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  1. Home Reserve


  2. Home Reserve

    We received our chair and a half, sofa, and two ottomans on Tuesday (July 12) as promised. We were able to put everything together in just over four hours and were pleasantly surprised at just how nice everything looks. The fabrics are wonderful and the furniture fits nicely in our small(ish) living room.
    It is a little difficult adjusting to smaller furniture after years of having large, over-sized sofas and chairs. The cushions are very firm --probably a little too much so. I'm hoping that they soften without wearing out too quickly. And, truthfully, I do wish that the backs of the furniture were taller as to accomodate necks and heads. However, we are mostly very pleased with our purchase. We love the idea of being able to replace parts as needed rather than entire furniture collections. We have pets and kids and are confident that this was a smart purchase. :-)

  3. Home Reserve

    Just a quick note to thank you and the company for getting me the new covers so quickly. Not only did I order these covers Monday and ask if I could have them by Friday (which in all honesty I doubted you would be able to do it that quickly) but they arrived on Thursday afternoon.
    I definitely will be ordering the matching chair soon. What a great company and the fact that the products are made in the USA. What more could I want.
    Thanks Again for all your help,

    Kellie Perrault Mueller

  4. Home Reserve

    We received our footstool and pillows and love them both. I had ordered
    fabric and was glad I did. It matches perfectly. I was happy to see that
    the pillows came with filling and a cover. I'll be buying washable fabric
    covers and more pillows soon.



  5. Home Reserve

    I received my new sofa on Saturday and order it Friday afternoon of the 4th of July weekend. I could not believe how fast it arrived. The assembly was quick and easy. I did it myself in about 4 hours with a manual screwdriver. Love the fabric. it looks even better in person. I bought from Home Reserve, because I like to buy American and the 5 year warranty was a bonus. Thank you.

  6. Home Reserve

    I just received the sofa and ottoman I ordered for my son's room. He loves it! After struggling to assemble IKEA furniture over the years, he found this furniture easy to put together. The quality is fantastic and I will recommend it to everyone I know!

  7. Home Reserve

    My husband had recently added on to our house and we needed lots of seating. We ordered a sectional, which included 2 corner units and 9 armless chairs, 2 large ottomans, and 2 chairs and a half. The shipment came 5 days early. It took us about 6 -8 hours to assemble. We hosted a family reunion and everyone was amazed at the quality and comfort of the furniture. We love it so much we are going to order more. So happy that I came across your web site.

  8. Home Reserve

    I love the area rugs I'm seeing on your wonderful site! Do you sell any of those rugs?

    Thanks -

    Rita Jeffrey

    • Thanks Rita, it is great to hear feedback on our photos. We have a lot of fun here in the studio pairing accessories with Home Reserve Furniture. We often shop Target for stylish affordable rugs, and recommend their “Room Essentials” line for bright options, or “Dwell Studio” for sophisticated neutral rugs.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  9. Home Reserve

    The sofa arrived on Saturday and my sister and I put it together on Sunday. It was much easier than I thought and I just love it. The color is perfect and it is more comfy than I thought. I will definitely recommend your site and I might just buy the chair that matches.

    Thanks so much.

    Sarah Mawson

  10. Home Reserve

    Both my husband and son were reticent to purchase our sectional pieces through Home Reserve because of the amount of assembly required. I admit I was a bit overwhelmed when I opened the boxes and saw all the pieces - but this was the easiest assembly project I EVER tackled and I could have done it all myself ( I'm 68 years old) but I let my husband use the screwdriver. :-D Even the assembly of the pillows and foam seats was a breeze, thanks to the tips you provide in videos. I am glad to be able to support "Buy America" and support jobs in the United States as well as the environment. I have been pleased with the substantial nature and comfort of the products and am impressed with your ability to combine manufacturing with technology. This company well deserves an A+ rating. My son, who originally thought the assembly too difficult, is now going to place an order with Home Reserve and I am encouraging other friends to take a serious look at this marvelous company. 8-0

  11. Home Reserve

    I just wrote a review but forgot to mention that the pet care fabric is wonderfully soft, which is one of the other things that I love about it.

  12. Home Reserve

    We have had our aqua pet care fabric sectional for 6 months now. I love it! It is so comfortable and the fabric wipes clean with a damp rag, even when my cats leave muddy paw prints. I love the color, which is so soothing (I was worried it would be too bright) It did smell pretty strongly of the osb wood smell for a month or so, but that's gone now. I highly recommend home reserve- great price, great service, great quality.

  13. Home Reserve

    new home reserve sectional with ottoman was PERFECT for our salon in our boat. AND, Home reserve was kind enough to let us purchase extra fabric, so we could recover our valances in the same. LOOKS GREAT. we LOVE it. and Quality is fantastic. Perfect extra storage for boat owner. WE LOVE Home Reserve!!8-0

  14. Home Reserve

    Delivered new set yesterday. So far I am impressed with your products!!
    Hope to do more business with your company in the future.

    Thanks Dan

    PS: Assembly went pretty smooth!! Engineering , very impressive!!!
    A little bit of a challenge, all went well though. Even added some new vocabulary !! LOL

  15. Home Reserve

    Our Laney sectional in Altima Thyme is seriously the best furniture purchase we have ever made! We're home learners and spend a good part of our "school" day on this couch. We have 3 kids and the storage underneath is great for movies, games, and books. Washable, stain resistant covers are amazing and easy to clean even with potty training little ones! We have moved 3 times in the 4 years we've owned this couch and every time its been super easy to pull the couch apart and reassemble in whatever configuration fits our new home. After moving the couch so many times and after having 3 kids jumping on it my husband did reinforce the joints on each piece with a brad nailer. Only other issue has been with the back cushions losing a bit of their plumpness, but a quick wash of the covers and everything is back to normal :D We love this sectional and its flexibility, ease of cleaning and most of all comfort! Thanks for making us look smart when we recommend your products to friends and family!;1

  16. Home Reserve

    I waited to sign the guestbook until a year went by after my purchase. After buying a couch from Home Reserve for my apartment, I cannot tell you how happy I have been with it! I moved about a 1000 miles for medical school and didn't feel like lugging/using a futon (again!) so I decided to buy the Home Reserve couch and have it sent to my new place. It was pretty easy to put together (at least it looked like it from where I was...thanks dad!) and I must say that after a year, the thing is still holding up better than my mom's new store bought couch! It's extremely comfortable, and versatile as it gives you that under seat storage that is vital in a small space. The cushions are still as fluffy and supportive as they were and it's been used a LOT! I have flipped/rotated the cushions so each gets the same amount of use. The remove and wash feature of the fabric has been essential with my dog, who has a habit of jumping on the couch to sleep....THANKS Home Reserve! I'm buying a chair and ottoman next! I plan on buying your furniture as long as I can!

  17. Home Reserve

    I am extremely impressed with the quality of my sofa, and the wonderful customer service I received from Ms. Sandy Wood.( very appropriate name for furniture company). I am a very skeptical consumer... I had been looking for an inexpensive sofa for a few weeks( I'm divorced and living in a small apartment so I wanted something reasonablly price yet tasteful. After looking at the reasonably priced sofas available in the chain stores, I felt they looked nice, they were averaging around $600.00 a sofa, and probablly would have bought one, but being a careful consumer read all kinds of negative reviews about these chain store goods, poor quality, made in China, terrible customer service etc. etc.
    I had a really terrific experience dealing with Home Reserve( namely Sandy) and even with some minor SNAFU's a long the way, I must say she is extremely patient , honest, stands by her word and goes the extra mile for her clients. After reading previous reviews, and seeing no negatives or complaints essentially on their sofas, I started the process by ordering four swatches around the middle of May. There was no shipping charge, and I received a nice little packet with four different swatches. I was very pleased with the presentation, I than proceeded to call Home Reserve because I had some additional questions-- this was my first entcounter with Sandy:-),
    She was very nice, and informative and helpful, and helped me narrow down my choice as far as style and fabric. I placed the order, initially I was in a bit of a rush because a friend of mine was flying into town, and I thought he could help assist me in putting the sofa together. Anyway, my friend's trip was delayed, this was a slight misunderstanding as to the delivery date, which turned out to not be a problem since I was no longer in a rush. My skeptical side and suspicions were already flairing up, but I spoke to Sandy, she was very upfront that there had been a slight mix up on their end, she immediately took care of the issue,and then I received the sofa ( in two huge boxes) the following week, which was exactly the same date as the FED EX confirmation courtesy email she sent me.
    Now not having great confidence in my ability to put this thing together, I had asked a local handyman who worked for my landlord. When I proceeded to empty the contents of the box, he did not seem to have to patience to assist me. I admit , looking at all the pieces , it did seem a little daunting, but I was determined by hook or crook to get this thing up and running. I proceeded to methodically line up the parts. The manual was clear and concise, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and piece by piece started to put the frame together. They were number individually numbered which made the process easier than one would think. I borrowed a drill with a Phillips screwdriver attachment , and the piece came together after a few hours. It looked solid, and sturdy. I realized one tiny part was missing from the box, a glider for one of the part on the bottom of the sofa. I called Sandy and she immediately sent out one overnight delivery, again this impressed me because she took care of this in an efficient and timely manner. Then next day, I started to put the seating cushions together, which was was not difficult , but a little time -consuming. I mistakenly thought I was missing something, it was a three piece element that was made out of some sturdy interior fabric material, I for some reason was looking for wood pieces. My mistake! yet Sandy responded immmediately to my call and overnighted the 3 pieces out to me next day. I felt really bad when I realized I already had the pieces already, but Sandy was again very agreeable and accomodating.
    The last part of this process included a small stain, I found on one of the fabric cushions,Sandy went completely out of her way again, to accomodate me. I sent her back the fabric cover, and she completlely replaced the whole fabric set,, although I told her that wasn't necessary. The sofa looks great, it's a good size, the fabric is unbeliveable because it can be washed in the machine, and hung out to dry, and dries very quickly. The seating cushions are a little hard, but I knew this going into the purchase and know they will soften with time. I'd rather have a firm sofa rather than a sagging one.
    Anyway for the money, you cannot beat this anywhere!!! The company is based in America which is good for our economy and Sandy is amazing. I have never had such a good experience with ordering something on -line, and having all my expectations met and beyond.
    I am a real consumer , and everything I have stated is 100% true, this company is awesome.!!!8-08-0

  18. Home Reserve

    I thought a long-term review may be helpful to some considering a purchase. We bought our Tux sofa and chair in Altima sand over six years ago to use in a family room with our four kids ages 8 to 19. Yes, a "white" sofa. It was great. Liquid really did bead up long enough to wipe most of it off, and an occasional trip through the washer made by sofa look brand new. Even ball point ink marks washed out. But the best part was it looked like a MUCH more expensive sofa from a high-end home store chain. After four years I had to replace the cushions and the cover because they'd finally shown some damage. I was able to change out the style a bit and switched to Hondo fabric (pinwale corduroy)which is not as cleanable but still machine washable. My craft supplies live in the storage so they're close without making a mess. Before this I had to replace my traditional sofa every three years, so I've been impressed by the durability and value of this furniture.;1

  19. Home Reserve

    8-08-08-0LOVE LOVE LOVE
    Once again, Home Reserve delivers wonderful products and instructions that make it so easy and FUN to watch our choices come alive. My color scheme, using my MILES CITRUS fabric as inspiration......:) proved to be a winning look!!!!
    The Brook Sofa is really really comfortable and love the style. Bradley noticed the improvements made over the years....remembering putting his together. He was very impressed with those.
    The console in Mission Sky.....we actually placed our 40" inch Sony TV on......perfect!!!!
    Thanks again for all your help and warm chats. You are a company that really CARES and in today's world ....we VALUE that more than ever!
    Take care, I may order a few more things soon, eyeing a corner near a window for a corner ottoman :)


  20. Home Reserve

    We ordered a sofa and it arrived over the weekend. We put it together pretty easily and LOVE how it looks. It is comfy, attractive and perfect for what we needed.

    We never could have gotten an assembled couch down our narrow basement staircase, but with your product, we have a fullsized piece of furniture that we'll enjoy for a long time.

    Thank you!

  21. Home Reserve

    Just wanted to send you quick note to tell you that we received our order exactly when it was promised. We couldn't wait to put the sectional together--and even though it was a week night, we got right to it after dinner. It took less than three hours and we were so impressed with the way everything fit so perfectly together and with the quality and workmanship that clearly went into every part. We are so very pleased with our purchase and have already begun to recommend Home Reserve to our friends.

    Thank you very much!
    Karen Vargas

  22. Home Reserve

    I am reporting back on my loveseat, bought almost a year and a half ago. Still looks brand new and I still love it! I still haven't had to take off the covers to clean them - just a little wiping off does fine (no kids or pets get on it). I'm plotting the addition of a matching ottoman.

  23. Home Reserve

    After searching for a replacement couch for our RV, I decided to try your armless three cushion couch. The boxes fit thru the narrow RV door easily and my husband and I put it together in a few hours. The fabric which I selected was a perfect match for the existing decor. I wasn't expecting a lot of quality for under $400 but I was pleasantly surprised. I am already recommending your company to my family and friends and looking at the swatches for something else to purchase, we have grandkids in college. Thanks Home Reserve!

  24. Home Reserve

    Our Home Reserve sectional was delivered last Friday, at around 5:30. I decided to surprise my husband and have it put together by the time he got off work. In around six hours, I had put all seven pieces together, by myself! The engineering is remarkable, and it makes assembly SO easy. And we love the couch! It's incredibly comfortable (I actually fell asleep on it right after my husband came home to see it. Six hours of couch building is tiring work!), and the Altima pet fabric is AMAZING! I can brush hair and dirt off with just my hand, and I watched dog drool roll right off the fabric! Here's a pic of the finished product, being inspected by some discerning clients. (Sorry pic is so dark, it was my camera phone.)

  25. Home Reserve

    The chair did arrive today, I have assembled it & it is now in it's permanent home. I was thrilled to receive it & am ordering an ottoman to match. I love the chair as well as my couch I purchased a year ago. I received many compliments on the couch & as I said, have recommended your site to several friends. Thank you again & have a great weekend. Mona

  26. Home Reserve

    Ok. I feel like I can leave an accurate review now. After researching and reading just about every customer reveiw, and calling in with a ton of questions, my husband and I finally ordered our Altima Thyme Laney Sectional six months ago. It arrived extremely fast and we were able to put together the entire 8-piece sectional in an evening (with two adults and a cordless drill). We loved the look of it and were curious to see how it would hold up with our three dogs. Wouldn't ya know it, within a week, one of our dogs hurt a paw and before we realized, she had left little bloody paw prints all over the couch. I got out a wash cloth and it immediately wiped off! I didn't even need to put the covers in the washing machine!
    After six months, it is still holding up wonderfully! Every month or two, I take off the cushion covers and run them through the washing machine to refresh them and get the "houndy" smell out of them, and when I put them back on it's like having a whole new sofa!
    We do wish the cushions were a little deeper (I'm 6'1" and my husband is 6'5"), but we spend most of our time lounging in the sectional corners or with our feet propped up, so it's not a big deal. And I am now 7 months pregnant and am perfectly comfortable taking a nap on the couch (just about every day). We love the storage under the cushions, but behind the storage there's an open space. Our dogs have quickly learned to "bury" bones and other toys back there, so I end up going on treasure hunts fairly often. However, with another couch, that stuff would just get buried in the bottemless pit under the cushions--at least this way I can easily retrieve it. We have also learned to rotate the seat cushions so that our frequently-used spots don't get compressed more than the others. Like anything, a little regular maintenance is keeping our couch as good as new and we are so pleased with it that we are ordering more sections for it. We are even using Home Reserve to furnish some of our nursery.

    Bottom Line: We love our Home Reserve Sectional and we would buy it all again in a heartbeat. Great product! Thanks!

  27. Home Reserve

    This is absolutely the best furniture to own if you own cats. I have had a Classic Love Seat for several years, and have just ordered new fabric (although the old fabric is still fine) as I'm changing colors in the living room. The way the fabric lays on the pieces of wood, and completely covers the wood, it is nearly impossible for cats to scratch on it. It is as close to pet proof as any furniture I have ever found.

  28. Home Reserve

    i was about to spend $1038.39 for the same sofa and love seat, i'm glad a kept on searching.

    I would like to know if the couches we have can be taken away with you or do I have to do it.;2

  29. Home Reserve

    The sofa, chair, and ottoman I got from Home Reserve are awesome! They arrived within a week and were very easy to put together. The Altima pet care fabric is soooo soft and looks very pretty. Even Rupert, my lab/great dane loves the furniture.
    Thanks ;1

  30. Home Reserve

    Just ordered a sofa, chair, ottoman and 5 pillows. Am anxiously awaiting delivery and will post my thoughts after receipt.

    #1 thought so far. Process to choose and order was S-I-M-P-L-E!;1

  31. Home Reserve

    My wife and I are so happy with our orders. The fabric feels great and is so easy to clean. Definately worth every cent!

  32. Home Reserve

    I had looked for several months for a sofa or sectional for a small lake house. I found Home Reserve after almost giving up my goal to find a comfortable, flexible option at a great price. I can not recommend Home Reserve more strongly. Thanks to those who have left comments because you tipped the scale for me to try this out. I never thought I would put a sectional together on my own but I did and the result is fantastic.

  33. Home Reserve

    We love your product! We were looking for an affordable love seat for our daughter's newly remodeled room - taking her from toddler to teen. It is perfect! The design is amazing - that you can upholster without nails or glue and the fabric fit is excellent. We would recommend Home Reserve in a heartbeat!

  34. Home Reserve

    I love my sectional! Exactly as I measured and it fits in my tiny studio apartment perfectly. It took me a few hours to assemble on my own but I had no problems. Sandy's customer service was great. I will definitely order a few more pieces and will recommend to friends.

  35. Home Reserve

    The sofa was a bit more difficult to put together than we thought it would be but I am amazed at how great it ends up looking. The fit of the material on the frame and cushions is perfect. We did have one missing bolt which created some issues, but we made it work. Thanks for a product that works as it says!

  36. Home Reserve

    I moved into a loft apartment up a steep and narrow set of stairs so i bought one of these couches for moving convenience. i LOVE it! everyone said i was crazy for buying a purple couch but once they see it they love it. everyone is completely amazed it was a couch in a box. will recommend it to everyone!

  37. Home Reserve

    I love your products. Love the couch and chais!
    It would be great if you guys made curtains for windows, to match the fabric on the pillow cases.
    It would complete the look in a room :)

    • Hi Griselda,
      We sell our fabric by the yard. Call Sandy She’ll help you out 1-800-482-2712 x105

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  38. Home Reserve

    I decided in the fall that I wanted to get new furniture. I had never been happy with the living room suit I had because I have a small ranch style home and the furniture was way too big. I googled \"furniture for small rooms\" and this website came up. I researched extensively and ordered tons of swatches and after much measuring and deliberation, I ordered a Laney sectional, a sofa, two chairs, an ottoman and around 8 pillows. It did take my sister-and-law and me a day to put it together but overall with a power screwdriver it was not difficult...just time consuming because of the volume (11 boxes in all:-0). It fit EXACTLY the way I had measured and could not look prettier. The room looks twice as big and many people have commented on that fact! It is also very comfortable and becomes more so the more you sit on it (we have had it for 5 months now). Overall I am thrilled with it and love telling everyone who told me it was a mistake to order furniture online how much I love it :-D ! I usually make believers out of them ultimately!

  39. Home Reserve

    I am so happy we found an american based company that fits not only our lifestyle but also the lifestyle of our three dogs; Boe a great dane, lucy our border collie and MJ our corgie! No more worrying about muddy paws or if lucy gets mad and eats a cushion! I cant wait to enjoy our sectional with our whole fuzzy family! We ordered the ALI sectional after drooling over it for over a year! To say I was worried about the quality would have been an understatement.... I watched every video, every picture slideshow, read every review I could find online to make sure I was getting what I paid for! I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! Shipping was quick and Sandy was even kind enough to send me an update about when it would be coming when the suspense overwhelmed me! The quality is AWESOME! The Fabric (Mission Federal) is dreamy.....the pieces when put together are more stable than the couch we looked at at a large furniture store and it is sooooooo comfortable! I was even impress with the details! small strips of foam that cover the sharp edges on the back of the couch! This furniture really is worth the money! I could not be more impressed and intend on ordering more asap! The thought of being able to replace a cushion, cover, or interior piece is great! This is just what I have been searching for! My girlfriends and I were able to put it together in an afternoon easily! No blood sweat or tears! I will sing my praises of home reserves to everyone I meet! ;1

  40. Home Reserve

    I went to the factory 2 months ago and to see the furniture for myself. Being that I was only 2 hours away, it made a nice trip.
    The factory isvery interesting to see and everyone there was soooo friendly.
    I placed my order and then my daughter, grandson and I went to lunch. By the time we got back, my order was almost finished. We were allowed to watch them \"finish\" it up.
    Once we got teh pieces home we got it assembled in no time. The instructions were very easy to understand and we had no trouble what so ever.
    The very next day, my grandson got sick and threw up on the ottoman. Since I bought the Altima fabric, it just wiped up!!! I was truly amazed and so glad I paid the extra for the kid/pet friendly fabric!
    I\'m glad I gave up my coffee table for my ottoman - I love it!
    Thank you Home Reserve for a great product! You are all the BEST!
    PS: I\'m still adding to my set so the pics may look funny. ;1

  41. Home Reserve

    I am SO HAPPY with my Laney Loveseat in Altima Thyme. The color is perfect (based on the sample I ordered, I was afraid it would be too dark but I really wanted the pet-care fabric so I took a chance). I was hoping my husband would put it together while I was out running errands Saturday but I came home to find the boxes unopened ;3
    SO, I got out the electric screwdriver and had it put together (all by myself) in just a couple of hours. The instructions could not have been better! I bought it for my pup\'s playroom but it looks so good, I\'d be proud to have it in any room! And it\'s really comfortable. I could not be happier with my purchase and have already told many people about Home Reserve. I\'m even thinking about replacing another couch in the future. Thanks for making a great product (in America) that is of high quality, affordable, and easy to assemble. Ikea has nothing on you guys!

  42. Home Reserve

    I ordered the Delmar Fig sofa and loveseat for my daughter with a very
    tight deadline. It took a few days for me to convince her this was a
    fabulous deal. Not only did the furniture arrive, it arrived with a
    day to spare! Assembly was a challenge, but I knew my daughter was up to the challenge. She is delighted with the quality, comfort, and
    appearance of the pieces. Home Reserve proved that Mother DID know

  43. Home Reserve

    Thank you Home Reserve For my new Oversized chair. I needed a Special sized Chair for my office & I found the perfect one with you guys. I even got to pick the color & it came within 5 days of me ordering it. I came in early one morning & had it put together within an Hour & a half. It looks great! & soooo comfortable! I wish i could find a way to put it behind my desk so I could use it! I will for sure buy all my furniture from you in the future, Thanks again It sure worked out good! :-) :-)

  44. Home Reserve

    I've had my Sofa for a year now. It's perfect for my apartment, as I couldn't fit a regular sofa through the door of and previously used a futon. I love the extra storage space, too.

    Once the cushions broke in, they were very comfortable; and seem to have little or no wear a year later.

  45. Home Reserve

    8-0..I LOVE my new sectional. The pieces fit together beautifully and the directions are so user friendly. The pieces are very sturdy and the fabric is high quality. I also am impressed at how well and easily the fabric went on the frame..I\'ve recommended this furnitre to family and friends.