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  1. Home Reserve

    Your product is awesome. Really, I just put together a chair, ottoman and loveseat and can't say enough about the ease of assembly. Everything was perfectly engineered so that it all went together without the usual headaches associated with "assemble yourself" furniture. Thanks for making a great product at a great price. It is exactly what I was shopping for -- for well over a year -- that is until I came upon your web site ;1

  2. Home Reserve

    just got my sofa and console table this afternoon.. im so pleased with it. its easy to assembly since they provide a very detailed instruction. but we had hard time putting the fabric esp in its arm cause the fabric was so tight. My borther in law suggested to pat an adhesive transparent tape to the edges of the wood so the fabric could easily slides down,, and it works..

    Im also a little bit worried bout the backrest foam esp those at the center part of the sofa cause im afraid they might get deformed easily.

    but as a whole we are so proud of this sofa, its cozy sofa for less. My next project would be placing wall arts from home reserve.;-)

    too bad my cameras battery shut down, cant wait to post its picture.

  3. Home Reserve


    I am here to tell you that I love love love love love love love love my Home Reserve couch!!!!!!! It has been 3 months now and I am still so happy with it!!!! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this furniture! I think my husband is getting sick of hearing me go on and on about it.

    I purchased from HR because I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on furnishings, but I will keep coming back because of the excellent quality, the thoughtful design, the gorgeous soft fabric, and the durabilty. I will never waste my money on any brand of furniture. Home Reserve YOU ROCK!!!! ;1

  4. Home Reserve

    I absolutely love my new Avenue buff microfiber suede sectional!

    I think this has been the most wonderful buying experience I've ever had! The web site is very user friendly but I still had a question or two, so I called to place my order. The lovely Sandy answered all my questions and helped me place my order. I received the sectional in record time and put all eight pieces together in less than a day using only a little power screwdriver. It's a perfect fit for my oddly-shaped living room.

    The design is absolutely ingenious and the directions are fantastic. The foam seats and pillow backs are so comfortable, and the storage is incredible. The fabric is so much nicer than I expected--it not only looks like suede, it feels like suede! And I can throw it in the washer (comes in handy with six cats and a giant dog who sheds constantly)!

    The price is amazing! I feel so smug when I see much lower quality sectionals (with no storage and non-washable fabric!) on sale for lots more than I paid for this incredible piece!

    It's such a joy to deal with a company with scruples. They keep their promises and their products are of the highest quality. It's also nice to know I'm supporting an American company employing American workers.

    As soon as I pick out a new area rug (I wish Home Reserve made rugs), I'm going to order a chair and ottoman in a color that will complement the rug and the sectional.

    I apologize for all the exclamation points, but Home Reserve deserves every one of them!

    Thank you so much, Home Reserve. You've made this customer very happy!


  5. Home Reserve

    Ordered on the weekend. Delivered 6 days later. Wow that's fast. Put the Ottoman together right away, boy that was easy. Looks Great! Will put the loveseat together tommorow. I'll be shopping here again. Thanks
    Home Reserve.;1

  6. Home Reserve

    We ordered our new couch on Tuesday June 28th and waited on pins and needles for it to arrive. It arrived by 1030AM on Tuesday July 5th. We were antsy to see how it all was going to turn out and ripped into the boxes. We were VERY pleased to see that all the parts were numbered, and it was easy as 1-2-3 and it took little less then 2 hours to put totally together, and that included a coffee spill!

    The material is wonderful and is the exact same fabric we picked out at Slumberland Outlet Center. Kid Glove Merlot Microfibre. Talk about SOFT and comfortable! In fact, the couch was almost an exact match as well and it was half the cost!

    If you are thinking of getting a couch, we say go for it. If you don't like it you're out the shipping cost. You couldn't return a couch someplace else and get that kind of refund.

    We're going to order the ottoman in the VERY near future and can't wait.

  7. Home Reserve

    I had been searching for a reading chair for weeks, and the main problem I came across was that pre-assembled furniture does not fit into a car.

    My mother sent me the link to, and I was so impressed that I bought a chair that afternoon. 3 days later, my chair was delivered to my house (even over a holiday weekend!)

    The piece only took 45 minutes to assemble, and was extremely easy! My cats loved playing in the boxes too! My only complaint is that the wood is extremely splintery and flakes off onto carpets and into your hands. I would definately wear gloves the next time. Make sure you have a vacuum or a broom handy as well...

    All in all, I'm happy with my purchase. The chair is extremely comfortable and looks nice in my house. I expect that after 1-2 weeks of flopping into it, I won't want to sit anywhere else.

    Thanks Homereserve!:-)

  8. Home Reserve

    To anyone who is still wavering between “should-I or shouldn’t-I” buy my furniture from Home Reserve; I want to tell you a resounding “YES!”

    I was like you, nervous about purchasing furniture over the internet AND ready-to-assemble furniture at that. Let’s face it, for most of us, buying living room furniture is a major investment that we expect to last for years. But after reviewing Home Reserve’s Site and comparing other websites, I kept coming back to Home Reserve. So I took the plunge and am so very glad I did. I recommend you do also.

    What will you find out when you receive your shipment? 1) The quality of the materials is outstanding. 2.) The thickness of the seat cushions will shock you. (My husband’s biggest concern was not being able to sit on the furniture before we bought it. He loves this sectional!) 3) The ease of assembly is not overstated. I would definitely recommend a power screw driver or drill, but other than that each piece is numbered and assembly is clearly explained. After the first couple of pieces, we didn’t even have to refer back to the directions.) 4) Your friends and family will never believe you built it yourselves!

    Two things I would suggest are that you order samples of material first and that you measure carefully. So that when assembly day comes you won’t be disappointed because the color isn’t “quite right” (although Home Reserve does have a wonderful “fabric exchange policy”) or the furniture doesn’t fit the way you expected. Especially if you are going to accessorize with pillows that are complimentary to the main fabric, you should order samples as color varies on monitors.

    That is all I have to say. Take the plunge.

  9. Home Reserve

    I recieved my sofa with-in 3 weeks. Much to my surprise it is beautiful. The fabric and color are great and the assembly was easy. Well worth the money. Good Job Home Reserve. I will reccomend this furniture to everyone.

  10. Home Reserve

    I needed to get a couch and because I like to spend as little as possible for things went surfing the net to compare prices. I came across the HR site and was really impressed with everything! I ordered a sofa in the "pet care" line and when it arrived I was just excited to put it together. I love the simple step by step directions with pictures and putting the sofa together was a snap!
    I love my new sofa!

  11. Home Reserve

    I ordered a loveseat about 2 weeks ago and recieved it yesterday. It took about 4 hours for me to put it together and my hands are full of blisters and very sore. I should have used a battery powered screwdriver. Once the wooden pieces were together I was skeptical about how it was looking, but once I put the fabric and cushions on it looked beautiful and I was very happy. I would definitely order more, but make my boyfriend put it together.;-)

  12. Home Reserve

    Let me say first of all I hate shopping for furniture and I was skeptical about ordering it via internet and even more so about putting it together myself. I live in base housing and had a huge couch that took up almost all the living room. (sold my big house and moved into base housing when re-stationed) So needless to say I felt cluttered all the time. So we gave away our couch and I resorted to sitting in bean bag chairs because I didn't want to pick out a couch while my husband was away. This was until I received the worst sunburn of my life. With two toddlers jumping all over me, because I'm conveniently on the floor already, I HAD to get couches now. So I ordered a sofa, chair, and ottoman after looking on Home Reserve for about two months and reading all the reviews. They arrived yesterday and I had them up in about 3 hours. (even with two screaming toddlers running around.) I love the way they look and the storage space for extra pillows and my bean bags. So no clutter. Yeah!! Love them!! Thanks for the great product. Buy from Home Reserve you won't be sorry!!!

  13. Home Reserve

    I just love my couch , I love love love it ..8-0;1

  14. Home Reserve

    I cannot recall the exact date of my first order but, it was prior to the inclusion of the Tuxedo design to your selection. My original purchase was the chair and ottoman in Winston Merlot. We were pleased with both items except the arms were a tight fit for my limited space. A few weeks later while I was showing my daughter your website we discovered that you had added the Tuxedo line. When I called to discuss exchanging the arms of my chair for the more narrow Tuxedo version, Sandy was very helpful and immediately offered to workout an exchange. But before we could conclude the transaction we decided that we would order one of the big round arm sofas in the Gracewood Burgundy for my daughter's family room, she would take my big round arm chair and ottoman with the covers exchanged to match the sofa and I would order the Tuxedo chair for my living room. I also ordered yardage to cover a smaller ottoman that I already had to match the chair in my living room.

    Last summer we had to move my 85 year old mother into an assisted living residence. Mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and could not decide which articles of her furniture to move into her small suite. So, once again we checked out Homereserve intending to order a loveseat and chair. We were delighted to see that you had added the sectional and ordered the left and right to make a loveseat and also ordered a chair of the Avenue line in the Chicago Linen.

    We finally got our most recent purchase, the left and right Tuxedo sectional in Winston Merlot, assembled and in place in my living room and are quite pleased. We chose the left & right ends of the sectionals to fit together into a loveseat in our last two purchases because our needs are constantly changing. Someday soon I'm sure we will be expanding the sectional pieces into a couch or whatever. My grandsons will soon be going to college! You'll be hearing from us!

  15. Home Reserve

    We bought a couch back in January. It took me and my six-year-old about 2 hours to put it together. It was very easy to do. At first it was stiff, but now it is very comfortable.

    I just washed all the fabric in my regular washing machine! It was very easy to take the fabric from the washer slightly damp and place it back on the couch. It looks new, and was very easy to clean compared to regular type couches.

    I am also looking forward to a military move with this couch. The movers always seem to brake things. I love that if they do, we can call customer service and have just the part that they broke replaced and not have to buy another new couch.

    Five months after we bought the couch, I am happy to say that I am very satisfied with my purchase!

  16. Home Reserve

    We were somewhat skeptical about purchasing a couch in a box. Home Reserve was the only place that we could actually design a sectional to fit our space and layout in our family room. Assembly was a snap. The designa nd engineering that went into these units is amazing. Great sofa for the price looks far more expensive than what we paid for it. Keep up the good work!

  17. Home Reserve

    We are thinking of buying a couch, however we are a little worried about the comfort of it.... Has anyone had a problem with the comfort of a product? Please help!!!!!:-?

  18. Home Reserve

    My husband and I bought a Monroe chair. Between my husband, a friend, and myself, we had the chair together in less than an hour. At first, I wasn't sure about the comfort of the chair. We have now had it for about two weeks, and it is the most comfortable chair! Remember that when you first get it -- it will take a few days to break it in! We then ordered a couch, and that should be here in about a week.

  19. Home Reserve

    We received our sofa with amazingly fast shipping (overnight from the time it was sent)!! All the pieces were there & it assembled in 1 hr & 5 minutes. These were some of the best directions we have ever seen. The wood was so precisely cut, they went together with one hand. We love the fabric exchange program that was used for the throw pillows. We changed our color scheme and all we had to do was send the fabric with the unwanted color back. H.R. immediately sent us our new color request. Now we have a great ensemble!! We have shown off that sofa to a couple of our friends and everybody thinks the quality is A-1, especially for the price!! Thanks Home Reserve. Look foward to buying a few more of your products!!

  20. Home Reserve

    I was extremely excited to get my Home Reserve couch. The shipment occured as Customer Service described it would. It did take about two weeks but it's worth the wait.

    People who see my new couch are shocked at the price...they all love the storage area too. HR advertises that the couch maybe a little stiff at first - doesn't bother me!!! Assembly done in an hour too!!!

    At first, I didn't love the color I chose, but it's grown on me. Lately, I have been making stains on the fabric just because I know I can take it off and wash it!!!

    Overall, this is an incredible product. Great Job Home Reserve!!!

  21. Home Reserve

    We ordered the Avenue loveseat in the microfiber navy fabric. It arrived right on time, and it took us all of two hours to put it together. My husband is a retired journeyman carpenter, and was extremely impressed with the directions, the construction, and the final appearance. No missing pieces, everything very clearly written. Wow! We had friends over to watch a DVD with us, and they very nearly took the piece home with them. How refreshing to find a company that makes a quality product, and is based right here in the States. We wish you much success, and will gladly spread the word.

  22. Home Reserve

    I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and logically my new home reserve sofa assembled. Counting a break for dinner, it was together in about two and a half hours.

    It looks wonderful, and the altima pet care fabric has a lovely softness and rich color.

  23. Home Reserve

    I recieved my Monroe Loveseat and Sofa on Friday April 13th, but I had to wait until I could get a full spring clean done in my apartment. Today my parents and I picked up my 4 boxes that were being stored in the manager's office.

    I absolutely love both pieces. In about 4 hours we had both pieces together. My parents and I have been enjoying since the first moment.

    From the time, I decided to buy I have been sharing your site with family, friends, and coworkers. So, I have decided to host a small party to let those who need to be able to touch and test come try them out. So look for many more sales to follow. ;2

    Thank you so much for a wonderful American made product.

  24. Home Reserve

    We are looking at ordering a sectional with the Altima Pet care fabric. Has anyone out there picked that fabric? How does it hold up? We have a Golden Retriever, a Chocolate Lab and a huge yellow short haired cat and 5 granddaughters! What do you think?