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  1. Home Reserve

    I couldn't be happier with my sectional! I was hesitant to order a couch online, but I was very limited on space and needed the flexibility of creating my own layout. When the 6 large boxes arrived, my first thought was "oh no." However, I tackled one box at a time and it was so easy--almost too easy. My daughter commented that it was like building with legos. Every piece was clearly marked and the instructions were so easy to follow. I actually enjoyed the process! My couch is perfect and comfortable. I tell everyone I know about your company. And I think I'm going to order some chairs! Thanks again.

  2. Home Reserve

    I just had to tell you how much we love our new Tux Sofa!

    We ordered it on a Wednesday and we received it the following Tuesday.

    I brought the boxes in a proceeded to assemble the frame. I had the frame finished in 1 1/2 hours. It was so easy because the instructions were so detailed.

    When my husband got home, he helped with the slip covers and we had it all set up and everything cleaned up before dinner.

    Also, we have 2 Jack Russell Terrorist that shed short white hairs 365 days a year and stick to everything. We ordered the Altima pet care fabric and to my surprise, the hair cleans right off with a quick vacuum.

    We will definitely be ordering more pieces very soon! Love this product and it's American made! 8-0

  3. Home Reserve

    Have no fear! I put together the Classic sofa all by myself and am thrilled with the look, the fabric, the comfort and overall value. What a great deal :)

    Next...the loveseat!

  4. Home Reserve

    I just put together our monroe chair and sofa with the altima merlot pet fabric and it is awesome. I ordered these sight unseen at the recommendation from a friend who has a sectional. My wife is very hard to impress and she said it is beautiful. The fabric is very soft, very attractive, fits the frame and foam fantastically. Assembly was a little time consuming but quite easy. I'm a big dude and the furniture is very comfortable and extremely sturdy. I will definitely be ordering additional pieces. You absolutely can't go wrong with this product for the price and quality.

  5. Home Reserve

    I just ordered my fabric samples. This is a brilliant line of furniture I can't wait to try out the Ray sectional. An inexpensive modern clean line sectional made right here in USA.

  6. Home Reserve

    With all the choices available in this global marketplace, HomeReserve truly is set apart for many reasons. I placed my order and sent a request hoping to be fulfilled in record time. Without hesitation, Sandy not only said no problem, but the order arrived a day earlier!!! She saved me in more ways than one.Thanks Sandy. Our new couch is awesome, comfortable, sheek looking and WASHABLE. I look forward to adding more pieces onto such an ingenious product. Kudos to all at HomeReserve!;1

  7. Home Reserve

    We love our Monroe furniture in Altima Cobalt. We have had it for 6 months now and it still looks fantastic! Today I laundered the covers and it came out looking just like new.

    Getting the fabric samples really helped me decide on the fabric I wanted. I was worried about the dark color collecting pet hair but it really hasn't been a problem. I vacuum the cat's favorite spots once a week and when she is shedding heavily I can usually brush it off easily. The hair doesn't stick to the fabric at all.

    Very easy to assemble, just like everyone said. My 5 year-old and 7 year-old helped me put it together. We had the couch, chair and ottoman done by the time my hubby came home from work. He helped me finish putting the fabric covers on. Now when ever company comes over my son says, "My Mom made this couch!".

    Very comfortable, looks great and easy to care for, I couldn't be happier!

    Thanks for a great product, Home Reserve! ;1

  8. Home Reserve

    Well, we have had our couch assembled for 3 days now and so far we love it! Assembly was not difficult but plan on it to take a while. We ordered a sectional with 6 pieces...expect 30 minutes to an hour for each piece. So far every step of the process has been easy, we ordered the couch on Sunday and received it 5 days later on Friday. I was very hesitant about the comfort of the couch before ordering, I must say though it is very comfortable! Those of you wavering like I was, just pull the trigger and do it, you won't regret it!
    A couple of notes, as others have said make sure you have an electric screw driver, otherwise your hands will be very tired. Don't be afraid to give a couple of the pieces a good wack with the hammer (I couldn't find my hammer and used a meat tenderizer...worked great...haha).

    After I have had the couch longer than a few days, I will report back on how it is holding up.

    Thanks home reserve for helping me get a couch that fits in my tiny living room!:-)

  9. Home Reserve

    I received my Monroe sofa on Thursday and immediately started assembling. I was surprise at how easy it was and how well everything was labeled. Thanks for including a pair of gloves! I fear what I would've looked like without them. It took approximately 3 hours to assemble and it looks amazing!
    I live in an old farmhouse and with such narrow doorways I was limited on what furniture I could get. I am so happy I found you while doing a search on furniture for small spaces.
    The cushions are a little firm (I'm sure they will give in time) but still comfortable enough for me to take a 2 hour nap today!
    My cat seems to think I bought it for her though. :-D

  10. Home Reserve

    We recieved our "Monroe" leather loveseat a week ago. we have to write back saying, It's the best sofa we've ever had in our 29 year marrage.

    Due the the small size of our apartment, We ordered the loveseat & the standerd otterman.

    After taking the day assembling the 2 units, We can't believe how strong & stable this sofa is. it matched a brown recliner we had to almost as if it belong in the set.

    The best part is the extra storage it has on both units, And that's worth the purchase with a bonus.

    My wife & I are very proud to purchase an American product with this much quality put into it. It's sad to say it's the only piece we have made in America, However, We're paying more attention to purchase produts made here from real American people the way it use to be back in the 60's & early 70's.

    We're proud of our new piece of furniture and we'll keep you all posted on how it holds up in the years to come.
    P.S. Accidently found your website when I typed "Sofas for a small apt.

    Thank you for a great product.
    Raul & Rose Martinez
    from Ridefield park, NJ;1

  11. Home Reserve

    I purchased a sectional from Home Reserve about a year ago. I have two boys ages 9 and 11 and a dog. Over the past year the sofa has held up exceptionally well and trust me when I say it's been through alot. A few months ago my husband and I adopted a male cat from the humane society. He decided to use my sectional as a litter box several times. Anyone who has a cat knows how hard it is to get the smell of cat urine out of ANYTHING. Truthfully, I thought the sofa had had it. The fabric I picked out for my sofa was the Altima Latte Pet Care fabric. This fabric is machine washable. Not only did all the stains and odors come out of the fabric in the wash but the fabric prevented the urine from soaking through onto the cushions! All I can say is thankyou Home Reserve.:-)

  12. Home Reserve

    I am very happy with my purchase. The loveseat was easy to assemble and looks great. Seating is firm I expect with time it will "give" more.

  13. Home Reserve

    I found your website several years ago while looking for furniture that could fit thru small doorways and stairwells. My son and daughter-in-law ordered a Classic sofa and loveseat in Altima Merlot. Can't believe it --still looks great, has survived two dogs and two adults and now two little boys. Frequent washing of covers makes it fresh and "new" again. They even ordered a replacement cover after a few years when the dog chewed a corner - it matched perfectly. This furniture is great and a great bargain! Recommend it every chance we get.

  14. Home Reserve

    As a counselor opening a private office, I needed comfortable furniture that would fit my space. Living in a resort area (Key Largo, FL) I was limited in regards to furniture shopping. I found you online when I typed in "furniture for small spaces." Sandy in customer service was extremely helpful to me and quickly sent out various fabric samples to help in my selection. My furniture arrived and over the weekend I single-handedly assembled two chairs, a loveseat,and ottoman. When my clients come into my counseling studio they say the same thing: "Your office is so cozy!" One client said: "This is more comfortable than home!" Thanks Home Reserve for helping a dream become a reality!

  15. Home Reserve

    My Laney sofa arrived a day earlier than the expected date which was a plus. Assembly was easy in that you just follow the intuitive instructions step-by-step. After assembly, I found the sofa to be robust but comfortable. If I were to buy a sofa of this magnitude from a furniture store, I would expect to pay $600 or more. I look forward to purchasing the matching chair and ottoman. Thank you Home Reserve!

  16. Home Reserve

    I love the holds up so well with pets and kids.
    I wish HR produced a smaller chair. They are comfortable...but big! A smaller chair would fit in Living and Family rooms so much better.:-)

  17. Home Reserve

    I purchased the Laney armless sectional and absolutely love it!!! The Matador faux fabric is so soft and it really looks like distressed leather. I cannot believe how sturdy and comfortable it is!!!! The storage is great too! After looking around in furniture stores, this beats them all!

    Sandy is soooooo knowledgeable of the product and is wonderful!!!

  18. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much for the excellent customer service! The ottoman came in with time to spare to get it together before our family get-together on Labor Day. I'm attaching a photo of the couch, armless unit, and ottoman combination. This is similar to Layout 26 on your site. I was able to add two layers of High Loft quilt batting I got from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon to the footboards, as well as wrapping the top, front and bottom of the seat cushions with one layer to puff them out a bit also. The covers do fit tightly so it took a bit of effort, but everything came together and, I think, looks great. The Mission Buff faux fabric is very luxurious, and I discovered that the problem I had with it feeling gritty was due to the sanding dust from assembling everything. A good precaution to others - don't put the covers on until you've vacuumed the area where you assembled the frame! A thorough vacuuming took care of the problem.

    I really appreciate the concept of Home Reserve. The components are conveniently delivered right to your home, are simple (though not necessarily easy - it did take some effort!) to put together, the fabrics can be removed for a thorough laundering, you have the 10 year renewability guarantee, the option to order different covers for a change during holidays or the seasons, extra storage in the base, made in the USA, ability to customize and get exactly the configuration you want, and absolutely wonderful customer service, just to mention a few features. The cushions are firm but are softening up a bit, and the sectional is very comfortable. Both myself and my husband have fallen asleep on it already! It has the perfect combination of firmness and comfort, and supports my back. Even though my husband is over 6' tall, he says the seat depth is still comfortable and makes it easier to get up from the couch.

    A couple of cons: the assembly did take more effort than some of the customer comments led me to believe. Nothing a grandma with a bad back and arthritis can't handle though! Some of the frame pieces needed a few good whacks with a hammer to go together, but once done, they fit tight and strong. One of the pieces on the ottoman was cracked when we took it out of the box, but because we wanted to have it finished for Labor Day, my husband went ahead and assembled the frame and with the screws and interlocking parts, it seems to be plenty strong.

    Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend Home Reserve to anyone. In fact, my daughter-in-law is considering ordering a new sectional already - she'll be checking mine out on Labor Day!

    Thanks again for such a unique and suitable product. May Home Reserve Live Long and Prosper!:-)

  19. Home Reserve

    Tux Sofa is great! I am so impressed I went to order a ottoman.

  20. Home Reserve

    Just put together one part of our soon to be sectional, I am very impressed. Everything went together, and fits very precisely. The material is so soft and rich, (mission federal faux leather) I really love it. We are looking forward to the rest of the pieces to come. :-) ;1

  21. Home Reserve

    Absolutely love my new sofa. I'm recommending home reserve to all my friends and family.

  22. Home Reserve

    Home Reserve
    Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your expertise in creating fantastic furniture. After constructing the first arm, discovering how to work with the material, the rest went together fast, the key being to watch all of Home Reserve web videos including the Beauty Tips. The love seat fits perfectly in the space I had available and the sectional pieces made it light enough for a small person to work with. The material chosen looks great. I love your product! Most important – it's MADE IN THE UNITED STATES! Thank you so much. I'm telling all my friends about Home Reserve.

  23. Home Reserve

    The sectional pieces I ordered fit wonderfully in my small space. I ended up changing my mind about the layout,and found that all the pieces are completely interchaneable, i.e., being able to change a left arm peice to a right arm piece. I ordered the bonded leather, and it looks great. The seat cushions are a little firm,but with use, am hoping they will soften up. The pieces are easy to put together are are sturdy. There is a glue smell from the fiberboard, but it fades, and more quickly if pieces are allowed to air out before assembly.

  24. Home Reserve

    I love my couch fits perfect in my small living area best purchase i've made in a long time!

  25. Home Reserve

    I just have to tell you that I love my couch. I ordered it over a year ago and it still looks and feels brand new. The quality of the materials is superb. It took no time at all to put together as the instructions and markings on the furniture itself were so easy to follow. Friends and family still can't believe I "built" it as it looks like any couch you see on a show room floor but at a price that is hard to beat. And I love the extra storage space. I just ordered swatches to find that perfect color to match the re-design of my living room. How wonderful is that! I don't have to buy a new couch, I can just re-cover the one I have! To top it all off, it is so comfortable and roomy. I am so pleased with my purchase. I so highly recommended Home Reserve that my nephew and soon to be niece will be placing an order soon for their new home...thank you.:-D

  26. Home Reserve

    Thought everything was wonderful. Everything was written out so distinct and packaged great. To make sure I stuffed the cushions correctly, I just watched the videos. I am so happy I bought this sectional from you. Nice to know there are still wonderful things made in the US. I couldn't be any happier with this sectional. By the way I am a 63-year-old woman and I had no trouble putting everything together. Have even told all my friends what a wonderful product this is. The gloves were a nice touch, no splinters or blisters! Thanks for everything.

  27. Home Reserve

    I recently purchased your Laney Milky Way Chair and a half plus ottoman. I
    am extremely pleased with your product.
    The amount of assembly was more than I bargained for, but with English
    instructions and great pictures it was not hard.
    The furniture is sturdy. I love that it's made in the USA and that you took
    extra steps to make your manufacturing green.
    At half the price, your product is great! Thank you. I will be referring
    more people to your site.

    Deanna Leach
    Waco, TX

  28. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to tell anyone who is looking for sectionals Home Reserve is the best choice. I live in a studio apartment in Hollywood Ca and I need something that would give me options. I ordered 3 chairs and 1 corner chair. When I got the boxes open and started putting them together and saw how nice they look and easy to put together I could not stop. I just ordered a standard ottoman. Thanks Home Reserve for your home solution and being made in the great USA.


  29. Home Reserve

    We purchased a Monroe sectional with the pet care fabric three years ago. We really like it. It was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. The only comments we have is the tall people in our family have long legs and the width of the sofa is a little short for them even though we pull the cushions out. Also,the pet care fabric seems to cling to your clothes which makes it a little harder to move around but it wears beautifully.

  30. Home Reserve

    My husband and I bought the TUX loveseat in Hondo Cream and absolutely love it! I was able to put the thing together at home when it arrived so I could surprise my hubby when he made it home. (I'm 8 months pregnant) Needless to say, it was pretty self-explanatory and definitely easy to do. He came home and bolted the pieces together and flipped it over so that I could put on the fabric. It was beautiful when we were done. It is pretty firm, but we love it! I like the firmness in comparison to our old couch that was much too soft. It wipes clean, I found that out after my 1 year old put his chocolate hands on it. I just took a baby wipe and wiped it up. LOVE it so far!! ;1

  31. Home Reserve

    I purchased a Monroe Love Seat several years ago. I am not interested in a sectional sofa. Is there any way I can convert my love seat to be part of a sectional?

    • Hi Linda,
      Give customer service a call, 800-482-2712 x105. I think they’ll be able to help you.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  32. Home Reserve

    We love our sectional, which we've had for almost 2 years. We have a very small home and the furniture is low profile. The only complaint I have is the ottoman cushion doesn't like to stay in place. It moves in the direction of where people's feet are pushing it because it doesn't sit securely on its board.

    I would love to see Home Reserve come out with allergy liners that go over cushions before putting on the upholstery. :-D

  33. Home Reserve

    I am so thrilled with my Tux couch!!! We had a really hard time finding a couch that could accomidate our family of six AND would make a sharp turn from our dining room & fit down our narrow basement stairs...then I found Home Reserve through a desperate Google search. We couldn't be happier:-D It arrived within 2 weeks, was incredibly easy to put together and is unbelievably comfortable! I am a Home Reserve customer for life!!!

  34. Home Reserve

    I purchased a black ray sofa a few weeks ago. Customer service was very helpful. They called me to confirm my order & we made arrangements 2 weeks in advance to have my order shipped from Ft Wayne to Purdue University on a Friday afternoon.

    That Friday only 1 box showed up. I was a bit upset, because one of my boxes went to a dorm's main office. They sent my box to the wrong address in my city. But I called Monday morning and they had a new box at my apt Tuesday afternoon.

    My sister and I put our sofa together and even though it took several hrs we love it! Thank you Home Reserve!

  35. Home Reserve

    I have had my Classic couch and chair for over 7 years. They are both in great shape, only having to get the foam along the top of the sofa replaced and the board on one side of the sofa that gets the most use. You absolutely cannot do that with regular furniture. AND,I bought a second cover (brown microfiber)that has stood the test of time, even with cats and their hair. They don't scratch it either..only my 2 leather ottomans : ( I LOVE that I can wash the covers, too!! Fabulous!! I was wondering if HR might ever consider making matching drapes as it is sometimes hard to find ones that match. I ordered fabric swatches as it is time for another change after 3 years with the brown ones. Even slipcovers cost more and do not fit as well!! I LOVE my HR set!! Thanks for a great product!

  36. Home Reserve

    I purchased a Laney-Altima Buff loveseat in early 2010 to replace furniture that was WAY too big for apartment living.
    For a single mom who's out working more than she's home, & my son, Home Reserve is perfect! The additional storage is always a plus in apartment living, and there's been many nights I've fallen asleep on it.
    Even my 6'2" 400lb friend finds the sofa comfy enough to sit on, and he hasn't destroyed the cushions with his 3 hr occasional visits.
    I haven't had much problem cleaning up spills, and my cat's hair is easily removed w/ a lint brush.

    Overall, I have been *very* happy for the quality for cost with my loveseat - in fact, as soon as I've moved into my new home, I will be adding at least an ottoman if not another loveseat or small sectional!

    Too bad HR can't figure out how to do recliners or rockers ^_^

  37. Home Reserve

    Customer Service is unbelievable! Home Reserve has solved any problems we've had quickly and kindly! Thank you Home Reserve for giving us a couch and love seat that my whole family loves. :-D

  38. Home Reserve

    I just pulled all my pillow/cushion covers off and washed them in the machine for the first time today. We've had our furniture for over a year, and we love it!! I love it even more now that I see how well it washed up. :-)

  39. Home Reserve

    I ordered the Monroe sofa in Hondo Chocolate and am very impressed with both the quality and ease of assembly. It took me less time than what I had anticipated and the sofa looks fantastic. My only issue was that two of the pieces were mislabeled in the instruction manual and it would be great if the footboard of the sofa had a little bit of padding. As soon as I was finished assembling I ordered the loveseat. :-)

  40. Home Reserve

    We chose the Laney loveseat for a small apartment. It fits beautifully, looks great, is comfy and wasn't hard to put together! It turned out to be perfect.

  41. Home Reserve

    I'm not done putting my sectional together and I'm already thinking about ordering additional pieces. It's super simple to put together, just a little time consuming. They're super comfy, love the extra storage, sturdy, easy to move around, and they look like they're worth a lot more than what I paid. Best furniture I've ever purchased. Highly recommend!!!

  42. Home Reserve

    I love my furniture. I put "corner casters" not U wheels on my furniture and love it even more.

    LOL Whoever I talk to my bank, my credit card representatives, etc. etc. I make it a point of telling them why they should buy Home Reserve. My son thinks I am nuts - who cares.

    Thank you for a wonderful product!!

  43. Home Reserve

    Hey, what can I say. We ordered a Tux chair, and it was easy to put together and everything was exactly as advertised. We're picking out a second one as we speak, and this will be our go-to when it comes time to replace the sofa, too! For those of you wondering if Home Reserve furniture is nice - it very much is.

  44. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to leave a quick note on the website about your fabulous customer service. I ordered my 7 piece sectional last Sunday. I called the customer service number on Monday morning, and explained that I was having a party in less than two weeks from then and it would be very helpful if I could get the furniture by the Wednesday before the party so I could have time to put all of the pieces together. The customer service rep I spoke to on the phone said that she would see what she could do for me.
    My order ARRIVED 4 days later. I could not believe it! I have had plenty of time to put the sectional together, and I have to say it was quite simple. I will say that I wouldn't attempt it without electric screwdriver if you have to put together more than one piece. The furniture looks great, and feel very sturdy. I'm extremely pleased, and would not hesitate to order from Home Reserve again.

  45. Home Reserve

    We would like to thank you for how quickly you got us our sectional and the great customer service we were given when we came in on a non-production day and still got our sectional the same day in only 2 hours. We got it up in no time and it was very easy. With such short notice you did a awesome job!
    Thank you very much. We will be back to get more.