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  1. Home Reserve

    I received my sectional on Thursday and Friday I put it together myself. I needed help from NO ONE. I Love It!!!!! I Love It!!
    I have told everyone how affordable it was, the quality, and how easy it was for me to put together. I would suggest to anyone to invest in products from Home Reserve. It was worth every penny!!!

  2. Home Reserve

    Hi Home reserve,
    I would like to thank you and all your great team for a job well done ! Now it is up to us to get it together! That will happen this weekend . Will get back to you at the end. Thank you ,

  3. Home Reserve

    Hi, Sandy.
    Just thought I'd let u know I've rec'd my shipment and everything's in good order. My daughter & I put it together on Tuesday. It looks fabulous! We were amazed how well everything was packaged, including gloves and sandpaper sponge in each box...even how well the covers are all made and packaged inside out! It was a pleasure dealing with you, Sandy...thank you for all your assistance and hospitality on my visits! Have a wonderful's finally here!

  4. Home Reserve

    OK just got my loveseat. My son and i had so much fun putting it together,and i love it. I have 2 boys that are 22(hope they find a place soon

    ;2 if they do i will recommend you all very much and maybe help put it together.

  5. Home Reserve

    I stumbled upon Home Reserve looking for new, cheap furniture for my house. Everything looked great but with so many positive reviews, I was a bit skeptical that it was THAT great. Nonetheless, I found nothing wrong and ordered my first loveseat. When I placed my order it for some reason charged me with two shipping fees. I called Home Reserve to fix the situation and they immediately went to work at solving the problem. Byron personally called me to apologize and make sure to let me know he was fixing the problem. I received the furniture about 7 days later and went right to work at putting it together. With a power drill, I had the fabric on and all in a little less than 2 hours. It looks great and is definitely worth well over what I payed.
    My absolute only complaints, if they can even be called that, are that it would be nice if the customer had some way of tracking the shipment and the cushions are a little stiff, but I\\\'m sure when they break in it will be great and with them being this way the couch will more than likely last a lot longer. But overall, I am more than satisfied with being a customer of Home Reserve and will continue to be in the near future.

  6. Home Reserve

    We love our sectional, which we've had for almost 2 years. We have a very small home and the furniture is low profile. The only complaint I have is the ottoman cushion doesn't like to stay in place. It moves in the direction of where people's feet are pushing it because it doesn't sit securely on its board.

    I would love to see Home Reserve come out with allergy liners that go over cushions before putting on the upholstery. :-D

  7. Home Reserve

    I received the shipment yesterday as you have noted. I am so excited I began assembling it last night and was able to get the two arm sides completed after a long busy day at work.

    This morning I just could not wait so I put the covers on the seat cushion and back cushion. Wow is it beautiful! Just as I thought it might be. The fabric is wonderful and the colors are gorgeous! I just finished putting a cover on one of the arm sides. That was not easy, but I did it. I may have time to start assembling another portion of the chair before I leave for my day.

    I can\'t thank you enough for your help and expediting my order, you are great. Hopefully I will be able to order the matching hassock and another side chair and my living room will be completed.

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Home Reserve

    Thanks for such a nice loveseat.

    I placed my order for a Kid Glove Buff Avenue Loveseat on the 4th of October. I was shocked that it only took a few days to get my new loveseat on the 15th of October.

    It took under 1 hour to put it together. What more can anyone want it is so so so so nice. I must say I would buy more if I had the room for it. I am total happy with my item and can not stop looking at it.

    Thanks home reserve for a well built item and super fast shipping.

  9. Home Reserve

    I\'ve owned the classic couch, loveseat and chair (with ottoman) for four years; with the Pet Altima fabric in Thyme. Don\'t hesitate to order! The couch, loveseat, chair - supremely comfortable and the fabric wears like iron!! After four years, and countless dogs and cats lounging, jumping, sleeping and doing other, nefarious things dogs and cats do, the fabric still looks great! And, if it does get a little dirty, just throw it in your washer, on gentle cycle, cold water, hang dry and just slip the fabric back on. My Home Reserve living room looks so good that a friend who recently purchased her first house, asked if I would mind if she bought the same furniture. I helped her assemble it and she is now the proud owner of the Classic living room set in Altima Latte.

    Thank you Home Reserve. Made in America; unequalled customer service, terrific products! ;1

  10. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve People!

    I just received my sofa and chair today, and it took me about an hour and a half to put them both together. I know this sounds like everyone else, but I am SIMPLY ASTONISHED at how good they look! My boyfriend is a building contractor, and even HE was impressed with the stability and sturdiness. I personally was impressed with the exacting fit of the wood pieces and the fabric, as well as with the quality of the cushions. Although I consider myself to be pretty handy, I nonetheless appreciated the level of detail in the assembly instructions (OK to trim the threads, etc.) so that even the most seemingly minor concern was addressed. Anyway, I was very skeptical at first, but you have made a new and VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! Thank you! ;2

    PS. Now I really want to see a CNC Machineing Operation in action! Also, please feel free to use anything I said on your site. Those other customers' comments definitely made a difference to me when I was trying to decide....

  11. Home Reserve

    I am so pleased with my Home Reserve sofa. The fabric I initially ordered was not available, but the customer service department called to offer me any replacement fabric I wanted because of the delay. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your website. Who knew I could end up with a brand new, grown-up looking sofa on a budget?

    It's a great product, and your customer service is excellent. Bravo! :-)

  12. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to let everyone at your company how happy my family is with our purchase!
    We recently bought a cozy corner sectional in Altima latte. We looked FOREVER for a sectional that would fit into our small TV room, and always something just wasn't right- either it wouldn't fit through the hall, or the color was wrong, or I couldn't see the point in spending sooo much money on a brand new couch with a 2 year old spilling milk and grinding cookies on it every 5 minutes. When I found your website, I was hesitant--the thought of buying furniture online made me nervous, and my husband was a little skeptical as well. But we bought one piece to try it out first, and were so impressed that I couldn't wait to order more! We finally got rid of the huge dark green, double-reclining sofa that was dominating our tiny TV room. I had the corner piece and an armless section together( with the fabric covers on) in about an hour. After putting 1 piece together the rest go super fast. ( My husband was impressed) He was also Really impressed with how sturdy the pieces are one they are bolted together, and he thinks it is very comfortable. The Altima pet fabric is GREAT for homes with toddlers, everything wipes right off.
    I can't tell you how happy I am with the finished product, and I feel like I have the freedom, to a certain extent, design my own furniture and be able to have so many options on how it will fit, even in my tiny room. I will definitely be buying more furniture from Home Reserve in the near future as well as some pillows and I have told all my friends to check out your website as well. Looking forward to new products and fabrics and keep up the good work!! ;1

  13. Home Reserve

    hi there,

    i am actually taking time off to send in my comments; that's evident of how pleased we are about the couch we purchased from you; we are a newly married couple setting up our home and my husband and i thoroughly enjoyed assembling it and the end result is simply superb; it took us only 1 and a 1/2 hour to assemble it. The furniture looks classy and a lot nicer than it
    looked on the website; the storage space is nice too; very considerate of you to have sent a pair of gloves along with assembling
    parts; my husband, an engineer has certified this innovation as a wonderful engineering work; thanks.

    One suggestion; you may further improvise it by providing for a head rest too; you may make that as an
    accessory as those that may not need it need not buy it; think about it;
    thanks again;

    mr and mrs y.subramaniam.

  14. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to let you know that I received my sofa yesterday! I never got the email about tracking but thankfully there was someone there to sign for it. My husband and I put it together last night, and I have to tell you that Iam very impressed with the piece. It was beautifully simple to put together, beautifully comfortable and beautiful in general. I own a small corporate housing business and will be sure to use your products again in the future as well as refer your business to my friends and family as we live in a city where the row homes and apartments were built with very narrow entrances.

    Thanks again,
    Crystal Ryan
    A Home In The Hill

  15. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to leave a quick note on the website about your fabulous customer service. I ordered my 7 piece sectional last Sunday. I called the customer service number on Monday morning, and explained that I was having a party in less than two weeks from then and it would be very helpful if I could get the furniture by the Wednesday before the party so I could have time to put all of the pieces together. The customer service rep I spoke to on the phone said that she would see what she could do for me.
    My order ARRIVED 4 days later. I could not believe it! I have had plenty of time to put the sectional together, and I have to say it was quite simple. I will say that I wouldn't attempt it without electric screwdriver if you have to put together more than one piece. The furniture looks great, and feel very sturdy. I'm extremely pleased, and would not hesitate to order from Home Reserve again.

  16. Home Reserve

    Congratulations on a job well done, HR!

    I'm anxious about receiving the Sofa and Chair in Avenue collection. I've chosen the Chicago Bamboo as it cordinates with my Expedition Khaki walls and the Chocolate suede curtains. As a tip to those choosing the selections I made, Target has their Metropolitan collection and it goes well with just about any colors. We have a small living space and I've made the best of it possible.

    Also, a big thank you to Sandy. You certainly deserve a big fat raise!!

    Holly and Matt Hager

    *will post picture of finished room in the future.

  17. Home Reserve

    I just wanted you to know that I received my order for 9 pieces. I was really surprised that they all came a week earlier than anticipated. So far I have assembled 4 of them. It is wonderful how everything is fitting together. I really love the Fairview Sand fabric. It coordinates well with some fabric I already have, which I plan to used to embellish the back cushions. Will send pictures when it is all finished.
    >I read your story about how Home Reserve evolved. For about 3 years I have been exploring modular furniture, and finding most commercial products not what I wanted. I even found and developed my own plans to build my own living room furniture. Because I did not have enough time to actually do this, I just kept exploring the Internet for ideas. Finding your site and seeing how your products matched my needs was like finding a piece fitting in a huge puzzle. There is just not another company which has really worked out a design so thoroughly. Every detail and consideration is there. Thank you so much.

  18. Home Reserve

    I recieved my Monroe Loveseat and Sofa on Friday April 13th, but I had to wait until I could get a full spring clean done in my apartment. Today my parents and I picked up my 4 boxes that were being stored in the manager's office.

    I absolutely love both pieces. In about 4 hours we had both pieces together. My parents and I have been enjoying since the first moment.

    From the time, I decided to buy I have been sharing your site with family, friends, and coworkers. So, I have decided to host a small party to let those who need to be able to touch and test come try them out. So look for many more sales to follow. ;2

    Thank you so much for a wonderful American made product.

  19. Home Reserve

    John and Barb's Living Room looks beautiful in the picture. I especially like the black, grey and white combination.

    I'm Barb's. I'm very proud of their choices.:-)

  20. Home Reserve

    We received our order on Saturday. Of course we wanted to get it put together right away. We are so pleased. The directions were clear, the photography informative and we love the finished product. We purchased a sectional with a right arm unit, a left arm unit and 3 middle sections as well as an ottoman.
    The furniture was easy to put together. My husband an engineer said the product is very well engineered. My youngest daughter age 14 put some of the pieces together and her comment was that who ever designed them was brilliant.
    I am amazed and pleased with this product. We bought this sectional because I didn\\\'t like the furniture that came with our 5th wheel and took it out and tossed it in the dumpster within two weeks of our buying the camper. We used lawn furniture until I found you on the Internet. I was able to purchase exactly the width of sections I wanted to fit where I wanted them to fit.
    We will be living in our 5th wheel full time starting in a couple of weeks and think you should advertise with Woodalls and other RV magazines.
    I for one highly recommend your product.
    I am sending along a couple of photographs of our sectional set up in our 5th wheel. Thank you for an excellent product. I am excited that I can change the upholstery and cushions if and when needed and that the material I chose is machine washable.
    I also wrote about our new furniture on my blog listed below.
    Thanks a bunch.;1

  21. Home Reserve

    Well, after staring at your site for months, I have decided to buy a couch and chair in Sensation Linen! 8-0
    I love the idea of the changeable fabrics too! Durango Boot covers are next!8-0... I can't wait for it to arrive ... I will update this when my items arrive too

  22. Home Reserve

    I already commented after buying a chair and ottoman last year. But I wanted to tell y'all that the holidays were great at our house -- there was a *parade* of people wanting to try out the chair, and we have converts!

    And, we just rearranged our master bedroom and needed a chair there, and it wasn't even up for discussion... well, other than what color & style of HR chair/ottoman we wanted!

    Thanks, HR for excellent customer service and a great product! ;1

  23. Home Reserve

    Wow, I recieved your sofa (Tuxedo in tomato red) in just 5 business days from the time I ordered it. I had a few friends over last night and made a little party out of putting it together.
    Even with come cocktails involved, the base was put together in less than a hour by a fabulously handy friend of mine The cushions only took 20 minutes to stuff. I love the way it looks in my living room and it's really comfy!! Thanks Home Reserve!!! Great idea and product!

  24. Home Reserve

    I am amazed at the level of service I got from Home Reserve! I am awed that in today's world that a company actually stood behind their products without beating around the bush or making a bunch of excuses that lead nowhere. The Kid Glove Red color of my NEW chair and ottoman covers look spectacular with my couch and have changed the entire face of my living room! Thank you so very much for outstanding service and consideration. It is something that seems to be disappearing from this world at a rapid rate. Not only will I look to Home Reserve when I buy more furniture, I have already told some of my friends and co-workers how you stood behind your products and did a free of charge replacement (they were astounded!).

    Please don't ever change!

    I will without hesitation recommend Home Reserve to anyone I know who is considering buying furniture!

    Linda Dusang

  25. Home Reserve

    I only got the chair you know the one BEFORe the extra half got added on...

    Power tools made setup a breeze.It is a small jigsaw puzzle at first, but the concept is easy, even without instructions.

    -Think boxes...

    Not having to lug heavy furtinute or tween it between walls during a move was my main reason, and still remains my main reason to purchase these units.No wonder I hated moving as a kid.

    I moved all my furniture, though much can be said about my dresser and nightstand for stability....with my car.

    Your units are definetly stable, one thing i would mention, i may recommend the more boxier furniture ends, otherwise it becomes evident your chair or whatever was built, not made this way[by hand].Lightweight, too, so that dictionary you used to lug around as kid finally has a resting place, and its not by your TV.Would recommend an optional weight set for the smaller pieces, though, even loaded, my chair seems to want to move on its own.

    Overall I would give six thumbs out of five.

  26. Home Reserve

    I posted shortly after we got our Sofa in 1/2005 stating how pleased we were with it, and I just wanted to post again a year later and let everyone know that we STILL love our couch! Thank you so much! When I was researching before buying I really wanted to know other people's experience with the couch over time so I thought that I should post myself and let others know that it's STILL great a year later and we STILL love it! I would buy another one again in a heartbeat!

    I also wanted to comment on the warranty policy; last night my husband and I were joking around and I sat down hard on the couch, falling backwards into the back panel, when I fell on it the back panel snapped, well cracked really, so I called this morning, explained that it cracked and was apologized to and asked for my name, the part number, and confirmation of my address, the part is being shipped out today @ no cost and this took literally 10 minutes to do! AMAZING!

    Thank you so much! We are soooooo happy with our couch we are VERY hard on it and this is the first time in a year anything has happened, to anyone wondering if purchasing from home reserve is money well spent? Let me tell you.... DO IT!!!! You won't regret it!

  27. Home Reserve

    Delivered new set yesterday. So far I am impressed with your products!!
    Hope to do more business with your company in the future.

    Thanks Dan

    PS: Assembly went pretty smooth!! Engineering , very impressive!!!
    A little bit of a challenge, all went well though. Even added some new vocabulary !! LOL :-D

  28. Home Reserve

    Moving into a manufactured home, I was dismayed to discover that its entry was too tight to accommodate my big old leather sofa. Desperate, I discovered a miracle: Home Reserve has a full length sofa that comes as a kit!

    Considering that it comes in boxes, costs only three hundred bucks and can actually be assembled with a screwdriver, it s a beautiful thing. And even if it isn t quite as snazzy-looking as my old leather beast, it s just as comfortable.

    While assembling it, I marveled at the ingenuity and simplicity of its design. These guys really know what they re doing, including the brilliant instructions and comprehensive website. Kudos!

  29. Home Reserve

    Our new sectional is perfect. We are renting a place that has a nicely finished basement, but nothing larger than a small chair can fit down the stairs. I really thought I would have to use the space for storage and then we stumbled across the Home Reserve website. We now have a nice six piece sectional in the basement. It was fun putting it together, and it looks great.
    Wow--what a great product!
    Jayne and Keith Cooper

  30. Home Reserve

    I know you folks have a limited line of products to keep things simple and costs down, but I really must agree with the folks who suggest adding a chaise to your product line. I need new furniture for every room in my home, and all of my seating needs could be solved by your company if your current product line were expanded to include a chaise and a bench seat (which ought to be a *very* simple product for you to add).

    Even if you don't add the bench seat and chaise, I plan to order one of each of your products as I get the money to do so. Thanks for making an affordable, American-made line of furniture for folks with limited budgets and uncompromising taste.

    P.S. I found you on

  31. Home Reserve

    love this idea!!
    cant wait to get ours in the mail!

  32. Home Reserve

    I just got my Classic Sofa in Liberty Salsa, and I LOVE IT!!
    It was fun putting it all together and seeing the BEAUTIFUL outcome. I can't believe the quality that comes along with the price! I'm definitely going to be purchashing more in the future from Home Reserve.
    My friend who helped me put it together was also very impressed. :-)

  33. Home Reserve

    I received the boxes yesterday and have started assembling. I\'m really impressed with the labeling and the assembly instruction manual. I\'ve assembled lots of furniture over the last 3 months and this is the clearest and most detailed I\'ve seen so far. Thanks again for your help during the whole process.

  34. Home Reserve

    Sandy you were right I did get it put together even though I do have 10 thumbs, I was really amazed at the quality and thickness of the fabric. When I finally got it finished and went to move it in to position the sturdiness of it was unbelievable. A friend stopped by and couldnt believe what it cost, asked for your website is going to check it out. And the storage areas I love I have been burglarized in the past and they have never bother to look in that area. I saw somewhere on your site you all are thinking about TV ads do you think you could keep up with all the orders you would get, I don\'t remember how I found your site but if I had saw on TV I would have ordered alot sooner. Your help was so appreciated. thanks for gloves and sanding block came in handy one suggestion put a tube of Deep Heat in there Iknow am out of shape but I am sore in places I had forgot about. Have a Merry Christmas. and thanks again for your help alot of company\'s
    need to take a lesson from you about customer service you are unbelievable

  35. Home Reserve

    A friend came over this morning and helped me put the couch together! I love the looks of it, and will tell you in an hour or so, how it \'sleeps!\' I am so exhausted from all I\'ve done (physically) the last 3 days. Now, it\'s time for a nap, before I have to go somewhere at 4:30 PM.
    Thanks again for all your help! I\'m going to be telling EVERYONE about this! Find out if Home Reserve will pay me a commission for every one I sell in Greenville, SC! :-) Being unemployed is getting really old!
    TGIF and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  36. Home Reserve

    I bought an ottoman for my recording studio. It\'s great -- couldn\'t be happier. Will be purchasing more soon.

    The free work gloves are a nice touch!

  37. Home Reserve

    We got our Brook sectional delivered on Tuesday. I was so excited and couldn\'t wait for my husband to put it together so I got started on it myself. It was so easy that I ended up putting together 6 of the 9 pieces! We love our new sectional, loved that we got to design our own layout and it just fits our living room so great and gives us so much more room and extra seating.
    My husband was a little concerned ordering furniture off the internet, but after getting it all together he is just as pleased as I am! I have told all my friends & family about Home Reserve - you guys are great!!

  38. Home Reserve

    My husband and I bought the sofa in Altima Hickory and couldn't be more pleased!! The cushions are just now starting to break in and we've had this couch since about March!
    I love the extra storage area as we didn't want to purchase yet another bookcase for videos.
    We bought the sofa when only the classic style was available, but I wouldn't change it even if I could. :-)
    Thanks so much!

  39. Home Reserve

    I had been looking to get rid of my Jennifer sofabed. From day one, my experience with Jennifer was nothing less than miserable!

    Recently, I began to consider several furniture stores here in NYC. What else to say except: expensive...expensive...expensive...
    huge prices for nothing out-of-the-ordinary furniture. Then I found @HomeReserve on the web. Reading through many of the customer comments on the homepage and viewing its video presentations, I decided to go ahead and order two loveseats to replace my old sofabed and change the look of my living room.

    Four boxes arrived on Monday. Tuesday afternoon, in less than three hours, I got the first loveseat (two boxes) put together and set to go. I am so happy with the new furtniture. I\'m sure the second loveseat will be constructed even faster!

    Oh, by the way, I have experienced excellent customer service with Brandon and Sandy! Go @HomeReserve.


    Williamsburg Brooklyn

  40. Home Reserve

    I wanted to say a big thanks to Sandy and all of the people at Home Reserve! We purchased a couch recently and drove to the factory to pick it up. Our Outback was not quite big enough to fit the two boxes in the back (with our two kids in the back seat). That was not going to stop Sandy and the guys in the factory! It was a freezing cold day, so they let us pull our car into the loading dock area, then helped us to strap one of the boxes onto the car. We didn\'t have anything to strap down the box, so one of the employees let us borrow his ties (we mailed them back the next day). I can\'t say enough for these guys.. the customer service is just beyond!

    The couch came with very well-written instructions. It took us a few hours to put it together, and the instructional videos on how to put the fabric on the pillows are VERY helpful, make sure to watch.. it will save you some headaches.

    Thanks guys! We\'ll be back for more ;)

  41. Home Reserve

    I am so glad I came across this website! I was recently in the market for some furniture for our playroom. I thought I'd end up with a futon (not a favorite of mine), but then came across your site and ended up purchasing your couch instead. I don't know what I like more - the storage, the removable covers (a necessity with 3 boys), or the price! I've bookmarked this site and will be back again.

    Thanks so much.

  42. Home Reserve

    Well, I just wanted to say how surprised I was when I received my Classic Couch today....all I can say is AWESOME. I received my sofa around 3PM & was finished completely around 4:30PM. Very, very, very easy to assemble (much easier than those Sauder-type products I'm sure many of you have purchased & put together - and much less aggravation ).:-D

    We bought the Altima Latte Pet Care & the fabric is terrific, cushions are nice & firm & my wife & I are very pleased. We plan on buying a matching loveseat, chair & ottoman this summer.

    I am not one to write comments unless I am truly blown away. Once I finished assembling the sofa, I was sold!!!

    If you're hesitating to buy - take the plunge!!! It is well worth it for the value & quality you get8-)

  43. Home Reserve

    YES! I got the boxes yesterday!:) The directions were AWESOME! I\'m a teacher and often find directions that are poorly worded, difficult to understand, etc. And having the actual number in each piece was fantastic - Seriously, putting these together would be a good job experience for elemetary age kids, or even adults in a sheltered workshop. I don\'t think there was one wooden connection that was hard to decipher. I would bet there is a training program somewhere that would love to assemble furniture like yours - for a nominal fee. It would be worth it to buyers with time constraints, as well as employment for people needing work.
    The color - everything - is awesome!

  44. Home Reserve

    Wow! Got home form work to find 2 boxes on my porch! Within the hour I had a new chair. (OK - I took an hour and 5 minutes to get it put together.)

    Looks Great!

    Thank you. ;1

  45. Home Reserve

    My love seat (covered in Paparazzi Multi) and my cats have been in close contact for 2 months now and I am happy to say there is not a snag to be seen! I was curious to see how micro fiber would hold to claws and I didn't want to spend a fortune to find out that the fabric couldn't handle it. So far, so good. I'll update again in a few months. By the by, I wasn't able to put my couch together because of an injury. Two relatives went to work on it, it was hysterical. Left to their own devices, it would have taken them days to get it together. Neither could follow directions. It took them 45 minutes to get no where. 35 minutes after I started directing them, it was done. They were very impressed with themselves.
    Thanks much.