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  1. Home Reserve

    By the way - This is my second order - the first we received a few months ago and we are SO pleased. This furniture is great, and the fabric is fabulous! My kids love the cushions on the chairs (part of sectional) so much that they want me to order JUST the cushions to lay around on the floor with.
    Thank you for your help,
    Anita Sells

  2. Home Reserve

    I bought the Monroe sofa about six months ago. It took me about six hours to put it together, but that\'s because my cat was so interested in the process and kept getting in the way. I love my sofa! It\'s amazing that such a well-made, sturdy, and beautiful sofa comes in just two boxes. I live in an apartment, and this size and price is the best option for me; I really feel like I got more than what I paid for. I plan to continue to purchase from Home Reserve (an ottoman is next on my list).

  3. Home Reserve

    Assembled my Laney Sofa by myself! Completely girl doable. I recommend using a power drill. Too hard and blisters to try to do it with a screwdriver.

  4. Home Reserve

    I ordered a laney sectional 2 weeks ago after looking at your website for months. I even used fabric exchange, when I changed my mind about the fabric I ordered (part of why it took me months) and got the new covers in about a week. I\'m not done tweaking things yet in my living room so expect another order from me soon. I really like the look, I ended up with Cricket Nutmeg. And yes, it is like a Pottery Barn look which I love. The cushions are already softening up. My husband and I can both put our feet up now when we are on the couch, which is great. Did I mention we ordered two ottomans also? They\'re wonderful too. After reading your whole website many times, I saw that you make radio and TV ads. I have never seen one where I live (Salt Lake City), but I think your product would be a huge hit here. There are tons of families with a lot of kids here and I think they would jump at your product. Just a thought. I have recommended your website to anyone who doesn\'t want the monster sized expensive couches they are making nowawdays at twice or more the price of your furniture. Thanks again.

  5. Home Reserve

    YES! I got the boxes yesterday!:) The directions were AWESOME! I\'m a teacher and often find directions that are poorly worded, difficult to understand, etc. And having the actual number in each piece was fantastic - Seriously, putting these together would be a good job experience for elemetary age kids, or even adults in a sheltered workshop. I don\'t think there was one wooden connection that was hard to decipher. I would bet there is a training program somewhere that would love to assemble furniture like yours - for a nominal fee. It would be worth it to buyers with time constraints, as well as employment for people needing work.
    The color - everything - is awesome!

  6. Home Reserve

    We needed new furniture for our TV room and were pleased to find a place where we could get all we needed for a reasonable price. We got an armless chair, two ottomons and a laney couch. The chair took me two hours to assemble alone. As recommended, I walked on the cushion to soften it, and the chair is really comfortable. It took my husband an hour each to assemble the ottomons. Working together, it took two of us 4 hours to assemble the couch. I did not walk on those cushions, and they are a little stiff, but I am sure they will loosen up.

    The instructions for the assembly of the frame are excellent. The instructions for putting on the fabric were confusing at points.

    The furniture is comfortable and looks great. We LOVE the storage! All in all, it was a great pleasure doing business with you! We are recommending Home Reserve to all of our friends.

  7. Home Reserve

    Checking in from Toronto.

    It\'s been about one year. The 4 piece sectional has survived! We are 5 (includes a cat), it moved around the family room at least 3 times, and filled with a mega thomas the tank engine set.

    The fabric and cushions are holding up and I love the recent story on the blog about dropping in to get the piece. Reminds me of the offer for us to pick up last year during our self move.

    Keep up the good work Home Reserve.;1

  8. Home Reserve

    I\'m a 16 year old guy and I had the easiest time putting together the Tux loveseat. It took me about 3-4 hrs while watching TV to completely assemble. I could not be happier with the end result. The mission black fabric is perfect and better than I thought it would be. I recommend this to anyone looking for a stylish, modern, & comfortable sofa =]

  9. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much for the excellent customer service! The ottoman came in with time to spare to get it together before our family get-together on Labor Day. I'm attaching a photo of the couch, armless unit, and ottoman combination. This is similar to Layout 26 on your site. I was able to add two layers of High Loft quilt batting I got from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon to the footboards, as well as wrapping the top, front and bottom of the seat cushions with one layer to puff them out a bit also. The covers do fit tightly so it took a bit of effort, but everything came together and, I think, looks great. The Mission Buff faux fabric is very luxurious, and I discovered that the problem I had with it feeling gritty was due to the sanding dust from assembling everything. A good precaution to others - don't put the covers on until you've vacuumed the area where you assembled the frame! A thorough vacuuming took care of the problem.

    I really appreciate the concept of Home Reserve. The components are conveniently delivered right to your home, are simple (though not necessarily easy - it did take some effort!) to put together, the fabrics can be removed for a thorough laundering, you have the 10 year renewability guarantee, the option to order different covers for a change during holidays or the seasons, extra storage in the base, made in the USA, ability to customize and get exactly the configuration you want, and absolutely wonderful customer service, just to mention a few features. The cushions are firm but are softening up a bit, and the sectional is very comfortable. Both myself and my husband have fallen asleep on it already! It has the perfect combination of firmness and comfort, and supports my back. Even though my husband is over 6' tall, he says the seat depth is still comfortable and makes it easier to get up from the couch.

    A couple of cons: the assembly did take more effort than some of the customer comments led me to believe. Nothing a grandma with a bad back and arthritis can't handle though! Some of the frame pieces needed a few good whacks with a hammer to go together, but once done, they fit tight and strong. One of the pieces on the ottoman was cracked when we took it out of the box, but because we wanted to have it finished for Labor Day, my husband went ahead and assembled the frame and with the screws and interlocking parts, it seems to be plenty strong.

    Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend Home Reserve to anyone. In fact, my daughter-in-law is considering ordering a new sectional already - she'll be checking mine out on Labor Day!

    Thanks again for such a unique and suitable product. May Home Reserve Live Long and Prosper!:-)

  10. Home Reserve

    After 4 years, I ordered new fabric for my sofa. It is AWESOME. Completely new look for under $175. Everything as shown - colors, texture, small view, large view. I love doing business with you folks.

  11. Home Reserve

    Was impressed with the website (found through Google) and the detail presented, so I decided to order (wanted a smaller piece for a new apartment). I must say my order came quickly (about 8 days) and was exactly as shown. It was fairly easy to put together (I have the Monroe Loveseat); I did it alone in about 2 hours just using a hammer and screwdriver -- as promised in the directions. It looks good and seems really sturdy, and I am very happy with the quality of the fabric.

  12. Home Reserve

    We love our Laney sectional. Although, I read a lot of the text and I saw the U-tube videos, I didn\'t really get the idea how cleverly engineered the whole thing was. The style, price, the selection of fabric and the friendly website caught my attention and I felt convinced this was the place to order our couch. We have looked around at other places for a sectional, but no other place gave us the ability to customize the couch to our specific needs for such a great price. It is a dream to sit and to sleep on. We love it so much we just ordered an additional ottoman and more pillows. What a fantastic company and I hope other companies take notice on how Home Reserve does business. We really enjoyed putting the whole thing together. And I hope to convince my friends and family to use this company for their furniture needs. Thank you Home Reserve for such a stellar experience.;1

  13. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to write and say thank you for the wonderful merchandise
    and even better customer service. I had the privilege of speaking with
    a gentlemen yesterday afternoon, unfortunately I cannot recall his name,who guided me through the return process for some pillows and also
    enabled me to have another sectional piece delivered as quickly as next
    week. Should he have not offered this option, likely I would have
    chosen an alternative piece of furniture. I certainly plan to recommendyour service to friends and continue as a customer. Thank you and allthe best.

    Wiley Jay Becker

  14. Home Reserve

    I bought the Tux Sectional and my husband and I put it together (we are 68 & 78 yrs old. We took a couple of days only because of our age. There was so problems at all. I had read where one of your clients suggested putting duct tape on the ends in order for the covers to go on more smoothly and that really works. We are so pleased with this sofa, we have football parties on Sundays with our children and we now have enough seating in our family room for everyone. (We cheer for the Baltimore Ravens of course). I just can\'t tell you how pleased I am, I searched everywhere for a \"small sectional sofa\" but unfortunately they make giant ones these days. I searched your website and so glad that I did. I will be getting another new sofa for my sunroom this year very soon and it will definitely be one of these. Thanks for creating something so unique....

  15. Home Reserve

    I ordered the Laney chair and !/2 in Mission Chocolate. I must admit I looked at the website for several days before ordering...I just wasn\'t sure about a chair that you put together at home!? When I saw the video showing the they are very sturdy and will hold hundreds of pounds I decided to give it a try.
    There was a little mix-up with UPS, I received box my boxes on two diffferent days. It took about 2 1/2 hours for us to put it together.
    The cushion was a little stiff the first day or so but it soon started to feel really comfy. I was so impressed I ordered another chair and 2 ottomans. Can\'t wait for them to arrive.

  16. Home Reserve

    Just had to let you know it arrived! My husband (who, of course, expressed little interest in what I chose during the choosing process) had the couch almost completely assembled when I got home from work. He\'s very impressed with the ingenuity involved, and liked the looks, too. We put the ottoman together tonight, and I love the Paprazzi Spring (encourage those who make such decisions to consider not discontinuing it). I\'m so grateful I could at least get the chair and ottoman in that fabric. Anyway, so far, I\'m very happy I decided to try this. Will need something for the sunroom next (that\'s where my four legged children spend their day while we\'re at work). It will almost assuredly be in Altima Latte. I\'ll give you a call when I\'m ready to order. Thanks so much for all your help!

  17. Home Reserve

    Had a Monroe couch delivered yesterday, and put it together last night. Took about 3 hours, but I was working alone and at a casual pace while I watched television. I must say that I am extremely impressed with the couch, considering it came in two boxes. The directions were extremely clear, everything fit together perfectly, and I really couldn\'t be happier. I live in a garden unit and it\'s too tight of a fit to get a full couch in there, so this was the perfect solution. I thought I would have to compromise and get a less-than-great couch, but this couch seems to be the best of both worlds!

  18. Home Reserve

    I forgot to add that a rubber mallet is especially helpful and doesn\'t damage the wood like a regular hammer will!

  19. Home Reserve

    After over a year of thinking about it, we finally made the leap and purchased a 7 piece Laney sectional! When I finally called to place the order, I was told the fabric was on back-order. After waiting a year, I thought, what\'s another few weeks? Well, it arrived only 10 days later! We were so happy! It was definitely a project. My husband and I worked on it together and it took a total of 7 hours to get everything together, fabric on, pieces bolted together, and set up where we wanted it.

    ***My one complaint is the \"tongue and groove\" type joint on each seat\'s side (parts 1 and 2 and 3 and 4). Not a single one fit smoothly. We had to sand all 14 pieces to get them to fit. I would suggest maybe cutting those pieces from the same section of wood or perhaps checking the configuration of the computer settings used to cut those pieces.***

    The seat cushions are a little stiff, but have already started to get a bit more squishy, and keep in mind the base is wood. Be careful or you WILL stub your toes! :) Other than that, we enjoyed doing the project and the end result is gorgeous! We chose the Chocolate Brown Hondo fabric for the pieces and Atrium Sage for the pillows. We will probably be ordering more pieces as needed to make it bigger. I am VERY pleased with my purchase!

  20. Home Reserve

    I have a Laney Sectional (Fabric: Cricket Cream). I am very impressed with this sofa. The frame appears to be well designed, and the fabric is both comfortable and machine washable (yes, the finished product really does look just as good at home as it does on the website!). Finally, I am the first customer ordering the corner table option, which has worked quite well for us!

    The employees at HR are very friendly and helpful. The only thing I sometimes wish I could do is be able to call over there and speak to someone. Generally, I must leave a voicemail, and wait for someone to return my call.

    Obviously, I wouldn\'t be calling back for more, unless I really liked my experience, so I must say, \"good job\", and keep up the good work!

  21. Home Reserve

    Just put together a four piece Tux sectional and I can\'t tell you how impressed I was with the design and engineering. Everything fit together perfectly. It also looks great and is very comfortable.
    I just wish I\'d found you sooner but I didn\'t think of Googling \"small sectional sofas\" until about a month ago. I\'m recommending you to all my friends.I wish you much success with your company.

  22. Home Reserve

    I forgot to add... That my favorite part about assembling the Laney sofa I purchased was giving the back cushions a few good WHOOPS!!!!!!!!!

  23. Home Reserve

    I got my Home Reserve shipment and set it up this weekend. I am pleased with the completed product. The seat cushions are a little \"stiff\" but I think they will soften up nicely - better than being too soft to begin with.

    The setup was a breeze... the only hard part was putting on the upholstery. Just took some patience but we got it done. Took us about 3 hours. My boyfriend helped me but I probably could have done it on my own. And I\'m carpentry-challenged.

  24. Home Reserve

    Hello! I\'m a 21 year old college student. This upcoming fall I will be moving into the dorms for my 4th year! I stumbled upon Home Reserve a couple of years ago, and I finally decided it was time to make a purchase. Since I live in Michigan, my parents and I decided to drive to the factory in Indiana and check out the whole process. First of all, everyone at Home Reserve is really smart and nice. They all are very helpful and energetic about their products. I already knew what I wanted to order (a gray Tux sectional). I did try sitting on a sectional piece in the showroom. The thick foam makes the product VERY comfortable. I was a little hesitant before the visit (about comfort), but all doubts disappeared instantly! So with my only fear vanished, my parents and I ordered my sectional, went out to breakfast, came back to Home Reserve, and voila! Within a little over an hour I had a new and beautiful piece of furniture to take to college. The 6 boxes fit in my parents\' mini van with the 3 of us and room to spare! I decided I want to keep the sectional in the boxes until I move into the dorm later this month. I will post pictures after I set it up, though! I did set up a cozy corner ottoman that goes along with the 5 piece sectional (2 armless, 1 corner, 1 left, 1 right). The ottoman looks great! It was really fun to put together- and made me excited to set up the sectional! I know that all my friends will love hanging out on my new, gray, Tux sectional.

    Thank you so much Home Reserve!