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  1. Home Reserve

    My sectional arrived and I love it. My brother who is a builder was visiting when it arrived. When I took it out of the box, he said that\'s going to be junk. Well I\'m here to tell you after getting it all together he can\'t say enough about it and will soon be a customer. When I took it out I was concerned that all the pieces wouldn\'t go together, however my 14 year old was able to put the first piece together with a breeze, everything else the same. The fabric is absolutely wonderfull. I would highly recommend Home Reserve. Thank you;1:-)

  2. Home Reserve

    I am recommending Home Reserve to everyone I know! I just moved into a small attic apartment of a very old house, and I could not find a chair or love seat that would make it up the narrow and winding steps. My brother recommended Home Reserve and I could not have been happier. The selections were terrific, the service was outstanding, and I could not believe how fool-proof the assembly process was! I just started grad school, and I now have a comfy love seat where I can study.

    I am also very impressed with your interest in the community and in the environment. It felt good to support such an upstanding company. Keep up the good work!! ;1

  3. Home Reserve

    Sandy you were right I did get it put together even though I do have 10 thumbs, I was really amazed at the quality and thickness of the fabric. When I finally got it finished and went to move it in to position the sturdiness of it was unbelievable. A friend stopped by and couldnt believe what it cost, asked for your website is going to check it out. And the storage areas I love I have been burglarized in the past and they have never bother to look in that area. I saw somewhere on your site you all are thinking about TV ads do you think you could keep up with all the orders you would get, I don\'t remember how I found your site but if I had saw on TV I would have ordered alot sooner. Your help was so appreciated. thanks for gloves and sanding block came in handy one suggestion put a tube of Deep Heat in there Iknow am out of shape but I am sore in places I had forgot about. Have a Merry Christmas. and thanks again for your help alot of company\'s
    need to take a lesson from you about customer service you are unbelievable

  4. Home Reserve

    I got my couch the other day and I love love love it. my son has jumped all over it and it still has shape. we took a nap together on it today and it was great. I love that the arms are soft and not wood. I am looking forward to getting my love seat and chairs, etc. I will be finishing my living room with you and will send you pics when I am finally done. I love love love you, Liza

  5. Home Reserve

    We purchased a vail couch in the Altima Pet Care fabric. Puppy accidents have tested it. I am so pleased I purchased this fabric. It went through the washer and still looks awesome. Another perk the dog hair brushes off rather easily. My active 11 year old and his friends are rough of the couch and amazingly, it still looks geat. I\'m thinking of ordering a chair and ottoman to match.:-)

  6. Home Reserve

    We were so impressed at how well Home Reserve has done its homework for making assembly so easy! We got the couch and loveseat and a bunch of floor pillows (we have 4 kids)and are happy, happy, happy. In fact, I just place an order for the ottoman. The storage feature is super and we are looking forward to not having to worry about stains. Thanks so much for making this so easy.

  7. Home Reserve

    Am really excited and waiting for my new Sofa & Couche to arrive on 18th. I just ordered the stuff on phone today the customer care agent SANDY was very pleasing and superb person she made feel very good & comfortable :-) thanks again

    Merry Christmas to all ;1

  8. Home Reserve

    Well the packages arrived, took everything out starting putting it together. Then noticed that this was too big to be a loveseat. A sofa was shipped instead of the loveseat. Mistakes happen, I called Customer Service and they are shipping out today a loveseat and return labels for shipping the sofa back. What a great company to do business with. I will post again when the loveseat arrives.....:-)

  9. Home Reserve


  10. Home Reserve

    I just placed an order for a sectional and have not yet received it, but after reading the other opinions i'm looking forward to it. I just moved into a smaller house and purchased a new sofa for the basement. When it arrived I couldn't get it down into the basement and had to return it. I'm really hoping that this is the solution. ;-)

  11. Home Reserve

    We love our new loveseat and ottoman. It was SOOOO easy to put together and everything fit perfectly. The sanding block was only needed on two pieces to fit together. I am now trying to convice my hubby to sell the formal living furniture to replace with Home Reserve furniture.

  12. Home Reserve

    I usually don\'t bother to leave responses but Home Reserve deserves recognition for being one the the FEW companies that PROVES how much they care about their customers by doing everything possible to meet and EXCEED expectations. I just have never had the experience where EVERYTHING was perfect...

    The Fabric - Nice!
    The Instructions - Accurate.
    The Parts - All there, nothing missing or broken.
    The Quality - AMAZING for the price. I have frequently paid 20-50% more for POS at the local places.

    Try these people...You will be amazed.

  13. Home Reserve


  14. Home Reserve

    I bought the Monroe style couch about six months ago, and it has worked out fantastic! I\'m a 19 year old female, and built it myself in about 3 hours. Beware of splinters when building! Fabric feels great, and the directions were easy to follow. Foam is a little stiff at first, but can be broken in with time. I even requested shipping to be as soon as possible to make it in time for a guest to stay, and they were extremely accommodating. I will definitely be making future purchases from homereserve.

  15. Home Reserve

    I really like your sectional selections and designs. I was wondering though if you can order them with wider seat cushiions? Please respond and let me know if that option is available. Thank You.

    • We have some options available. Please contact customer service.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  16. Home Reserve


    I just wanted to stop by and add my two cents...
    I bought the sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman back when they only had the \"Classic\" style. Boy have ya\'ll come a long way!! My husband was kind of skeptical at first but when he saw the end result he was sold. Our furniture has been through life with 2 cats, a baby and 2 moves. I highly recommend the \"kid/pet\" friendly fabrics as they have fabulous stain resistance and it\'s a snap to vacuum pet hair off. About a year ago I ordered the conversion kit for the \"Tuxedo\" style as well as new fabric and have been more than satifisied with it. Home Reserve was there for us when our budget was anything but forgiving. We continue to get compliments on our furniture and our friends can\'t believe it when we tell them about Home Reserve. As someone who has lived with this furniture and can speak to it\'s durability, look no further, it doesn\'t get any better than this.
    Thanks to Home Reserve for offering such a great alternative to traditional furniture.

  17. Home Reserve

    Once again I find myself coming back to Home Reserve. The quality is excellent, the customer service is unbelievable.

    We recently disassembled our sofa to have our floors redone. I lost the plastic T connectors and the foot covers. Home Reserve sent them to me free of charge...I did not even have to pay shipping. That is practically unheard of!!!

    I recently purchased a 2nd Home Reserve sofa (loveseat) and could not be more thrilled. I can\'t wait to get a chair and a half!

    Home Reserve YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Home Reserve

    I only got the chair you know the one BEFORe the extra half got added on...

    Power tools made setup a breeze.It is a small jigsaw puzzle at first, but the concept is easy, even without instructions.

    -Think boxes...

    Not having to lug heavy furtinute or tween it between walls during a move was my main reason, and still remains my main reason to purchase these units.No wonder I hated moving as a kid.

    I moved all my furniture, though much can be said about my dresser and nightstand for stability....with my car.

    Your units are definetly stable, one thing i would mention, i may recommend the more boxier furniture ends, otherwise it becomes evident your chair or whatever was built, not made this way[by hand].Lightweight, too, so that dictionary you used to lug around as kid finally has a resting place, and its not by your TV.Would recommend an optional weight set for the smaller pieces, though, even loaded, my chair seems to want to move on its own.

    Overall I would give six thumbs out of five.

  19. Home Reserve

    I am totally impressed and so is my husband. We\'ve had our couch and chair and a half, for over a week. We wanted to have plenty of time to put it together, in case we ran into a snag. Today was the day and no snag. My husband\'s hobby is wood work and he was impressed with the quality of the frame. I love the way it looks. We will spread the word. Thank you

  20. Home Reserve

    I'm not saying you should win the Nobel Prize - but I think a nomination would be reasonable.

    I received my sofa yesterday, less than a week after ordering it. I'm young and just starting out in a new apartment, so my budget was limited. My apartment isn't very big, so I wanted something compact. I live on the third floor, so I wanted something easy to move. Home Reserve's sofa fit the bill perfectly. I didn't need a truck, I didn't have to pay a store $100 for delivery, I didn't have to take time off work to wait for delivery, and I didn't have to tip any moving guys.

    I shopped for sofas for several weeks, and I didn't find a single one that beat the deal I got at Home Reserve. Plus it was much easier to customize a sofa when ordering through the website.

    The UPS boxes were easy to move and unpack. After unpacking the sofa, I put it together in about 90 minutes. The instructions were very easy to follow and all of the pieces are sequentially numbered.I was surprised at how easy it was, and actually found it kind of fun. That's more significant than it sounds because assembling furniture usually makes me turn the profanity up to 11. My neighbors with small children don't even realize that Home Reserve kept their kid's vocabulary a little bit purer. Anyway, assembling the sofa was like paint-by-numbers except more rewarding, and the end result doesn't look like crap.

    I'm recommending Home Reserve to some friends who are in the market for a new loveseat. I hope they take my advice, but if they don't, I'll just sit on my sofa and laugh and laugh and laugh. Suckers.

  21. Home Reserve

    Hi there,
    My husband and I just move across county to a new apartment in Dallas, TX. I found your site while looking for new furniture to furnish it. We\'re on a tight budget (we\'ve raised 11 children and this is our empty nest place; that\'s also why we\'re on a tight budget. ) Your furniture looked appealing to me for many reasons: USA construction, style, form and comfort at a modest price, the renewability and the fact that it can be unassembled for moving. I had already made a decision to purchase an entire living room set of furniture (one piece at a time as we can afford it) when I read about your relationship with AWS! That made the decision very easy for me. I have an adult daughter who has Down\'s Syndrome. She is 28, lives in a community home with three roommates, and works at a community workshop and a local restaurant. One of the duties she has at the workshop is to go out on crew and work at local businesses packaging parts. She works at a dental manufacturer packaging dental supplies and other businesses. So, you see it could be her that was packaging your parts!Thank you for making such an investment in community and offering a great set of products! We\'ll be making a purchase as soon as we can!

  22. Home Reserve

    I got my loveseat about 3 hours ago- put it together with some help in about 2 hours- and am sitting on it right now! I am in love 8-0 with it! I am a student who has her own apartment and I\'m moving out in June- I love the fact that I can dis-assemble it, box it up, and take it with me! Easy to assemble, totally durable, and so comfortable! I cannot stop telling everyone about it!

  23. Home Reserve

    I have had my sofa for over a year now, and I love it! It\'s attractive and quite durable. Shipping was prompt and the product was well packaged and parts were well labeled. Assembly was a breeze. My cordless screwdriver was broken-the entire assembly took only a little under two hours (by myself) using handtools.

  24. Home Reserve

    Good Morning- I received my order on Friday the 17th. I wanted to write to let you know I am very pleased with the product.I have a corner in my den that is a unique measurement, and I have never been able to locate a sectional corner unit to fit the dimensions properly, so I was intrigued at the prospect of building my own when I came across the Home Reserve website.My shipment departed within the ten day window and was delivered exactly when the UPS tracking number indicated.
    All the boxes arrived together, with no damage, and no missing pieces. The instructions were crystal clear and I only required a single tool to assemble all nine units. I was pleasantly surprised to see you even included gloves and a sanding pad in each box.After assembling the corner unit, I laid out the middle unit pieces together to handle them from an \"assembly line\" standpoint and because of the regularity to all the parts, the frame construction went very quickly. The units do not wiggle or creak whatsoever.This was an efficient and economic choice for me, but I am also pleased to say how attractive the units are in my home.
    I will be recommending Home Reserve to friends who are shopping for furniture.If it would be useful I would also be happy to include a photograph of your product in my home, just let me know.Thanks for being an online vendor who takes pride in their product and follows through on their promises.

    Jack Pendleton
    Ballston Lake, NY.