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  1. Home Reserve
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    The attached picture is the love seat and ottoman we purchased back in December 2014 and love it! The assembly was very easy which made this furniture an easy choice since we live on a boat. The construction is high quality, sturdy, the fabric is friendly and the foam cushions firm. I would highly recommend your furniture to anyone living in a home, RV and especially on a boat.
    Thanks Again, Rick

  2. Home Reserve
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    My love seat and ottoman came in this week!!! Looks amazing in the master bedroom sitting area!!

  3. Home Reserve

    I just wish to say I am amazed at this company. I have put many things together in my life and there is always questions that you have to guess the answers. The directions are perfect, the chair is incredible, the fabric perfect. I just cannot say enough positive things about this company this company a rare find : )

  4. Home Reserve

    "The Altima fabric is the best thing to happen to me as a pet owner. My older cat destroyed a couch purchased elsewhere since her habit is to scratch in protest when she wants food or outside and doesn't get what she wants. She tried that twice with the Altima fabric and panicked both times when her claws became stuck because the fabric threads refused to break. She never tried to claw the couch again. It's nearly 8 years since we bought our couch and it still looks great. We even use one of the back cushions as a pillow in bed, which my arthritic cat steals, because cleanup of fur is so much easier with the Altima fabric."

  5. Home Reserve
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    Your City & State (optional):Phoenix, Az

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    I ordered a Laney chair and a half. I got the black Altima fabric (better known as the "I can survive the 4 black rescue dogs you own"). I'm currently a grad student and this is the very first piece of furniture I have purchased new. Everything else I own is either a hand me down or a goodwill piece I bought on the cheap and chalk painted. I received it today and my boyfriend and I assembled it in less than one hour. My one regret is I didn't order the couch as well. I predict in less than 3 months I will have a couch in my living room as well.

  6. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Milwaukee, WI
    Ordered the Ali in bulldozer surf. Needed color for our new, plain apartment. I was a little hesitant to order a couch without testing or sitting on it but we were pleasantly surprised. Reviewing the customer reviews helped with our decision. The seat cushions are firm and the back cushions are softer. Being on the shorter size the length of the seat cushion is just right. 2 things I would change: the color is too light, wished it was a darker blue. Also, we received the UPS tracking number AFTER we received the couch. I'm just glad we happened to be home that day or we'd have to carry it from the apartment office. However, we were very happy to receive it in such a short period of time. All in all, we are very happy with the purchase and will get plenty of use ( and naps) on it.

  7. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Columbia, SC
    Purchased a few pieces of the Jovie sectional style: 3 armless chairs, 1 corner, 2 loungers, a corner ottoman, and a sectional ottoman. I absolutely love the concept and it was exactly what we were looking for for a long time. Putting the furniture together was pretty straight forward and didn't take long at all. The only thing we aren't completely happy with is the fabric color. From looking at the sectional album, we loved the richness of the Delmar Spice fabric color. It is definitely way darker than in the photo. We will more than likely order a different fabric because it's not going to work in the area we purchased these pieces for. Other than that, initial response is very very well. Will update periodically to give our feedback.

  8. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Key West, Fl
    I purchased the "Monroe" couch after Hurricane Wilma damaged most of my furniture. I needed something cheap and that would withstand the damage my new kittens (they came with the hurricane and never left!) might inflict on it. I purchased the Altima microfiber cover and am so glad I did. You would never know its been nine years and three cats since that purchase. I'm moving the couch to a different room and debated getting rid of it. Somehow I couldn't. It 's so comfortable, I love the storage and the cover looks like new. (I machine wash it three times a year.) The first time people see it they are amazed that I put it together myself and that it's so sturdy. I don't think I could live without the storage. So here I am nine years later updating my couch with a new cover.

  9. Home Reserve

    Merry Christmas! I was so happy this morning when the UPS truck backed up to my garage! I knew it had to be my new sectional sofa (which wasn't even scheduled to ship until Friday!)
    We were so anxious that we immediately started putting pieces together. The directions were simple to follow and everything went together so easily. With the help of our teenaged son, we were able to put an armless chair together in less than 20 minutes!
    I love the way the fabric feels and couldn't be happier with the color. My biggest concern was the "is it comfortable" question....and I am happy to report that it is VERY comfortable!
    It feels good to know I've purchased an American - made product that has far exceeded my expectations.
    Color me happy!!!!

  10. Home Reserve

    I just want to commend your company on having some of the best customer service in America.
    I bought a chair from you four years ago and I have sat in it almost every single day since. One of the center supports split and I called today to order a new one. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the frame was under a 10 year warranty and that you would be sending me replacement parts at no charge.
    When I need more furniture, you know I'm buying it from you! Thanks again, Home Reserve!!!!!

  11. Home Reserve

    Hi, I needed a part replacement for my home reserve sofa. I called your 800 number and talked to Sandy. She is extremely professional, courteous, friendly and helpful. She had my replacement part ordered within a couple of minutes. I received the part within a few days and needless to say I am a very satisfied customer. Way to go Sandy and Home Reserve! You are on the top of my list for all my furniture needs. Thank you and Merry Christmas,

    Daniel Wild, Oswego,NY

  12. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Lufkin, TX
    My Home Reserve purchase was the first new living room suit I ever bought. Prior, I'd always taken hand-me-downs because I was a single mom on a tight budget. I'd been watching this website for about 10 years, as they added fabrics, styles, etc., reading the reviews... and they've obviously thrived, which means they are doing something right. I had to make my first new furniture purchase count--it had to be justified. (I'm not cheap, but I am a penny pincher.) I bought the Laney style sofa and loveseat. And why be shy? I went with Hondo Scarlet! I made unpacking and putting it together a cold weather weekend project. It all went together beautifully with Handel playing in the background. The set is PERFECT--it's sturdy, washable and beautiful! I've had so many people tell me how they love the firm but comfortable cushions. My visitors, with their neutral colored lives, were taken aback at first by the color I chose, but after a few minutes, it's always been agreed that "red is so YOU!". I'm 52, put both pieces together by myself, and after a year, I'm still loving my decision. A sectional--in Hondo Scarlet!--is definitely going in my Galveston condo.

  13. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Mentone, CA
    First of all: GOD BLESS AMERICA. I've been waiting for the right time to redecorate my living room for years. Once I found home reserve's site, my time to redecorate was stepped up. I found the sectional style I wanted, customized it, and before I ordered it I bought a sample of the fabric. OMG, I love it. This was the best purchase of furniture I've ever made. I enjoyed putting it together because it was just a jigsaw puzzle, with fewer, bigger pieces :) . Once you make an armless chair the other pieces are so similar you become a pro. It was nice to screw the screws in a properly placed screw holes. Not like that foreign junk that they've missed making a screw hole all together, or that you have to screw the screw in at an angle just so you don't have to pack it up in the box and take it back to the store. Every thing is in it's place. The more my husband and I put together the more pride we felt in our country and it's ability to make a quality piece of furniture, and save us money by allowing us to put it together ourselves. If your on the fence about it do it, you'll be thrilled you did. (they say you can use a hammer, just do it, it saves time and you really get the sense that YOU'RE building your furniture). Good luck, and congratulations

  14. Home Reserve

    I purchased the Classic Sofa and loveseat back in 2008 and they are still going strong. I have ordered a couple of replacement covers which are not that difficult to put on.

    Recently I ordered a new sofa cover since my old one tore during moving. I was not happy with the fabric that I ordered and contacted Customer Service. They responded quickly and offered to send me a replacement cover in a better fabric at no charge.

    Their Customer Service is Fantastic! Most companies would not offer that. I know I'll have this set for years to come.

  15. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Jackson TN

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    The remaining four pieces of my sectional arrived the day before Thanksgiving. Everything was neatly packaged and assembly was relatively easy. I did have to persuade a couple of the side pieces (1&2 or 3&4) to fit together. I tapped them firmly with a rubber mallet so the wood was not damaged. Once they were together, they were very sturdy and secure. The most difficult part of the entire assembly was stretching the fabric on the wooden frame. The cushions were fairly easy to fill and fluff.
    I started the assembly with the corner unit. Once it was complete, I attached the arm less unit I had gotten earlier in the month. This motivated me to finish all of the pieces. It took all afternoon (about five hours), but I couldn't be more pleased. The sectional got lots of use over the Thanksgiving holiday -- it's in a bonus room that was filled with teenagers playing video games. I think I am going to be pleased with my fabric choice, Mission Buff. It looks great and it's machine washable. The cushions are comfortable and the seat height makes getting up and down very easy. I can't think of any negative comments about the product or the manufacturer. I am a satisfied customer!

  16. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Virginia

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    We had purchased 2 Lazy Boy loveseats after months of searching. Everything was so oversized! And expensive! Well after 3 yrs the fabric was very pilled and by 4 years had worn through. Considering what we had spent I was NOT happy. So the search began again. Found Home Reserve in a sidebar ad and became intrigued. Finally ordered 2 loveseats. Assembly was quick & easy. We loved then and gained 6 sq ft of precious floor space. Fast forward one year. Not thrilled with the Delmar Spice fabric I'd chosen - already pilling on front of seat cushions. I am getting ready to order new covers in something softer and brighter. And hopefully more durable. All in all have been happy. Here are a few suggestions. Incorporate some padding on the inside of the arms. I have the Laney arms and definitely feel the wood wear the foam top ends. I also tend to sit in the same spot and started to feel like the seat edge nearest the arm had sunken lower. Switched cushions and seat supports but would begin to feel the same way after a week. Finally put a wedge of dense foam on that side and it immediately lifted that side up to feel comfortable again. So maybe something like that could be considered to keep the cushion from squishing down so deep into the space in the arm. We went with the tight backs but I am now thinking about going to the loose ones. The tight backs are comfortable but look somewhat too office like for me. Want something with a more welcoming, cozy look. As to the storage, the roughness is a concern when storing things that may snag easily and the seat bases will unlatch and have to be worked back in. So not storage you want to be going in and out of frequently. Is great though to store blankets pillows etc when more guests come and you want create more space. So while I do feel these are a great value, a fantastic concept, and perfectly sized, there are points were more cushioning would increase their comfort. Thank you for providing this American made engineering wonder. Definitely fills a need for many out there!

    • We emailed Katherine about her concerns and will send her some fabric swatches.

      Posted on December 2nd, 2014 by Home Reserve.
  17. Home Reserve
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    We remodeled our motor home. Took out the carpet and put in wood flooring. The couch was worn out so needed to replace. Took out the dinette and got new chairs because the couch sits on the slide out. The size of the couch was crirical. We found what we needed. It was easy to put together and it is perfect. We are very happy with it. it looks great!

  18. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Springfield Ohio

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    We just finished our basement, and needed furniture that FIT and could get down our stairwell and around the corner. Home Reserve, thank you! We drove to Ft Wayne, since we are only a few hours away in Ohio, and we wanted to test the different styles. We decided on the tux style. Very comfortable and soooo easy to assemble. The gentleman who helped us was fantastic and patient. Everyone was so nice and great with my three and five year old daughters running around.

    We got to see some of the new things they are working on, and they seem very innovative. What a cool company of cool people.
    They put all the boxes in the back of our Honda Oddysey and we drove home!

    This furniture is gorgeous and comfy and easy to assemble. I've already napped on the sectional several times. The chair and a half with ottoman is lovely too. So happy!

  19. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Virginia
    We purchased the Monroe couch, a chair and a half and an ottoman. They arrived as promised and it took only a few hours to assemble them all. The directions were great and the quality of the product seems wonderful. We will see about the durability since we are only a month into the purchase. I can say the fabric seems tough but comfortable and the sitting texture seems just right for us. We will definately keep this company in mind for future purchases.

  20. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Jackson TN
    I bought an armless piece of the Ali sectional to see how I would like the products. I wish now I had gone ahead and ordered the entire sectional. Assembly was quick (less than an hour) with no special tools. I got the Mission Buff fabric, which is soft, beautiful, and machine washable. I will post pictures when the rest of the pieces arrive. I ordered four more sections as soon as I finished the first unit. If I had not found Home Reserve, I would never have been able to fit a sectional in the bonus room over our garage.

  21. Home Reserve

    I ordered the Laney sofa and loveseat this summer in the pet safe fabric. My 17 yr. old grandson put both together in the basement media area. We had a fire within a month and both went into the dumpster along with new big tv and a lot of media equipment. The area was completely gutted. I have just reordered the sofa for him. We were so pleased that I came back. This sofa is going in a spare bedroom. Basement to be reconstructed soon.

  22. Home Reserve

    We purchased a couch and sectional from Home Reserve and could not be more pleased.  My wife and I have 12 children and we have never bought a new living room set for our 26 years of marriage. We wanted good looks along with durability and storage.  We found all this with Home Reserve.

    Home  Reserve customer service is wonderful.  When our couches arrived we assembled the couches.  The web videos were a huge help and the phone support was with a real person.  We had our sofa assembled in no time and the next day my 12 year old daughter and her mother assembled the sectional.  There were no fancy tools needed and it was done in no time.

    With a large family and a tight budget, a large purchase such as this had me concerned.  We have had the set for a year and I can truly say that the purchase of the couch and sectional was one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Home Reserve's products look great, give us the storage we need, and are a comfort to sit down and relax on. 

    Thank You
    Steven J. Wass
    Mariposa, CA

  23. Home Reserve

    Your City & State (optional):Durango, Colorado

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    Upload a picture (optional)

    We live in a comfortable but compact log cabin high in the mountains of Colorado. We put in new carpet and replaced a lot of furniture about a year ago, and all the sofas we looked at in the stores were far too large to fit in our living room. Using individual chairs would have meant being able to seat very few people. The Ray sectional turned out to be a perfect fit for the room and we've entertained as many as six people sitting at once. They not only fit but with room to spare. People often remark on how comfortable the sofa is, without being so soft that you need help to stand back up. They never believe that this was do-it-yourself furniture. We like the flat-topped arms on the Ray - they can be used to set down your drink or snack so that's like getting two little tables in addition to the sofa.
    If you can operate a screwdriver you can assemble this furniture, just READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. (duh) The online videos are very helpful, especially for installing the fabric covers. One of the plastic feet cracked as it was tapped into place, they sent a new one no questions asked. After a year the sofa still looks brand new.
    We've just ordered a chair in the same style but a different fabric for our bedroom. Can't wait!

  24. Home Reserve
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    I love my Tux couch in Bulldozer Nutmeg! I initially was going to buy a yellow couch, but after ordering some swatches I went with a deep orange. The swatches arrived way faster than I expected. The pillows shown are also from HR, I like how their texture matches the couch and I still snuck a little yellow in there.

    My pillows, couch and ottoman came in three boxes. Assembly took me about 4 hours by myself and was fairly easy with an electric screw driver.

    The only negative was the amount of wood particles left behind after assembly, I recommend laying down the plastic bag your cushions come in to prevent a mess. Gloves were included, which made assembly splinter-free.

    As expected, the cushions were very puffy and at fist, but after a few days of sitting the couch is perfectly comfortable.