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  1. Home Reserve

    Thanks for getting back to me. I managed to get into the website last night and placed an order! I love that you guys are right here in the US and are so accessible. I look forward to getting my loveseat after much eliberation on my part (not about the product just the material) and look forward to seeing your business thrive. It is a great idea! Your website is terrific, especially the video of all those large men sitting on the sofa. Sure sold me! And I am moving into a tiny house so love the idea of the storage space within the furniture. Have a great rest of your day.....


  2. Home Reserve

    Hi, Sandy.
    Just thought I'd let u know I've rec'd my shipment and everything's in good order. My daughter & I put it together on Tuesday. It looks fabulous! We were amazed how well everything was packaged, including gloves and sandpaper sponge in each box...even how well the covers are all made and packaged inside out! It was a pleasure dealing with you, Sandy...thank you for all your assistance and hospitality on my visits! Have a wonderful's finally here!

  3. Home Reserve

    I wanted to add seating to my living area. I already had a tan colored sofa and a brown recliner. I watch the design videos (very helpful) and decided to go with a blue and brown tone mix. So, I purchased the Classic Chair and a Half (Hondo Spa fabric), ottoman, wall art, and 5 throw pillows (4 for the sofa to blend the fabrics). I LOVE the chair. The fabrics are SUPERB!

  4. Home Reserve

    I wanted to mention that I had to call in to customer service after I had put the wrong shipping address on for my furniture. Thank you SO MUCH for leaping to action and getting the correct address on the packages. Thatis fantastic customer service and your company should consider itself very lucky to have employees like you!


  5. Home Reserve

    Knowing I can call and have things shipped to arrive around the same time as I do has made up my mind as to ordering!! Now to pick my living room and fabric!!
    Thank you again!!

  6. Home Reserve

    A friend came over this morning and helped me put the couch together! I love the looks of it, and will tell you in an hour or so, how it \'sleeps!\' I am so exhausted from all I\'ve done (physically) the last 3 days. Now, it\'s time for a nap, before I have to go somewhere at 4:30 PM.
    Thanks again for all your help! I\'m going to be telling EVERYONE about this! Find out if Home Reserve will pay me a commission for every one I sell in Greenville, SC! :-) Being unemployed is getting really old!
    TGIF and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  7. Home Reserve

    We have had our couch/sectional since jan 2007. We have enjoyed it ever since. even my father in law loves to nap on it while the rest of us watch tv. i will recommend you to anyone of my friends to order from you. thank you so much. ordering a new fabric part was really easy as well. Sandy who helped me get this done in about 5 minutes. Great customer service!!! Please give her praise for doing such an outstanding job.

  8. Home Reserve

    I think your furniture is so great I convinced a friend to get a sofa, and she in turn convinced a fellow dog owner how perfect it is. BUT, I wish you had a futon so I could match one to the rest of my furniture.
    Even if you had futon covers in your fabrics would be a big help. I wish you\'d consider it. I\'m over 50 and loved being able to have it delivered to my door in boxes I could get in. No matter what room I want it in, I can always handle getting it there in pieces before assembly. Your furniture is great. Thanks so much.
    Jeri McEwen, proud owner of sofa, chair,console table.

  9. Home Reserve

    We bought the sofa's not sure if they were a good fit for us,but over the past several years we now feel they are and think they are a perfect fit for our family! Thank you!! Sincerely, Herb

  10. Home Reserve

    Just received my sofa...was easier to put together than I thought it would be. I love the look of it & it\'s quite comfortable. Will probably order an extra cover just to change it up a bit. This is one of the best online purchases I have made. Great company!!!!

  11. Home Reserve

    I own the Monroe style couch and ottoman. I LOVE them!! We have recently moved and my current covers do not match the interior of our new home. (The couch is currently Fairview Buff and the chair and ottoman are both Ella Citrus.) My carpet is a Spring Green and my walls are Rodeo Dust.I am wanting to make a change and have ordered a lot of swatches, but can\'t come to a decision about what would look best! My Favorite so far for the chair and ottoman is the Montague Burgundy... I just worry I am on the right track!!! Do you think this is a good match with the carpet and walls, and if I chose this would you recommend that I cover the couch in a brown...? And if so which brown do you like..? I appreciate any feedback you may have! Thanks - DannaLee

  12. Home Reserve

    We purchased a sofa and a sectional. My husband assembled the pieces. They are AWESOME and we love them. Phil wants to redecorate so we can order new fabric for our pieces! GREAT STUFF YOU HAVE HERE! Many thanks and blessings to you!

  13. Home Reserve

    Hi- We put together the Laney “Chair and a Half”-it looks beautiful! The quality is very good and the assembly went easily. All of the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Great Product.

  14. Home Reserve

    I wanted to send you pictures of our "finished" Home Reserve seating area. We finally got the wall art hung and we think it looks really nice. I said finished in quotes because we're going to get a console for behind the couch, but are debating the cover material - so many great choices!

    I love to sit in the corner section with my 10-month-old daughter and read books with her. The only "problem" we have had so far is that our dog refuses to listen when we say the couch is off limits and so he sheds his white hair all over it. We found a great pet attachment for our vacuum cleaner made by Bissell and it picks up all the hair with minimum effort. The great thing about this fabric is the hair doesn't get caught up in the weave, so it is very easy to vacuum up - problem solved!

    Anyhow, thanks for all your help with putting our room together. We really like it and enjoyed putting it together. Cheers, Erika

  15. Home Reserve

    I am very pleased with my Home Reserve couch. I was very worried when I ordered it if it was going to be comfortable and if it was going to be sturdy being that I couldn\'t test it out first. After having it together I can say it is very comfortable and very sturdy. Living in a mobile home I wanted a sectional but they were all too big. Here I got to completely customize it and it fits perfect! I ordered a tan fabric and when it got here I was like ahhh... too much tan in the living room and for under 20 bucks shipping I sent it back and had my black fabric here in 4 days no charge and am satisfied now. It took me and my boyfriend 2 hours to put the frame together and me and my best friend 2 hours to put the fabric on. With this time let me say we did not rush took our time! Another great thing about it that was the seller point to me is the storage. I can use all the storage space I can get and this is perfect for blankets dvds and books. I will say it is not like me to do this without being able to see it first but I am proud that I did. I love telling everyone how I basically made my own couch on I ordered 3 armless one right arm a corner and a modular ottoman and have the perfect sectional that I wanted. It\'s nice having the piece of mind that at any time I can change the fabric colors or add another piece to it. Wish I would have invented this concept! :-)

  16. Home Reserve

    Last week I was happy to receive my couch via UPS. It arrived in a tmely manner, was relatively easy to assemble, and looks absolutely beautiful. The best part is that it is so comfortable. I actually miss my couch when I leave for work in the morning!!! Thank you Home!

  17. Home Reserve

    After losing two previous couches to cat pee and $500.00 worth of blood work that found nothing wrong with our cat, we bought the Monroe Couch in Altima Pet Care fabric. That was in July. It was not until today that I realized how much I love our couch.

    After 10 months with zero problems, my husband woke up this morning to find that the cat had peed on the couch. However, the liquid had run right off the couch and pooled up on our hardwood floors. We\'re washing the cover and disinfecting the cushions as a precaution, but they truly do not smell at all. This is truly a miracle!

    We wish we could get him to stop, but until he does we will be loyal to your product.


  18. Home Reserve

    I wanted to thank you for the great couch! (Classic in Paparazzi Multi) I put it together all by myself in a bit less than two hours with only a little hand-held screwdriver.

    When I laid out the pieces I thought I might want to go and get some gardening gloves, but then I uncovered the pair of work gloves you'd included right in the box!

    The couch really is picture-perfect. I was amazed by the support from the foam cushions. It's perfect for taking a nap, reading or watching a movie. I love how the arms are at the perfect height to act as a pillow!

    My husband has already asked for a matching armchair (makes Christmas shopping easy this year!) We will definitely be decking out the rest of our home in wonderful Home Reserve products over the next few years. I hope you're able to continue to expand and innovate! What a fantastic company.

  19. Home Reserve

    After purchasing the Laney loveseat a couple of months ago, I came back to order a new slipcover. Arrived yesterday. Took me about an hour to change out the fabrics completely, but that included putting one of the arm pieces on backwards. Oops. Really nice to be able to change the entire look of a couch so quickly. LOVE it!

  20. Home Reserve

    I had been looking everywhere for a customizable sectional. Being a military family and moving every 3-4 years and a large family of 6, we were so happy to find Home Reserve! I ordered our sectional mid April and we got it 16 days later! Took hubby and I 4-5 hours to put it together. It was super easy to assemble and fun working together too. The kids love it and are so happy everyone has room to spread out. I just ordered another section and an ottoman to make it even larger. We have more room in here then we thought! Can\'t wait to have it all together. As you can see daddy is very comfortable sleeping on the couch!

  21. Home Reserve

    I bought a sectional ( 1 left, 1 right, 3 armless, 1 modular ottoman, 1 stnd ottoman) and homereserve shipped it on time within 7th business day from my order date. It took me (alone) 12 -14 hours to complete assembly. I worked 7 hours every day to finish this task. I was pretty impressed with the packing and its very easy to assemble. Good job by home reserve. Now, after the set up, I didn\'t like the portions where there is wood (of course covered with the cloth). I would like some kind of cushion or foam between the wood and the cloth. Over all 4 out of 5.

  22. Home Reserve

    Got it this morning and had to wait to get off of work to put it together. It really was simple to put together and at first seemed like it wouldn't be all that, but be patient till it's all together. After I had it complete, it looked great! We went with a custom Tux sectional in Jaguar Persimmon to suit our contemporary style. It's quite comfortable too. Thank you Home Reserve!!

  23. Home Reserve

    i purchased the monroe sofa in the mission red leather and loved it shortly after i fostered a pit bull... u can guess the rest, nedless to say the ability to replace only the fabric other damaged parts was a blessing. Itt was much cheaper and less of a hassle then shopping for a new sofa.I also ordered the coffee table sized ottoman. Customer service reps are always super friendly and happy to take care of your needs. thanks again home reserve i LOVE U GUYS< MY PLACE LOOKS INCREDIBLE!

  24. Home Reserve

    I was a little concerned about what this would be like, not seeing it in person first, but it's great. I have told everyone I know about it. My husband put the couch and loveseat together in no time. I already washed one cushion and it came out looking great. Easy just unzip and throw in washer. Really happy I found you. Thanks Home Reserve.