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  1. Home Reserve

    I am recommending Home Reserve to everyone I know! I just moved into a small attic apartment of a very old house, and I could not find a chair or love seat that would make it up the narrow and winding steps. My brother recommended Home Reserve and I could not have been happier. The selections were terrific, the service was outstanding, and I could not believe how fool-proof the assembly process was! I just started grad school, and I now have a comfy love seat where I can study.

    I am also very impressed with your interest in the community and in the environment. It felt good to support such an upstanding company. Keep up the good work!! ;1

  2. Home Reserve

    Thank you for your patience and professionalism. I got exactly what I wanted which you managed to accomplish in spite of my somewhat curmudgeonly behavior. You are a credit to your industry.

    The Altima Pet Care fabric in Hickory looks rich and elegant, and feels great too. Replacing the original back cushions with throw pillows makes the sectional look very stylishly modern. I\'ve just placed an order for two more pillows.

    As you can see, the sectional\'s most frequent user is quite content with it as well.

  3. Home Reserve

    I recently purchased your Laney Milky Way Chair and a half plus ottoman. I
    am extremely pleased with your product.
    The amount of assembly was more than I bargained for, but with English
    instructions and great pictures it was not hard.
    The furniture is sturdy. I love that it's made in the USA and that you took
    extra steps to make your manufacturing green.
    At half the price, your product is great! Thank you. I will be referring
    more people to your site.

    Deanna Leach
    Waco, TX

  4. Home Reserve

    As advertised, your furniture was a piece of cake to assemble with the instructions provided. Your chair and a half looks great in my daughters disney room and the color matches the blue in it perfectly. I also purchased a love seat for our loft and it looks lovely as well. At the time of my order I requested it not be shipped until the 15th of Jan because I was overseas for another week. It arrived a couple of days after I landed back in Texas, and I really appreciate the assistance provided in making that happen. Telling all my friends about Home Reserve.

    Thank You

  5. Home Reserve

    I have recently made my second Home Reserve purchase. I have downsized from my original Laney sofa to a Brook loveseat. I\'ve been very, very pleased with my HR furnishings. They are sturdier than anything I\'ve ever purchased at a discount furniture store, and they look fabulous.

    I did have a small issue with the assembly of the frame for my Brook - armless frames part 1/2 and 3/4 were impossible to fit together as cut. It was a simple matter to get around, though - I just used the included sanding pads to take tiny amounts of material off the pieces until they could be tapped together with a rubber mallet.

    My experience with Home Reserve over the past three years has been extremely positive. They produce a wonderful product and their customer service is second to none. I will definitely be purchasing more furnishings from HR, and will encourage my friends to do the same.

  6. Home Reserve

    I purchased a black ray sofa a few weeks ago. Customer service was very helpful. They called me to confirm my order & we made arrangements 2 weeks in advance to have my order shipped from Ft Wayne to Purdue University on a Friday afternoon.

    That Friday only 1 box showed up. I was a bit upset, because one of my boxes went to a dorm's main office. They sent my box to the wrong address in my city. But I called Monday morning and they had a new box at my apt Tuesday afternoon.

    My sister and I put our sofa together and even though it took several hrs we love it! Thank you Home Reserve!

  7. Home Reserve

    I've had my Home Reserve couch for over a year, and we still love it. We don't use the storage as much as I thought we would...except to hide blankets before company arrives:-) Despite that, we love the couch. I have two 3 year olds and they jump on teh couch, spill on it, etc. I've washed my covers several times after accidents from them or our puppy. Everything about the couch is great!!

    I am ordering a replacement cover today because I want a new look in my living room. We will order from you again,and I will continue to sing your praises to everyone I know.

  8. Home Reserve

    I ordered my sofa, and got it 5 business days later!! Wow!! It is better than I expected. I ordered the Altima Pet Care MERLOT fabric, and I can't believe how plush and rich it is. The sofa exceeds all of my expectations. Your directions were very well done - my one suggestion is that you not suggest that the hammer is optional - without it, I would still be trying to get the first 2 pieces to go together. This is absolutely fabulous. I have a couple of friends who are thinking about buying coming to look at it this weekend. Thank you!!


  9. Home Reserve

    I ordered my Furniture and delivery was fast. I got it within 14 days. I did not get to put it together until last weekend. I put together a six piece sectional in 5 1/2 hours. It was so simple. The hardest part was getting the cushions into the cover, no need to work out after that. My Thanksgiving guests arrived at my home yesterday and were amazed at how great my furniture is. And that it is pet friendly, as I got the pet fabric. Now my sister in law is thinking of getting new furniture I told her to take look at hat you are offering before getting anyhing.
    I will be taking pictures soon so I will ost them later. THANK YOU for allowing me to have my first brand new Living Room in my life. And it is beautiful. THANK YOU 8-0;1

  10. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much! Your company is getting a lot of word of mouth from me already; I've been so impressed by your product so far. Once we get the sectional and give it a go, I will likely be ordering more furniture from you (I have plenty of ideas for odd shapes and using corner units ininteresting ways).

    I've also been very favorably impressed by your customer service. Rave reviews from this new customer so far, and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new sectional. I've been highly impressed by your website, which answered nearly all of my questions before I had a chance to ask them. Your videos and photo galleries helped a lot in explaining your product and howyou\'re different. I've been stymied for years in searching for a sectional that I can configure how I want it, and I was so excited to find you online.

  11. Home Reserve

    Yesterday we received our Brook Loveseat in the Green Apple cover & We Love it! It was super easy to assemble and it is very comfortable. I plan on buying additional covers to switch my color scheme periodically!
    I highly recommend this product AND this company! Great job guys

  12. Home Reserve

    I bought a couch from your site about 3 years ago, and I was so in love with it - how easy it was to put together all by myself, how quickly it arrived, the price, the beautiful pattern - that I raved for days to everyone who would listen. I was missing one of the plastic T-connectors, and I contacted Customer Service... they sent me 2 immediately!

    3 years later, I just want to say that I am *still* so in love with my couch. It\'s super comfy, the fabric is easy to clean, the cushions have stayed plump, and I adore the storage underneath the seats. I came back to the site today to start pricing matching armchairs. :)

  13. Home Reserve

    Just like the reviews said -- the couch was super easy to put together!

    I was able to put it together in less than 2 hours with a handheld drill. The fabric looks great and the couch is nice and soft. The seat cushions are a little stiff, but since sitting on it for about 2 weeks now, I can feel them getting softer.

    This sofa works perfectly in my first apartment and I\\\'m very happy! Thank you!

  14. Home Reserve

    My husband and I have researched furniture sets for the 2 1/2 years that we've been married. We wanted something that would last and that we liked, for a reasonable price. We looked at many furniture stores (like Art Van), which have beautiful furniture, but you pay through the nose. We love 8-0EVERYTHING8-0 about Home Reserve. We just bought our first piece of furniture, the Celery Monroe Loveseat and we LOVE IT! :-D It is so comfortable, aesthetically pleasing design and gorgeous, plush fabric. These guys knew what they were doing when they designed this furniture. They made it shippable at a low cost, very easy to assemble (took my hubby and I 1 1/2 hours together, he did wood, I did fabric - oh, and our 7 month old daughter was climbing on us the whole time). We are totally thrilled and satisfied. They have great customer service too, corresponding with me 3 times in one day about questions and thoughts I had. They are great, you re going to love it! We are going to buy again and again and again from them! Home Reserve is HIGH QUALITY and an INCREDIBLY WELL THOUGHT OUT DESIGN to fit all the needs of shipping, ability for a common person to assemble it easily and possessing optimal durability and strength to last through all the torture we put sofas through.

    ;2 Home Reserve ;2 - 8-0 WE LOVE YOU! 8-0
    8-0 ;2 8-0 ;2 8-0 ;2 8-0

  15. Home Reserve

    Just wanted you to know I recieved the couch and put it together with no problems . I am extremely pleased with the product and find it amazing how you designed such a well made couch that is a do it yourself. The only thing that bothered me at first was the smell of the wood because I have asthma. However that seems to be disappearing with time. This is my first big purchase online, and would recommend this product to friends and family......Thanks Linda

  16. Home Reserve

    Just wanted to send you quick note to tell you that we received our order exactly when it was promised. We couldn't wait to put the sectional together--and even though it was a week night, we got right to it after dinner. It took less than three hours and we were so impressed with the way everything fit so perfectly together and with the quality and workmanship that clearly went into every part. We are so very pleased with our purchase and have already begun to recommend Home Reserve to our friends.

    Thank you very much!
    Karen Vargas

  17. Home Reserve

    I received my love seat last night and put it together while watching Larry The Cable Guy in The Health Inspector. It took me about an hour and then I was sitting on my new love seat. Everything arrived as advertised, nothing was missing, and everything was easily marked and the directions were amazingly simple!
    I am telling everyone i know about your site and plan on making all of my future furniture purchases from you guys!
    An incredible idea and an incredible product!
    And you cant beat the price ;2

  18. Home Reserve

    I find your furniture very practical. It is to bad that I do not need anything new right now. I would buy one of your sofas or chairs in an instant.

  19. Home Reserve

    I got my couch a while ago and i love it, but now i'm looking for a cushioned breakfast nook. Think about it! :-)
    ps i could just go buy one anywhere, i know, but you have great prices! thank you

  20. Home Reserve

    I want to thank you & your staff for a great experience from start to finish. Not only is your website informative & easy to navigate but the fabric samples came the following day, the furniture cane a week early & it was easy for my husband & I to assemble. We are very pleased with the quality & comfort of our furniture. I\'ve been very happy with everything associated with our purchase & it\'s refreshing!
    Thank you,

  21. Home Reserve

    I have been lurking in this web site for a little over a year checking out the good and negative comments, (not that they are all that Negative), putting together different couches with different materials and checking out the company with the BBB and searching the web for anything negative on Home Reserve, (not to be overly cautious). I also checked furniture stores in my area and I couldn’t find a better deal anywhere.

    I finally order a Monroe sofa with the Altima Latte Pet Care fabric. It was delivered by UPS yesterday and I HAD to put it together then and there. It took me about 2 hours. And it looks great.
    Now if I could get someone to haul for my old stuff that easily…

    Thank you,

  22. Home Reserve

    I just put my monroe love seat together a few days ago, and I LOVE it! It is in my teaching studio, and now I just hang out in here instead of the living room. :-)

    I was actually wondering about sofabeds too - I was thinking of something along the lines of the pier 1 type fold out beds. The seat cushions are actually 3 times as long as they appear, but they fold twice. Two sections of the cushions are hidden underneath where you sit instead of the storage space. Then you just unfold them, and they lie flat on the floor as a bed. It would be lighter than a regular pull-out, plus you wouldn't be lying on metal rods! Double-plus!

    When I started my loveseat hunt, I was actually looking for a sleeper, but ended up going for the home reserve one instead. Wouldn't it be great to be able to do both?

  23. Home Reserve

    Received the sofa and loveseat on March 14. Both are now constructed and look great in my living room.
    Product was very easy to put together. Actually took less than 4 hours for each item to be put together.
    I would recommend your products to anyone! I am very happy with the results.
    You may use this letter for your advertising if you wish.
    Also, the customer service can't be beat! You have been most helpful throughout this entire process.
    Thank you very much!

  24. Home Reserve

    I was extremely excited to get my Home Reserve couch. The shipment occured as Customer Service described it would. It did take about two weeks but it's worth the wait.

    People who see my new couch are shocked at the price...they all love the storage area too. HR advertises that the couch maybe a little stiff at first - doesn't bother me!!! Assembly done in an hour too!!!

    At first, I didn't love the color I chose, but it's grown on me. Lately, I have been making stains on the fabric just because I know I can take it off and wash it!!!

    Overall, this is an incredible product. Great Job Home Reserve!!!

  25. Home Reserve

    Our upholstery arrived yesterday. We absolutely love it. As expected, my husband once again commented on the quality of the sofa. We had fun putting on the new fabric.

    Thanks to you all for making such a great product that we can modify affordably when the season or mood strikes.

  26. Home Reserve

    I absolutly love my couch! It is the perfect size and despite the firmness of the cushions at first they have soften up and it is surprising comfortable. I must tell you I was sketptical but now I will happily get in line with all the other people praising the product on this site.

    My only complaint is that the fabric is the black pet care fabric which is supposed to resist stains and pet hair. The fabric attracts lint like crazy! I want a black fabric so I don't want to return it but that is the one negative.

  27. Home Reserve

    Kudos to Home Reserve! I love my new sectional. I ordered the Monroe Group 9 w/ottoman in Chicago Linen and extra cushion covers and fabric in Chicago Black. I love the way it sits, it's so comfy and oh, the storage! This has to be the best purchase I have ever made!

    And Sandy's the best, she deserves an award.



  28. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love the Avenue Sofa Couch in Ella Citrus that I just ordered. It is absolutely wonderful! The fabric is beautiful!! The cushions are comfortable, yet firm, which is what I love. I did notice two tiny places where the fabric was snagged on the left back cushion and I called customer service and had a replacement within two days. Your company is wonderful to work with and your customer service department is so friendly and helpful. I will recommend your couches to everyone. Everytime I look at my new couch I can't help but smile :)

    I will probably be placing another order within a month or two.

    Thanks again!
    Kelly Conroy

  29. Home Reserve

    I think your furniture is so great I convinced a friend to get a sofa, and she in turn convinced a fellow dog owner how perfect it is. BUT, I wish you had a futon so I could match one to the rest of my furniture.
    Even if you had futon covers in your fabrics would be a big help. I wish you\'d consider it. I\'m over 50 and loved being able to have it delivered to my door in boxes I could get in. No matter what room I want it in, I can always handle getting it there in pieces before assembly. Your furniture is great. Thanks so much.
    Jeri McEwen, proud owner of sofa, chair,console table.

  30. Home Reserve

    Hi. Lili here again... I have a new question and a comment about not getting an answer back from you yet...

    My next question is: My husband is 6'4 :-U! Will he be able to fit comfortably on the couch? Has a lot to do with if we are going to buy your product, so I really would like and answer please ;3..

    Next, I asked a question back on 1/19/05 #38, and would like an answer to those questions :-| ..

    And, I also ordered some samples, which came yesterday, but you said I would get an email saying they were shipped! I never recieved that message. But the samples were great and we have picked what we want. But really need an answer to my questions ;4.
    Thanks! and hope to hear from you soon :-*! Lili

    P.s. Do you buy your samples back?

  31. Home Reserve

    I love this web site! Your products
    are classy and comfortable looking. And affordable! :-) . I am trying to get my husband to check you out, but we all know how husbands are.... |:|. He WILL love you also! And I WILL be ordering some new couches from you.

    2 questions I have though...

    1. Will you be designing and making any new designs in the near future?

    2. When you are out of stock of a certain color or fabric, how fast does it take to get the fabrics in and the furniture made?

    Thanks! Lili

  32. Home Reserve

    Our sofa was delivered last evening, but I didn't get home from work until 7:30 pm, and my wife and I were too tired to tackle the job of putting the sofa together. HOWEVER, we were up at 4:00 am, and were sitting on our new sofa at 6:00am. It is beautiful, and we had fun putting the piece together.
    There is one slight problem. There is a fabric flaw in one of the arm covers. It is not a cut, but a flaw where the fabric threads are coming apart. The size of the flaw is between one and two inches. It is actually out of view when the back cushion is in place.
    We are very, very satisfied with the sofa. We've considered ordering one for more than two years!. What suggestion would you have about the fabric flaw?
    Thank you for making such a nice sofa, and for making it so easy for two old people to assemble! Thank you, too, for addressing the fabric flaw.
    Merry Christmas,
    Larry and Kathy

  33. Home Reserve

    I will continue to sing your praises to my family and friends who can't believe my sofa arrived in a box. I've never worked with a company so willing to please as you all have been.
    Thanks a million,


  34. Home Reserve

    I LOVE my new couch!!!

    I was slightly overwhelmed when I upacked everything, but I had such a blast putting it together. I used a power drill and I highly recommend using one if available. Just like HR said, it took me about 2 hours from start to finish. I laid down on it when I was finished and almost fell asleep, lol. It looks great in my apartment and friends were surprised that it came in looks like it came to the house fully assembled. And the microfiber is super soft, so I love that about it.

    I had some issues with delivery, that were totally the fault of the carrier and not Home Reserve. However, upon receiving my complaint about the delay in delivery, HR promptly refunded my shipping fees. The service was friendly and efficient, so I will definitely purchase the matching chair and ottoman in the near future.

    It's a great value for what you're getting, and the option to purchase additional fabric is great if you want to change the look of your room. ;1

  35. Home Reserve

    My sofa is awesome. Easy to put together, just make sure to have an electric screwdriver. Love the size, the look, the feel of it, and of course the price.
    I\'ve already recommeded Home Reserve to my friends and family.
    Excellent customer servicd as well;1

  36. Home Reserve

    Dear Jenny and Casey,
    Thank you SO SO much for the very helpful and insightful ideas you gave me for my living room! I did go with the sectionals + ottoman like you recommended and we are just finishing the left and right arm sectionals today! At first my husband was a bit hesitant about putting our furniture together, but after we finished the first piece he saw and felt how awesome and sturdy it was and was SOLD! :) I love your furniture and what you all stand for! I\'ve told ALL of my friends and family to check out your website (and they\'re ALL interested!) PLUS I\'ve posted the link on my facebook profile so EVERYONE can check your site out!!

  37. Home Reserve

    Thanks Home Reserve!

    I just put together the loveseat we ordered. It took about two hours. (It would have taken less time had my power screw driver been working throughout.) The directions were precise and easy to follow. The piece is beautiful.
    We are very happy.
    Great product...Great price!;1

  38. Home Reserve

    We needed new furniture for our TV room and were pleased to find a place where we could get all we needed for a reasonable price. We got an armless chair, two ottomons and a laney couch. The chair took me two hours to assemble alone. As recommended, I walked on the cushion to soften it, and the chair is really comfortable. It took my husband an hour each to assemble the ottomons. Working together, it took two of us 4 hours to assemble the couch. I did not walk on those cushions, and they are a little stiff, but I am sure they will loosen up.

    The instructions for the assembly of the frame are excellent. The instructions for putting on the fabric were confusing at points.

    The furniture is comfortable and looks great. We LOVE the storage! All in all, it was a great pleasure doing business with you! We are recommending Home Reserve to all of our friends.

  39. Home Reserve

    I cannot recall the exact date of my first order but, it was prior to the inclusion of the Tuxedo design to your selection. My original purchase was the chair and ottoman in Winston Merlot. We were pleased with both items except the arms were a tight fit for my limited space. A few weeks later while I was showing my daughter your website we discovered that you had added the Tuxedo line. When I called to discuss exchanging the arms of my chair for the more narrow Tuxedo version, Sandy was very helpful and immediately offered to workout an exchange. But before we could conclude the transaction we decided that we would order one of the big round arm sofas in the Gracewood Burgundy for my daughter's family room, she would take my big round arm chair and ottoman with the covers exchanged to match the sofa and I would order the Tuxedo chair for my living room. I also ordered yardage to cover a smaller ottoman that I already had to match the chair in my living room.

    Last summer we had to move my 85 year old mother into an assisted living residence. Mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and could not decide which articles of her furniture to move into her small suite. So, once again we checked out Homereserve intending to order a loveseat and chair. We were delighted to see that you had added the sectional and ordered the left and right to make a loveseat and also ordered a chair of the Avenue line in the Chicago Linen.

    We finally got our most recent purchase, the left and right Tuxedo sectional in Winston Merlot, assembled and in place in my living room and are quite pleased. We chose the left & right ends of the sectionals to fit together into a loveseat in our last two purchases because our needs are constantly changing. Someday soon I'm sure we will be expanding the sectional pieces into a couch or whatever. My grandsons will soon be going to college! You'll be hearing from us!

  40. Home Reserve

    I ordered a chair from you guys a year and a half ago and it\'s wonderful! I\'m finally getting around to painting the place after buying it two years ago and while I love the Burgundy microfiber, it\'s not going to work in the new color scheme, so here I am ordering swatches.

    What a great way to buy furniture! I\'m going for a \'pet friendly\' fabric in blue this time and when hubby gets his flat screen I think I see a new loveseat in my future.

    If you have any doubts about this furniture, forget them. This stuff is GREAT! ;1

  41. Home Reserve

    This is the best couch we ever bought! It took an hour to put together and the fabric is soooo nice! 8-0

    I made a website of how we put together our couch and what it looks like!

    Thanks so much!

    Chris and michelle from Central,FL

  42. Home Reserve

    Dear Sandy and Company,
    I wasn't expecting to receive this shipment until after the holidays, but low and behold, I received an email that I will be receiving it tomorrow, 12/23/2010, a full two weeks before its due date. There must be some magic holiday dust operating in your departments. Thank you all, and may you have a very happy,healthy, and prosperous holiday season and new year!!!

    A very happy and satisfied customer,
    Joann C. Cohen;1

  43. Home Reserve

    Hi Sandy,
    I recieved my couch yesterday 3/23, my boyfriend took it out of the box immediately too put the couch together. He said he’s never put something together that was so easy to follow instruction wise. I absolutely love the couch; it looks wonderful in my apartment. Several tries to get a couch fit through my apartment was getting annoying, until I found the website for Home Reserve! This company is wonderful, everything is made to perfection. I will buy again from here. I will send you a picture through my email that you may post with my comment!
    Thank You!!! :-)

  44. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve,
    I Love my new furniture!
    I am so impressed with your company. Although my box 2 instructions were missing, I quickly found them on your website and was able to print them out, easy as pie!
    All of the instructions were very clear and easy to understand, with great illustrations( unlike most other ready to assemble companies). I was able to put both the love seat and couch together in about 3 hrs all by myself, I really appreciated that aspect as my husband is currently serving overseas. I chose the Altima Pet Care fabric in Merlot and it is just beautiful. These sofas look very expensive in my living room and no one couls possibly guess how economical they really are! They are very comfortable, although a little stiff for now. I think the only downside I 've discovered is that the seats are are not very deep, I will definately need to purchase an ottoman in order to be really comfy. I'm hoping that once the back cushions loose some of their fluff there will be more room on the seat.?
    All in all I'm extremely pleased with my purchase and would reccomend them to anyone!

    Thanks so much,

  45. Home Reserve

    Several months ago as I prepared to receive my tax return, I found your site. I fell in love with the website and its very detailed and ingenious features. It is an extremely difficult thing to sell furniture and describe comfort levels on a website, and I felt you guys accomplished that very well. Well, I finally made the leap of faith a few weeks ago and ordered my sectional. It was delivered exactly as described. In addition, the instructions enclosed in the box and the numbers actually carved into the pieces made the assembly process dummy proof. I was so excited about the storage compartments, I immediately started filling them post-assembly. Problem was, I had too many storage bins and not enough to throw in them!!!!

    This is GREAT! The fabric (faux-suede) is absolutely luxurious. As we sit on the couch, we just can\'t but fall back and never want to get up. Thank you so much for making my leap of faith a good one!!!! I have full intentions on spreading the word about your products.