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We use all USA made raw materials so we're able to oversee our entire supply chain. We actually know where all the supplies are coming from and can determine how they are being made.


The wood that we use in our furniture is Strand-Board. It makes a very strong frame and comes from high-yield, fast-growing trees which helps conserve other older, more valuable forests. It is also procured under Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certification requirements.

Louisiana Pacific is our Oriented Strand Board supplier and they have been focused on best forestry practices, including reforestation, and air, water and wildlife conservation. Here is a link to their web site:
LP Environmental Responsibility.

We have been designing our products to make use of recycled foam. These changes are taking place in new designs as well as in reengineering established furniture styles. Our foam supplier specializes in the process and provides a clean, reclaimed foam product that is used in the arms and areas where we need a high density material.

The most important element in conservation, is to keep consumer products out of the landfill and waste cycle. If a product can be maintained, parts replaced and the service life extended, that has the biggest positive impact upon the environment. It eliminates the need for the consumption of more raw materials, the production of electrical power to be used in manufacturing, and the use of fuel in transportation.

Home Reserve has focused on developing renewable furniture. Every part is easily serviced and individual foam and fabrics components can be replaced. This allows the customer to extend the life cycle of the product and reduce the footprint of the item on the environment. Extending product usefulness is also more economical for the customer as they are able to keep the product longer and in better condition.

For more on Renewability
Read the article: "Renewable Furniture Leading the Way in the Fight Against the Throw-Away Society"

About Cardboard (Our shipping boxes) 
Corrugated cardboard lends itself particularly well to being environmental friendly and is the most recycled packaging material on the earth. 78.3% of all the cardboard containers produced are being recovered for recycling and the average new corrugated box consists of 43% recycled fiber (AF&PA statistics).

When new cardboard fiber has to be manufactured, it is a paper product made predominantly from forest thinnings and sawmill waste. Additionally, cardboard is easily biodegradable and contains no toxic constituents.

Here's a link to the cardboard industry site which has a lot more information: "Cardboard & The Environment".

Find your closest cardboard recycling center:

Our Community
Home Reserve is working with alocal Indiana organization named AWS that employs the handicapped. They assemble the parts bags that we use in every product package. (The parts bags contain the screws and plastic components that customers use when putting the furniture together.) Working with AWS we've developed fixtures and counting tools to ensure that part counts are accurate. A final check of the item count is done with a sensitively tuned scale.

AWS provides valuable service to the community and Home Reserve is proud to be a partner in their mission.