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  1. Home Reserve

    Thank you for such a wonderfully innovative and affordable piece of furniture! I absolutely love my loveseat! I went online to try to find a "cheap" but "decent" loveseat for a small area in my family/dining room. I visited your website on a number of occasions before making my purchase. I was so skeptical at first, but you didn't disappoint. All the prior testimonials about this awesome product were true. The fabric is gorgeous with a real high end quality look and feel.

    My husband, seven year old son and I had such fun putting the loveseat together. It really was like a huge jigsaw puzzle, but the pieces fit together beautifully.

    It fits just great in the area I purchased it for. Each time I visit your website you have more beautiful, refreshing choices of fabric, how does one choose?! I will be coming back to you again for an ottoman and chair. Thanks!8-0

  2. Home Reserve


  3. Home Reserve

    I haven't bought any of your furniture yet, but I will be getting a sofa and 2 loveseats in late February or early March. I had seen the site at the other address, and ordered a couple of fabric swatches. I put your site on my favorites and coming back to it, found it gone! I was just heartsick, thinking you had gone out of business. Am so glad to have found you again.

    • Kathie,
      We are so glad you found us again. We are looking forward to working with you. Thanks for keeping us in mind.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  4. Home Reserve

    I had this idea to look for furniture on the web with with my specific needs in mind. I have limited storage space and a number of cats. Ideally, I wanted something simple and economical with storage. It also had to be both comfortable and washable, with replaceable fabric. I was sure my search would be in vain. I have never seen anything close to my needs in the stores. Then I just happened to come across your website. Wow, was I surprised. Your products are exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't believe it. And the selection of replacable fabrics is fantastic. I was highly skeptical at first but your website completely answered all my questions and then some. I was highly impressed. I immediately ordered a chair. After I've had the chance to test it out I plan on ordering another along with a couch and and a number of changes of fabrics.;2 Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!|:|

    • You are the kind of person we had in mind when developing our Ready to Assemble upholstered furniture. We’ll be introducing some new fabrics soon that are specifically for households with pets. Thanks for the great comment Chuck.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  5. Home Reserve

    I received my Monroe loveseat yesterday. I was super excited about putting it together. I worked with a friend to assemble it, and it took us a little under 2 hours. We had fun doing it, and we were VERY impressed by the quality and comfort of the loveseat. This is a fantastic piece of furniture - for a fantastic price.
    Also, I'd like to mention that I had a very, very pleasant experience with the custmer service team when I first placed the order. There was a mix-up with my debit card billing address - all my fault - but i spoke with two customer service reps who went above and beyond to ensure that the matter was resolved.
    This is a great company with a wonderful product. I will definitely recommend to others...

    Thank you, Home Reserve! ;1;1

  6. Home Reserve

    Wow. That's all I have to say. I haven't even purchased an item yet, but I am already amazed at your customer service. I sent in a question about your fabrics by the yard, and naturally didn't expect a response till tomorrow. Boy was I surprised when in less than 5 minutes I had a more than concise answer. I can't wait to actually do business with you!;2

    • Alyssa,

      We’re looking forward to working with you as well! Thanks for such great comments. Wow!

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  7. Home Reserve

    I was searching for hours for affordable furniture to put in our new home (finally, out of the in-laws house and getting our own place). My husband and I were on such a tight budget, so I was very desparate after seeing how expensive everything was. I've never shopped for furniture before and was shocked at how pricey a simple piece of furniture can be. I happened to see this as a link from epinion and ,thank god, I checked it out. What great prices! The couches look great, are functional, and best of all, absolutely affordable. I bought 2 loveseats because my living room was pretty small. They look fantastic. I'm so excited. I can't wait to change the covers just to show them off. I'm very satisfied. Customer service is awesome. I had just bought another loveseat for our tiny downstairs studio and happen to see the website's new addition and just had to put in a word or two, or three. :-D I plan to buy a set of sofa and loveseat for my in-laws as a gift as soon as I've saved enough money. Thanks again for making life a little more affordable for those of us who are struggling.

    • Monica, we totally agree.Great price, looks great, functional, and absolutely affordable. Thanks. Its the many satisfied customers like you that make us think we have a winner.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  8. Home Reserve

    I recently bought a new house and knew I'd need a set of furniture for our family room. My wife didn't know what she really wanted since we hadn't lived there yet. I wasn't going to pay $1000 or more on a cheap sofa that wouldn't last more than a year (we'd already done that at the old house) and I certainly wasn't going to pay multiple thousands on a high quality sofa we might not like in the room in a year. We have a kid on the way making the expensive sofa unrealistic as well. I went searching online an happened across your site. I was surprised at how inexpensive the furniture was and having built tons of RTA, it looked pretty solid too. My wife loved the idea of having multiple covers because not only could they be washed if the kids (or adults) made a mess, but she could change the look of the room in under an hour. We bought not only a sofa, but two chairs plus two covers for all three and were near the $1000 we planned for. This stuff is a steal! Every thing came just in time for our move-in get togther in which about 8 people put the pieces together. It looked great and was firmer than we'd imagined, a plus. My wife and I now find it amusing that we hadn't seen any adds or radio comercials or anything about your furniture, but just stumbled upon them online and now the lastest TV add with "everyone helping to build the sofa" is exactly what happened to us. We love this stuff and so do our friends. I was concerned about the foam deteriorating so for those penny pinchers like me, I did the math and figured I could replace the foam in the cusions every year for about 5 years and still have money left over for another slip cover for the same amount of money it would cost me to replace that other sofa that the springs died on after only a year. Plus this foam isn't going to die in only a year.
    Sorry this is so long, but I wanted others to know and since I'm back buying an ottoman for the chairs, I felt I had to comment.

    Thank you very much

  9. Home Reserve

    Hi everyone. Its so great to have our new site up and running. We've been working hard for months and at last here it is.

    It seems the guest book still needs some adjustments. |:| The last two submissions didn't seem to get transfered to the guest book from the database. I apologize to our customers who placed submissions and ask if they could submit their comments again.;3

    All of us here at Home Reserve are so grateful to our customers who have made us a success. Thank you;2

  10. Home Reserve

    Sunday, November 14,2004 4:07 PM
    I can not say enough about my satisfaction with the staff and the sofa that I purchased from Home Reserve. I had been searching for this site for quite sometime and was thrilled when late one night I found it on line and called the next morning and actually was able to speak to a live person who sent me swatches. After receiving the swatches I dropped them in a pan of water that had buttered popcorn in it, which they stayed in over night. The shock of this happening brought about joy later that day when they dried. Not only were they still holding their shape they were not stained from the butter.

    I am so happy with this purchase I took pictures as the assembly progressed I also leave my instruction book on the coffee table and show people that it did require assembly. I had to request a replacement piece for the arm and did not have any trouble obtaining it which was great because I purchased my sofa in July and did not open the boxes until mid October. The staff are fantastic and very professional. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, 11/14/04

    Janice Howard
    Fontanta, CA

    • Thanks so much Janice. We thrive on comments like this!

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  11. Home Reserve

    Friday, November 12, 2004 6:52 PM
    We needed a quick, cheap, let me rephrase, inexpensive something to put in our sun room off our kitchen. We are getting ready to put our house on the market and wanted that room to look useable. This furniture was perfect. I can’t believe how nice it looks. It was very easy to put together and the slip covers are tailored better than the slip covers on our $2000 couch! Really comfortable too. And no I am not a paid spokes person (lol). Thanks, I would recommend you to anyone.

    • Wow. We sure appreciate your taking the time to write. You’ve made our day.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  12. Home Reserve

    Thursday, November 11, 2004 12:25 PM
    We ordered a chair, loveseat and ottoman from you, and wouldn’t you know it, my husband and son had just left on a fishing trip when it arrived. Now I happen to be a middle-aged woman who couldn’t change a tire if her life depended on it and whose idea of heavy exercise is to stir a cup of coffee. But my curiosity got the best of me and I started opening the Home Reserve Boxes. Before I knew it, I was putting the ottoman together…then the chair…then the loveseat!

    You need to tell prospective customers that the assembly can truly and easily be done by one person, and a 90 lb. weakling at that. You don’t need someone to hold pieces in place while you attach them, and you do not need physical strength. (I, of course, could not even budge a couple of the boxes, but I solved that problem by unpacking them on the spot and carrying the pieces into the living room.) You also don’t have to be an engineer. Your instructions and drawings are so straightforward and clear! I commend you for actually being honest when you say “easy to assemble!” And by the way, the furniture looks very nice.

    P.S. If I send you my sewing machine manual, do you think the folks who do your instructions could rewrite it for me?

    Barbara Eldridge
    Salem, Virginia

    • We love the question about the sewing machine manual! It reminds us of the customer who told us, “whoever wrote your instructions there at Home Reserve should go to heaven”.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  13. Home Reserve

    Friday, November 12, 2004 12:44 AM
    Today we received our ottoman. We love it…it is perfect for the computer/TV room we purchased it for. The cardinal red twill is very extreme for us...but it brightens the whole room..(makes it pop…like they say on those TV décor shows)…however, we were wondering how much it would cost to order additional fabric (just the fabric cover for the ottman?

    J.Morris and R. Jacobs

    • Thanks for the kind comments. Ottoman fabric covers sell for $35 and can be purchased in our “Shop and Buy” area.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  14. Home Reserve

    Thursday, November 11, 2004 12:01 PM
    I recently purchased a loveseat, my first online furniture purchase. I sought out your website initially because I was seeking furniture to assemble because of a stairway that was too narrow for preassembled furniture.

    I’m writing to let you know that I’m completely satisfied with your product and will recommend it to others. The ordering process was simple and I received my delivery on the estimated day. Assembly wasn’t too difficult, and the instructions were clear. Best of all, I’m very happy with the style, comfort and sturdiness of the assembled product!


    • Your words mean a lot to us. It is very encouraging to hear things like “completely satisfied”.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  15. Home Reserve

    Tuesday, November 09, 2004 3:43 PM
    Dear Home Reserve,

    I just wanted to take the time to tell you how delighted we are with our two new sofas. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical and so was my husband when he saw your website. But, as the parents of a 2 and 4 yr old who were in desperate need of two family room sofas that we "couldn't kill" we decided to give it a try.

    We recieved the sofas in a timely fashion and went to work putting them together. My husband (a mechanical engineer) and my father in law (retired shop teacher and carpenter) took everything out of the box, read the instructions and started putting them together. After a while, I ventured downstairs to see how it was going. They were almost finished with the first sofa, and they were both amazed. My husband was shocked at how easy they were to assemble and my father in law was impressed with the boards, fittings and etc. I think they actually had fun, exclaiming that it was like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle...only easier!

    I know this is lengthy, but I just had to tell you thanks for the elegant, toddler-proof furniture that is a joy to own.
    Keep up the good work!

    Mrs Samantha Tennant

    • We are happy we were able to shock your husband. (Hopefully it was just a gentle, nice little shock.) Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  16. Home Reserve

    For Customers of Home Reserve. Here's an idea. We'd love to see a picture of how you have utilized our furniture. Just create a comment and upload a picture;-)

  17. Home Reserve

    Share your comments about Home Reserve. We’ve just added this guest book to the web site. Opening page was November 8. 2004.:)

  18. Home Reserve

    It seems most of the people are very happy about the products purchsed at HomeReserve. I am currently looking for a loveseat and found out this website. The price is very reasonable, and lots selection. Because it sounds so perfect, I am just curious if there is any drawback or it's just so perfect like what everyone described. It would be great if someone share this.

    I would appreciate if there are anyone who are living around South bay area in California and can let me take a look your Home Reserve sofa/loveseat, so I can make a decision to purchase it. (Please email me if you can let me take a look)

    Oh, last question, since I am a single woman, is it difficult if I do it by myself?

  19. Home Reserve

    I have had my monore loveseat and sofa for about a year now. For Christmas, my parents bought me an ottoman (which is big enough for both my Shiba Inu dog to lay on and my feet)

    Anyway, my Shiba decided that she wanted to chew on the part of the fabric today. Calling Home Reserve's customer service was one of THE most pleasant experiences that I have had with customer service (and I work in customer service) Please, please, please never outsource your customer service. Your associates are Great! Please let Sandy know just how awesome she is!!!!! ;1 ;2

  20. Home Reserve

    Got our new couch and have it together. I did asembly and I want to praise you on directions they were great also with something like this you usually have something that doesn\'t fit or work right but not with your products. Everything worked out great and we are happy.
    Shirley did upolstry and everything fit great also.
    THANK U & keep up good work

  21. Home Reserve

    Just a note to let you know we now have our sectional all put together (on the laminate floor I got finished on time and we really like it!
    The instructions were easy to follow and the whole sofa (8 pieces) went together in less than four hours. The fabric was exactly what we expected and the fit and finish are top notch. The sectional has been the place to be in our house all week.Thanks for your great service, perfect product execution and customer value. <<< All cliché but they fully apply to our experience with Home Reserve.
    Here s to many more years of success for your company! A Great Hoosier Business!

    Russ and Karen
    Kokomo, Indiana

  22. Home Reserve

    Thank you Home Reserve! ;1

    My couch arrived yesterday and I was so excited. I put it together in a little over an hour - so easy! It looks great and is very comfortable! I'll be ordering a chair and ottoman next!

    I would also like to thank Home Reserve for their excellent Customer Service. They answered my initial questions very quickly. The delivery time was as promised.

    I will be recommending you to everyone I know.

  23. Home Reserve

    Hi, I received my loveseat today and I am quite pleased. It was put together in no time at all and the material is really pretty. I am a seamstress and I am impressed with how well the fabric fits! If this loveseat holds up under use, I would gladly recommend your product to anyone.
    PS. Who would have thought you could get a loveseat in two boxes.
    ; Thank You Again, Theodora J. Sadlowski

  24. Home Reserve

    I ordered a love seat and chair for my apartment and can't believe how happy I am with both.
    I also want to add that the people who work at Home Reserve are very professional and courteous. I will be recommending HR to friends and family.
    Thank you again.

  25. Home Reserve

    Just wanted to thank you for your awesome help in decorating my daughter's bedroom. We received the chair and ottoman yesterday afternoon and my 12 year old daughter put it all together herself! The colors worked beautiful with her newly painted room and bedspread.

    Thanks so much for a fun awesome project and great customer service.

  26. Home Reserve

    I am, over all, very pleased with my Home Reserve purchase. We had a few glitches getting our sectional and ottoman, nothing major, but when you\'re so excited about something it really makes the waiting difficult. I assembled all five pieces almost entirely by myself (my hubby did put in a couple of the screws, but that\'s about it). Not hard at all. The Altima Thyme pet care fabric is so soft! The color is perfect for our livingroom. I\'ve had to spot clean it with a damp cloth, due to some children with runny noses (yuck, I know). But it cleans up in a snap. This was really the perfect solution to a seating situation for a large family (5 kids) and a small living room. We will deffinately come back for more in the future.

    PS- I tried to post pics, but it didn't work. I blogged about the couch (I'm that excited about it!) Check it out!

  27. Home Reserve

    Some time ago I order the Classic Loveseat. It was delivered promptly but I delayed in putting it together. I finally started the second week of March. Everything was great and I was surprised at how each piece was numbered and the ease things were going together. I had a problem with one piece and talked to customer service and received a delivery the very next day. The same thing happened with the right side and again prompt service. The end result is this BEAUTIFUL loveseat; I bought the black-on-black swirl pattern. The picture of the fabric does not do it justice. And being a single women, it was so easy for me to put together by myself. I will at some point be adding to my collection by adding a chair, just not at this time.

    Thank you, thank you! You have a new fan of your company. What a brilliant concept! ;1

  28. Home Reserve

    I received my armless sofa 3/4/2010.Put it together in a couple of hours.I love it--thank you very much.I live in a fifth wheel camper.Found your websight trying to find anything to fit in area where my old sofa was.Regular size sofas,loveseats and foutons would not fit.Could not afford to replace with sofas camper dealers were offering.Your sofa fit perfectilly and did not cost a fortune.It is very comfortable.Storage is awesome.Just wanted to let your company know how pleased I am and will be letting everyone know about your furniture.
    Very grateful,
    Kathy :-)

  29. Home Reserve

    I received my sofa, chair, ottoman and 4 throw pillows yesterday. At 4:30 my son (age 14) and I started the assembly process. We were completely finished with all the pieces at 7:30. ;1 They look wonderful, and we are extremely pleased. The value is unbelievable, and they are much more comfortable than I had imagined. I've attached a photo of our completed project...

    Thanks for making such a terrific product!

  30. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve,
    My husband suggested I buy a new desk for more storage, instead I bought two loungers and kept the old desk. My four young children fight over the lounger all the time. I chose Pulse Citron and it is a beautiful fresh, textured green that is neutral enough to go with anything. (The picture doesn\'t do it justice) It\'s a bit of a traditional fabric for such modern pieces, but the texture was similar in texture to my sofa. My only assembly issue was putting the covers on. My tip, besides the required cordless screwdriver for he frame, is to make sure you have all the smooth sides facing out. Also for HR, since the lounger seat is larger than the sectional seats it would be a great help having a three sided zipper. I must say, though, I pulled and stretched that fabric and thought I was sure to rip it, but it held up fabulously. And the great thing about having two loungers is that, by the second one, I was a pro at putting together the pieces and cut the time by at least one third.

    Also HR, any plans to be able to customize a banquette at table height!

  31. Home Reserve

    I just love my couch very orange! I did work on it alone and took less than 3 hours. When my husband arrived home he was very impressed with me doing such a job and with the beauty of our new couch.
    Soon I want the loveseat. Thank you!;1

  32. Home Reserve

    Right after my husband and I graduated college and got married, we bought a loveseat from home reserve. Although we were slightly skeptical about the quality of something bought online and assembled at home, we were greatly surprised. We 8-0 it!

    Now, two years later, we are getting ready to purchase a sectional and we went straight for home reserve. You can't beat the price or the variety of fabrics to choose from, plus we know it wears extremely well!

    Thanks home reserve for making decorating fun and easy! ;1

  33. Home Reserve

    After living with our imitation leather (aka plastic) sectional for about 14 years, it was time to get a new one. I received my meager annual bonus at the end of January and we were finally able to start looking. We spent a Friday night, several hours on Saturday and several more hours on Sunday driving from store to store looking over what they had to offer and seeing what we could afford. We have very particular taste and knew exactly what we wanted but weren\'t able to find our \'dream couch\' at any price and the ones we could afford weren\'t exactly what we wanted. We never found one that we were above 75% sure on. Since we couldn\'t find anything at the stores, I went to searching online at a number of various websites and had the exact same problem: we could not find a couch that was exactly what we wanted at any price. We started to get really frustrated and we were not happy with the thought that we were going to have to settle for a sectional we didn\'t really want and would probably have to pay more than we could really afford for it.

    THEN (trumpets sound), I stumbled on the Home Reserve website. It was like a dark cloud lifted off of our search. You mean we can design the exactly sectional we want AND choose the fabric AND it has built-in storage in each piece AND it\'s affordable? Of course, like many other buyers mentioned, it sounded too good to be true and we were skeptical whether it would look good, if it would be comfortable, if it would be durable, etc. I spent several hours browsing through the website looking at the videos, reading several hundred customer comments and trying to absorb as much of the info as I could. I felt like this could be the answer we were looking for and after going though the search that we had already gone through, we were willing to take a chance on Home Reserve.

    I found the website on a Monday and tried to order several fabric swatches but there was a problem with the website. I called the next day and spoke with Sandy who explained the problem and placed my order for the fabric swatches I wanted and promptly had them shipped to my house in 2 days free of change. Thanks Sandy! We picked the fabric we wanted, decided exactly what pieces we wanted and in what style and the next day (Friday 2/5/10) I called in and placed my order with Sandy who was extremely nice and helpful. We got a 7 piece Tux sectional wrapped in Mission Federal fabric as well as a standard ottoman and several decorative throw pillows. All in all, we ordered 8 individual pieces and 5 throw pillows; no small order! I knew with such a large order, it would probably take the full 10 business days to get my order filled and didn\'t expect my order to ship until Fri 2/19/10. I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email on Wed 2/17/10 stating my order had shipped (2 days earlier than I expected) and was scheduled to arrive on Mon 2/22/10. I live in a condo complex and didn\'t want to have all of those boxes just sitting on my porch all day so I took the day off work so I could be there when the UPS truck showed up. Not to mention I was SO excited to get our new sectional partly because who doesn\'t love to get new stuff and partly because we had sold our old couch a week before for $50 on Craigslist to a college kid and we had been sitting in lawn chairs in our living room pending the arrival of our new sectional.

    The UPS truck arrived at my front door about 1:30PM and I rushed to meet him at the door. FINALLY! It was here! He said he had 8 large boxes for me and started bringing them in. He commented, \'I\'m not sure what\'s in these boxes but they sure packed them good.\' I told him he had just delivered my sectional and he was blown away. I told him all about the Home Reserve website and showed him the fabric samples I still had sitting around. He said he & his wife had been shopping around for a new couch and would definitely be checking out the website. As soon as the door shut, I opened up the first box and started building.

    As others have said, each piece was extremely easy to put together. The instructions could not be any clearer and all of the pieces fit together perfectly. I figured that with such a large order there would be at least one thing missing or messed up but nothing was. Every screw, every T-connector, every pillow, every piece of wood - it was all there and in 100% perfect condition. After I put together the first armless section, the instructions were so easy, I didn\'t even need them for the other 3 pieces; I just put them together from memory. Sometimes it was a bit of work to get the fabric on and straight in the right place but that just goes to show how exacting it fits. Once you do get it in the right place, it fits perfectly and looks great. Each section connected to each adjoining piece perfectly with the pre-drilled holes and supplied nuts & bolts. Once they are together, it makes for a nice, firm piece of furniture.

    I kept working piece after piece and before I knew it, it was 7:30 at night and my wife was home from work so I took about an hour break for dinner. I only had one piece left: the modular ottoman. That took me about 30-40 minutes to put together, get the fabric on & attach to the sectional and then all I had to do was insert the pillows in the covers I had ordered and I was done. We stood back and looked at it and…………..were amazed! It looks so wonderful! It is EXACTLY what we wanted. I know if we were lucky enough to actually find this couch in a showroom, it would easily be twice the price we paid even with the shipping costs. In all, it took me about 7 hours to put together 8 pieces and bolt them together.

    Are there any negatives? I really wish the ottomans and the front-bottom sections of each sectional section had some padding instead of being just fabric over hard wood. It\'s a stubbed toe just waiting to happen. The only other negative comment I have is that now I have TO much storage room! I\'m trying to figure out what I can store in all of those extra compartments.

    A few notes for prospective buyers:
    (a) A power screwdriver/drill DEFINITELY helps. If you don\'t have one, borrow one.
    (b) You will probably (almost definitely) need a hammer to get certain interlocking pieces to fit together.
    (c) You will need a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Assembly leaves a fair amount of wood pieces on the floor especially if you have to sand.
    (d) I would suggest sanding the corners of each wood piece that will come into contact with the fabric. It will make the fabric go on easier.
    (e) I would also suggest sanding the edges of the lid to each storage area to avoid any future splinters.
    (f) The cushions are pretty firm at first (as I had read) but I know they will soften over time and actually have already started to do so after only a week.

    My final thoughts: THANK YOU to Home Reserve for designing such easy-to-build furniture and selling it at a super-affordable price. I am telling everyone I know about Home Reserve and are recommending them highly. Had it not been for Home Reserve, we would most definitely have paid much more for a sectional and had to compromise on both the style and the quality of what we wanted. With Home Reserve, we got the best of all worlds! With the money we saved, I was able to buy a new carpet steam cleaner so I could clean our carpets before the new sectional arrived. My wife used to be embarrassed of our old couch and avoided inviting people over solely for that reason but now she can\'t wait to invite everyone she knows over just so she can show off our new sectional. We are both thoroughly enjoying our new furniture and are sure we will continue to do so in the years to come. In a few years when we move into a bigger house, we will certainly return to Home Reserve to order more furniture to help fill the space.

    Thanks again! ;1

  34. Home Reserve

    I just received the sofa that I ordered for my daughter's apartment last week. It took a few hours to put together but the directions were excellent and the manufacture is extremely clever. My only suggestion is that the fabric was difficult to slide over the wood and the foam- perhaps a slicker inside surface would help. We have already given the web-site to a friend. My daughter's apartment door precluded any assembled sofa so this was just what we needed.
    Thanks again and great follow-up from your customer service department.

  35. Home Reserve

    After a snafu involving UPS mis-routing our boxes, we finally receivced our sofa today. I started assembly at 1:00pm and we were sitting in it for the first time at 1:50pm.

    One word sums it up....WOW! AMAZING! COMFORTABLE!

    Wait...that was three. And three that were well deserved. We are now contemplating whether it will be another sofa, or two chairs. ext payday will be the order date.

  36. Home Reserve

    My roommate purchased one of these sofas for our college apartment because we couldn\'t fit a assembled couch through the doorway.

    We used the furniture a lot and it held up really well. I was skeptical about putting it together but we put it together and it looked really nice!

  37. Home Reserve

    I just finnished the love seat, my wife put the covers on and we put it in the motorhome!!

    It fit, it works, and it is great!!!!

  38. Home Reserve

    I ordered the Tuxedo soda, chair, loveseat, and pillows. I'm very happy with the construction of the items I ordered. The color wasn't what I wanted so I'm in the process of exchanging it. The customer service representive, Sandy was polite and professional. I'm very pleased with my purchase. My husband was totally against ordering furniture off the internet and putting it together, but now I believe he is your second biggest fan -next to me of course.

    ;1 Great product and excellent customer service. Thanks!

  39. Home Reserve

    I received my Monroe sofa and chair yesterday. I put them together last night by myself. The entire process took about 4 hours. I am SO PLEASED with the outcome. I never thought it would look as good as the pictures. Well, actually, it looks bigger and better than the pictures! They are huge and very comfortable. You have a customer for life.

  40. Home Reserve

    I have been shopping around for our new family room and I think that between price and function,..we will be ordering soon!!!;2
    We have grandchildren and 2 cocker spaniels and I believe we have found the storage that we will need for the kids play things and fabric choices that will help us with our cockers also sharing the seating.:-)

  41. Home Reserve

    Thanks to the AOL banner and my curiousity I had to check the web site. Glad I did. I could not believed this. It's simply the best!!! Everything you look for when purchasing furniture and much much more. Thanks for comming up with something we all need and utilizing the wasted space by turing it into storage. Prices we all can afford. Love it!

  42. Home Reserve

    I let the boxes sit for several days and waited for the weekend, I was nervous about my ability to put a loveseat together on my own. IT WAS FUN! It took the full 2 hours because I get things backwards now and then, but everything was easily put together. I'm pleased that the numbers were cut into the pieces instead of being stenciled on.
    Love the pet care fabric and I'm very interested to see how it stands up to the cats. I've already discovered how easy cat hair is removed. I only wish the seat was a little deeper.
    At these prices I may be able to purchase summer fabric. Thanks so much.

  43. Home Reserve

    I haven\'t even gotten the sectional I ordered yet and am already so glad I decided to order from Home Reserve.

    I made a mistake when ordering and placed an order for an ottoman that would in no way match the sofa I ordered.(still not sure how I did that)

    It only took customer service a few hours to correct a mistake that wasn\'t even theirs to begin with and to have my furniture on its way.

    Thank you so much to all of the customer service team. If the product is even half as good as the service I will never regret buying for you.

  44. Home Reserve

    Original Post
    #290 by T-A George
    DATE: 12.23.2005 - 21:21

    Follow-up Post:

    Thank you, Sandy! Your professionalism, courtesy, and patience is beyond human comprehesnion. You\'re an absolute asset and treasure to Home Reserve; so, it\'s no wonder that you\'re still with the company. I appreciate the smile in your voice, as you troubleshoot and assuage each customer-service and quality-control query.

    I am absolutely in love with the Monroe Chair & Half (which is really a loveseat with one seat and back cushion, right?!). Both of them look beautiful. The Monroe Chair & Half in Hondo Sunburst looks stunning in my living room and absolutely compliments my newly-converted Monroe Couch with Hondo Apple fabric (formerly known as my Monroe Sofa with Ranger Twill Parchment fabric). As for the Monroe Chair & Half in Hondo Apple, I have created a reading nook in my bedroom. (I\'ve already assembled the frame and will complete it as soon as I finish this post.)

    I\'ve noticed that with both pieces, Box 2 of 2 had two, minor issues. The T-connector in Part 10 does not align with Part 2; however, it did not adversely affect the stability or sturdiness of the fully-assembled chair. Unlike Box 1 of 1, Box 2 of 2 has mislabeled Part 13 as Part 12; therefore, there are two parts numbered 12 in Box 2 of 2. Again, this is a minor glitch, given the obvious differences between the two pieces.

    Again, thank you for the speedy, top-notch service. My order arrived on Saturday before noon, and I was able to assemble the Chair & Half before my guests arrived. Everyone complimented my old and new Home Reserve pieces and were in disbelief that I assembled the sofa (converted to couch after my party), ottomans, and chair by myself. Needless to say, Home Reserve has fifteen to twenty, newly-minted, prospective customers.

    Sandy, as a follow-up to our conversation, all covers for the throw pillows were in the same box (just as you thought). However, I forgot to order replacement arm foam for my Monroe Couch when I ordered the replacement ottomon foam. I will call you (yet again) and look forward to completing assembly and enjoying your beautifully-crafted furniture. Keep up the terrific work!

    Many thanks,

  45. Home Reserve

    Our Classic sofa arrived last evening. We had it together in less than 2 hours and it is great.
    I love it when a company exceeds my expectations.

    Thank you for a great product and
    a solution to narrow doors that does not look like a compromise.