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  1. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Gaithersburg, MD

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    I've been looking for a customized sectional that would fit our family room. I was glad I came across Home Reserve. I love our new couch and 3 piece sectional. I love the fabric (Libra Manila). Assembly was pretty easy with the help of our power drill. Sandy was a big help. She responds to my inquiries pretty quickly. We are thinking of getting our couch for the basement from HR as well. But we're still saving money for it. I would definitely recommend Home Reserve to my friends. Thank you!

  2. Home Reserve

    The concept of Home Reserve is amazing. I live in a building with a very strange configuration and therefore had a very difficult time finding a couch or sofa that would fit through part of the hallway to get to my front door. It took a few hours to put together, but once it's finished, it looks and feels like any other value/budget couch. Seems to be good quality and is breaking in nicely as I spend a lot of time on it. One note - the throw pillows are disappointing and I would not recommend them. They don't come pre-sewn as a pillow; they are 2 pillow fillings and the pillow cases, much like the rest of the sofa. However, the pillow cases close by a velcro seam that runs down the middle of one side of the pillow so there is a huge, uncomfortable, and ugly seam on one side. Why they didn't make the pillow cases with a covered zipper closure on one of the edges is beyond me and disappointing. Don't waste your money on these as I feel I have. Buy throw pillows elsewhere.

  3. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Mount Airy, MD

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    Looking for a nice seating solution for our four season room. We were tired of cheap furniture and didn't want stuffy formal furniture. This was just perfect. Super easy to assemble, my only regret was that I hadn't heard about Home Reserve earlier.

  4. Home Reserve

    Hello Home Reserve!

    We just completed putting together our sectional - 10 pieces! It all went very smoothly and looks fantastic. Thank you for a wonderful couch. It feels great to sit on and has filled our space wonderfully. We have already recommended your company to many of our friends and coworkers and hope to send you many more clients.

    Thank you for your help,

  5. Home Reserve

    Thanks Sandy. I bought a love seat and I was really happy with the fabric. But but I wasn't happy with parts of the loveseat where the wood was sticking out and poking me in my arm. Or I wasn't happy with the back side of the sofa. Sandy called me and sent me a solution to my discomforts. Yay. I love my loveseat and I would recommend this company to anyone... I love love love my love seat and thank you Sandy for making my shopping experience an A+

  6. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Frederick, MD
    I just made my Love Seat and Chair and a Half.
    It might sound a little strange that I made my Love seat and Chair and a Half, but the fact of the matter is, I did. But with a little help from a great company call @ Home Reserve.
    For very little money, you can have any style of chair, sofa, couch, love seat or even a sectional created for you. You pick your cover material and the design of the furniture that you want to have made. Pay for your order online and its delivered to your home in about 10 days in two boxes for each piece of furniture that you order. I ordered two, the Love seat and the Chair and Half, and UPS delivered them too my back door.
    All of the pieces are all boxed and all you have to do is carefully follow the instructions. The only tools you need to have is a screwdriver or in my case a variable speed drill with a Phillips screwdriver bit.
    On more on adventure with my furniture:

  7. Home Reserve
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    "Just received our "risk free" section this afternoon. I've already got it assembled and am just sitting here waiting to see whether the cats are eager to scratch the fabric, and whether the long, fluffy, black & white dog fur is well hidden (and removed) on the Energizer Graphite. (We'd have gone for the pet fabric, but none of the colors really worked for us).

    Assembly was ridiculously easy! Congrats on a well-thought-out and well-engineered shippable furniture product. The fabric is way thicker and nicer than even the swatch indicated!

    With all of our pets (3 dogs, 2 cats), an old, narrow-doored house, and an interest in sustainable, American-made products, our profile is your "holy trinity" of target customer.

    We thought we wouldn't be able to get new furniture because of our animals. There is no way we were going to order a $2K+ couch just to let the critters destroy it right away. Home Reserve is giving us a real option. So glad we stumbled onto your site! "

  8. Home Reserve
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    I am a little biased, but the baby is cuter than the furniture. However, just know that this furniture has held up great during the first two years of his life, including spit-up, diaper changes, jumping and cuddling Love the new Hondo gray, thanks!

  9. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Denali National Park, AK

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    I have been working on converting an old transit bus into a classy, mobile, tiny home to accompany my frequent traveling as a contract EMT.

    After searching for months to find a couch under 68" I came across Home Reserve who had many option!

    This worked amazingly well from being able to fit through the door (and assemble inside), to being able to alter the couch a bit to fit over a wheel well, to the classy look, to the comfort!

    I could not be happier with my purchase of couch and ottoman, in fact I've just ordered a love seat to go in too! The LaPaz leather is holding up so well to my 85lb Alaskan Husky, is super easy to keep looking nice, and is ridiculously comfy. In a small space, storage is always needed, the well thought out internal storage of the ottoman and couch are perfect.

    It makes me very happy to know that I am supporting the US economy and fairly treated workers by buying US made products sourced from the US. The quality is apparent from that too.

    Not enough great things can be said about my couch and this company.

  10. Home Reserve
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    Dear Home Reserve-

    Once again, I am so happy we ordered our Laney Sofa all those years ago. For a few hundred dollars, we have a whole new look in our living room. Thanks for getting it to us so quickly. We will be ordering again soon.
    Doug and Kathy

    PS- to whoever thought of the Elite Fabric – Thanks! I used to struggle with getting the covers on those arms for hours. It’s much easier now!

  11. Home Reserve
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    Loving our tux sectional in teal! It's perfect for our kid's TV room and the color compliments our salt water tank. I can't get the kids off of it. My son with Autism loves the way the material feels. BONUS! Thanks!

  12. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Charlotte, NC

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    I live in the furniture capital of the US...and was not able to find exactly what I was looking for!!! So, finding a furniture company from my home state of IN, was a surprise! I started with the single armless sectional piece to "try out" the comfort and quality of the Home Reserve sectional. After also receiving several sample fabrics, Ended up ordering another armless, a corner piece and 2 ottomans to complete the look. It's comfy, versatile, and will be so easy to change the look if I decide to (I change and move furniture frequently!). Jury is still out on the corner section, because of the angled storage panels (I can't imagine that the cushion will last having that pointy angle in the middle of it), but I trust the designers! I usually have issues putting things together, but I have to say, the instructions are SO clear and pieces so simply made and marked, I had absolutely NO problem with assembly...Not 1 CUSS word was uttered!!!

  13. Home Reserve

    I ordered the tux couch and had to contact customer service to change the color of my fabric after placing my order. They were so helpful! We got it today and it took about 2 hours to put together. We didn't have any problems because everything was marked clearly and it was like putting together a 3D puzzle! :) I'm so happy with how beautiful it looks!

  14. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Rochester, NY

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    I am very happy I stumbled across Home Reserve while researching furniture for small doorways. I have greatly missed having a full length couch to take a nap on. I put my Laney couch in Montego Taupe together yesterday without any help. The assembly instructions were some of the best I have ever used and each piece fit together perfectly - a credit to Home Reserve's craftsmanship. I would recommend using a power drill on the screws, if you have one. It isn't necessary, but greatly helped me. I would also recommend wearing the gloves provided in the packaging, while assembling the frame. I, unfortunately, got a few small splinters while handling some of the wood pieces, which would have been prevented if I had just worn the gloves. Silly me! That being said, you don't have to worry about any splinters poking through the fabric as Home Reserve provides a sanding block just in case there are some rough edges once the frame assembly is complete. Home Reserve thinks of everything! The couch looks lovely and is comfortable. Thank you, Home Reserve for doing what you do so well! Can't wait to take a nap on my beautiful new couch.

  15. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):NJ

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    The Monroe sofa and modular ottoman are perfect. I've had it 4 days and napped on it twice already. I got them in the Altima Pet Fabric and can't believe how easily the pet fur comes up plus it feels so soft. No more sheets or throws covering up the furniture! They were delivered right on time and the assembly was easier than I could have ever imagined, the video tutorials were a big help, I was able to do it by myself, it was great! I've already given out the website to a bunch of people and will continue to do so.

  16. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):New York City
    I ordered a couch from a well-known furniture company, however, on delivery the unit would not fit through my very narrow door on the second floor of a townhouse. I googled 'sofa for narrow doorways' and I was introduced to Home Reserve. I read all the reviews, decided to take the chance and order a sectional. I received it late yesterday afternoon and we had it together late that night. I love the comfort; I love the fabric; I love the color; I love the functionality; I LOVE MY SECTIONAL SOFA!!! I am so happy I took the chance and ordered through Home Reserve. I will be recommending this company to family and friends. Thank you Home Reserve!!

  17. Home Reserve
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    Thank you Home Reserve our new corner unit gets 2 thumbs up!!
    Super comfy! B's little corner!

  18. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Baltimore, Maryland
    I purchased the chair and a half and had the understanding that it would be while before delivery (not a problem). The wait was more than worth it. Two boxes were delivered and I opened both and thought to myself, "What have I gotten myself in to", and I thought the material was not the color I ordered online. Not realizing until opening the package further that it was turned inside out, and I was more than pleased with the material and color. I consider myself a do-it-yourself person. This however was THE most stress-free, easy to follow instructions I have ever used. It was foolproof without doubt. It was like putting a puzzle together but much, much easier. When I finished putting everything all together I was so pleased with it and don't mind boasting a bit of how proud of myself that I was able to do this - it made me feel like an expert. I do wish that I had found your website before I had made my other space-saving purchases. If it were in my budget I would get rid of my first living room chairs and do the entire room from home reserve. I truly do just stand there starring at it with the biggest smile on my face ever. I can not say "thank you" enough for this absolute perfect piece of furniture. I do not know why you guys to advertise bigger than you do. Like so many others who made comments, I too just happened to stumble across your website. I am so very glad that I did and I want you all to know that I love it, I love it, I love it. Oh; did I mention that I really love it! Thank you forever Home Reserve.

  19. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Seneca, PA
    I received my Monroe style 110"x110" sectional, ottoman and 4 oversized pillows on 3/19/14.
    Me and my fiancee, with help from my 5 year old son had it all put together and in place, minus one armless piece I had ordered prior just to check it out, in about 3 hours maybe a little longer. They are very simple to put together. And all parts fit together with very little persuasion. The covering of the cushions is also very simple, if you have put on a pillow case you should be able to get it figured out.
    The oversized pillows in the description are marked 24"x24" I did not think they would be as big as they are they are huge and I love them.
    I am a big enough guy, 6' 225# and the couch is normal sized I do not feel like I am being pushed off and am just as comfy laying down. The altima pet care fabric is very nice.
    This is not a paid review I am a normal working man with a family and was pretty nervous ordering a couch in a box even after getting the single armless piece. I have the money to go and get just about any sectional I wanted at the local furniture stores but would have kicked myself in the butt every day for not trying Home Reserve.
    I am very glad I did.
    Thank You Home Reserve you have a good product.

  20. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Broomfield, CO

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    Just received our Home Reserve Laney sectional pieces yesterday. I was a little discouraged when we opened the first box and a bunch of pieces fell out...couldn't help but think "Well, we've only been married a month. What a shame it's gonna be over in a couple of hours!" But later we were laughing together, saying "Hey, this wasn't nearly as bad as we thought!!!" Assembly went well - the instructions are well written and easy to follow, and Home Reserve has made it pretty much foolproof. The assembled sectional looks great, and we're ordering more pieces today now that we can see how the setup fits in our room. (Love that flexibility!) The quality was definitely better than I thought it would be, especially at this price!

  21. Home Reserve
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    We purchased a Home Reserve sectional a couple of years ago and it is still going strong. I chose a long sectional with ottoman because of the length of our living room. The Mission Faux Suede fabric in Buff has held up extremely well. I had a two-year old who got hold of a permanent marker and scribbled on the ottoman, but a quick wash and it was as good as new.

  22. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):PA
    We ordered a sectional, I couldn't wait until it arrived. Not only did it arrive a few days earlier than expected, it was super easy and fun to put together. I loved how I was able to order exactly what I wanted in the design and fabric I wanted. It is very comfortable and the fabric is even better than I expected. It took my 11 year old son and I roughly 5 hours to put together 6 pieces and a corner ottoman(which is my favorite piece). I rave to my family and friends about this site. They are very impressed with how nice and comfortable it is. I can't wait to order more, I even convinced my fiancé his beloved recliner should go and we will be ordering a chair and matching ottoman to complete our living room. Thank you so much!

  23. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Rochester, NY

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    I was in the market for good quality furniture at an affordable price point. Home Reserve delivered just that. I stumbled upon the website after performing google searches for good quality furniture. I was a little skeptical after watching some of the instructional videos that I would have a problem putting this furniture together. In any event I took a chance. I could not have made a better choice! I ordered the Ray sectional in montego (plum colored). I loved the fact that I had the option create my own layout. Each piece was packaged individually so that made it easy to distinguish parts and follow instructions. It was a piece of cake and I am truly proud of myself as a single mother to be able to put this furniture together all by myself! All I needed was a screw drive and a positive attitude. My girlfriends are so surprised that I could do this on my own. One thing I would have done differently was to have a power screw instead of a manual philips screw driver which would have made things a little easier but it was totally not necessary. I was able to finish all 5 pieces in one night. I will be adding more pieces as well. I still have tons of room in my living room because the section does not take up too much space at all. I want to thank the manufacturers of Home Reserve furniture for the excellent craftsmanship that goes into every piece. Thank you! I am a happy satisfied customer! Oh….and the storage space inside of each piece is a wonderful perk!

  24. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):larose,louisiana
    Long story short...have worlds smallest livingroom..11 x standard couch, sofa, loveseat ,or sectional would do...all to deep and monstrous....and ridiculously expensive!!!Have been looking at Home reserve for prob 2 years..finally ordered pieces for a sectional in the buff colored microfiber. My boxes were delivered in 10 days right to my door. Best part is my 9 year old nephew and I assembled 5 piece sectional in less than 3 hours!!!SO easy!!!I would advise putting your screwdriver bit on your much faster. Instructions were super easy!!We had a blast and finished sectional looks like the 3,ooo.00 one i wanted from pottery barn but it was way too big. The only glitch was one piece was cut a little "off" had to get out jig saw for quick biggie!!Its funny you get a pair of gloves per box and not per order...hubby scored the gloves. Nephew slept on couch and here is his official review: a BILLION stars out of ten and it feels like sleeping on a tempuredic!!! You know what?? He is right!!!Foam is very hard at first...but already as softened up to being comfy with great support. If we spill on couch...just unzip and wash..its great!!!Storage compartments are genius...will have to seal and paint or cover with contact paper as they are a bit rough. The chip board is very strong. !!!!!!So So happy with purchase--am ordering one more section!!And made in the USA!!!Couldn't be happier!!!Yes this is a real review-sometimes i wonder about reviews,too..I'm just a normal mom whose money is tight and I choose my purchases very carefully. Love this product!!try it...if you don't like it they guarantee a return...but you won't want to!!!

  25. Home Reserve
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    We purchased a number of chairs, sofas and loveseats in the Laney style with the bonded leather back in 2011 in order to furnish our suite of therapy offices. I was just recommending your company to yet another colleague and realized that I should be telling all of you at Home Reserve how pleased I have been with your furniture.

    The furniture holds up beautifully and looks great - our clients always comment on how nice the office is and the furniture looks like we spent far more on it than we did! It's a great choice for office furniture - sturdy, changeable and will stand the test of time.

    The assembly instructions are so clear that even I, an "assembly-impaired person," could put the furniture together!

    It's nice to see a company that takes such pride in its product and has such great customer service. Here are a few pictures of our offices for your site. We'll be expanding our space shortly and will definitely be back to purchase more from Home Reserve. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  26. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):california
    Monroe chair and a half

    I ordered the Monroe chair and a half and am very happy with it. Shipping took longer than I expected but the piece is custom made to order and worth the wait. Assembly is simple and easy with a cordless drill/screwdriver. One panel had a misaligned hole that I had to re-drill but was easy to do. The wood frame, cushions and fabric are top quality. Looks great and very comfortable all a great price. I would recommend this furniture and will buy again when I need more furniture.