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  1. Home Reserve

    Love the Monroe chair and ottoman but the sofa was smaller than expected. The seats are small. Also, I ordered the Altima Cobalt Pet Care and the material is very dark but the velco used to keep the cover in place is a cream color and it really stands out, you can actually see it from across the room. Overall, for the price, not a bad purchase.8-)

  2. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much!! Let me tell you......I am more than impressed with my sectional. I designed a renovation for our basement so that it could be my boyfriend\'s \'man cave\' and I purchased the sectional for this room. Everyone who sees our new sectional tell me that it is nicer than their expensive sofas that they have in their livingroom. I give everyone your website and show them the swatches that I got to show them the quality of fabrics. I was so shocked how easy it was to put together and how beautiful they look when they are done. Last night we were watching a movie and fell asleep downstairs. They were so comfy and the material we picked is so soft. My cats love it too : )
    I will post a picture of my sectional when I leave a testimonial on your site. I just couldn\'t be happier.
    Thanks for everything!!

  3. Home Reserve

    I received my new classic couch, chair, ottoman and pillows and my husband and I are really impressed. I just have one suggestion. You should make some kind of sleeve for the lids of the storage bins so they do not splinter the fabric when you lift them up. I sanded mine but while I was sanding I thought that if there was a piece of plastic just along the sides of the lids of the storage bins that would be great. If you decide to use this suggestion please send me the first ones for my furniture. Thanks,
    another fan of Home Reserve, Francine Lavoie, 32678 Kinsey Lane, Conifer, CO 80433

  4. Home Reserve

    We got are new sofa two days ago, it only took my husband and I one hour to put it together, if that. My husband was very impressed with the quality of the disign and the workmanship that Home Reserve did. I love the color and fabric (I got the olive microfiber, kid gloved). I watch kids in my home, and I think that this sofa will last us a long time.
    We will be buying all of are funiture from Home Reserve from now on!
    I just want to say THANK-YOU! 8-0

  5. Home Reserve

    Purchased a sofa and finally put it together this weekend with the help of my daughter. I was impressed with the ease of finding the correct pieces. I've never seen pieces numbered so clearly. It only took 45 minutes to put it together and the result was fantastic. I was amazed at the quality. Also I when I first received the sofa and opened the box I found that I didn't really care for my fabric choice and the exchange process was the best ever. I am recommending Home Reserve to all of my co-workers and friends. My daughter had recently purchased a sofa at a local furniture store and paid $1,000. Since seeing my Home Reserve sofa she is having serious buyers remorse. Your company really rocks!;2

  6. Home Reserve

    I'm really interested in buying a sectional, but it's important to us that the couch be comfortable. Is there any way to sit on one?

  7. Home Reserve

    I wanted to let everyone know how wonderful the pet fabric really is. My beagle decided to take the empty magenta ink cartridge out of the garbage and up on the couch as his chew toy. I have the Hickory color but still expected a black stain to be permanently imprinted on the cushions. But it washed out and looks as good as it did a yr ago when I purchased it.

  8. Home Reserve

    Totally awesome!..

    I assemebled this myself ( my sofa) in two hours.. everything. and I'm not good with any of that kind of stuff.

    I would suggest an electric drill if to save you hands ( I have arthritis) plus I'm sure it would have easily cut off about 15 minutes..

    Its really comfy as well as sturdy ( I like really firm matresses etc)

    Going to buy some more furniture to match now!

    Thanks :)

  9. Home Reserve

    Okay... Update time...

    It is now well over a year that I've had my sofa (what is now called the "Classic") and I have been truly impressed with the durability and overall comfort of this product.

    While the seat depth is a tad shallow I'm comfortable with it, and will bump out the seat cushions a few inches as has been suggested elsewhere in these comments.

    However, large/tall folk who slouch and grind their way into furniture (like a relative of mine who seems quite comfortable yet is apparently tractioning the back seat cushion under his butt as he scrunches into the seat ) these folk (or their relatives) would be well served to get the ottoman(s) which would, perhaps, discourage this behaviour.

    From the comments here, and from the pictures I see on the site, I am getting the impression that the ottoman has been redesigned - is this so?

    As other posters have said, the addition of the following pieces would be welcomed:
    1- a "family" style ottoman, in a larger/longer size (while the tables are nice, they don't perform the function). Perhaps the ability to "join" one or more ottomans together as a single unit would serve this purpose?

    2- a chaise lounge would be a fantastic idea, and would, I imagine, not impact aversely on the overall product form/lines.

    An aside about moving this furniture - I recently moved and decided that only partial disassembly was necessary (fabric/cushions, storage lids, sides, etc.). It was nice to be able to fit the entire frame into the back of my small SUV, and it also saved time on reassembly!

    Seeing the new sectional pieces, and knowing that I cannot fit one of those into my current home, I can only hope and that a chaise lounge is in the works!

    Thanks again for a wonderful product that really withstands heavy use, re-assembly, relatives, hairballs (from my 2 cats, not the relatives), beverage spills (from my relatives, not the cats) and provides storagie-goodness on top of it all (well, underneath it all...)

    To those who hesitate to order furniture sight-unseen, this is a non-issue when dealing with HomeReserve. This company really delivers on "what-you-see-is-what-you-ge t" service!

  10. Home Reserve

    I received my sectional couch yesterday (1/26/07). The UPS truck came late so I didn't get to assemble it until today. I got the burnt orange, what a great color. I was somewhat skeptical when I first found the website but, I love my sectional! It looks great, was very easy to assemble and I did it myself. My boyfriend said, oh that will take a few days to do, not! The instructions were very simple to follow. I plan on telling everyone where I purchased my sectional and that I did it all by myself! Thanks Home Reserve for a great product!

  11. Home Reserve

    I purchased the Classic sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman, and I absolutely love them!!! I have never in over 30 years found furniture that has been so good-from the price to the fabric, the shipping and ease of assembly. Great job! One thing to note with the oval cut-out hole in the wood where your back goes up against it - it was wearing an oval spot in the fabric and on the cushions, so I placed the cardboard from the box the furniture came in over the oval hole(s) (under the fabric). It worked like a charm! When I need more furniture I will definitely purchase again from your company!!! I've been E-mailing friends and relatives, so hopefully they'll be placing orders also.

  12. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say "thanks" to Home Reserve. I have a small apartment and purchased the love seat, chair and ottoman. It arrived earlier than expected which was great! I also put all three pieces together myself that night without a problem. Instructions are easy with no guess work! I will definately recommend you to all my friends and family! Thanks again!

  13. Home Reserve

    I liked the couches but the
    only problem I have with them
    is I dont think the back is high enough. Otherwise wonderful couches and great storage.:-);2

  14. Home Reserve

    I remain impressed. Bought a loveseat approx 2 1/2 yrs ago for my daughter's dorm room -- it fit perfectly and held up to quite a bit of abuse, and the storage certainly comes in handy. The fabric still looks good, and the cushions have not broken down at all. Given the reasonable price, I was afraid the quality might be so good, but have been pleasantly surprised. Thx!

  15. Home Reserve

    I got my sofa, loveseat, and chair back in early 2005 and I still love it! I would like to make a suggestion. You should think about adding padding to the bottow panel of the front of these items. I often have company over and when they make a mistake and kick the front, it makes a boom sound, but now I've padded it myself. Love the products and adore the company :-)

  16. Home Reserve

    We just finished assembling the couch. It looks great and was not a problem at all. The pieces fit together very well. Thank you!

  17. Home Reserve

    We received our loveseat last week and put it together this weekend. We love it. My husband was most impressed with how user friendly the set up and instructions were. And it looks wonderful and is very comfortable. Thank you so much.

  18. Home Reserve

    Received my love seat the other day and stared at the 2 boxes for awhile...Then I dove in and started building. Only 1 small setback was the 2 T-connectors on one end of the #10 piece didn't fit...I carefully reamed out the cut out and finally slid them in. I was done in no time after that...I am very happy with my Avenue love seat with Kid glove buff material....It is perfect for my space and I will probably order the matching chair soon....Thank you....

  19. Home Reserve

    My second purchase from Home Reserve has delighted me as much as the first. I have a custom finished antique piano that I could not find a stool for. For kicks, I checked the dimensions and found that a home reserve table would be the perfect height. The Chicago Black fabric cover is absolutely perfect and provided an elegant finishing touch to my new living room. And it really is a perfect piano bench, with lots more storage underneath than a traditional one. Once again Home Reserve, a big thanks for the affordable and lovely options you provide.

  20. Home Reserve

    I just bought a Altima Latte Pet Care fabric Sectional that I absolutely love! It is comfortable, well structured and looks fantastic. It only took about 4 hours to put together and it was very simple. Nobody can believe the price for the quality. Every other couch I looked at was around 2,500 or 3,000 dollars and never was exactly what I wanted. This sectional exceeded my expectations tremendously. I have told everyone about Home Reserve and the many great styles and options they have. Short of buying my first home, this is the best purchase I have ever made! Thank you Home Reserve!

  21. Home Reserve


  22. Home Reserve

    I first ran across your sight a little over a year ago and thought it was an interesting concept. I book marked it because I did think that it would be great if it worked and wanted to come back to read more out of curiosity. Well a lot happens in a year, for me I moved, bought a new lap top and did not transfer my book marks and got stuck with my 87 inch leather sofa in my dining room because we could not get it into my new living room. I have been living for a while with a day bed as my living room couch and thought I would be stuck with this or a small love seat. As luck would have it I once again ran across your sight, and this time I spent three days reading all 490 comments along with everything else on your sight. After I read most things on your sight twice including the pdf manuals that you have on line I did a search on the internet for any thing at all I could find on your company and read that. After all of this I can honestly say that I'm sold on Home Reserve. I picked up my credit card and ordered the Monroe couch in the Altima Merlot Pet Care fabric. I cannot believe that I will finally be able to have a full size couch and not a bed in my living room. After everything that I have read I am more than sure that I will love my new couch, after all there are over 490 posts from consumers like me on this sight, and all are positive and happy with their purchase and that pretty much says it all. Thank you for taking pride in your product, I only wish that other retailers would read your posts and learn that caring about their customers can only bring more customers.

  23. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new sectional. I was very skeptical like others that I would receive a quality product, given the price and the fact that I had to put it together. I was totaly amazed at how nice it looks. I shopped for a new sectional for a new smaller boat, which has a very narrow door opening and thus limited me to what I was able to fit down into the salon. I was trying to justify the $2000 cost of ordering the specialized marine/rv furniture when I came across your site.

    My husband thought that I was nuts to: number one, order a sofa over the internet and: two order one that had to be put together. My son and his friend put it all together for me. I had read the other comments and was prepared to maybe have a missing part and for the first section to take a while to put together. The first section did have to be chisled out on one of the sections to make it fit, but everything else went smoothly. By the time my son got to the 5th section, he had it together in under 15 minutes.

    I chose the ultra suede fabric and was most pleased with the look and the feel. You cannot tell that there is wood under the cushions or that it did not come from a regular furniture store. I would definately order again and will recommend your company to friends.


    Vicki Stellato

  24. Home Reserve

    I searched the internet for a sofa and loveseat to fit through my very tight basement door. My last sofa had to be disassembled and literally shoved down the staircase, the thought of doing that again was giving me nightmares.....then I found Home Reserve!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone in my house just loves it, it makes an old paneled basement look new and since this purchase, I have added a chair and ottoman to my bedroom. My dad loved putting them together so much that he said he wants to order one for's like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
    It is comfortable, the storage is great and the idea of being able to change the fabric is just icing on the cake. If you are thinking of buying one, just do it, you'll love it as much as my niece who you see sleeping on the sofa.