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  1. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Silver Spring

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    Annie here. We love the sectional. Photo attached and you are free to use it if helpful. We would like to mail back the arm.

    • Annie,
      changed her mind on the layout so she is sending back the arm. That’s how convertible our furniture is.

      Posted on August 10th, 2015 by Home Reserve.
  2. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Denver
    I've had my Avenue sofa for close to 10 years now with a merlot Altima cover on it. It's held up unbelievable well with 4 dogs and a family! I just ordered a new cover for it, not because anything is wrong with the old one, I just figured if this couch isn't going to quit holding up I'd like to change the color of it for awhile.

  3. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Caldwell, ID

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    Hunted for ages for a sectional couch that would fit in our "Family Room" corner, Was a bit hesitant to order online, without having the option of sitting on it first. By choosing to swap out the Left Sectional Arm I was able to minimize the expansion in to the doorway. They quickly shipped the fabric samples, and after a very quick debate with the spouse she settled on the lighter of the two blues. I'll tell you I think I checked every day for a status update while we waited the 10-12 days for shipment notification, upon arrival I completed 3 ottomans, and had to wait on the rest while we removed the old couch. I finished building the rest in about 3.5 hours, the more you build the quicker it goes. Its a wonderful sectional, maybe one day down the road we will order the cover in the pillows and switch the pillows to the couch. Its nice to know we always have that option, with out having to replace the entire thing. I am sure it took some planing on alternating the connection points, and feet, so connecting the separate pieces didn't create gaps. Great Job Home Reserve, Now if you only did recliners lol. Thank you for a beautiful couch.

  4. Home Reserve

    We finally put together our chair and a half and really liked the final product! We would like to suggest to the manufacturer, if possible, for the wooden pieces to be sanded down till smooth before sending it out to customers. There were quite a bit of splinters and saw dust flying around the air when we were putting it together as my husband wanted to make sure the wood pieces were smooth on the edges before assembling the whole chair together. We discovered that the wood pieces (especially the chair arm) edges should be really sanded down till smooth as this helps the fabric to slide better when putting on the cover, and also helps maintain the life span of the fabric. If the wood edges are rough and splintery, then it might tear the inside of the fabric eventually. Other than the extra time we took to sand down the wood pieces, we do like this product!

  5. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Steuben, Maine
    I just got my loveseat and ottoman last night and put them together today. I am a 68 year old woman, and had no trouble. I was amazed at how detailed and accurate the instructions were! I watched the videos for help with the fabric parts. The tips were great! I am so glad that I got some fabric samples first. I am very pleased with how the fabric looks. Now to get rid of the old loveseat. I live in rural Maine and if I ordered custom fabric I was told I would have to wait 2 months. Got this in under 2 weeks and for about 1/2 the price I would have had to spend for similar pieces!

  6. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Pittston, PA

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    I own a doubleblock and even though it is 1300 sf the rooms are divided and rather small. After searching and searching for a solution to make more seating available I came across your site and was excited. My living room is 12 x 11 with little to no wall space. I ordered your Laney Sectional with the pet friendly in Altima Hickory. A little overwhelmed with all the boxes, but once I got started it was very easy to put together by myself in no time at All. The fabric is soo easy to wipe clean with a messy kid and dog. OH, can we talk about comfort!!! Oh so comfortable and relaxing. I highly recommend to anyone who asks. Thank You, I am so thankful I came across your site and am one Happy Customer...

  7. Home Reserve

    I just received my Ali corner ottoman, armless chair, and corner piece(I'm going to order the remaining pieces as I have money). The ottoman took 2 hours to put together, armless chair took one hour, and the corner piece took 45 minutes (it's a learning curve). I reviewed the online assembly instructions before my pieces arrived so I used the booklet only while assembling. The videos are invaluable to watch before hand. I ordered the Aqua pet care fabric and sprayed Scotch-guard on it.

    The corner ottoman has an incredible amount of storage under it and my 75 lb dog has claimed it as his. The dog plus a cat fits on the corner ottoman with no problem. One side of the corner seat is not (yet) attached to more sectional pieces but the unfinished wood doesn't look horrible because so much of it is covered with fabric. The cushions are very stiff but I am already noticing them "relaxing". I love the sectional, the fabric is wonderful (already had the 75 lb dog run across it with muddy paw and it wiped up with a damp cloth with no problem), the storage is much more than I expected but don't store anything you want to access frequently or you have to keep moving people or animals off the cushions to access the storage.

    The only thing I don't like so far is the fabric on the corner seat, in the corner (directly behind the cushions) needs a piece of elastic to anchor the fabric down (similar to the elastic holding down the bottom fabric) in the corner so it doesn't move up and expose the raw wood. The cushion fabric and the upper back fabric over the wood kind of "stick" together so if you adjust the cushion, it pulls the back fabric up.

    Everything else? I love, love, love. This is much nicer than my last couch plus I have so many more options (change out fabrics, easily replace pieces if the dog goes on a rampage).

    The shipping time: It shipped on a Wednesday and arrived the following Tuesday (I ordered July 4th and it arrived July 21st). It's well worth the wait. Nothing was broken even though one box had a "crunched" corner.

    I did have to leave a voicemail for Sandy a couple of times but she quickly returned my calls and patiently answered all of my numerous questions. I can't wait until I can order the remaining pieces of my sectional.

  8. Home Reserve
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    I've had this sectional for almost 5 years and its still as strong and comfortable as day one. It has endured one teenage boy, a dog, a cat, me falling asleep on it constantly and multiple houseguests. I love the fact that I can remove the covers and wash them (depending on your fabric choice, not all of them are washable) and if I want to change the look I can order new seat covers and it will look like I have a brand new couch. I loved this so much that I also got a love seat and ottoman for my bedroom. Can't say enough about this furniture!

  9. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Republic
    I recently purchased a fairly large (8 pieces including the ottoman) sectional and I am VERY happy with it. Each piece came in its own box, and was clearly marked as to which piece it was. The boxes weren't very heavy, and they were easy to open and unpack. Assembly was probably a little more time consuming for me due to the number of pieces but it was in no way difficult. I live alone, and dealing with heavy furniture can be a problem, but I can easily move the individual pieces if I decide to change the configuration. I will definitely recommend Home Reserve to anyone who is thinking of buying new furniture!

  10. Home Reserve
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    I have a very small living room, and before I bought my sectional I only had seating for three people. With my new sectional of have seating for 7 and I feel like I have more room! Everyone in my family thought I was crazy having to put my couch together but once they saw it, they were amazed how good and comfortable it is!

    Thanks again

  11. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Branson, MO

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    I told my boyfriend I bought a new couch for our new apartment and he was so excited until I told him we would have to assemble it. We have never been very good at following simple instructions like IKEA or Walmart furniture but I was so impressed by the website, the price, and the customer reviews, I decided this was the piece of furniture I wanted! I bought the Monroe Loveseat in Hondo Scarlet. When the packages arrived I was so excited but my boyfriend began tuning into "Debbie Downer" saying this is never going to work and it must be tiny if it only came in 2 boxes. It took us about the estimated 2 hours to construct, but once we were finished I looked over and saw his eyes. He was SO happy that not only did it seem like we put this loveseat together correctly, but it was also much bigger than he anticipated! I immediately grabbed a blanket and a small pillow and rested my head on the arm... only to be awoken 2 hours later. That is what I call quality furniture! Not only is it a beautiful addition to our small apartment, but it is also something to be proud of if you are usually terrible at this sort of thing like we are. I will be buying more from this site in the future.

  12. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Nevada

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    Rearranged furniture yesterday just because I could. Top pic is how it was originally, bottom pic is how it is now. Seriously in love with this set!

    This house belonged to my grandparents, then to my parents, and now I'm here with my kids. I watched two other generations struggle with lots of different furniture in this weirdly shaped and arranged room. The flexibility and functionality of this product is such a win!

    It's hard to tell, but in the bottom pic, to the right (behind the couch) is an extra arm that I decided not to use in the configuration. It's standing on end and serving as a table.

    My mom just placed an order for her 5th wheel trailer in Altima Sand. We're super excited to receive and assemble more pieces!

    (My set is the Laney style with Lapaz Coffee frame and Altima Sand cushions.)

  13. Home Reserve

    Wonderful, wonderful customer service. I had a problem with one of my pieces coming in the wrong fabric color. It was PROMPTLY resolved. Great company to work with. Kudos to you!

  14. Home Reserve
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    When you're owned by 2 large dogs, you know the necessity of comfort and durability. Tori is so thrilled with the chair-and-a-half as she is happy to demo in this photo.
    Fortunately this furniture is incredibly easy to construct do so she didn't have to wait too long for a test nap!

  15. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Phoenix

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    I was thrilled to find home reserve to create a sectional for our church baby room! After looking at various commercial solutions that were way too expensive and did not fit our small space well I was delighted to find just the right scale, great fabric selections and a staff that worked with me in finding the perfect solution to our seating needs! The sectional truly looks like a commercial solution allowing seating from both sides, created the traffic flow we were looking for to separate the two entry doors from the play area and was truly made for this room! We had six volunteers who put the whole thing together in 2 hours! Everyone was impressed!

    Kind Regards,
    Verene Sutton

  16. Home Reserve
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    We received our new sectional as scheduled on June 11. I just wanted to say that it is EVERYTHING we hoped it would be. It was easy to put together, the color and fabric are fabulous, it's incredibly comfortable, and our three cats have tried and failed to make any impression on it at all. Thanks for living up to the hype!
    I've been recommending you to everyone I know.
    Have a great day!

    Sara Schiebner
    Lansing, MI

  17. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Cypress, CA.
    A year to two ago I bought a sofa, chair and a half and ottoman from you guys and they and the whole experience have exceeded my best expectations... I could not even think of a single aspect that could be improved and I review things and services a great deal and thats very rare,, very very rare for both a company and its products to rate as high as yours.... Time has passed and become hard now for me. I either must sell my home or have it taken.. Big home full of 50 years of stuff plus generations from before handed down to me.. I don't know what the future holds or where ill go.. Only that I can not keep hardly anything.. Liquedating everything I can what I cant sell goes in trash, everything must go. The only furniture item im keeping is what I got from you. Ill break it down and layer the flat wood on the floor of my van and my dogs and I will sleep on the cushions until hopefully we can find a place and set it all up again. This was not something i forsaw ever happening but still your product is perfect and no other could have done this like yours can... Your products are still impressing me in new ways... thanks for being the only furniture worth keeping. Im so happy I found and tried your furniture..

  18. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Manassas, VA

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    I posted my story a little bit ago, when I first "built" my 5 piece sectional. I'm the 70 y/o female who did it myself; remember? Anyway, I decided I wanted to make it longer on one wall, and add an ottoman. I love it! And it's definitely pet-friendly fabric... and pet-friendly design! Take a look a Lucas enjoying the ottoman. :-) For some reason the ottoman was my biggest challenge of the 7 pieces, and I thought it would be the easiest!! I just love my Home Reserve sectional; I've been telling (and showing) everyone how terrific it is!

  19. Home Reserve
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    i just recently purchased a five piece sectional in coffee leather. I am 66 years old and I have copd. I found the assembly very easy. My advice is follow the directions exactly…no shortcuts! I used a small battery operated drill. I completed the assembly in a day and a half, however, I was in no hurry and took many coffee breaks! The only piece I found to be a challenge was the corner section. But I enjoy a good puzzle.

    I am pleased with my purchase and the quality and love idea of buying American! That is always a selling to me!

  20. Home Reserve

    We were designing a movie room and had a limited area to create a 5 person seating area. My husband is a stickler for having everyone sit in the best sight and sound positions for movies. We needed to find comfortable seats that could be no wider than 20" for each person. The armless sectionals were a perfect fit. We connected 5 of them for our room and movie nights have become an almost daily pleasure. I even redid our living room with a Home reserve couch ( best place to take a nap) and a large chair and ottomans. We love sitting around talking and just thin I got to put them all together myself! This is a great product and I tell eveyone a bout it.

  21. Home Reserve

    I have receive my sofa and love it. My 18 year old son with autism (poor social skills but a wiz at building things- i.e. Legos) put the whole thing together for me. I've been telling everyone I know about this amazing couch. Washable- WOW! AND made in America. Thank you for your ingenuity.
    Kasey Merz

  22. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Hamilton
    My fears were that the furniture would look cheap, be the size doll furniture, or not hold up well. I researched online and couldn't find any real complaints about the company at all. Tossed the idea around for several months and finally ordered. I ordered May 26th. Delivery was supposed to be 13 days from the date ordered. It arrived yesterday June 8th, 4 days earlier than I expected. I ordered a couch, a chair and a half and an ottoman in the Laney style. Everything arrived in 5 boxes yesterday by UPS. If you have ever put together Sauder furniture you will consider this a breeze! All the parts were there. Everything was well labeled (numbers on the wood were carved into the wood). Directions were very clear with real pictures and drawings. I put it all together myself and a little help from my neighbor's son. The only tools needed were scissors to open the boxes and my electric drill with a phillips head bit. They enclosed gloves and a sanding pad for any rough edges. Assembly for all the pieces took probably 8 hrs. It looks great! It has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making a good quality American Made product.

  23. Home Reserve
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    We just put together our sectional. It is amazing!!! Thank you so much!!

  24. Home Reserve
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    Please start making beds!
    We bought a sofa a while back and it has survived a move and two cats, plus my 450 pound husband and his equally hefty gamer friends jumping about playing MarioKart and Gauntlet on it.
    Would you please consider adding beds?
    I'm thinking a twin size cushion in the same comfortable foam as your seat cushions (maybe even several modular cushions that fit into the frame like the sofa cushions do) atop a storage feature deck like the sofa has. You could even add the ability to connect several of them side by side with straps/bolts, and different size covers to hold all the top cushions together to make a hero sized bed that could still be taken down and reassembled easily. I bet a modular bed would be a great hit with apartment dwellers and dorm residents. I promise to be the first customer for a modular Home Reserve sleeping unit or three because 1) I never want to attempt moving a king size mattress again and 2) Our Home Reserve sofa cost one third of what our year-old mattress did and it's holding up a thousand times better. And sadly enough, the sofa is far more comfortable to sleep on!
    Somebody at Home Reserve probably already had this idea, but I thought I'd try encouraging its development. Your products are exceptional, just wish there were more of them! If the modular bed doesn't come out soon, I'm going to have to order 9 ottomans :)
    Mary Meline