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  1. Home Reserve

    Sandy was my Angel today!! I had been looking for over a month, then I found Home Reserves website [specifically looking for American Made!] - all the other sites did not have what I was specifically looking for - then I found your site! AND Sandy helped me with my order to get EXACTLY what I really wanted!! This is awesome - except you have so many goregous colors it has taken me almost a week to make up my mind!! Thank goodness I can order other sets and still have the great furniture!!

  2. Home Reserve

    PRO: Very easy to assemble - the pieces fit easily, looks as expected. Great for little kids as cushion covers are easily removable and washable (we bought pet friendly fabric).

    CONS: After a year, you can now see the numbers they carved into the front panels (below sitting area) thru the fabric. My suggestion: Tape over them, or maybe put index cards and tape over this so you will not see the dent in the fabric over time.

    Also, side fabric panels were so snug, the barely cover the bottom of the pieces at the ends of the couch (the arm rests). So, you do see a little ply wood at the bottom.

    Easy over all, but the last part - putting the sides of the couch on - was difficult to reach and tighten. Also, to recover the entire couch, you have to take the sides off the couch first. Kinda a drag, but if you don\'t do it that often, its not a big deal.

    OVERALL: for the price, ability to change fabrics, etc. - two thumbs up. You get a descent couch for a great price!

    • Melissa, thanks for the great follow-up details! You are right about those arm fabrics being too tight. We had our folks change that in our new instructions.—Sandy

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  3. Home Reserve

    I ordered a 7 piece sectional and 2 ottomans in the Altima Latte Pet Care and I admit when they arrived in all their boxes I was a little apprehensive but my husband put together the frames and I was in charge of the cushions and fabric and we got it together without any problems in one afternoon. The fabric is awesome and the quality is fantastic and strong. We actually have too much storage with 9 pieces that have storage 6 year old is trying to find things to store in some :) I would definately recommend this furniture. I also want to point out how easy it was to order on line, get a confirmation and then be able to track your shipment. I received my sectional in less than a week. ;1;1

  4. Home Reserve

    Just bought a Monroe sofa and a modular ottoman. I had the pleasure of building it all myself thanks to the easy instructions included...easier than Ikea\'s haha!! I love the storage compartments and oh yeah...they\'re so comfortable to sit and lay in...Home Reserve FTW ;1

  5. Home Reserve

    Just received the pillows I ordered. Can\'t believe the exceptional quality! Nothing cheap about them. They are more than worth the price. You are a GREAT company. Will be recommending to others. I will definately be a return customer. Thank you!!:-)

  6. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much, I just bought a sofa and it took my wife and I just 1 hour to put it together. It looked much better than the sofas at Becks furniture, at a much more reasonable cost.

    We even intentionally poored red kool-aid on the white sofa, and there was no stain!! NONE!

    Best product ever, expect return business!

    • Isn’t the Petcare fabric great?

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  7. Home Reserve

    Our new sectional is perfect. We are renting a place that has a nicely finished basement, but nothing larger than a small chair can fit down the stairs. I really thought I would have to use the space for storage and then we stumbled across the Home Reserve website. We now have a nice six piece sectional in the basement. It was fun putting it together, and it looks great.
    Wow--what a great product!
    Jayne and Keith Cooper

  8. Home Reserve

    Love the furniture! My first purchase was a chair and a half - since then I\'ve added several sectional pieces. The pet care fabric is awesome - milk, pop tart, ice cream, and pet hair just wipe right off. Assembly was pretty easy too - I was able to put them together by myself, although my two and a half year old did \"help\" with part of the assembly. :-)

  9. Home Reserve

    I love the holds up so well with pets and kids.
    I wish HR produced a smaller chair. They are comfortable...but big! A smaller chair would fit in Living and Family rooms so much better.:-)

  10. Home Reserve

    We bought a classic couch for our new home and are very happy with it.

    Instructions are easy to follow and we had the couch completely assembled under 2 hours.

    Due to the wide variety of different fabrics we were able to choose a cover that matches our existing furniture.

    We were surprised by how small the boxes it came in versus the finished couch size.

    Intelligently designed and economically priced, we plan to buy a chair & love seat from home reserve in the future.

    (Do you have have coupons?)


  11. Home Reserve

    We ordered the Classic Couch and Chair 3 years ago.
    The furniture has stood up well in spite of the fact that they are the main pieces used on a daily basis as a couch for watching TV and movies, my napping spot, a bed for our daughter when she visits, and a scratching post for one of our cats which we have attempted to discourage.

    We just ordered newer, more pet resistant fabric and voila, a fresh, new look for our living room!

    Thank you for making durable, yet easy to re-cover furniture.

  12. Home Reserve

    I absolutely love my sofa!!8-0
    After waiting a while to get the sofa, I was very pleased when it arrived. It did not take long to put it together and once we finished, it was excellent!

    I was on the website for hours, reading comments and looking at pictures and finally decided to buy it and that was the best decision I made. It is so firm and comfy and the material is great too!! I can't wait until my next purchase. Good job Home Reserve!:-)

  13. Home Reserve

    Just want to thank you for our Monroe love seat! We had it covered in Altima Sand Pet care fabric. It took maybe two hours to put together with the easy to follow instructions. It looks fabulous, is very comfy and best of all fits in our loft apartment! Thanks a million!:-D

  14. Home Reserve

    I am trying to get my family to help buy me a new sectional from your site for Christmas and I was surprised to find out that there was not an option to purchase a gift card or website credit. I am admittedly completely unaware of the level of complication that would bring to a website, but it seems if one can process a credit card online, a gift card or redemption code issued by the same company shouldn\'t be a big leap. This would most likely be an immense help to more potential customers like me, and they would make great gift for friends as wedding or housewarming presents. Because of the nature of your site, a gift card of as little as $50 can give someone something beautiful and personal for their home, and the leftover money is a great incentive to become a repeat customer. I can\'t WAIT to place my first order with you!

  15. Home Reserve

    First let me say, Sandy at customer service you are wonderful! :-D I ordered the laney loveseat in the altima hickory pet fabric. Having just enough time to put it together before having to leave (military), I came home to find it covered in cat fur. One quick sweep of the vacuum and PRESTO no sign of fur anywhere! We have 2 long haired oranged and white cats, and a dog, so no fur is HUGE for us!! Its like we dont even have pets. I love this furniture, I just ordered the next pieces and cant wait till they arrive. The furniture is great, super easy to put together, and the fabric is magic! Now if you only made duvet covers in this stuff! Home reserve your AWESOME! 8-0;1;1

  16. Home Reserve

    This stuff looks great, my wife and I will surely fill our new home with Home Reserve furniture!;1

  17. Home Reserve

    We were having trouble finding modular/sectional furniture that we liked that would fit in our 3rd floor loft that was reasonably priced. This went in my man cave and with two big dogs we wanted soemthing functional and comfortable without having to worry about stains. Found you by way of a Google search. Of course Crate and Barrel had some stuff we liked but one of their pieces on sale was about what we paid for a 7 piece Tux sectional that arrived in mid September. Building was easy and we are very pleased with the look and comfort. Now I have my man cave finished and will be ordering another ottoman or two for lounging purposes.

  18. Home Reserve

    We just assembled our Laney sectional and cozy corner ottoman in Altima Hickory today. I\'d been interested in Home Reserve for about 2 years, and we finally took the plunge 2 weeks ago. Let me say, it doesn\'t look like we put it together ourselves! It looks really amazing, and the scale of the furniture was perfect for us- our house is over 100 years old, and the huge modern furniture just won\'t work in our smaller rooms. Super comfortable, exactly what we wanted, great price. We are very happy and can\'t wait to show all our family and friends, who were just mystified by the idea of DIY upholstered furniture. Thanks, Home Reserve!

  19. Home Reserve

    We were looking for a new sectional and loved the look and customizability of Home Reserve. I however, am a very large man, so durability was high on our priority list. We ordered just one piece to see how well it was crafted. I have to say we were very very impressed. The materials are incredible! Build time is short and very easy … very to the point, not like most/all “build it yourself” instructions. THEY EVEN GIVE YOU GLOVES so the wood doesn’t scratch you or you get splinters!!! Taking our time in a very relaxed way, with just a screw driver, it took about 30 minutes to build. It was actually a lot of fun! So after we got it built I was impressed. Ok but now it will not be very comfortable right …. WRONG. Holy Cow is it comfortable, even for a big man like me. We liked it so much we called friends over to see it. We have now ordered about ½ of what we will need to finish the living room. Another plus for Home Reserve is buying what you need when you can afford it. You don’t need to buy everything all at once.

    I can not say enough good things about these products. Needless to say, all of our furniture will soon be made by Home Reserve and us. If you are on the fence about buying, I would say to put your concerns behind you. These people are the type of retailers you used to hear about. People who make great products, sell them at a decent price, and make sure the customer is happy. Way to go Home Reserve!!

  20. Home Reserve

    We had a huge problem getting furniture down into the basement in our small townhouse. Tried several sofas and nothing would fit. We found your site online and have been so pleased with the sofa we bought that we just ordered a loveseat, as well. The assembly directions are the best we have ever encountered. To quote Geico, it\'s \"so easy a caveman can do it!\" We heartily recommend your products and company!

  21. Home Reserve

    :-D 8-0
    I can honestly say this is my favorite couch ever! I was able to even start putting it together without my boyfriends help! He finished the job and the couch was done in an hour. The fabric I got is so soft, and the cushions are so comfy... now i spend all my time on it!! Im definetly buying more furniture. Why didnt anyone think of this before?

  22. Home Reserve

    Thank you very much. We are very happy and excited to have the chair. My husband is in the construction field and was very satisfied with the way the parts fit so exact. He is a perfectionist so that is a definite compliment.

  23. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve-
    It's been awhile since we received our Laney Sofa. Wow, thank you! We have three cats and a dog. The cats ruined our last 3 couches by clawing.They were aided in the demise by our dog and her oily fur. They have not had any impact on the appearance of our Laney sofa. I wish we had the need to purchase new upholstery fabric or at least wash the current fabric - it hasn't happened yet. The cats have not even tried to dig the fabric. The dog sleeps on the couch but it still wipes up clean. And to my surprise, my husband was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the product as he put the sofa together. We have told all of our friends about your company. I hope that generates orders. This is the best, most comfortable sofa
    Doug Packard and Kathy Strawn

  24. Home Reserve

    I purchased my monroe sofa about 4 years ago, and it was definitely a worthwhile investment. Who knew a sofa made of plywood could ever be so comfortable? As with any piece of furniture though, you must treat it with care or it will show. Take a bit of advice if you\'re ordering and don\'t go for the cheaper fabric. I\'m now looking into a sectional to replace the older sofa since it\'s no longer in the best of conditions =P and will be redesigning a room completely with Home Reserve furniture! :-D