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  1. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Hollis
    I bought my sofa about 2 yrs ago, i bought the pet friendly fabric, holds up great, its in a spot that gets direct sunlight, and has not faded! Easy to wash, the entire sofa, which with pets and kids is great! Not just spot cleaning, really clean! My dog chewed a pillow, got a replacement, perfect match. Plus I think its a little more comfortable after being used. I would buy again, plus this spring, I may change color, because can change fabric and look any time you want.

  2. Home Reserve
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    Here is our set-up. I think before too long we may order the cushion type backs and change it up a bit. : )

  3. Home Reserve

    First we ordered 2 fabric swatches and tested them out per the claims of "pet fabric" and washable. Perfect. Liquid does bead up on the pet fabric. I squished the fabric up into a ball and scratched the heck out of it...passed all my tests with flying colors.
    Then we ordered the arm less section...super comfy. I have a really bad lower back and was fine with the test piece.
    Next came 5 more pieces and an ottoman. The Brook with Ali arms with the Altima fabric in Thyme, looks smashing together.
    I am 60 yo and was able to put everything together in 4 1/2 hours. Highly recommend having a power drill. Super easy.
    We just ordered another ottoman and when we move we will order a corner piece and another section or two.
    This product is great. Comfort, extra storage and quality.
    Thanks, Home Reserve. Good job!!!

  4. Home Reserve
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    I don't typically post reviews but I do read them and that is what finally convinced me to give Home Reserve a try. I was skeptical. The sectional ended up in a second floor bedroom that we converted to another living space for our younger teens. Easy to get the boxes up the stairs, assembly was straightforward. Instructions were clear and simple. I was expecting a bit of a struggle getting the fabric on and looking smooth but even that was much easier than I had anticipated and I only wrestled with the cover over the foam on the larger corner ottoman for any length of time. I had a question/concern and contacted customer support. I received a very prompt and courteous response. I'm really happy with it and as long as it holds up to the kids I would definitely recommend.

  5. Home Reserve

    Our Laney couch was shipped to us earlier than expected. Thank you!
    My husband was very impressed with how easily the kit was to put together.
    He was also very glad to see the inside construction and frame quality for himself.
    Personally, I was very eager to see how comfortable the couch was to sit on.
    I was very nervous about ordering a couch to be shipped clear to Alaska that I had never sat on!
    I was afraid the couch might sit like stiff waiting room couches, or like the mobile home furniture of the 70's. Nope.....
    The comfort is amazing! It is firm enough to be supportive, but plenty soft to not feel like your sitting on a lawn furniture couch.
    I am 5'6" and my feet can comfortably rest flat on the floor....The one thing I disliked about my old behemoth, quicksand couch was that if you sat up straight your feet had to stick out. (Maybe it was made for a basketball player.)

    In a previous post here, I described testing the fabric samples.
    I wondered though, how the fabric would look on an entire couch rather than a 6 inch swatch.
    It's gorgeous!
    I'm ready to order the love seat now.
    Thank you so much Home Reserve! I love your approach!
    How about expanding your inventory to include other ready to assemble furniture?
    Jennifer Cox,
    Fairbanks, AK

  6. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Minneapolis, MN

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    I never leave product reviews online, but I am so happy we found Home Reserve. Perfect solution to a tricky problem! We finished a loft area in our house that had a very small access path. We never thought we'd find a sectional that we could get up the stairs and narrow hallway, but the nice size shipping boxes were perfect. Assembly was a breeze (wear the gloves!). We love the dual color combination, even though we had to call to order it special (always the nicest people to talk to). Good storage, pet friendly fabric, made in the USA, what's not to love? We underestimated the size a bit, but it's awesome to be able to just call and order another piece to expand it. If you get the corner piece and an ottoman, make sure to get the side panel or the wood will show when the ottoman is moved.

  7. Home Reserve
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    We purchased an 8 piece sectional in Monroe style in pulse sea spray color/fabric. The shipping was fast and putting the pieces together was not hard at all. I am so pleasantly surprised with the excellent quality of the material and comfortability of the sectional. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend this as opposed to ready made sofas. Better quality and better value with so many choices to truly customize your sectional. Not to mention the products are American made. Great job home reserve! Keep up the good work!

  8. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Baldwin

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    I have the Classic style sofa in the Pet fabric in sand and I liked it for the summer. But we have changed styles in the room this winter and I ordered a Liberty Indigo cover to coordinate with a Tux chair in a Navy pet chair which is really my dog's chair. I really like how it transformed the couch and how neat and formal it looks and it coordinates well with the other fabric. I will still use the sand pet cover in the summer but It is really nice to be able to have two style couches for the price of a cover that really was less than a Surefit cover. The fabric is really stain resistant and the dog obviously climbed on the couch immediately and we have no problems. I like the idea of having alternate covers to change room styles at a low cost. When a piece in the Sand colored cover didn't seem to fit just right, the customer service immediately replaced it and it now fits perfectly. They even gave us some extra fabric to upholster the bottom wood pieces if we wanted to.

    I also transformed an Ali couch and loveseat into a sectional by purchasing the corner piece. It looks fantastic in the Sky fabric, which I hope they bring back. That fabric is light blue and I thought it would be prone to stains. So far, it has rejected any stains which I can easily wipe with soap and water and a cloth. Looks great in my beach home. And the storage helps in a small space.

  9. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Nevada

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    My mom has a very nice 5th-wheel trailer that came with uncomfortable and less-than-convenient furniture. She ordered a couch and two modular ottomans to replace the old couch and two corner ottomans to make extra seating without blocking the big window. The storage is PERFECT for keeping her craft supplies hidden but accessible.

    She rearranged recently, also. Top pics are the original furniture the trailer came with, second pics are how she had things arranged at first, last pics are how she has it currently. Love how these pieces can be adapted to different purposes! The window seating is used as a bed for guests. No complaints on comfort!

    She and my brother had everything assembled in just a few hours, no broken or missing pieces. She chose Altima Sand for the fabric. Nice and bright. Thank you!

  10. Home Reserve

    We want to redecorate and order a sectional, but heart set on deep, rich Teal. No such fabric available ;(

    • Thanks for your comment. We offer over 100 fabrics, so just call customer service for some fabric suggestions 1 800 482 2712

      Posted on February 1st, 2016 by Home Reserve.
  11. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Pittsburgh, PA

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    The perfect sectional for our small living room. Fast shipping, easy assembly, sturdy and comfortable!

  12. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Fairbanks, Alaska
    I love the simple, quality approach of IKEA furniture. But we live Fairbanks, AK, thousands of miles away from an IKEA.
    Then I happened upon the Home Reserve website and saw their furniture with a similar approach.
    I've been researching all of this for over a month now.
    Even though the shipping costs alone for both a couch and love seat to Alaska is $421, ( in the lower 48 get a screaming deal on shipping at $67 for a couch!) IT IS STILL LESS EXPENSIVE TO BUY FROM HOME RESERVE THAN BUYING LOCALLY IN ALASKA!
    So before I place an order, I decided to request fabric samples and take a look before I decide.
    The 7 samples of gorgeous fabrics arrived in 3 days.
    Then I got the bright idea to really put them to the test.
    I tried to rip and stretch simulate grandkids kids jumping on it.
    They held up perfectly.
    Next, I cut the fabrics with scissors and tried to rip it further, or get it to unravel.
    It did not.
    Then I took a fork with sharp tines and raked the fabric as hard as I could if a dog might be digging into it.
    This caused a little pilling and roughness, but I could rub it out flat again with little or no obvious damage. IMPRESSIVE!
    My only reservation was on the pet fabric. Yes, Altima Cobalt blue is indestructible, I tried really hard to destroy it, and it held up beautifully. But it shows lint. It seems to want to attract and hold both dog hair and lint. I'm sure a weekly vac job would clean it right up, but I have decided on the more traditional fabric that seems to have less static that attracts particles.
    We will order our couch tomorrow in the Pulse line of fabrics. It stood up to the testing the best.

  13. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    Thanks so much for your quick response, the order got here 2 days early in spite of the terrible weather out your way.

  14. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Groton, CT
    We recently moved into a small apartment near where Nick's submarine (he works for the US Navy) is currently being built and were in desperate need of a comfy place to sit and relax. Jaimie stumbled across the and was amazed by how the furniture pieces are made especially for small spaces and that they were all eco-friendly. Anyways, we ordered a couch from y'all and while it took us some time to figure out how to put it together, we eventually figured it out and it was actually a pretty fun way to pass time during the big snowstorm out here. We are very, very, very happy with how the couch turned out and will definitely purchase from y'all again. Thank you!!! :D

  15. Home Reserve

    I was very impressed with the armless chair I received this week. It was easy to assemble and I love the support. I will admit I am still working on the hook of the Brook back cushion, but I will get it. I am a 70 year old woman who had total knee replacement 6 days before receiving the box. The next day I hobbled around and had the chair frame together in 30 minutes. I had to stop to ice the knee, but was easily able to finish the job. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product. As a Purdue Alumna, I am proud of your connection to our great institution.

    Best regards,

  16. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Peoria

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    I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how happy we are with our purchase! You were so nice on the phone, despite me being a pain in the you know what, and I really appreciate it. The 2-tone sectional turned out perfectly! We love the 2-tone leather with Pulse Citron and thank you for your confirmation on our color choices for the accent pillows, etc. We couldn't be happier. Here are a few photos. Our den is quite small and we haven't been able to figure out the best way to populate it...until now. Thank you! I plan on posting some photos to the Home Reserve website and FB page when I get more time. :)

  17. Home Reserve
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    I was very skeptical before buying my sectional online but I got the courage to but after seeing such great reviews.
    I can not praise enough the experience I have had with homereserve and my sectional look beautiful.
    Assembly was very well documented in the manual and outcome is beautiful.
    I have just ordered more pieces from home reserve.
    My only problem after assembly is that corner piece is showing the wood.
    Wish I can get some of the fabric so I can staple or glue the fabric where wood is showing.
    My family room is looking very beautiful and worth every penny I spent.

    Thank you home reserve.

    • Kim, We have a solution for your corner. Just Email us at

      Posted on January 18th, 2016 by Home Reserve.
  18. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    I put together my chair tonight and it looks wonderful. It took me about two hours, but I started out with a screwdriver and then found my drill. I spent a lot of time on smoothing the fabric and I think it came out nicely. The instructions were very clear, the parts fit well together and it went very smoothly. The chair cushion is a little firm, as stated on the site, it will soften over time. I’m very happy with my purchase and look forward to getting a sectional in the pet fabric

  19. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Rome GA
    I highly recommend this sectional sofa! I have worked both in manufacturing and as a technical writer; so out of habit, I usually bring an unrealistically critical eye to anything that requires assembly, and to the manufacturer's assembly instructions. Having said that, I have no reservation in recommending this product. This sofa was manufactured to extremely tight tolerances; every part fit together exactly as it should. And the instructions are written with technical accuracy, and to the perfect level of detail for a general audience. We just put it together, so I can't say how this sofa will wear over time. But I can say that I like the way it is designed, and it was easy to assemble. Nice job to the Home Reserve team!

  20. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Punta Gorda
    I got the love seat 14 years ago and it still looks new and never replaced anything on it.

  21. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):NV

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    Back again! (My previous comments are #2219, #2191, #2187, and #2178.)

    As I purchased my set during the summer, this was our first Christmas with it. My kids and I debated on different arrangements to best accommodate our tree and we settled on putting all the pieces together into one super long couch! It worked great, completely freeing up one wall. My teenager in the picture is 5' 9".

    The bottom picture shows how I arranged everything after putting the Christmas decorations away. This is the 9th different way I've had my living room configured. It's like playing with giant building blocks! I've decided to order one more piece - a Cozy Ottoman that can be moved around to wherever I need it since occasionally both of my current ottomans (Modular and Corner) stay attached.

    Seriously the best purchase I've ever made!

    (My set is the Laney style with Lapaz Coffee frame and Altima Sand cushions.)

  22. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Albany, NY

    Upload a picture (optional)
    Upload a picture (optional)

    I thought I'd show you how I made one end of my Ray sectional into an office corner (wood placemats over the arms, office stuff over that) and how terrifically the storage holds a mega-kilo-raftload of small electronics that used to be scattered all over the living room and kitchen: chargers, spare cables, etc. The white, box-like "walls" you can see in the storage area — separating different categories of things — are actually the bottoms of plastic bottles and jugs (mostly gallon milk jugs and iced tea jugs) that I cut off to use as organizers. (Just cut the bottle or jug across, six inches up from the bottom. Then the bottom of the jug is a durable, usefully sized organizing box with an open top to hold lots of little things, and you can save the rest of the jug to be a household funnel if you need.) The best bottles/jugs to use for this are square and rectangular ones, because they will fill up the space more neatly than rounded ones.

  23. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Albany, NY

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    After using my Ray sectional for a week, I decided to make the arms into durably protected built-in end-tables by laying bamboo placemats over each arm and tucking the placemats' ends down between the arms and the seat cushions. The placemats moved a little bit when the seats they were near were in use, so I then went a step further and put some double-faced sticky carpet tape across the bottom ends of the placemats so that this tape would stick onto the bottom of the arms (in a place where it doesn't show). This keeps the placemats firmly where I want them, even when I pick up the seat cushions to go into storage,
    In the picture I'm sending, you can see this idea in use: protecting an arm of my Ray couch from a cast-iron tray I was using to sort out some odds and ends before putting them into storage under various seats (according to what they were. I have fabrics and yarn under one seat, small electronic parts under another, etc.)

    Another thing you can do with the Ray arms
    (that my husband and I actually started out doing, but decided in the end _not_ to go ahead with)
    is to install them _backwards_
    (so that the end you see as the front end of the arm would be the flat, rectangular end of the arm — which is normally in back — instead of the rounded end that typically goes in front).
    This actually works, VERY easily, and lets you have a slightly different look for the furniture, if you want something that looks even more "techno" than the regular "by-the-book" Ray ... and it would also give you about an extra inch-and-a-half of flat arm-top "real estate" if you want this.

    As I said, in the end we decided the regular by-the-book assembly was fine for us ... but we know we can change it at any time to this "flat and techno" variation simply by unbolting the arms and re-bolting them on backwards if we want that slightly different look). Maybe Home Reserve can do a video with someone showing both ways of attaching the Ray arms (the standard "rounded end in front" way, and the "flat end in front" variation), so that people can see and try out this extra possibility for customizing the arms on a Ray piece.

    Oh ... I almost forgot two great tip to helps when you are assembling Home Reserve furniture in the first place.

    /1/ Be aware that, when Home Reserve or any other furniture company talks about left and right (for instance, when a piece is labeled "left arm section" or whatever), this is always from the viewpoint of somebody standing in front of the furniture, NOT from the viewpoint of the person who's sitting in it! (My thanks go to Sandy Wood in Customer Service for making this clear, when my husband and I got stuck trying to figure out which piece was which when we were looking at our left and right sectional pieces and their arms.)
    ALSO —
    /2/ If you have had trouble getting the cloth covers on over things — such as the cushions and/or the multi-colored foam pieces that are used to fill out the arms and the top rails of the furniture — you can avoid much of that trouble by using a little bit of double-faced sticky carpet tape again. Put it on the piece of wood that a multi-colored foam piece is going to sit in (for instance, in the groove that holds the top rail foam, or in the hollow place on the arm that is for holding the cushiony tip of the arm), and maybe put some pieces on the frames/cushions before you cover them with the cloth. (It isn't hard to find places where you wouldn't feel them when you sat down: for example, along/near the edges off he cushions instead of right in the middle of the cushion surfaces.)

  24. Home Reserve
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    Just wanted to share photos of the sectional- it fit just PERFECT! Your customer service was exceptional, could not be more pleased with our purchase. Absolutely love the fabric! Happy New Year!
    Sincerely, Patty