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  1. Home Reserve

    It seems most of the people are very happy about the products purchsed at HomeReserve. I am currently looking for a loveseat and found out this website. The price is very reasonable, and lots selection. Because it sounds so perfect, I am just curious if there is any drawback or it's just so perfect like what everyone described. It would be great if someone share this.

    I would appreciate if there are anyone who are living around South bay area in California and can let me take a look your Home Reserve sofa/loveseat, so I can make a decision to purchase it. (Please email me if you can let me take a look)

    Oh, last question, since I am a single woman, is it difficult if I do it by myself?

  2. Home Reserve

    My boyfriend and I bought a sofa with Pet Care fabric a few months ago. We've given it quite a test-run since then!

    Our younger cat, an older kitten, really, went through a phase of peeing on the sofa before we finally found the solution for that. The fabric caused the cat pee to puddle, preventing it from soaking through to the cushions, so we were able to simply remove the covers and throw then into the washer anytime the kitten misbehaved.

    Now the cats are going through a massive shedding, and instead of ending up with cushions that are more fur than fabric (a common problem with previous furniture)we've discovered that the fur clumps up when we rub the fabric until we can lift it off, and that the fur is more inclined to stick to clothing than to the sofa...bad for keeping clothes fur-free, but good for keeping the sofa looking nice!

    I VERY STRONGLY recommend the Pet Care fabrics specifically, and the Homereserve furniture in general, for anyone with pets, small children, spouses who are slobs, or those who have indoor allergies. This furniture cleans up more easily and completely than anything I've seen before.

  3. Home Reserve

    Just a note to let you know we now have our sectional all put together (on the laminate floor I got finished on time and we really like it!
    The instructions were easy to follow and the whole sofa (8 pieces) went together in less than four hours. The fabric was exactly what we expected and the fit and finish are top notch. The sectional has been “the place” to be in our house all week.Thanks for your great service, perfect product execution and customer value. <<< All cliché but they fully apply to our experience with Home Reserve.
    Here’s to many more years of success for your company! A Great Hoosier Business!

    Russ and Karen
    Kokomo, Indiana

  4. Home Reserve

    I was a little sceptic about the quality and durability of this furniture because of the price. Ordered the chair and was pleasantly surprised! Great value for the money! Have recommended Home Reserve to my friends.

  5. Home Reserve

    I bought a HR sofa about a month back and i could not be more happy with my purchase, although initially i had my reservations but the finished product proved otherwise,took about 3 hours to assemble but was worth it, i would highly recommend anyone on a low budget to buy these wonderful sofas, dont get fooled by the price, they are comparable to any high end sofa available on the market, Keep up the good work home reserve!!

  6. Home Reserve

    I haven't even purchased anything yet but am preparing to. I am happily surprised at the way your product(s) are going to fit into my home so perfectly. I relocate on a semi-regular basis and all your pieces will become a literal answer to my prayers. Thanks for creating your entire line. I can't wait to get my first piece.

  7. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say how shocked I am. I recieved my 6 piece sectional on a Thursday. I started to put it together Friday after work so I could plan how long I would be putting it together on Saturday. To my suprise I completed the whole thing in 3 and ½ hours. After having it in place, my wife who was worried about how it was going to look, she was completely, and utterly shocked at how beautiful, comfortable, and how it fit perfectly by my measuring it before hand. I just wanted to say BRAVO!!!, a product not only easy to assemble, but durable and with all the fabric patterns guaranteed to match any room.

    P.S. I 've attached a picture I snapped with the camera phone.;1

  8. Home Reserve

    I received and assembled my loveseat and ottoman yesterday and I am very, very impressed. I was getting really antsy for it to arrive, so when it finally came, my attitude was a bit sour, but once I began to assemble, my mood began to lighten because the construction was so easy and rather fun. I had no problems at all putting it together. The wooden pieces fit together very snugly, so I found myself using a hammer to lightly tap them together, but the snugness is good because it means they will not loosen and fall apart. The loveseat took me about 2.5 hours and the ottoman took about 30 minutes.

    I couldn't wait to order because my apartment was literally an empty shell with nothing comfy to sit on, except my bed, and laying in bed to watch tv is just depressing. But I would definitely recommend ordering fabric swatches. It's just about impossible to get a true color read on the computer.

    I'll be specific: My loveseat is in the Corso Granite fabric. The color of the sunbursts is burgundy/red, black, off white, and dark grey. It sort of looked to me on the website like the grey was an olive green. My ottoman is in Mission Celery, and it looks much greener on the website then it does in person. I also ordered two pillows in Destiny Mink corduroy, which looks darker on the website then it does in person. I got lucky and it just so happens that these three fabrics look great together and the three textures are an awesome contrast, but if you're going to try a mix-n-match like I did, I would recommend ordering swatches.

    I'm so excited about how my apartment looks now and these are really a godsend for city apartment dwellers like me. I have already told so many people here about your website and, honestly, no one yet has heard of you. I found my way to your website by googling, "discount furniture" or something similar, so I didn't see any advertising or anything, but if you do advertise, include Seattle, because you could really clean up here! I'm already trying to configure my room in such a way so I can fit a chair in too.

    Thanks so much!

  9. Home Reserve

    I recently purchased the couch and love seat. Both are excellent better than I thought they would be. It looks great in my apartment.I get compliments all the time everyone is amazed that you build them yourself and the cost of course :-D . I am just sad to see the fabric I got is no longer on the website simply charcoal. It would be great if you guys brought it back so I can by more ;-)

  10. Home Reserve

    We just purchased a sofa and it was very easy to assemble. It's very comfy (my husband loves to nap on it) and we just ordered a chair and ottoman to match!

  11. Home Reserve

    I purchased the classic couch with fairview buff suede fabric. When the boxes arrived, I was a little skeptical about being able to put this together in spite of the fact that I had read how easy it would be. Well, it is easy. I opened the box and everything is numbered. The instructions are well written and the fabric more than met my expectations. I only suggest using an electric drill. It would make the process a lot quicker. I am very impressed. Thanks Home Reserve.

  12. Home Reserve

    HI, DAD

  13. Home Reserve

    The loveseat is amazing ... but i wish they would finish the wood and not send it with splinters. The entire assembly took around 3 hours which includes opening up the boxes, assembling, vacuuming and cleaning up the dust (from sanding the splinters), 15 mins break in-between & breaking up the boxes.

  14. Home Reserve

    I'm not one to post anything on the internet, however, I was so impressed, not only by this product, but by the response of this company to my concern when my order was one day late. The woman actaully called in the evening after i had a left a message saying I worked nights and would be sleeping during the day. Furthermore, she was not only pleasant but very assured me the snow storm would not delay my order any longer and my sofa arrive the following day as she said it would. I enjoyed putting it together and it only took 2 hours by myself. I absolutely love my sofa and would highly recommend this product to anyone needing furniture.:-D

  15. Home Reserve

    I love the look of the furniture on this site, and the price can't be beat (I'm a college student), but I'm wary of "do-it-yourself" furniture. All of these great comments are helpful, but I'd love to talk to someone about the comfort and quality of this furniture. If you'd be willing to help me out, please e-mail me. Also, if you live in the Greater Atlanta or Athens area of Georgia and would be willing to let me see your Home Reserve furniture, I'd be so grateful. Thanks for your help!

  16. Home Reserve

    I'm not usually one to give feedback on a product- but this is totally deserved. I live in an old house with very narrow doors/stairs. We had to the last sofa put in through the window which added about $500 to the cost of it. We were able to put the sectional together very easily- cannont emphasize enough how easy it is- and it looks great. It is also very comfortable- just hoping it will stay this way for a long time. We also have a dog and love the fact that there is a pet fabric option (reason that we had to get rid of our old couch!). Thanks so much- and at a great price also. We will definitely order 1 to 2 more armless for the sectional to add to the seating space.

  17. Home Reserve

    This is the real deal folks! I was just amazed at the quality of my monroe sofa. It came in 2 boxes by UPS. I would tell people about this and they would just stand and scratch their heads. Anyway, I sorted all the pieces on the floor. Each piece has a number on it. The instructions were excellent and very easy to follow. After about an hour, I had the frame put together. Not bad at all. Then came the fabric. I love it. This thing is going to wear great. This is the way to go folks. This company really knows what they are doing. If you have any doubts, take a chance and you will be very very surprised. It looks fantastic. Thank you Home Reserve. We love our MONROE SOFA!!

  18. Home Reserve

    How about the same fabrics on a pull out sofa bed:-? I NEED a sofa-bed.

  19. Home Reserve

    I just put my monroe love seat together a few days ago, and I LOVE it! It is in my teaching studio, and now I just hang out in here instead of the living room. :-)

    I was actually wondering about sofabeds too - I was thinking of something along the lines of the pier 1 type fold out beds. The seat cushions are actually 3 times as long as they appear, but they fold twice. Two sections of the cushions are hidden underneath where you sit instead of the storage space. Then you just unfold them, and they lie flat on the floor as a bed. It would be lighter than a regular pull-out, plus you wouldn't be lying on metal rods! Double-plus!

    When I started my loveseat hunt, I was actually looking for a sleeper, but ended up going for the home reserve one instead. Wouldn't it be great to be able to do both?

  20. Home Reserve

    I am a 65 year old blind man. I have retinitis pigmentosa..(tunnel vision)and live alone. I work and draw my Social Security Disability as a blind person. I ordered a couch which arrived last Friday. I put the couch together totally without help and it was not a difficult task. The directions are clear, concise and easy to follow...even for a blind man. I am very happy with the end results. Your marketing director should contact me to do a commercial for you....if a blind man can do can do it. Will be buying more in the future.

  21. Home Reserve

    We have had our sofa for two years now and still LOVE it! I have not been back to the site in a long time and was so excited to see you have expanded your product line and fabric selection! One suggestion for the website: it would really be great to be able to compare one or more choices next to another one. For example, to see photos of all five chair styles at once, side by side. Or to compare photos of two different fabric styles on the same piece of furniture side by side. Or to see a couch in one fabric next to a chair in a different, coordinating fabric. Don't know if any of that is possible for a web designer to do easily, but it sure would be great! We will be ordering an entire roomful of your stuff when we move next year so I hope the feature can be added to the website by then!

    Also: what happened to the great video of the kids jumping on the couch? It was one of the things that sold us on home reserve!

  22. Home Reserve

    My new chair and ottoman just arrived today. I 8-0 the Fairview Seagrass fabric. It looks great with the Fairview Sand sofa I purchased a few months ago. Lots of fun putting it together. Only thing I didn't like was that the box the chair came in was 61 pounds. Didn't it use to come in two boxes? My sofa was easy getting up my second floor apartment by myself, being that it came in three easier to handle boxes. But now I see its down to two. I liked it better when there were more boxes and less weight per package. Otherwise I love my furniture. Keep up the good work Homereserve :-)

  23. Home Reserve

    I put together my loveseat yesterday afternoon. I was amazed at how easy it was, and at that quality of the materials and the way all the pieces fit perfectly. This is not usually the case with "assemble yourself" items. I am very happy with the purchase and plan to order the chair and ottoman soon. Thank you for an excellent product!

  24. Home Reserve

    I am anxiously waiting on my sectional (shipping in a few days). My husband is in Afganistan and it is a suprise for him. After shopping the "cutthroat" markets here locally I nearly gave up. After seeing Home Reserve on TV I said why not. Anyone with any curiosities in NC are more than welcome to come see it! After seeing an entire engine crew (Vollie Firefighter) sit on one of these I am impressed!8-)