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  1. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve People!

    I just received my sofa and chair today, and it took me about an hour and a half to put them both together. I know this sounds like everyone else, but I am SIMPLY ASTONISHED at how good they look! My boyfriend is a building contractor, and even HE was impressed with the stability and sturdiness. I personally was impressed with the exacting fit of the wood pieces and the fabric, as well as with the quality of the cushions. Although I consider myself to be pretty handy, I nonetheless appreciated the level of detail in the assembly instructions (OK to trim the threads, etc.) so that even the most seemingly minor concern was addressed. Anyway, I was very skeptical at first, but you have made a new and VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! Thank you! ;2

    PS. Now I really want to see a CNC Machineing Operation in action! Also, please feel free to use anything I said on your site. Those other customers' comments definitely made a difference to me when I was trying to decide....

  2. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to let you know that I received my sofa yesterday! I never got the email about tracking but thankfully there was someone there to sign for it. My husband and I put it together last night, and I have to tell you that Iam very impressed with the piece. It was beautifully simple to put together, beautifully comfortable and beautiful in general. I own a small corporate housing business and will be sure to use your products again in the future as well as refer your business to my friends and family as we live in a city where the row homes and apartments were built with very narrow entrances.

    Thanks again,
    Crystal Ryan
    A Home In The Hill

  3. Home Reserve

    We received our order on Saturday. Of course we wanted to get it put together right away. We are so pleased. The directions were clear, the photography informative and we love the finished product. We purchased a sectional with a right arm unit, a left arm unit and 3 middle sections as well as an ottoman.
    The furniture was easy to put together. My husband an engineer said the product is very well engineered. My youngest daughter age 14 put some of the pieces together and her comment was that who ever designed them was brilliant.
    I am amazed and pleased with this product. We bought this sectional because I didn\\\'t like the furniture that came with our 5th wheel and took it out and tossed it in the dumpster within two weeks of our buying the camper. We used lawn furniture until I found you on the Internet. I was able to purchase exactly the width of sections I wanted to fit where I wanted them to fit.
    We will be living in our 5th wheel full time starting in a couple of weeks and think you should advertise with Woodalls and other RV magazines.
    I for one highly recommend your product.
    I am sending along a couple of photographs of our sectional set up in our 5th wheel. Thank you for an excellent product. I am excited that I can change the upholstery and cushions if and when needed and that the material I chose is machine washable.
    I also wrote about our new furniture on my blog listed below.
    Thanks a bunch.;1

  4. Home Reserve

    Well, after staring at your site for months, I have decided to buy a couch and chair in Sensation Linen! 8-0
    I love the idea of the changeable fabrics too! Durango Boot covers are next!8-0... I can't wait for it to arrive ... I will update this when my items arrive too

  5. Home Reserve

    Wow, I recieved your sofa (Tuxedo in tomato red) in just 5 business days from the time I ordered it. I had a few friends over last night and made a little party out of putting it together.
    Even with come cocktails involved, the base was put together in less than a hour by a fabulously handy friend of mine The cushions only took 20 minutes to stuff. I love the way it looks in my living room and it's really comfy!! Thanks Home Reserve!!! Great idea and product!

  6. Home Reserve

    Delivered new set yesterday. So far I am impressed with your products!!
    Hope to do more business with your company in the future.

    Thanks Dan

    PS: Assembly went pretty smooth!! Engineering , very impressive!!!
    A little bit of a challenge, all went well though. Even added some new vocabulary !! LOL :-D

  7. Home Reserve

    I know you folks have a limited line of products to keep things simple and costs down, but I really must agree with the folks who suggest adding a chaise to your product line. I need new furniture for every room in my home, and all of my seating needs could be solved by your company if your current product line were expanded to include a chaise and a bench seat (which ought to be a *very* simple product for you to add).

    Even if you don't add the bench seat and chaise, I plan to order one of each of your products as I get the money to do so. Thanks for making an affordable, American-made line of furniture for folks with limited budgets and uncompromising taste.

    P.S. I found you on

  8. Home Reserve

    love this idea!!
    cant wait to get ours in the mail!

  9. Home Reserve

    I wanted to say a big thanks to Sandy and all of the people at Home Reserve! We purchased a couch recently and drove to the factory to pick it up. Our Outback was not quite big enough to fit the two boxes in the back (with our two kids in the back seat). That was not going to stop Sandy and the guys in the factory! It was a freezing cold day, so they let us pull our car into the loading dock area, then helped us to strap one of the boxes onto the car. We didn\'t have anything to strap down the box, so one of the employees let us borrow his ties (we mailed them back the next day). I can\'t say enough for these guys.. the customer service is just beyond!

    The couch came with very well-written instructions. It took us a few hours to put it together, and the instructional videos on how to put the fabric on the pillows are VERY helpful, make sure to watch.. it will save you some headaches.

    Thanks guys! We\'ll be back for more ;)

  10. Home Reserve

    My love seat (covered in Paparazzi Multi) and my cats have been in close contact for 2 months now and I am happy to say there is not a snag to be seen! I was curious to see how micro fiber would hold to claws and I didn't want to spend a fortune to find out that the fabric couldn't handle it. So far, so good. I'll update again in a few months. By the by, I wasn't able to put my couch together because of an injury. Two relatives went to work on it, it was hysterical. Left to their own devices, it would have taken them days to get it together. Neither could follow directions. It took them 45 minutes to get no where. 35 minutes after I started directing them, it was done. They were very impressed with themselves.
    Thanks much.

  11. Home Reserve

    This was our first experience with Home Reserve....And won't be our last...Love your furniture... really fun 'building' it.
    Everything goes together so perfectly... Very strong, and the fabrics are just beautiful... We ordered Sectional pieces in Fairview Sand, an ottoman in Fairview Sand (and another cover in Kirby Lapis, also some pillows in Fairview Sand, Fairview Buff, and Kirby Lapis...They all look so
    nice together... And since we have two large dogs (English Setters who love the sofa and occasionally allow us to set there) we found throws to cover the sofa that match the lighter blue in the Kirby Lapis and reverse to also match the Fairview Sand..
    Also, Sandy in customer service was so helpful and made it fun to order for the first time...Thanks for being a very unique place to shop...
    Sandi & Rog Bailey

  12. Home Reserve

    Me and my husband just purchased a sectional and we are sooo very happy with it! We were kinda nervous at first but that totally went away after putting it all together (which was super easy to do!! and it is SUPER comfortable!!!

    So thanks for the couch and it really was a great investment!!!

  13. Home Reserve

    We have assembled the two Monroe loveseats and have been using them for about a week. I can\'t tell you how totally superior this product is. My wife and I built them in a few hours. It brought back memories of lincoln logs and erector sets. The frames were a lot of fun to put together and all parts were flawless. The whole construction appealed to both of us. My wife excelled in making sure the fabrics and foam went together properly, and I enjoyed building the frames. It really is the perfect his/hers project. The color was accurately represented and the fabric is extremely strong. The frame feels like it would support a baby elephant. We could not have made a better choice. Let us know if you would like some photos of the finished room. We know where to go for our next purchase of either a chair, loveseat or sofa.
    Very best regards,
    Joe Randazzo

  14. Home Reserve

    PRO: Very easy to assemble - the pieces fit easily, looks as expected. Great for little kids as cushion covers are easily removable and washable (we bought pet friendly fabric).

    CONS: After a year, you can now see the numbers they carved into the front panels (below sitting area) thru the fabric. My suggestion: Tape over them, or maybe put index cards and tape over this so you will not see the dent in the fabric over time.

    Also, side fabric panels were so snug, the barely cover the bottom of the pieces at the ends of the couch (the arm rests). So, you do see a little ply wood at the bottom.

    Easy over all, but the last part - putting the sides of the couch on - was difficult to reach and tighten. Also, to recover the entire couch, you have to take the sides off the couch first. Kinda a drag, but if you don\'t do it that often, its not a big deal.

    OVERALL: for the price, ability to change fabrics, etc. - two thumbs up. You get a descent couch for a great price!

  15. Home Reserve

    I received my sofa on Thur and started assembling on Sunday (scary as no customer help is available). It took 2hrs and 45min to assemble completely. Every piece fit. It looks fabulous. This sofa is for the basement & grandkids but I wish I was putting it in my living room.
    Thanks Homereserve for a wonderful product.

  16. Home Reserve

    thank you so much for my new sofa...i absolutly love it! the fabric is beautiful and super soft...the cushions are thick and comfy...and my boyfriend and i put it together in about an hour and a half--even after a few drinks! it was much easier to assemble than i assumed even after checkin out the directions online. i can't stop talking about it!...if it weren't for the guestbook comments, i don't know that i would have purchased this sofa...but everyone seemed so excited about it, so i had to try it. and now i'm in love. thanks again!

    incredibly satisfied customer for life

  17. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the two sofas, ottomans and pillows I ordered from your company...they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!...and the added feature of storage is just FANTASTIC!
    If I need any more pieces, I\'ll be sure and use your company!!
    Hope your holidays are pleasant and you have a Very prosperous New Year!!

  18. Home Reserve

    Recieved our sectional yesterday and we are SO happy with it!;1
    The entire experience purchasing this couch has been wonderful, from great customer service to promt delivery! It is very comfortable, soft and looks very fancy! It's easy to put together and the directions are very easy to follow. Thanks for giving people with a tight entry way the opportunity to have a sectional! (Jordan's couldn't pull it off as we discovered after 4 months of trying).

  19. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say that after I found your site, I ordered a loveseat and couch once our tax money came in. I had a blast putting it together and of course it was easy seeing how I didnt wait for my husband to get home. It really didnt take me long to put together at all. It is pretty sturdy for the price too. They are lightweight to move too seing how I like to move stuff around a lot. the only thing i need to find is a way to keep them from sliding since we have wood!
    I actualy had to call today to order some new pieces and they were great about it. When I decided to update again I will def. choose this company.

  20. Home Reserve

    I wanted to mention that I had to call in to customer service after I had put the wrong shipping address on for my furniture. Thank you SO MUCH for leaping to action and getting the correct address on the packages. Thatis fantastic customer service and your company should consider itself very lucky to have employees like you!


  21. Home Reserve

    We ordered a sofa and it arrived over the weekend. We put it together pretty easily and LOVE how it looks. It is comfy, attractive and perfect for what we needed.

    We never could have gotten an assembled couch down our narrow basement staircase, but with your product, we have a fullsized piece of furniture that we'll enjoy for a long time.

    Thank you!

  22. Home Reserve

    ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE WAIT!! I was working last week so I couldn't even open the boxes until yesterday. I'm not exactly handy so I was a bit worried about the assembly - but wow!! super easy, it took precisely 2 hours (as promised) and was no trouble. The loveseat is EXACTLY what I wanted, looks great, and was a great price. I would tell you how comfortable it is but my standard poodles won't give me a chance to try it out, they are keeping it to themselves. I'll send a pic of them on it if you would like.

    But seriously, thank you for selling a product that not only fulfilled my expectations, but exceeded them.


    Dana Tantillo, RN

  23. Home Reserve

    I am so happy with my chair and ottoman!

    I started out with a studio apartment and thats all I had room for. Now I am moving to a new city and into a much bigger home. Thankfully I can easily take apart my home reserve furniture for my cross country move. I have been checking the home reserve site the last few months, preparing for my move, and thinking about a new couch. I see you have sectionals now! What a great idea. I am sure I will be buying one soon, especially with your great customer service.

    At one point a small piece of my ottoman broke and I was sent the new piece next day air. I have told everyone in my family about home reserve and how great the quality and service is, thanks for everything!!;2

  24. Home Reserve

    I LOVE MY COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been buying couches every 1.5 years. I did not have great expectations when I ordered a my Home Reserve sofa, but WOW! It is great. Putting it together was fun and we are so pleased.

    THANK YOU!!!

  25. Home Reserve

    I bought my Ali sectional almost two years ago and have loved every day of it! The seat cushions are holding up great (with some occasional rotation), and the back cushions are as fluffy as the day I put everything together! The key is to occasionally fluff them by beating them against the floor. The storage spaces are just large enough to hide the books and papers that tend to collect on my coffee table.

    Since I tend to have people over, I ordered Mission Chocolate covers for the frame and Altima Latte for the cushions so that I can easily clean up any spills. Just call to place your order and they can help you customize your furniture like that, too!

  26. Home Reserve

    Received the box. Assembled the mdse. Happy with the result. Enough said
    Yes, I\'d place another order with your company. Happy customer.

    D. R.

  27. Home Reserve


    I just want to acknowledge receipt of my Loveseat on Friday. After assembling it, I am completely satisfied with it and am glad that I chose the Liberty Sand Dune fabric.
    Assembly took me about 2 hours and once all was together it brightened my living room by a factor of ten!

    Thanks and should I decide to buy a chair and ottoman, they will definitely be from Homereserve.



  28. Home Reserve

    My furniture arrived one week after you received payment. Which is way less than time than expected.

    I had seen your web-site last year and since then I had been debating about whether or not to buy from you. I wasn't sure I wanted to put together another piece of furniture.
    My bed, my bookcase, my coffee table, my DVD tower and my computer desk were all put it together yourself items. I don't mind it but I always have trouble with the instructions and wind-up doing something wrong and having to start all over. With DVD tower I put the base on upside down and had to take the whole thing apart and start from the beginning , therefore I was a bit hesitant about putting together more furniture. But, after reading all of the comments for this year and most of last years I decided to take a chance and besides with your prices I could afford a chair and love seat not just one or the other.
    Well the instructions were great. I don't know how long it took for the chair and love seat because I stopped and had dinner and a glass of wine but I would estimate no more than two hours total. The furniture looks great and is very comfortable. I might get a different color later but for now the caviar is great. Thanks for a great product and such prompt delivery. I will recommend your company to anyone that needs quality furniture at a bargain price.

  29. Home Reserve

    My wife just recently purchased the sectional online, and at first I was a bit skeptical, I mean come on how can something for that low of a price besolid enough for a family of four.So when she said that it would be here in a few days I prepared myself forit.I opened the first box and thought, WOW ! they thought of everything,gloves, sand paper, and really good instructions, then I started assemblingthe sectional.O-man !!!!! it was great, the first piece went together really fast.. I loved it so much I called my sister and told her about it. She came over thenext day and helped me out with the rest of it , and now she wants to getone for her t.v. room. We love our new sectional, I am telling everyone we know about it. This is definitely the way to go, I am sold on it.
    Thank you so much

  30. Home Reserve

    Thanks for getting back to me. I managed to get into the website last night and placed an order! I love that you guys are right here in the US and are so accessible. I look forward to getting my loveseat after much eliberation on my part (not about the product just the material) and look forward to seeing your business thrive. It is a great idea! Your website is terrific, especially the video of all those large men sitting on the sofa. Sure sold me! And I am moving into a tiny house so love the idea of the storage space within the furniture. Have a great rest of your day.....


  31. Home Reserve

    Knowing I can call and have things shipped to arrive around the same time as I do has made up my mind as to ordering!! Now to pick my living room and fabric!!
    Thank you again!!

  32. Home Reserve

    Once Again, I am just Stunned!!:-U

    I received my loveseat today and put it together in 40 minutes. It's beautiful, looks much more substantial than the picture on the website & the Loden microfiber is wonderful (it coordinates with so many things!). Mt hubby loved the furniture and especially loves the price. I'll post again when my chair & ottoman arrive. I'm definately sold on Home Reserve! Thanks Again!!

  33. Home Reserve

    Over the weekend, I received and assembled one of your four-piece sectionals.
    I\'m an engineer. Over the last 35 years, I\'ve worked in various phases of manufacturing, design, health /safety / environmental, instrumentation and automation. The sheer thoughtfulness, elegance and simplicity of the engineering incorporated into your products left me impressed. The precision, quality, fit / finish and consistency of your manufactured parts left me dazzled. The logic, ease and end result of the assembly process left me with an attractive, high-quality product I could not otherwise have obtained without spending twice or three times the money.
    Yours are among the finest quality and highest value products - of ANY kind - I\'ve seen in the last 15-20 years. That Home Reserve is an American manufacturing company makes me proud of my country and its talented, hard-working people.
    I\'m overjoyed that such talent and industry has not yet been driven out of the country by government looters.

  34. Home Reserve

    I promised I would let people know what I thought about your product after I had it awhile... I LOVE IT! We bought a sofa, love seat, chair and 2 otomans 2 1/2 years ago. They still look and sit great! One of the plastic pieces broke about a year ago and home reserve replaced it pronto! I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and the altima holds up great!
    I will probably be adding to my collection soon!:-D

  35. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to let you know I received my couch yesterday 4/22 I am so happy everything was easy to put together I wish more company's would take pride in there product as you do I cannot say enough I am so pleased my hats off to your company.Bravo!!

  36. Home Reserve

    I could not wait to sit and write to you to tell you how much I enjoy my new sofa and how GREAT it looks. ;2 I just moved into a new apartment and desperately needed a sofa. I got my 3 boxes yesterday and got to work putting it together. You're right, it took about 2 hours! I have even sent you a picture!

    Those skills putting a puzzle together as a kid sure came in handy - it was also fun! There's also a sense of pride knowing you actually assembled something like this - people won't believe me, which I am sure will lead to referrals to your site. Trust me, I will be ordering a chair and ottoman soon! THANKS AGAIN! :-)

  37. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve:
    I would like to let you know just how much my family and I love the furniture that we purchased through your company.? It was so much more than we expected!? This is the first time that I have received things to be put together that you can see thought was put into packing each and every box.? It was very refreshing!?
    We are already planning to order for the other rooms ?in our house.? With the versatility of the furniture you can always?put together a custom design from?Home Reserve!

  38. Home Reserve

    Good morning:
    I purchased a sofa last year in the spring of 2007, and had it shipped to my son Mel Prescott in Canoga Park, CA. When I saw it that summer, I was impressed with the quality of the fabric.
    Now after visiting this year I am impressed with it\'s durability. It looks as good as new!
    You have a wonderful product!
    I would purchase more of your products in the future, as long as they stay Made in the USA!
    Thank you,

  39. Home Reserve

    We would like to thank you for how quickly you got us our sectional and the great customer service we were given when we came in on a non-production day and still got our sectional the same day in only 2 hours. We got it up in no time and it was very easy. With such short notice you did a awesome job!
    Thank you very much. We will be back to get more.

  40. Home Reserve

    I am extremely impressed with the quality of my sofa, and the wonderful customer service I received from Ms. Sandy Wood.( very appropriate name for furniture company). I am a very skeptical consumer... I had been looking for an inexpensive sofa for a few weeks( I'm divorced and living in a small apartment so I wanted something reasonablly price yet tasteful. After looking at the reasonably priced sofas available in the chain stores, I felt they looked nice, they were averaging around $600.00 a sofa, and probablly would have bought one, but being a careful consumer read all kinds of negative reviews about these chain store goods, poor quality, made in China, terrible customer service etc. etc.
    I had a really terrific experience dealing with Home Reserve( namely Sandy) and even with some minor SNAFU's a long the way, I must say she is extremely patient , honest, stands by her word and goes the extra mile for her clients. After reading previous reviews, and seeing no negatives or complaints essentially on their sofas, I started the process by ordering four swatches around the middle of May. There was no shipping charge, and I received a nice little packet with four different swatches. I was very pleased with the presentation, I than proceeded to call Home Reserve because I had some additional questions-- this was my first entcounter with Sandy:-),
    She was very nice, and informative and helpful, and helped me narrow down my choice as far as style and fabric. I placed the order, initially I was in a bit of a rush because a friend of mine was flying into town, and I thought he could help assist me in putting the sofa together. Anyway, my friend's trip was delayed, this was a slight misunderstanding as to the delivery date, which turned out to not be a problem since I was no longer in a rush. My skeptical side and suspicions were already flairing up, but I spoke to Sandy, she was very upfront that there had been a slight mix up on their end, she immediately took care of the issue,and then I received the sofa ( in two huge boxes) the following week, which was exactly the same date as the FED EX confirmation courtesy email she sent me.
    Now not having great confidence in my ability to put this thing together, I had asked a local handyman who worked for my landlord. When I proceeded to empty the contents of the box, he did not seem to have to patience to assist me. I admit , looking at all the pieces , it did seem a little daunting, but I was determined by hook or crook to get this thing up and running. I proceeded to methodically line up the parts. The manual was clear and concise, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and piece by piece started to put the frame together. They were number individually numbered which made the process easier than one would think. I borrowed a drill with a Phillips screwdriver attachment , and the piece came together after a few hours. It looked solid, and sturdy. I realized one tiny part was missing from the box, a glider for one of the part on the bottom of the sofa. I called Sandy and she immediately sent out one overnight delivery, again this impressed me because she took care of this in an efficient and timely manner. Then next day, I started to put the seating cushions together, which was was not difficult , but a little time -consuming. I mistakenly thought I was missing something, it was a three piece element that was made out of some sturdy interior fabric material, I for some reason was looking for wood pieces. My mistake! yet Sandy responded immmediately to my call and overnighted the 3 pieces out to me next day. I felt really bad when I realized I already had the pieces already, but Sandy was again very agreeable and accomodating.
    The last part of this process included a small stain, I found on one of the fabric cushions,Sandy went completely out of her way again, to accomodate me. I sent her back the fabric cover, and she completlely replaced the whole fabric set,, although I told her that wasn't necessary. The sofa looks great, it's a good size, the fabric is unbeliveable because it can be washed in the machine, and hung out to dry, and dries very quickly. The seating cushions are a little hard, but I knew this going into the purchase and know they will soften with time. I'd rather have a firm sofa rather than a sagging one.
    Anyway for the money, you cannot beat this anywhere!!! The company is based in America which is good for our economy and Sandy is amazing. I have never had such a good experience with ordering something on -line, and having all my expectations met and beyond.
    I am a real consumer , and everything I have stated is 100% true, this company is awesome.!!!8-08-0

  41. Home Reserve

    How easy was that?????!!! ;2 Got my 2 chairs and ottoman for our sunroom and assembled them within a couple hours. Great instructions and quality materials. I was skeptical at first, but now that they're together, they look and feel great!!!

    When comparing HR to other furniture, I couldn't justify spending 7 or 8 hundred dollars per chair MORE for similar chairs. Thanks HR for putting out a quality product and a reasonable price! ;1

  42. Home Reserve

    We received our chair and a half, sofa, and two ottomans on Tuesday (July 12) as promised. We were able to put everything together in just over four hours and were pleasantly surprised at just how nice everything looks. The fabrics are wonderful and the furniture fits nicely in our small(ish) living room.
    It is a little difficult adjusting to smaller furniture after years of having large, over-sized sofas and chairs. The cushions are very firm --probably a little too much so. I'm hoping that they soften without wearing out too quickly. And, truthfully, I do wish that the backs of the furniture were taller as to accomodate necks and heads. However, we are mostly very pleased with our purchase. We love the idea of being able to replace parts as needed rather than entire furniture collections. We have pets and kids and are confident that this was a smart purchase. :-)

  43. Home Reserve

    I just want to thank you so much for the fantastic customer service that you have given to my daughter who just bought a Monroe Love Seat with the multi squiggle fabric! We recently moved her into her studio apartment at IU in Bloomington, IN and there wasn't enough room for the couch we originally had ordered, and you were able to switch the order to the love seat without any problem and it was delivered to her yesterday and she put it together last night and just loves it!!! Thank you so much! When our other daughter goes to college in a year and has an apartment in a couple of years, hopefully we can get her a couch from y'all again.
    Linda Shive

  44. Home Reserve

    Thank you for your patience and professionalism. I got exactly what I wanted which you managed to accomplish in spite of my somewhat curmudgeonly behavior. You are a credit to your industry.

    The Altima Pet Care fabric in Hickory looks rich and elegant, and feels great too. Replacing the original back cushions with throw pillows makes the sectional look very stylishly modern. I\'ve just placed an order for two more pillows.

    As you can see, the sectional\'s most frequent user is quite content with it as well.

  45. Home Reserve

    I recently purchased your Laney Milky Way Chair and a half plus ottoman. I
    am extremely pleased with your product.
    The amount of assembly was more than I bargained for, but with English
    instructions and great pictures it was not hard.
    The furniture is sturdy. I love that it's made in the USA and that you took
    extra steps to make your manufacturing green.
    At half the price, your product is great! Thank you. I will be referring
    more people to your site.

    Deanna Leach
    Waco, TX

  46. Home Reserve

    I've had my Home Reserve couch for over a year, and we still love it. We don't use the storage as much as I thought we would...except to hide blankets before company arrives:-) Despite that, we love the couch. I have two 3 year olds and they jump on teh couch, spill on it, etc. I've washed my covers several times after accidents from them or our puppy. Everything about the couch is great!!

    I am ordering a replacement cover today because I want a new look in my living room. We will order from you again,and I will continue to sing your praises to everyone I know.

  47. Home Reserve

    I ordered my sofa, and got it 5 business days later!! Wow!! It is better than I expected. I ordered the Altima Pet Care MERLOT fabric, and I can't believe how plush and rich it is. The sofa exceeds all of my expectations. Your directions were very well done - my one suggestion is that you not suggest that the hammer is optional - without it, I would still be trying to get the first 2 pieces to go together. This is absolutely fabulous. I have a couple of friends who are thinking about buying coming to look at it this weekend. Thank you!!


  48. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much! Your company is getting a lot of word of mouth from me already; I've been so impressed by your product so far. Once we get the sectional and give it a go, I will likely be ordering more furniture from you (I have plenty of ideas for odd shapes and using corner units ininteresting ways).

    I've also been very favorably impressed by your customer service. Rave reviews from this new customer so far, and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new sectional. I've been highly impressed by your website, which answered nearly all of my questions before I had a chance to ask them. Your videos and photo galleries helped a lot in explaining your product and howyou\'re different. I've been stymied for years in searching for a sectional that I can configure how I want it, and I was so excited to find you online.

  49. Home Reserve

    I bought a couch from your site about 3 years ago, and I was so in love with it - how easy it was to put together all by myself, how quickly it arrived, the price, the beautiful pattern - that I raved for days to everyone who would listen. I was missing one of the plastic T-connectors, and I contacted Customer Service... they sent me 2 immediately!

    3 years later, I just want to say that I am *still* so in love with my couch. It\'s super comfy, the fabric is easy to clean, the cushions have stayed plump, and I adore the storage underneath the seats. I came back to the site today to start pricing matching armchairs. :)

  50. Home Reserve

    Just like the reviews said -- the couch was super easy to put together!

    I was able to put it together in less than 2 hours with a handheld drill. The fabric looks great and the couch is nice and soft. The seat cushions are a little stiff, but since sitting on it for about 2 weeks now, I can feel them getting softer.

    This sofa works perfectly in my first apartment and I\\\'m very happy! Thank you!

  51. Home Reserve

    Just wanted you to know I recieved the couch and put it together with no problems . I am extremely pleased with the product and find it amazing how you designed such a well made couch that is a do it yourself. The only thing that bothered me at first was the smell of the wood because I have asthma. However that seems to be disappearing with time. This is my first big purchase online, and would recommend this product to friends and family......Thanks Linda