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  1. Home Reserve

    I have owned my sofa for seven years. After having gone through several expensive couches, we can't be more pleased with this purchase. We love changing the covers and being able to replace parts. I am ordering my second one today, to add to the previous one, which is still going strong.

  2. Home Reserve

    I am writing this review sitting on my just arrived, just assembled, risk free trial armless chair...My first impression as I saw took a moment to look at the completed frame without cushions was this looks a little small...almost like a kid's room piece of furniture. Then I put the cushions on it & it resembled the futon we currently have...but much more comfy! I am excited to get the rest of the pieces to the sectional I want and finally be able to sit on a piece of furniture in my house without my legs going numb! A couple pieces of advice: Use the gloves that came with it, and if it's not too hot or cold outside, you can avoid a bit of mess with sand dust if you assemble it outside and then bring it in. It came with a small fine sanding sponge which was great...the OCD in me was cringing at the thought of just covering up those raw, waiting to splinter, raw edges!

  3. Home Reserve

    I received my Laney sofa today and assembled it and I'm in love! It completed the remodel I did on my living room and fits perfectly in my space. I will definitely be purchasing more from your company, the delivery was faster than expected, the sofa is comfortable, easy to put together and your prices are perfect for someone on a budget it's also a great feeling to know that I purchased an American made product for my home! Love your Facebook photos and videos as well!

  4. Home Reserve

    I adore our new sectional. Right now we are using it as a stand alone corner unit and a couch. I like that I have so many arrangement options. The fabric is superb. We have 2 cats that are mostly fur and the hair wipes off so easily. I recommend Home Reserve to everyone. My son has ordered several pieces and is just as impressed as we were. It is awesome to see items that are so useful, gorgeous, and affordable made by American workers. Their pride shines through in their workmanship! Thank you for great service and an equally great product.

  5. Home Reserve

    Hello: about 3 years ago (maybe more??) I ordered the sectional and two ottomans. They are the most comfy furniture in the house, even over the Lazyboy sofa I have. So, I am ordering a chair and a half! Thanks for a super product, not to mention made in USA!

    Arlene Boyle
    Phoenix, AZ

  6. Home Reserve

    I have never posted about a product before, but this one is deserving of it. I received my Monroe sofa and corner ottoman yesterday, both in the knockout Indigo fabric. I was very, very weary about the whole product and putting it together. I am pleased to say it is a great couch and ottoman, very sturdy, comfortable and the fabric is quite strong and cleans beautifully. As stated below I am impressed too! The storage is great! I have a 5 year old and all those toys and books that are left without a home all day and just clutter up a room go in there, and I even put my blow dryer and brushes in the ottoman compartment... all that stuff that can make a room look messy etc. I am relieved I do not have a "furniture payment" at this time......I could have easily went to the store and spent two grand on some pieces and regret it later. This is in a rec. room and serves it's purpose. any negatives? not so much.....I had a little trouble getting the wood supports into the ottoman pockets, that's about it. I do wish they had more of a country, or French country fabric to choose from....some of the patterns for the pillows I loved, but was told that fabric is not sturdy enough for sofa/couch use...I'm glad they were honest. Thank You, very happy with my furniture!

  7. Home Reserve

    I have bought one loveseat and 2 chairs. At first, I was very happy with them all. But after sitting in the chairs I have noticed that the couch is seriously not made for larger size women, let alone men. The company is outstanding, the fabric is outstanding but the seat area on the couch is just not comfortable unless you always just want to sit upright with both feet directly on the floor like waiting in a Doctor's office. I'm sorry to say something negative but this is the truth. If you are above average in size, do your research. I like to sit on my legs to the side. This is virtually impossible to do with my size of 250 pounds. Yes, I know that is large but that is beside the point. In our past couches, I was still able to sit this way, comfortably.

  8. Home Reserve

    We have had our Monroe HR sectional for about 5 years.   We still love it just as much as when we first bought it.   it has worn very well.   We have two children and they have been with us during the entire time that we have had the couch.   I spot clean it, but i have taken the covers off and machine washed them with no problems.   The structure is great, love the storage.   I highly recommend this furniture.   I am only just now thinking of ordering a new corner cushion as it is layed on every night by my husband for t.v. watching, but even with that, it looks great.   The foam cushions have held up nicely.    I would definitely buy again.

  9. Home Reserve

    A follow up: Today the Home Reserve Customer Service contacted me.  They read my comment and wanted to let me know they are sending a cushion cover to replace the one that has a flaw.  Wow.  I didn't even need to request it!

    Will I buy from Home Reserve again? Absolutely!  Will I recommend Home Reserve to other? ONLY EVERYONE I KNOW!!!  I love their innovative designs and fair pricing.

    Home Reserve knows the key to building business: Great Customer Service coupled with a Great Product.  Thank you!

  10. Home Reserve

    I ordered two sofas with some trepidation (I mean, who orders furniture online without being able to test for comfort - and I'm pretty particular) but the entire design and renewability concept sold me on it.  Also, I had looked at many furniture stores and wasn't having any luck finding something within my budget that I was comfortable sitting on.  So I must confess I am very surprised at how happy I am these Home Reserve sofas!  As most everyone comments, the Customer Service is excellent and the sofas even arrived in time to assemble them before Christmas!  (That was a bonus!) They look great & although they are not a typical feeling sofa I actually like them more every day.

    The descriptions say the seat cushions are firm; they are VERY firm -almost hard but not at all uncomfortable.  I ordered the tight back model, which has the very firm foam seat back as well and the overall comfort is great.  I love the storage, assembly instructions are very thorough - even the fabric is better than I expected.  I had ordered several samples & frankly thought that all of them were too thin to be durable.  But after wrestling the fabric over the arms (that is the hardest part of assembly - the fabric fits very tightly over the arms) my hat is off to the fabric & the stitching, too!

    I'd like to offer a couple of tips for assembly.  We figured these things out after the first sofa so the second one went together a little easier and a little faster: 

    1.  A sanding block is included.  The instructions say you don't have to sand but I would strongly suggest you DO SAND THE ARM SECTIONS - all around the edges where the fabric will slide over.  I say slide, but 'work it over' is more accurate.  As I stated before, this is a very tight fit.  I don't have the gripping strength in my hands to do this part, even with my own gloves that have the rubberized grip on them I wasn't able to move the fabric.  No even on the sanded arms.  But Hubby says the sanding helped and I could see he was progressing faster after sanding.

    2. He also found that when he did get the fabric almost all the way over the arms, his hands hit the floor - he needed more space betweent the arm and the floor in order to finish working the fabric down.  The fabric continues about an inch or so past the bottom of the arm structure so it can connect underneath the arm. We grabbed a couple of cement blocks to set the arm on while he was working it, and that helped speed up the process and was less tiring for him.  A few blocks of wood or what have you will work - just to lift the structure and keep it stable.

    Everything else went together well.  As I said before, the instructions were good.  The frame was easy and even the cushions weren't difficult to cover.  One cushion cover has a slight defect on one side, but its just a blemish in the fabric.  Everything else looks really good!  Made in the US, replaceable covers, great service, reasonably priced - what a great product!

    Thank you, Home Reserve!

  11. Home Reserve

    I absolutely LOVE my furniture. THNAK YOU HOME RESERVE. I was skeptical but when I got it and put it together, I was amazed how strong and beautiful it is! I have FOUR dogs and none of them have been able to destroy the Altima fabric. The Yellow is gorgeous - very subtle and not overwhelming in my very small mountain cabin. This is one of gthe best purhases I have ever made. Plus, I am so GRATEFUL this is a US company employing US citizens using US materials. Go America! Go Home Reserve. I will definitely buy again (I just bought four pillows) and wow a ***** star product.

  12. Home Reserve

    Looking for a sectional that fit into our unique space has been a challenge - until we found Home Reserve! We ordered the armless sample first to see how the comfort was. My wife is a very "comfort sensitive" person and is quite peculiar in her comfort preferences. To give an example, we test drove over twenty vehicles until she found the one that was comfortable for her preferences - hence why I ordered the sample piece first instead of the whole thing. We received the package yesterday and I assembled it fairly easily. The true test was when my wife sat down on it and her eyes lit up saying she couldn't believe that this was more comfortable than our current two year old sofa! That was all I needed. I ordered the rest of the sectional today and look forward to getting it as quickly as possible. Not only was it very comfortable, but the ability to customize the setup to our living space is such a huge bonus as well!

  13. Home Reserve

    I received the first piece of my sectional sofa, the arm-less section, the other day to tryout. I had fun putting together all of the pieces and making a chair, glad that gloves were included. Assembly and upholstering took about an hour all together. The instructions are well laid out for even an inexperienced person, can follow clearly. My girlfriend is still skeptical, but I enjoy it and will be ordering the rest of the sectional.

  14. Home Reserve

    Just wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful customer service and the beautiful new covers for my Monroe loveseat and sofa that I ordered and recieved recently.

    I've had both for 6 years now, and the Hondo creme covers are absolutely gorgeous - both sofa and loveseat look like brand new pieces of furniture. My daughter, our cat, and I LOVE our Home Reserve  furniture. Definitely I would recommend your wonderful company to anyone.

  15. Home Reserve

    I wanted to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was when I contacted your company because one of my kids broke my sofa. I would like to set the stage by saying that about three years ago I was TOTALLY broke and needed a new sofa. I had to find the most economical piece of furniture available and it creeped me out to think about getting something from the Good Will store or something used because I was worried about bedbugs, etc. Anyhow, I was on line searching for options and I said to my boyfriend, "All I want is just a cheap, sh**-y sofa". As a joke he typed that phrase into the search field and was the first thing that popped up in the search. (I am not sure which keyword was a match, but that is a true story). Anyhow, long story short, I was able to find a really NORMAL, functional piece of furniture that I could afford. Because of the low price, I didn't have much hope for it lasting very long. Boy, was I wrong. This is the BEST thing I ever did. At the time I got the sofa I had three crazy dogs that insisted on LICKING the sofa all the time and they were always full of mud also. It was totally disgusting. Before getting my sofa from Home Reserve I used to throw sheets over the old sofa so keep it from getting dirty and smelly from the dogs. I was very happy when I saw that you had covers that were WASHABLE!!!! Dog owner's dream sofa! So I still thought this probably would just be kind of a piece of junk and it wouldn't last very long. Well, again, was I wrong on that one. I only have one dog left, but I still wash the cushion and pillow and armrest covers at least once a month. They still look brand new. Also, a couple weeks ago, one of my step kids plopped on the sofa real hard and broke one of the boards. I don't mean that they just kind of plopped down on it--they are BIG kids-teenagers- and really banged down on it really, really hard. One of the pieces on the back cracked. I thought I was going to have to buy a new sofa or something. I couldn't remember the name of the company, so once again, I went to the internet and typed in the same phrase I mentioned before. Once again, Home Reserve popped up! I contacted your customer service department by e mail to ask if I could purchase a replacement piece. They got back to me the next day and told me that I had a 10 year warranty and they just shipped out the piece that the kids had busted!!! It was here like a day later. I thought it was amazing on several levels--First of all that they didn't try to take advantage of the fact that I didn't even know I had a warranty and try to charge me for the replacement piece, second of all that the response was so quick and third that they over-nighted the piece to me.

    So I realize this is kind of a rambling correspondence, but I was so happy that they did this and that my sofa is now fixed and I don't have to purchase another one (because I am still totally broke!). I am usually not very complementary about customer service experiences because for the most part, customer service is pretty bad these days, but the experience I have had with your company has been totally awesome and I just wanted to let you know how much I like my sofa and how happy I have been with dealing with your company.

    Hope you have a great day and a happy holiday.

    Chris Bell

  16. Home Reserve

    Just finished assembling the 5 piece Laney sectional for an area in our basement where our granddaughters can play video games and watch TV with their friends. It looks great and they love it. The modular design was perfect since regular sofas won't fit down the stairs. It is really comfortable and I wish I had known about it before I purchased the much more expensive and very uncomfortable sofa (purchased on line) in our upstairs family room. This is a great company which provides prompt replies to questions and ships quickly. One of the best thing about them is they manufacture their product in the USA. IKEA had better watch out!

  17. Home Reserve

    Again, I can't say enough about Home Reserve.  I purchased an entire sectional back in 2010.  I have enjoyed it very much.  The quality, the storage, size, everything. Recently I fostered a dog that chewed up the covers on the cushions and got to some of the foam cushion too.  Oy.  Anyway, I called, got the replacement covers I needed and the foam cushion.  Went with a different matching fabric for the cushions and wow is it beautiful.  Feel like I have whole new living room, very nice change. If you are thinking about this purchase, don't hesitate.  Great investment.  Great customer service.  A+++ company.

  18. Home Reserve

    I just received the first piece of my sectional, I want to try out the furniture before buying the rest. I am looking forward to assembling the Armless and trying it out this weekend. I have been looking for a sectional that was inexpensive, durable and can be expanded on...the only one that I have found that meets these requirements is Home Reserves. I have checked sectionals at the large furniture stores and none of them offer a 10 year warrantee, let alone a risk free trial. I especially like that each piece is a storage unit, my girlfriend and I live in a small apartment and space is an issue. I will update everyone after I put the Armless together.

  19. Home Reserve

    This was my 3rd Home Reserve order - this time a loveseat for my basement man-cave/music room. Once again, I was thrilled with the quality and appearance of the furniture. What inspired me to again post on the guestbook, however, is fact that it is obvious that the Home Reserve folks pay very close attention to their customers. The only complaint I could imagine making about the previous pieces of furniture was the way that different sections were connected. This was improved using the new, simplified wing-nut solution. I never cease to be amazed with the engineering and quality of this furniture. In a world of over-priced cheap stuff, it's so refreshing to be able to get such a quality product for so little. I recommend you to everyone, and several friends and family members are now home reserve owners - thanks again!

  20. Home Reserve

    We recently ordered a black leather sectional.  We emailed and asked if we could get it shipped to us asap, so we'd have it for Thanksgiving.  The company was very accomodating and kind.  We got the boxes (11 in all - yikes!) and assembled the sectional in about 5 hours.  The section has 2 corners, 6 armless, 2 sides and an ottoman.  The kids loved being part of the assembly - we took lots of pictures and made it a fun family project.  We have absolutely loved this sectional.  We are very impressed and will buy more furniture from HR in the future.

    Thank you!!

  21. Home Reserve

    I wanted to let you know how very happy we are with the purchase of the Laney love seat and the Black Kirby fabric. I am remodeling both of my daughter's homes (interior and only one at a time), and had been searching for the perfect love seat for my daughter's office. She wanted 'fun, feminine, colorful' in her office. I was extremely distressed over not finding what I wanted - just one of those 'when I see it, I will know it' moments. During a web search, your site came up and lo and behold WHAM! There it was - a beautiful, soft designed sofa with the perfect measurements, and fabric galore to choose from. I chose the Kirby Black and the love seat is absolutely stunning! My daughter is thrilled with the choice and could not believe it when I told her 'dad and I put it together in about an hour and a half'.

    We did review your videos prior to purchase - he is rather handy to say the least and was absolutely amazed at the precision cuts, the ease, the clear, concise directions.

    Thank you for making my life easier and my daughter's office perfect! I will be purchasing additional pieces as I continue onward remodeling.

    Well done!

  22. Home Reserve

    Really like my loveseat, at first it was a bit overwhelming , but finally got it all together and was proud of my finished product. I like it so much until I will order the matching chair. I am very pleased with the quality of your merchandise. What a creative way of designing great furniture.   Thank you for such prompt service.

  23. Home Reserve

    We made our second purchase from Home Reserve and I just wish I had purchased furniture like this when I was younger. To be able to replace individual pieces of fabric to replace anything that gets damaged when needed, being able to enlarge the seating system over time is just great. We first bought a chair and a half and a loveseat. Now that we have more room we ordered corner and armless pieces and made a U shaped sectional that fits our small livingroom perfectly. The customer service rep was most helpful and kind. Like I said, I wish I had been purchasing and using this furniture long ago.

  24. Home Reserve

    I will say, I underestimated the weight of the boxes. They are heavy. That aside, once I got my boxes upstairs, the steps to assemble were so easy to understand. I put the whole thing together by myself in about four hours. The only tools I needed was a drill with a phillip head screwdriver and a hammer to tap in the pieces. I purchased the LaPaz saddle leather laney couch. It looks and feels fabulous! Thank you for such a great product!

  25. Home Reserve

    my husband and i purchased a sofa 5 years ago and we love it. Living in an older home we had a problem with conventional furniture because our doors are so narrow so this was the way to go for us. It has been 5 years and we still love it, we are getting ready to order a new cover for it and order a love seat to match.
    My son also ordered a sofa for his bedroom and loves it as well.
    We are very happy with home reserve and would highly recommend it to anyone. :)

  26. Home Reserve

    Fascinating example of American entrepreneurship.

    I built something like one of your sofas when I moved to CA 22 years ago. Used as a bed but it had underneath storage and bookshelf end pieces. I used a mattress and some throw pillows as cushions,

    I have never seen anything like it on the market but I did not consider the opportunity. Great job of refining the concept, assembling the necessary resources, working out the potential problems and addressing the questions that customers have.

    BTW I will undoubtedly be purchasing one soon.

  27. Home Reserve

    NEVER thought we would be able to get a sofa in the basement after the built ins were added to the bottom of the stairs...guess what... the sectional boxes were not heavy and moved perfectly around the tight corner! The sectional was easy to assemble and looks fabulous! Just ordered an additional piece because there is plenty of room!! Thanks

  28. Home Reserve

    I just got a Laney Chair-and-a-Half and a Standard Ottoman in Hondo Apple for my 9-year-old daughter's bedroom and they are both AMAZING!! She is an avid reader and needed somewhere to cuddle up with a book or even hang out with friends, and had a space in her room that this chair fit into perfectly! She LOVES it! The ottoman was a breeze to assemble - took me maybe an hour - and the chair-and-a-half took a total of 5 or so, but very simple and easy-to-follow directions and everything was labeled so clearly! Not complicated or difficult at all! Yet very sturdy and a "real" piece of furniture! It took me a little longer, though, because I lined the entire inside storage areas of both the ottoman and chair with pretty contact paper and matching paint so they were smooth and easily-cleanable and pretty for her. I highly recommend doing that! It looks amazing and is very functional and was not hard at all, considering the pieces are mostly flat and since the instructions are so clearly diagramed and laid out, you can even figure out where each piece is going to go in the finished product and contact paper it first before putting it together to make it easier! The Hondo Apple fabric is wonderful! Very soft and fuzzy and comfortable, yet durable and cleanable! Love it! It's not quite as bright grass-green as it appears on my computer, but we are thrilled with the actual fabric color - exactly as it says, an 'apple' green. I love, too, that it feels very microfiber-y soft and velvety, but doesn't get those annoying stripes and handprints like a true suede-y microfiber does. I also love how perfectly the covers fit on - it does not look like a 'cover' at all! There isn't a wrinkle or bunch or any clue of a cover anywhere! It looks like it came that way! All in all, I am really truly impressed with the company, the selection, the ordering process, the shipping costs (less than a quarter of what other sites were charging!) and speed, the ease of assembly, the fabric, the quality, the value, the sturdiness, and the finished product in general! Will definately be coming back for more in the future!

  29. Home Reserve

    Just bought brook style sectional and I love it just right for my small living room. Can't say enough about it I love it and its made in the USA. Which is the best thing.

  30. Home Reserve

    I bought a sectional 3 years ago and just want to express how happy I am with it. I bought the altima pet care fabric (aqua) and it is great. You can wipe stains and hair off with a wet washcloth. It is wonderfully soft and comfortable. The only negative was that you do have to be ok with the osb board smell for a few weeks when it's new. But the storage underneath is great and I would definitely buy another couch from them. It's especially great that you can buy replacement covers or pillows, if you need them or change covers to change colors if you want to.

  31. Home Reserve

    I ordered and assembled most of a sectional in the Fall, have been waiting for my tax return to come in to finish it. The assembly was extremely easy. I used a power drill and had no problems. The only minor glitch was that some of the holes used to bolt the sectional together were not all the way drilled through, but that was easy to fix. My 88 y.o. father, who is Mr. Fix It, was very puzzled by the design of the frame but ended up getting involved in the cushion stuffing and eventually the couch sitting. It was somewhat difficult to get him off the sofa, actually. Over time, the cushion I sit on the most has become almost too soft, but I think it's partly because there is nothing up against one side of the cushion (I needed another arm), so it has a tendency to slide off. I have 2 cats and they report that there is nothing better than sleeping on the sectional with the wood stove going. It will be even better when the left arm is in place because then all of us can stretch out by the wood stove and I won't be fighting them for space anymore. The color I chose was Hondo Grape, which is a dusty maroon and I like it very much. So far, cleaning the fabric (I have a long-haired, white cat) has been very easy, I just vacuum or use a damp cloth. The biggest hazard really has been that once I get the boxes, it's hard to do anything else but spend whatever time it takes (an hour a section is a good estimate)to put it together.

  32. Home Reserve

    I ordered my sectional about 2 years ago. Recently my dogs were playing on it and managed to break the arm. When I called to get a cost on the replacement board, the woman I spoke to was very nice. She told me it was covered under my 10 year warranty and will send the replacement. We have been very happy with our sectional. Other then my 2 large labs breaking it. It has held up against 3 plus children, several guests, and a few foster dogs. Very well made product. Couldn't be happier with it. As well as the service from home reserve, wonderful people to deal with. I wish more company's were ran this way. We will continue to buy our furniture from this company. I just ordered a new cover for my couch as well, looking forward to getting it and showing it off.

  33. Home Reserve

    I just finished putting my sofa and ottoman together. I am so thrilled with how it looks and how comfy it is to sit on. My old sofa was getting so hard for me to sit on comfortable. I needed a new one and after much looking around, I'm so glad I chose Home Reserve. Delivery was exactly on time. Putting together was so well explained and easy. And the end result is just cozy as can be.
    I live alone, in the second floor of my apartment. If I can get those boxes up the stairs and put it all together - any one can. Thank you so much!

  34. Home Reserve

    I've had my hondo apple laney couch and honda grabe armless looseback chairs for almost 3 years. Yes they are bright colors and my mom was a skeptic at first. You try living in bland dorms and apartments and see what you come up with! One of the key reasons I chose home reserve was the color choices. I really wanted a colorful sofa set and couldn't find any reasonably priced until I stumbled on home reserve. The fabric swatches were amazing!
    My furniture has survived apartment living, storage (in my dad's so not weather tight shed), moving into my first house, adoption of two puppies, and the 2 year old I babysit. Thanks to the puppy stage, I've had to replace some pieces of the couch and am about to completely recover them. The ease with which home reserve worked with me to replace the damaged pieces was wonderful. I don't worry about the two year old's spills or the doggie messes when I get home for a weekend away, everything is washable or replaceable... I can't imagine any better deals at any of the local furniture stores, especially when because my dog shows her separation anxiety by shredding pillows! or couch cushions!! (almost broke her of the habit!)
    Give Home Reserve a chance, you will definitely fall in love with their furniture! Believe me, the investment is so worth it!!!

  35. Home Reserve

    Recently my husband and I bought a sectional, some throw pillows and a chair and a half from home reserve. First off I want to say that the customer service I received was AMAZING! I really wanted a specific fabric that had JUST been retired so they searched their warehouse for it and managed to find enough to put together all of the throw pillows I had requested. Also, when we placed our very FIRST order for just the chair and a half we were in the process of PCSing and had no furniture at all. I called up customer service to find out when our chair would ship and they rushed it out of the warehouse for us and it was with us in 3 days. Amazing right? Now THAT is the way customer service should be! We had no problems at all putting all of our pieces together and they look fantastic!

    BUT the one big thing I have to say right now is I am potty training. We had an accident on the couch today and ya know what...I stripped the cover of the cushion right off and tossed it in the wash (we have the Altima Hickory FYI) and pulled it out, popped it right back on and TADA! My couch is clean. CLEAN! Do you know how nasty my last couch was? It was impossible to clean and therefor not child friendly in the least. This couch is my new best friend. Not only does it look stylish but I can clean all the grub my children place on it and I don't have to sit there and wonder what kind of new mega germs are breeding in my couch.

    Thankyou Home Reserve! I am now a believer! (oh and the 2 guys who helped us put the sectional together are ordering from you aswell. We have decided that these are the only couches military members should own!)

  36. Home Reserve

    I just finished putting together my first Home Reserve couch and couldn't be happier! I live in a small apartment in New York City and this was the perfect answer. We picked out and designed a sectional that allows for maximum seating in our small living room. One thing I was really impressed with was the customer service, I was concerned about delivery timing and called sandy about 6 days after ordering. She told me she would do her best to expedite the order and I got an email the next day saying it had shipped! The couch took about 3 hours to put together and I am so impressed by the quality and look of the material. I will recommend this to
    Friends and only wish I had more pieces to test out!!

  37. Home Reserve

    Have owned my furniture for over a year now and I still love it. There are many great things here that you will not find any where else! 1)I always wanted a sectional because of the amount of seating it supplies but I like to rearrange my living room you can buy a sectional and reconfigure it how ever you want. You can also buy a few pieces at a time which is a huge budget help. I currently own 8 pieces but plan on getting 2 more.2) you can remove covers and wash them and they don't have that tacky slip cover look. If you have pets I highly reccomend the pet fabric! After a year I have no stains even though I have found blood, vomit,mud, wine and food spilled on my couch, and the color I picked is light. It washes clean every time.3) it is easy to assemble so don't worry about that..I did mine myself and I am not that handy.3)the furniture is very comfortable and sturdy. 4)There are tons of fabrics to choose from and you can get samples and paper lay outs to make sure it will fit in your room. You can also replace fabric if you get tired of the color of your furniture without have to buy all new furniture. I bought the leather for the frame and arms and pet fabric for the seats and backs because I like the look of leather but hate sitting on it.I couldn't be happier with the results.5)Service is excellent and shipping takes place just as they state or faster. I highly reccomend this company!!

  38. Home Reserve

    I just purchased the ottoman. It shipped really fast & I put it together in less than an hour. I did need to make a small cut with a coping saw on one of the pieces to get it to fit together but found it rather easy to assemble. It looks beautiful & will definitely consider buying more furniture in the future.

  39. Home Reserve

    Washed the covers on my Monroe loveseat and chair-and-a-half today and they came out GREAT! I'm very impressed with the fabric (Fairview). I was looking for attractive, functional/comfortable furniture for our tv room where my 3 puggies hang out during the day while we're at work, and I think I finally found it. Pugs shed A LOT. I had a microfiber sofa in there that held up pretty well, but was a bear to vacuum, hair just stuck to it, and while it was pretty scrubbable, it was hard to keep it really clean, so I was constantly covering it with throws etc that were always rumpled and sliding all over the place. This fabric vacuums much more easily and is removable/washable to boot: No throws needed! My sofa was very deep and soft too, which seemed great when I bought it 8 years ago, but my back is 8 years older and I was finding getting out of it to be something of struggle. When actual humans get to use THIS furniture, it's very, very comfortable, firm enough so I can actually get up and out of it but soft enough to relax on.
    Customer service was so nice and patient. I was a real pain to deal with, I know, had an awful time deciding on a fabric/style, changed my mind midstream, and actually ended up getting the Monroe furniture sort of by mistake, but thought I'd live with it awhile and you know, the larger arms are probably the better choice for comfort. Assembly was a piece of cake (and I was worried, because my husband grumbles his way through things like that). The pieces were engineered so that no adjustments were required; no parts were missing; nothing was misaligned; the instructions had actual WORDS. Everything went together exactly as it was supposed to, took us about 3 hours to assemble both pieces. As an added bonus, we had the sweet smell of fresh-cut lumber in the room for about a week. : )
    I think this was a great buy and I'm really happy I purchased these pieces. Ordering furniture sight unseen via the web was a little frightening, but it has been a great experience. I'm grateful for all of the detailed reviews, too, because they really helped me take the leap of faith.
    Thank you, Home Reserve! I'm really happy with my furniture and I expect to be delighted for years to come.

  40. Home Reserve

    Looking at the site and reading the guest book for a year, finally ordered. Worried that the couch might be a challange to put together so I started with the ottoman. Wow-HR has a great product and set up! Both items, modular ottoman and Laney couch-Altama Aqua-went together like a breeze! The day was rainy and my big dog got muddy paw prints all over,they brushed right off! One arm cover was really tight-took my time and it is on and looks great. I have shown everyone the before(boxes) and after(couch and ottoman)pictures, no one believes me and all are checking out your great product-Thanks!

  41. Home Reserve

    I shopped around for awhile and came across this website, after reading the reviews and seeing the BBB rating, I decided to give it a go. I bought a 7 piece sectional and am LOVING it! Even with the shipping, it was still much cheaper than buying something similar from a certain Swedish big box store. My daughters and I put the couch together in a few hours. My two middle school daughters even put a couple sections together all by themselves. I have bought several things that need to be assembled yourself and this is the first time that everything actually lined up perfectly. I was VERY impressed. The joints are all tight fits but never off. The holes where the sections link together were always right on. As a woodworker, I am impressed with the joinery and engineering that went into this couch. For example, when you are putting on the top piece right behind the cushion, there is a ledge for it to rest on so you don't have to hold it in place. The upholstery pieces fit very tightly and were sewed to fit perfectly. The material is good quality. (I got Energizer Graphite). I love the storage underneath. I was concerned that it might be a low couch but figured I would chance it. It isn't low at all. It is actually higher than both of the couches that I replaced this with. The seats are a couple inches shallower than my other two couches but I think this a good thing. I frequently felt like I had to slouch to get to the backrest on the other couches. Plus, it doesn't take up as much floor space. Anyway, I would TOTALLY recommend this company. I think a rubber mallet would be a good thing to add to the manual as an optional tool to use. It sure helped us during assembly. Thank you for this quality couch at a great price!

  42. Home Reserve

    We first got a Laney sectional with one corner seat, one armless, and two modular ottomans a few years ago while living in an apartment where the stairwell had two 180-degree turns, so even normal loveseats were mostly out of the question. Last year, we realized we needed more seating so we got an additional armless seat which was easy to add in the middle of the sectional. When we recently moved out into our fist home, we were able to reconfigure the whole thing to fit our new space perfectly, as promised by Home Reserve. We will be ordering new covers next week to suit our new color scheme, and may order some other pieces for the adjoining room so that the spaces will flow.

    I was extremely skeptical about buying furniture you assemble yourself because I HATE furniture from that famous European self-assembly store. I just never liked the styles, and definitely never felt they were sturdy enough or even the right 'scale' for 'real' furniture. I'm so glad I decided to give it a try, because the assembled pieces are awesome and no one would suspect it was any different than "normal", preassembled pieces. I even enjoyed assembling the pieces myself to surprise my husband when he got home, and got a workout in the process:)

    The only less-than-glowing comments I have are very minor. The fabric I initially chose (Liberty Praline) was nice but didn't hold up too well to my dog and my rough-and-tumble friends. However, this is where being able to recover comes in handy - we're going to try the Matador Faux Leather next which I'm sure will be much better for us. The wooden frame at the top of the oval cut-out on the back of one of the seats seems to have cracked, but we're rather aggressive on furniture as I said and I have a hunch I can reinforce it when we recover it without it being visible from the outside. Lastly, the storage space in the seats is great and another major factor in our decision to buy, but I noticed a ton of dirt and grit gets down between the cushions so I'm cautious about what we put in there to store. I wish there was a way to prevent that, but it's not a big enough problem for me to rethink the furniture.

    All in all, we're extremely happy with our purchase and plan to be long-time customers as our family grows!

    • Jen,
      We are happy you are enjoying the versatility of your sectional and remember we offer a 10 year warranty on the frames. If a part breaks we will replace it free.

      Posted on March 4th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  43. Home Reserve

    I would like to know if anyone who purchased this product is at least 300 lbs and if so can this sofa hold that much weight?

  44. Home Reserve

    I purchased a Home Reserve love seat in December 2013. It was delivered promptly, even with the Christmas rush, and it was very easy to assemble. It took about 2.5 to 3 hours to assemble the entire piece by myself.

    I had some doubts about what to expect, but I found someone on Facebook that had children and pets and I corresponded with her before I ordered my piece. She said that she had her sectional and chair for over 7 years and it has worked out well for her. So....I thought, why not try it?

    I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the love seat is! My house has been remodeled so I have to fit furniture between bearing wall beams. Before, I had a regular sized couch that had to sit a foot away from the wall. This love seat fits perfectly! I like it so much that I am going to order a sectional soon.

    I read in many reviews that people thought the furniture was cheap. It might not be the most expensive furniture out there, but for the price, it is well built. I like the fact that I can order new covers if I get tired of the old, and I can wash the ones that I currently have. With pets and grandchildren, this is a must.

  45. Home Reserve

    Last night I fell asleep on my couch. We love this couch. My daughter, who never put anything together, managed to put it together. I can't say enough about how much we love the comfort, the color, the fabric, the design, and everything about it. It was our first purchase from Home Reserve, and we were very pleased. Now we are back to buy more furniture! Thank you, Home Reserve!

  46. Home Reserve

    First of all I would like to say that I love ur company dont know who came up wi
    th this idea but I thank u! So I bought my bay style couches about 2 years ago after suffering from a horrible bed bug infeststion I had to throw away everything including my 3000$ day after googling sectional couches I found this ggreat website! I bought them almost immediately! I,also love their customer service last year,i called to complain about the fabric if my couches the stitching was coming apart I called sandy expecting maybe a discount but instead she sent new ones free of charge! If ur looking for great affordable furniture u have found the place! Be aware the couches are great but if u happen to be really overweight u might have a diffuclt pretty overweight I have notice that my cushions are getting really flat but that ok since homereserve allows u to replace parts all I have to do is order new one beats spending money on a new couch....thanks guys!

  47. Home Reserve

    I ordered the Classic Chair-and-a-Half with the pet fabric in Indigo. My budget was very limited as was the space but holy smokes: the cost of other chairs-and-a-half were over the top! Than I stumbled on Home Reserve. Needless to say I had my reservations regarding buying a disassembled piece of furniture - online - from a place I've never heard of. Would it be a good chair? Would it stand up to me and 3 dogs and 5 cats and and and..... I started doing research on Home Reserve furniture and found a forum for apartment dwellers that had several "years" worth of comments regarding Home Reserve furniture and not one of them was bad. Not One! There were comments like "the cushions were too hard" "the cushions were too soft" "the cushions were just right" etc but not one person had anything negative to say about the furniture. Most of the people had had their Home Reserve furniture for several years ranging from 1-2 to 8-10 or more. Wow!! So I placed my order. I ordered it Feb 1 and received 2 boxes Feb 13. The boxes were clearly labelled which needed to be opened first and which box had the instructions in it. Loved Loved Loved putting it together! I had more fun assembling that chair! The numbered pieces matched the number on the instructions - how much more simpler could it be! I am very much in love with this chair: the cushions are "just right", I even napped in it (I'm not very tall, I was able to curl right up in the seat!) The pet fabric has a very luxurious feel to it - very similar to microsuede. It's hard to believe it's stain resistant. and the dogs and cats?......Love the chair also! I'm saving up my pennies to order the ottoman to go with it! An all-round exceptional value! I will most definitely look to Home Reserve for future purchases. *sigh* I wish they made bed frames too! :-D

    Good Job Home Reserve!

  48. Home Reserve

    I love this company. I have had my loveseat and sofa for 8 years and let me say they rock. The loveset gets the most use and I just now after 8 years order new covers and foam seats.

    Let me say shipping is fast costumer service is great and very helpful. I order the  Fairview Cocoa faux suede Avenue. Let me say I love it they have not only change the way the fabric is made but also improved it by 100%. My old fabric was no longer sold kids glove buff and it lasted and still looked great just the old foam gave away after 8 years of use. But the old fabric was thin and the closers on it were 2 square tabs. New fabric is a long strip to close it and hold it on and the fabric is think like blue jeans. 

    I am going to in a few weeks order new covers for the sofa to match but heck it is still like new. Were else can you get a loveseat sofa that last 8 years and can easy change the looks and foam cheap. No where at all but home reserve they have you covered. I was worried to see they no longer sell the avenue but this company still can make the fabric for it. Most companys would be like sorry no longer made or sold but not home Reserve they not only keep old patterns but know there stuff.

    One thing they might did not ask but if they do I would order it in a heart beat. I would love to have one long bottom foam cushion on the loveseat. Don't get me wrong I love the 2 but 1 would be nice no more remots getting stuck in the crack. lol

  49. Home Reserve

    We looked for a LOVE SEAT in every furniture store in our city of 100,00 in Texas.  We could not find anything in our price range that looked like quality furniture.  We then turned the computer and found HOME RESERVE.  From what we could tell in the photo, it looked like good quality.  We ordered the LOVE SEAT, it arrived, we put it together and we are trilled at what we purchased.  We truly have a quality LOVE SEAT that we are proud of.  We will gladly give a very high reccommendation for our experience with HOME RESERVE. 

  50. Home Reserve

    we received the sectional we ordered yesterday. The directions were very easy to follow. Once we got it all put together it was beautiful and fit our livingroom perfectly. I love our sectional its so comfortable I can't wait to nap on it.

  51. Home Reserve

    I recieved my Laney sofa yesterday, I was looking for a sofa for my basement and didn't want to spend a grand on one for down there. I opened the 2 box's and scattered all the pieces so I could identify everything at a glance and began assembly.
    I must say that all frame and arm pieces went together very easy!! they fit well together and are very solid, the fabric covers fit the frame and cushions like a glove! The toughest one was covering the arms but if you follow the tips in the video and take your time it is also pretty easy.
    This is an awesome product and the finished product looks and feels just as good as one you would pay much more for in a big chain store and best of all, it's made right here in the USA!!! keeping Americans employed!!
    From the time I opened the box's to the finished product ready for use was 2 hours and 30 minutes! not bad for doing it by myself. Now that I've put one together I could shave 30 minutes off the next one with no problem.
    I highly recommend this product and would purchase again! Thanks for a great USA made product!