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  1. Home Reserve

    I was very impressed with the easy to follow and clear directions that were given. The sofa is awesome, comfy and I love the fact that you can change the fabric as well. I am glad I ordered it from Home Reserve and have already told my friends about the website. The price was great too! :-)

  2. Home Reserve

    Thank you for making such beautiful, practical, and accessible furniture!
    We absolutely love our sectional and loveseat. It was fantastic how we could use a few replacement cushions and covers to restore the sectional to brand new (after a wayward pup\'s chewing adventure) and to convert our loveseat from one style to another.

  3. Home Reserve

    I run an animal rescue from my home.I had come to the conclusion I would never have a nice sofa again.My sectional is fantastic.with nine pieces it is big enough for my whole family and also the dogs.Of course I got pet care fabric.I was very upset when my elderly dalmation peed herself\"on my NEW SOFA\" well no need.I was pleased to see that the fluid had not leaked through the covers.I was able to remove the covers and wash and dry them,when I put them back on they looked as good as new.OH yes myself and my six kids put our sectional together,I had it down to 45mins by the ninth piece.My six year old daughter and 12 year old neighbor put one armless piece together by themselves.

  4. Home Reserve

    I received my furniture (sectional, chair, and modular ottoman) and I absolutely love them! They look fantastic in my living room, they are exceptionally comfortable (I\'ve already fallen asleep on the sectional twice), and I was quick to make use of the under-seat storage! Thank you ever so much for such fantastic products...I\'m telling all of my friends and family about Home and trying to make them buy some furniture, too!
    Be assured that I shall be purchasing more Home furniture as I renovate my home.
    A VERY satisfied and happy customer,

  5. Home Reserve

    I\'ve had my Hudson Couch for about a month now.
    As with many of the other respondents, I was somewhat apprehensive when I placed the order. However, I\'m happy to report that I am very pleased with my new couch.
    I was impressed with the thought behind the packaging & shipping, and especially with the clever engineering behind the assembly process. The assembly was easy, the instructions were very clear and concise, and the finished assembly is quite sturdy.
    I had some people over recently and received several unsolicited compliments on the couch.
    I am very pleased with my \"Pulse Shiraz\" fabric, but I like the idea that I can easily change fabric type and color. I plan to order a second set of covers in the near future, just so that I can occasionally change to something a litle different.
    Combine that option with the fact that you are able to buy individual replacement components for the foam or wood, or even change the couch style by ordering a conversion kit and you are set for many years to come.
    My compliments and thank you to the crew at Home Reserve for a job well done!

  6. Home Reserve

    I have been looking for a sectional for quite some time. I needed something affordable, that could fit in my living room, and could stand up to 4 boys under the age of 5 and a dog! I was really skeptical after reading all the great reviews, but decided to go for it. My very un-handy husband and his friend were able to assemble the sectional in one afternoon. We absolutely love it!! It is so comfortable and sturdy! The storage space is also wonderful. We will definitely recommend Home Reserve to others!;1

  7. Home Reserve

    I just got my Monroe couch in Altima Sand yesterday, and already love it. I was able to put it together with the help of my roommate over my lunch break! The fabric is wonderful and it really completes our living room.
    When I first decided to order something from HomeReserve, I was disappointed to find out that the fabric I really wanted was retired just days before I tried to order. I was forced to buy a similar color for $80 more, which was hard for me, being a college student.
    Also, it took a little longer than I expected to get it. From the reviews I read people were getting theirs within a few days of ordering, but for some reason it took 11 days before mine was even shipped, making it about two weeks before I received it.
    Overall, though, I am very very pleased with my purchase. I am excited to use this couch for many years and am glad I have so much freedom with it. I love that I can change the look of it, which I undoubtedly will do when I get my own house in a few years.
    Thank you, HomeReserve, and a special thanks to Sandy who was extremely friendly and helpful on the phone - you are wonderful!

  8. Home Reserve

    I just love my new sectional! I recently redid my clubroom in the basement after going to several furniture stores, I couldn\'t find anything that would go through my 27\" door opening. I was so happy to find Home Reserve from a google search! The only thing I was concerned about was buying something I had not tried out first. After putting it together, any reservations I had were gone. My sofa is soo comfortable! I put it together myself (I\"m a 55 year old woman) The directions were easy to follow and the parts are simple and easy to identify. My cordless screwdriver was worth it\'s weight in gold! Only one problem and that is on the corner section-part #10 should have had notches on the side to fit into place and didn\'t so I just put a few screws (there were extras included) through to hold it into place. I would recomend this company to anyone!

  9. Home Reserve

    I just love my couch very orange! I did work on it alone and took less than 3 hours. When my husband arrived home he was very impressed with me doing such a job and with the beauty of our new couch.
    Soon I want the loveseat. Thank you!;1

  10. Home Reserve

    best directions of any furniture we have ever bought. definitely need 2 people to put together. we recommend covering the lids to the storage areas with old pillowcases. (we have 2 kids, and were worried about splinters.) and don\'t use pillowcases with lace borders. it\'s too hard to advance the board, and you end up fraying the edges of the wood.
    you can still close the lids, and the kids can use the open ends of the cases as handles. best online purchase that we\'ve ever made. sofa cushions are firm, but that\'s what we like. husband\'s 5 ft 10 and is able to stretch out. thank you. it\'s a quality product.

  11. Home Reserve

    First let me say that many people tried to persuade me against ordering ready to assemble furniture. When my boyfriend and I received the furniture and assembled the couch and chair and a half (classic style), we were thrilled! I am very impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the furniture. You will have a repeat customer for many years to come Thanks!

  12. Home Reserve

    I just received the sofa that I ordered for my daughter's apartment last week. It took a few hours to put together but the directions were excellent and the manufacture is extremely clever. My only suggestion is that the fabric was difficult to slide over the wood and the foam- perhaps a slicker inside surface would help. We have already given the web-site to a friend. My daughter's apartment door precluded any assembled sofa so this was just what we needed.
    Thanks again and great follow-up from your customer service department.

  13. Home Reserve

    just received my new sectional all 12 pieces took 3 hours to assemble . very well thought out design and most of all it\'s strong .it looks good , and most of all you can arrange it any way you want and it all bolts together make one solid sectional .I would recommend this to any one looking for a sectional that can handle some abuse Thank you for the fast service and shipping

  14. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE my new sectional! It fits in so wonderfully in my expanding color scheme thanks to your fantastic designers and their suggestions! M boyfriend and I had set aside a day to put it together but when UPS dropped it off early I couldn\'t wait to put it together and did so in a couple of hours all by myself! It was so easy!

    And the cat already made a mess on the fabric which we got out in no time!

    Thank you!

  15. Home Reserve

    I\'ve owned the classic couch, loveseat and chair (with ottoman) for four years; with the Pet Altima fabric in Thyme. Don\'t hesitate to order! The couch, loveseat, chair - supremely comfortable and the fabric wears like iron!! After four years, and countless dogs and cats lounging, jumping, sleeping and doing other, nefarious things dogs and cats do, the fabric still looks great! And, if it does get a little dirty, just throw it in your washer, on gentle cycle, cold water, hang dry and just slip the fabric back on. My Home Reserve living room looks so good that a friend who recently purchased her first house, asked if I would mind if she bought the same furniture. I helped her assemble it and she is now the proud owner of the Classic living room set in Altima Latte.

    Thank you Home Reserve. Made in America; unequalled customer service, terrific products! ;1

  16. Home Reserve

    These are really affordable

  17. Home Reserve

    I recently ordered a sectional from your site after pricing multiple other companies and was quite skeptical because of the extremely low price,more than 2,000 dollars less. However, after i received my order I must say I am very impressed. The quality is exceptional and it was very easy to put together. Also i have to say sandy the customer service rep did an excellent job in assisting me with any issues. It is my only hope that home reserve continues to provide both affordable and high quality products for years to come. You will be highly recommended to all my family and friends, and thank you for the amazing service.

  18. Home Reserve

    I bought an ottoman for my recording studio. It\'s great -- couldn\'t be happier. Will be purchasing more soon.

    The free work gloves are a nice touch!

  19. Home Reserve

    I was a little leery when I ordered my sofa; it sounded way too good to be true. Turns out, no! It shipped in a reasonable the two boxes it came in from my work (where I\'d shipped it to) to my car, and from my car to my house, all on my own, where I proceeded to put it together, on my own, in about an hour and a half. Now, I\'m a girl, and it\'s not that I\'m a weakling, it\'s just that I\'m kind of lazy about things I could be making my male roommate/brother/boyfriend do instead. :P So the fact that I dealt with this couch ENTIRELY by myself, from getting it into the house, to actually building it, is a testiment to how light and simple-to-assemble the thing is. Now that it\'s up it\'s very strudy! I have no qualms about having three people on the thing at one time. It\'s smaller than a regular couch, but will easily fit that many-- it\'s GREAT for a smaller living room or a shared living/dining area, like I have. And, the best part, it\'s super stylish and unique, especially the Avenue style that I purchased. I\'ve gotten tons of compliments on it. Overall, I could not be more thrilled with this couch!

  20. Home Reserve

    My wife found homereserve online while randomly shopping for a couch. she showed me the lanley sectional wich we bought, and i \'ll tell ya it felt and looked liked money well spent. it has looks, style, and is tuff, very strong fabric. it looked like a pain in the rear when all the pieces where laid out, but very easy assembly. great product A++ I would recomend this company tp anyone, great customer service as well ( Sandy ) ext 105

  21. Home Reserve

    My furniture arrived yesterday and I was sooo excited! I ordered a Laney sofa, armless sectional unit, and an ottoman and they all showed up in PERFECT condition! The fabric quality is WOW and everything just looks so chic. I am 1000000% happy with my furniture and am already planning on ordering more! I\'ve already recommended you guys to tons of friends..

    I sooo hope you guys keep expanding your could take over the world (or at least tons and tons of homes)!

  22. Home Reserve

    I Wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed we are with the buying process, as well as, the finished product.

    Before we purchased,your customer service department was very helpful and friendly. I read the reviews on your website, as well as a few other reviews from other websites about the furniture and was pleased with what I had found. So we decided to order a full room of furniture all at one time. Here is what we ordered 2 Small Designer Cubes,3 Ottomans, 1 Classic Chair and a half, 1 Monroe Sectional 1 Monroe Right arm,1 Monroe left, and 2 Monroe armless. It was all delivered in 11 clearly marked boxes approximately 10 days later and my wife and I got started on building the furniture. To our surprise, it was easier than what we read on the website. All of the furniture was assembled in under 3 hours. Except for one ottoman that we needed to call about and have one of the parts resent out to us, due to the fact that one of the parts were cut a little bit off. I could have corrected the problem with a jig saw but when I called customer service and explained the problem they said that they would send a replacement part right out and I would receive it within 48 hours. Wow that is Great Service. We could not be happier and we will be recommending Home Reserve to our friends and family. Sincerely, Victor ;1

  23. Home Reserve

    We've had our sectional sofa a couple of weeks now and we love it. I was pleasantly surprised with the feel of the merlot altima. It's so soft and comfy. I told my husband that this sofa is more comfortable than our bed and I might like to start sleeping on it. Also, I'm sending a picture of my 6 and 12 year old who put together 90 percent of our sofa while taking a day off from school because they had head colds. They were too excited about putting the sofa together than to lay around feeling sick!

  24. Home Reserve

    Hi, bought a couch, chair and ottoman approx 5 years ago in the nutmeg cricket fabric. Well we washed it for the first time last month and OH MY GOD!!! 2 kids, 2 dogs, and half the neighbourhood kids had pretty well (i thought) destroyed the furniture but it is now brand new. Unbelievable...