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  1. Home Reserve

    Just thought I'd let you know that the TUX couch went together quite easily. I was impressed by the clarity of the written and video instructions. The cushioning was ample and the stitching for the coverings was excellent. Everything fit quite well to my surprise.

  2. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Meadville, PA
    I had purchased the Laney couch and loveseat once we had moved. I've had this furniture before and wanted to update everything. I am as happy and even more so since the wonderful changes to the design of the furniture. I just ordered a chair and a half to match the rest of the furniture. You just can't beat this furniture, I love it and recommend it to others.

  3. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Santa Rosa, CA
    I can't believe that I found your website. I fell upon it accidentally, but I'm so grateful I did. We have a room we are remodeling and it's very narrow and long. I need a sectional. I have been researching endlessly for the right one. Almost every one I have found, it made in China or somewhere else overseas, which I don't like very well. When I found you here in America, I was thrilled. And recycled products!! WOW I can't wait to get some fabric samples and I will map do believe I can figure out how this sectional will be. Your cushions are foam (praise God), and I love your fabric choices and storage beneath each seat (I'm bowled over). This is just so fantastic - I can't wait to order the sections. What I like is that I can start small with 3-4 pieces and grow out from there. I can spread out my costs over a period of time. God Bless your company and what you have created.

  4. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Madison, MS

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    I am love, love, loving our new sectional and how well made it is. It is just as we hoped and arrived so fast! Sandy was so much help with the perfect fabric and helped me fashion the perfect area for our sunroom. We are thrilled...and we did it ourselves! It is beautiful and I look forward to sitting on it every day! And it sleeps great, too....AWESOME!! Thanks, Home Reserve!

  5. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Sunnny Florida

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    Looking at the different furniture stores on-line I came upon Home Reserve quite by accident and after reading everything and watching every last video, we placed an order for two sofas for our living room. Deciding on the Monroe, pet friendly fabric. Each sofa came in two large boxes so we had four boxes on our front porch. It was actually fun to put them together, like a puzzle. All the pieces were clearly marked and it took us about 3 1/2 hours to put the first one together as we watched the videos on doing each of the cushions before attempting to do them. The next sofa took us only two hours as we knew exactly how to do it. The couches are very comfortable and go perfectly in our Florida home. I have told many about my " sofas in a box" and hopefully able to convert a few. Thank you Home Reserve for a great product!

  6. Home Reserve
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    Over the weekend, I assembled the sofa and matching chair and ottoman for my family room/ dog room. The dogs immediately checked out the comfort level and decided they approve. I am astonished at how comfortable they are--much more so than the $2400 sofa in my living room.

  7. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Allegan, MI

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    We are outfitting an 1893 wooden caboose for guest quarters. Its narrow platforms and 26" wide doors precluded all ready-made sofa/love seats. Your "do-it-yourself" was perfect, both in coming in 2 smaller boxes, and the precision and super clear instructions. The final result is no compromise - looks right at home and is very comfortable.

  8. Home Reserve
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    I spent a good 1.5 years searching for a sectional sofa that was:
    1) Reasonably priced.
    2) Flexible (layout & design- wise).
    3) Not too bulky. Could fit into my small living room.
    4) Good quality.

    Found Home Reserve online. Met all of the criteria above plus the following:
    1) All parts made & manufactured in America’s Heartland. I support the good ‘ol US of A!
    2) Made of recycled products (wanted to do my part to help the environment).
    3) Offered an interchangeable style that could last or change depending on my taste in home fashion.
    4) Excellent & understanding customer service.


    1 month passed before I mustered up the courage to order ½ a sectional sofa (needed to make room) online without having convenience of trying it out for comfort (even though there’s an option to return an armless chair). I encountered trouble ordering online so I rang customer service (very helpful & patient) to order swatches & inquire about their sectional sofa styles. The swatches were mailed free of charge since I had great difficulty deciding on the fabric. Also, I inquired about the style best suited for my family’s needs (preschooler, elderly, dog, muscular husband, etc.). I ordered the dark brown “Altima Hickory” fabric & the customer service representative suggested their new “Jovie” sectional which is a combination of the Ray & Layne style (because I couldn’t decide).

    The 2nd part of my sectional was ordered approx. 2 weeks after. There was an error with the style. I was sent a “Ray,” instead of a “Jovie” sectional sofa. The customer service representative was apologetic & sent me correct style without additional charge.


    Assembled the armless chair 1st (took approx. 1 hr because I was unfamiliar with the instructions & parts). The corner, arm chair, ottoman, & 2nd delivery were a breeze to assemble (15-30 min each). Assembly is SO easy (I’m petite)! Much of it is common sense. My 4-year old daughter helped me to assemble the whole sectional! She helped with the non-sharp items, hammered the parts together, & inserted the slip covers. We had SO much fun assembling the furniture as we sang, “Whistle While You Work,” from the movie, “Snow White & the Seven Dwarves.”


    For seating, going forward, I will order from Home Reserve only. Yes, there was an error with the 2nd part of my order. Being in quality-control, I understand that errors can / will be made when human intervention is involved. However, a company that’s willing to correct their error(s) & stand by their products is what’s most important. A pleasant customer service department, parts made in the U.S.A., support U.S. employment, help the environment, sturdy sofa (daughter / dog jump on sectional, able to support 250 – 300 lb. husband), etc., washable fabric & pet-friendly, style is interchangeable, available storage space, flexible design, etc. What more can I ask for? Attached is a picture of the final product for you to view.

    Thank you, Home Reserve…for everything! I’ve already “bragged” about your products to others. You have just earned yourself a loyal client. :-)

  9. Home Reserve

    "I've been on the search for a new sectional for months now and haven't quite found anything I've wanted to rush out and buy. I'm so happy i came across your site tonight. I've already ordered a ton of fabric swatches and I can't wait to play with them. I'm super picky and this might just be my solution! Thank you for existing!!"

  10. Home Reserve

    I don't need any new furniture, but if I did I would buy yours! Great ideas from top to bottom. I love the configuration, materials, construction and shipping options. It's fantastic to see such creative thinking, and I will surely pass along your name to any of my friends who are looking for upholstered furniture!

    Joan Lyle

  11. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Indiana
    The love seat i purchased is the best piece of furniture iv ever bought. Easy to assemble and looks great. Im telling everyone about it.

  12. Home Reserve

    We just finished putting my mothers furniture together. She is more than excited. She loves it and she had a lot of fun putting it together. I got the family together to help so we all sat around putting them together. I thank you majorly for getting it here early. I am very impressed.

  13. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to thank you. I got my covers and cushions and now have my furniture beautifully updated after all these years. Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service and friendliness. Have a beautiful day!

  14. Home Reserve
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    Great news: Our boxes arrived yesterday, and the couch looks great! (See attached.) My husband had no difficulty getting the items down our stairs (22'' widest width) and putting the pieces together. The kids are already snuggling downstairs and excited about their new hideout.

  15. Home Reserve

    I've bought 3 loveseats here & sewed my own fabric for all of them but it's VERY time consuming & not easy. Now I wanted a sectional & was hoping for at least ONE fabric I could use....just ONE but no luck. At least before they had a selection of brighter colors and florals... now the fabric selection is pitiful. Just dull boring colors like brown, beige. I can't believe they don't even carry ONE actual floral pattern. What sofa place doesn't even have a variety of fabric? I even offered to supply my own fabric but they refused. What a shame. They just lost my business. Looks like they're only catering to people who want only completely safe and boring colors.

    • (HR) Sorry for not having the floral options covered well enough. Please give us a call

      Posted on August 29th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  16. Home Reserve

    Wow, textual descriptions just don't do your product justice! It's sturdy as can be, super comfy and beyond easy to put together. Now just to figure out which back seat cushion is the best so I know what line to order!
    Thanks so much for all the help along the way!

  17. Home Reserve

    Very happy with my new chair.

  18. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to email you folks to thank you again for the great customer service and quick delivery of my new sofas. I'm overall very happy with them. I even made a video that I shared on youtube and you guys posted on your facebook page as well as my photos.

  19. Home Reserve
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    For YEARS I tried to find a sectional with the right scale for my office. I ran into Home Reserve on a random internet search. I requested a sample to check it out. When I received it, I had my doubts about assembly and the results. I’m a senior who is probably between a beginning and intermediate level of do-it-yourself projects but the sample went together easily, it was sturdy, looked great, so I went for it. I now have the right scale for my office, it actually makes the space look larger, and I can move the ottoman around to create a bed when my granddaughters visit. When I tell people that I “built” it, they are amazed. Also loved one of the color ensembles shown on HR website so I “copied” it with accessories.

  20. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Canby, CA
    I just wanted to say how much I love my sectional with your pet care fabric.
    I love how soft the fabric is, but more than that, I love how easy it is to clean. Today there was a blood stain on it and it wiped right off with a wet paper towel. All stains clean up easily and my dog and cat hairs wipe right off rather than stick to the fabric. I got the aqua color and I have had it for 2 and a half years and I still love it.
    I highly recommend this furniture and I look forward to being able to get new covers in a different color if I want someday. (though I love my aqua so much-it's such a soothing color)

  21. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Phoenix, AZ
    I recently downsized and moved to a home less than half the size. I searched furniture stores for weeks before moving trying to find something that would fit and look good. I typed in "small sectionals" and found Home Reserve on the internet and my search was over. It arrived in the 10 days, the wood pieces are labeled so well and the directions are flawless. I have had a back issue since moving, a torn rotator cuff, am over fifty and fat....and I did it myself in about 4 hours!!! I am not a DIYer but this couch makes you feel like one. Everyone kidded me about my "box sofa kit" but now that they see it they are asking for the website!!! About the time I was done my college age son woke up and gave me grief for starting without him. So his job was testing it out for comfort. The couch gets a 2 thumbs up for comfort from my over 6 foot tall son and from me, his 5 ft. short mom. Much more comfortable than several much higher priced pieces of furniture I tried out before I found Home Reserve.

    I know that I will renew this with different arms, cushions and fabric at some point...just because I can!!!

    The hardest part of the project was cutting up the boxes so they fit in my recycle bin.

  22. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Cedar Rapids, IA
    I stubbled upon the Home Reserve website sometime in late 2008 when I was nearing graduation and wanted some sofas for my new apartment. About 4 years and 2 chain retailer sofas later I decided to go with my gut and make an order with Home Reserve. I spoke with Sandy on the phone who was very kinda and answered all of my questions. My biggest concern was being 6'4" if I would be able to lie on the sofa comfortably. She assured me that wouldn't be a problem. I ordered the TUX Sofa, Chair +half and the modular Ottoman covered in the Pulse Citron Fabric as well as some throw pillows. Shipping was under 10 days and assembly was very easy and I actually really enjoyed it. I will say that how these sofas are manufactured and come together is really very impressive, a lot of time must have been spent on the drawing boards. First Impressions; The sofas are pretty firm but thats exactly what I was looking for. I will say they've softened up already after about 5 days. Cons; They are perhaps a bit narrow (seating depth) but I tend to sit on the edge anyway. Also some areas (like directly under the cushion by your feet) are not padded but I knew this going into it.)Pros; I love the storage and the fabrics look awesome. I like knowing that should I ever need a new part or want to change up the look I can do that no problem. Again I like the firmness of the cushions very comfortable. We will see how they hold up over time, but for now I'm a very happy customer and would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality, do it yourself, budget friendly sofa. -Adam Rosenberg, Cedar Rapids, IA.

  23. Home Reserve

    We purchased a love seat from Home Reserve and couldn't be happier. I looked High and low for a blue micro fiber love seat, I checked HR web site and I found the exact love seat. I could have saved myself a lot of time and driving to furniture stores if I did this first. It arrived promptly and my husband and I assembled it in about 2 hours. I am also very delighted that the materials are environmentally safe.
    The wood frame was very easy to work with and the pieces were clearly marked and easy to identify. The wording and pictures in the directions made it easy to follow. All in all a very satisfying experience.

  24. Home Reserve

    First, let me say that we have had our Home Reserve couch for going on 10 years now, through five moves, two small children, a puppy and two cats, and we are really impressed with the durability and functionality of the piece. We have some newer and far more expensive furniture, and some older "when it was made to last" furniture, and yours compares very favorably with both!

  25. Home Reserve

    I bought the risk-free trial chair to see how i liked it. It is SO cool to see how well engineered and polished the assembly process is. I had fun putting it together, and that isn't something you can say for many furniture assembly projects.I am very impressed, and I just put through another order for the rest of my sectional pieces.

  26. Home Reserve

    Wow! What amazing customer service response time. And no arguments. You have confirmed that we made the right decision purchasing our couch from
    Home Reserve.

    • This customer had a defect in her fabric. While we try to be sure that doesn’t happen, if it does, just let us know and we’ll fix you right up!

      Posted on July 23rd, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  27. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say that EVERYTHING arrived in 1 piece and as you said, last Thursday!

    Although we haven't lived on it yet and I'm STILL putting things together, I am ecstatic!!

    First, although the furniture building concept is similar to Ikea because you have to build it yourself, it does NOT compare at all! Your furniture is well made, at a great price and looks & feels GREAT!! From the very 1st piece that I had assembled, I thought to myself, I would have been frustrated by Ikea's product at this point!!The Ikea instructions are unclear, ALWAYS has pieces missing and its junk!!! By the time you're in the middle of assembly, you're far from the nearest Ikea and you waste more time & money buying the lost pieces from the hardware store! Unfortunately, because I am a single mom with a small car and trying to save money where I can and do have to move a lot and do things myself, Ikea was my only option! Sad!

    Second, I was sooo skeptical about your product at first but I'm glad I read the reviews and researched your company. All that was written was true and I wish I had found your company YEARS ago!! You should add more words online to your search engine, especially for small spaces and ease of disassembly when moving. It took a lot of searches to find your site. I was about 2 seconds from purchasing another sectional that I was really "settling for" as it was not what I really wanted before I bought your product.

    Third, although 2 of my boxes had holes & what looked like it could have been damaged, It was not at all! I don't know what would have happened had it been left outside in the rain though! Again, ease of moving the boxes and probably easy to return if I had a problem! Most importantly, not a single item was missing from ALL 10 boxes from my sectional!!! Instead of praying that ALL the pieces were in the box and I didn't have to go to Home Depot for more hardware, I praised your company and thought of all the people who were employed because of your founders' rather SIMPLE concept! OMG!

    Fourth, Your product is washable and as a super "sensitive" to everything person, I didn't sneeze, cough, or become irritated when assembling, at all!

    Lastly, when I inquired about when the shipping would be, you were prompt with follow-up and met my requests with an accurate response to shipping! (Why does it take soo long to get furniture delivered and the movers damage it from other furniture companies?!?!). The time frame from online purchase to my doorstep was QUICK!
    Again, the customer service at Ikea sucks!

    Apologies for the wordiness but I am extremely happy with my purchase! I only hope your founder/owner gets to read this and praises all the people who "make it all happen"! I hope it is a successful, thriving company and treats/pays employees well.

    Although I am in no need at this time for any other major furniture purchases, I will remember your website. Hopefully you will expand to other areas such as shelving/bookcases or made-to-order cabinets, tables, etc., especially in tight, odd spaced homes. However, If you have a great product, simple concept and affordability, doing it right always and consistently is fine too!

    I am throwing a Birthday party soon and I can't wait to boast about my purchase!!

    In closing, I just really wanted to THANK YOU ALL for my experience.

    With warm regards,
    Maria Tu

  28. Home Reserve

    Hi ...

    We purchased a couch from you that we LOVE in the pet friendly fabric. None of our cats have been able to get their claws into it...It's easy to clean, and it's been great!

  29. Home Reserve

    I was able to easily put together the sofa over the weekend and am sitting on it right now as I type.I LOVE my new sofa! I often find myself moving around a lot because of my job and am always interested in finding inexpensive, but high quality, furniture for my temporary homes. HomeReserve fits the bill and I look forward to future purchases with this company!
    Erin Cummings

  30. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Saugus, MA
    My Laney couch and half chair arrived on Friday, as promised. Today is Saturday 3:30pm, and I just finished putting together the couch (by myself, I'm 61), I absolutely love this furniture. I had help putting the half chair together Friday after work.
    The instructions are right on and easy to follow, love the numbered pieces. The finished product is so beautiful.
    I purchased the Pet Friendly fabric, in toast, and two throw pillows in a print, and so far, everyone who has seen it, loves the feel and look.
    I am extremely impressed with this furniture. I'll probably be adding an ottaman, and a couple more throw pillows, soon.
    My oldest son wanted to see how mine came out, before looking into a sectional from Home Reserve. I'll bet he will be purchasing something soon, too.
    I highly recommend this product.
    I'll have to get someone to snap a couple of pics to post in the near future.


  31. Home Reserve

    Your designers are awesome....your whole team works so well together....and it is why you are a SUCCESS

    Made in America....homemade with love....there IS a difference!!!


  32. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):White Lake, MI
    I don't even know where to begin to tell my Home Reserve story! Let me start by saying when I bought our last sectional I had to custom order a "chocolate milk colored couch!" My family and the never ending parade of their friends are extremely hard on furniture. I bought the last sectional during the sippy cup stage, and now I needed new furniture before the graduation party. Even though the kids are bigger, they have gotten no cleaner! My life has gone from little messes to big ones. I have needed new furniture for about 5 years, and I have spent countless hours trying to find something that would not get destroyed by "the people!" I was afraid that I was going to have to custom order another sectional, and frankly, I can't afford that with college looming ahead for them.

    Then, in the middle of the night while I couldn't sleep and I was pouring over page after page of google images of sectional sofas, I came across Home Reserve. I have no idea how I could have missed them in all the time I have spent on line. But, let me tell you, it was like an answer to prayer! I immediately ordered the armless chair-I mean, I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose, right??? And that is how they hooked me! What a good plan! Seriously, once I received it-within a day or two, I was SOLD! I was also a little angry because it took me so long to find them!!! All the time I wasted that I would never get back! It was exactly what I had been searching for and everything the website said it would be!

    So I decided to call them up because I can never just order anything the way it is presented, and they were more than happy to send me the pieces to custom make MY sectional exactly the way I wanted to design it myself. It was actually exciting to plan out the design of my furniture and I felt like I had the factory working for me. There was no more, "I wish it was... or I wish it had..." I just got to say, "I need it to be..." and Sandy at Home Reserve waved her magic wand and shipped me my very own, custom made, fully washable, fully interchangeable, possibly indestructible, and extremely comfortable...(I could go on and on) sectional. I called them back to let them know that if anyone wanted to actually talk to a non paid spokesperson that they could feel free to let you all talk to me at any time!!!! I actually wish I needed more furniture! Now I just want them to design an outdoor furniture line!!!! From top to bottom, the whole experience was outstanding (And I am not an easy sell-You have no idea what a pain I am!). Home Reserve runs their company like a company should be run-AND they actually make you feel like THEY are working for YOU! How refreshing is that...I want first dibs on their stock option...just sayin'!

  33. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Bayonne, NJ
    I recently moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend. We have a lot more space now and seating was needed. I am on a budget and also wanted something different and not the same boring things every furniture store carries.

    I had frequented Ikea as well as surfed the web for weeks to try to find something different that was a quality product. But that also would not break the bank being on a budget. Needless to say I was so happy to be able to find your site.

    I spent many an hour trying to figure out what exactly I was going to purchase. Eventually I decided on creating my own custom sectional piece. I purchased a armless, corner, lounger, and Monroe arm seat and awaited its delivery.

    It just came today and I just finished completing the entire sectional about 2 hours ago. As I write this I am lounging on it and am very happy with my decision. I was a bit skeptical at first but the wood is strong and everything goes together with ease. It only took me most of the day since I had 4 separate pieces to assemble.

    I was also pleasantly surprised that it didn't take up as much space as I thought it would. I will definitely be adding to my sectional down the road. I am also proud to buy from a company based in the USA. I know this is quality stuff and commend the whole company for giving me the consumer such a great product. Keep up the great work and I will definitely be spreading the word about your company. Cheers!

  34. Home Reserve

    My sectional arrived 4 days before I was expecting it so that was a nice surprise. When I took all the pieces out of the first box (an armless chair) I was a little daunted and wondered how I was going to put all this together with just a screwdriver, but it was so easy! The pieces fit together like a 3D puzzle, it took me less than an hour and I used a manual screwdriver. The hardest part was putting on the first piece of fabric, but once I figured out exactly how to put it on the rest was easy. No wrinkles or anything! It stretches perfectly and it's soooooo comfortable. My 10 year old helped with the assembly and he didn't have any problems putting pieces together or sliding on fabric.

    I ordered the tangerine couch in a soft fabric finish. The fabric is gorgeous! And the seems are stitched together really well. This couch is going to last a long time. I can't wait to get home tonight so I can put the rest of it together.

    Oh, and their customer service department is awesome. I called to get an update on my order and they were so helpful. I didn't get transferred to 8 different departments and she was able to give me the tracking number, and tell me when the product was going to arrive.

    I would definitely order from them again. This is the nicest furniture I've ever seen.

  35. Home Reserve

    I had to wait for over 2 years to make a comment about this furniture,because I just couldn't believe it was as good as I had been reading! I have a daycare business in my home so the furniture had to hold up against alot of abuse. I just have to say this has been the BEST furniture I have ever bought! I can take off the covers when they get dirty, the cushions have held up very well and nothing has broken from the kids jumping on the couch. I will never buy any other kind of furniture again.

    sincerely Debbie

  36. Home Reserve

    Update to my previous post. I am VERY impressed with how sincerely and seriously Home Reserve took my comments. Within an hour of my post, I received a personal phone call, letting me know Home Reserve has updated their web site since my order was placed, to make it clearer that the furniture requires assembly and asking for my opinion (which is that the new site is much improved- easy to navigate and very clear on what is required for assembly). They apologized for the inconvenience we experienced due to being unaware of the need for assembly, and offered to refund our shipping charges to compensate us. I received an email within minutes confirming the refund. This is customer service at it's finest. Well done Home Reserve. I will recommend you to anyone.

  37. Home Reserve
    Upload your profile picture (optional)
    Upload your profile picture (optional)

    My husband and I still had our early marriage furniture. You know the type: hand-me-downs, decent foundlings from the curb, cheap pieces from discount stores. While planning a 300-mile move, we decided to replace, among other things, our couch. Enter Home Reserve.

    Affordable, comfortable, and very easy to put together. With a drill and a friend, it took about 20 minutes to put together the armless sectional. An hour and a half total for all four pieces. The customer service is great. The colors are fabulous. I've already recommended this company to many friends. And our new Home Reserve couch is also cat approved.

  38. Home Reserve


    Loving my couch from ya'll!!! and plotting my first first accessory cover! I have a Tux Couch and I was wondering if I can order the faux leather covers for it?

    • Yes, We now offer new covers in the LaPaz on our web site.

      Posted on June 7th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  39. Home Reserve

    We got our pet fabric sofa and loveseat this past weekend. It was a no-swear assembly. My husband and I figure you must have honed the assembly steps and instructions until Aunt Ethel could do it. Bear and Bones love the sofa and loveseat and so do we. I\’ll send pictures soon. Excellent product and Aunt Ethel instructions.

  40. Home Reserve

    It has now been two years since we purchased our sectional and I couldn't be more please to say I still love it! We have added a one year old to our house hold and the washable fabric (Mission Federal faux leather) has been a life saver. It holds up very well to many, many, many washing's! The cushions are still great and we spend some serious time on this couch. I have watched my daycare provider's couch with a similar fabric that is un-washable be destroyed but mine still looks new out of the box! I really appreciate that I can remove the arm covers and wash them as sticky little hands find it just the right height to help walk around. I also love the padded arms. They saved us a good head bonk more times than I can count with our little one. Thank you so much for making a worth while, American made product. I am a customer for life.

  41. Home Reserve

    If you move frequently (a sofa that packs flat is fabulous), have children or pets (we love the Altima fabric - it is washable and cleans up so nicely) or are short on storage space (we live in a small house with one closet!) I highly recommend Home Reserve furniture. My husband and I also try to minimize our consumption and waste. So its nice to know that if the fabric gets ripped or foam from one of the cushions get damaged we can replace it rather than go shopping for a whole new couch.

    The folks at Home Reserve are fabulous and my interactions with customer service have been nothing but pleasant. Thanks!

  42. Home Reserve

    Everything worked out, it all looks good! No missing pieces!
    Thanks so much for such an excellent product!
    My husband was overwhelmed when he saw the " pieces of the puzzle" but once he made the 1st piece everything else was easy... Thank you again!

  43. Home Reserve

    "The instructions are clear. The parts are marked in BIG numbers, and I'm proud of the job I did assembling it myself, it was fun!"

  44. Home Reserve

    Just want to let you know that this is my 5th purchase from, and I love the furniture. I have a sofa, loveseat, large ottoman and smaller one (for the chair), and several pillows, as well as yards of fabric, when available back in the day ... :-)
    I am very excited about receiving my new chair, but wonder if I can still get new foam/cushions for my older furniture (circa 2005-2007).

    • That is one of the great things about our furniture. We offer renew-ability, so you can get new cushions. Just call customer service.

      Posted on May 14th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  45. Home Reserve

    I am very pleased with the couch and loveseat I ordered. The Altima Pet Care fabric in Merlot is really nice. I had no trouble at all assembling the two pieces, and actually enjoyed the process. Both pieces came out very nice. I had mistakenly ordered the couch in the Monroe, instead of the Classic style, so the end back pillow covers were different from the loveseat (which is what I wanted). One call the customer service, and I received the new covers in 3 days. I am very pleased with the product and the service.