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  1. Home Reserve

    Have just completed assembly of my Brooklyn sofa in Minetta Spa and I absolutely love it. The material is beautiful and seems quite strong and in all it was fairly easy to put together with the help of a friend and the son of another friend. We all agreed it did not look as if it came from a box. Will definitely shop with you again.

  2. Home Reserve

    I received my new classic couch, chair, ottoman and pillows and my husband and I are really impressed. I just have one suggestion. You should make some kind of sleeve for the lids of the storage bins so they do not splinter the fabric when you lift them up. I sanded mine but while I was sanding I thought that if there was a piece of plastic just along the sides of the lids of the storage bins that would be great. If you decide to use this suggestion please send me the first ones for my furniture. Thanks,
    another fan of Home Reserve, Francine Lavoie, 32678 Kinsey Lane, Conifer, CO 80433

  3. Home Reserve

    We got are new sofa two days ago, it only took my husband and I one hour to put it together, if that. My husband was very impressed with the quality of the disign and the workmanship that Home Reserve did. I love the color and fabric (I got the olive microfiber, kid gloved). I watch kids in my home, and I think that this sofa will last us a long time.
    We will be buying all of are funiture from Home Reserve from now on!
    I just want to say THANK-YOU! 8-0

  4. Home Reserve

    I purchased the Monroe love seat for my tiny Boston, Ma fourth floor walk up. The boxes were small enough for my brother to carry up the stairs.(To be honest I don't think I could have gotten them up there)He then built my loveseat in 45 minutes!(he is a carpenter though) By the time I had put all the covers on the cushions he was finished with box one. He described it as a puzzle with directions. He also had to sand some of the interlocking puzzle pieces to fit together properly. We both looked at it and thought it looked low. When he was all done and we put the pillows on and it was fine. I love how it feels when you sit on it and my brother agreed. I am glad I made this purchase.

  5. Home Reserve

    This sofa is beautiful! It took me about 4 hours to get it done, but I was taking my time since I was not in any rush. After I was finished, I was amazed! I loved it. I was so happy, I took pics of the sofa to show my coworkers about how affordable and great it was. Home Reserve is great, I am ordering my next love seat very soon!

  6. Home Reserve

    I ordered my Monroe Sofa on a Thursday and it was at my door in less than a week! A friend put it together for me and we didn't notice how long it took to put it together, because both of us were just saying how weird it is to put together a sofa and how smooth things were coming together! The time just flew and before we knew it, viola!! Sofa!! I absolutely love it! I ordered several fabric swatches before making the final selection, and they also came in a timely fashion. All and all, I am so satisfied with my sofa. I love it, I love it!!

  7. Home Reserve

    We recently purchased the Monroe couch in Destiny Mink and are absolutely in love. Great price, great customer service, and a great product. We would love to order more, so please please bring back the Destiny Mink fabric!!!

  8. Home Reserve

    Great product. Put together a 6 piece sectional in under 4 hours. Once you've done can get it down to about 25 minutes a section. They even throw in a pair of work gloves.

  9. Home Reserve

    Our expectations were greatly exceeded!! We ordered the sectional on a Tuesday and it arrived on Friday! The sections were so easy to put together, the fabric is so soft, and the construction is very sound. We put together the entire 7 piece sectional in 6 hours! We put this one in our cabin in Minnesota and now plan to order another for our family room in Phoenix. Keep up the excellent work!

  10. Home Reserve

    First off i want to say that Home Reserve is excellent! The thing that makes them excellent is a simple/affordable product but they excel in customer service! I purchased the Monroe Couch and Ottoman with fairview blue suede....

    Let me start with the couch....

    I received 2 boxes that contained all the couch contents... The wooden boards were easily numbered and the instructions were so simple and easy to follow.... I would recommend using an electric screw driver i did it all by hand and it was kind of long! All in all everything worked out beautifully and it took me alone around 3 1/2 hours to put together my monroe couch from start to finish with everything.. The cushions are a bit firm to start with but ive had the couch almost a week now and they have softened up...

    The ottoman took a bit longer because unfortunately one of my boards got cracked in half during shipping... I had called customer service and they sent me out a replacement..

    Oh and
    Sandy Wood the customer service person is excellent she should get a raise!!

    Thanks Home Reserve

  11. Home Reserve

    My house is a strangely shaped, cozy and creaky place. An artist's lair. I love it, but its downside is small, triangular spaces, where no normal furniture goes without a moan. A sectional seemed to be my only option for a comfortable living room, but I could nowhere find one that I liked, could fit, and could afford.
    When I found the Home Reserve site, it seemed too good to be true -- affordable, you choose the style, the size, the fabric! I had doubts, so I read independent reviews and was reassured. Still a bit trepidatious, I took a chance and ordered.
    When the fabric sample arrived, I opened the envelope with a loudly beating heart -- and melted. It was gorgeous. More beautiful than on the screen. It was velvety and soft and cool to the touch. I waited.
    Then the UPS man knocked on my door again and hauled inside six boxes. Alright, I thought. Here begins a week of assembly. Next week I'll have a couch. I just hope all the parts fit.
    I opened the first box at 9:30 in the morning and began work. Every section was complete not only with parts and instructions, but with gloves for handling wood and a sandpaper pad! The only words I could find in my mind were, "how thoughtful!"
    I sweated through the hot day. I forgot to eat. One after another the sections of my new comfort were lining up at the wall. At 5:45 pm I was finished. Exhausted. Ecstatic.
    A sofa and an ottoman were hugging the space as if they'd always been there -- plump, inviting pillows, brown and gold fabric that begged me to lie down. And so I did.
    Next day I had guests. And the day after that. Last night I fell asleep on my sofa with an open book and the sounds of music.
    Thank you.

  12. Home Reserve

    We purchased 2 sets of furniture with Brooklyn backs for different living areas at the beginning of the year and are very happy with them. Because we wanted to add pieces to one living area to make a sectional, we kept in contact with Sandy periodically to see when the Brooklyn corner would be available. Imagine our surprise when Sandy called back one afternoon and told us Home Reserve would sell us a Brooklyn corner before it was even available to the public. We were ecstatic! The excitement turned to confusion when we received our corner. First, we ended up with 2 left side corner cushions (as opposed to a left side and right side). Second, the cushions seemed thinner than the ones on the rest of our sectional pieces. I called Sandy about the problem, and she said the new Brooklyn back foams are 1" thinner to accommodate a deeper seating area. She and Scott ordered new Brooklyn back foams to match our existing sectional pieces. To make a long story short, you will not find better customer service ANYWHERE! For those of you waiting for the Brooklyn corner, it is well worth the wait! Our sectional is very comfortable and provides plenty of seating in our movie room. Thank you Sandy, Scott, and the rest of the Home Reserve team. We appreciate all you've done and have spread the word on your WONDERFUL product and customer service.

  13. Home Reserve

    I bought two Monroe loveseats due to a small living room. I also have 5 cats and 1 dog so I ordered the pet fabric. The furniture looks so classy! It arrived in 10 days and it took about 2 hours to get everything done. I am so very pleased and love the idea that I can change different parts if the cats scratch it up. I will be ordering more later. Absolutely love it!8-0

  14. Home Reserve

    I recently bought an ottoman from you. It was actually fun to put the piece together! The directions were straightforward and simple; I especially liked the way the piece numbers were routed into the wood. No confusion about part numbers.
    The Minetta Sage fabric was even nicer than I imagined it would be and so easy to fit over the furniture piece.
    Your designs are very clever, user friendly, and COMFORTABLE.
    Thank you again for a great product.

  15. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve; I just wanted to let you know how much I love the furniture I have ordered from you guys! I bought a Monroe couch (white cotton twill) for my daughter in April and we had it put together in an hour or so. It looks too fabulous and is so very comfortable. We loved it so much my roommate and I purchased another Monroe couch and two chairs for our own home in May. I just received it yesterday and we had it all put together in an hour and a half!! It is fabulous (cricket orange) and very comfy. I love the way you handle this business and the quality of product you provide. Good Midwestern work ethic!!! Thanks so much for your great service Sandy Wood) and your fabulous, affordable products!

  16. Home Reserve

    I ordered the Laney chair and !/2 in Mission Chocolate. I must admit I looked at the website for several days before ordering...I just wasn\'t sure about a chair that you put together at home!? When I saw the video showing the they are very sturdy and will hold hundreds of pounds I decided to give it a try.
    There was a little mix-up with UPS, I received box my boxes on two diffferent days. It took about 2 1/2 hours for us to put it together.
    The cushion was a little stiff the first day or so but it soon started to feel really comfy. I was so impressed I ordered another chair and 2 ottomans. Can\'t wait for them to arrive.

  17. Home Reserve

    I ordered a sectional because I could not fit a assembled sofa in my basement. They arrived in less time than I thought. I even had to explain to the UPS guy that the four boxes were part of a sectional sofa!
    The first section took me about 45 minutes to put together. The fabric seemed to take longer than the frame. I was an expert by the time I got to the fourth section however. I guess about 2 1/2 hours total.
    Instructions were excellent and this sofa is really cool.
    The color was not exactly what I thought I ordered but it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s okay.
    I wish however, that customers could create a profile online to track orders and history. ( The web site is also excellent!)

  18. Home Reserve

    Excellent product and AWESOME customer service! Easy to assemble; we put our chair together in 45 minutes. Looks great and is very comfortable. We will definitely tell all our friends and order again in the future!:-D

  19. Home Reserve

    Just wanted to say thank-you for a beautiful product. I just received my ottomon, put it together and it is great? Your company delivered a good product at a great price, easy to assemble and delivered ahead of schedule. I will keep your company in mind for future purchases.

  20. Home Reserve

    We just ordered a new couch, chair and ottoman. I was super surprised at how smoothly things went together. The microfiber fabric is a godsend for my family! I am very happy and love the low prices!

    The only problem we encountered was that the seat lids for the couch were cut upside down, but as soon as we flipped them over, they were fine.

  21. Home Reserve

    The sectional I ordered came within 7 days, including memorial day weekend.
    I was worried because I can't read directions nor can I follow instructions.Surprise: Each item was as easy to put together as doing a puzzle with a 2 year old. After the second piece I stopped looking at the instructions. What I liked also was that every piece fit, there was no fighting with predrilled holes or wood pieces not to go together.
    I have been bragging about this product all week to my coworkers and got them all excited.
    The fabric fits really snug and there are very few wrinkles and the design of the fabric matches from one sectional piece to the other.
    It's a wonderful item when you need seeting upstairs or in the basement.You only have to transport one box at a time (not very heavy) and build on site.
    The sectional is firm to sit in but comfortable to lounge in because of the cushy back pillows.The fabric, I ordered micro fiber is to die for.
    I am going to order more from this Company, you should as well!

  22. Home Reserve

    My wife just recently purchased the sectional online, and at first I was a bit skeptical, I mean come on how can something for that low of a price besolid enough for a family of four.So when she said that it would be here in a few days I prepared myself forit.I opened the first box and thought, WOW ! they thought of everything,gloves, sand paper, and really good instructions, then I started assemblingthe sectional.O-man !!!!! it was great, the first piece went together really fast.. I loved it so much I called my sister and told her about it. She came over thenext day and helped me out with the rest of it , and now she wants to getone for her t.v. room. We love our new sectional, I am telling everyone we know about it. This is definitely the way to go, I am sold on it.
    Thank you so much

  23. Home Reserve

    My furniture arrived one week after you received payment. Which is way less than time than expected.

    I had seen your web-site last year and since then I had been debating about whether or not to buy from you. I wasn't sure I wanted to put together another piece of furniture.
    My bed, my bookcase, my coffee table, my DVD tower and my computer desk were all put it together yourself items. I don't mind it but I always have trouble with the instructions and wind-up doing something wrong and having to start all over. With DVD tower I put the base on upside down and had to take the whole thing apart and start from the beginning , therefore I was a bit hesitant about putting together more furniture. But, after reading all of the comments for this year and most of last years I decided to take a chance and besides with your prices I could afford a chair and love seat not just one or the other.
    Well the instructions were great. I don't know how long it took for the chair and love seat because I stopped and had dinner and a glass of wine but I would estimate no more than two hours total. The furniture looks great and is very comfortable. I might get a different color later but for now the caviar is great. Thanks for a great product and such prompt delivery. I will recommend your company to anyone that needs quality furniture at a bargain price.

  24. Home Reserve

    We had a very easy time putting together our chair. We are waiting to put together our 2nd chair and sofa until we move. I think this is so much easier than putting together those other ready to assemble pieces (bookshelves, desks, etc.) that you can buy from other stores. It only took my husband and I about 45 minutes to put it together. We will definitely be coming back to buy ottomans in a couple of months!