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  1. Home Reserve

    I bought a sofa and loveseat in December and decided to wait 2 months before reviewing. Putting it together was fun (I like building stuff) and it took me roughly 12 hours interlaced with watching TV, listening to music and going out with friends and coming back.
    They both look very good and all my friends have given compliments. One more thing, Sandy was really helpful as I had problems with my credit card. She gave amazing customer service all through.

  2. Home Reserve

    I only have one comment - this is for people signing the guest book. Why are you SERIOUSLY putting your address and/or phone number for all to see? :-0 Ever watch the news????
    As far as the furniture - going to buy VERY soon!! :-)

  3. Home Reserve

    When it came time for a replacement couch I did the standard drone thing. I went from store to store not finding what I liked. It would seem that everyone s favorite color is some shade of brown. Well not mine. I did the surfing on the Internet with a little more luck finding different styles from the boring to the bizarre. Then I happened across your site.

    At first I was very skeptical on the quality of your items and I passed it by and then went back, and passed and went back . Then I watched your sofa assembly video and it peeked my curiosity. I thought to myself Wow! Someone using a high speed routing table cutting out OSB to make furniture. I am impressed. Let see just how well made this stuff really is. So I ordered up one Monroe Couch and Loveseat as a test. As an Equipment Design Engineer I usually build it myself.

    It showed up well with in the shipping date I was given and the boxes were in good shape Kudos to UPS. They were taken back into the fabrication shop where an associate and myself went to town on them. We started with the couch.

    We open the boxes I love vacuum packed foam... The first thing that really made the order worthwhile is that each piece is numbered right into the wood with the routing table Flippin Fantastic! The next was the fact there are some things included in the bag-o-goodies that I would never think of needing But there they are, a pair of gloves (that were 3 times to small for my gorilla hands ) But that s OK I have my own and just seeing them in there was wondrous. Then sanding block, who would have thought of that? Well Home Reserve did!

    It took around 20 minutes to fully assemble the couch. The directions very well laid out and easy to follow. And it took 15 minutes to fully assemble the Loveseat (we did not even need the assembly directions).

    Now understand This is an R&D fabrication shop where automation tools and equipment are designed, built and tested so we have all the tools necessary to build the Space Shuttle. And we have very skilled operators. So some one at home with a standard set of tools should be able to assemble the couch in just over an hour.

    The Couch and Loveseat look great. I will say that everyone at Home Reserve gets a big Gold star next to their names. Great design, Great product with thorough thought and incorporation. Excellent job everyone Thanks!

  4. Home Reserve

    UPDATE from 04.30.2009 entry:

    So we\'re going on 2 years of ownership and what can we say...still very happy and it\'s held up very well. We\'ve thought about what else we can make or what other covering we might try. Just knowing we have that option is priceless. Our 1 year old daughter has yet to defeat it!

  5. Home Reserve

    I love the fabric styles -
    I am thinking about buying a sectional but building a sofa from a box??
    I don\'t want it to look cheap.
    Or looks like the sofas below in a basement rather than a formal great room.
    How does it last?
    I need replies from consumers who have hadthe products for more than a year

  6. Home Reserve

    Hi, I was looking at your site and have only two questions: Is your left the same as my left hand or my right hand? also is there any way to get pegs for the bottom of the couches?

    I am redoing my den and wanted a sectional for it but the den has more length than width and I can\'t have the 7 seats of the sectional going the wrong way. I have a friend who ordered from you all and she doesn\'t remember which side is which since she has two arms on hers.

  7. Home Reserve

    I am recommending Home Reserve to everyone I know! I just moved into a small attic apartment of a very old house, and I could not find a chair or love seat that would make it up the narrow and winding steps. My brother recommended Home Reserve and I could not have been happier. The selections were terrific, the service was outstanding, and I could not believe how fool-proof the assembly process was! I just started grad school, and I now have a comfy love seat where I can study.

    I am also very impressed with your interest in the community and in the environment. It felt good to support such an upstanding company. Keep up the good work!! ;1

  8. Home Reserve

    As advertised, your furniture was a piece of cake to assemble with the instructions provided. Your chair and a half looks great in my daughters disney room and the color matches the blue in it perfectly. I also purchased a love seat for our loft and it looks lovely as well. At the time of my order I requested it not be shipped until the 15th of Jan because I was overseas for another week. It arrived a couple of days after I landed back in Texas, and I really appreciate the assistance provided in making that happen. Telling all my friends about Home Reserve.

    Thank You

  9. Home Reserve

    I have recently made my second Home Reserve purchase. I have downsized from my original Laney sofa to a Brook loveseat. I\'ve been very, very pleased with my HR furnishings. They are sturdier than anything I\'ve ever purchased at a discount furniture store, and they look fabulous.

    I did have a small issue with the assembly of the frame for my Brook - armless frames part 1/2 and 3/4 were impossible to fit together as cut. It was a simple matter to get around, though - I just used the included sanding pads to take tiny amounts of material off the pieces until they could be tapped together with a rubber mallet.

    My experience with Home Reserve over the past three years has been extremely positive. They produce a wonderful product and their customer service is second to none. I will definitely be purchasing more furnishings from HR, and will encourage my friends to do the same.

  10. Home Reserve

    I purchased a black ray sofa a few weeks ago. Customer service was very helpful. They called me to confirm my order & we made arrangements 2 weeks in advance to have my order shipped from Ft Wayne to Purdue University on a Friday afternoon.

    That Friday only 1 box showed up. I was a bit upset, because one of my boxes went to a dorm's main office. They sent my box to the wrong address in my city. But I called Monday morning and they had a new box at my apt Tuesday afternoon.

    My sister and I put our sofa together and even though it took several hrs we love it! Thank you Home Reserve!

  11. Home Reserve

    I ordered my Furniture and delivery was fast. I got it within 14 days. I did not get to put it together until last weekend. I put together a six piece sectional in 5 1/2 hours. It was so simple. The hardest part was getting the cushions into the cover, no need to work out after that. My Thanksgiving guests arrived at my home yesterday and were amazed at how great my furniture is. And that it is pet friendly, as I got the pet fabric. Now my sister in law is thinking of getting new furniture I told her to take look at hat you are offering before getting anyhing.
    I will be taking pictures soon so I will ost them later. THANK YOU for allowing me to have my first brand new Living Room in my life. And it is beautiful. THANK YOU 8-0;1

  12. Home Reserve

    Just wanted to send you quick note to tell you that we received our order exactly when it was promised. We couldn't wait to put the sectional together--and even though it was a week night, we got right to it after dinner. It took less than three hours and we were so impressed with the way everything fit so perfectly together and with the quality and workmanship that clearly went into every part. We are so very pleased with our purchase and have already begun to recommend Home Reserve to our friends.

    Thank you very much!
    Karen Vargas

  13. Home Reserve

    Received the sofa and loveseat on March 14. Both are now constructed and look great in my living room.
    Product was very easy to put together. Actually took less than 4 hours for each item to be put together.
    I would recommend your products to anyone! I am very happy with the results.
    You may use this letter for your advertising if you wish.
    Also, the customer service can't be beat! You have been most helpful throughout this entire process.
    Thank you very much!

  14. Home Reserve

    I think your furniture is so great I convinced a friend to get a sofa, and she in turn convinced a fellow dog owner how perfect it is. BUT, I wish you had a futon so I could match one to the rest of my furniture.
    Even if you had futon covers in your fabrics would be a big help. I wish you\'d consider it. I\'m over 50 and loved being able to have it delivered to my door in boxes I could get in. No matter what room I want it in, I can always handle getting it there in pieces before assembly. Your furniture is great. Thanks so much.
    Jeri McEwen, proud owner of sofa, chair,console table.

  15. Home Reserve

    Our sofa was delivered last evening, but I didn't get home from work until 7:30 pm, and my wife and I were too tired to tackle the job of putting the sofa together. HOWEVER, we were up at 4:00 am, and were sitting on our new sofa at 6:00am. It is beautiful, and we had fun putting the piece together.
    There is one slight problem. There is a fabric flaw in one of the arm covers. It is not a cut, but a flaw where the fabric threads are coming apart. The size of the flaw is between one and two inches. It is actually out of view when the back cushion is in place.
    We are very, very satisfied with the sofa. We've considered ordering one for more than two years!. What suggestion would you have about the fabric flaw?
    Thank you for making such a nice sofa, and for making it so easy for two old people to assemble! Thank you, too, for addressing the fabric flaw.
    Merry Christmas,
    Larry and Kathy

  16. Home Reserve

    Dear Jenny and Casey,
    Thank you SO SO much for the very helpful and insightful ideas you gave me for my living room! I did go with the sectionals + ottoman like you recommended and we are just finishing the left and right arm sectionals today! At first my husband was a bit hesitant about putting our furniture together, but after we finished the first piece he saw and felt how awesome and sturdy it was and was SOLD! :) I love your furniture and what you all stand for! I\'ve told ALL of my friends and family to check out your website (and they\'re ALL interested!) PLUS I\'ve posted the link on my facebook profile so EVERYONE can check your site out!!

  17. Home Reserve

    We needed new furniture for our TV room and were pleased to find a place where we could get all we needed for a reasonable price. We got an armless chair, two ottomons and a laney couch. The chair took me two hours to assemble alone. As recommended, I walked on the cushion to soften it, and the chair is really comfortable. It took my husband an hour each to assemble the ottomons. Working together, it took two of us 4 hours to assemble the couch. I did not walk on those cushions, and they are a little stiff, but I am sure they will loosen up.

    The instructions for the assembly of the frame are excellent. The instructions for putting on the fabric were confusing at points.

    The furniture is comfortable and looks great. We LOVE the storage! All in all, it was a great pleasure doing business with you! We are recommending Home Reserve to all of our friends.

  18. Home Reserve

    Dear Sandy and Company,
    I wasn't expecting to receive this shipment until after the holidays, but low and behold, I received an email that I will be receiving it tomorrow, 12/23/2010, a full two weeks before its due date. There must be some magic holiday dust operating in your departments. Thank you all, and may you have a very happy,healthy, and prosperous holiday season and new year!!!

    A very happy and satisfied customer,
    Joann C. Cohen;1

  19. Home Reserve

    Hi Sandy,
    I recieved my couch yesterday 3/23, my boyfriend took it out of the box immediately too put the couch together. He said he’s never put something together that was so easy to follow instruction wise. I absolutely love the couch; it looks wonderful in my apartment. Several tries to get a couch fit through my apartment was getting annoying, until I found the website for Home Reserve! This company is wonderful, everything is made to perfection. I will buy again from here. I will send you a picture through my email that you may post with my comment!
    Thank You!!! :-)

  20. Home Reserve

    Several months ago as I prepared to receive my tax return, I found your site. I fell in love with the website and its very detailed and ingenious features. It is an extremely difficult thing to sell furniture and describe comfort levels on a website, and I felt you guys accomplished that very well. Well, I finally made the leap of faith a few weeks ago and ordered my sectional. It was delivered exactly as described. In addition, the instructions enclosed in the box and the numbers actually carved into the pieces made the assembly process dummy proof. I was so excited about the storage compartments, I immediately started filling them post-assembly. Problem was, I had too many storage bins and not enough to throw in them!!!!

    This is GREAT! The fabric (faux-suede) is absolutely luxurious. As we sit on the couch, we just can\'t but fall back and never want to get up. Thank you so much for making my leap of faith a good one!!!! I have full intentions on spreading the word about your products.

  21. Home Reserve

    I received my sectional on Thursday and Friday I put it together myself. I needed help from NO ONE. I Love It!!!!! I Love It!!
    I have told everyone how affordable it was, the quality, and how easy it was for me to put together. I would suggest to anyone to invest in products from Home Reserve. It was worth every penny!!!

  22. Home Reserve

    Hi Home reserve,
    I would like to thank you and all your great team for a job well done ! Now it is up to us to get it together! That will happen this weekend . Will get back to you at the end. Thank you ,

  23. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve People!

    I just received my sofa and chair today, and it took me about an hour and a half to put them both together. I know this sounds like everyone else, but I am SIMPLY ASTONISHED at how good they look! My boyfriend is a building contractor, and even HE was impressed with the stability and sturdiness. I personally was impressed with the exacting fit of the wood pieces and the fabric, as well as with the quality of the cushions. Although I consider myself to be pretty handy, I nonetheless appreciated the level of detail in the assembly instructions (OK to trim the threads, etc.) so that even the most seemingly minor concern was addressed. Anyway, I was very skeptical at first, but you have made a new and VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! Thank you! ;2

    PS. Now I really want to see a CNC Machineing Operation in action! Also, please feel free to use anything I said on your site. Those other customers' comments definitely made a difference to me when I was trying to decide....

  24. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to let you know that I received my sofa yesterday! I never got the email about tracking but thankfully there was someone there to sign for it. My husband and I put it together last night, and I have to tell you that Iam very impressed with the piece. It was beautifully simple to put together, beautifully comfortable and beautiful in general. I own a small corporate housing business and will be sure to use your products again in the future as well as refer your business to my friends and family as we live in a city where the row homes and apartments were built with very narrow entrances.

    Thanks again,
    Crystal Ryan
    A Home In The Hill

  25. Home Reserve

    We received our order on Saturday. Of course we wanted to get it put together right away. We are so pleased. The directions were clear, the photography informative and we love the finished product. We purchased a sectional with a right arm unit, a left arm unit and 3 middle sections as well as an ottoman.
    The furniture was easy to put together. My husband an engineer said the product is very well engineered. My youngest daughter age 14 put some of the pieces together and her comment was that who ever designed them was brilliant.
    I am amazed and pleased with this product. We bought this sectional because I didn\\\'t like the furniture that came with our 5th wheel and took it out and tossed it in the dumpster within two weeks of our buying the camper. We used lawn furniture until I found you on the Internet. I was able to purchase exactly the width of sections I wanted to fit where I wanted them to fit.
    We will be living in our 5th wheel full time starting in a couple of weeks and think you should advertise with Woodalls and other RV magazines.
    I for one highly recommend your product.
    I am sending along a couple of photographs of our sectional set up in our 5th wheel. Thank you for an excellent product. I am excited that I can change the upholstery and cushions if and when needed and that the material I chose is machine washable.
    I also wrote about our new furniture on my blog listed below.
    Thanks a bunch.;1