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  1. Home Reserve

    We just put together our new Brooklyn style couch with the Altima Hickory fabric and I must say, YOU GUYS ROCK! This is such a great couch - I'm already in love with it (and so is Ruby, our dog). It was so easy to put together (even for my spatially-challenged boyfriend), and everything we could need was included. We were pleasantly surprised to find gloves inside, so we wouldn't get splinters putting together the frame. And the directions were well written, simple, and nicely illustrated... and in English (as opposed to most do-it-yourself furniture projects)! I will definitely be recommending Home Reserve to all of my friends.:-D

  2. Home Reserve

    We just put our 2nd home reserve purchase together, the new Brooklyn Sofa, and we LOVE it! It has such a nice clean look and is very supportive. Our cats still like the Avenue Couch best but both my husband and I prefer this one for us. I've already recommended homereserve to several and most are shocked when they find out where our couch comes from. And the pet fabric is a dream. With cats and a new baby, clean up is a breeze. Thanks Home Reserve!

  3. Home Reserve

    My husband and I are on a tight budget. Because we're hoping to buy our own place in a few years, we didn't want to invest loads of money into furniture to fit our current house rental. Still, we want the rental to feel like home while we're here.
    We discovered Home Reserve by Googling "cheap couches" and figured we'd found an adequate solution.
    I anticipated the end result to be something I'd feel compelled to joke about with visitors. Instead, I'll recommend it.
    It was fun to and easy to put together. (The sense of accomplishment is a nice bonus.) It looks surprisingly "real". It fits perfectly in our small space -- is comfortable without being overwhelming. It's affordable. And best of all, it makes our rental feel like our home.
    Thank you, Home Reserve!

  4. Home Reserve

    Another happy customer. Needed something to fit in 'bonus' room with narrow stairway and this fit the bill. My wife was very opposed to ordering furniture over the internet as she thought it would be uncomfortable and/or shoddy construction. Home Reserve has definitely disproved this notion. Loves the fabric and agrees that it is very comfortable. She would like something slightly more stylish ($$$$) in the future but very happy for now.

  5. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve:
    I would like to let you know just how much my family and I love the furniture that we purchased through your company.? It was so much more than we expected!? This is the first time that I have received things to be put together that you can see thought was put into packing each and every box.? It was very refreshing!?
    We are already planning to order for the other rooms ?in our house.? With the versatility of the furniture you can always?put together a custom design from?Home Reserve!

  6. Home Reserve

    Thanks for such a nice loveseat.

    I placed my order for a Kid Glove Buff Avenue Loveseat on the 4th of October. I was shocked that it only took a few days to get my new loveseat on the 15th of October.

    It took under 1 hour to put it together. What more can anyone want it is so so so so nice. I must say I would buy more if I had the room for it. I am total happy with my item and can not stop looking at it.

    Thanks home reserve for a well built item and super fast shipping.

  7. Home Reserve

    Ordered a small sectional for my bedroom and received it yesterday, all I have to say is, "Home Reserve, where have you been all my life?" I couldn't believe it was as easy to assemble as promised, and it looks like it cost much more. Can't wait for my living room couches to wear out so I can order my new ones from Home Reserve.

  8. Home Reserve

    I was so excited to get my couch and loveseat from homereserve! They are both super comfy and I put them together by myself without any trouble. Despite a mishap with UPS delivering my package to the wrong address, the whole process has been wonderful. When I contacted homereserve about the misdelivered package (which was missing my cushions!) I was promptly sent replacements with no questions asked and given a sincere apology for the trouble. I will order again from Homereserve, I already want the ottoman to match my couch and loveseat!

  9. Home Reserve

    We received the couch we ordered and we love it. We ordered it because we couldn't get a "completed" couch around the corner and into our den. This went in piece by piece and my husband and son put it together. They said it was very easy and it is just beautiful. Thanks for an easy solution to something that was driving me crazy!!!

  10. Home Reserve

    My father ordered a sofa for us to see if we liked it or not, and we don't...we LOVE it. My sister and I plan to order more furniture from you all to finish redecorating our living room. We have both lived military lives, and can appreciate great furniture for great prices. Once my husband comes back from deployment next year, I'm definately going to order these couches for our house because it's going to make moving SOOO much easier! Thank you!

  11. Home Reserve

    I just happened to stumble across the Home Reserve web site when looking for a slipcover for my sectional sofa. I wanted a new sectional but didn't have the money to buy a new one so I was going to slipcover the old one. When I found the web site, the price of the Home Reserve sectional was within my price range but I just didn't think that furniture you put together would be of good quality and my husband was extremely skeptical so.....we decided to just order a chair and ottoman to check it out. We received it a few days ago and put it together last night. It was so easy to put together (I put the ottoman together by myself). Everything was CLEARLY marked and the directions were perfect. The quality of the material we chose was exceptional (Altima Pet Care fabric). We are very happy with our purchase and plan to order a sectional before year end instead of slipcovering our old one. Thank you Home Reserve....I wish I had discovered your furniture before!!!!

  12. Home Reserve

    Kudos to Home Reserve! I love my new sectional. I ordered the Monroe Group 9 w/ottoman in Chicago Linen and extra cushion covers and fabric in Chicago Black. I love the way it sits, it's so comfy and oh, the storage! This has to be the best purchase I have ever made!

    And Sandy's the best, she deserves an award.



  13. Home Reserve

    I LOVE MY COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been buying couches every 1.5 years. I did not have great expectations when I ordered a my Home Reserve sofa, but WOW! It is great. Putting it together was fun and we are so pleased.

    THANK YOU!!!

  14. Home Reserve


    Received my furniture today. Put the ottoman together in about 15 minutes and the chair in about 30 min. Next up is the sofa. I love them!! I've already poured water on the cushions (I purchased the Altima Pet Care fabric in Latte) to see if it is really beads-up like the video-it sure does!!

    Can't wait to get the second chair and the tables I ordered-hurry, hurry, hurry!!

    I told my sister-in-law about the site-she has four month old twins. I'm sure the pet care fabric will be perfect for her!

    Thanks for such a wonderful product!

  15. Home Reserve

    We ordered a 10 piece Avenue Sectional in Altima Latte Pet care for our basement in our new home. When it arrived, I yelled to my fiance "The couch is here" and got the strangest look from the UPS driver! After a small glitch (missing nuts and bolts from two of the boxes, but handled FABULOUSLY by customer service) we got everything together and we love it!

    We had our housewarming party this weekend, and I am not kidding when I say that I had to write down the website for at least six people who thought it was incredible, and are planning on placing orders themselves. No one could believe that we assembled it, that it was so inexpensive and that it was so comfortable.

    We're planning on coming back to order an armchair or two, and I have no doubt that we'll love them as much as we love our sectional.


  16. Home Reserve

    We purchased the Monroe style Sofam Loveseat, and Armchair about 3 months ago. We think that they are VERY comfortable and sturdy. My husband put them all together by himself and it was very easy for him to do.

    The only issue i have with the sofas is that the seat cushions's fabric get bunched up a lot and look sloppy. I don't know if this is common with fabric sofas as I have always purcahsed leather in the past. Or maybe it was the fabric that we chose which was the Fairview Coacoa Faux Suede. So I find myself trying to flatten the fabric ont he seat cusions a lot to make it straight but it does not work. Other than that the furniture looks great and is very comfy - I recommend!:-)

  17. Home Reserve

    I love my new furniture! I bought a couch, love seat and chair in the pet care fabric. My husband was surprised to see the dog slobber bead and roll right off! It was easy to assemble, looks great & was reasonably priced! We both highly recommend the Home Reserve products!

  18. Home Reserve

    I absolutely love my sofa!!8-0
    After waiting a while to get the sofa, I was very pleased when it arrived. It did not take long to put it together and once we finished, it was excellent!

    I was on the website for hours, reading comments and looking at pictures and finally decided to buy it and that was the best decision I made. It is so firm and comfy and the material is great too!! I can't wait until my next purchase. Good job Home Reserve!:-)

  19. Home Reserve

    We purchased a tux sectional in Fairview Cocoa for a small basement den/office which was hard to furnish due to the room configuration and the inability to get furniture down the stairs.

    I was sold on the movability, the washable fabrics, the renewablility feature and the storage. There were a few minor glitches with shipping and foam but customer service handled everything promptly. Once assembled, we were very pleased with how comfortable it is and how it looks.

  20. Home Reserve

    I am a happy customer of a sofa and a loveseat. Although this is my first purchase for a couch, the website made me feel comfortable with the whole decision and selection process. However, as a suggestion, I would urge Home Reserve to look at possibilities of offering more options to the customer in mixing and matching of fabrics with pillow covers.

    All in all a very satisfying experience!

  21. Home Reserve

    I wanted to thank you for the great couch! (Classic in Paparazzi Multi) I put it together all by myself in a bit less than two hours with only a little hand-held screwdriver.

    When I laid out the pieces I thought I might want to go and get some gardening gloves, but then I uncovered the pair of work gloves you'd included right in the box!

    The couch really is picture-perfect. I was amazed by the support from the foam cushions. It's perfect for taking a nap, reading or watching a movie. I love how the arms are at the perfect height to act as a pillow!

    My husband has already asked for a matching armchair (makes Christmas shopping easy this year!) We will definitely be decking out the rest of our home in wonderful Home Reserve products over the next few years. I hope you're able to continue to expand and innovate! What a fantastic company.

  22. Home Reserve

    Our new couch is just perfect and it was so easy and fun to assemble!!! It took us 2 1/2 hours total and it went together without a glitch. We love the style, fabric, comfort and it fits our space just right. As others have said, definitely use a drill driver ! Thumbs up from us!

  23. Home Reserve

    We purchased two sofa, an easy chair and ottoman last year and we wanted you to know how thrilled we have been. Guests in our home are just amazed when we say we did it ourselves. They haven't let us down for quality and comfort and having the additional storage has been just terrific. If you're looking for a real value, this is the right place. I'm looking forward to the day when I'll be changing the covers and adding another piece. I would not hesitate to recommend this not just to budget shoppers but to anyone looking for quality and versatility. We'll definately be back!

  24. Home Reserve

    I have to say I love, love, LOVE my new loveseat! It went together fast (my husband did the wood, I did the fabric) and with such precision. It's so pretty in our little studio and the boxes came through the door easily
    (we're in a lovable old downtown high rise with a small door at a sharp turn
    in a hallway). My cat already loves "her" corner and I just wanted to say how much we loved everything about the process - getting fabric samples, getting our order so quickly, putting it up so easily, admiring it's charm,
    and finally just SITTING so comfortably on it!