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  1. Home Reserve

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    Our issue was to find comfortable seating for our boat when the entrance to the interior is WAY smaller than a standard household door! Home Reserve was the PERFECT solution as each box fit through our entrance just fine and we could easily assemble each piece inside our space! We are absolutely thrilled with the results and it's transformed our salon to a truly comfortable living space! Home Reserve should come out the Seattle Boat Show! Thank you for a great product!

  2. Home Reserve
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    We bought new Altima armrests for our Brook Home Reserve couch in December 2014, and have loved them…until one broke the other day.
    The rest of the couch is doing great and still as comfortable to sit in as ever (even better actually since we got the updated webby base)!

    • Erika emailed us about her broken arm parts. Since we have a 10 year warranty on the frames,the new free replacement parts are on their way to her home. She has a Brook Couch with the Ray arms!

      Posted on April 14th, 2016 by Home Reserve.
  3. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Plainville, MA
    Bought my first home in January of this year. Had a sun room off the back. Spent a lot of time visiting furniture stores and websites looking for an affordable loveseat.
    Then found the Home Reserve website and was interested in the whole concept. Must admit my skepticism after reviewing all the videos but figured, what the hey ?
    Ordered the Munroe loveseat in the burgundy color and being a rainy day yesterday in the Northeast decided to put that baby together. First half took 1/2 hour, second half took 20 minutes and the stuffing of the pillows took about 1/2 hour. What a hoot!
    I had a blast and the loveseat is absolutely perfect for my sun room. Just like a great big puzzle you can put together with power tools (power screwdriver). Am totally impressed with the results. Very comfy, perfect size. And you can store stuff in it! And I did it all by myself in my pajamas! Try these guys out -- you won't be disappointed!

  4. Home Reserve
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    I bought two pieces about three years ago and they're holding up well. I love the modern design.

  5. Home Reserve

    I love my sectional! It has been so hard to find something that fit my house. If i found a good one the measurements were off or the color didn't match. My old sectional was falling apart, it wasn't a good quality to start with but it was the only one I found that it fit my house and was offered in a color I needed. One day I came across home reserve website. I read all the customers reviews, saw all the pictures attached and decided to give it a try. The best decision Ever! The sectional came in 5 boxes. Each part was so easy to put together. It was fool proof! Every piece had a number, instructions were provided so you couldn't get lost. It was like big puzzles for adults. We had fun putting it all together. The material fit like a glove. It is so comfortable to sit on, looks great and didn't break the bank. And knowing that if one piece breaks I can get it easy replaced is great! I will recommend your company to everyone I know! What a great job you all are doing! Thank you!

  6. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Scranton, PA
    I only ordered one piece of the sectional to see how I would like this furniture. My boyfriend put the frame together and said it was easy. He had it all done before I got home from work! I put the covers on and that went very smoothly. I really like the microfiber fabric. I got the Cocoa Faux Suede and I just can't stop looking at it, such a nice rich chocolate brown! It looks and feels great. I didn't think it was that great at first because I own a deep sitting couch and this was not deep. But after sitting on it I really began to appreciate the firm back support and the fact that I could stand up without a struggle (in spite of my knee issues), lol. I'm very pleased with the look and I love the affordability, as well as the ease of getting this piece into my small apartment. I look forward to getting more pieces and the fact that I can pay for each piece without having to worry about payments and interest!

  7. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Esko, MN

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    Ok, last pic!! sorry they are all separate!!! I don't know how to put them in a collage on one post!!!!

  8. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Esko, MN

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    Here's another photo!!!!!

  9. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Esko, MN

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    I apologize about the lack of pictures... I thought I posted 6 pics but only one showed up with my previous post...I will add a couple more, but they will be on separate posts... Sorry folks!! hahaa!

  10. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Esko, Minnesota

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    What an amazing find while "Googling" furniture!! I stumbled across this fantastic furniture website about a year ago, contemplating whether to give it a try or not. Being skeptical, as a lot of other customers have so noted in their stories, I finally ordered the armless piece to try for 30 days. While hard to picture the whole sectional with just the one piece, we loved everything about the structure, the ease of assembly, and the fact that you can replace parts or fabric or even make a different layout all together, and the BEST part is that it is made in America!!! And bonus features include storage inside every piece, and the incredible, super awesome customer service! THANK YOU SANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock! After trying out the 1 armless piece and comparing different fabric colors, we finally chose what we wanted to order. Order placed, shipment arrived on time, and all in perfect condition. The instructions are so helpful and so well detailed, they made the assembly a breeze! Even getting the fabric on to the cushions was much easier than I had anticipated!! My 16 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed helping my husband and I put everything together. I couldn't tell you how many times I measured the area we wanted to put our sectional in before ordering just to make sure it would all fit. Once we finished and it was in place, the dimensions given on this website are spot on! Our sectional fits exactly how I pictured it would with having the dimensions beforehand! Everyone who has come over and seen and sat on our new furniture really likes it and asks where we got it from. I am very happy and proud to tell them about this website! We love our new furniture, and anyone who is skeptical, need not be because this is by far the best furniture I have ever bought! It is more sturdy that anything you will buy at the big box expensive furniture stores out there! and with the 10 year warranty that comes with this furniture, you won't find a better deal anywhere! Very well constructed, every piece fit together perfectly, no major tools needed, instructions are so simple, I cannot say enough good about this furniture! Here are a few photos of our Jovie style in the pet friendly fabric... As you can see, our dog also loves "his" new furniture!

  11. Home Reserve
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    I love, love, LOVE my furniture. I bought a sofa, 2 chairs and an ottoman.
    I live in an RV. I could not have gotten furniture in the front door if it were already assembled and it is just perfect.
    Thank you so much for your great engineering, quality product at a great price.

  12. Home Reserve
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    Look great!

  13. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Kent, WA
    I’ve spent many hours online and in stores looking for a sofa solution for our long and narrow family room. Prior to Home Reserve the best solution I had found was a sofa and love seat on one long wall facing a sofa and chair on the other long wall. Maximized seating, but felt a little like a waiting room. I’d looked at sectionals before, but I never found a configuration to suit the room.

    When I stumbled upon Home Reserve last October, I liked what I saw. I initially ordered five fabric samples which were very helpful as I contemplated ordering furniture without having seen it in person. The worry-free trial also made it pretty safe to then order the armless chair. It arrived sooner than I expected, and wasn’t difficult to assemble.

    The next day I got out my tape measure and planned out my family room conversion. I “replaced” the love seat in November and the adjacent sofa in December. I finished the conversion in January by “replacing” the other sofa in January. I’ve also added a couple of ottoman pieces. Now, instead of two rows of sofas, I have a split u-shape that is cozier and works better for family interaction.

    All of the furniture pieces still look brand new, despite daily use by several adults and multiple dogs. And the storage under each unit is great for throw blankets and non-food dog supplies

    When my remaining chair from the old set is ready to be replaced, I’ll be ordering a chair and a half, and my Home Reserve conversion will be complete!

  14. Home Reserve

    I have been searching (online and in stores) for over 6 months to find a replacement couch for my living room, and wanted something made in the USA. I couldn't find anything I liked, or could afford. Thank goodness Google just happened to pop up with Home Reserve. I hesitated to order, but was so very impressed with the website & online tutorials, that I decided to "go for it". A few friends were teasing my about ordering "box-o-couch", so I was hoping I didn't make a fool of myself.

    Well, when the boxes arrived (on time, as promised), the first thing I did was check the quality of the upholstery. I have been sewing for over 50 years... from wedding gowns to reupholstering, so I really scrutinized the workmanship of the fabric pieces. The craftsmanship is superb. Seams are perfect, stitching is perfect, the zippers are quality, the pleats are aligned, notches inside are accurate and the pattern design isn't just "slap part A to part B". It is a well planned, professional pattern. The cushions and foam fit perfectly... I could go on and on. Give a "high five" to the sewing team; I know how difficult those pieces are to create.

    I haven't been able to start assembly on the wooden parts yet, because my old sofa hasn't been hauled out yet, but from what I can see of the parts in the box, they are of quality as well. That is another bonus to "some assembly required", in that the boxes can sit until I'm ready.

    Thank you so much for making such a superior quality product at a very affordable price... here in the USA !

  15. Home Reserve
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    My pre-teen daughter N pounced on the Home Reserve box when it arrived, and volunteered to be the one to put the sample armless chair together. I did one final tightening on the screws, and sanded a couple of mildly rough edges, but other than that, she built the entire chair herself, and had a wonderful time. The only thing she needed parental help with was pulling and smoothing the covers so we could fit them snugly over all the corners. Now she can't wait for the rest of our new living room to arrive!


  16. Home Reserve
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    Hi All!

    We have our sectional all together and couldn't be happier!!!! It is gorgeous!!!
    I'm including a picture of our completed sectional. What a Chick Cave we have started!!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful product!!!!

  17. Home Reserve

    To the folks at Home Reserve:

    I hope you don't mind a note with no purpose other than to say that I am so impressed with you all! I have been looking for a sofa for my office and also a couch for our family room at home. I like to do my legwork online and then go to the store, if necessary. I was getting discouraged because all I was finding in my budget was pretty uninspiring. Then, in a stroke of luck, I came across your website. And I proceeded to read nearly every word on it! Your website is exceptional, and it is really satisfying to someone like me who likes to go online and get a real feel for a company or product. I love Home Reserve already, and we haven't even met in person!
    I love that you are an Indiana company and that you have some connection to Purdue! I am literally wowed by your 'green-ness' and the quality (and "made in USA") of your materials. I have already ordered seven fabric swatches and have five more on order; they are beautiful! As a dog owner, I am really impressed with the Altima fabric (and your other washables). As soon as I decide on the right fabric, my plan is to order a sofa for my office first. And then a couch for home. And then, who knows...
    It is extremely rare for me to write a review of a product or, rarer still, a note like this. But I felt compelled to let you know how good you look! And someday I hope to add my review to all the other very convincing, positive reviews on your site. In the meantime, I'm telling my friends about you!

    K C

  18. Home Reserve
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    I just made my third purchase from Home Reserve and I’m sure it wont be my last. I recommend your furniture whenever possible. I bought the Monroe sofa for our last apartment and after moving to a new apartment we bought the Monroe Couch in Montego Gravel which both were great and now that we have the extra money we’re adding a matching Monroe Chair and a Half and an ottoman. I looked at arm chairs from all different sites and stores and none of them to me stood up to the quality, versatility and value I would get here. I love that I was able to add to my furniture at my leisure, that there’s storage in each piece, that I can change the cushion, covers or any part of this furniture whenever I need or want to, it just can’t be beat! And its truly comfortable and durable. Another trusted and happy purchase!

  19. Home Reserve

    I like to say I really appreciate you guys support. Your customer service is tremendous. You guys have sent my items ASAP! I was so overwhelmed! I had a problem with the webbing. It broke and without questions sent me a replacement. Other companies need to examples from you all of how great customer services is done. I have no problem with you all posting this. The world needs to know that Home Reserve is the best place to buy furniture.

    I'd purchase from The Room Place and Value City. Your furniture has so many options of how you want your furniture to be made and arranged. I had problems getting furniture in my home that it was turned away. I would tell everyone you know that this is the best furniture ever. You can interchange parts, make a couch, chaise Lounge, love seat, table (with Modular/ottoman) and sectional. You can't go wrong. THE BEST PART IS : YOU CAN ORDER 1 PIECE, 3 PIECE OR HOW MANY PIECES YOU CAN AFFORD AT THAT TIME AND YOU CAN GET IT IN YOUR HOME, APARTMENT OR STUDIO.


  20. Home Reserve

    Good afternoon,

    I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for everything related to my order of a Brook style sectional. Every encounter we have had with Home Reserve in relation to this purchase has exceeded our expectations. When one of the pieces in our order was delivered to the wrong address and the delivery company was less helpful than we hoped in resolving the matter, my wife called. Sandy immediately responded by offering to ship out a replacement piece. It turned out to not be necessary as we were later on in the day contacted by a neighbor letting us know that they had inadvertently received our package. Even though we didn't end up needing the replacement piece, we appreciated the responsiveness and willingness to immediately resolve the situation.

    I'd also like to express my appreciation and admiration for the furniture itself. In putting together the ten pieces that we ordered, I was immediately struck by the well thought-out design, quality of materials and clear instructions. It is clear that your manufacturing process runs with very tight tolerences as demonstrated by the way each piece fits very snugly with the other pieces, without requiring anything to be forced together. It also looks great and is comfortable. There is truly nothing that I don't like about it.

    We are very happy with our purchase and would have no reservations about providing an enthusiastic recommendation to our family and friends. Our family wanted to take a moment and extend our thanks to your company.

    Thank you,
    Ryan Handley

  21. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Catskill, NY

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    I have had my loveseat for 3 years. I remember reading comments about how easy it was to replace parts/pieces. Well, here I am. A cat decided to be jealous and soiled the sofa seat and back. I washed the covers. . .cold, gentle with borax and baking soda. They came out great. Then I was told they weren't a washable product. Well, it speaks to the quality; I washed and they cleaned!
    I remember the only difficulty I had was in assembly because I didn't use my electric drill in the beginning. Lesson learned.

  22. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Idaho

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    I was a skeptical consumer. We have eight children and really needed a sectional sofa that would be heavy duty. We heard about Home Reserve from another large family friend and the idea of storage space under each cushion was instantly appealing.

    I found it a little hard to believe that we could get something that was great quality for such a low price, but there were a lot of great reviews, and the fact that we could customize everything to be exactly what we wanted finally sold us on the product.

    I knew right away when we opened the first box that we were getting a good quality product. The wood pieces were thick and solid and fit together perfectly, like a giant puzzle. The assembly instructions were thorough and easy to understand. My 14yo son did almost all of the assembly. The foam cushions were nice and dense. The upholstery fabric was strong. By the time we were done, I was quite satisfied with the purchase. The couch looked great, and after a week of kids and dogs jumping all over it, it still looks great. We shall see how it holds up, but I have a lot of hope.

  23. Home Reserve

    Our new loveseat came in two easy to handle boxes. We planned spending most of the next day putting it together. From opening the first box, to sitting in our new loveseat took less than two hours! What an amazing product! Well thought out, precisely made and easy to put together. Looks and feels better than many more expensive furniture store items.
    Two elderly women put this together, so ladies don't worry that it's too complicated.
    We are so happy. This is definitely a winner!
    Thank you for such a great product.

  24. Home Reserve

    We received our ali sectional yesterday, (in buris quiet). It is now all put together and perfect! We live in a very old house with low ceilings, and a post in the middle of our family room. The post has made it tricky to find furniture that fits. This sectional is just right. We were able to get a formation that fit between the post and the wall. And, it is comfortable, and not overwhelming for the room, and looks gorgeous. I could not be happier. I was happy to have my husband help me put it together, but the directions were clear and it went together very nicely.