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  1. Home Reserve

    First, I want to tell you how great your sofas are. We needed a sofa to do some staging on my house to prepare the house to go on the market, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so your sofa was the perfect solution! My decorator/stager said the entire costs of your sofa wouldn't even cover the shipping costs of one of her sofas! She was impressed to say the least!
    When the packages arrived, my 9 year old was curious about the sofa and thought it looked like a big puzzle to him when I started to unpack it.
    I didn't have time to build the sofa at the moment and figured I'd put it together later that night when my son went to sleep. So I went upstairs to do some work, and my son kept telling me not to come downstairs because he had a big surprise for me. So I stayed upstairs and after I finished my work, I read a book until my son said I could come downstairs for my surprise.
    Then when I was "allowed" to come downstairs, I found he had put the entire sofa together !!!!!! Yes, your company can now officially claim "It's so easy.... a 9 year old can put it together" and only in ~ 1 1/2 hours! He needed a little help straightening out the fabric on the cushions, but aside from that, he built the entire sofa himself! And he loved doing it ! The next day was Thanksgiving, so needless to say, he had an awful lot to brag about!
    (By the way, just so you don't think I'm breaking child labour ways, and running a "sweat shop" here in my house, I gave my son a surprise of $20 that he wasn't expecting as a bonus! )
    Just wanted to share that story with you.

  2. Home Reserve

    I've had my Home Reserve couch for over a year, and we still love it. We don't use the storage as much as I thought we would...except to hide blankets before company arrives:-) Despite that, we love the couch. I have two 3 year olds and they jump on teh couch, spill on it, etc. I've washed my covers several times after accidents from them or our puppy. Everything about the couch is great!!

    I am ordering a replacement cover today because I want a new look in my living room. We will order from you again,and I will continue to sing your praises to everyone I know.

  3. Home Reserve

    I will continue to sing your praises to my family and friends who can't believe my sofa arrived in a box. I've never worked with a company so willing to please as you all have been.
    Thanks a million,


  4. Home Reserve

    I have had my ottoman & classic chair in Lberty Olive for about a week now and my family really likes them! The fabric is perfect, the assembly was incredibly easy, and Home Reserve is my new best friend! I reccomend everyone looking for furniture to try at lesat 1 piece because you won't be disappointed!

    The site is great so it was a pleasure to order.Thank you Home Reserve, I can't wait to order my sofa! ;1

  5. Home Reserve

    Just a quick note to thank you and the company for getting me the new covers so quickly. Not only did I order these covers Monday and ask if I could have them by Friday (which in all honesty I doubted you would be able to do it that quickly) but they arrived on Thursday afternoon.
    I definitely will be ordering the matching chair soon. What a great company and the fact that the products are made in the USA. What more could I want.
    Thanks Again for all your help,

    Kellie Perrault Mueller

  6. Home Reserve

    My wife and I recently purchased a South Philadelphia row home, and the front door is narrower than most. With an slightly angled second inner door, we found ourselves having a lot of trouble getting sofas to fit into our house.

    We tried a company with a location in New Jersey called Rooms Today, and that turned out to be an absolute nightmare. Failed deliveries, horrible customer service (first a pushy salesman, then they would hang up on me, bump my scheduled delivery, and lie about calling me back about order details) - just a really bad situation overall. After two and a half weeks, I ended up with a refund ... but still no sofa.

    My wife then had the idea to Google "assemble sofa," and we came across this site. We decided to go for it. A little over a week later, the four UPS boxes arrived and fit easily into our living room. I assembled the sofa (it took a little time to do, but the instructions were clear and extremely easy to follow). The good people at Home Reserve clearly took their time to consider how to make it easiest for the people at home to assemble their products.

    Before I was even done, my wife had curled up on the two assembled pieces and had fallen asleep. I knew then for sure that this one was a winner. And the price was about $400 LESS than what I would have paid those jerks at Rooms Today.

    Home Reserve really saved our skins, and it was the final touch to making our new home look and feel fantastic. And after reading so many excellent comments from others who have given this company a try, I feel extra satisfied that my money went to the right people.

  7. Home Reserve

    It's been two years since we purchased our loveseat and two chairs. I was skeptical about ordering online as well as how long the furniture would last. What sold me was the grandmother who could put together the furniture herself. At our home, we had our 14 year old son put the furniture together in approximately 1 hour!

    The fabric has held up extremely well considering 4 children, 4 cats, and 2 dogs have all used it. The foam is in great shape. Just shopping today for some new covers, love the new fabric choices...and hmmmmm time for a sectional!

  8. Home Reserve

    Sandy is the best customer representative I've ever had the pleasure to deal with! She deserves a raise, bonus and commission!
    I purchased all four pieces in the classic design, and Sandy suggested I switch my fabric purchase from cotton twill to Altima petcare fabric. I have two dogs and a cat and Sandy was absolutely right about the fabric. If anyone is hesitating, please do not. The furniture is great, easy to assemble, and if there are any problems, HomeReserve customer service is second to none! Please keep up the good work! And please - Sandy needs to be given an award! :-)

  9. Home Reserve

    My husband and I are nothing short of amazed by Home Reserve! We'd been looking for a new sofa, but had been frustrated because almost everything we looked at wouldn't fit up the stairs and around the corner into our den. A futon sofa was our only choice to fit in the door, and they were disappointingly over priced, and just not comfortable in my opinion. I looked online for some sort of sofa that you could assemble in pieces, when I stumbled onto Home Reserve.

    The reviews seemed to be good, and the price was a lot less than we were budgeting for, so we decided to give it a try. We ordered the Monroe sofa in Mission Red Faux leather, and since the price was so darn good, we got the Ottoman too.

    We've been joking about our "Couch in a Box", but I have to admit how impressed we both are!

    The fabric is awesome... so many choices! I had a tough time choosing. It was very easy to put together. It only took us a few hours to put it all together. It looks absolutely beautiful, and I couldn't be happier. It looks so much better than some of the more traditional sofas I looked at. It looks much more expensive than it is, and we love the ottoman. It's quite comfortable too. It's cheaper than than the Ikea sofa we used to have, but so much more comfortable. Just the fact we could get it up our stairs was awesome, but I honestly didn't expect to be this delighted with our purchase.

    We've had it put together for about a week, and my only complaint is that the cushions are a bit firmer than I'd like. I anticipate that they'll soften
    up with a little bit of time.

    Our cat Mojo also approves, and has decided that it's his new bed. We're planning on adding a chair, or maybe doing a sectional later on.

    Home Reserve is an awesome product, and all these great reviews are totally true. I usually don't leave comments on sites like this, but I just had to share! Thanks Home Reserve!

  10. Home Reserve

    Hi! I love the ottoman I purchased to try Home Reserve. I put it together this weekend and it is very sturdy, and much larger than I was expecting. Next year I will be furnishing a new home, and I look forward to buying more Home Reserve furniture and pillows for it. Thanks again! Regina in NC

  11. Home Reserve

    I received my monroe style sectional sofa and ottoman about 3 weeks ago. When I got home and found all the boxes, I was so exited!! However, my heart fell when I discovered that one of the boxes had been torn apart and some of the contents strewn around my yard. Unfortunately, an animal had gotten to my furniture before me! However, I called home reserve and Sandy was SO nice and helpful. She told me not to open the box, UPS would pick it back up. In 2 days, I had a complete new armless chair delivered to my door, no charge, and no paperwork to fill out!

    The sectional was actually fun to put together I did it all myself, no help from anyone), and once you had the first piece put together, the rest went even faster. I got the Emma Tearose fabric for the sectional, and the altima pet care fabric in Thyme for the ottoman and 2 round pillows. I can't believe how beautiful and comfortable the sofa is! I love the storage the furniture provides, it's perfect for DVD's and games. Way to go home reserve!!!!

  12. Home Reserve

    I just received my fabric swatches today. I narrowed it down to 3. I then poured water, tea, and even tomato soup (my kids dinner) on each of the fabrics to see which I liked. All were good, but the kid-glove soaked in the liquid more then the other two fabrics. I now have it narrowed down to the Destiny Mink Courdoroy and Altima Hickory. Oh the choices! I may have my baby spit up on the swatches to see how it holds up to baby ick! HA! I'm planning on ordering my couch tomorrow. Just thought you'd all like to know that the swatches held up to tea, water, and tomato soup beautifully! I'm confident it can hold up the abuse of my four kids and hubby!

  13. Home Reserve

    We just put together our new Brooklyn style couch with the Altima Hickory fabric and I must say, YOU GUYS ROCK! This is such a great couch - I'm already in love with it (and so is Ruby, our dog). It was so easy to put together (even for my spatially-challenged boyfriend), and everything we could need was included. We were pleasantly surprised to find gloves inside, so we wouldn't get splinters putting together the frame. And the directions were well written, simple, and nicely illustrated... and in English (as opposed to most do-it-yourself furniture projects)! I will definitely be recommending Home Reserve to all of my friends.:-D

  14. Home Reserve

    We just put our 2nd home reserve purchase together, the new Brooklyn Sofa, and we LOVE it! It has such a nice clean look and is very supportive. Our cats still like the Avenue Couch best but both my husband and I prefer this one for us. I've already recommended homereserve to several and most are shocked when they find out where our couch comes from. And the pet fabric is a dream. With cats and a new baby, clean up is a breeze. Thanks Home Reserve!

  15. Home Reserve

    My husband and I are on a tight budget. Because we're hoping to buy our own place in a few years, we didn't want to invest loads of money into furniture to fit our current house rental. Still, we want the rental to feel like home while we're here.
    We discovered Home Reserve by Googling "cheap couches" and figured we'd found an adequate solution.
    I anticipated the end result to be something I'd feel compelled to joke about with visitors. Instead, I'll recommend it.
    It was fun to and easy to put together. (The sense of accomplishment is a nice bonus.) It looks surprisingly "real". It fits perfectly in our small space -- is comfortable without being overwhelming. It's affordable. And best of all, it makes our rental feel like our home.
    Thank you, Home Reserve!

  16. Home Reserve

    Another happy customer. Needed something to fit in 'bonus' room with narrow stairway and this fit the bill. My wife was very opposed to ordering furniture over the internet as she thought it would be uncomfortable and/or shoddy construction. Home Reserve has definitely disproved this notion. Loves the fabric and agrees that it is very comfortable. She would like something slightly more stylish ($$$$) in the future but very happy for now.

  17. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve:
    I would like to let you know just how much my family and I love the furniture that we purchased through your company.? It was so much more than we expected!? This is the first time that I have received things to be put together that you can see thought was put into packing each and every box.? It was very refreshing!?
    We are already planning to order for the other rooms ?in our house.? With the versatility of the furniture you can always?put together a custom design from?Home Reserve!

  18. Home Reserve

    Thanks for such a nice loveseat.

    I placed my order for a Kid Glove Buff Avenue Loveseat on the 4th of October. I was shocked that it only took a few days to get my new loveseat on the 15th of October.

    It took under 1 hour to put it together. What more can anyone want it is so so so so nice. I must say I would buy more if I had the room for it. I am total happy with my item and can not stop looking at it.

    Thanks home reserve for a well built item and super fast shipping.

  19. Home Reserve

    Ordered a small sectional for my bedroom and received it yesterday, all I have to say is, "Home Reserve, where have you been all my life?" I couldn't believe it was as easy to assemble as promised, and it looks like it cost much more. Can't wait for my living room couches to wear out so I can order my new ones from Home Reserve.

  20. Home Reserve

    I was so excited to get my couch and loveseat from homereserve! They are both super comfy and I put them together by myself without any trouble. Despite a mishap with UPS delivering my package to the wrong address, the whole process has been wonderful. When I contacted homereserve about the misdelivered package (which was missing my cushions!) I was promptly sent replacements with no questions asked and given a sincere apology for the trouble. I will order again from Homereserve, I already want the ottoman to match my couch and loveseat!

  21. Home Reserve

    We received the couch we ordered and we love it. We ordered it because we couldn't get a "completed" couch around the corner and into our den. This went in piece by piece and my husband and son put it together. They said it was very easy and it is just beautiful. Thanks for an easy solution to something that was driving me crazy!!!

  22. Home Reserve

    My father ordered a sofa for us to see if we liked it or not, and we don't...we LOVE it. My sister and I plan to order more furniture from you all to finish redecorating our living room. We have both lived military lives, and can appreciate great furniture for great prices. Once my husband comes back from deployment next year, I'm definately going to order these couches for our house because it's going to make moving SOOO much easier! Thank you!

  23. Home Reserve

    I just happened to stumble across the Home Reserve web site when looking for a slipcover for my sectional sofa. I wanted a new sectional but didn't have the money to buy a new one so I was going to slipcover the old one. When I found the web site, the price of the Home Reserve sectional was within my price range but I just didn't think that furniture you put together would be of good quality and my husband was extremely skeptical so.....we decided to just order a chair and ottoman to check it out. We received it a few days ago and put it together last night. It was so easy to put together (I put the ottoman together by myself). Everything was CLEARLY marked and the directions were perfect. The quality of the material we chose was exceptional (Altima Pet Care fabric). We are very happy with our purchase and plan to order a sectional before year end instead of slipcovering our old one. Thank you Home Reserve....I wish I had discovered your furniture before!!!!

  24. Home Reserve

    Kudos to Home Reserve! I love my new sectional. I ordered the Monroe Group 9 w/ottoman in Chicago Linen and extra cushion covers and fabric in Chicago Black. I love the way it sits, it's so comfy and oh, the storage! This has to be the best purchase I have ever made!

    And Sandy's the best, she deserves an award.



  25. Home Reserve

    I LOVE MY COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been buying couches every 1.5 years. I did not have great expectations when I ordered a my Home Reserve sofa, but WOW! It is great. Putting it together was fun and we are so pleased.

    THANK YOU!!!