Home Reserve

    I bought my Ali sectional almost two years ago and have loved every day of it! The seat cushions are holding up great (with some occasional rotation), and the back cushions are as fluffy as the day I put everything together! The key is to occasionally fluff them by beating them against the floor. The storage spaces are just large enough to hide the books and papers that tend to collect on my coffee table.

    Since I tend to have people over, I ordered Mission Chocolate covers for the frame and Altima Latte for the cushions so that I can easily clean up any spills. Just call to place your order and they can help you customize your furniture like that, too!

  17. Home Reserve

    Received the box. Assembled the mdse. Happy with the result. Enough said
    Yes, I\'d place another order with your company. Happy customer.

    D. R.

  18. Home Reserve

    I bought a Laney Chair & Half about 7 months ago. I got it in Saddle Bonded Leather. It was easy to put together, but I\'m pretty good at assembly.

    This is the best chair I\'ve ever owned. It is very comfortable. I should point out that I\'m a sloucher who likes to change positions a lot when I\'m sitting. My wife isn\'t and thinks the seat is just a tad to short. It doesn\'t matter because I don\'t let her sit in it. Well, she can sit in it with me but that\'s another story.

    The Bonded Leather has held up just like leather. It\'s flexible, comfortable, and it cleans up remarkably easily. It may clean easier than leather because liquids don\'t soak in quite as fast as full leather.

    I highly recommend HomeReserve furniture and the Bonded Leather option.


  19. Home Reserve

    I just received my chair under one week and assembled it under 2 hours. It was very easy to assemble and comfortable to sit on.

    Very affordable, I immediately ordered another chair and fabric to make pillows .

    Thank you|:|

  20. Home Reserve

    I am amazed and amazed again. I have been without a sofa for over 5 years now. Troubled that I could never find one that I loved, let alone could afford.
    Until I found you online. I was very skeptical at first. But from the second I ordered the loveseat and ottoman I knew this was a great purchase.
    I even wrote you to inquire about the assembly. I received a PROMPT reply reassuring me that it was very easy to assemble. Sure, I thought, easy for WHO?
    Well let me tell you, they are absolutely correct. It was easy. I could not do it in 15 minutes, like the guy who wrote a review, smarty-pants!
    I put the ottoman together first and had no problems at all. The loveseat was just as easy. It took me a total of 3 hours but I took my time, just to be sure.
    I must tell you that I am legally blind. So this means mor eto me than another 'do it yourself' project. I had problems finding an affordable sofa ND having it delivered, without costing me an arm and a leg. So, I had to assemble it myself, it was great therapy, and I enjoyed it so much. (Not much I can still do these days)
    It was a 50th birthday present to myself. A birthday 3 years ago the docs said I'd NEVER see. So, in honor of my special day (11/9) I deeply and sincerely say Thank YOU to Hoem Reserve for making this gal so very happy, and so very comfortable. Oh, and the storage in the ottoman is just great for my small apartment.
    I love it, I could assemble these all day. They look so sturdy and I think they look classy and perfect.
    Oh, and it was more than thoughtful for you to include the sand blocks and the gloves. NOT something I expected.
    For all your readers and customers, trust me, this is economical, showcase worthy and very comfortable. And its new and clean!!
    Thank you from a happy camper!

  21. Home Reserve


    I just want to acknowledge receipt of my Loveseat on Friday. After assembling it, I am completely satisfied with it and am glad that I chose the Liberty Sand Dune fabric.
    Assembly took me about 2 hours and once all was together it brightened my living room by a factor of ten!

    Thanks and should I decide to buy a chair and ottoman, they will definitely be from Homereserve.



  22. Home Reserve

    My furniture arrived one week after you received payment. Which is way less than time than expected.

    I had seen your web-site last year and since then I had been debating about whether or not to buy from you. I wasn't sure I wanted to put together another piece of furniture.
    My bed, my bookcase, my coffee table, my DVD tower and my computer desk were all put it together yourself items. I don't mind it but I always have trouble with the instructions and wind-up doing something wrong and having to start all over. With DVD tower I put the base on upside down and had to take the whole thing apart and start from the beginning , therefore I was a bit hesitant about putting together more furniture. But, after reading all of the comments for this year and most of last years I decided to take a chance and besides with your prices I could afford a chair and love seat not just one or the other.
    Well the instructions were great. I don't know how long it took for the chair and love seat because I stopped and had dinner and a glass of wine but I would estimate no more than two hours total. The furniture looks great and is very comfortable. I might get a different color later but for now the caviar is great. Thanks for a great product and such prompt delivery. I will recommend your company to anyone that needs quality furniture at a bargain price.

  23. Home Reserve

    I sent an e-mail praising your products to your company but wanted to sign the guestbook. We have been customers since 2000. We bought a love-seat and ottoman and they have been though a lot. We have kids, grandkids,and cats. We bought a new cover for them this spring but the foam is like new! We now have a sofa and it is so comfy. I love the storage. My daughter bought a love-seat because of how wonderful they are. Two happy families.
    :-) :-):-)

  24. Home Reserve

    I finally got my love seat today. I put it together in about an hour. I was worried I would have a hard time getting the fabric on but it was all so VERY easy to get it together. I can tell its so sturdy too. I stored a bunch of DVDs and VHSs in it too!

    I LOVE IT!

    It is a little hard but I read here that you just gotta wear into it a little bit, that it settles.

    I LOVE IT!

  25. Home Reserve

    I purchased the Monroe sofa with Milky Way Bronze fabric. It is absolutely gorgeous. The assembly was as easy as promised, and I cannot believe the quality and comfort of the finished product. I've given it a 2-night sleep test, and slept like a baby.

    Now that I know what to expect, you can bet I'll be adding at least a chair and ottoman to complete my living room.

  26. Home Reserve

    I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and logically my new home reserve sofa assembled. Counting a break for dinner, it was together in about two and a half hours.

    It looks wonderful, and the altima pet care fabric has a lovely softness and rich color.

  27. Home Reserve

    My wife just recently purchased the sectional online, and at first I was a bit skeptical, I mean come on how can something for that low of a price besolid enough for a family of four.So when she said that it would be here in a few days I prepared myself forit.I opened the first box and thought, WOW ! they thought of everything,gloves, sand paper, and really good instructions, then I started assemblingthe sectional.O-man !!!!! it was great, the first piece went together really fast.. I loved it so much I called my sister and told her about it. She came over thenext day and helped me out with the rest of it , and now she wants to getone for her t.v. room. We love our new sectional, I am telling everyone we know about it. This is definitely the way to go, I am sold on it.
    Thank you so much

  28. Home Reserve

    Thank you for my wonderful couch and ottoman. I purchased the furniture a couple months ago and so far it has lived up to everything I have thrown at it! It was easy to put together and the pet proof fabric is awesome and easy care.

    Thank you so much for making affordable furniture that looks nice and is durable!

  29. Home Reserve

    Well, after receiving and putting together our very first bouncing baby couch (about a month ago), we decided to order another one. Today, she arrived. We now have a set of twins!

    They are great! If only we had more room to buy more.....;2

  30. Home Reserve

    My new sofa just arrived and it was a breeze putting it together. After we had the frame set up we tested it like the video on the site and we were wowed! It is really strong! I cant wait to order more! I will be telling everyone I know to purchase their furniture from this site.
    I am definatly impressed!

  31. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much, I just bought a sofa and it took my wife and I just 1 hour to put it together. It looked much better than the sofas at Becks furniture, at a much more reasonable cost.

    We even intentionally poored red kool-aid on the white sofa, and there was no stain!! NONE!

    Best product ever, expect return business!

  32. Home Reserve

    Just so you know...the couch is exceptional. I love everything about it. The cushions are really comfortable and the fabric (destiny slate corduroy) makes me want to go to sleep just thinking about it. I appreciate the innovation and creativity that is the foundation for this company. I would be a die-hard believer in this company if it just stopped there. But it doesn't...I just talked to Sandy on the phone today about a mishap I had with the couch I just purchased and I have to say that I've never experienced Customer Service like I just did today. Great ideas and great companies are always better when great people are at the helm.

    Thank you.

  33. Home Reserve

    Thanks for getting back to me. I managed to get into the website last night and placed an order! I love that you guys are right here in the US and are so accessible. I look forward to getting my loveseat after much eliberation on my part (not about the product just the material) and look forward to seeing your business thrive. It is a great idea! Your website is terrific, especially the video of all those large men sitting on the sofa. Sure sold me! And I am moving into a tiny house so love the idea of the storage space within the furniture. Have a great rest of your day.....


  34. Home Reserve

    WOW. I don't impress easily, and I am impressed with this product and this company. I ordered a chair and ottoman, and the items shipped and delivered on time in great order. The design is a work of art, and the end product is incredibly sturdy, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE. The engineering and care put into the product is enough to impress. But to go above and beyond enough to include gloves and a sanding block in each kit, not because it's required, but because it will be helpful to the customer... THAT is forward thinking customer service... something I thought was dead, but Home Reserve gives me hope.

    We had one seam on an arm cover that had a small gap where the seam had failed, but it was easily fixed so we wouldn't have a delay, since I'm QUITE certain Home Reserve would have replaced the cover had I contacted them.

    We'll be buying more products from this company in the future, and I suspect our daughters will as well, when they go off to college and their first apartments.

    Keep up the excellent work and customer service, Home Reserve, you have gained happy and loyal customers in my husband and me! 8-0

  35. Home Reserve

    I know it was so user friendly, ordering and assembly, because my partner did not #$%&*** in the whole process. We are writing this while we are sitting on the HR sectional we got just two days ago. Months ago we got samples of the fabric to match decor at the cabin. It all worked out, especially for our dog Kate. The shipping was FAST, WOW! We love our Home Reserve sectional.

    Linda and Jeff

  36. Home Reserve

    I searched and searched for a sofa with a chaise lounge at one end that would fit in our living room, but was also big enough for the whole family (the sofa we were replacing was HUGE). I am so glad that we didn\'t settle for the sectional that we found at one of the furniture stores. It would have overtaken our living room and didn\'t come in a color that we liked. I stumbled across Home Reserve and was so excited to see all of the color options. The big selling point was the fact that I can take the fabric off and wash it (2 kids and an in-home daycare).

    We will be moving in a couple of years and love the fact that we don\'t have to look at houses with the concern of whether our couch will work in the room. We can change the set up for it to fit whatever room we put it in. :-)

    Another bonus was that since we were forced to replace the sofa we had right before the holidays, we were able to buy a couple of pieces at a time.

  37. Home Reserve

    Knowing I can call and have things shipped to arrive around the same time as I do has made up my mind as to ordering!! Now to pick my living room and fabric!!
    Thank you again!!

  38. Home Reserve

    We recently purchased our first home ( 988 sq. feet ) and are therefore a little short of both money and space - but it is affordable and ours! My husband of 2 years and I, had no living room furniture and after I had spent 30 years settling for used and cheap and mis-matched while I raised 4 kids on my own, I decided I was no longer going to settle for anything but the best ( thus the new husband also!) and was prepared to wait years until I could save to afford furniture that was of good quality construction and nice fabrics. I also was concerned about finding something that would stand up to two dogs who believe that all furniture is made specifically for their comfort.

    After finding your website while just surfing the net, I threw caution to the wind, believed everything you said, convinced my husband that I really wasn't craxy, and purchased sofa, loveseat, chair and 3 ottomans, all for less than $1200.00 including shipping. Now realistically , that is the total price of a good sofa or a couple of chairs - it certainly would not cover the cost of a complete quality living room set.

    I was absolutely stunned when everything arrived a few days later. The fabric colors were exactly what I wanted ( cobalt microfibre chair, sofa and 1 ottoman as well as a loveseat and 2 ottomans in sunbleau), it was all easy to put together, the quality was way above my expectations - the foam and the dacron back cushions were particularly impressive. And so, for the first time in my adult life I have a complete brand new matching set of living room furniture that is attractive and comfortable. I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure that is!

    The dogs like it too.

    You should all be proud of what you do and how you do it.

    You offer value and quality at a price anyone can afford. Two bonuses not mentioned on your website - I never had to waste one minute of my valuable time going store to store shopping for furniture and the wood smells good !

    Thank you so much .

  39. Home Reserve

    I wanted to add my input on your furniture as well as your other customers. I purchased the sofa and loveseat in or about April 2005. I've been remodeling my house, so in the process I put the boxes of furniture in my garage for approximately 8 months. After waiting 8 months, I finally completed my family room where I wanted the furniture to go. After sitting for those 8 months, I finally took out the furniture and put it together. It came out beautifully. I purchased the Winston Merlot. The color is so rich and beautiful, I can't stop looking at it. Even my boyfriend was surprised how comfortable it is. You have made a believer out of him, but he was doubtful of buying a sofa and loveseat in a box. Now he wants to buy some furniture from you for his dad's house.

    Thanks for coming up with such reasonable and affordable furniture.

  40. Home Reserve

    I just recieved my sofa last night. I started to build it around 11:00 PM (I am a night owl) and it was finished at 1:05 AM (almost exactly 2 hours). I am the type of person who always assembles furniture wrong (I put the top on the bottom, etc. or I can't make out the diagrams). Not this time - it was so easy. Everything went into place. You didn't need anyone to hold up the other side (unlike IKEA). I have three very kids (4, 5 and 6) and we have been through three couches in seven years mostly due to destroyed fabrics. At certain times in one's life this type of furniture is perfect. Very young children is one of them. Apartment Therapy (A NYC website that rates furniture for our tight apartments here wanted a review of Home Reserve - so I will send them one).

    NY, NY

  41. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new sectional. I was very skeptical like others that I would receive a quality product, given the price and the fact that I had to put it together. I was totaly amazed at how nice it looks. I shopped for a new sectional for a new smaller boat, which has a very narrow door opening and thus limited me to what I was able to fit down into the salon. I was trying to justify the $2000 cost of ordering the specialized marine/rv furniture when I came across your site.

    My husband thought that I was nuts to: number one, order a sofa over the internet and: two order one that had to be put together. My son and his friend put it all together for me. I had read the other comments and was prepared to maybe have a missing part and for the first section to take a while to put together. The first section did have to be chisled out on one of the sections to make it fit, but everything else went smoothly. By the time my son got to the 5th section, he had it together in under 15 minutes.

    I chose the ultra suede fabric and was most pleased with the look and the feel. You cannot tell that there is wood under the cushions or that it did not come from a regular furniture store. I would definately order again and will recommend your company to friends.


    Vicki Stellato

  42. Home Reserve

    Once Again, I am just Stunned!!:-U

    I received my loveseat today and put it together in 40 minutes. It's beautiful, looks much more substantial than the picture on the website & the Loden microfiber is wonderful (it coordinates with so many things!). Mt hubby loved the furniture and especially loves the price. I'll post again when my chair & ottoman arrive. I'm definately sold on Home Reserve! Thanks Again!!

  43. Home Reserve

    I found out about your company through a UPS Report flyer that I received at my job. I looked at your site and found it very interesting along with all of the extremely positive comments. I just ordered a sofa and will be back to comment further upon receiving and assembly. I am normally all thumbs when it comes to stuff like this but your customers have made me believe that even I can do this ;1

  44. Home Reserve

    Over the weekend, I received and assembled one of your four-piece sectionals.
    I\'m an engineer. Over the last 35 years, I\'ve worked in various phases of manufacturing, design, health /safety / environmental, instrumentation and automation. The sheer thoughtfulness, elegance and simplicity of the engineering incorporated into your products left me impressed. The precision, quality, fit / finish and consistency of your manufactured parts left me dazzled. The logic, ease and end result of the assembly process left me with an attractive, high-quality product I could not otherwise have obtained without spending twice or three times the money.
    Yours are among the finest quality and highest value products - of ANY kind - I\'ve seen in the last 15-20 years. That Home Reserve is an American manufacturing company makes me proud of my country and its talented, hard-working people.
    I\'m overjoyed that such talent and industry has not yet been driven out of the country by government looters.

  45. Home Reserve

    I bought a sofa and loveseat in December and decided to wait 2 months before reviewing. Putting it together was fun (I like building stuff) and it took me roughly 12 hours interlaced with watching TV, listening to music and going out with friends and coming back.
    They both look very good and all my friends have given compliments. One more thing, Sandy was really helpful as I had problems with my credit card. She gave amazing customer service all through.