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  1. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Santa Ana, CA

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    Let me say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of my sectional, not only is beautiful but also very comfortable and the best of all MADE IN USA!!!
    We needed o update our living room sectional and after searching all over and find the same overpriced and boring sectionals all over the place, I found Home Reserve and that was it, not only is so easy to order, the pricing is great and the best of all OUTSTANDING Customer Service, now I have a sectional that can go for years and years and I can update it any time I want with new covers.
    In terms of the assembly I have to say that is very easy, I am a handy man so for me was super simple but I believe anyone can put it together without much effort.
    So overall I TOTALLY recommend Home Reserve, already told family and friends about it.

  2. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Pine Mountain Club
    I have just started to assemble my armless chair. The cushions were a piece of cake. Took me 20 min. for 2 cushions.I am at step 3 and the pieces don't fit. I can't even hammer them in. Sanding is useless. Well i got a knife and scraped the inside on one side of the groove just a little and then hammered it in. Not as easy as they make it sound. I can find a video for the cushions but none for the frame. So you need a screw driver a hammer and a knife.The chair is now assembled and i didn't have any problem with any more of the pieces fitting. Just #1 into #2 and #3 into #4. I love the way it looks and can't wait until my other 3 pcs. to come.

    • Patricia,Glad you were able to finish your furniture. We do have a video of the armless assembly. Here is the link

      Posted on December 2nd, 2015 by Home Reserve.
  3. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Johnstown, CO
    Love "MY" chair. I ordered an armless chair in a washable fabric initially because I wanted to be able to return it if I hated it.After a few weeks I ordered Laney arms! I wanted the rounded arms to discourage using them as end tables. My son-in-law was concerned about sitting in the chair because of the fact that it was "assemble yourself" furniture. I explained that the video on your website showed several men standing on the frame and that by doing some math I figured the chair would support around 600 pounds. Now when we have the family over everyone wants to sit in "MY" chair! Oh, well. I get it most of the time. When my husband and I put together furniture, we rate it by how many bottles of wine it takes. We didn't even get through the first glass! My next purchase will be an ottoman. When my current sofa and love seat are ready to be replaced, I will definitely be coming back. I have been looking at storage beds, with drawers in the frame. Have you ever considered designing something like that? Nothing fancy, just a platform with drawers for storage. I have seen Queen size beds with six drawers on each side but they do not seem to be the quality that you produce. Thanks for a simple, quality product.

    • Thanks for your comments. We have not looked at a bed design at this time, the shipping might be an issue.

      Posted on December 2nd, 2015 by Home Reserve.
  4. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Naperville, IL

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    We were looking for furniture for our newly finished basement when we came across the Home Reserve website. We were happy to see the customization possible in creating a seating area in a smaller part of the room. The combinations and options seemed endless. We also considered the difficulty in bringing large sofa sections down the stairs and thru doorways. The modular sections were the clincher for us in purchasing our set. We bought most everything for our basement project online! Once our youngest graduates from college we can turn the set over to him and move it out by simply removing the two wing nuts and bolts from each section. And even better, we can wash the fabrics for a fresh new start. I was also very pleased with the quality of the assembly. The substructure and fabrics fit together perfectly and the finished sofa is the strongest and most durable sofa I've ever owned.

  5. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    This is a photo of our newly renovated attic. Previously my husband and I purchased two arm chairs and found it near impossible to get them into this exact space which is now home to a SECTIONAL!!! The fabric on the previous chairs was damaged from forcing them through a small hallway and up three flights of winding staircases. Having this particular sectional in this space has made it appear larger, more open. The pieces fit so well they look as if they were custom made! Not to mention all the extra seating AND storage we now have! I couldn't be happier! Before discovering Home Reserve I NEVER would have imagined a sectional for this space. I wouldn't have thought it an option or even possible! When I told my husband that I was getting a sectional for our loft he laughed out loud haha! Home Reserve made the impossible possible for our family. Never say never :)

  6. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    Here’s the photo – new paint job and remodeling around the fireplace to make more storage bench seating as well as adding the furnishings to make room for the family. Just in time for the holidays!

  7. Home Reserve

    I got my couch a couple months ago . I just love it!!!! I have pets and that fabric cover for pets is great... it just cleans up great.... I wouldn't get no other cover for my couch . I just wish they had it in a TEAL fabric. I would pay another one in a heart beat...thank you I'm very happy with my new furniture. good quality!!!

  8. Home Reserve
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    Well the wall grouping is finished and we love it! Thank you for all you help!
    Sincerely, Patti

  9. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):North Manchester, IN

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    Upload a picture (optional)

    WOW, Our sectionals and ottomans look fantastic! Thanks everyone at Home Reserve for the great customer service!

  10. Home Reserve

    This is Mark and Janice Robinson. We received our furniture on Friday and put it together today and WOW! We love it and just wanted you to know! And as long as it holds up (which we really don't have any doubts in your product) it'll by far be the best product we ever purchased. Which to be honest, we feel that already. My husband was so thrilled on how everything went together and how easy and he didn't have to modify anything. And all the covers went on easily for the most part too. So thank you again very much. We've been bragging about your company to friends and family and hopefully you'll get some more orders.

  11. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Menlo Park

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    Upload a picture (optional)

    Just completed putting together my sectional. It wasn't as simple as in the video at first, but once you get the hang of it, it became much easier, and the instruction/numbering was very clear. I love the material and the idea of modular units that I can configure as the way I like it. One complaint is that there is no fabric to cover the bottom part of the corner unit so when you set it between the armless and ottoman, you can see the wood (OSB) panel of the bottom of the corner unit. I wish I could get the material to cover the bottom of the corner unit so that I can use the ottoman attached or detached from the corner unit. That would make this product more versatile.

    • We have a solution for you. Just call customer service 1 800 482 2712 for your options.

      Posted on November 5th, 2015 by Home Reserve.
  12. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Indianapolis, IN

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    Upload a picture (optional)

    After over 10 years, our Home Reserve couch, loveseat, and chair are still in great shape and more comfortable than ever. I purchased the Ultima fabric, because we had four cats then. We have grown to a family of eight cats and over the years there have been many stains, but the Ultima fabric has served us very well. Spot cleaning is easy and I have laundered it twice and it still looks great. It is a favorite spot for the cats to lay on, especially the back cushions, and I love that I can pull the back cushions off, fluff them up, and put them back. An easy rotation so the cats don't flatten them too badly. You certainly couldn't do that with a traditional couch. I've included a picture of Tony doing what he does best.

  13. Home Reserve

    We have received and put together our sectional and we love it! So much that we have just placed an order for additional sections to add to it. We need more places to sit so all of our dogs can be on it with us. It is a great product and does not cost any more than it would cost to go to a furniture store and buy a nice sectional. We have lots of dog-lover friends across the country who are seeing our pictures on Facebook and asking lots of questions, so you may get some business from some of them. Also, co-workers who have small children are interested. Everyone likes the fact that the pet safe fabrics won't allow liquids to soak through. That seems to be a common concern for pet lovers and parents of small children. So far, we've not encountered anything negative about the sectional, unless you count having to deal with all of those boxes once the sectional is put together!

  14. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Columbus Ohio
    I ordered a sofa about a year ago and it still looks like new. I love it because it is dog friendly. No more stains. I just take it off wash it and put it back on.
    The color is very neutral so I have no problems changing my decor.
    Now today I am looking for new colors to order so I can change my living room.
    The storage under the seats is wonderful. I have a small apartment so I can store attachments to my sweeper.
    Thank you for a wonderful product.

  15. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):San Francisco
    I moved into a small, junior condo-sized space, known in these parts as an in-law unit, where i could only fit knock-down furniture through the narrow doors. i also refused to turn it into an ikea showroom. i discovered home reserve online. the scary part about it is assembly--i have no patience, so i hired someone online to do it! stress gone. the only thing i don't like about this is how rough the hidden storage is--my daughter said "mom, it looks like a zombie apocalypse in there." i agree. posting a deliberately glammed down pic because that's what real life is like--and you should see this furniture in its "natural habitat" and not super styled up... :)

    • Sorry there was no picture attached but try again.

      Posted on October 16th, 2015 by Home Reserve.
  16. Home Reserve
    Upload your profile picture (optional)
    Upload your profile picture (optional)

    Your City & State (optional):Huntington

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    I'd also like to add an additional comment and picture to my story above ( because I do so love how rearrangeable the modular pieces are) Last weekend I discovered an entire pint of rotten strawberries that had been dumped behind the couch (by some child who shall remain nameless) and I was able to CLEAN it all off the couch and move on with my life without a stain or scrub because my washing machine did all the work! Now the strawberries are gone, no children were maimed and my livingroom smells like fabric softener.... Amazing!!!! And yes they do jump from the trampoline to the couch to the trampoline...they're kids! If the couch can take it then so can I, excercise is good stuff!

  17. Home Reserve
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    Upload your profile picture (optional)

    Your City & State (optional):Huntington

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    Upload a picture (optional)

    My Homereserve couch is going on it's 8th year and is still going strong!
    It has survived 4 little children, 1 puppyhood and 3 moves like a champ! It's been stabbed, covered in food and drink, peed on, vomited on several times, jumped on, drawn on with every medium imaginable, rearranged a million times over and has built 100 plus couch forts on rainy days. At home my kids are allowed to jump on the couch and put their shoes on the furniture. This has been our main piece of furniture in the livingroom through 4 baby/toddlerhoods. This couch has even outlasted my husband and shows less wear than him!
    I love how I can WASH the covers when its looking dumpy and rearrange the pieces when the room layout grows stale. It's been through many, many washes. One child stabbed it with scissors 6 years ago and the holes havnt run. The fabric is just as soft as day 1. When it comes out of the dryer it smells amazing and freshens the whole room.
    I ADORE being able to hide clutter away inside the couch. There's about 20 pairs of shoes and 15 games and 4 blankets in there right now....This is a great couch, I love it. It has served my family well!

  18. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Salem, NJ

    Upload a picture (optional)
    Upload a picture (optional)

    We were in the market for a new couch with storage and washable covers. I found you guys totally by accident and decided to order. The instructions were wonderful and so incredibly easy to follow. The pieces were clearly numbered and we only had to make 2 minor cuts with a roto tool for something that didn't fit right. It fit perfectly into our little house. Our door openings are small and we would not be able to fit an already put together item through the door. We love it!! My only suggestion is that the wood be sanded. Even with the gloves that were provided, I had a ton of splinters and the wood grabs and splinters onto the covers and cushions. Can't wait to order some replacement covers to change out the look! Thanks

  19. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Sutherlin

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    Upload a picture (optional)

    We took out the sofa/bed in our motorhome and replaced it with this loveseat. I like how it could be assembled inside the motorhome because we cannot fit an assembled one through the door.

    Thanks for the great product!

  20. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Sutherlin

    Upload a picture (optional)
    Upload a picture (optional)

    We had a worn jack knife sofa bed in our motorhome that was driving my wife bezerk. Someone on an RV forum suggestion Home Reserve. I looked at the different models and sizes, and chose the one in the picture. We were, and still are, amazed that it was shipped in two boxes via UPS. After opening the packages, we were a bit intimidated, until I started looking at the instructions. It took us around 2 hours to completely assemble it in our motorhome. The assembly went smoothly and it was great to get a nice loveseat and not have to take out a window to get it in. Thank you for your wonderful product!

  21. Home Reserve
    Upload a picture (optional)
    Upload a picture (optional)

    I love my new sectional! Thanks Home Reserve! I chose the Laney in Altima Toast fabric. It was very easy to assemble and looks great. Thanks again Home Reserve, this sectional fits perfectly in my tiny house.

  22. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Ld8L21k9vOCX
    Hi.. this is Kelly from Denver. I looked into the copamny, and loved their selections, but unfortunately none fit my space (I have VERY strict/tight measurements). Thanks for all your help though. Maybe someday I can buy one!

  23. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):sl2pEsituxI
    Anna, the sofa looks absolutely gougeors!! I also love the green chinese garden stools and the small mirrored chest of drawers you have there on the side. Very Very nice!Karen

  24. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Texas
    I just finished putting together my Ray sectional. It really looks great. I've gotten compliments on the look and I like the firm seat. Yet, I'm not sure how much use it will get. I'm not sure this sofa is meant for taller people. There is no deep couch sitting. Feels like the seat needs about 4 to 6 more inches of depth for people 5'9" and above.

    • Kali,
      Thanks for your comment. The seat cushions are designed to be pulled forward about 2″-3″ and that should help with your seat depth.

      Posted on September 30th, 2015 by Home Reserve.
  25. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Sanford, NC
    My mom found The Home Reserve online and immediately referred me to their website. I was in need of affordable furniture after moving into a new apartment, and this furniture was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered swatches first; they arrived quickly, and I was impressed with the quality of the fabrics. My first furniture purchase was the ottoman. My dad put it together for me, so I don't know how easy or difficult it was, but it looked great. I ordered the Ray Couch shortly after. The boxes it all came in were easy to get through the narrow staircases and hallways of my apartment building. My boyfriend and I put the couch together, and I was impressed by how easy it actually was. It took us maybe 3-4 hours, but the majority of that time was spent on the fabric and padding which was the most tedious part. Getting the fabric on was not difficult: it just took a while to get it straight. They provide you with gloves and sandpaper which makes the process easier. Overall, I am incredibly satisfied with my new couch and ottoman. The quality is even better than I had expected, and the fact that I assembled my own couch makes it even better,