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  1. Home Reserve

    I absolutly love my couch! It is the perfect size and despite the firmness of the cushions at first they have soften up and it is surprising comfortable. I must tell you I was sketptical but now I will happily get in line with all the other people praising the product on this site.

    My only complaint is that the fabric is the black pet care fabric which is supposed to resist stains and pet hair. The fabric attracts lint like crazy! I want a black fabric so I don't want to return it but that is the one negative.

  2. Home Reserve

    Well, I just wanted to say how surprised I was when I received my Classic Couch today....all I can say is AWESOME. I received my sofa around 3PM & was finished completely around 4:30PM. Very, very, very easy to assemble (much easier than those Sauder-type products I'm sure many of you have purchased & put together - and much less aggravation ).:-D

    We bought the Altima Latte Pet Care & the fabric is terrific, cushions are nice & firm & my wife & I are very pleased. We plan on buying a matching loveseat, chair & ottoman this summer.

    I am not one to write comments unless I am truly blown away. Once I finished assembling the sofa, I was sold!!!

    If you're hesitating to buy - take the plunge!!! It is well worth it for the value & quality you get8-)

  3. Home Reserve

    I just wanted you to know that I received my order for 9 pieces. I was really surprised that they all came a week earlier than anticipated. So far I have assembled 4 of them. It is wonderful how everything is fitting together. I really love the Fairview Sand fabric. It coordinates well with some fabric I already have, which I plan to used to embellish the back cushions. Will send pictures when it is all finished.
    >I read your story about how Home Reserve evolved. For about 3 years I have been exploring modular furniture, and finding most commercial products not what I wanted. I even found and developed my own plans to build my own living room furniture. Because I did not have enough time to actually do this, I just kept exploring the Internet for ideas. Finding your site and seeing how your products matched my needs was like finding a piece fitting in a huge puzzle. There is just not another company which has really worked out a design so thoroughly. Every detail and consideration is there. Thank you so much.

  4. Home Reserve

    I purchased a Monroe sectional from Home Reserve about 3 weeks ago and from the very begining I feel in love with this company. Before I even recieved my boxes I was willing to recomend them based on customer service alone ( Sandy:-) ). Even When I made a shipping mistake they corrected it for me at no additional charge! I am pleased to tell you that My sectional came in 6 large boxes and my husband and I had it all put together in under 4 hours;1. Thanks Home Reserve for have a great product great service at a great price

  5. Home Reserve

    We received our sofa and matching chair yesterday about 3 pm - three large boxes lined up in front of the door. Less than 1 1/2 hours later, I had beautiful new
    furniture in my family room! My husband said that it was the easiest assembly he'd even done.
    The fabric is soft and plush (we got the Minetta sage print) and it's VERY comfy to sit on! (I'm already planning our next purchase for our basement remodel that's now underway!)
    Thanks so much for such FAST shipping, and such a great product. (My husband also wants me to say "thanks" for parts that line up perfectly!):-D

  6. Home Reserve

    I picked up my Monroe sofa today (I am local to the Fort Wayne area, and Sandy was more than friendly and willing to let me pick up my sofa myself- they even helped me cram the boxes into my tiny car!) and I could not be happier. I am starting a new job, and I could not believe the prices when I found this site, local to my new home (I think it was fate ;-) ) I put it together by myself and had no problems whatsoever, it was really easy! I have told all my friends and coworkers, and some of them are looking into making their own purchases as well! This really is almost too good to be true...but it is as true as the sofa I am sitting on! :-) Thank you for being such a great company- I'm hoping there's room in my apartment for a matching chair!

  7. Home Reserve

    It took me several months before I decided to give it a try. We bought a classic chocolate couch and love it! It took my husband just over an hour to put together. Very Easy and came out looking great! The seats were really hard and that made us nervous but now two weeks later they are softening up. I was afraid I would feel the wood under me with no springs, but its not a problem at all. We are waiting for our tax returns so we can get a matching loveseat!

  8. Home Reserve

    I received my faux suede pet care brooklyn style couch on 5/10, 6 business days after placing my order and love it!!. I was a tad unsure of how the back cushions would feel but they are surprisingly comfortable. It took me about 2hrs to assemble the frame w/ a regular screwdriver. The instructions were very easy!. The fabric does't really match so i'm going to exchange it and leave a comment about that process, which I hope is painless and simple.:-);58-0

  9. Home Reserve

    Hi Home Reserve,
    Just wanted to let you know we assembled our Monroe Couch yesterday evening. Took us about 2.5 hours. The assembly instructions were excellent. It was a lot easier than we thought. We love the corduroy blue color. Our children were very excited watching us put our new couch together. Even more excited when our work was done, so they could sit on it and watch their movies. We just needed a hammer and a Phillips screwdriver. It was fun. The only thing that was missing was a T connector for Wood Part Number 4. We wish you continued success. We have told our family ad friends. They just can't believe that a company like Home Reserve actually exists. We are so lucky we found you on the Internet.

    • Hi Jay and Marie, T-connectors have been sent out.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  10. Home Reserve

    Home Reserve is flippin awesome! About 6-7 months ago I bought a two seater blue sofa and needed it by a certain date, earlier than promised on their website. Home reserve was more than friendly and delivered awesome customer service; getting my couch to me just in time for my get together!!! I definently plan to spend 400+ dollars before next semester!

  11. Home Reserve

    i was moving from germany back to NY and all of my furniture would have taken over 2 months to get so i figured to buy new stuff. Eveything was so expensive and then i stumbled onto this site and couldn't believe a couch and love seat would be 800 bucks including shipping so i ordered them! After i ordered it i found out i would get there before my stuff. The lady i spoke with was so nice she said she would see what she could do about that. I don't know what she did but my couches got there the same day i did! And in 2 hours i was sitting on my couches. they were so easy to put together! My mom was skeptical thinking how good are these couches gonna be really? until she saw them and sat on them! she loves them! Thank you so much!! These couches are awesome!!

  12. Home Reserve

    I should mention you can see pictures at...

  13. Home Reserve

    When I was considering a Home Reserve sectional, I read every comment. What I wanted to know was "Is it comfortable?" "Is it worth my money?" I'll try to answer those questions. :-D

    We ordered 13 pieces in buff faux suede, and put them all together in around 8 hours. My husband was quite impressed with the design. He said it was a "Miracle of Engineering" the way they had designed the pieces, the boxes; everything. It really is amazing the way it all fits together.

    Then for the big test---- IS IT COMFORTABLE?? Well- yes, it really is! Our whole family was over that night for a birthday, and they were all impressed by the comfort, the size and the soft fabric. Everyone was amazed when they saw the huge pile of boxes they came from.

    The only negative I can think of is that I wish the seats were about 2" or 3" deeper. I knew they were going to be a bit narrower than I wanted, but it was worth the trade-off for us.

    Here's my list of what makes this a GREAT DEAL:

    1. I'm supporting employees in my local area. I like the fact that I'm not supporting a foreign country with my purchase.

    2. 1/3 more couch for the money! This is true... I shopped diligently, and for 1700.00 I was able to purchase 1/3 more seating area with Home Reserve. I did not save money with Home Reserve- I got more for the same dollars.

    3. Small pieces- easy to carry up/down basement stairs.

    4. Soft, quality, washable fabrics. I love the fact that I can take these off and wash them!

    5. Comfortable and stylish. I like the lower backs so that you can see over them. It makes the room seem larger.

    6. Great employees! The employees of Home Reserve were friendly, cooperative, and went out of their way to get my furniture ready on a short deadline. Thanks!!

    All in all this was a really good experience. We are thrilled with our new sectional!8-0

  14. Home Reserve


  15. Home Reserve

    Got my couch a couple of months ago to go into my new cabin that I was finishing up here at my nightly cabin operation here in the mountains of New Mexico. My handyman put the whole thing together before lunch. He said the instructions were the best he had ever encountered. I love the look, it is comfortable, inexpensive and I can change the fabric when my guests overdo. Thanks for a great resource

  16. Home Reserve

    I have never been happier with an online purchase. The fabric colors are an exact match to what you see on the site, the quality of both the fabric and the foundations is very high. The set up instructions were some of the clearest instructions I've ever received. Home Reserve has set the bar for what other companies should aim for in both quality and customer service. I have already recommended Home Reserve to friends and family and will make another purchase from them as soon as I need more furniture!

  17. Home Reserve

    Just thought that I would go ahead and sign the guest book, AGAIN! My chair arrived yesterday (a day early too!). Put it together while dinner was cooking. BEAUTIFUL 8-0. The kids love it, I love it & the husband loves it. Thank You Home Reserve.

  18. Home Reserve

    Got our furniture a sofa and chair. Very impressed!! Very comfortable would recommend this to anybody that is looking for a great living room set.;2

  19. Home Reserve

    Finished my sofa and chair in less than 2 hours. My dad and I are in the business of fine wood products and from experience, this is one of the best experiences i've ever had with putting furniture together. Easy, precise cuts, well thought out packaging, and quality, understandable directions. Only thing that would be an improvement, is if you included some tape, so the assembler would not have to listen to directions from someone who isn't reading the direction sheet. Thank you so much, look forward to future purchases, and I will be sending all my friends and family in your direction.

  20. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to let you know I received my couch yesterday 4/22 I am so happy everything was easy to put together I wish more company's would take pride in there product as you do I cannot say enough I am so pleased my hats off to your company.Bravo!!

  21. Home Reserve

    I purchased a loveseat and 2 ottomans, and everything was perfect. They went together in no time. My 6'5" husband was doubtful even as they were being assembled, but once they were done he sat on the loveseat, put his feet up on an ottoman, grabbed the TV remote, and declared, "I like it!"

    There you have it: the seal of approval.

    Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I shudder to think of what sort of seating we would have been able to maneuver into that apartment it it wasn't for you.

  22. Home Reserve

    I think half of the comments on here are about Sandy and her fantastic customer service. I'll add another feather in her cap. My loveseat arrived and an arm cushion had a slight nick in it. I called HR and spoke with Sandy, asking if I should glue the foam into place or if it was normal to have a nicked piece of foam. "No!" she answered, and put in an order for a new foam arm. I don't even have to bother packing up and mailing the damaged one back. That's the best part.

    I'll be honest, it's a great product but I know I could find a comparable one (though not so conveniently and quickly delivered) at several stores in my area. But a company that doesn't jerk me around, has outstanding customer service, and with nobody trying to up-sell me... that's a rare find indeed.

    Bravo for running an excellent shop.

  23. Home Reserve

    I received my Sofa about 5 days ago along with the ottoman. I put the ottoman together myself in about 20 minutes. Very nice. I started to prep for the sofa assembly but came up two T parts short. Sandy had them to me next day air (Thank you Sandy:). This morning by myself I put together the sofa. It took me 1 1/2 hours from start to finish and it's just beautiful. My dad who weighs just about 15 lbs shy of 300 sat on it and said it was great. I love it so much and I just got done ordering the matching chair and a replacement cover for the ottoman so it matches the new chair's fabric. I am so happy with Home Reserve. Thank You Thank You Thank You.8-0

  24. Home Reserve

    I just got my Classic Sofa in Liberty Salsa, and I LOVE IT!!
    It was fun putting it all together and seeing the BEAUTIFUL outcome. I can't believe the quality that comes along with the price! I'm definitely going to be purchashing more in the future from Home Reserve.
    My friend who helped me put it together was also very impressed.