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  1. Home Reserve

    thank you so much for my new sofa...i absolutly love it! the fabric is beautiful and super soft...the cushions are thick and comfy...and my boyfriend and i put it together in about an hour and a half--even after a few drinks! it was much easier to assemble than i assumed even after checkin out the directions online. i can't stop talking about it!...if it weren't for the guestbook comments, i don't know that i would have purchased this sofa...but everyone seemed so excited about it, so i had to try it. and now i'm in love. thanks again!

    incredibly satisfied customer for life

  2. Home Reserve

    I have had my ottoman & classic chair in Lberty Olive for about a week now and my family really likes them! The fabric is perfect, the assembly was incredibly easy, and Home Reserve is my new best friend! I reccomend everyone looking for furniture to try at lesat 1 piece because you won't be disappointed!

    The site is great so it was a pleasure to order.Thank you Home Reserve, I can't wait to order my sofa! ;1

  3. Home Reserve

    I Wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed we are with the buying process, as well as, the finished product.

    Before we purchased,your customer service department was very helpful and friendly. I read the reviews on your website, as well as a few other reviews from other websites about the furniture and was pleased with what I had found. So we decided to order a full room of furniture all at one time. Here is what we ordered 2 Small Designer Cubes,3 Ottomans, 1 Classic Chair and a half, 1 Monroe Sectional 1 Monroe Right arm,1 Monroe left, and 2 Monroe armless. It was all delivered in 11 clearly marked boxes approximately 10 days later and my wife and I got started on building the furniture. To our surprise, it was easier than what we read on the website. All of the furniture was assembled in under 3 hours. Except for one ottoman that we needed to call about and have one of the parts resent out to us, due to the fact that one of the parts were cut a little bit off. I could have corrected the problem with a jig saw but when I called customer service and explained the problem they said that they would send a replacement part right out and I would receive it within 48 hours. Wow that is Great Service. We could not be happier and we will be recommending Home Reserve to our friends and family. Sincerely, Victor ;1

  4. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the two sofas, ottomans and pillows I ordered from your company...they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!...and the added feature of storage is just FANTASTIC!
    If I need any more pieces, I\'ll be sure and use your company!!
    Hope your holidays are pleasant and you have a Very prosperous New Year!!

  5. Home Reserve

    Recieved our sectional yesterday and we are SO happy with it!;1
    The entire experience purchasing this couch has been wonderful, from great customer service to promt delivery! It is very comfortable, soft and looks very fancy! It's easy to put together and the directions are very easy to follow. Thanks for giving people with a tight entry way the opportunity to have a sectional! (Jordan's couldn't pull it off as we discovered after 4 months of trying).

  6. Home Reserve

    I\'ve had my sofa nearly a year. It arrived quickly, and my 14-year-old son was able to put it together by himself in a few hours. I helped with putting the covers on the cushions, which as a little difficult, but not too bad. The fabric is beautiful. I have not yet washed it in the washer, but have cleaned a few spots off of it with a damp rag- very easy to do. It is extremely comfortable, and the cushions have not lost their shape at all. I got the firmer cushions for the back rather than the pillowy ones thinking they would hold up better, but I don\'t like the look as well, and when I order the next sofa (for another room), will probably get the other type. Also, the type I got hooks over the back of the sofa, and the sofa would get pushed against the wall, pushing the back cushions out of place. So I placed a long 4x4 piece of wood behind the sofa on the floor to prevent this. The storage compartments are not quite as big as I expected, but are nice and can hold 1-2 blankets each, depending on the size of the blankets. One problem with the storage compartments- the front panels don\'t go all the way down, leaving an opening so that smaller objects can fall out. I don\'t understand why they are made this way, since it could have easily been made so that the panel goes all the way down.
    This sofa is very sturdy, and has survived almost a year in a house full of teenagers and a toddler with no damage- very impressive in my book. This price can\'t be beat for the quality. Overall, I am very pleased and highly recommend this furniture.

  7. Home Reserve

    So I got home last night after I enjoyed an hour to myself getting my nails done. Very relaxing. Then I came home and there on my 3 week old couch was lipstick. A nice big ol' stripe. (Also some on the brand new carpet too) So after I SCREAMED at my husband, we investigated to find out that it wasn't my 4 year old daughter but my 2 year old son who did it. A friend said to try Goo Gone. And it was a miracle! I love the ALTIMA THYME PET CARE FABRIC! It's awesome! There is absolutely no evidence of it being on the couch what-so-ever.

    Now the only thing that I am mad at is that he used my Mary Kay lipstick! :-/


  8. Home Reserve

    Like others here, I too looked at your website and thought this is too good to be true. I finally broke down and ordered a loveseat to see if your furniture is really as good as everyone says. I am so happy I did :-! Not only was it easy to put together, but the tuxedo loveseat looks like the tailored expensive furniture you see in showrooms. ;5:-U

    Thank you HR:-!

  9. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say that after I found your site, I ordered a loveseat and couch once our tax money came in. I had a blast putting it together and of course it was easy seeing how I didnt wait for my husband to get home. It really didnt take me long to put together at all. It is pretty sturdy for the price too. They are lightweight to move too seing how I like to move stuff around a lot. the only thing i need to find is a way to keep them from sliding since we have wood!
    I actualy had to call today to order some new pieces and they were great about it. When I decided to update again I will def. choose this company.

  10. Home Reserve

    It is very normal for everyone to be skeptical when it comes to ordering products online without feeling it especially when it comes to Sofa set. We were like any normal human being skeptical. But after reading several comments from consumers, we were pretty comfortable ordering from

    We went and visited few furniture stores to get a feel for fabrics. Then ordered Sofa/Love Seat on a Sunday and to our surprise we had the product delivered on Friday.

    My parents and us are very thrilled and happy to use it.

    It took about 4 hrs to assemble both sofa and love seat including clean up.

  11. Home Reserve

    I ran across the Home Reserve site while shopping for an affordable sectional that possibly had layout and fabric choices. Wow you guys had configuration options and then some. My skeptic side was suspicious but also completely intrigued by the build it yourself approach. I have an aversion to MDF (Ikea anyone?) but I have complete faith in the sturdy industrial ply board that is used in the Home Reserve product.
    I took a small test leap by ordering an armless chair with an ottoman along with a stack of fabric swatches. I fell in love while building it...really quite a lot of fun and very easy. When It came time to order the complete sectional in the Altima Aqua the fabric was out of stock. I toned my choice down to the quieter Altima Thyme. I happily got to use the fabric exchange program and sent back my armless chair fabric.

    When my sectional came in the 10 or more UPS boxes I took it upon myself to sand and put a clear seal coat on all the wood parts. This is not a necessary step but I usually go beyond sensible when I\'m doing things. It at least makes the storage areas smoother. I also took the step of utilizing some of the cardboard packaging. I noticed one of the cardboard panels is the same size as the interior chair back and slipped them in under the fabric. Again not necessary but just in case the back cushion is removed, I don\'t have that little oval dip on the backside.
    I had filled up my first ottoman with dvds...this thing holds a bunch and became too heavy to scoot around all the time. I took the liberty with my ottomans that I will be using as my coffee tables and added some small strong wheels. It would be a nice feature to offer at an added cost.
    The furniture is very sturdy. I have some very large friends that have a history of furniture crushing..and I feel perfectly fine with them on my Home Reserve sectional.
    Great styles, fabric, quality, and phenomenal price. Don\'t hesitate!!

  12. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to tell anyone who is looking for sectionals Home Reserve is the best choice. I live in a studio apartment in Hollywood Ca and I need something that would give me options. I ordered 3 chairs and 1 corner chair. When I got the boxes open and started putting them together and saw how nice they look and easy to put together I could not stop. I just ordered a standard ottoman. Thanks Home Reserve for your home solution and being made in the great USA.


  13. Home Reserve

    I wanted to mention that I had to call in to customer service after I had put the wrong shipping address on for my furniture. Thank you SO MUCH for leaping to action and getting the correct address on the packages. Thatis fantastic customer service and your company should consider itself very lucky to have employees like you!


  14. Home Reserve

    I love your products. Love the couch and chais!
    It would be great if you guys made curtains for windows, to match the fabric on the pillow cases.
    It would complete the look in a room :)

  15. Home Reserve

    I liked the couches but the
    only problem I have with them
    is I dont think the back is high enough. Otherwise wonderful couches and great storage.:-);2

  16. Home Reserve

    My furniture arrived yesterday and I was sooo excited! I ordered a Laney sofa, armless sectional unit, and an ottoman and they all showed up in PERFECT condition! The fabric quality is WOW and everything just looks so chic. I am 1000000% happy with my furniture and am already planning on ordering more! I\'ve already recommended you guys to tons of friends..

    I sooo hope you guys keep expanding your could take over the world (or at least tons and tons of homes)!

  17. Home Reserve

    WOW! We're really interested in ordering from your company. Glad we found out about your site.

    We'll save alot of money & storage space for our home.:-D

  18. Home Reserve

    Dear HomeReserve,

    I bought my loveseat three months ago.I have to admitt I was a little scared ordering such a large item over the Internet.I told my family about my new find on the internet and they laughed at me. When I received the two boxes I quickly dove in to my project (putting it together). Well who is laughing now.HA HA HA! Thank you thank you thank you. My next project is decorating the den and you know where my next couch and chair is coming from. I almost forgot to tell you,the family members that thought I was crazy,bought your couches too.

    Excellent prices, excellent material,
    excellent service.
    Excellent Job
    Cheryl B
    Vallejo, CA

  19. Home Reserve

    All I can say is WOW! Not only is this one of the greatest products I have ever purchased, but hands down they have the best customer service I have ever encountered!

    Do not hesitate to purchase anything from this company. They are top notch. The fabric covers and workmanship are quality (I picked the cordoroy). Building is not only very easy but fun! You would never know these sofas come from a box! And the cost is more then reasonable. I just can't say enough.

    I am a returning customer. I just finished building my second order, a 6 piece sectional that took a little over an hour to put together. I'm sure it won't be the last purchase from me or one of the many people I have told about this amazing product.

    Thank You Sandy and everyone else at Home Reserve! I'm so glad I found you!!

  20. Home Reserve

    We ordered a sofa and it arrived over the weekend. We put it together pretty easily and LOVE how it looks. It is comfy, attractive and perfect for what we needed.

    We never could have gotten an assembled couch down our narrow basement staircase, but with your product, we have a fullsized piece of furniture that we'll enjoy for a long time.

    Thank you!

  21. Home Reserve

    First off i want to say that Home Reserve is excellent! The thing that makes them excellent is a simple/affordable product but they excel in customer service! I purchased the Monroe Couch and Ottoman with fairview blue suede....

    Let me start with the couch....

    I received 2 boxes that contained all the couch contents... The wooden boards were easily numbered and the instructions were so simple and easy to follow.... I would recommend using an electric screw driver i did it all by hand and it was kind of long! All in all everything worked out beautifully and it took me alone around 3 1/2 hours to put together my monroe couch from start to finish with everything.. The cushions are a bit firm to start with but ive had the couch almost a week now and they have softened up...

    The ottoman took a bit longer because unfortunately one of my boards got cracked in half during shipping... I had called customer service and they sent me out a replacement..

    Oh and
    Sandy Wood the customer service person is excellent she should get a raise!!

    Thanks Home Reserve

  22. Home Reserve

    No Worries! I put together the Classic sofa all by myself and am thrilled with the look, the fabric, the comfort and overall value. What a great deal

  23. Home Reserve

    I just want to say thank you for thinking of this. I live in a very old house where my apartment was once part of another floor of the house so my living room has a vary bad entrance because it use to be a bed room plus they put this kitchen sink perpendicular across from the entry, needless to say there is no way to fit a sofa or even a love seat though the door way. The only way I thought I was going to be able to have a couch was buying a very expensive one that came in pieces, but now I have hope. I live on a very small budget raising 2 children so I ve lived with out a sofa for almost 6 years now since I moved in. I just wanted to say thank you.

  24. Home Reserve

    I have some co-workers who wanted to buy furniture online. I came across you and gave them the web address. They ahhh and woooo'd over the site and now u'll have two new customers.

    You have an excellent website and I too hope to buying something soon.;2