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  1. Home Reserve

    Wow! Building you own furniture is a great concept. I might have caught the furniture building bug for extra income when I retire while assembling my chair and a half. I put it all together myself. Love the size. I will recommend this to family and friends and may buy again in the future if the need arises. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

  2. Home Reserve

    THIS AN UPDATE TO COMMENT 1129. Im so happy with my purchase the cushions have broken in so nicely on both items. I make it a point out to everyone they are put together furniture and people dont believe me.Hopefully ill take a picture of both and post them!!YEAH FOR HOME RESERVE.:-)

  3. Home Reserve

    After much research and lots of shopping around, I found that Home Reserve was the best choice to replace the sleeper loveseat in our little living room. I had always wanted a chaise; there isn\'t one listed on the website, but I was able to conceptualize and construct our \"FrankenChaise\" easily from one Brook Sectional Corner, one Brook Armless, and two End Panels (the End Panel installed on the Corner extends too high up for comfortable sitting, so I removed it and used the End Panel Altima Thyme fabric to cover the side of the Corner Unit; the other End Panel fit fine on the Armless unit - it was easy, no worries). You could easily make this longer by adding another Armless unit or an Ottoman. Seriously, aside from minor tweaks, I had this thing done in four hours! I do recommend, as others have, sanding off the rough parts (outdoors, if possible) to make assembly neater and easier. It delivered on time with all parts present, accounted for and in great shape; the engineering and materials are of superb quality; and Sandy at HR was tremendously helpful! Now, I have our beautiful, comfortable \"FrankenChaise\" for watching TV or reading, somewhere to sleep sitting up when I have respiratory issues, and my little Pablo has a brand-new perch to watch the world go by!

  4. Home Reserve

    I am very happy with my purchase. Find attached a picture! It looks great!

  5. Home Reserve

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love my sofa. Sorry to be so long getting back to you but just shortly after I received my lovely classic sofa and assembling it, I got really sick and this is first opportunity I have had to let you know how much I love your product. I had a blast with the assembly and it was so easy. My sister bought a sofa from a store just before I received my sofa and she\'s mad at me that I didn\'t buy mine first \'cause she likes mine a whole lot better. I am so glad I didn\'t just give in and buy something from a local store that was just ok and would have been acceptable. This sofa just lights up my little apartment. Thanks so much, Dianna L Jourdan

  6. Home Reserve

    I am not one to review my purchases right out of the box, or before a true test of customer service has occurred. That being said, we ordered our couch, chair, and ottoman roughly 5 years ago. We have been happy with them. The ability to take them apart for a long distance move was phenomenal!

    What has prompted me to finally review my purchase though, is the result of my couch and ottoman breaking. Of course, I don't have my paperwork. I throw everything away, and live in utter chaos. I thought for sure we would be having quite a few bonfires with our couch.

    I called customer service and spoke with Sandy. She was so helpful and patient, and I am very pleased to say that the replacement parts are on the way! I am extremely happy with my furniture and the superior level of customer service!

    If I had bought at any brick and mortar store, I would have paid three times the price for something that would have been made in another country and would now be at the curb.

  7. Home Reserve

    I just HAVE to share my story...I had been looking at your site for about a year. When it finally came time to re-do our family room, I jumped at the chance to try a piece. My husband, who has NOT been price-comparing or looking at any options, was typically skeptical about online purchase of such a big-ticket item. He basically said no showroom, no purchase...too risky. Well, when I received the boxes two days ago (he\'s away on business) I was thrilled. Super fast delivery, I put it all together myself, and it looks AWESOME! Very comfortable and a great price for the quality and type of furniture. The directions were great - the pictures helped a lot. Fabrication was great - everything fit like it was supposed to - that NEVER happens! (We have a lot of experience with assembling....we have a 6 yr. old!) I can\'t say enough about how pleased I am. There are also just so many advantages - the ease of just moving the boxes and assembling on-the-spot, storage options, color options, machine-wash, replace part-by-part...just to name a few. So I thought you all might get a kick out of the fact that this is part 1 to my husband will be home from business tomorrow, so...part 2 will share his reaction :-0 I will definitely spread the word about your site, and I\'m planning on ordering the rest of my room as soon as I get the go-ahead from my guy! Thank you Home Reserve! Really really great job!

  8. Home Reserve

    No problem, couch looks great!!

  9. Home Reserve

    Hi! I am wondering if anyone has purchased a couple of loungers and lined them up like a sofa? I am interested in something deeper than the sofas offered, both for myself and my large dogs. I have an older great dane that really likes to sprawl out on the couch and lay on her side. I thought maybe 2 or 3 loungers with some additional pillows would offer enough support for the times it will be used like a sofa. Most of the time, the dogs will be laying on it or I\'ll lay down and watch a movie or something. Any ideas would be appreciated :-)

  10. Home Reserve

    Have had our sectional for about 3 yrs now and still absolutely love it! We have 2 slobbery shar peis and I was concerned about going with fabric cushions but this stuff is amazing! Let the slobber dry & it brushes right off even without scotch guarding! We will definitely be ordering more in the future!

  11. Home Reserve

    Thought you might want to see the new sofa!

  12. Home Reserve

    The instructions were easy to follow and I love it that I can buy extra covers so when we mess it up too much I can replace the cover 8-0:-)

  13. Home Reserve

    Hi Sandy,
    I recieved my couch yesterday 3/23, my boyfriend took it out of the box immediately too put the couch together. He said he’s never put something together that was so easy to follow instruction wise. I absolutely love the couch; it looks wonderful in my apartment. Several tries to get a couch fit through my apartment was getting annoying, until I found the website for Home Reserve! This company is wonderful, everything is made to perfection. I will buy again from here. I will send you a picture through my email that you may post with my comment!
    Thank You!!!

  14. Home Reserve

    I have recently made my second Home Reserve purchase. I have downsized from my original Laney sofa to a Brook loveseat. I\'ve been very, very pleased with my HR furnishings. They are sturdier than anything I\'ve ever purchased at a discount furniture store, and they look fabulous.

    I did have a small issue with the assembly of the frame for my Brook - armless frames part 1/2 and 3/4 were impossible to fit together as cut. It was a simple matter to get around, though - I just used the included sanding pads to take tiny amounts of material off the pieces until they could be tapped together with a rubber mallet.

    My experience with Home Reserve over the past three years has been extremely positive. They produce a wonderful product and their customer service is second to none. I will definitely be purchasing more furnishings from HR, and will encourage my friends to do the same.

  15. Home Reserve

    Hi Sandy this is Wendy Hill. I just wanted to email you a photo of my finished sofa. I absolutely love it. I tried to post it on your website but it wouldn\'t upload from my phone. You can post it if you like under my comment. Thanks so much for everything!!

  16. Home Reserve

    I recently bought a Love Seat from Home Reserve and boy am I impressed! It took less than an hour to assemble. The factory workmenship is outstanding. Whoever engineered these pieces of furnature knew their stuff. I will buy from them again soon. :-)

  17. Home Reserve

    My husband and I couldn\'t decide on what fabric we wanted, so we chose two. I love the look of the sectional and our chair is done the same. I have already had to wash the cover for what I call the coffee table(large designer cube I believe). It went through the wash with no changes in the fabric. It was very easy to order, pick up, and assemble the furniture. I also found the videos for putting the fabric on helpful. Thanks again Home Reserve!

  18. Home Reserve

    I bought my Hudson loveseat on 2/19 and it arrived on 3/3; no parts were missing or damaged. I managed to asemble it within a few hours with literally just one eye open I had surgery in January, which weakened a bit the left side of my face. I could not fully close my left eye. So, the opthamologist recommended that my left eyelid be glued shut for a while to protect that eye.) and must say how delighted I am with its firmness and practicality. Please note that the instructions for part 9 state \" with four screws.\" Well, there are four, pre-drilled holes, but I did not use the two directly below the cutout of \"9\". Having purchased this furniture online was a great gamble specially since it requires assembly by the customer. The gamble paid off tremendously! I shared photos of my project with my family and they were impressed. I definitely will consider Home Reserve during my next furniture hunt and would recommend you to anyone.;-)

  19. Home Reserve

    We love our tux loveseat in mission black. We searched every furniture store in the area, did tons of research online, and by accident, I happened upon Home Reserve. I\'m so happy that I, 1.) didn\'t settle for a loveseat I didn\'t love from a large store, 2.) didn\'t spend a bundle on a loveseat I sorta liked online, and 3.) purchased something that is actually handcrafted here in the USA!

    I had very strict measurements I needed to stick to for our small home office, and this loveseat (and ottoman) not only fit, but look and feel great.

    Money well spent. I wouldn\'t hesitate to order again.

  20. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve,
    My husband suggested I buy a new desk for more storage, instead I bought two loungers and kept the old desk. My four young children fight over the lounger all the time. I chose Pulse Citron and it is a beautiful fresh, textured green that is neutral enough to go with anything. (The picture doesn\'t do it justice) It\'s a bit of a traditional fabric for such modern pieces, but the texture was similar in texture to my sofa. My only assembly issue was putting the covers on. My tip, besides the required cordless screwdriver for he frame, is to make sure you have all the smooth sides facing out. Also for HR, since the lounger seat is larger than the sectional seats it would be a great help having a three sided zipper. I must say, though, I pulled and stretched that fabric and thought I was sure to rip it, but it held up fabulously. And the great thing about having two loungers is that, by the second one, I was a pro at putting together the pieces and cut the time by at least one third.

    Also HR, any plans to be able to customize a banquette at table height!

  21. Home Reserve

    My 6-piece sectional arrived over a week ago and I absolutely 8-0 it!
    It was very simple to put together (approx 2-3 hrs total), and the fabric quality is astounding.

    KUDOS!!!!! Home Reserve. I look forward to ordering more pieces in the near future.

  22. Home Reserve

    Love it, love it, love it!

    Great products, great idea, great convenience and I love the new web site, too!

    Thank you!!:-D

  23. Home Reserve

    I bought a sofa and 2 ottomans. I love them! I have one suggestion - I would love it if you would offer a double ottoman - the kind that is so popular now!
    Thanks for all the choices!

  24. Home Reserve

    I recieved my sectional yesterday. We searched for weeks for the perfact size couch for our small livingroom. I came upon your website and loved that I could build my couch to the size I needed. It\'s just beautiful. Everything I\'ve watched and read on your company is completely true. I did do a search on the BBB and they rated your company with an A+. I completely agree with them. I will be buying an adtional armless piece in the future . I am very pleased with my overall purchase. :-D

  25. Home Reserve

    My roommate purchased one of these sofas for our college apartment because we couldn\'t fit a assembled couch through the doorway.

    We used the furniture a lot and it held up really well. I was skeptical about putting it together but we put it together and it looked really nice!

  26. Home Reserve

    I\'m looking for different size pillows to throw on my Wedgewood blue color queen size bed. Window treatment is also the same background color w/ some red wine and very small pink,navy and white Can you suggest throw pillows that would compliment the wedgewood spread. Four poster bed, furniture mahogany;1

    • Hi Jeannine, Give Customer service a call at 800-482-2712 Our Home Reserve designers might be able to help.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  27. Home Reserve

    I have been browsing your website for over 3 years. At that time I needed a temporary sofa so I bought something else. This time I needed a permanent sofa and went directly to your website. I will not lie I thought the building process would be easier. Alot of litte parts but then I do like putting together furniture. I am very glad I purchased both a Laney leather sofa (coffee color)for the living room area and a Tux loveseat (pulse cocoa) for my bedroom. The cover is very stable not anything like a slip cover. I will recommend Home Reserve to everyone.:-)

  28. Home Reserve

    I have to admit that initailly I was very skeptical about your product. But it was delivered promptly, the instructions were EXTREMELY easy to follow, and the end result was all that I could hope for. It turned out to be the perfect option for my budget. And I love the versatility of being able change fabrics and pieces/parts should they need it down the road. A+!

  29. Home Reserve

    Dear Sandy,
    The boxes arrived and my husband and I put the seat together today. We are very pleased and thank you again for your help! I\'m recommending your site to my friends!
    Take care,

  30. Home Reserve

    Thanks to everyone there. I finally have furniture that fits in my odd-ball shaped living area. Just wanted to send you all a picture of the finished product as I am very proud of the results. You will definitely be hearing from me again for different covers as I love the idea of a change. You guys are awesome.

  31. Home Reserve

    I bought a sofa and loveseat in December and decided to wait 2 months before reviewing. Putting it together was fun (I like building stuff) and it took me roughly 12 hours interlaced with watching TV, listening to music and going out with friends and coming back.
    They both look very good and all my friends have given compliments. One more thing, Sandy was really helpful as I had problems with my credit card. She gave amazing customer service all through.

  32. Home Reserve

    I had purchased a couple samples before choosing which color I wanted to buy of the oversized 24\"x24\" pillows. Good thing I had because the sample colors are quite a few shades darker than on the website so be sure to keep that in mind when buying one. I had purchased the Altima Thyme and when I recieved it, I couldn\'t have been more satisfed. It looks so chic and stylish with my couch and I intend on purchasing more in the near future! But remember, it is best to buy the $1 samples before purchasing!It is nice to be able to find a website that has this many color selections and fabrics for a good price!

  33. Home Reserve

    What a great company! The price and color/fabric selection is unbeatable, the quality of the furniture is excellent, and customer service is top notch--plus delivery is fast! I purchased a 'Brook' sofa for my small studio, and it looks perfect-- exactly as I pictured when I saw the photos provided on the site. I also purchased the small cube to use as an end table and am very happy with how everything turned out. The sofa is very comfortable and the cube is sturdy enough to handle a heavy lamp. Assembly went smoothly with easy to follow instructions; the only tricky part was aligning the fabric just right on the arms of the sofa, but with two people it was not terribly difficult. I am very pleased with my decision to buy from Home Reserve and will not hesitate to recommend the company and purchase again!

  34. Home Reserve

    I received a confirmation shipment email from fedex, and when you said you would rush my order you really meant rush my order. I am extremely pleased and impressed with the level of customer service that you provided. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family.
    Thank you and have a great day,

  35. Home Reserve

    First off I have to say that Sandy is incredible!!! I purchased my sectional last month and I still have a couple of more pieces to add and all I have to say is I love,love it,love it!!!!!! I am a DIY kind of person and I have to say this is probably the easiest piece of furniture I have EVER put together! Even my husband was impressed with the sofa and usually he always finds fought in everything so that is saying a lot coming from him. Anyway I purchased the tax sectional in the altima sand fabric and it is beautiful. I have four children and yes I have a white sofa, how crazy is that?? It has already been put to the test from my 2 year old!! Anyone with children I HIGHLY recommend the altima fabric. And yes you can have children and light furniture!! I will post photos after I receive my last 2 pieces. And again thank you sooooo much Sandy for putting up with my bothersome phone calls, you are a real sweetheart!!!

  36. Home Reserve

    I received the sofa a few days ago and I could not be happier! It was incredibly easy to put together, even with 'help' from my 18 month old. Thanks again for your help,

  37. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to let you know that I received my sofa yesterday! I never got the email about tracking but thankfully there was someone there to sign for it. My husband and I put it together last night, and I have to tell you that Iam very impressed with the piece. It was beautifully simple to put together, beautifully comfortable and beautiful in general. I own a small corporate housing business and will be sure to use your products again in the future as well as refer your business to my friends and family as we live in a city where the row homes and apartments were built with very narrow entrances.

    Thanks again,
    Crystal Ryan
    A Home In The Hill

  38. Home Reserve

    I wanted to say a big thanks to Sandy and all of the people at Home Reserve! We purchased a couch recently and drove to the factory to pick it up. Our Outback was not quite big enough to fit the two boxes in the back (with our two kids in the back seat). That was not going to stop Sandy and the guys in the factory! It was a freezing cold day, so they let us pull our car into the loading dock area, then helped us to strap one of the boxes onto the car. We didn\'t have anything to strap down the box, so one of the employees let us borrow his ties (we mailed them back the next day). I can\'t say enough for these guys.. the customer service is just beyond!

    The couch came with very well-written instructions. It took us a few hours to put it together, and the instructional videos on how to put the fabric on the pillows are VERY helpful, make sure to watch.. it will save you some headaches.

    Thanks guys! We\'ll be back for more ;)

  39. Home Reserve

    I\'ve got a several-year-old Classic Sofa (2 seat/back cushions) that has
    been well loved. It\'s in great shape.
    This is the best couch I\'ve ever owned. It\'s the longest lasting, too. I have the Pet Care fabric and it looks almost as good today as it did when it first arrived several years ago. Everyone who visits comments on how comfortable it is, too!
    Thanks for your help!

    Liz Owens

  40. Home Reserve

    This is our new foyer in our church. The First Assembly of God. The style is Bay and even though that style is not shown on the web site, we were able to place the order by calling customer service.

  41. Home Reserve

    Just wanted to let you know what a great experience we have had you really have great products. We purchased the Laney Couch, it was so easy to follow the directions each piece fit together as the directions were so thorough. The couch looks great. We have had so many compliments and surprised many of our friends and family members as they couldn\'t believe how beautiful our couch in a box turned out. Thank you

  42. Home Reserve

    As a follow up, we received the sectional last Tuesday, in plenty of time to assemble it for our Super Bowl party. Thank you again so very much for all your help to expedite the shipment.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that the sectional is absolutely gorgeous. We are thrilled with it. The quality, color, construction and comfort are all superior grade. We would recommend this product to any of our friends. It is nice to know that when you order furniture without sitting in it or really seeing it \"live\" that you can trust in your company.
    Again, many thanks and if there is anyone else at your company that I can sing your praises to, please send me their contact information.
    Best regards,

  43. Home Reserve

    Original Post
    #290 by T-A George
    DATE: 12.23.2005 - 21:21

    Follow-up Post:

    Thank you, Sandy! Your professionalism, courtesy, and patience is beyond human comprehesnion. You\'re an absolute asset and treasure to Home Reserve; so, it\'s no wonder that you\'re still with the company. I appreciate the smile in your voice, as you troubleshoot and assuage each customer-service and quality-control query.

    I am absolutely in love with the Monroe Chair & Half (which is really a loveseat with one seat and back cushion, right?!). Both of them look beautiful. The Monroe Chair & Half in Hondo Sunburst looks stunning in my living room and absolutely compliments my newly-converted Monroe Couch with Hondo Apple fabric (formerly known as my Monroe Sofa with Ranger Twill Parchment fabric). As for the Monroe Chair & Half in Hondo Apple, I have created a reading nook in my bedroom. (I\'ve already assembled the frame and will complete it as soon as I finish this post.)

    I\'ve noticed that with both pieces, Box 2 of 2 had two, minor issues. The T-connector in Part 10 does not align with Part 2; however, it did not adversely affect the stability or sturdiness of the fully-assembled chair. Unlike Box 1 of 1, Box 2 of 2 has mislabeled Part 13 as Part 12; therefore, there are two parts numbered 12 in Box 2 of 2. Again, this is a minor glitch, given the obvious differences between the two pieces.

    Again, thank you for the speedy, top-notch service. My order arrived on Saturday before noon, and I was able to assemble the Chair & Half before my guests arrived. Everyone complimented my old and new Home Reserve pieces and were in disbelief that I assembled the sofa (converted to couch after my party), ottomans, and chair by myself. Needless to say, Home Reserve has fifteen to twenty, newly-minted, prospective customers.

    Sandy, as a follow-up to our conversation, all covers for the throw pillows were in the same box (just as you thought). However, I forgot to order replacement arm foam for my Monroe Couch when I ordered the replacement ottomon foam. I will call you (yet again) and look forward to completing assembly and enjoying your beautifully-crafted furniture. Keep up the terrific work!

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Tracy, Thank you for your comments in 2005 and your comment today. Sandy reflects our commitment to our customers and to their satisfaction. Our goal is to do everything right and to fix that which isn’t. Your enthusiasm for Home Reserve validates all our efforts. Thank you.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  44. Home Reserve

    This is our new foyer in our church. The First Assembly of God. The style is Bay and even though that style is not shown on the web site, we were able to place the order by calling customer service.

  45. Home Reserve

    I couldn\'t be happier with my sectional! It was easy to put together; instructions were great, and it looks fantastic. Is much more comfortable than I expected.