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  1. Home Reserve


    I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say thank you. I purchased a couch, throw pillows and coffee table cube. I am very happy with it. I\'m sure its the best value-for-the-money available in the market. The assembly was pretty easy. I had it all put together in about two hours. I\'ll be sure to help spread the word.

    Dan McWilliams
    Philadelphia PA

  2. Home Reserve

    I haven\'t even gotten the sectional I ordered yet and am already so glad I decided to order from Home Reserve.

    I made a mistake when ordering and placed an order for an ottoman that would in no way match the sofa I ordered.(still not sure how I did that)

    It only took customer service a few hours to correct a mistake that wasn\'t even theirs to begin with and to have my furniture on its way.

    Thank you so much to all of the customer service team. If the product is even half as good as the service I will never regret buying for you.

  3. Home Reserve

    I must tell you how excited we are for our furniture to arrive. We loved how quickly the fabric samples arrived. We think what you are doing is genius. If we would have known we could come to the showroom, we would have made the 1.5 hour trip there! The fact that we can store items in our furniture will probably change our home, and the furniture is very stylish and trendy. Your website is awesome. Very informative, the videos with the designers are fun, and it's cool to see the assembly instructions before we get the furniture. Though we haven\'t tried it yet, we already know our Home Reserve furniture is going to be just what we wanted.

  4. Home Reserve


  5. Home Reserve

    I purchased a sectional from Home Reserve about a year ago and I am so happy I did!! My husband is in the military and so we will be moving a lot in the future, last week we did our first move with these sections and it was a piece of cake. The pieces breakdown so easily and are so light to carry!!

    The assembly was so easy. I put together three sections and an ottoman in only a few hours. Since we moved into a larger place, I am able to add to my sectional and we purchased more sections last week!!

    This was a smart buy and their customer service is \"WONDERFUL\"!!!!

    Thank you for making this so easy!!
    I have spread the word and my friends are looking forward to purchasing from Home Reserve as well!!

    - Rochelle:-):-):-)

  6. Home Reserve

    My husband was horrified when he saw four boxes(we both build cabinets and furniture, but never have the time to make our own)and said \"oh what have you done\"! Then we started putting the sofa together and he was truly impressed with how strong the joinery was and how well thought out it all was. He couldn\'t say enough about it. Thank you!

  7. Home Reserve

    ;1 Thank you for my sofa ,was easy to put together all parts . I will recommend to read first all the instruction before start will be very easy to do I spent 2.5 hrs with two smoking break.

  8. Home Reserve

    In my line of work...I put RTA (ready to assembly) furniture together for many years...this was the absolute easiest assemble I have ever done. Home Reserve thought of everything. I love the look, love the feel, love the design, and loved the price. Great product....just placed an order for some additional pieces and am telling EVERYONE I know about it. Thank you Home Reserve!

  9. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much! Your company is getting a lot of word of mouth from me already; I've been so impressed by your product so far. Once we get the sectional and give it a go, I will likely be ordering more furniture from you (I have plenty of ideas for odd shapes and using corner units ininteresting ways).

    I've also been very favorably impressed by your customer service. Rave reviews from this new customer so far, and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new sectional. I've been highly impressed by your website, which answered nearly all of my questions before I had a chance to ask them. Your videos and photo galleries helped a lot in explaining your product and howyou\'re different. I've been stymied for years in searching for a sectional that I can configure how I want it, and I was so excited to find you online.

  10. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say that after I found your site, I ordered a loveseat and couch once our tax money came in. I had a blast putting it together and of course it was easy seeing how I didnt wait for my husband to get home. It really didnt take me long to put together at all. It is pretty sturdy for the price too. They are lightweight to move too seing how I like to move stuff around a lot. the only thing i need to find is a way to keep them from sliding since we have wood!
    I actualy had to call today to order some new pieces and they were great about it. When I decided to update again I will def. choose this company.

  11. Home Reserve

    Just got our sectional yesterday, and had it put together in a couple hours. We are very happy so far with this product. We too were very scepticle about getting it, but now have no doubt that our couch will last for as long as we want to keep it around8-)

  12. Home Reserve

    I see that you guys have changed the furniture. Let me say that it looks great, to tell the truth I have been looking at your furniture for the last two months just trying to debate whether to get it or not. The only style that I did like was the Laney because it looked real and just like any other sofa coming from a furniture store. Now looking at the updates and changes in the furniture all of it is too good to be true. Im going to order my furniture next week, I just hope you don\'t change my fabric on me, haha.;1

  13. Home Reserve

    I ordered the sofa&loveseat style \"Monroe\" on 1/10, I received the packages on 1/23. I am so excited to put together and I did start with Sofa first. Instruction is easy to understand but when I start the fabrics cover assembly, Oh O the frame back fabric cover size was shorter than the back of sofa. I start panic that I have to wait other 10 more days to get the right one. I opened the loveseat boxes and found out that Home Reserve mixed to other box. So I took almost 5 hours to complete the Sofa. I am so exhausted today and I will start the loveseat process tomorrow. Anyway Sofa looks great but a little bit lend back while sitting. ;3

  14. Home Reserve

    Dear Jenny and Casey,
    Thank you SO SO much for the very helpful and insightful ideas you gave me for my living room! I did go with the sectionals + ottoman like you recommended and we are just finishing the left and right arm sectionals today! At first my husband was a bit hesitant about putting our furniture together, but after we finished the first piece he saw and felt how awesome and sturdy it was and was SOLD! :) I love your furniture and what you all stand for! I\'ve told ALL of my friends and family to check out your website (and they\'re ALL interested!) PLUS I\'ve posted the link on my facebook profile so EVERYONE can check your site out!!

  15. Home Reserve

    I know it was so user friendly, ordering and assembly, because my partner did not #$%&*** in the whole process. We are writing this while we are sitting on the HR sectional we got just two days ago. Months ago we got samples of the fabric to match decor at the cabin. It all worked out, especially for our dog Kate. The shipping was FAST, WOW! We love our Home Reserve sectional.

    Linda and Jeff

  16. Home Reserve

    Just finished putting chairs and ottoman together. From my first conversation with Sandy Wood (she is a treasure) I knew this was the company for me. Your product is exactly as represented. The instructions are 100% user friendly-and my 19 year old granddaughter and I actually had fun - dancing on the foam and squishing the pillows into their cases. How wonderful to find a company whoses products are beautiful, comfortable,easy to assemble and who has such a truly warm, patient, knowledgable employee as Sandy. I am so lucky to have found Home Reserve- a company who actually takes pride in their products. I will be honored to spread the word and to recommend you to everyone who will listen. Cudos to whichever department wrote the assembly instructions- even a granny can do it.;1

  17. Home Reserve

    awesomeness! :-D

  18. Home Reserve

    We just finished putting together a loveseat for my son\'s bedroom. You get an A+. From the packaging, assembly, fit, trim and final product I am completely satisfied and so is my son. I\'m not easy to pleased but this one came together great. It went together so easily.

  19. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve-
    It's been awhile since we received our Laney Sofa. Wow, thank you! We have three cats and a dog. The cats ruined our last 3 couches by clawing.They were aided in the demise by our dog and her oily fur. They have not had any impact on the appearance of our Laney sofa. I wish we had the need to purchase new upholstery fabric or at least wash the current fabric - it hasn't happened yet. The cats have not even tried to dig the fabric. The dog sleeps on the couch but it still wipes up clean. And to my surprise, my husband was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the product as he put the sofa together. We have told all of our friends about your company. I hope that generates orders. This is the best, most comfortable sofa
    Doug Packard and Kathy Strawn

  20. Home Reserve

    I just received my \'Mission Celery Faux Leather\' Monroe Sofa and put it together in less than two hours--I LOVE IT. I did a lot of research and was hoping all the reviews were true (and they most definitely were).

    My father helped me put it together and was a bit skeptical when I ordered--but he likes it, too. The color is great, the fabric is great, and it makes a classy addition to my living room.

    This is a fantastic product; especially for young couples and students. I would have loved to have one of these in a dorm or first apartment. So--parents in doubt ORDER NOW!;1

  21. Home Reserve

    I just received my first loveseat today and I already love it. I had a question in the beginning on the assembly so I called customer service. A woman named Sandy answered and was so helpful, kind and courteous. She had me going in minutes and in 2 1/2 hours it was done!
    The quality of the loveseat is superior
    and looks great in the room. I will definitely be buying from Home Reserve for my future needs.

  22. Home Reserve

    Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for my Classic loveseat. We delayed assembly for more than a month because we were dreading the problems that usually incur. My husband is the ultimate skeptic about products that come with assembly required and always scours every item with a magnifying glass looking for faults and errors.

    He coudn't find any in this product!

    The assembly was very quick and all parts fit exactly as they should have.
    It's rare today to find a product so perfectly build.

    Many thanks - Karen Mensaros

  23. Home Reserve

    I bought my sofa a few months ago and I absolutely love it! I was surprised at how easy it was to put together. It took me exactly 3 hours. And it is incredibly comfortable. The extra storage is a bonus, too. Now I see that they have a \"chair and a half\" and ottomans, too. I\'ll be ordering again. Thank you!

  24. Home Reserve

    My husband and I are ordering a sectional on christmas, and we are already telling our friends and family about this awesome new furniture design. Can\'t wait for it to come!