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  1. Home Reserve

    Our Monroe sofa arrived Tuesday, and I assembled it in about an hour and a half. We just moved, and bringing the boxes up to our third floor apartment (with a narrow staircase) was a breeze!

    We got the Altima Pet Care fabric in Cobalt. It is beautiful, though right now there are some little pieces of structurewood from assembly that cling to it! I'll have to vacuum. I was thinking of either painting or staining the pieces of structurewood that cover the storage compartments so they don't flake off pieces of wood.

    Though we've only had it for two days, my husband and I both have crashed hard into a deep slumber on this sofa. It is so comfortable. #-)
    I really like that the cushions are firm and supportive and that the height is appropriate for sitting (not too low). Also, the arms on the Monroe style are the PERFECT height for supporting your head and neck while snoozing! :-D

    This furniture is a really great product for the price and features. Bravo. ;1

  2. Home Reserve

    I recently purchased a Classic Loveseat in Mission Celery Faux Leather. Delivery was exactly as promised. Although I was intimidated by assembly, it wasn't as bad as I thought although I did have help. The pieces are well marked, step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow and there are tips along the way to make it easier. When we were cleaning up the packaging, I found two pairs of gloves. When I asked where they came from, I was told they were included in the packaging! I am so impressed with your company and the thought and care put into packaging and assembly instructions. I am thrilled with the fabric. It is beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for with 2 dogs and a teenager in the house. Right after Christmas I discovered some sticky goo of unknown origin on the arm of the loveseat. My heart sank, but a couple of swipes with a damp cloth cleaned it perfectly! What a dream! I can't wait to purchase the matching sofa and ottoman! Thank you! ;1

  3. Home Reserve

    Yesterday we received our Brook Loveseat in the Green Apple cover & We Love it! It was super easy to assemble and it is very comfortable. I plan on buying additional covers to switch my color scheme periodically!
    I highly recommend this product AND this company! Great job guys

  4. Home Reserve

    Kudos to everyone at Home Reserve. I had requested that the loveseat arrive on a specific date as it was a Christmas gift for my Mom. When I arrived from Texas in Calif I told my Mom she was going to assist me with her gift assembly. Mom read the instructions and I did the construction.
    The instructions were to a "T" and so easy and fun to follow! It was so easy to assemble. Bottom line is my Mom 86 and me 61 whipped that loveseat out in record time with out a hitch! Thank you Home Reserve I would recommend you guys to any and everyone!!! The whole process - purchase-delivery-assemble was a wonderful experience! My Mom is thrilled with her new couch to sit her happy butt on!!!

  5. Home Reserve

    Im so happy i purchased the Laney Sofa from Home Reserve.I purchase my sofa early this year it has gotten alot of use from my kids. One of them threw themselves on the couch and the middle support wood slat split.What to do? Called Homereserve and left a message.I promptly received a call back from Sandi informing me all furniture frames have a 10 year warranty....10 years...Why didnt I purchase furniture from Home reserve earlier?!8-0:-)

  6. Home Reserve

    We bought this tux style couch two years ago and we love it! We love that the fabric is washable. I wash it at least once a month and spot clean it. Having a toddler around, it's dealt with pizza sauce, ketchup, markers, pens, paint, chocolate, coffee and koolaid spills and everything in between. I also love that there are storage compartments where we store our movies and folders to keep our kid from getting into it. This photo was taken when we first assembled it and it still looks the same today.

  7. Home Reserve

    Sandy you are unbelievable. I have been a very satisfied Home Reserve Customer for a year. On Tuesday, 11/9/2010 I called to order new covers for my couch and loveseat. Just ready for a color change. Sandy helped me and at the end of our conversation I asked about the timing of the shipment. I am expecting out of town guests this weekend. Sandy told me it would normally take about a week to 10 days but that she would talk to the people in that department and see what they could do. I told her not to worry about it but if she could get it to me sooner great!


    This is a company that you have to do business with if you are in the market for the coolest, best-looking, durable, changeable and fun furniture in the USA.

    Thanks Sandy and the entire Home Reserve Team, you are amazing. 8-0

  8. Home Reserve

    Our complaint has been resolved BEYOND our wildest expectations. WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU HAVE even though we were disappointed with the product. Sandy could NOT have been more accomodating in resolving the issue.
    While I did leave a negative feedback regarding the sofa we returned to the company, this morning Sandy in Customer Service MORE THAN MADE THINGS RIGHT. I can't say enough about the GREAT Customer Service we received. Do not expect this kind of service today and we are so VERY VERY grateful.

  9. Home Reserve

    I am pleased in many respects with the furniture Erika, (My Wife) chose. It fit our budget at the time and is wearing well. It's nice to know that"if" anything like the fabric wears out, we can replace it which is great. You can't do that with other furniture. You have to go through great expense recovering it. With Home Reserve, you have a less expensive option and in these tough times that is a blessing. Dealing with a company that manufacturers their product in the United State is a plus as well. We believe in buying America.
    There has been one issue which was quickly dispatched. I see it as a design flaw and hope future manufacturing efforts will eliminate this flaw. It doesn't require retooling and there would be less waste material in the process.
    Sandy has been very helpful in taking care of the issue we had in a professional and expedient manner. She has put the Customer Service back into the true meaning. We will surely recommend Home Reserve to our family and friends.
    Frank Suszka

  10. Home Reserve

    Ok, my living room is very narrow and I almost got desperate to find a perfect couch for it. But then I got lucky enough to find this website. It let me create my own layout that would work just for me. I was very fearful however for the quality of it, since I was the one assembling the whole thing. BUT I was blown away by the quality of the couch! It is very comfy, sturdy and beautiful... I chose the Brooke Style Sectional in Yoga Ash color. Here's a pic. ;1

    • Sorry the picture didn’t come through but we wanted to share your comment.Thanks for writing.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  11. Home Reserve

    I initially browsed for sectionals that I could get through my front door which opens into a wall making moving furniture in and out nearly impossible. I found this unique company in Indiana, who has upholstered furniture the consumer constructs. I've been returning to the site and looking. I decided to start small with a chair. I put it together in one afternoon and it was actually fun (but I do have some skills with a drill). The most difficult thing to do was to slide the fabric over the arms--but that proves the preciseness of the upholstering. When I was finished I was happy that I had a nice looking upholstered chair that was also comfortable. In the future I want to get a sectional. My comment to interested family members was: "I hope this company stays in business--they have a great product--and I want more stuff." The chair is for my mom who has to move in with me--we'll see if she also thinks the chair is comfortable. So, I'm at 3 days and holding fast to my opinion that these are great furniture products!

  12. Home Reserve

    Loving our couch that perfectly fits our living room. I blogged about it too:

  13. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to thank you for sending those two ottomans to my home in
    Vermont as a rush delivery. They arrived in time for my housewarming party!
    It's wonderful that there is a company out there that provides such personal
    customer service. In fact, you can use that as an endorsement quote!

  14. Home Reserve

    If you live in a studio apartment, this is the BEST furniture to buy. I bought the laney sofa with mission black covers back in June, and I don't think I would have found anything else that better suits my needs.
    -It was much easier to carry the boxes up a few flights of stairs than a fully assembled couch would have been
    -The built-in storage is a life-saver. I love that my extra blankets and pillows don't take up valuable closet space.
    -The size is perfect; it's definitely a real sofa size, but it's doesn't overwhelm the space in my cozy <400 sq ft apartment.
    -It's really comfortable. Like live-on-it-and-not-move-when-you're-sick comfortable. Being a ready to assemble product, I am especially impressed by this.
    -The price is unbeatable when you take the product quality, style and options into consideration. It looks like it cost much more than it did.
    -The assembly was fairly easy. I am by no means a handy person and I put it together by myself in a few hours. I did use a power drill, and I would definitely recommend that as opposed to using a screwdriver.
    Also, I was wary of ordering furniture online without seeing it in person, but it has lived up to all of the information I found on the website.
    I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

  15. Home Reserve

    I have owned a sofa, love seat, chair with ottoman and end table for about 4 years now. Purchased for a basement apartment. I recently emailed HR because I had 2 cracked seat backs, cracked ottoman lid and a messed up top pad. They just sent the replacement parts, no questions! This is a great company to deal with and I will definitely purchase again in the future. In fact my 14 year old and I are at war over the ottoman so I think I may just get him his own. I highly recommend to anyone.

  16. Home Reserve

    I just want to say how pleased I am with this company and the furniture. I found this website while searching for "apartment sized furniture." I must have looked at every aspect of the website for a month before I finally ordered fabric samples. It was only a few days later that I ordered two couches. My teenage daughter and son put them together. Our space has been transformed by a truly high quality product. I will order from you again and thank you for offering such a high quality product.;1;1;1

  17. Home Reserve

    We have a small house but enjoy having people over to visit. So we wanted to maximize seating in our limited space. We decided a sectional sofa would be the way to go and found Home Reserve on the internet. Since this was our first purchase from here, we can relate to others and their hesitation. But we dove in and are very happy we did. We ordered fabric swatches, decided on a layout, and that was that. The swatches came quickly and we decided on fabrics for the sectional and several toss pillows. Our furniture arrived in 10 business days which I find amazing. My wife took care of the cushions and pillows. She loved the tips provided in the online videos. I assembled all 8 sections (these arrived in 8 UPS boxes!) in 5 hours. We love the furniture. We gave it a good test last night when 17 people filled the house for a party. Two ended up sleeping on the sofa. I am the operations manager for a manufacturing company and have been very impressed with every aspect of this company - the designs, engineering, delivery, customer service, and online helps. Our country needs more manufacturers like this. I highly recommend Home Reserve to you.

  18. Home Reserve

    I am a grad student on a budget and decided to "splurge" on getting some HR pieces instead of finding something used on Craigslist. One of my cats had taken a liking to peeing on our old couch and I was tired of constantly having to launder the covers and spray down the cushions with enzyme cleaner. With the Altima Pet Care fabric, accidents are no longer a headache to clean (just spray and wipe) and the terrible urine odor is not detectable, so I'm not forced to laundry it every single time. That in itself has made it more than worth it.
    It was also really easy to put together. It did take some time, but I was able to do it almost completely by myself, although I do consider myself to be a handywoman. However, I do think that anyone that can follow clear directions should have no trouble. I love that it can be easily disassembled so we can bring it with us when we move. Just ordered another armless piece to add to our sectional!

  19. Home Reserve

    I will write a proper review soon but wanted to send a quick note and a photo. We received our order last evening. Everything was so well designed and organized. We're very pleased.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

  20. Home Reserve

    I'd decided to go with Home Reserve because I couldn't find a sectional that would exactly suit our needs for our large (24' x 21') greatroom. I started to get worried when I read some of the reviews that said "this isn't full sized furniture" or comments about it being small. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth. We put together the 8-piece sectional (Brook) and it's DEFINITELY regular-sized furniture! It fit's the space beautifully, and the Altima Pet Car fabric in Sand is very soft and just gorgeous. We are VERY impressed!

  21. Home Reserve

    My husband and I purchased a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottaman a month ago. Ordered the merlot pet care fabric because we have 3 dogs. It only took us about 6 hours to put the furniture together and we absolutly love it. It is the most fuctional furniture we have ever owned. Soft and pretty fabric, comfortable and sturdy. Everyone that has come to our house have been amazed. Buying this furniture was extremly easy. We highly recommened this furniture.

  22. Home Reserve

    I bought my Ali sectional almost two years ago and have loved every day of it! The seat cushions are holding up great (with some occasional rotation), and the back cushions are as fluffy as the day I put everything together! The key is to occasionally fluff them by beating them against the floor. The storage spaces are just large enough to hide the books and papers that tend to collect on my coffee table.

    Since I tend to have people over, I ordered Mission Chocolate covers for the frame and Altima Latte for the cushions so that I can easily clean up any spills. Just call to place your order and they can help you customize your furniture like that, too!

  23. Home Reserve

    I have the brook sectional, and I am quite pleased with it. I bought it in 3/09 and it has held up well, except for the bottom seat cushions. They are nearly flat and very uncomfortable. They are so flat that the fabric is always wrinkled. I rotated them constantly but they just wore out. Looks like I will be ordering replacement foam.

    • Just call customer service and we will be happy to help you. 1-800-482 2712

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  24. Home Reserve

    When the boxes arrived and I looked inside I wondered what I had gotten myself into! Let me say, easy to assemble, wonderful for basements and small spaces.
    I started with a 5 piece sectional for my husbands "man cave" It looks great. I am excited to order the next one, 15 pieces for the outter basement.
    Highly recommend!

  25. Home Reserve

    I got my sofa on Friday evening and I love it! It took about three hours to put together but it was simple and teh way the wood is marked...fantastic! No errors or having to go back and take things apart! The sofa cushions are stiff as I was warned before buying but after a couple of days they have already softened a little. Thanks for a wonderful product - I will definately buy from you again!

  26. Home Reserve

    Custom ordered our pieces, love it all. Friends very impressed!
    One of my all time favorite company's, from now on.

  27. Home Reserve

    Custom ordered our pieces, love it all. Friends very impressed!
    One of my all time favorite company's, from now on.

  28. Home Reserve

    The assembly instructions for the couch frame were remarkably good as was the ease of assembly. The upholstery pieces had me baffled for a while and it might be useful to label each upholstery piece at the factory to minimize assembler confusion. I'm very pleased with the couch.

  29. Home Reserve

    I bought a sofa earlier this year. I absolutely love it. It is sturdy and comfortable.I plan to buy a chair and ottoman next.

  30. Home Reserve

    I bought a sofa the first part of the year. It really looks wonderful and wasn' too difficult to put together.It is very sturdy and comfortable. I want to get a chair and a half and an ottoman as soon as I can. I had seen remaks about the size of the furniture , but I measured my old sofa and it measured the same size as the one I bought, so I wasn't worried

  31. Home Reserve

    We received our footstool and pillows and love them both. I had ordered
    fabric and was glad I did. It matches perfectly. I was happy to see that
    the pillows came with filling and a cover. I'll be buying washable fabric
    covers and more pillows soon.



  32. Home Reserve

    I received my sofa yesterday! Great fast delivery and UPS even followed my instructions and left the boxes on the porch.
    Even though it was late I had to start putting it together right away.
    and how easy it was!;1 It took about an hour for the frame, but I did have a struggle with the fabric covers|:|, however I would blame that more on me being tired, than the product not being cooperative. The fabric was of better quality than I imagined.;5
    I love it, if I had more room in my apartment I would get more pieces...
    the sofa was so comfortable, I actually fell asleep on it last night!

  33. Home Reserve

    I am not one to review my purchases right out of the box, or before a true test of customer service has occurred. That being said, we ordered our couch, chair, and ottoman roughly 5 years ago. We have been happy with them. The ability to take them apart for a long distance move was phenomenal!

    What has prompted me to finally review my purchase though, is the result of my couch and ottoman breaking. Of course, I don't have my paperwork. I throw everything away, and live in utter chaos. I thought for sure we would be having quite a few bonfires with our couch.

    I called customer service and spoke with Sandy. She was so helpful and patient, and I am very pleased to say that the replacement parts are on the way! I am extremely happy with my furniture and the superior level of customer service!

    If I had bought at any brick and mortar store, I would have paid three times the price for something that would have been made in another country and would now be at the curb.

  34. Home Reserve

    I ordered a small sectional to fit in an awkward corner of my loft. It is perfect for the small space! I love it so far!!! I was nervouse about ordering a piece of furniture that I never sat on and also had to put together, but it is delightfully comfortable and very well built. I will definately order from here again.

  35. Home Reserve

    "Great Communication and Customer support" Thank you' Perry Johnson ...

  36. Home Reserve

    I just completed my 4th piece of Home Reserve furniture. All of the pieces are covered with a pet care fabric. The furniture is PERFECT!!! I've had the original 3 pieces for 5 years and they've withstood 2 dogs and 5 cats. I'm so greatfull for finding Home Reserve. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  37. Home Reserve

    I have bought a sofa and ottoman from you and have returned to buy another couch and coverings. I am very pleased with the product you sell and the customer service has been great. I particularly would like to thank Sandra Woods for all the help she has given me over the past year. This company ranks tops in my book.

  38. Home Reserve

    OMG!!! I was very nervous about this purchase but bought it anyway. I had prayed and prayed that the piece~armless chair was what I had expected. It arrived a week later~I was so excited/nervous at the same time. I unpacked all the material. Put it together~instructions were simple which made the process move right along. Once it was complete, I was very pleased with the product. Perfect furniture for a small space. Thanks sooo much! ;5;5 By the way~I ordered another piece! ;1

  39. Home Reserve

    I would rate everything about your company and your site and your speed of delivery AND your response after delivery a 10.

  40. Home Reserve

    I have looked and looked again at Home Reserve and think I'd possibly like to buy a loveseat and maybe 2 or more chairs.

    I am not planning on doing so however. When you select a fabric and then look at your selected piece, all of the throw pillows are also the same color/texture, which makes it impossible to see what the couch, chair or sofa will look like.

    I am NOT a visual person, I have to see something to know what it will look like. Because of this, I'll probably buy my loveseat and chairs elsewhere. I've come back here two or more times a year for the past 2 years hoping I could select "couch only" or something, but it hasn't happened.

    I can't recommend the furniture, but I don't have anything bad to say about it either. The website I find really frustrating!

    J. Dial

    • HR Comment: Please gives us a call at 800-482-2712. We are here to serve you in any way we can.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  41. Home Reserve

    OMG! I ordered a monroe couch last Oct. 15 and was delivered yesterday, Oct. 21. I am very pleased with my purchase! Sandy was very accomodating when I requested that my furniture be shipped within the week. Assembly instructions were clear and detailed; I didn't have a difficult time setting it up by myself. It's also comfortable to sit on. I'm loving it! Will definitely recommend and consider buying other pieces from HomeReserve!

  42. Home Reserve

    I'm definitely one of those people who prefers to make negative comments, rather than take time out of my day to provide positive feedback. But my experience with Home Reserve was soo good, that I had to come back to the website and comment on how much this company saved my *ss!

    We designed our couch and were amazed to see that it was under $800 for a perfect fit in our tiny living room. It was especially ideal because our hallway is only 29" wide, which means virtually no other couch would fit through there. Luckily, Home Reserve couches require assembly and came in small, reasonably light boxes.

    We were in a time crunch, so we called customer service and they went above any beyond. We received a brand new, custom couch in 3 days (gladly paying 2nd day air shipping)!

    It was easy to assemble! My girlfriend was able dominate the whole thing in one sitting and surprised me with a comfy place to sit by the time I got home from work.

    And while we're on the note of comfort: yes it's a bit stiff at first, but after a few days, it starts to break in nicely.

    Oh, and the storage underneath is ideal for any space-conscious city folk.

    It may seem crazy to think that you've never heard of this company, but we took a risk and are so glad we did.

  43. Home Reserve

    I have a nice TUX sofa ... love it8-0;1

  44. Home Reserve

    I promised I would let people know what I thought about your product after I had it awhile... I LOVE IT! We bought a sofa, love seat, chair and 2 otomans 2 1/2 years ago. They still look and sit great! One of the plastic pieces broke about a year ago and home reserve replaced it pronto! I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and the altima holds up great!
    I will probably be adding to my collection soon!:-D

  45. Home Reserve

    I have had my eye on you for years! I will be placing my order very soon.