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  1. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Northridgville, OH

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    I needed a sectional we could get down to the basement as the turn ratio at the bottom is so tight. I did a lot of online research and knew that furniture store items were too large for the space and too expensive! Enter Home Reserve. I made the trip to Fort Wayne from near Cleveland and met Sandy and all the helpful people there. I tried pieces out, checked fabric samples and placed my order. I stayed overnight and everything was ready the next day for me to take home! My son carried down the boxes, seven of them. Another son came a few days later and put the furniture together. It is absolutely beautiful and comfortable…really finishes the basement and makes it another part of “home”. Thank you, Home Reserve.

  2. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Summerville, SC
    I just love my new Home Reserve Furniture! It's comfy and fits my tiny one bedroom apartment just great! Easy to put together, although sometimes the cushions didn't like me much. I love the fact that if I want to add on to it, I can. Love the color and the fabric!

  3. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Gold Hill

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    We just got our Monroe love seat and I love it. I found home reserve on line a few weeks ago while searching for a couch or love seat to fit into our new 5th wheel. I loved the idea that the furniture is ment for small spaces. It looked a little overwhelming when I opened the first box, but after I lay out all the pieces and read through the very easy directions it was a snap. I had our new couch together in under two hours and it is beautiful. You would never have guessed it came in two boxes. And I love the storage spaces underneath. This was one of the best buys I have ever made, we will definitely go to and recommend home reserve again. We have already recommended them to a couple of our neighbors. So very happy with our new sofa.............

  4. Home Reserve
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    Very pleased with my new furniture! I bought the Monroe Couch and large ottoman in Bulldozer Graphite. I also order red throw pillows. The order came quickly and my best friend and I put the ottoman together in a few hours. I put the couch together the following day, by myself. It was very easy and actually fun! As with other’s comments, I only used an electric screw driver and a hammer. There were very few pieces that I had to sand, and all parts went together perfectly! The new furniture is a wonderful addition to our newly remodeled basement family room/bar area. I’m sure I will be ordering again.Price was very reasonable as well! Very happy customer!

  5. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Nevada

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    Loving our new sectional! I found Home Reserve a while ago and knew when we were ready for a new couch I wanted to buy it here. This year we moved out of state and sold our old furniture and it was time to buy a new couch! Love it. Enough space for our family of 5 to hang out. We bought the Ray sectional in Bulldozer Red. It was ordered Sept 29th and delivered to our door Oct 7th! I assembled the whole thing myself with just a screwdriver and hammer. Each piece of the sectional took maybe an hour to put together and put the fabric on. I did it over 2 different days.

  6. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Texas
    I highly recommend Home Reserve!!! I bought two end pieces and one armless to go in the middle, thus giving me a three piece sofa in the Tux style. This gives me versatility for the future and can easily be separated for moving locations.

    For those of you who may be concerned about putting it together, please rest assured that it is not at all difficult. I am a 63 year old woman, with weak hands, who put the entire sofa together by myself without any problems. The instructions are excellent and each piece fits exactly where it should. Home Reserve does very precise cutting of the boards which makes assembly a dream. I did not have any problems putting the fabric on the wood frame or the cushions. For assembly, I used a $10. battery screwdriver. One or two of the wooden frame pieces per chair needs a couple of hammer taps to set it in place -- easy to do.

    The sofa is very comfortable to sit on. I love it!!!! It looks great and what a good feeling to know you constructed it yourself. I really like the compartments underneath the couch cushions -- good place to stash things.

  7. Home Reserve
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    Buying a couch has never been so much fun! I spent hours researching Home Reserve before placing my order and I couldn't be happier! I was originally quoted 10 days for the furniture to ship but I actually received it 6 days after placing the order. Communication was great and I received regular emails from UPS with shipping and delivery notifications.
    I ordered a 3 piece Ali style sectional, Corner Ottoman and oversize pillow in Bulldozer Red and a Box Pillow in Bulldozer Black. The furniture came in 4 large secure cardboard boxes. The first box I opened contained the right side and arm rest. The cushions and covers were on top and were vacuum packed, the bag also contained the instructions and hardware for assembly (with spare screws!). I opened the cushions first to allow them to take shape, which only took maybe 5 minutes! The wood panels were neatly stacked beneath and had numbers cut into them for easy assembly. There were gloves and a small sanding pad included to prevent splinters and remove rough edges but I didn't need to use them. The first seat took about 45 minutes to assemble but by the time I got to the last seat I had halved that time. I was very impressed with how well everything fit together and the covers are very snug with no wrinkles. Don't be afraid to tug on the fabric, it is very well made and tailored to fit! I definitely recommend watching the tutorial videos as this saved me a lot of time. I still made a few mistakes but that was down to me rushing and skipping steps!
    The feel of the material is similar to suede and I can tell it is going to be very hard wearing. The seat cushions were a little firm but after a few days they softened up perfectly. I love the fact that I can connect additional seats and even change the style of the arm rests and material!
    I am very pleased with my decision and those of you with any doubts will not be disappointed!
    (This is not a paid endorsement, just a very happy customer!)

  8. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):WARRINGTON, PA

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    I've been looking for a couch to fit down my basement stairs. Narrow doorway and no room to maneuver furniture. My search online led me to Home Reserve. I ordered some fabric samples which came promptly in 2 days. I was trying to match an existing chair and they had plenty of fabrics to choose from. I ordered my couch on 9/26 and it arrived 1 week later. Everything was just as the website said. Pieces were nicely packed, screw holes lined up perfectly, directions were detailed and easy to follow. 3 hours later I had a couch. It's perfect for the space and very comfortable.

  9. Home Reserve
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    We purchased our Tux Sectional on Sept 20 2016, it arrived approximately 6 days later (impressive). Now let me start by saying that we have owned about every sofa configuration on the market. From sectionals to hide-a-beds and even a leather strapped bottom, wooden framed style just to mention a few (early years). Our last new furniture was purchased about 3 years ago, from a local retailer selling name brand higher-end pieces. Within 9 mos. the side Chair, that was rarely sat in, had a huge spring pop through the bottom when my 126 lb daughter sat down. The sofa-bed had long since lost its cushioning and was very uncomfortable (sofa-beds tend to be harder anyway, understandably) and looked even worse by now! We have pets and the furniture just didn’t clean well at all! After calling the retailer who offered a 1 year warrantee, I was told I needed to provide proof of purchase. “Isn’t it on your computer??” No, they wanted MY original paperwork that had been destroyed accidentally. So we were stuck with this broken down, hideously lumpy, un-cleanable furniture. So I inserted pillows under the cushions on both sofa and chair and lived with it until I couldn’t take it anymore! I came across Home Reserve while Googling ‘sectionals for small spaces’. I did the research, read the comments (both on and off their website), watched videos and decided What the heck, I’ll give it a shot! I was immediately impressed with their 10 yr warranty, the storage, flexibility in pieces, configurations and fabrics.
    Then it arrived! How exciting! My husband and I formed an assembly line of sorts. He constructed each piece (5 in total) and I applied all the fabric and assembled the Ottoman. Super easy and pretty darn fast too! How many people can say they know exactly how their furniture is constructed and can be 100% certain of its strength? I never could until now! I’ve read comments referring to this furniture as “disposable” furniture, Why would you? It can be reassembled many times, fabrics washed or replaced! The seat cushions are 8″ thick and the back cushions (made from recycled clear plastic bottles) are Super soft & cushy. The seat cushions are firm but are breaking in nicely. Again I ask “Why would you” dispose of this furniture? I’ve slept every night on my sectional and although the seats are indeed a bit shallow (but we are not small people), with the Ottoman I have a very comfy sofa. I’ll be ordering the lounger next. If you want something that’s flexible, earth-friendly, strong and looks great then you need to try this furniture! We couldn’t be more pleased with ours. Time to re-vamp our room!

  10. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Winter Garden

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    Needing to create a larger sitting space for the family room, we used a Laney couch and a Laney armless couch. By moving one arm to the end and bolting the 2 couches together we created almost 12' of seating for watching TV and entertaining.

  11. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):San Diego, CA

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    I've posted here before about the great customer service experiences I've had with Home Reserve. I've had to replace a few cushions due to some accidents on the part of this cat, so here she is to send her thanks- in particular for the box that she now spends most of her time in. :)

  12. Home Reserve
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    Back in 2010 we hunted high and low for a set of 5 chairs to use in our new home theater. We had specific requirements. The seats had to be a max of 24" wide and probably without arms. After seeing your website, I ordered an arm less chair. It was perfect. We joined 5 arm less chairs into a long arm less couch. Now any size group (from 2-5) can watch movies in great comfort. When just my hubby and me watch I can spread out and watch in even greater luxury. I liked it so much, I purchased a couch, large chair and two ottomans for our living room. The couch is my favorite place to nap, so comfy. Recently, we acquired a dog and cat and the pet safe covers have been great. What fabulous versatile products you have. I cannot wait to come up with further uses for your furniture..

  13. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Lindale Texas
    Love our new loveseat. So much fun to put together and it looks great. Had a problem with the fabric and couldn't be more pleased with the customer support. Highly recommend HomeReserve. Will definitely buy from them again.

  14. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):South Dakota

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    Received the trial armless in record time – half the days expected, and that included a holiday weekend! It was so much fun to put together and reminded me of a giant-sized jigsaw puzzle. The precision of the pieces is admirable. I did use a hammer to tap in a couple of joins and the fit was so solid and seamless I could only recognize it afterward as one piece. Thanks for the “beautify” videos on the fabric covers as I struggled a bit with the front one. The video helped to clear that up and it was a breeze with the rest. I had several members of the family try it out and the common first impression was “comfortable”. The only thing I would like different overall would be a deeper seat. At this point, I will make that up with chair+ottoman=chaise/seating pit. This furniture is the only way I can maximize seating in my small living room in style AND comfort. With four Vets in the family, the only icing on this cake would be a Veteran’s discount. ;) Thank you for a great made-in-America product!

  15. Home Reserve

    I bought a sectional last year. I do remember it taking a long time to put together. This is not a good choice for someone who can't put things together very well. It has help up okay. The fabric moves on the cushions often and to keep it looking good I need to adjust it all the time. It cleans up well even on the cream colored fabric. I like it but don't love it. If you want something for a small space its a good choice but not if you have room for a sofa put together at a factory.

  16. Home Reserve
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    Wow--thanks for the rapid shipping and clear instructions! We are enjoying the chair already.