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  1. Home Reserve

    Hi Purchased the chair first just to give everything a try. My daugher and I put it together and realy liked it. So just before Christmas we got the couch to match. This time my husband was intrested in the constrution and was quite surprized how well the furniture was constructed. Now we just ordered two more couches and two ottoman for the family room. I just 8-0 having the new furniture and will be able to change the cover to match the season.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE my new sectional! It fits in so wonderfully in my expanding color scheme thanks to your fantastic designers and their suggestions! M boyfriend and I had set aside a day to put it together but when UPS dropped it off early I couldn\'t wait to put it together and did so in a couple of hours all by myself! It was so easy!

    And the cat already made a mess on the fabric which we got out in no time!

    Thank you!

  3. Home Reserve

    This was our first experience with Home Reserve....And won't be our last...Love your furniture... really fun 'building' it.
    Everything goes together so perfectly... Very strong, and the fabrics are just beautiful... We ordered Sectional pieces in Fairview Sand, an ottoman in Fairview Sand (and another cover in Kirby Lapis, also some pillows in Fairview Sand, Fairview Buff, and Kirby Lapis...They all look so
    nice together... And since we have two large dogs (English Setters who love the sofa and occasionally allow us to set there) we found throws to cover the sofa that match the lighter blue in the Kirby Lapis and reverse to also match the Fairview Sand..
    Also, Sandy in customer service was so helpful and made it fun to order for the first time...Thanks for being a very unique place to shop...
    Sandi & Rog Bailey

  4. Home Reserve


    Our boxes came on Friday, and by Sunday afternoon I had everything put together. (1 couch, 1 love seat)
    I put them together by myself and it was really easy to follow the directions.

    We are enjoying our new kid glove navy blue couch and love seat.

    I will certainly pass on this website to friends and family.

    Thanks for the new furniture . . we are really happy with it!!!

  5. Home Reserve

    Me and my husband just purchased a sectional and we are sooo very happy with it! We were kinda nervous at first but that totally went away after putting it all together (which was super easy to do!! and it is SUPER comfortable!!!

    So thanks for the couch and it really was a great investment!!!

  6. Home Reserve

    We have had our sofa for two years now and still LOVE it! I have not been back to the site in a long time and was so excited to see you have expanded your product line and fabric selection! One suggestion for the website: it would really be great to be able to compare one or more choices next to another one. For example, to see photos of all five chair styles at once, side by side. Or to compare photos of two different fabric styles on the same piece of furniture side by side. Or to see a couch in one fabric next to a chair in a different, coordinating fabric. Don't know if any of that is possible for a web designer to do easily, but it sure would be great! We will be ordering an entire roomful of your stuff when we move next year so I hope the feature can be added to the website by then!

    Also: what happened to the great video of the kids jumping on the couch? It was one of the things that sold us on home reserve!

  7. Home Reserve

    We had ordered a sectional from a furniture store for our newly remodeled basement, and the delivery men were unable to get the corner piece down, so I cancelled my order and stumbled across Home Reserve and was delighted with their selection and price.

    Wow! We received our sectional today (7 pieces) after having ordered it just a week ago, and we\'ve put together 4 of the 7 pieces in about 2-1/2 hours. They look absolutely stunning. This is the most clever RTA furniture I have ever seen (and we\'ve put together a LOT of furniture over the past couple of months). I am honestly floored about how good the pieces look and how easy they are to put together (they even give you bolts to attach the sectional pieces to each other).

    I will post a photo of the sectional when we\'re done, but bravo, Home Reserve! Very, very well done!!

  8. Home Reserve

    I liked the style (Brooklyn), the price was right and I like the website. We ordered some swatches to see the fabric and that went well.
    My husband was sold on getting the burgundy colored color. We made a scaled drawing of our living room and all the furniture and figured out what we could fit. We placed our order.
    Alright, from here it just sounds like an advertisement but here it is...
    The email sucks...I am still waiting for a reply to an email I sent but I did call their customer service. We couldn\'t figure out how to place the order properly so we called. We ended up talking to Brandon...the best customer service guy ever...he was so patient and kind and he made us feel like we were the only customers they had and it was very nice.
    We got the couch in the mail yesterday...UPS brought it in and I hauled up one of the seat and I assembled it.

    Here is what I think:

    This needs to be off gased when received. Children should be removed from the area during assembly...infants should definitely be removed. Especially infants at risk of SIDS (remember prime time is 7-20 weeks). Maybe open the package and let it all air out in a ventilated enclosed room for a good several days or as long as you can handle. Pregnant women should also avoid it...people with asthma...really anyone who is going to be effected by compromised air quality. Once assembled with the fabric is on it isn\'t as bad...but again, off gassing it would fix that problem. We didn\'t off gas it but I really wish we had! We were just so excited.

    The package comes tight in a little box and inside there are little packages...inside there are a pair of gloves. Wear the gloves! The wooden pieces splinter easily some are chipped from either shipping or some from the cutting. They do provide a little sanding pieces for the very end. I wish they would provide a dust mask as well. If you are prone to allergies or have sensitive burning eyes I also suggest goggles as quite a bit of dust is kicked up during assembling. (I didn\'t use them but I don\'t have that kind of problem.) I also put mine together on a rug to keep the dust and splinters contained and then vacuumed the rug very well afterwards. I also did this so it wouldn\'t scratch the floors. past that...assembly is very funny. It is a puzzle more then anything else. It is pretty easy and assembles in a snap. The pieces are numbered by cutting it into the wood...which I like...and oddly, putting 1 into 2 is about the hardest part. The directions don\'t say to but really a hammer is needed. (As well as a dust mask.) The directions are clear and among the four pieces I assembled there was only one little little screw plug that is needed to put in isn\'t colored in...but in the next picture it is and it isn\'t really a big deal. The pictures are clear and well done. The photos of how to put the cushions in are very clear and the written directions are clear as well. It is nice to have directions written in English as opposed to Korean that has been translated into English by someone whose first language is Swahili. Even so, I would like to see the directions a little more picture oriented (I\'m not sure how) only for faster assembly and for the benefit of non-English speakers...or those who are illiterate. The other thing I like about the directions is that, unlike other directions, these are written like you aren\'t stupid and like you don\'t assemble pre-fab furniture for a living. A surprisingly odd dichotomy I have encountered in assembling modular furniture.

    Each piece (except the ottomans, which take less) take about 25-35 minutes to assemble.
    There is also storage under each seat. I wish it was hinged...but I like the storage considering that I constantly have something I want to hide.

    I also like the fabric. I got the pet care fabric...and I\'m glad I did as within 24 hours something was spilled and I didn\'t notice right away. when I did notice, it cleaned up easily.

    I like that I can change the configuration on a we prone to rearranging our living room on a regular basis (about twice a year) this should be easy and fun.

    I like that even though it is a large piece of furniture it is not bulky.

    A couple of things I wish Home Reserve would attend to:

    1. I wish they would include rubber things to put on the bottom of the plastic castors as the furniture tends to skate some on wooden floors. I solved this simply by taking some spare rubber matting stuff that you use to hold down a rug. I cut four pieces about 2 inches by about 4 inches...about the size of the castor. Once the castor was on the wooden piece, I taped the rubber matting onto it...using packaging tape but I assume any good tape can but used just make sure it doesn\'t go on the bottom. So far this works well.

    2. I wish the cozy corner ottoman secured to the corner piece...I\'m not sure why it doesn\'t.

    3. I wish one could get the extra firm high density foam on the corner seat. We got the cozy corner and while we wanted to get the high density foam, we didn\'t because we couldn\'t get it through out the entire piece...I feared it might be awkward in the future.

    4. I wish they had a recycling program...or a reuse it program. I now have 6 pairs of gloves and 2 sets of directions that I do not intend to use. I plan on sending them back to the company in the hopes that they will reuse them. I suggest others do the same. I am keeping the extra screws and plugs in case I need replacements when we move the furniture around and what not.

    5. It is not clear how to connect the modular ottoman to the rest of the sofa. The holes are in the frame but not the fabric. Nor are their directions that explain one way or another...hmmm

    6. I am missing a connector and am hoping to call someone on Monday about it. Which is okay, I guess, since I\'m not sure how to connect it to the furniture anyway...

    With all that said, WE LOVE IT! My son spent the whole day crawling on and off, standing, and sitting. My husband and I have been fighting over who gets to sit in the cozy corner and for the first time in a long time there is enough room for all of us to sit comfortably. I should also say that I have back trouble and sitting on this was very comfortable.

    Oh and don\'t know what to do with all that left over cardboard?
    Try making a child\'s rocker or even a table or a stool:

    Craftzine also has a pattern on cat furniture using cardboard...a unique cat chair.

  9. Home Reserve

    Since I couldn't narrow it down to just one nice thing to say, I'll make a list:

    1. The design is very well thought out. The assembly process for the frame is sequential, logical and really simple. I've never seen do-it-yourself furniture that was this self-apparent in assembly.
    2. The use of CAD/CAM to create precision-fit pieces out of Structurewood(TM) is impressive. Everything fit as advertised.
    3. The instructions were exactly right. (I'm a technical writer by trade, so I know good directions when I read them.)
    4. The inclusion of gloves and a sanding block was a nice touch--someone in product design gave that some thought. My hands thank you.
    5. The fabric swatches don't do your actual upholstery justice. The cocoa faux suede is lighter, warmer in color, and has a much more suedelike texture than the samples. That was probably the best surprise.
    6. The whole process took 2-1/4 hours, from greeting the UPS driver at the door to fluffing the final cushion--and that's working solo. I really expected more of a challenge. :-)

    Yes, I'm really pleased and impressed, from the thoughtful and informative website design, to the customer service and turnaround time, to the final product--especially since I was looking for regular order and wait for 6 to 8 weeks apartment-sized furniture when I found Home Reserve. Now let's see that sectional!


  10. Home Reserve

    We have assembled the two Monroe loveseats and have been using them for about a week. I can\'t tell you how totally superior this product is. My wife and I built them in a few hours. It brought back memories of lincoln logs and erector sets. The frames were a lot of fun to put together and all parts were flawless. The whole construction appealed to both of us. My wife excelled in making sure the fabrics and foam went together properly, and I enjoyed building the frames. It really is the perfect his/hers project. The color was accurately represented and the fabric is extremely strong. The frame feels like it would support a baby elephant. We could not have made a better choice. Let us know if you would like some photos of the finished room. We know where to go for our next purchase of either a chair, loveseat or sofa.
    Very best regards,
    Joe Randazzo

  11. Home Reserve

    Dear Sandy,
    The boxes arrived and my husband and I put the seat together today. We are very pleased and thank you again for your help! I\'m recommending your site to my friends!
    Take care,

  12. Home Reserve

    PRO: Very easy to assemble - the pieces fit easily, looks as expected. Great for little kids as cushion covers are easily removable and washable (we bought pet friendly fabric).

    CONS: After a year, you can now see the numbers they carved into the front panels (below sitting area) thru the fabric. My suggestion: Tape over them, or maybe put index cards and tape over this so you will not see the dent in the fabric over time.

    Also, side fabric panels were so snug, the barely cover the bottom of the pieces at the ends of the couch (the arm rests). So, you do see a little ply wood at the bottom.

    Easy over all, but the last part - putting the sides of the couch on - was difficult to reach and tighten. Also, to recover the entire couch, you have to take the sides off the couch first. Kinda a drag, but if you don\'t do it that often, its not a big deal.

    OVERALL: for the price, ability to change fabrics, etc. - two thumbs up. You get a descent couch for a great price!

  13. Home Reserve

    I received my furniture (sectional, chair, and modular ottoman) and I absolutely love them! They look fantastic in my living room, they are exceptionally comfortable (I\'ve already fallen asleep on the sectional twice), and I was quick to make use of the under-seat storage! Thank you ever so much for such fantastic products...I\'m telling all of my friends and family about Home and trying to make them buy some furniture, too! :-)
    Be assured that I shall be purchasing more Home furniture as I renovate my home.
    A VERY satisfied and happy customer,

  14. Home Reserve

    Dear HomeReserve,

    I bought my loveseat three months ago.I have to admitt I was a little scared ordering such a large item over the Internet.I told my family about my new find on the internet and they laughed at me. When I received the two boxes I quickly dove in to my project (putting it together). Well who is laughing now.HA HA HA! Thank you thank you thank you. My next project is decorating the den and you know where my next couch and chair is coming from. I almost forgot to tell you,the family members that thought I was crazy,bought your couches too.

    Excellent prices, excellent material,
    excellent service.
    Excellent Job
    Cheryl B
    Vallejo, CA

  15. Home Reserve

    I live in a small studio apartment that was begging for a sofa to be placed in it. I came across many expensive sofas on the internet and by accident came across your website. It is fantastic that you guys were able to come up with a product like this which appeals to many consumers. Im very excited about receiving my furniture and plan on telling everybody about you guys. The only problem I had was a credit card problem on the website and your customer service was very quick to respond with a solution and was willing to help by calling the credit card company to resolve the issue, but I never received a confirmation that the problem was fixed as promised. Also its been like 4 days and I have not received a shipping message from UPS as I was told would happen but I guess that my sofa has not been shipped yet.

    Thank you so much for selling a product that is low in cost and great in quality.

  16. Home Reserve

    I received my sofa on Thur and started assembling on Sunday (scary as no customer help is available). It took 2hrs and 45min to assemble completely. Every piece fit. It looks fabulous. This sofa is for the basement & grandkids but I wish I was putting it in my living room.
    Thanks Homereserve for a wonderful product.

  17. Home Reserve


    I was checking your website .. U are too good to be true.. I have been looking for quite some time .. It must have been fate to bring me to your site.. just having difficult time choosing what i want now.. thanks for the inspiration8-0.

  18. Home Reserve

    Just a note to let you know my loveseat arrived and I had a blast putting it together. I was able to assemble it without any frustration and it was great fun. The quality is excellent, I'm extremely pleased with my purchase.


  19. Home Reserve

    thank you so much for my new sofa...i absolutly love it! the fabric is beautiful and super soft...the cushions are thick and comfy...and my boyfriend and i put it together in about an hour and a half--even after a few drinks! it was much easier to assemble than i assumed even after checkin out the directions online. i can't stop talking about it!...if it weren't for the guestbook comments, i don't know that i would have purchased this sofa...but everyone seemed so excited about it, so i had to try it. and now i'm in love. thanks again!

    incredibly satisfied customer for life

  20. Home Reserve

    I have had my ottoman & classic chair in Lberty Olive for about a week now and my family really likes them! The fabric is perfect, the assembly was incredibly easy, and Home Reserve is my new best friend! I reccomend everyone looking for furniture to try at lesat 1 piece because you won't be disappointed!

    The site is great so it was a pleasure to order.Thank you Home Reserve, I can't wait to order my sofa! ;1

  21. Home Reserve

    I Wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed we are with the buying process, as well as, the finished product.

    Before we purchased,your customer service department was very helpful and friendly. I read the reviews on your website, as well as a few other reviews from other websites about the furniture and was pleased with what I had found. So we decided to order a full room of furniture all at one time. Here is what we ordered 2 Small Designer Cubes,3 Ottomans, 1 Classic Chair and a half, 1 Monroe Sectional 1 Monroe Right arm,1 Monroe left, and 2 Monroe armless. It was all delivered in 11 clearly marked boxes approximately 10 days later and my wife and I got started on building the furniture. To our surprise, it was easier than what we read on the website. All of the furniture was assembled in under 3 hours. Except for one ottoman that we needed to call about and have one of the parts resent out to us, due to the fact that one of the parts were cut a little bit off. I could have corrected the problem with a jig saw but when I called customer service and explained the problem they said that they would send a replacement part right out and I would receive it within 48 hours. Wow that is Great Service. We could not be happier and we will be recommending Home Reserve to our friends and family. Sincerely, Victor ;1

  22. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the two sofas, ottomans and pillows I ordered from your company...they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!...and the added feature of storage is just FANTASTIC!
    If I need any more pieces, I\'ll be sure and use your company!!
    Hope your holidays are pleasant and you have a Very prosperous New Year!!

  23. Home Reserve

    Recieved our sectional yesterday and we are SO happy with it!;1
    The entire experience purchasing this couch has been wonderful, from great customer service to promt delivery! It is very comfortable, soft and looks very fancy! It's easy to put together and the directions are very easy to follow. Thanks for giving people with a tight entry way the opportunity to have a sectional! (Jordan's couldn't pull it off as we discovered after 4 months of trying).

  24. Home Reserve

    I\'ve had my sofa nearly a year. It arrived quickly, and my 14-year-old son was able to put it together by himself in a few hours. I helped with putting the covers on the cushions, which as a little difficult, but not too bad. The fabric is beautiful. I have not yet washed it in the washer, but have cleaned a few spots off of it with a damp rag- very easy to do. It is extremely comfortable, and the cushions have not lost their shape at all. I got the firmer cushions for the back rather than the pillowy ones thinking they would hold up better, but I don\'t like the look as well, and when I order the next sofa (for another room), will probably get the other type. Also, the type I got hooks over the back of the sofa, and the sofa would get pushed against the wall, pushing the back cushions out of place. So I placed a long 4x4 piece of wood behind the sofa on the floor to prevent this. The storage compartments are not quite as big as I expected, but are nice and can hold 1-2 blankets each, depending on the size of the blankets. One problem with the storage compartments- the front panels don\'t go all the way down, leaving an opening so that smaller objects can fall out. I don\'t understand why they are made this way, since it could have easily been made so that the panel goes all the way down.
    This sofa is very sturdy, and has survived almost a year in a house full of teenagers and a toddler with no damage- very impressive in my book. This price can\'t be beat for the quality. Overall, I am very pleased and highly recommend this furniture.

  25. Home Reserve

    So I got home last night after I enjoyed an hour to myself getting my nails done. Very relaxing. Then I came home and there on my 3 week old couch was lipstick. A nice big ol' stripe. (Also some on the brand new carpet too) So after I SCREAMED at my husband, we investigated to find out that it wasn't my 4 year old daughter but my 2 year old son who did it. A friend said to try Goo Gone. And it was a miracle! I love the ALTIMA THYME PET CARE FABRIC! It's awesome! There is absolutely no evidence of it being on the couch what-so-ever.

    Now the only thing that I am mad at is that he used my Mary Kay lipstick! :-/


  26. Home Reserve

    Like others here, I too looked at your website and thought this is too good to be true. I finally broke down and ordered a loveseat to see if your furniture is really as good as everyone says. I am so happy I did :-! Not only was it easy to put together, but the tuxedo loveseat looks like the tailored expensive furniture you see in showrooms. ;5:-U

    Thank you HR:-!

  27. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say that after I found your site, I ordered a loveseat and couch once our tax money came in. I had a blast putting it together and of course it was easy seeing how I didnt wait for my husband to get home. It really didnt take me long to put together at all. It is pretty sturdy for the price too. They are lightweight to move too seing how I like to move stuff around a lot. the only thing i need to find is a way to keep them from sliding since we have wood!
    I actualy had to call today to order some new pieces and they were great about it. When I decided to update again I will def. choose this company.

  28. Home Reserve

    It is very normal for everyone to be skeptical when it comes to ordering products online without feeling it especially when it comes to Sofa set. We were like any normal human being skeptical. But after reading several comments from consumers, we were pretty comfortable ordering from

    We went and visited few furniture stores to get a feel for fabrics. Then ordered Sofa/Love Seat on a Sunday and to our surprise we had the product delivered on Friday.

    My parents and us are very thrilled and happy to use it.

    It took about 4 hrs to assemble both sofa and love seat including clean up.

  29. Home Reserve

    I ran across the Home Reserve site while shopping for an affordable sectional that possibly had layout and fabric choices. Wow you guys had configuration options and then some. My skeptic side was suspicious but also completely intrigued by the build it yourself approach. I have an aversion to MDF (Ikea anyone?) but I have complete faith in the sturdy industrial ply board that is used in the Home Reserve product.
    I took a small test leap by ordering an armless chair with an ottoman along with a stack of fabric swatches. I fell in love while building it...really quite a lot of fun and very easy. When It came time to order the complete sectional in the Altima Aqua the fabric was out of stock. I toned my choice down to the quieter Altima Thyme. I happily got to use the fabric exchange program and sent back my armless chair fabric.

    When my sectional came in the 10 or more UPS boxes I took it upon myself to sand and put a clear seal coat on all the wood parts. This is not a necessary step but I usually go beyond sensible when I\'m doing things. It at least makes the storage areas smoother. I also took the step of utilizing some of the cardboard packaging. I noticed one of the cardboard panels is the same size as the interior chair back and slipped them in under the fabric. Again not necessary but just in case the back cushion is removed, I don\'t have that little oval dip on the backside.
    I had filled up my first ottoman with dvds...this thing holds a bunch and became too heavy to scoot around all the time. I took the liberty with my ottomans that I will be using as my coffee tables and added some small strong wheels. It would be a nice feature to offer at an added cost.
    The furniture is very sturdy. I have some very large friends that have a history of furniture crushing..and I feel perfectly fine with them on my Home Reserve sectional.
    Great styles, fabric, quality, and phenomenal price. Don\'t hesitate!!

  30. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to tell anyone who is looking for sectionals Home Reserve is the best choice. I live in a studio apartment in Hollywood Ca and I need something that would give me options. I ordered 3 chairs and 1 corner chair. When I got the boxes open and started putting them together and saw how nice they look and easy to put together I could not stop. I just ordered a standard ottoman. Thanks Home Reserve for your home solution and being made in the great USA.


  31. Home Reserve

    I wanted to mention that I had to call in to customer service after I had put the wrong shipping address on for my furniture. Thank you SO MUCH for leaping to action and getting the correct address on the packages. Thatis fantastic customer service and your company should consider itself very lucky to have employees like you!


  32. Home Reserve

    I love your products. Love the couch and chais!
    It would be great if you guys made curtains for windows, to match the fabric on the pillow cases.
    It would complete the look in a room :)

  33. Home Reserve

    I liked the couches but the
    only problem I have with them
    is I dont think the back is high enough. Otherwise wonderful couches and great storage.:-);2

  34. Home Reserve

    My furniture arrived yesterday and I was sooo excited! I ordered a Laney sofa, armless sectional unit, and an ottoman and they all showed up in PERFECT condition! The fabric quality is WOW and everything just looks so chic. I am 1000000% happy with my furniture and am already planning on ordering more! I\'ve already recommended you guys to tons of friends..

    I sooo hope you guys keep expanding your could take over the world (or at least tons and tons of homes)!

  35. Home Reserve

    WOW! We're really interested in ordering from your company. Glad we found out about your site.

    We'll save alot of money & storage space for our home.:-D

  36. Home Reserve

    Dear HomeReserve,

    I bought my loveseat three months ago.I have to admitt I was a little scared ordering such a large item over the Internet.I told my family about my new find on the internet and they laughed at me. When I received the two boxes I quickly dove in to my project (putting it together). Well who is laughing now.HA HA HA! Thank you thank you thank you. My next project is decorating the den and you know where my next couch and chair is coming from. I almost forgot to tell you,the family members that thought I was crazy,bought your couches too.

    Excellent prices, excellent material,
    excellent service.
    Excellent Job
    Cheryl B
    Vallejo, CA

  37. Home Reserve

    All I can say is WOW! Not only is this one of the greatest products I have ever purchased, but hands down they have the best customer service I have ever encountered!

    Do not hesitate to purchase anything from this company. They are top notch. The fabric covers and workmanship are quality (I picked the cordoroy). Building is not only very easy but fun! You would never know these sofas come from a box! And the cost is more then reasonable. I just can't say enough.

    I am a returning customer. I just finished building my second order, a 6 piece sectional that took a little over an hour to put together. I'm sure it won't be the last purchase from me or one of the many people I have told about this amazing product.

    Thank You Sandy and everyone else at Home Reserve! I'm so glad I found you!!

  38. Home Reserve

    We ordered a sofa and it arrived over the weekend. We put it together pretty easily and LOVE how it looks. It is comfy, attractive and perfect for what we needed.

    We never could have gotten an assembled couch down our narrow basement staircase, but with your product, we have a fullsized piece of furniture that we'll enjoy for a long time.

    Thank you!

  39. Home Reserve

    First off i want to say that Home Reserve is excellent! The thing that makes them excellent is a simple/affordable product but they excel in customer service! I purchased the Monroe Couch and Ottoman with fairview blue suede....

    Let me start with the couch....

    I received 2 boxes that contained all the couch contents... The wooden boards were easily numbered and the instructions were so simple and easy to follow.... I would recommend using an electric screw driver i did it all by hand and it was kind of long! All in all everything worked out beautifully and it took me alone around 3 1/2 hours to put together my monroe couch from start to finish with everything.. The cushions are a bit firm to start with but ive had the couch almost a week now and they have softened up...

    The ottoman took a bit longer because unfortunately one of my boards got cracked in half during shipping... I had called customer service and they sent me out a replacement..

    Oh and
    Sandy Wood the customer service person is excellent she should get a raise!!

    Thanks Home Reserve

  40. Home Reserve

    No Worries! I put together the Classic sofa all by myself and am thrilled with the look, the fabric, the comfort and overall value. What a great deal

  41. Home Reserve

    I just want to say thank you for thinking of this. I live in a very old house where my apartment was once part of another floor of the house so my living room has a vary bad entrance because it use to be a bed room plus they put this kitchen sink perpendicular across from the entry, needless to say there is no way to fit a sofa or even a love seat though the door way. The only way I thought I was going to be able to have a couch was buying a very expensive one that came in pieces, but now I have hope. I live on a very small budget raising 2 children so I ve lived with out a sofa for almost 6 years now since I moved in. I just wanted to say thank you.

  42. Home Reserve

    I have some co-workers who wanted to buy furniture online. I came across you and gave them the web address. They ahhh and woooo'd over the site and now u'll have two new customers.

    You have an excellent website and I too hope to buying something soon.;2

  43. Home Reserve

    Hello! I\'m a 21 year old college student. This upcoming fall I will be moving into the dorms for my 4th year! I stumbled upon Home Reserve a couple of years ago, and I finally decided it was time to make a purchase. Since I live in Michigan, my parents and I decided to drive to the factory in Indiana and check out the whole process. First of all, everyone at Home Reserve is really smart and nice. They all are very helpful and energetic about their products. I already knew what I wanted to order (a gray Tux sectional). I did try sitting on a sectional piece in the showroom. The thick foam makes the product VERY comfortable. I was a little hesitant before the visit (about comfort), but all doubts disappeared instantly! So with my only fear vanished, my parents and I ordered my sectional, went out to breakfast, came back to Home Reserve, and voila! Within a little over an hour I had a new and beautiful piece of furniture to take to college. The 6 boxes fit in my parents\' mini van with the 3 of us and room to spare! I decided I want to keep the sectional in the boxes until I move into the dorm later this month. I will post pictures after I set it up, though! I did set up a cozy corner ottoman that goes along with the 5 piece sectional (2 armless, 1 corner, 1 left, 1 right). The ottoman looks great! It was really fun to put together- and made me excited to set up the sectional! I know that all my friends will love hanging out on my new, gray, Tux sectional.

    Thank you so much Home Reserve!

  44. Home Reserve

    We got delivery of the loveseat yesterday, and put it together today.
    It turned out just as the pictures on the web site promised, and fits the need very well.
    Thanks for that very clear instruction
    booklet. We followed it precisely, and it worked out fine. My husband had been very doubtful about the whole idea, but I think he feels a lot better about it now.:-)

  45. Home Reserve

    ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE WAIT!! I was working last week so I couldn't even open the boxes until yesterday. I'm not exactly handy so I was a bit worried about the assembly - but wow!! super easy, it took precisely 2 hours (as promised) and was no trouble. The loveseat is EXACTLY what I wanted, looks great, and was a great price. I would tell you how comfortable it is but my standard poodles won't give me a chance to try it out, they are keeping it to themselves. I'll send a pic of them on it if you would like.

    But seriously, thank you for selling a product that not only fulfilled my expectations, but exceeded them.


    Dana Tantillo, RN