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  1. Home Reserve
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    When you're owned by 2 large dogs, you know the necessity of comfort and durability. Tori is so thrilled with the chair-and-a-half as she is happy to demo in this photo.
    Fortunately this furniture is incredibly easy to construct do so she didn't have to wait too long for a test nap!

  2. Home Reserve

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    I was thrilled to find home reserve to create a sectional for our church baby room! After looking at various commercial solutions that were way too expensive and did not fit our small space well I was delighted to find just the right scale, great fabric selections and a staff that worked with me in finding the perfect solution to our seating needs! The sectional truly looks like a commercial solution allowing seating from both sides, created the traffic flow we were looking for to separate the two entry doors from the play area and was truly made for this room! We had six volunteers who put the whole thing together in 2 hours! Everyone was impressed!

    Kind Regards,
    Verene Sutton

  3. Home Reserve
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    We received our new sectional as scheduled on June 11. I just wanted to say that it is EVERYTHING we hoped it would be. It was easy to put together, the color and fabric are fabulous, it's incredibly comfortable, and our three cats have tried and failed to make any impression on it at all. Thanks for living up to the hype!
    I've been recommending you to everyone I know.
    Have a great day!

    Sara Schiebner
    Lansing, MI

  4. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Cypress, CA.
    A year to two ago I bought a sofa, chair and a half and ottoman from you guys and they and the whole experience have exceeded my best expectations... I could not even think of a single aspect that could be improved and I review things and services a great deal and thats very rare,, very very rare for both a company and its products to rate as high as yours.... Time has passed and become hard now for me. I either must sell my home or have it taken.. Big home full of 50 years of stuff plus generations from before handed down to me.. I don't know what the future holds or where ill go.. Only that I can not keep hardly anything.. Liquedating everything I can what I cant sell goes in trash, everything must go. The only furniture item im keeping is what I got from you. Ill break it down and layer the flat wood on the floor of my van and my dogs and I will sleep on the cushions until hopefully we can find a place and set it all up again. This was not something i forsaw ever happening but still your product is perfect and no other could have done this like yours can... Your products are still impressing me in new ways... thanks for being the only furniture worth keeping. Im so happy I found and tried your furniture..

  5. Home Reserve
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    I posted my story a little bit ago, when I first "built" my 5 piece sectional. I'm the 70 y/o female who did it myself; remember? Anyway, I decided I wanted to make it longer on one wall, and add an ottoman. I love it! And it's definitely pet-friendly fabric... and pet-friendly design! Take a look a Lucas enjoying the ottoman. :-) For some reason the ottoman was my biggest challenge of the 7 pieces, and I thought it would be the easiest!! I just love my Home Reserve sectional; I've been telling (and showing) everyone how terrific it is!

  6. Home Reserve
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    i just recently purchased a five piece sectional in coffee leather. I am 66 years old and I have copd. I found the assembly very easy. My advice is follow the directions exactly…no shortcuts! I used a small battery operated drill. I completed the assembly in a day and a half, however, I was in no hurry and took many coffee breaks! The only piece I found to be a challenge was the corner section. But I enjoy a good puzzle.

    I am pleased with my purchase and the quality and love idea of buying American! That is always a selling to me!

  7. Home Reserve

    We were designing a movie room and had a limited area to create a 5 person seating area. My husband is a stickler for having everyone sit in the best sight and sound positions for movies. We needed to find comfortable seats that could be no wider than 20" for each person. The armless sectionals were a perfect fit. We connected 5 of them for our room and movie nights have become an almost daily pleasure. I even redid our living room with a Home reserve couch ( best place to take a nap) and a large chair and ottomans. We love sitting around talking and just thin I got to put them all together myself! This is a great product and I tell eveyone a bout it.

  8. Home Reserve

    I have receive my sofa and love it. My 18 year old son with autism (poor social skills but a wiz at building things- i.e. Legos) put the whole thing together for me. I've been telling everyone I know about this amazing couch. Washable- WOW! AND made in America. Thank you for your ingenuity.
    Kasey Merz