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  1. Home Reserve
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    Our dog Tank (and yes hes huge) has eaten 4 couches and (hes 4 yrs old) we came across this website when we were searching for a new replacement couch, What caught our eye was that we could replace any damaged pieces as well as take the sofa apart and wash all the pieces making them look like new again. This couch is amazing!!!!!! between my dog and my toddler the couch is our personal miracle we have needed to wash this couch numerous times and I love how they let me customize the cushions with different colors, and we love the storage space!!!!!! I would buy this over and over again and plan to the next time we need a sofa. I would recommend this to any and everyone.

  2. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Bronx, New York

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    Amazing! Simply amazing! I went on line looking for a Loveseat for a small space and accidentally stumbled upon the HomeReserve Website. I liked what I saw and the prices were right so I decided, 'What the heck?'. Now as any shopper knows, ordering something online without ever seeing it can be scary. But I ordered the Tux Loveseat for my daughter's studio apartment and held my breath. It arrived yesterday, in two small boxes, a week ahead of schedule. My wife looked at me as if I had two heads and said, "There's no way a Loveseat can be in those small boxes!" So we opened the boxes and looked at the jumble of wood, foam, fabric, and hardware and laughed. I opened up the instruction booklet; read the steps; and started the assembly. It was very straight forward and clear and the pieces went together fairly easily. Within two hours we were almost done; but we called it a night, and started again this morning. After assembling the final pieces in record time, we started on the fabric and foam; but soon found ourselves getting frustrated. So, we went to the website and watched the videos in the Customer Care Section and soon we were fabric pros. What a great product! Our new Loveseat looks beautiful and is wonderfully comfortable. All I can say is, I would highly recommend this company to anyone and I already have. Thank you Home Reserve.

  3. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Old Saybrook, CT.

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    I put our Laney Love seat together today and my husband is still amazed how it doesn't look like someone would have put it together! Directions were right on and the love seat looks great in our room! I have told my son about it for his apartment.
    Love how it looks and that it is made in the USA!
    Will be ordering more in time!

    • Thank You for referring us Gretchen, your Love seat looks awesome!! “I love it when a plan comes together”. GO USA!!!

      Posted on October 16th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  4. Home Reserve
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    Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my furniture. I was hesitant at first to order sight unseen but I am glad I did. So glad I could support a company here in America!

    • Wow!!! Sharon, you did a fabulous job putting this together. Hey everybody, check out our Facebook page to see even more pictures of her awesome arrangement.

      Thanks Sharon for Sharing with us!!

      Posted on October 16th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  5. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Columbia South Carolina
    We have a small house at the beach. Furnishing has always been a challenge. When I found your web-site, I was surprised to find exactly what I needed. I called to order an armless, and was very pleasantly surprised wih the excellent and friendly service. Delivery was unbelievably fast. Assembly is so easy and I marveled during the entire assembly at the amazing engineering and efficiency of design. I was very pleased so I ordered a sectional sofa to fit our space. I did change my choice of color and although you were out of stock, the service and delivery was still amazing.

    We really love the sofa. It is very comfortable, fits perfectly in our space and looks great! It has been a pleasure during the entire process. I can not believe a company today would have such helpful and friendly staff.

    LeGrand Cooper

  6. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):IN
    We had already posted our comments earlier to let everyone know how happy we were with our recent purchases. Now we would also like to add we are really impressed with the excellent customer service. We had mentioned in our previous comments about a very small defect in our fabric that we were not even concerned that much about. Home Reserve however was not happy with even a slight defect and immediately shipped us a new cushion cover which arrived the very next day after our phone call. Now that is what I call standing behind your product. More companies should follow this example. Just want everyone to know if you are considering ordering from Home Reserve, don't hesitate. You will not be disappointed. Great company, great products, excellent service, and reasonable prices. Thanks Scott & Tricia

  7. Home Reserve
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    We received our 2 armless sections yesterday. We have them put together and just love them. I attached a picture of the sectional. The room is small and odd shaped so this sofa is just perfect.
    While putting them together I noticed that the piece marked #12 is different from what we had on the pieces we ordered previously. I like the idea of the mesh so that air will get into the storage base. Is there a chance that we can buy 2 more of those pieces (the ones marked #12) and if so what would be the cost of those pieces.

    • Marge is talking about our new comfort deck seating and we will send her the updated parts.

      Posted on October 4th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  8. Home Reserve

    Wow! You guys need to open a branch in Oregon so I can come work for you because I have never before been so impressed by a product and the company that produces it. :)

    • Sarah,
      Thanks! I’m glad we were able to get those replacement parts for your sofa ordered in 2007.

      Posted on October 3rd, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  9. Home Reserve

    I just thought I would let everyone know what we think of our home reserve products so far. First of all, I should mention like many others I stumbled across the home reserve website purely by accident trying to research information on a couch at a local furniture store that I thought we were going to buy. But after visiting the home reserve site and reading customer comments and reading up on features we thought home reserve might be a better option for us. Our house is quite small so I am always looking for ways to maximize space and I really don't like for a house to look cluttered. The storage space is what intrigued us initially and the fact that we could order one or two pieces at a time as we can afford it. We started by ordering several swatches first to look at and I would highly recommend everyone do this. This will allow you to pick a fabric you will be happy with. It is hard to get an accurate representation of what the fabrics will really look like from an online picture. We actually went with a different fabric than we thought we would by doing this. The next step we took was to order the risk free armless chair since we were planning to go with a sectional anyways. We decided we only needed a few hours instead of the thirty days to make up our minds about home reserve. The chair arrived after only a few days in a box about the size of a decent cooler and it arrived when they said it would in the email. The box does have some weight to it so arrange some help if you need it but for most people you should be fine. This product is very well made and engineered. The instructions are easy to follow and the illustrations remind me of a child's coloring book. I used a cordless drill with a phillips bit to speed up assembly. You can also use a rubber mallet to lightly tap some pieces into position if necessary. The frame assembly I thought was easier than putting the fabric on. Both were fairly easy though. We had no missing parts or broken ones for that matter. Our second piece was the corner of our sectional. It was only slightly more difficult to assemble on account that there were more pieces. We like the storage space in the armless chair better than the corner piece. The corner piece has two triangular storage spaces which we think makes it a little awkward to use but I think the design is probably necessary. Overall we are very happy so far. The seats are very comfortable and the fabric is quite nice. We went with the knockout elm. We did notice one stitching error on the larger back cushion of the corner unit. You really can't see it but you can feel like a ridge approximately one inch in length on the front of the cushion. Not really worried about it though. I would turn the cushion around but that's not an option due to the shape of the cushion. We don't feel it when we lean against it and that's all we were concerned with. We would definitely recommend this furniture to anyone. We have more pieces already on order and plan to order more. To be honest even if I could afford all my pieces I would still order them one or two at a time. Like I said earlier our house is small. Hope this is helpful. Thanks Scott & Tricia

    • Scott & Tricia

      Thank you so much for your awesome comments!! We really don’t like that you have an error on that large corner cushion. Our “Renewability”
      feature grants us the opportunity to make that right for you. If you will allow us to serve you, please give us a call at 800-482-2712 and either Jon or Sandy will help you with that.

      Posted on September 30th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  10. Home Reserve

    Christina Rideout

    I really want to applaud your customer service! Sandy is beyond helpful and more than just "nice". She's spent literally hours on the phone with me working through the puzzle of pieces- structure and fabric that re-designing, mis-shipment and accidental mis-assembly caused. THANK YOU so very much. Top notch service. Keep Sandy, give her a raise- she's worth every penny!

  11. Home Reserve

    Just thought I'd let you know that the TUX couch went together quite easily. I was impressed by the clarity of the written and video instructions. The cushioning was ample and the stitching for the coverings was excellent. Everything fit quite well to my surprise.

  12. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Meadville, PA
    I had purchased the Laney couch and loveseat once we had moved. I've had this furniture before and wanted to update everything. I am as happy and even more so since the wonderful changes to the design of the furniture. I just ordered a chair and a half to match the rest of the furniture. You just can't beat this furniture, I love it and recommend it to others.

  13. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Santa Rosa, CA
    I can't believe that I found your website. I fell upon it accidentally, but I'm so grateful I did. We have a room we are remodeling and it's very narrow and long. I need a sectional. I have been researching endlessly for the right one. Almost every one I have found, it made in China or somewhere else overseas, which I don't like very well. When I found you here in America, I was thrilled. And recycled products!! WOW I can't wait to get some fabric samples and I will map do believe I can figure out how this sectional will be. Your cushions are foam (praise God), and I love your fabric choices and storage beneath each seat (I'm bowled over). This is just so fantastic - I can't wait to order the sections. What I like is that I can start small with 3-4 pieces and grow out from there. I can spread out my costs over a period of time. God Bless your company and what you have created.

  14. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Madison, MS

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    I am love, love, loving our new sectional and how well made it is. It is just as we hoped and arrived so fast! Sandy was so much help with the perfect fabric and helped me fashion the perfect area for our sunroom. We are thrilled...and we did it ourselves! It is beautiful and I look forward to sitting on it every day! And it sleeps great, too....AWESOME!! Thanks, Home Reserve!

  15. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Sunnny Florida

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    Looking at the different furniture stores on-line I came upon Home Reserve quite by accident and after reading everything and watching every last video, we placed an order for two sofas for our living room. Deciding on the Monroe, pet friendly fabric. Each sofa came in two large boxes so we had four boxes on our front porch. It was actually fun to put them together, like a puzzle. All the pieces were clearly marked and it took us about 3 1/2 hours to put the first one together as we watched the videos on doing each of the cushions before attempting to do them. The next sofa took us only two hours as we knew exactly how to do it. The couches are very comfortable and go perfectly in our Florida home. I have told many about my " sofas in a box" and hopefully able to convert a few. Thank you Home Reserve for a great product!

  16. Home Reserve
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    Over the weekend, I assembled the sofa and matching chair and ottoman for my family room/ dog room. The dogs immediately checked out the comfort level and decided they approve. I am astonished at how comfortable they are--much more so than the $2400 sofa in my living room.

  17. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Allegan, MI

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    We are outfitting an 1893 wooden caboose for guest quarters. Its narrow platforms and 26" wide doors precluded all ready-made sofa/love seats. Your "do-it-yourself" was perfect, both in coming in 2 smaller boxes, and the precision and super clear instructions. The final result is no compromise - looks right at home and is very comfortable.

  18. Home Reserve
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    I spent a good 1.5 years searching for a sectional sofa that was:
    1) Reasonably priced.
    2) Flexible (layout & design- wise).
    3) Not too bulky. Could fit into my small living room.
    4) Good quality.

    Found Home Reserve online. Met all of the criteria above plus the following:
    1) All parts made & manufactured in America’s Heartland. I support the good ‘ol US of A!
    2) Made of recycled products (wanted to do my part to help the environment).
    3) Offered an interchangeable style that could last or change depending on my taste in home fashion.
    4) Excellent & understanding customer service.


    1 month passed before I mustered up the courage to order ½ a sectional sofa (needed to make room) online without having convenience of trying it out for comfort (even though there’s an option to return an armless chair). I encountered trouble ordering online so I rang customer service (very helpful & patient) to order swatches & inquire about their sectional sofa styles. The swatches were mailed free of charge since I had great difficulty deciding on the fabric. Also, I inquired about the style best suited for my family’s needs (preschooler, elderly, dog, muscular husband, etc.). I ordered the dark brown “Altima Hickory” fabric & the customer service representative suggested their new “Jovie” sectional which is a combination of the Ray & Layne style (because I couldn’t decide).

    The 2nd part of my sectional was ordered approx. 2 weeks after. There was an error with the style. I was sent a “Ray,” instead of a “Jovie” sectional sofa. The customer service representative was apologetic & sent me correct style without additional charge.


    Assembled the armless chair 1st (took approx. 1 hr because I was unfamiliar with the instructions & parts). The corner, arm chair, ottoman, & 2nd delivery were a breeze to assemble (15-30 min each). Assembly is SO easy (I’m petite)! Much of it is common sense. My 4-year old daughter helped me to assemble the whole sectional! She helped with the non-sharp items, hammered the parts together, & inserted the slip covers. We had SO much fun assembling the furniture as we sang, “Whistle While You Work,” from the movie, “Snow White & the Seven Dwarves.”


    For seating, going forward, I will order from Home Reserve only. Yes, there was an error with the 2nd part of my order. Being in quality-control, I understand that errors can / will be made when human intervention is involved. However, a company that’s willing to correct their error(s) & stand by their products is what’s most important. A pleasant customer service department, parts made in the U.S.A., support U.S. employment, help the environment, sturdy sofa (daughter / dog jump on sectional, able to support 250 – 300 lb. husband), etc., washable fabric & pet-friendly, style is interchangeable, available storage space, flexible design, etc. What more can I ask for? Attached is a picture of the final product for you to view.

    Thank you, Home Reserve…for everything! I’ve already “bragged” about your products to others. You have just earned yourself a loyal client. :-)

  19. Home Reserve

    "I've been on the search for a new sectional for months now and haven't quite found anything I've wanted to rush out and buy. I'm so happy i came across your site tonight. I've already ordered a ton of fabric swatches and I can't wait to play with them. I'm super picky and this might just be my solution! Thank you for existing!!"

  20. Home Reserve

    I don't need any new furniture, but if I did I would buy yours! Great ideas from top to bottom. I love the configuration, materials, construction and shipping options. It's fantastic to see such creative thinking, and I will surely pass along your name to any of my friends who are looking for upholstered furniture!

    Joan Lyle

  21. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Indiana
    The love seat i purchased is the best piece of furniture iv ever bought. Easy to assemble and looks great. Im telling everyone about it.

  22. Home Reserve

    We just finished putting my mothers furniture together. She is more than excited. She loves it and she had a lot of fun putting it together. I got the family together to help so we all sat around putting them together. I thank you majorly for getting it here early. I am very impressed.

  23. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to thank you. I got my covers and cushions and now have my furniture beautifully updated after all these years. Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service and friendliness. Have a beautiful day!

  24. Home Reserve
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    Upload a picture (optional)

    Great news: Our boxes arrived yesterday, and the couch looks great! (See attached.) My husband had no difficulty getting the items down our stairs (22'' widest width) and putting the pieces together. The kids are already snuggling downstairs and excited about their new hideout.

  25. Home Reserve

    I've bought 3 loveseats here & sewed my own fabric for all of them but it's VERY time consuming & not easy. Now I wanted a sectional & was hoping for at least ONE fabric I could use....just ONE but no luck. At least before they had a selection of brighter colors and florals... now the fabric selection is pitiful. Just dull boring colors like brown, beige. I can't believe they don't even carry ONE actual floral pattern. What sofa place doesn't even have a variety of fabric? I even offered to supply my own fabric but they refused. What a shame. They just lost my business. Looks like they're only catering to people who want only completely safe and boring colors.

    • (HR) Sorry for not having the floral options covered well enough. Please give us a call

      Posted on August 29th, 2013 by Home Reserve.