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  1. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):BRAWLEY

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    I have to say I'm very impressed with home reserve sectionals. I had been searching for months for sectionals but everything I found was oversized & overpriced not to mention the the fact that most sectionals on the market only come in two or three pieces which limit the configuration. One day I came across this website, so I read most of the reviews & ordered Swatches. As soon as I showed my husband the the website & we received the samples we took the plunge. Let me tell you we are so pleased with our furniture. We went with the Altima pet friendly fabric in Toast. Assembly was time consuming because we ordered so many pieces but was very easy thanks to the simple & easy to follow instructions. A piece of fabric tore but I will be contacting home reserve to get a replacement on Monday. All in all I am a very satisfied customer

  2. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):MD
    I am 72 and i am so proud to say i assembled my ottoman with no problems whatsoever. You made it so easy with your detailed instructions and online videos. I cant wait to do the chair and a helf. Love. Love love it! Thanks again. One happy customer.

  3. Home Reserve

    Thank you for your excellent customer service!

  4. Home Reserve
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    this is in Ami's son's small apt. It maximizes space.

  5. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Laurel, Md.

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    Just had to share our pleasure and satisfaction about our Home Reserve Sectional purchase. We LOVE it! My husband Jesse is a master craftsman and was equally delighted about the construction and ease of putting the couch together. Very high praise from him! He is a furniture designer and cabinet maker for over 35 years. He designed a custom coffee/dining table, which we now call a dinoffee table. We think it's the perfect compliment to the casual dining experience in our home.

  6. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Washington, DC
    I had been searching for a new sofa literally for years. I live in an 100+ year old row house on the East Coast so space is always an issue, and the biggest question is whether anything I buy will fit through the door. Therefore, I was thrilled when I found Home Reserve in one of my many internet searches.

    I bought several fabric samples before making up my mind and am glad that I did, because I changed my mind after seeing them. (I ended up selecting Hondo Gray and love the feel, color and durability).

    The sectional was the best bet for my space. I ordered a corner, two armless pieces and one left arm.

    The online order form did not work with my browser for some reason, so I had to call Customer Service directly. Each time I did, I got through to a live person very quickly who was always extremely friendly and helpful.

    The order took ten days to process and two days to ship. I never got the email update as they stated, but it did arrive exactly on the day they said it would.

    Each piece arrives in a separate box, and each box was larger and heavier than I expected. It was a little bit of a struggle for me to get the boxes into the house.

    However, everything was very well packed. Do be aware: don't open the boxes until you are really ready to start assembling. The foam padding is so tightly packed into the boxes, it expands significantly when you open the box.

    Read the instructions before beginning. It really helps. Otherwise, assembly is incredibly well spelled-out and logical: 1-2-3-4, etc. But, it is definitely a two-person job. You need someone to hold things steady as you add subsequent pieces to the frame.

    We started with one of the armless pieces and got the hang of it after the first, so the latter pieces only took 30-40 minutes each to assemble.

    The process was going perfectly until the very last thing - the slip cover for the arm - they sent the wrong size. However, the friendly Customer Service rep sent me the correct one overnight.

    The fit of the covers is far from perfect. It does not look like expensive furniture, because it's not. But, it is super comfy; made it America; versatile and perfect for my space. And, my customer service experience was A+ --- that is a big issue for me.

    Overall, I would recommend Home Reserve and would order from them again.

  7. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Macomb IL

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    After 6 months in the making (on my part), it's finished, and I couldn't be happier. Living in a 3 room apartment has it's challenges, but this product was the perfect solution. My goal was to maximize seating beautifully and comfortably. Mission Accomplished! The fabric is Mission Sky Blue, style is Jovie. I ordered my free armless first to check it out, and was so happy. A while later I ordered another armless and 2 corners to see what kind of layout I could accomplish, then finished up with one more armless. Then after some help from customer service who saved the day with a prototype end panel for my corner unit, TA DA! This room is living room, home office, craft space, and movie room when my grandkids visit. It needs to do a lot of things, and now I've got some extra storage space for all those functions! I could not be happier!

  8. Home Reserve
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    I'm so happy with my new loveseat! I love it. I chose the Monroe style loveseat with the Altima Sand fabric, which not only looks very classy and goes well with different decorating styles, but also feels velvety soft and sturdy. That it's a machine washable, stain-resistant fabric is a huge plus for me. (Also the Altima Sand fabric swatch resisted water & spills well, while the other swatches tended to soak up the water.)

    The couch as a whole feels comfortable and anchors my living room really well. I've fallen asleep on it already. It's actually more convenient for me that the loveseat was shipped to me not assembled, because it means it could be taken apart for moving later. (The final assembly move is connecting together two separate chairs, so you can move each side independently.) It took about two hours for me to assemble, though I went slowly, with a number of breaks. I have no worries about how sturdy the final product is. Also, there's storage space underneath the seats!

    Before purchasing, I looked at a bunch of swatches. I strongly recommend people doing that beforehand too. In case it's helpful to others, my uploaded photo shows them.

    Lower row, from left to right: Altima Sand (what I chose), Kayla Ecru, Bulldozer Chamois, Libra Manila, Libra Granite, Alhambra Onyx

    Top row, from left to right: Montego Taupe, Knockout Elm, Montego Gravel, Pulse Smoke, Energizer Graphite.

  9. Home Reserve
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    Thank you Home Reserve. Less than 45 minutes to assemble and it has the stamp of approval from Cole.

  10. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):washougal

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    I was so excited to receive my sectional! I ordered the Laney style, in Montego Crimini fabric. It is super soft, and a very nice color. The couch fit perfect in my tiny home. I did a lot of research before buying, and I was a bit nervous, but it looks great! It is very comfortable, and the storage is amazing! I had 2 people help me put it together, all in all it was a bout a 5 hour ordeal, but once you put one piece together, you kind of figure it out, and can move quicker on the other pieces. I recommend sanding all edges! It is so much easier to get the fabric on, the fabric is nice and snug, fit well with little to no smoothing, But sanding the edges of the frame is necessary! I ended up getting, a left arm seat, an armless, a corner seat, attached to a corner ottoman. It opened up my tiny home, and fit exactly as promised. I love my new couch!!!!!

  11. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):North Dartmouth, MA

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    I received my risk free armless today. Processing and shipping time are on exact. It took me about 40 minutes to assemble. I’m amazed at how thick the cushion is. My 10 year old doesn’t want to get off! My husband was skeptical at first but once he sat on the finished product he is ready to order the rest of sectional! I hate physically shopping for furniture or shopping in general and this whole process has been a positive experience. I will be ordering the rest by the end of this week.

  12. Home Reserve
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    Thought you might like to see how it looks.

  13. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Manassas, VA

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    I can't believe it; it's gorgeous! I ordered the Monroe sectional in Altima Aqua Pet Care fabric (so soft!), but only got the armless "test" piece first, just to be sure. After all, it sounded much too good to be true. A friend and I put it together and I raced to the computer to order the rest. When the other 4 pieces came, I couldn't wait for someone to come help me; I wanted it done now! I am a 70+ year-old woman, and I did it myself. The hardest part for me was putting that crazy filmy fabric on the foam for the end-piece arms. I did the corner piece (the most complicated) on the first day, and the other 3 the next day. By myself, if I didn't mention that before... :-) I absolutely love it! So do the cats. I've somehow managed to lose one pack of connector bolts, but the rest is connected. I'm going to order a couple of pillows and a packet of bolts to finish it off. I've been telling everyone about your company. I couldn't have a sofa in my townhouse before; the delivery folks couldn't get it around the corner at the top of the steps. The separate boxes for the pieces is genius. I could not be happier. Thank you!!!

  14. Home Reserve
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    Your chair and a half fits perfectly and they fit through the tiny door while in the shipping boxes. It is also very comfortable and it is fun to tell people that I actually made it myself.

    Thank you
    Cynthia Howell

  15. Home Reserve

    Just received our Classic loveseat today and immediately my husband started putting it together. He's very handy with tools so I watched the videos on the coverings! When finished we tried it out and I just ordered a sofa in the same style and color-Bulldozer Carolina Blue! We are remodeling a sunroom and making it fun and colorful based on these pieces! We have 3 cats so I'm sure I will be glad the seat covers can be removed and washed to get the fur off! I really think we are going to enjoy this furniture and it should last us for a long time. We are empty-nesters and the grandchildren are only here occasionally, so it won't get a lot of wear and tear!

  16. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Nevada

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    Back again to say thanks for this product!

    My sweetheart just had knee surgery and has to keep it elevated and iced. We wanted to watch a movie in the living room so I slid the modular ottoman to the end of the couch (since he's a little taller than the couch is long), moved the back cushions to give him more room, used one under his head and one under his knee, then I pushed my one-armed chair against the couch so we could lounge together. When the movie was over everything slid right back into place and looked perfect!

    Also, my chihuahua likes to lie on top of the back cushions to see out the window and several times now he's tracked wet/muddy/dirty paw prints on the couch. All I've had to do is wipe my hand over the spots (once they're dry) and everything brushes away, even on this light sand-color. The Altima fabric is amazing and SO soft and comfortable.

    (And on a more humorous note... my best friend is 8 months pregnant and told me recently that she had a nightmare about her water breaking while she was sitting on my beautiful new couch. I told her since it's all washable, she could give birth on it for all I cared! Lol!)

  17. Home Reserve
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    We live in a small 1,200 square foot home, in which storage space is almost non existent. We had previously looked at Ikea couches, and while I like the style, the comfort level and lack of storage left me hesitant. I decided to go online and see if I could purchase or make a couch with storage. Luckily I ended up finding Home Reserve. I read every review I could find but was still unsure. I loved the concept but I am so picky about the comfort. It seemed like most of the reviewers felt that the cushions were fairly stiff. I worried that they would end up being extremely firm like a majority of the couches you find at ikea.

    About two and a half weeks ago I decided to finally just order the risk free armless sectional piece. I am so glad that I did! It arrived today and I had it set up by myself in about 45 minutes. It probably would have taken less time but I kept stopping to vacuum up any splinters off the floor. Everything went together very easily and the instructions were very clear. I had previously watched the videos on how to cover the unit with fabric and felt that it went on well and looks nice.

    After the assembly was the moment of truth! How comfortable was it? I can honestly say that I feel it is very comfortable. While not as deep as my current couch I do find that it has a lot more give than the ikea sectional I was looking at in the same price range. As soon as my husband is home from work and gives it the go ahead I will be placing an order for the two end pieces in the Ali style arm. Since we are a family on a budget I appreciate that we can order a section at a time until we can get the full layout that we want. I also love that I can remove the fabric for washing (we went with the montego gravel) especially with two small children. Once I get the full layout I want I will post another review and more pictures.

    Overall I think my only complaint would be the wait time. However I completely understand why it is as long as it is. I am just impatient and get excited to spruce up my cute little house with new things. Thank you Home Reserve you have a customer for life!

  18. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):New Orleans
    I just put my new Laney Sectional together. It was time consuming and labor intensive but not too bad once I got the hang of it. The beauty tips also helped a lot. I absolutely love my sectional. It is so comfortable! The material is velvety soft and very cozy. I am very pleased!!

  19. Home Reserve
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    Sure, I love showing off my "kids" and my beautiful furniture.
    When we got Saphira, she was only 10 weeks old and smaller than the cat...and took up less than half a cushion. Now my husband and I have to sit on opposite ends while she stretches between us, taking up 2 seats.

  20. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Nevada

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    (Jovie style with Lapaz Coffee base/arms and Altima Sand cushions. Plus throw pillows in Joy Bluebird, Bulldozer Surf, and Altima Latte.)

    My order arrived at 1:30pm yesterday. We finished at 10:30pm, however that was with breaks, errands, and food. Overall, the assembly of 10 boxes took roughly 5 hours. (Between 3 adults and 2 kids.) Not bad.

    Nothing was missing, nothing was broken. Things went together beautifully. My brother (former Seabee) did most of the difficult stuff (including the frame upholstery) and utterly enjoyed himself. The word 'ingenious' was used many times.

    I'm glad he happened to be in town when the boxes arrived, partially for his indispensable help, but also because he is 6'8" (yes, 6'8", that's not a typo) and over 200lbs. I wanted to see how he fit on the seat since the seating is often described as shallow in reviews. He had no issues with it whatsoever!

    I am 5'8" and 135lbs and the couch is beyond ideal in its proportions. Plenty deep enough without needing to pull out the cushions and with an ottoman it's fabulous! I got the Jovie (Ray) arms for their convenient surface area but was concerned they would be too low. That's not the case at all. They're great! The back cushions are much heavier than I'd thought they'd be so they stay in place perfectly while being supportive and soft.

    I'm very happy with my purchase! Thank you!!

  21. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):CT
    I shared my purchase and assembly story earlier in March, but I wanted to comment on Home Reserves customer service. My 15 yearly son landed heavily on the couch and cracked the storage topper piece that the cushion sits on. I contacted customer service and they responded quickly and sent me a free replacement part. No questions asked.
    That is GREAT customer service!!
    Thank you.

  22. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Lawton, Oklahoma
    I have been viewing the Home Reserve website for over a year, I came across it when I typed sectionals for small areas on my search engine one day. The home we are in is very compact and practically every piece of furniture we have also acts as a storage piece. I must have read every comment made and watched every video twice and was convinced this furniture was for me. We have three "fur babies" and the idea of furniture fabric that is durable and washable was very appealing to me. I had stopped in a local furniture store and ask if they carried anything that was pet durable and just about got laughed out of the store. There response was " there is no furniture made that is pet proof". Well they were wrong! I finally got to purchase my sectional and chair and a half with the Altima Latte fabric and am very pleased with the look and feel of the fabric. Spots brush right off. My dogs tend to lick their paws a lot and a soft cloth removes any sign of a damp spot. I love, love, love this furniture. Granted it is not some high end piece but is serving me well and when the time comes to purchase any other furniture I will choose this manufacturer first. I do hope in the future they will come out with a line that is soft and cushy along with all the other advantages offered that they have now. That being said, the customer service is excellent and it is an American company, which I love. If you know any pet owners searching for wonderful and practical pieces tell them about this company, they won't be sorry if they choose this company. Thank you Home Reserve!

  23. Home Reserve
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    Custom sectional Ray back cushions with Tux arm in Bulldozer Graphite

  24. Home Reserve
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    I just have to say that I LOVE this company! A while back, maybe a year ago, I purchased a sectional. We have a very long family room in our condo. We wanted seating for the two of us, and any guests, a sofa and chairs looked awkward because It isn't a big place. Because of the length room, we needed an extra long sofa to fill the space nicely. We ended up with the Ali style sectional (4 seats) and large ottoman with the faux washable leather. I love it, it looks great and it fits the room perfectly. Not only that, we really needed the storage space in a small condo.

    Around the same time we bought the new couch, we got a new PUPPY! Hence, the WASHABLE fabric! (Which we have done a number of times, and it still looks wonderful!) Now that puppy is over 50 lbs, and still pounces on the furniture like shes a lap dog, and my husband rough-houses with her like he is a little kid himself!

    I went to put away the Easter table linens - that I keep inside the sofa's massive storage area!! - and found one of the wooden seat pieces cracked and broken. I don't know who did it.... neither the dog nor my husband are talking! But, knowing that I didn't have to buy a whole new sofa, I wasn't too upset. I sent HomeReserve an e-mail and asked to purchase just the wooden seat for that particular model. That's when I was told there was a 10 year warranty on the frame pieces!!! WHAT??? And not only that, they were sending it out right away! Holy cow! A GREAT product, GREAT price, GREAT warranty, AND GREAT customer service!

    We don't have any more room for more seating in our living room, but, if we we did, I would be definitely be buying from Home Reserve. I would recommend them to anyone looking for comfortable, affordable furniture.