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  1. Home Reserve

    Our complaint has been resolved BEYOND our wildest expectations. WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU HAVE even though we were disappointed with the product. Sandy could NOT have been more accomodating in resolving the issue.
    While I did leave a negative feedback regarding the sofa we returned to the company, this morning Sandy in Customer Service MORE THAN MADE THINGS RIGHT. I can't say enough about the GREAT Customer Service we received. Do not expect this kind of service today and we are so VERY VERY grateful.

  2. Home Reserve

    Put together the chair and a half in about 3 1/2 hours. Love the results! I did not order a fabric swatch but was thrilled with the color I chose.

  3. Home Reserve

    This company is fantastic! It was a fun project for my daughter and I to put the couch together.
    I have a bunch of teenagers that really abused the couch. Two parts were broken.Home Reserve sent out the parts right away. They were a delight to deal with!

  4. Home Reserve

    We\'ve had our Monroe couch for about a month now, and I\'ve been very impressed, considering that it came in the mail in 2 boxes. The husband had a great time piecing the frame together (it looks kind of like one of those balsa wood models of dinosaurs you get as a kid), and I enjoyed watching the foam cushions expand when I opened the bags they were in.

    The couch has been very comfy, and no one would know that it was a semi-DIY kit unless we told them. And the faux-suede fabric is really nice. I\'ve already enjoyed a few naps on it, and we are both happy that we found an affordable, comfortable full-sized couch for our new home.

  5. Home Reserve

    We purchased a Monroe sofa over six months ago. It arrived promptly and on the day we expected. As you might imagine, the boxes are rather heavy, just something to note.

    We opened up the two boxes and found all of the pieces we needed. Putting the sofa together was a thrill! But then, I like putting things together. It took me less than 2 hours to completely assemble the entire sofa. I HIGHLY recommend that a power screwdriver be used during the assembly.

    It is very comfortable and the material is great. The sofa isn't quite as deep as we would like, however, this is fixed by pulling the cushions out a few inches.

    Overall we are thoroughly impressed with this sofa.

  6. Home Reserve

    Put together a Laney sofa a couple of weeks ago. As long as you take your time, it goes together pretty easily and I am not very handy. I really like the finished product and it's very comfortable. Great value. Make sure you order the fabric swatches first, though. What I thought would be my first choice I didn't like at all.

  7. Home Reserve

    We got our Monroe chair last night and I put it together this morning. It took me just over an hour. It would have been quicker but I had to print out the instructions from the website (they didn't come with the shipment). Not a big deal to me but it could have been if I had given this as a gift I suppose.

    Everything went together very easily--just as advertised. The foam and fabric (Altima Pet Care Cobalt) are of the highest quality. I only wish the chair was a bit deeper and that the armrests were a bit higher. Other than that, I am very happy with my purchase and plan on getting a matching ottoman at the very least. :-D

  8. Home Reserve

    After my 2 boxer puppies ate the arms and base of my old sectional, got their muddy paws all over the seats, and finally, the last straw, my mother with Alzheimer's had an "accident" right smack dab in the middle, it was time to find a "miracle sectional". I don't know how I stumbled on Home Reserve, but I am certainly glad I did. Took a whole day to put it together but I am thrilled with our new look! The features are amazing, like it was made for my family! I am posting picture for all my friends to see it on Facebookand I will recomend it to anyone! Whoever came up with this idea is a genius! Thanks Home Reserve!!!

  9. Home Reserve

    Got the furniture & assembled the loveseat and 1 1/2 chair... I did not realize that I had to literally them together, WOW! 6 Hours on the Loveseat alone... But the chair took less time after I purchased a power tool.
    #:-S whew!
    However, I am pleased with the end result. :x lovestruck

  10. Home Reserve

    Here is the entry from my blog dated August 28, 2012:

    As some of you may remember, back in May of 2012, I posted two blogs about the purchase and assembly of furniture kits that I purchased from Home Reserve ( The short version of those blogs is that I purchased kits to assemble a love seat, two chairs and two ottomans. I reported that the kits arrived on time, were well packed, were well organized and no parts were missing or defective. I also noted that the instructions were well written with excellent diagrams. The instructions were easy to follow. I made some statement to the effect that Henry Ford would have been proud of the engineering ingenuity because the kits were so well thought out, with efficient use of materials and ease of assembly. At this point, I am sure that I sound like an advertisement for Home Reserve Furniture, but I assure you that I have no financial (or otherwise) connection to this American company.

    When I purchased the kits, I opted for the pet resistant fabric because I have two large dogs that had ruined my previous furniture. As I remember, Home Reserve's promise, in essence, was that I could just use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away dog slobber and other stains. In a world where there are so many empty promises, I am happy to say that Home Reserve's promise was true. The first dog related disaster was when one of the dogs knocked a glass of red wine out of my hand. My chair was covered with red wine. A wet cloth wiped away the red wine! No damage! The fabric has indeed stood up to dog slobber, spilled food, my Son's dirty work clothes and God knows what else.

    Every once in a while, I get up in the morning and discover that one of the dogs has sneaked into the living room and has slept in one of the chairs. They are female Pit Bulls and have little short white hairs that normally stick to fabric like velcro. The pet resistant fabric is easy to vacuum and I no longer have to pick out each little hair.

    The Home Reserve furniture has proven itself to be easy to assemble, attractive, durable and pet resistant. I am a happy customer! :-)

  11. Home Reserve

    Truly love the quality, shipping, customer service and have told anyone who will listen. I wish they made everything from beds to cars!:-)

  12. Home Reserve

    P.S. This is the 2nd time I’ve ordered furniture from Home Reserve. The quality is amazing! My son is 6’6” and 300 lbs. He has destroyed every sofa we’ve owned except what we’ve gotten from you. Finally, something “Sam – proof”!

  13. Home Reserve

    I hope you're having a great day!
    All I have is three words for you...awesome, awesome, AWESOME!! Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed after unboxing all the pieces of my Ray sofa. But I just went page by page of the easy to understand instruction book, and I was done in a little over an hour! Whomever invented this system should get the Nobel Peace Prize for furniture construction!
    I've been without a couch for months due to my doorways being so narrow. I just wish I would have found your website/company earlier. But I did, and life is great now! I've told everyone I know about Home Reserve and your amazing quality, pricing and customer service!
    I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks! THANK YOU!!
    Kindest regards,

  14. Home Reserve

    WOW! GIANT, HEAVY boxes! John was SO nice i would've bought dirt.



  15. Home Reserve

    I received my furniture today 8-17-12 and it was just as i had imagined.
    I have been telling everyone about your site and how wonderful it is to be able to build your own custom furniture how you like it and the ease of putting it together. Please never go out of business. I will be back again. Thank you.

  16. Home Reserve

    took a couple hours to get together, but well worth the effort! The Monroe couch/ottoman look tremendous & very worthwhile--comfortable & very affordable--thank you HomeReserve !! Tom

  17. Home Reserve

    It is Saturday about 4pm and my hubby and son just finished putting my Ali couch together.
    It took them about 3 1/2 hours. I assisted by playing the videos and putting the covers on the the cushions!! ha ha
    I LOVE IT!!! It is perfect and looks "Spectacular" in my room,
    everything is so wonderful. I love the appearance of the looks real!!
    I actually received it on "Thursday" not Friday...could not believe you all got it here that quickly!!!!! I think you are a wonderful company.
    I want to especially thank you...and that wonderful lady...can't remember her name who sewed it so quickly for me.
    Please tell her I am eternally GRATEFUL for her kindness, skill and efficiency!!! That was so wonderful of her.
    Take care,

  18. Home Reserve

    I have a loveseat from you that I think I have owned for four years now. It still looks great and it's my favorite seat in the house.

  19. Home Reserve

    I LOVE this furniture. I bought my Classic sofa and chair in 2004 and it still looks and feels like it did when I got it. I have taken it apart and stored it, then put it back together again. It is the best investment I've ever made in furniture and the best value. Kudos Home Reserve!:-)

  20. Home Reserve

    I bought your standard ottoman around 2006 and have used it for an ottoman, coffee table and even an end table! I have just loved the storage, easy movability and the ability to order new slip covers for it so reasnably! Thank you. Great product!

  21. Home Reserve

    We loved the loveseat Ray and it has been apleasure buying it for you. Unbelievably rightly priced(it is a steal actually) very easy to assemble and loads of fun on this comfortable loveseat so far.

    the clean lines and contemporary look fit into my place perfectly. probably gonna buy out an ottoman now.

    8-0 :-)

  22. Home Reserve

    I am probably one of the very first Home Reserve customers, bought a sofa and loveseat way back when,more recently a sectional. The furniture is still as great after all these years, and I have dogs, cats and grandchildren!!! A quick wash of the covers and all is good as new. We recently moved and I was able to reconfigure pieces and order new covers, of course with the help of Sandy. This company is the best, they truly care about their product and their customers.

  23. Home Reserve

    My husband and I live in a 550 square foot cabin. We purchased a custom sectional from Home Reserve with the pet fabric and we are so happy with it. The ability to customize the size for our small space and the storage space within the couch make it perfect for us. I also LOVE the option to purchase separate end pieces, we have kitties and the sides of the couch are always the first to go. I feel the quality is appropriate for the price, I find the couch quite comfortable. The fabric is holding up nicely against our cats and dogs and and is easily spot cleaned. It was a project to assemble the couch, but a fun one, because it was so easily laid out. It took my husband and I about 2 hours to put together the 5 piece sectional and ottoman. Those who I spoke with on the phone about my order were very friendly and helpful. I will definitely look to Home Reserve in the future for more home furnishings. 8-0

  24. Home Reserve

    We have had our couch over a year now and I have to say I am still being impressed! Since the birth of our son in March I have had to wash the fabric (Mission Federal) several times and every time it comes out looking brand spanking new! The frame holds up to my friends rowdy 10 year old and the padded arms have been a god send on weary mommy arms. I can't wait to order more of this furniture.