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  1. Home Reserve

    We have had our loveseat for about a year now. We had a lot of fun putting it together. Back when we bought our's there was not as many options in style and fabric. We are now looking to get a sofa from here.
    I can't wait until they have even more options:-)

  2. Home Reserve

    8-0 omg I loveee my new couch...people say its too firm but I think its perfect, but i do like alot of support. I think you need a powerdrill for the job, mine wasnt strong enough. It took me about 3 hours, it was shipped very fast, and the directions were pretty clear. My couch is in Hyatt Rose with the jacinta black pillows (which is a damask print). It is ridiculously comfy!! I didn\'t need to sand anything down even though there were little shards of wood all over my pants but hey it is like construction! I did ALOT of research before I bought and I was impressed to see that they responded to peoples blogs to stand behind their work and try to make it right. I called to make sure the hyatt rose was pink because some friends thought it was red and Sandy assured me it was like a pink colour. I think my only issue is FedEx guy was rude and wouldnt take it up to my apartment. But of course that\'s not this company\'s fault! I would def buy from again especially since I think I\'ve already done the hardest of the selections. Bravo Home Reserve! ;1

    P.S. I tried to attach a pic but it said it was too large so I will post the pics on home reserve website...def take a look bc you cant find a design pic on the website with the hyatt rose.

  3. Home Reserve

    My wife and I just ordered our second sofa we were so happy with the first one we just had to buy another.We love this sofa alot it was so easy to put together:-)So another one just made alot of sense.Thank you for such a neat way to buy furniture:-):-):-)
    Joe&Samantha Lambert

  4. Home Reserve

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new love seat and chair!!!!!!!!!! Ihave a cat who lives in my office and unfortunately, I neglected to put his litter box in the room where he stays over the weekend, so when I came into work on Tuesday after not having been there since Saturday, you can imagine what had happened! I looked everywhere for an afforable love seat and matching chair -- yikes! I couldn\'t find a love seat for under $500! I found this site, told them my plight and in less than 48 hours, my Laney love seat and chair were at my office. EVERYONE loves the furniture and I have given out your website to several clients of mine. Brendan couldn\'t have been more helpful -- he called about 20 minutes after I placed my online order telling me that the furniture could be deivered within 2 days. I amd VERY happy with Home Reserve and will be purchasing a love seat for my childrens\' playroom. I wish I had know about you 2 years ago when I was looking for a sectional for my family room.

  5. Home Reserve


    I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say thank you. I purchased a couch, throw pillows and coffee table cube. I am very happy with it. I\'m sure its the best value-for-the-money available in the market. The assembly was pretty easy. I had it all put together in about two hours. I\'ll be sure to help spread the word.

    Dan McWilliams
    Philadelphia PA

  6. Home Reserve

    Yesterday we received our Brook Loveseat in the Green Apple cover & We Love it! It was super easy to assemble and it is very comfortable. I plan on buying additional covers to switch my color scheme periodically!
    I highly recommend this product AND this company! Great job guys

  7. Home Reserve

    My husband and I have researched furniture sets for the 2 1/2 years that we've been married. We wanted something that would last and that we liked, for a reasonable price. We looked at many furniture stores (like Art Van), which have beautiful furniture, but you pay through the nose. We love 8-0EVERYTHING8-0 about Home Reserve. We just bought our first piece of furniture, the Celery Monroe Loveseat and we LOVE IT! :-D It is so comfortable, aesthetically pleasing design and gorgeous, plush fabric. These guys knew what they were doing when they designed this furniture. They made it shippable at a low cost, very easy to assemble (took my hubby and I 1 1/2 hours together, he did wood, I did fabric - oh, and our 7 month old daughter was climbing on us the whole time). We are totally thrilled and satisfied. They have great customer service too, corresponding with me 3 times in one day about questions and thoughts I had. They are great, you re going to love it! We are going to buy again and again and again from them! Home Reserve is HIGH QUALITY and an INCREDIBLY WELL THOUGHT OUT DESIGN to fit all the needs of shipping, ability for a common person to assemble it easily and possessing optimal durability and strength to last through all the torture we put sofas through.

    ;2 Home Reserve ;2 - 8-0 WE LOVE YOU! 8-0
    8-0 ;2 8-0 ;2 8-0 ;2 8-0

  8. Home Reserve

    I want to thank you & your staff for a great experience from start to finish. Not only is your website informative & easy to navigate but the fabric samples came the following day, the furniture cane a week early & it was easy for my husband & I to assemble. We are very pleased with the quality & comfort of our furniture. I\'ve been very happy with everything associated with our purchase & it\'s refreshing!
    Thank you,

  9. Home Reserve

    I just put my monroe love seat together a few days ago, and I LOVE it! It is in my teaching studio, and now I just hang out in here instead of the living room. :-)

    I was actually wondering about sofabeds too - I was thinking of something along the lines of the pier 1 type fold out beds. The seat cushions are actually 3 times as long as they appear, but they fold twice. Two sections of the cushions are hidden underneath where you sit instead of the storage space. Then you just unfold them, and they lie flat on the floor as a bed. It would be lighter than a regular pull-out, plus you wouldn't be lying on metal rods! Double-plus!

    When I started my loveseat hunt, I was actually looking for a sleeper, but ended up going for the home reserve one instead. Wouldn't it be great to be able to do both?

  10. Home Reserve

    I was extremely excited to get my Home Reserve couch. The shipment occured as Customer Service described it would. It did take about two weeks but it's worth the wait.

    People who see my new couch are shocked at the price...they all love the storage area too. HR advertises that the couch maybe a little stiff at first - doesn't bother me!!! Assembly done in an hour too!!!

    At first, I didn't love the color I chose, but it's grown on me. Lately, I have been making stains on the fabric just because I know I can take it off and wash it!!!

    Overall, this is an incredible product. Great Job Home Reserve!!!

  11. Home Reserve

    My sofa is awesome. Easy to put together, just make sure to have an electric screwdriver. Love the size, the look, the feel of it, and of course the price.
    I\'ve already recommeded Home Reserve to my friends and family.
    Excellent customer servicd as well;1

  12. Home Reserve

    I ordered a chair from you guys a year and a half ago and it\'s wonderful! I\'m finally getting around to painting the place after buying it two years ago and while I love the Burgundy microfiber, it\'s not going to work in the new color scheme, so here I am ordering swatches.

    What a great way to buy furniture! I\'m going for a \'pet friendly\' fabric in blue this time and when hubby gets his flat screen I think I see a new loveseat in my future.

    If you have any doubts about this furniture, forget them. This stuff is GREAT! ;1

  13. Home Reserve

    OK just got my loveseat. My son and i had so much fun putting it together,and i love it. I have 2 boys that are 22(hope they find a place soon

    ;2 if they do i will recommend you all very much and maybe help put it together.

  14. Home Reserve

    We love our sectional, which we've had for almost 2 years. We have a very small home and the furniture is low profile. The only complaint I have is the ottoman cushion doesn't like to stay in place. It moves in the direction of where people's feet are pushing it because it doesn't sit securely on its board.

    I would love to see Home Reserve come out with allergy liners that go over cushions before putting on the upholstery. :-D

  15. Home Reserve

    Thanks for such a nice loveseat.

    I placed my order for a Kid Glove Buff Avenue Loveseat on the 4th of October. I was shocked that it only took a few days to get my new loveseat on the 15th of October.

    It took under 1 hour to put it together. What more can anyone want it is so so so so nice. I must say I would buy more if I had the room for it. I am total happy with my item and can not stop looking at it.

    Thanks home reserve for a well built item and super fast shipping.

  16. Home Reserve

    I am so pleased with my Home Reserve sofa. The fabric I initially ordered was not available, but the customer service department called to offer me any replacement fabric I wanted because of the delay. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your website. Who knew I could end up with a brand new, grown-up looking sofa on a budget?

    It's a great product, and your customer service is excellent. Bravo! :-)

  17. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to leave a quick note on the website about your fabulous customer service. I ordered my 7 piece sectional last Sunday. I called the customer service number on Monday morning, and explained that I was having a party in less than two weeks from then and it would be very helpful if I could get the furniture by the Wednesday before the party so I could have time to put all of the pieces together. The customer service rep I spoke to on the phone said that she would see what she could do for me.
    My order ARRIVED 4 days later. I could not believe it! I have had plenty of time to put the sectional together, and I have to say it was quite simple. I will say that I wouldn't attempt it without electric screwdriver if you have to put together more than one piece. The furniture looks great, and feel very sturdy. I'm extremely pleased, and would not hesitate to order from Home Reserve again.

  18. Home Reserve

    I recieved my Monroe Loveseat and Sofa on Friday April 13th, but I had to wait until I could get a full spring clean done in my apartment. Today my parents and I picked up my 4 boxes that were being stored in the manager's office.

    I absolutely love both pieces. In about 4 hours we had both pieces together. My parents and I have been enjoying since the first moment.

    From the time, I decided to buy I have been sharing your site with family, friends, and coworkers. So, I have decided to host a small party to let those who need to be able to touch and test come try them out. So look for many more sales to follow. ;2

    Thank you so much for a wonderful American made product.

  19. Home Reserve

    John and Barb's Living Room looks beautiful in the picture. I especially like the black, grey and white combination.

    I'm Barb's. I'm very proud of their choices.:-)

  20. Home Reserve

    I only got the chair you know the one BEFORe the extra half got added on...

    Power tools made setup a breeze.It is a small jigsaw puzzle at first, but the concept is easy, even without instructions.

    -Think boxes...

    Not having to lug heavy furtinute or tween it between walls during a move was my main reason, and still remains my main reason to purchase these units.No wonder I hated moving as a kid.

    I moved all my furniture, though much can be said about my dresser and nightstand for stability....with my car.

    Your units are definetly stable, one thing i would mention, i may recommend the more boxier furniture ends, otherwise it becomes evident your chair or whatever was built, not made this way[by hand].Lightweight, too, so that dictionary you used to lug around as kid finally has a resting place, and its not by your TV.Would recommend an optional weight set for the smaller pieces, though, even loaded, my chair seems to want to move on its own.

    Overall I would give six thumbs out of five.

  21. Home Reserve

    Moving into a manufactured home, I was dismayed to discover that its entry was too tight to accommodate my big old leather sofa. Desperate, I discovered a miracle: Home Reserve has a full length sofa that comes as a kit!

    Considering that it comes in boxes, costs only three hundred bucks and can actually be assembled with a screwdriver, it s a beautiful thing. And even if it isn t quite as snazzy-looking as my old leather beast, it s just as comfortable.

    While assembling it, I marveled at the ingenuity and simplicity of its design. These guys really know what they re doing, including the brilliant instructions and comprehensive website. Kudos!

  22. Home Reserve

    Our new sectional is perfect. We are renting a place that has a nicely finished basement, but nothing larger than a small chair can fit down the stairs. I really thought I would have to use the space for storage and then we stumbled across the Home Reserve website. We now have a nice six piece sectional in the basement. It was fun putting it together, and it looks great.
    Wow--what a great product!
    Jayne and Keith Cooper

  23. Home Reserve

    I just got my Classic Sofa in Liberty Salsa, and I LOVE IT!!
    It was fun putting it all together and seeing the BEAUTIFUL outcome. I can't believe the quality that comes along with the price! I'm definitely going to be purchashing more in the future from Home Reserve.
    My friend who helped me put it together was also very impressed. :-)

  24. Home Reserve

    We got our Brook sectional delivered on Tuesday. I was so excited and couldn\'t wait for my husband to put it together so I got started on it myself. It was so easy that I ended up putting together 6 of the 9 pieces! We love our new sectional, loved that we got to design our own layout and it just fits our living room so great and gives us so much more room and extra seating.
    My husband was a little concerned ordering furniture off the internet, but after getting it all together he is just as pleased as I am! I have told all my friends & family about Home Reserve - you guys are great!!

  25. Home Reserve

    My husband and I bought the sofa in Altima Hickory and couldn't be more pleased!! The cushions are just now starting to break in and we've had this couch since about March!
    I love the extra storage area as we didn't want to purchase yet another bookcase for videos.
    We bought the sofa when only the classic style was available, but I wouldn't change it even if I could. :-)
    Thanks so much!

  26. Home Reserve

    Well, I just wanted to say how surprised I was when I received my Classic Couch today....all I can say is AWESOME. I received my sofa around 3PM & was finished completely around 4:30PM. Very, very, very easy to assemble (much easier than those Sauder-type products I'm sure many of you have purchased & put together - and much less aggravation ).:-D

    We bought the Altima Latte Pet Care & the fabric is terrific, cushions are nice & firm & my wife & I are very pleased. We plan on buying a matching loveseat, chair & ottoman this summer.

    I am not one to write comments unless I am truly blown away. Once I finished assembling the sofa, I was sold!!!

    If you're hesitating to buy - take the plunge!!! It is well worth it for the value & quality you get8-)

  27. Home Reserve

    Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE my new sectional! It fits in so wonderfully in my expanding color scheme thanks to your fantastic designers and their suggestions! M boyfriend and I had set aside a day to put it together but when UPS dropped it off early I couldn\'t wait to put it together and did so in a couple of hours all by myself! It was so easy!

    And the cat already made a mess on the fabric which we got out in no time!

    Thank you!

  28. Home Reserve

    I liked the style (Brooklyn), the price was right and I like the website. We ordered some swatches to see the fabric and that went well.
    My husband was sold on getting the burgundy colored color. We made a scaled drawing of our living room and all the furniture and figured out what we could fit. We placed our order.
    Alright, from here it just sounds like an advertisement but here it is...
    The email sucks...I am still waiting for a reply to an email I sent but I did call their customer service. We couldn\'t figure out how to place the order properly so we called. We ended up talking to Brandon...the best customer service guy ever...he was so patient and kind and he made us feel like we were the only customers they had and it was very nice.
    We got the couch in the mail yesterday...UPS brought it in and I hauled up one of the seat and I assembled it.

    Here is what I think:

    This needs to be off gased when received. Children should be removed from the area during assembly...infants should definitely be removed. Especially infants at risk of SIDS (remember prime time is 7-20 weeks). Maybe open the package and let it all air out in a ventilated enclosed room for a good several days or as long as you can handle. Pregnant women should also avoid it...people with asthma...really anyone who is going to be effected by compromised air quality. Once assembled with the fabric is on it isn\'t as bad...but again, off gassing it would fix that problem. We didn\'t off gas it but I really wish we had! We were just so excited.

    The package comes tight in a little box and inside there are little packages...inside there are a pair of gloves. Wear the gloves! The wooden pieces splinter easily some are chipped from either shipping or some from the cutting. They do provide a little sanding pieces for the very end. I wish they would provide a dust mask as well. If you are prone to allergies or have sensitive burning eyes I also suggest goggles as quite a bit of dust is kicked up during assembling. (I didn\'t use them but I don\'t have that kind of problem.) I also put mine together on a rug to keep the dust and splinters contained and then vacuumed the rug very well afterwards. I also did this so it wouldn\'t scratch the floors. past that...assembly is very funny. It is a puzzle more then anything else. It is pretty easy and assembles in a snap. The pieces are numbered by cutting it into the wood...which I like...and oddly, putting 1 into 2 is about the hardest part. The directions don\'t say to but really a hammer is needed. (As well as a dust mask.) The directions are clear and among the four pieces I assembled there was only one little little screw plug that is needed to put in isn\'t colored in...but in the next picture it is and it isn\'t really a big deal. The pictures are clear and well done. The photos of how to put the cushions in are very clear and the written directions are clear as well. It is nice to have directions written in English as opposed to Korean that has been translated into English by someone whose first language is Swahili. Even so, I would like to see the directions a little more picture oriented (I\'m not sure how) only for faster assembly and for the benefit of non-English speakers...or those who are illiterate. The other thing I like about the directions is that, unlike other directions, these are written like you aren\'t stupid and like you don\'t assemble pre-fab furniture for a living. A surprisingly odd dichotomy I have encountered in assembling modular furniture.

    Each piece (except the ottomans, which take less) take about 25-35 minutes to assemble.
    There is also storage under each seat. I wish it was hinged...but I like the storage considering that I constantly have something I want to hide.

    I also like the fabric. I got the pet care fabric...and I\'m glad I did as within 24 hours something was spilled and I didn\'t notice right away. when I did notice, it cleaned up easily.

    I like that I can change the configuration on a we prone to rearranging our living room on a regular basis (about twice a year) this should be easy and fun.

    I like that even though it is a large piece of furniture it is not bulky.

    A couple of things I wish Home Reserve would attend to:

    1. I wish they would include rubber things to put on the bottom of the plastic castors as the furniture tends to skate some on wooden floors. I solved this simply by taking some spare rubber matting stuff that you use to hold down a rug. I cut four pieces about 2 inches by about 4 inches...about the size of the castor. Once the castor was on the wooden piece, I taped the rubber matting onto it...using packaging tape but I assume any good tape can but used just make sure it doesn\'t go on the bottom. So far this works well.

    2. I wish the cozy corner ottoman secured to the corner piece...I\'m not sure why it doesn\'t.

    3. I wish one could get the extra firm high density foam on the corner seat. We got the cozy corner and while we wanted to get the high density foam, we didn\'t because we couldn\'t get it through out the entire piece...I feared it might be awkward in the future.

    4. I wish they had a recycling program...or a reuse it program. I now have 6 pairs of gloves and 2 sets of directions that I do not intend to use. I plan on sending them back to the company in the hopes that they will reuse them. I suggest others do the same. I am keeping the extra screws and plugs in case I need replacements when we move the furniture around and what not.

    5. It is not clear how to connect the modular ottoman to the rest of the sofa. The holes are in the frame but not the fabric. Nor are their directions that explain one way or another...hmmm

    6. I am missing a connector and am hoping to call someone on Monday about it. Which is okay, I guess, since I\'m not sure how to connect it to the furniture anyway...

    With all that said, WE LOVE IT! My son spent the whole day crawling on and off, standing, and sitting. My husband and I have been fighting over who gets to sit in the cozy corner and for the first time in a long time there is enough room for all of us to sit comfortably. I should also say that I have back trouble and sitting on this was very comfortable.

    Oh and don\'t know what to do with all that left over cardboard?
    Try making a child\'s rocker or even a table or a stool:

    Craftzine also has a pattern on cat furniture using cardboard...a unique cat chair.

  29. Home Reserve


    I was checking your website .. U are too good to be true.. I have been looking for quite some time .. It must have been fate to bring me to your site.. just having difficult time choosing what i want now.. thanks for the inspiration8-0.

  30. Home Reserve

    I have had my ottoman & classic chair in Lberty Olive for about a week now and my family really likes them! The fabric is perfect, the assembly was incredibly easy, and Home Reserve is my new best friend! I reccomend everyone looking for furniture to try at lesat 1 piece because you won't be disappointed!

    The site is great so it was a pleasure to order.Thank you Home Reserve, I can't wait to order my sofa! ;1

  31. Home Reserve

    WOW! We're really interested in ordering from your company. Glad we found out about your site.

    We'll save alot of money & storage space for our home.:-D

  32. Home Reserve

    I have some co-workers who wanted to buy furniture online. I came across you and gave them the web address. They ahhh and woooo'd over the site and now u'll have two new customers.

    You have an excellent website and I too hope to buying something soon.;2

  33. Home Reserve

    We got delivery of the loveseat yesterday, and put it together today.
    It turned out just as the pictures on the web site promised, and fits the need very well.
    Thanks for that very clear instruction
    booklet. We followed it precisely, and it worked out fine. My husband had been very doubtful about the whole idea, but I think he feels a lot better about it now.:-)

  34. Home Reserve

    Changable fabric and storage is very appealing. Just wanted to ask if you had any plaids, maybe a brick or green?


  35. Home Reserve

    Your ideas are innovative and serve to fill many needs. How about going one step further and selling platform beds with storage underneath? I'd buy one today!
    Best of luck!

  36. Home Reserve

    We bought a couch back in January. It took me and my six-year-old about 2 hours to put it together. It was very easy to do. At first it was stiff, but now it is very comfortable.

    I just washed all the fabric in my regular washing machine! It was very easy to take the fabric from the washer slightly damp and place it back on the couch. It looks new, and was very easy to clean compared to regular type couches.

    I am also looking forward to a military move with this couch. The movers always seem to brake things. I love that if they do, we can call customer service and have just the part that they broke replaced and not have to buy another new couch.

    Five months after we bought the couch, I am happy to say that I am very satisfied with my purchase!

  37. Home Reserve

    I received my new sofa and ottoman yesterday and I am really impressed. I was not sure what to expect, but they look great and are very, very comfortable. My dogs love it, too - they immediately jumped up and curled up on the cushions.

    I found the instructions to be very easy to follow - the pieces go together so easily I often didn't even need the instructions - it was easy to see how everything fit together. If anyone out there has doubts, I'd definitely advice them to take the chance and order a piece - you never know what you're getting on the internet sometimes, but this company truly does sell a fantastic product at a good price. I don't promote products often, but Home Reserve was a great find! I've already recommended it to several family members and friends.

  38. Home Reserve


    Received my furniture today. Put the ottoman together in about 15 minutes and the chair in about 30 min. Next up is the sofa. I love them!! I've already poured water on the cushions (I purchased the Altima Pet Care fabric in Latte) to see if it is really beads-up like the video-it sure does!!

    Can't wait to get the second chair and the tables I ordered-hurry, hurry, hurry!!

    I told my sister-in-law about the site-she has four month old twins. I'm sure the pet care fabric will be perfect for her!

    Thanks for such a wonderful product!

  39. Home Reserve

    I am amazed and amazed again. I have been without a sofa for over 5 years now. Troubled that I could never find one that I loved, let alone could afford.
    Until I found you online. I was very skeptical at first. But from the second I ordered the loveseat and ottoman I knew this was a great purchase.
    I even wrote you to inquire about the assembly. I received a PROMPT reply reassuring me that it was very easy to assemble. Sure, I thought, easy for WHO?
    Well let me tell you, they are absolutely correct. It was easy. I could not do it in 15 minutes, like the guy who wrote a review, smarty-pants!
    I put the ottoman together first and had no problems at all. The loveseat was just as easy. It took me a total of 3 hours but I took my time, just to be sure.
    I must tell you that I am legally blind. So this means mor eto me than another 'do it yourself' project. I had problems finding an affordable sofa ND having it delivered, without costing me an arm and a leg. So, I had to assemble it myself, it was great therapy, and I enjoyed it so much. (Not much I can still do these days)
    It was a 50th birthday present to myself. A birthday 3 years ago the docs said I'd NEVER see. So, in honor of my special day (11/9) I deeply and sincerely say Thank YOU to Hoem Reserve for making this gal so very happy, and so very comfortable. Oh, and the storage in the ottoman is just great for my small apartment.
    I love it, I could assemble these all day. They look so sturdy and I think they look classy and perfect.
    Oh, and it was more than thoughtful for you to include the sand blocks and the gloves. NOT something I expected.
    For all your readers and customers, trust me, this is economical, showcase worthy and very comfortable. And its new and clean!!
    Thank you from a happy camper!

  40. Home Reserve

    I sent an e-mail praising your products to your company but wanted to sign the guestbook. We have been customers since 2000. We bought a love-seat and ottoman and they have been though a lot. We have kids, grandkids,and cats. We bought a new cover for them this spring but the foam is like new! We now have a sofa and it is so comfy. I love the storage. My daughter bought a love-seat because of how wonderful they are. Two happy families.
    :-) :-):-)

  41. Home Reserve

    Well, after receiving and putting together our very first bouncing baby couch (about a month ago), we decided to order another one. Today, she arrived. We now have a set of twins!

    They are great! If only we had more room to buy more.....;2

  42. Home Reserve

    Just so you know...the couch is exceptional. I love everything about it. The cushions are really comfortable and the fabric (destiny slate corduroy) makes me want to go to sleep just thinking about it. I appreciate the innovation and creativity that is the foundation for this company. I would be a die-hard believer in this company if it just stopped there. But it doesn't...I just talked to Sandy on the phone today about a mishap I had with the couch I just purchased and I have to say that I've never experienced Customer Service like I just did today. Great ideas and great companies are always better when great people are at the helm.

    Thank you.

  43. Home Reserve

    WOW. I don't impress easily, and I am impressed with this product and this company. I ordered a chair and ottoman, and the items shipped and delivered on time in great order. The design is a work of art, and the end product is incredibly sturdy, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE. The engineering and care put into the product is enough to impress. But to go above and beyond enough to include gloves and a sanding block in each kit, not because it's required, but because it will be helpful to the customer... THAT is forward thinking customer service... something I thought was dead, but Home Reserve gives me hope.

    We had one seam on an arm cover that had a small gap where the seam had failed, but it was easily fixed so we wouldn't have a delay, since I'm QUITE certain Home Reserve would have replaced the cover had I contacted them.

    We'll be buying more products from this company in the future, and I suspect our daughters will as well, when they go off to college and their first apartments.

    Keep up the excellent work and customer service, Home Reserve, you have gained happy and loyal customers in my husband and me! 8-0

  44. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new sectional. I was very skeptical like others that I would receive a quality product, given the price and the fact that I had to put it together. I was totaly amazed at how nice it looks. I shopped for a new sectional for a new smaller boat, which has a very narrow door opening and thus limited me to what I was able to fit down into the salon. I was trying to justify the $2000 cost of ordering the specialized marine/rv furniture when I came across your site.

    My husband thought that I was nuts to: number one, order a sofa over the internet and: two order one that had to be put together. My son and his friend put it all together for me. I had read the other comments and was prepared to maybe have a missing part and for the first section to take a while to put together. The first section did have to be chisled out on one of the sections to make it fit, but everything else went smoothly. By the time my son got to the 5th section, he had it together in under 15 minutes.

    I chose the ultra suede fabric and was most pleased with the look and the feel. You cannot tell that there is wood under the cushions or that it did not come from a regular furniture store. I would definately order again and will recommend your company to friends.


    Vicki Stellato

  45. Home Reserve

    I found out about your company through a UPS Report flyer that I received at my job. I looked at your site and found it very interesting along with all of the extremely positive comments. I just ordered a sofa and will be back to comment further upon receiving and assembly. I am normally all thumbs when it comes to stuff like this but your customers have made me believe that even I can do this ;1