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  1. Home Reserve

    I have owned your furniture for years and I want to tell you thanks for all you do. I am a committed and HR customer for life. What will your spring line be like. You are the greatest. :-)

  2. Home Reserve

    I am looking for furniture and came across your website. My only question is...that in the pictures of people sitting on the couch and loveseat it looks like they are on mini funiture. Is this furniture the same height and width as regular couches you see in furniture stores

  3. Home Reserve

    Hi. Lili here again... I have a new question and a comment about not getting an answer back from you yet...

    My next question is: My husband is 6'4 :-U! Will he be able to fit comfortably on the couch? Has a lot to do with if we are going to buy your product, so I really would like and answer please ;3..

    Next, I asked a question back on 1/19/05 #38, and would like an answer to those questions :-| ..

    And, I also ordered some samples, which came yesterday, but you said I would get an email saying they were shipped! I never recieved that message. But the samples were great and we have picked what we want. But really need an answer to my questions ;4.
    Thanks! and hope to hear from you soon :-*! Lili

    P.s. Do you buy your samples back?

    • Hi Lili,
      The best way to get answers to your questions is to email The guest book is not moderated at this time.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  4. Home Reserve


  5. Home Reserve

    DANG IT! I've ordered a suprise Couch, Chair & ottoman for my kid sister.. WOO HOO! Now, after reading EVERYTHING on the site, I'm thinking "Why Not, order something for yourself".... Alas, YOU'RE OUT OF THE TWO FABRICS I WANT! When are you guys going to be re-stocked on Durango Boot &/or Altima Hickory Pet Care. My wife, Lab, & Cat are all waiting... Patiently too, I might add:-*

  6. Home Reserve

    We had been searching for some ottomans to match our sofa and the only ones we could find in the stores that we liked were $400 each and up. Then I found this site and we purchased two ottomans immediately. They are perfect - they look good, are so comfortable, are sturdy and easy to assemble, and the price is unbeatable anywhere. ;2

  7. Home Reserve

    Check this furniture out!!!!!:

  8. Home Reserve

    You guys are the greatest! I now have a brand new living room suite consisting of a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. It looks fantastic and I couldn't have done it any less expensively. If I could figure out how to add a picture on this thing, I'd be happy to show you...but I can't seem to make this work. it, love it, love it!

  9. Home Reserve

    I find your furniture very practical. It is to bad that I do not need anything new right now. I would buy one of your sofas or chairs in an instant.

  10. Home Reserve

    These look great. GOt anything in sofa bed?

  11. Home Reserve


  12. Home Reserve

    Being on such a tight budget, but needing something new......your merchandise looks fantastic.

  13. Home Reserve

    I have 3 boys who dont understand that furiture is to sit on .And that its not a lauch pad for wrestling manuvers.

  14. Home Reserve

    8-0looking forward to shopping from your site very soon

  15. Home Reserve

    To Whom it may concern:
    RE: Scott, in Customer Service
    So many times those good deeds that are dealt to us go unnoticed. Well there is a guy in the Customer Service area that NEEDS to go "Unnoticed". Let me step back and explain. After returning home one day, I was shocked to find that the kids and been eating pizza while watching TV and had flipped the pie upside down unto the sofa cushion. Well, I thought... no problem, I had used "ScotchGard" like it was recommended, but to my dismay the oils had already done their damage. Knowing that the covers were NOT washable I tried to blot it out using a mild NO avail. So, now what do I do? So, I hopped online and wrote a letter to the "Customer Service Dept" and someone named Scott quickly replied. After several emails it became clear that I would probably have to replace ALL the covers since this color of red was not in the swatch listing anymore. my surprise Scott said that there was still some of this fabric in the sewing department and that he would have them work on it right away, my thought was, "Ok how much is this gonna cost me, and how much allowance are the kids NOT going to receive"? Well, I got my new covers today...and at NO COST, NADA, not even the shipping. Scott, is surely an asset to your company, cause I have directed several people to your web pages and them have already placed orders too. KUDOS to Scott in Customer Service. ;1

  16. Home Reserve

    Received my ottoman today and my son put it together in 15 mins. The quality is great, I have been looking for a few weeks and the prices in the store are at least double yours. Thanks so much;2

  17. Home Reserve

    Recieved are sofa and all the pieces we there. We love the sofa and will be ordering the Loveseat and Chair in near future. My husband was very pleased with the directions for putting the sofa together. He said for once the directions speak for itself. Very Very easy to assemble. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  18. Home Reserve

    I only have one comment - this is for people signing the guest book. Why are you SERIOUSLY putting your address and/or phone number for all to see? :-0 Ever watch the news????
    As far as the furniture - going to buy VERY soon!! :-)

  19. Home Reserve

    I live in a small studio apartment that was begging for a sofa to be placed in it. I came across many expensive sofas on the internet and by accident came across your website. It is fantastic that you guys were able to come up with a product like this which appeals to many consumers. Im very excited about receiving my furniture and plan on telling everybody about you guys. The only problem I had was a credit card problem on the website and your customer service was very quick to respond with a solution and was willing to help by calling the credit card company to resolve the issue, but I never received a confirmation that the problem was fixed as promised. Also its been like 4 days and I have not received a shipping message from UPS as I was told would happen but I guess that my sofa has not been shipped yet.

    Thank you so much for selling a product that is low in cost and great in quality.

  20. Home Reserve

    Hi! I just wanted to let you all know that this furniture is wonderful for us who are in the military. We have to move every few years and when the movers come to do our packing we dread to think about what they will ruin next. I love your furniture because they can go back into boxes and I don't have to worry what will get ripped. Not to mention the fact that the military only pays to move so many pounds of house hold furniture. This stuff is great!!!;1

  21. Home Reserve


    I was checking your website .. U are too good to be true.. I have been looking for quite some time .. It must have been fate to bring me to your site.. just having difficult time choosing what i want now.. thanks for the inspiration8-0.

  22. Home Reserve

    Changable fabric and storage is very appealing. Just wanted to ask if you had any plaids, maybe a brick or green?


  23. Home Reserve

    I love this web site! Your products
    are classy and comfortable looking. And affordable! :-) . I am trying to get my husband to check you out, but we all know how husbands are.... |:|. He WILL love you also! And I WILL be ordering some new couches from you.

    2 questions I have though...

    1. Will you be designing and making any new designs in the near future?

    2. When you are out of stock of a certain color or fabric, how fast does it take to get the fabrics in and the furniture made?

    Thanks! Lili

  24. Home Reserve

    When I first happened on this website, I thought it was too good to be true..That the furniture was going to be low quality and tacky looking. We decided to give it a try. Well, last night my furniture came, and I am SO pleased with my purchase. Not only with the directions great, it was extremely easy to put together. The fabric is gorgeous, despite me picking the wrong color :-D , so I will be exchanging that once I receive the new swatches I ordered. Im a mother of three children, what sold me the most on the furniture is that I can replace the covers as needed if they were to be damaged. It was well within my budget, great quality, great service. I will be ordering more pieces soon. I will also be recommending this site to others. Thank you so much for coming through with your promise of quality.

  25. Home Reserve

    Hello everyone !! As a former employee of Home Reserve Id like to say this furniture is great!! I absolutely love it. I now can have toys in my living room for my daughter w/out the mess of toys against the walls or needed room taken up I store them in the sofa its great !!! Great Company all around !!! Miss you all;2

  26. Home Reserve

    I recieved a Sofa and a Love seat the day before my daughters 18th birthday party. Even with the best of intentions, I was unable to find time to put them together before the guests arived, so I stacked the boxes in the corner for a later date. Suddenly my home was filled with 40+ high school seniors. To my supprise, I looked into the family room and saw people, pieces, and boxes all over the foor of the room. In about 15 minutes two young men had the loveseat assembled (while being closely watched by several young ladies) followed by others working on the sofa that took a few minutes longer. It looked like they were haveing a blast, and poof, they were done! Several minutes later the new sofa and loveseat were staked high with young people watching a movie and having a good time. Thanks Home Reserve for such a good looking quality product that is as much fun to build as it is to use!

  27. Home Reserve

    I just received my chair and ottoman yesterday. My only complaint was that there was a piece missing. A quick phone call fixed that problem, the missing piece was sent to me overnight. The assembly is easy and the fabric very high quality. Great product. Great customer service. Thanks again.

  28. Home Reserve

    when i ordered my couch my husband was very negative about having to put a couch together. while last night i got my couch and was he surprised. i had printed out all the information and he read it. i love it. looks very expensive and the fabric looks great. i am glad i found this website. i will be back for more. thanks again home reserve

  29. Home Reserve

    This website is getting better everyday!

  30. Home Reserve

    01-09-05:-D please send me a catalog, we have been looking around at different furniture when i happened to come across your website. we are definately ready to buy from you we are just waiting for our taxes, I can't wait, i am so excited about our new furniture from you;-)8-0!! our address is: 4474 broadale rd, cleveland, oh 44109, thanks!!!8-0

    • Hi, We don’t publish a catalog. Since we sell exclusively online through our web site all information is available there. Since we are constantly updating our fabric offerings it would be to expensive to publish a printed catalog.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  31. Home Reserve



    8445 LAS VEGAS BLVD. SOUTH # 1123



  32. Home Reserve

    Just thought that I would go ahead and sign the guest book, AGAIN! My chair arrived yesterday (a day early too!). Put it together while dinner was cooking. BEAUTIFUL 8-0. The kids love it, I love it & the husband loves it. Thank You Home Reserve.

  33. Home Reserve

    Very nice website!

  34. Home Reserve

    I received my fabric swatches and the fabric appears to be very fine quality.

    Just a tip for those of you considering the furniture on this site - DO ORDER fabric samples. They are only $1 each with free shipping. Since colors actually displayed on PC monitors vary so much, the color you see may be different that the actual color. I ordered swatches and my choice was much darker in person, but I still love it. I was also able to compare some floral patterns with the solid fabric of our choice so now I know exactly what to get. Have fun!:-)

  35. Home Reserve

    :-) such a great Deal, i received a couch and love seat in fairwiew cocoa from my parents for xmas 8-0
    so easy for them to give as a gift because they were able to have it shipped right to my door! also i ordered a couple other fabric samples (to take advantage of the fabric exchange OR to order the new PILLOWS!!) i was very happy to see that pillows are now available to match! and at such low prices. please hurry and get more durango boot because i think that the fabric we are leaning toward.;5 ;-)

  36. Home Reserve

    I came across this site without seeing any commercials, reading any magazine or having referrals. I simply saw a sofa I wanted at a furniture store that costs $699 so I decided to see if I could find it for half the cost. I put "sofas for $300" in the Google search engine and found Home Reserve. It had everything I was looking for in a sofa. When I saw the storage compartments I was truly sold. Then I read the guess book and all other media on the furniture. Finally, today I made a purchase for the loveseat and chair. I wish they made an oversize ottoman that can be a coffee table. Functional furniture is what I need being a military spouse traveling all the time.Thank you Home Reserve. ;1

  37. Home Reserve

    I purchased the chair and ottoman for my husband this Christmas in Microfiber Merlot. Assembly was very easy and he loves it. I'm wating to order a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman for myself. I want it in the Durango Boot and so does everyone else because it's out of stock. Thanks for making such a great product.

  38. Home Reserve

    I just got the sofa a few days ago, and I must say it looks very nice. Assembly was simple, it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes total. ;2 I have definitelly referred your site to all my friends. It is very comfortable, and does not look cheap at all. Two thumbs up !

  39. Home Reserve

    Thank you for the affordable, comfy and fun(!) chairs we purchased from your website. The instructions were so simple to follow and assembly was a breeze. We now have two beautiful chairs that cost us less than one chair on sale at the local furniture store. You have a fantastic product and we can't wait to shop with you again. ;1

  40. Home Reserve

    I just came upon your website by pure accident last night and I love it!!! I'm a divorced, single mother of two and I will be moving to my first apartment in Feb/March 2005. I am on a very tight budget and I thought I would have to go and purchase my sofa and loveseat from goodwill or a thrift shop.;6 Imagine my surprise when I saw your site!!! Now I can afford to have new furniture in just the fabric I want!!:-D After I order and receive my selections, and if it is indeed as great as everyone says it is, I will defintely leave another guestbook entry along with a picture of my family enjoying our new furniture.

  41. Home Reserve

    The fabric selections are great! I really wish you had fabric mix and match suggestions on your what floral prints go with which solids, etc.... Since it is impossible to put two fabric choices up on the screen at the same time, it is difficult to tell which would work well together. In particular, I'm looking for a floral for the ottoman that will match with the fairview merlot pieces that I ordered.

  42. Home Reserve


    My Husband and I are purchasing our first home in March. I am now shopping for new furniture and came across your web site in the process. I was very impressed! We are interested in a Sofa and 2 Loveseats and possibly an Ottoman. I have two questions. When is the Durango Fabric going to be available? I was also concerned about the deminsions of the furniture. My husband and Brother are tall(about 6"1 or 2), could they sit comfortably in the furniture without feeling like a GIANT! I look forward to Shopping with you guys soon.


  43. Home Reserve

    My husband and I have been wanting to furnish our basement but felt we couldn't because no regular sofas would fit down the stairs (around a corner). But he found this website and we will be ordering in January. I am so excited that we can actually have a living room downstairs! Thanks for creating such an innovative, attractive product. I ordered swatches and can't wait to pick the fabric.

  44. Home Reserve

    yes, it is a decent couch for the money, but be warned, it has an extremely offensive odor ;3. When i asked them about it, i was right, the wood leaves off a smell that is obnoxious, they told me to sit it outside, why dont they sit the wood outside before they cut it?:-*. My living room absolutely stinks, been like that for over a month now. GRRRRRRRR

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for taking the time to express your concerns. We’ll check into that. We get our wood from a supplier in Northern Michigan and we will check to be sure the resin materials have not been changed.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  45. Home Reserve

    I am so glad I came across this website! I was recently in the market for some furniture for our playroom. I thought I'd end up with a futon (not a favorite of mine), but then came across your site and ended up purchasing your couch instead. I don't know what I like more - the storage, the removable covers (a necessity with 3 boys), or the price! I've bookmarked this site and will be back again.

    Thanks so much.